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Mantutia- The Inevitable  On The Job Training – Larry Gossett – 17 January 2018  - Florida

Subject: Inevitable On The Job Training
Speaker: Mantutia
Category: New Written Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida - 17 January 2018 -  13:16 GMT
T/R: Larry Gossett
“Good morning all, this is Mantutia and I come  to you and I know that this takes you a bit by surprise although it shouldn’t since you know that  most of you, who will  work directly with the Missions will be working directly and in tandem under my leadership and direction and I will take you, just as  I have taken Ron, under my wing and we all will be joined at the hip so to speak.
“In the weeks ahead, after the Missions have been settled in to their new home with restored offices that  will be prepared  for this work, those that will be brought to York  and even those who will work from where they are, will be receiving some very intensive, concentrated and inspired training and education. This intensified training commences quite soon.   I know many of you question just what this work will specifically involve and even wonder what you have to offer, as a mortal, such a Mission as this is.  But,  dear ones, rest assured  that not only will you receive that  inevitable “on the job training,” you will have this intensified training and I tell you this, you all should be able to inwardly sense that, you  have at you immediate disposal much more than you might realize.  I am sure that you will be quite surprised  and involved with one such as  Ron will instill, quite quickly, within you a predilection and heightened desire for learning for he possesses a very special way of teaching that you have not yet been exposed to from just through this limited internet connection as members of  this discussion forum. Through him  you will find will  propel and increase your knowledge, experience, spirit education  and learning.  Ron possess this very special gift of being able to  teach others in the ways of transmitting and receiving and you will all learn quickly how to improve your abilities.
“Let Me talk and review briefly about Spiritual “drawing power”   Your Bible, such as it is, and  your original Urantia Book wrote about this  “Spiritual Drawing Power” of Jesus.  For those who have the love of the Father in their hearts and the intention and motivation  of doing Father’s  Will and accepts the  mandate and invitation  to be perfect as the Father is Perfect, this drawing power is almost irresistible.   Many instances and stories of those that were simply  yet totally drawn to Jesus because of His innate Goodness and Presence are many and well founded.   The same is true of Machiventa Melchizedek in His role as  the Sage of Salem as He too walked and lived upon the lands of Urantia.
 “ Remember, dear ones, that We as Spirit Beings have  thousands upon thousands of years of experience and expertise  and when once Spirit Beings Incarnate on a material world in the Universes of Time and Space We possess those similar levels of  Spiritual Drawing Power.   As We come to Urantia to initialize these Missions, those that are associated in any way with these Missions, once they and you rid themselves of that element of being “star stuck,” as you call it,  you will be able to advance quite quickly and assimilate the opportunities and educations that we bring.
  “As you come in the actual Presence of Incarnated Spirit Beings  that come to serve these Mission and you have direct contact and interaction with these multiple associations, you will  near instantly absorb teaching, knowledge and a new elevated level of experience that is beyond your  current experience.  Trust in Us and accept that what I tell you here and now is quite and literally true.
“I know that many of you often may feel a bit unqualified for this work and that is only natural, but that feeling will quickly diminish and will evaporate right before your eyes as you get down to the business of  doing the Father’s Will and as you carry out the multiple tasks and assignments and unprecedented opportunities and challenges that you be given and shown to you as staff and associates of this Magisterial Mission to Urantia.   This type of OJT as you call it,   will bring you a new level of confidence that you may be lacking right now as you look at your humanness .   Working with Spirit at these new levels can, in and of themselves, project and quite literally launch you into new heights of knowledge and understanding quite rapidly.  
“ As you specifically think of the newly proposed Ministry of the Interior and the possible opportunities to  eventually meet and work  with Incarnated Spirit Beings,  Ron, Foreign and Domestic Dignitaries, and  important  World Leaders both from the Governments of the World and Religious Leaders Representing  Urantia’s many Approaches to God, always  as Representatives of the many and varied aspects and goals of the Missions , know that  it will take little time for you  to  gather the  needed experience, but more importantly know and accept that you will receive precisely what you need  to carry out, achieve,  and succeed and accomplish   just what is expected of you.  Know that you will be representing Spirt Values, Spirit goals rather than those gathered from your own  personal experience.
“You can quickly learn by the actual doing of the Will of the Father and working with those who soon come to finally get these Missions on the ground.   Spirit certainly and without doubt has it’s way to smooth out mold and sculpt each of you to give you the necessary, required and recommended knowledge that you will need.
“ Yes,dear ones, you are all as diamonds in the rough and We as  Spirit, with your dedicated will and choice will  shave off these rough angles and you all will shine brightly in your service to the Father and to the Missions.  I am your diamond cutter and on this you may depend as you work with Me, as Mantutia  and with many others who bring Urantia to her senses and out of the darkness, out of the this insanity  that has caused her blindness, and out of the throes of rebellion.   This  light that we bring will illuminate every corner and crevice of Urantia.   Know and accept this as you will all be assigned, trained and as you will experience all that is in store for you personally and eventually  for all on Urantia.
 “Be open and willing to receive my training, work diligently as your “on the job training” soon begins to take shape and give you the experience that all will require.. many times indeed,  , so listen for my words and answer this call to service.   This is the calling that you have answered that has brought you here in this time and  in this place.   It is a time like no other in Urantia History.  Take my message to heart and soul and all will be well.   This is Mantutia and I bid you a better day.”

