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Thank you Lemuel and Prolotheos, ..., it's encouraging and very promoter.
A new "DEPARTURE", ..., what a great idea of "genius" Ron !!!

Rest assured that you, Prolotheos, Ophelius and most certainly my other beloved Celestials are going to be in my thoughts during my "Stillness" session and for my TRwork session as well while hoping to receive your messages.

When I will sit down and to transmit the next time, I will require and certainly ask for a message to transmit to my colleagues.

Thank you Clency for your transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission!


My dear friend Lemuel, wonderful subject this morning but this is only a "deep pain mixed with compassion" in my case.
I had a passion all along my journey in my life and this passion was " MUSIC ".
I was a musician, composer and music arranger for orchestration passionately during my teenage years until recently,..., and I always dream that my music will make it heard by the public,..., I dream all my life sitting in a large auditorium among a auditorium full of people listening to my musical creations,..., but as it is always in this way that the events in my life never happen and it is the same thing with my ultimate desire to become "an excellent TR"!!!
I dream every day that "the mission(s)” will be a reality on Nystoria!!!
My Beloved Thought Adjuster, Pre'Msha, hade seems to be moving from "my unconscious mind" to "my conscious mind" lately,..., but I feel, I do not perceive any difference with my relationship with my Thought Adjuster!!!,..., and yet "I dream so much" to make our conversations clearer in my mind....

Sorry for my pessimism this morning my friend, but, ..., "Dreaming" is a two-edged knife !!!

In the case of my great passion for music, ..., I gave it up completely !!!

General Discussion / Re: Happy Birthday/ Gift of Nystoria Book
« on: June 10, 2018, 01:16:41 AM »

Thank you very much for your reply Ron,..., I simply dream of the "Magisterial Mission" take shape and thus become visible to the people of the world, ..., it is my deepest desire, ... and this hoping to do "The will of the father"

General Discussion / Re: Happy Birthday/ Gift of Nystoria Book
« on: June 10, 2018, 12:04:43 AM »

Hi Ron, happy birthday by the way!!!
I received this tonight in my email,..., I'm confused and I would like to know what you think about this!!!
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« …Ronald Besser
Aujourd’hui, 18:36Vous
Antonio. I AM Archeroptia. Do not be discouraged by hypothetical magisterial missions, which Ronald defends. In the sense of the offenses that Ronald makes to you and several others. You were born, soon born with your creative-talents to live and transmit, trust you in the first place.
 May the Father be at the center of your thoughts… »


My dear friend and brother Dorian whom I love with all my heart

What matters most is your relationship with your Thought Adjuster, ..., with the Father !!!!

What others think does not matter!!!!!,

(   My text for Dorian was longer than that, ..., I think I felt the majority of my text for Dorian was censor!!!!   )


Ho! la! la!,..., your last post Ron is just amazing!!!,..., the revelations tonight of our beloved Father Creator Michael of Nebadon,..., these are extraordinary revelations, so powerful and intriguing. I'll tell you this frankly, it's a lot of material to assimilate in one reading!!!,..., but,..., so fascinating and complicated at the same time. You can be sure of one thing Ron and Father Michael, before sleeping, I will review in my head what I think I understood and ask my Beloved Thought Adjuster, Pre'Msha to open my mind in order to fully understand these explanations from Father Michael and that my first thought after reading all this,..., that i understand why having at this moment always the same appearance of the configuration of the stars (the old system). To tell you the truth, ..., Ron and Father Michael,..., all this excites me enormously!!!

Ron Besser and Father Michael, ..., thank you so much for this post!!!

