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AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ Give Freely
« on: January 30, 2018, 05:27:50 PM »
Greetings, Lemuel!  This message greatly reflects upon me.  I am one who often make gifts of physical items or small sums of money, never expecting anything in return.  However, I do not entirely agree with the "never loan money" statement.  There are times, some times desperate times, when a person truly just has to have a bit of money for some unrevealed purpose.  When I encounter this circumstance, I will generally make some sort of a loan, never expecting repayment.  I feel that Father smiles down on us when such happens.
The best day/night ever to all my dear Forumites.
Royce  //  TrinitiLuv...30Jan2018...Arlington, Virginia USA (Wash. DC Metro Area)

Kudos, Daniel and many thank yous to Lusitania.  It was indeed my pleasure to read your message.  Sorta reminds me of the days  of my youth.  I grew up in a principally agricultural area of the southern USA.  Your words inspire me to apply more attention to the study of the Sustainability book.  Yes!  That's correct.  I downloaded and printed the Sustainability and Planetary Management writings, plus the three addenda, which I bound into a book and keep handy for reading and review.
Oceans of love to all.
Royce  //  TrinitiLuv ...30Jan2018...Arlington, Virginia USA (Wash. DC Metro Area)

Ron it seems like Larry, Sue, Allie, Dorian et al have all already spoken words of congratulation that I, TrinitiLuv, might have said.  But, if I took all the words of felicitation and congratulation and squeezed them into one super-size congratulatory syllabic mass, it would be ... ???? ... I really can't find one.  We Urantians are truly blessed to have you steering our ship in our GODward journey with a virtual fountain of wisdom and spirituality.  A profound personal thank you, Ron, for keeping our vessel on a steady and true course.
Royce //  TrinitiLuv...28Jan2018...Arlington, Virginia (Wash. DC Metro Area)...Much love and hugs to all!

Special thanks to esteemed scribe Ron and a planet-sized thank you, Mantutia for writing a multi-thousand page word montage for the edification of we eagerly awaiting Urantian Agondonters for the landing in our hands of such a glorious creation.  I  take a supreme delight in reading the Unrantia Book, regularly - every morning from about 7:30am or 8 until about 10 0'clock, and at other available times during the day, making copious notes as I progress, stopping to point out items of special interest to my beloved wife.  She is a devout Christian, attends worship services every Sunday and participates in a bible study group every Wednesday, but as of this writing, I have not been able to convince her of the reality an validity of the UB.  I tell her to think of the UB as graduate or post-graduate study of her King James bible. She is ethnic Chinese from Cambodia.  Since she speaks Chinese dialects of Mandarin, Cantonese and Tchu Tchau, plus Vietnamese, Cambodian and English. I see her potentially as a very valuable asset to the mission in helping to keep such ethnic elements within her church and social range a bit calmer and informed about what is happening.....I will supply her with information and she will translate......I reaffirm my earlier stated request to be added to the list of those to which a new book will be sent and I will send a personal mail to Ron Besser containing my residence address.
I've been amassing a collection of God's unconditional love and buckets full of warm fuzzy hugs - and - here it comes! - I'm sending it all to you, my llustrious fellow Forumites.
Royce // TrinitiLuv // 26Jan2018 // Arlington, Virginia (Wash DC Metro Area //

A bit redundant, but let me add a heaping helping of congratulatory words IN BOLD  CAPS, Ron.  These enlightening words from our celestial Masters are hugely appreciated.  I, like other forumites, await with utter patience, instructions on how we individuals can best carry out our missions in seeing to the Father's will - the roles each of us will be expected to play.
I'm a proxy today and give all a Big Loving Fatherly hug.
Royce  // TrinitiLuv. 18Jan2018 ...Arlington, Virginia USA, Wash DC Metro area

What wondrous words, Ron!  They bring the excitement of anticipation of the arrival on Urantia of our divine Lord with entourage and literally bring tears of joy and happiness.  Tsunami size glad tidings to all in the Father's peace.                                                                                           
Royce // TrinitiLuv.   Arlington, Virginia, USA...17Jan2018

This brief note is to express my great appreciation for the kind words and prayers resulting from the earlier message I posted stating my dearly beloved wife, Angela, had been diagnosed with lung cancer.  Today, thanks to the glory and beneficence of our Father, our endless prayers were answered when her doctor, a noted pulmonologist, spoke the most hoped-for words - "Good news.  There is no evidence of cancer shown by our tests."  Father, if I'm not precisely correct in the stated quote, please forgive me.  It was at least similar to what I have put forth.  I suppose I was so relieved and full of thankfulness that I might have not mentally recorded the doctor's words exactly.  This note is specifically targeting Allie and Ron Hammar.
A share of my happiness and glee to all!
Royce // TrinitiLuv  ca. 1:10pm est / Arlington, Virginia, USA (Wash, DC Metro area)

A humble son of Michael stands here before a super large computer screen, Master Andromadeus, in awe at the content of this message brought to us by esteemed scribe LarryG.  I, and truthfully I feel, all forum members have been eagerly awaiting such tidings.  I cannot possibly feel other than euphoric at the very thought that such things that have been prayed to happen will in the coming near future be real current events.  My conviction, dedication and devotion to the task of seeing to the Father's will has never waned because of a few past disappointments, but continues to grow.  My earnest prayers for the most bountiful success of the MSM.  I stand ready to do everything in my power to help create that success.