Be assured that I will re-read and re-read this last post by getting up tomorrow morning with a good cup of coffee!
  ;) ;D 8)

General Discussion / Re: change in energy?
« on: May 22, 2018, 12:20:08 AM »
 ::)   Not being an individual "merged with my adjuster" and it is very possibly I do not have the same sensitivity as you my dear Amethyst at this moment,...., I do not perceive any change of energy since the name change of our planet and when I look at the sky in the middle of the night and I am able and even identify some constellations of stars that are always in the same places when I look at the sky and even they told us we were in another "system"!!!,....,
nothing has changed, ... it's still the same star configuration.
I always see the same stars that point to the horizon, example: "The constellation of the Great Bear" and so on ..., I'm just confused now!!!!!   :-[ :-\

General Discussion / Re: Welcome David
« on: May 21, 2018, 10:36:22 PM »
 :)   welcome home David!,..., I can not wait to learn more about you my dear brother!!!!   ;) 8)

Yes, I completely agree with you Ron,..., this spaceship is exceptionally beautiful,..., and as you wrote who knows?, ..., it may be a nice little "walk" flying over our land topography, but our friends, brothers coming from another planet are very real to me and I hope to have one day the pleasure to work with them during the missions to come.

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: x
« on: May 20, 2018, 11:30:47 PM »
 ;D   Curiously I had just finished watching this little movie on Youtube just before you post it in the forum!!!   ;) 8)
?,..., ??? ::)

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ Suffering
« on: May 20, 2018, 10:38:42 AM »
Excellent message, my dear brother Lemuel and my beloved Mother Nebadonia,..., I dare to think that I'm on the right track,..., becoming older and older over the years,..., I think I am becoming an "expert" in "suffering"!!!

The message from you this morning Mother Nebadonia and thanks to our dear friend Lemuel, comforts me and gives me this "Unconditional love" from you and Father Michael and I know very well that you are my beloved "Celestial Parent" and I keep you in my heart and in my spirit and my soul.

( I am extremely happy to find you among us my dear friend and brother Lemuel, ..., I missed you so much !!! )

( Thank you Clency for your transcription work !!! )

“...You asked for this and God agrees you need it...” ( from Ron Besser)

Thank you God, I am extremely honored by this priceless gift in my life!!!
I ask you to give me strength, wisdom and I only seek to do according to your will!!

I am your Servant
I am your Liege
I am Yours to the Father’s Will on the Behalf of Urantia

I love you so much Father and I wish to have the opportunity to meet your beloved son "Jesus" and to serve Him as much as I would like with you Father!!!

Fathers, I cannot hide anything from you, ... you know how much I love your son Jesus, ..., Jesus my beloved brother !!!!

All this makes me so happy, ..., I welcome you in my life my beloved Thought Adjuster, Pre'Msha !!!, ..., hoping that our union is final and eternal.

 ;) ;D

Hello my dear brother and friend Larry, it's good to find you again among us.

Finally in the next few days, my Thought Adjuster Pre'MSha and I will be more intuned as this has been my prayer and dream for quite some time now. As you have written, I imagine that this will actually alter my life, my way of thinking and above all allow me to have a direct contact with my beloved Thought Adjuster.

“...we are bot "worry warts"...”, you're absolutely right about me my friend! Throughout my career in the construction field, I always have the task to plan the different activities and in most cases, I was confident and manage the workflow at the site, but to the question of "spiritualization",..., frankly, not knowing my future, not having control over this,..., so this is why I become worried without knowing where my spiritual progress stand!

I assure you that I will follow the advice to the letter of my colleagues and friends of this richly spiritualized site and it saddens me to watch our world spiritually bankrupt and so violent!!!

Thank you very much, my dear brother Larry for your thought, ... I appreciate it very much!!!!