Loving hugs well wishes to all
Rpyce //  TrinitiLuv

The loftiest hosanna and heartiest thank you to super scribe Ron Besser and to Michael of Nebadon,  Margul Trinity Teacher Son,  Mantutia Melchizedek and by implication Deity Absolute.  While I cannot physically attend my church because of health issues, today I will pretend I am there and this transmission the heart and essence of the sermon.....Most importantly, it will be I, TrinitiLuv, who will be orating from the pulpit expounding upon the depth and scope of the Father's love for all and offering myself as a loving and caring conduit to assist along the path to our Universal Father.
Abundance of the waters of the Father's well of spirituality, peace and good will to all of mankind.....Royce //  TrinitiLuv

My dear Sister Sue, thank you and Michael, Mother Spirit and Serara for this message addressing the possibility of a catastrophic war....I want to post a few relevant words, but my thoughts are that they may be considered misplaced....In any case, I feel that the North Korean situation might be quickly rendered to nothingness by the launch of a space-based weapon called TITANIUM ROD (sometimes referred to as THE ROD OF GOD - probably because it could/would be launched from space - not from some point on earth).  It is said that the T-Rod can penetrate deep fortifications and reportedly produce kinetic energy on a scale akin to a medium-yield nuclear explosive device, but without burst/residual radiation.  If such an attack might occur, neutralizing the much touted NUCLEAR CAPABILITY of N. Korea, followed by a massive blitz incursion into strategic weapon control centers by Russian/Chinese war-making personnel, which are said to already be positioned in close proximity to border areas, I feel that North Korean reaction would likely be minimal, swift and short.  I do not believe that all those N. Korean military personnel are eager to commit suicide.  This might result in bringing a world-wide sigh of relief and the the subsequent reunifying of the South and North Koreas into one national entity.  If such should happen, it is possible that Russia would be pleased to afford a new residence for President Kim, perhaps, in Vladivostok, a Russian city nearly next door to N. Korea.  My apologies if this post appears to be in the wrong place.
Smiles, hugs and love to all.
Royce // Trinitiuv  (ca 12:02pm,1Jan2018)  Washington DC metro area

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Message Received
« on: January 01, 2018, 11:20:42 AM »
My humble thank you Ocilliaya and Scribe LarryG for this message, which inspires me to greater and more intensive efforts to hear the voice of my Adjuster.
Much love to all my form brothers and sisters; and to you Ocilliaya and all Celestials proving overcare for we Urantia mortals.
Royce // TrinitiLuv    ca 11:18am(EDT), 1Jan2018

My heart is filled with gratitude, Ocilliaya, for this most welcome message, and thank you esteemed Brother Daniel for posting.  My earnest desire is to be an active and useful participant in the Mission activities, but I'm having some doubt that I will still be a viable mortal when the time comes upon us.  My life seems heavily occupied with medical appointments: cardiology, osteology, etc, etc.......A bit wobbly sometimes, but still manage to be on my feet when necessary.  Just had my 87th birthday in November, and just maybe I'll have many more if our Father feels that my current skills, a profound interest in the study of languages and ability to learn might justify some dispensation affording me the privilege of serving the Father's will for several, perhaps many years into the future.  At the time of this writing, my fingers are the body part doing a little wobbling after learning four or five days ago that my wife, whom I dearly love, has been diagnosed with cancer.  We do not yet  know details, but hope to on Monday or Tuesday (1 or 2 Jan 2018).....In the event Dr Mendoza should read this message, I would be eternally grateful for any helpful advice or useful information.
Oceans of love, hugs and good wishes to all for the new year and, hopefully, many years into the future.
Royce Borden  //  TrinitiLuv    ca. 2:14pm(EDT), 31Dec2017

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: Bon Voyage, Doc Davis!
« on: December 24, 2017, 06:10:52 PM »
Allie, may I have the privilege of echoing the words Bon Voyage Doc.  Truly tugs at the heart strings.  Your posting reminds me very much of the times of my youth, when house calls by friendly, caring doctors was a matter of routine.  Memories of specifics seem a wee bit vague since I feel like I'm older than thunder.
A big bunch of Christmasy cheer and hugs to all.  Prayers that peace and universal love are somewhere close, maybe just around the corner.

Royce /TrinitiLuv -  Christmas Eve, 24Dec2017

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: The time is know!!!
« on: December 21, 2017, 01:05:53 PM »
Mountains of gratitude and a thousand thank yous to you, Michael and to Niant2 for posting.   All know that I have not been writing for posting on the forum site, except with rarity.  I have such a catalog of physical ailments that my focus has been primarily to remain extant and be on my feet and ready for duty upon open commencement of the mission.   Thank you Father for permitting this.  Also, much belated thank yous to Michael and Andromedeus for words sent to me through Ron Besser on earlier dates.
While my words may not be of the loftiest eloquence, they are of the most heartfelt sincerity when I say halleluah and glory in the highest to the Supreme Father, our Father Michael, Mother Nebadonia, Jesus and others involved with planning and conduct of the MSM.  It is with fervent desire that I hope to participate in the profound success of the MSM.
In the Father's peace to all.
Royce / TrinitiLuv  21Dec2017

General Discussion / Re: Prayer request!!!
« on: September 22, 2017, 05:53:35 PM »
Dear forum friend Niant2, I've asked the Father in prayer to please look after the safety and well-being of Nicolas and to watch over his safe return to home.
Royce (TrinitiLuv)

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