You are correct my friend, by leading a spiritual life people will see that I am at peace with myself and will be drawn to me.
However, I have to clarify something with you Dorian, I never force anyone, I simply talk openly to some work buddy about the possibility that there is more in this life beside the obsession to get rich, to have the maximum possible to appear well in the eyes of society,..., and what do you do with your soul???  Do you believe in survival after death?
I tell them about a most extraordinary gift that man has received from the Celestials, ...., the "Urantia Book",..., is a revelation of truth for our world from higher beings in the universe,  revealing our origin, our purpose, and our divine and eternal destiny.
You are correct when you wrote:   “.... Please just give your TA some time to get through to you what you should REALLY DO, and when and how to do it...”
Thank you my friend Dorian for your thoughts,..., I appreciate it enormously!
In my prayers Clency, I say to the Father that I want to do his will and not mine, I know very well now that Father have planned everything for me and that I entrust my life entirely to him, possibly it is wanted for me to be completely free for "The Mission" to come.
Thank you very much for your thought Clency,..., I appreciate it enormously!
@Ron Besser
Thank you and sorry for posting in the wrong category.
Well thank you very much for informing me about the changes my Thought Adjuster is doing.
If I understand what's going on with me, when my Thought Adjuster will finish its work with me by moving from my superconscious mind to my conscious mind, will this much more facilitate my ability to receive messages from spirits and especially from my Thought Adjuster?
You are right, I will follow your valuable advice and I will shut up!
What you had to live in 1988 was surely an extremely disturbing experience to experience for you.
Be assured, I will welcoming Father’s efforts with prayer and then let it flow.
As you wrote Ron:   “...You asked for this and God agrees you need it.  LET IT FLOW AND REST AS IT GOES...”
Thank you “teacher” and my friend Ron for your thoughts,..., I appreciate it enormously!
@Pre’Msha, my Thought Adjuster
Indeed, I feel your presence easily and I can only hope to strengthen and fortify our union for eternity.
Yes indeed,..., It is a powerful experience and I will let it flow!!!
Thank you Father for giving me a fragment of you, for giving me "My Thought Adjuster"!!!
@ Pliktarious
Thank you for your thought Pliktarious,..., I appreciate it enormously!
Before going to the stillness phase, I stop all my activities, I take a few minutes and sometimes 10 to 15 minutes to empty my head, to allow my body to release the stress accumulated during the day.
I do a breathing exercise...(I breathe through the nose counting in my head 6 seconds and I release my breath by the mouth counting 6 seconds and I repeat this 10 times.)... this by harmonizing my breathing with the beatings of my heart.
I invite Michael and Nebadonia in my stillness session, I do the same with my TA and my personal angel Thabita.
I offer my services to the Father in order to "do his will" and I am in a state of reception to receive the message of the spirits.
What is important is to completely empty our mind and instruct your brain to that you want to be in private with the spirits.

Good evening, my friends and distinguished guests.  

Speaker: Niant2(Antonio)

Subject: A word with my Thought Adjuster, Pre’MSha!!!
Category: General Discussion
Thursday, April 19, 2018, 23:00 am Canada

My beloved Thought Adjuster, Pre’MSha,..., FATHER!!!

Just to inform you that I lost my job that I had been in for over 14 years, ..., I was called a crazy man, a mentally ill person, and, unstable, ...., and even "schizophrenic”, ..., just for daring to talk about the Urantia Book and daring to mention that we are all “SONS OF GOD”,..., and that we all have a fragment of the "FATHER" in us all!!!

Despite their accusations and insults, ... I continue to pray for those lost souls, like the wild little sheep bewildered in the field!!!

Myself, I begin to think that I became "senile" !!!!

Yet with all the work that I did while reading and marking the texts of the "Urantia Book" with a multitude of colors to make the reading of these texts alive and easy to find, ... despite all these efforts , ..., today, ..., I have no idea of my spiritual progression, ...., where do I stand in my progression of the "physic circles"???

I feel a constant pressure in front of my forehead, I even begin to feel for a since few weeks a pressure becoming more and more present in the center of my eyes when I am TRing, ..., I have weakness regularly, frequent dizziness to the point of wanting to lie in bed a moment, either, the time that it will take me to feel better!!!

To tell you the truth, ..., since I have no feedback on my work to spiritualize myself, ..., I'm starting to think that I'm starting to have a serious health problem!!!!!

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