Threads for New Transmissions / A Reaffirming Message From Andromadeus
« on: January 16, 2018, 09:28:32 AM »

A Reaffirming Message  From Andromadeus – Larry Gossett – 16 January 2018 Florida

Subject: A Reaffirming Message From Andromadeus -  
Speaker: Andromadeus
Category: New Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida – 16 January 2018 – 12:00GMT
T/R: Larry Gossett


“This is Andromadeus and I come as you have invited me to say and  bring this message and to talk a bit about the state of Urantia that can be discussed, yet in  a limited  way due to Reasons of State, as you can imagine.

“As an aside, all of Us in Spirit who have watch care with all of you, do encourage you to come in reception and try out the  new circuitry that is now available and working.   You will find it encouraging as you get more  familiar with  it’s advantages in reception and  better hearing.

“I see your thoughts so often come directed towards Me and the work that I do now as well in the immediate future with Serara, His Team,  Monjoronson, Rayson and others to  bring the vast and I use that word vast intentionally for indeed the changes that must be applied not only to the United States Government  but all Governments around Urantia as they will all have to comply with the Mandates of the Father, the Mandates of Serara and of the Missions,  to establish, finally, “Good Governance” on this world.    A Governance that will promote and maintain stability, resourcefulness,  sustainability, education, and a growing awareness of Spirit values and virtues, peace, and yes, goodwill among all people.

Let Me also state how encouraging it is for all of you who have such a shared interest in the High Work that We do for Urantia .

“The unprecedented debacle of the Trump Administration and  the entire US Congress, as anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear can certainly attest to, the many ways that the United States stature and standing  in the world has plummeted it to an alarming disarray as it never has before.    The  tried, tested and true Allies of the United States  have lost trust, belief and confidence in the United Sates and can no longer trust the once dependable United States and this erosion is consequently creating quite serious levels of instability and consternation all across the globe, is it not?  

“The ultimate placement of what is referred to as the Regency of Three,   whoever is elected or assigned as President, or whatever he may be entitled, will work with  Serara, and a Magisterial Son or Melcizedek, taking those seats and places of power and administration of behalf of the this worlds Spiritual Administration.  It can not be otherwise regardless of the initial resistance that may be put forward.

“I am Andromadeus, Chief of the Most Highs, and I represent all work to be done at these levels of Governance.  Know it well , know it and realize that no human mortal will be able to usurp Me or any Spirit Being associated this work.

“You have always held me well and have and continue to work towards gaining insight and a better understanding of all that is at stake  here regarding the world’s governments and the interplay that must occur to bring  the best possible outcomes and solutions that will ultimately uplift and remake the Governaments and people of Urantia as well as the physica and material world called Uranita … not the  self-selected few as it works out now.  This will not be allowed to continue  for it is the ‘duty and responsibility of all Governments to represent the people that they  are destined to Govern.   With the guidance and direction of Spirit from  Paradise, Uversa  from all Salvington through the many  Offices and Orders who serve the Father, and that includes many of you, this invaluable and unmistakable leadership will emerge and take it’s place during this the 6th Epochal Dispensation which now exists on Urantia.

“All of you do well to keep a watchful eye and a focused attention to these global issues that confront your world , especially since they are constantly in a state of flux.  Even though there is, other than sincere prayer,  and that, dear ones, is always a valuable experience to obtain throughout your  long careers and journeys toward perfection.  It will be a learning curve that will increase and advance at an exceedingly elevated rate for this world is so close to  utter and total collapse and so it must be in order for the real reconstruction and remaking of Urantia to take place.

“It is beyond obvious that  Urantia  can not or will not do these things for itself and on its own.   Every available opportunity will be given to the Governments of this world … some will take immediate advantage and utilize these opportunities to better the lives of their citizens.  Those that refuse will be dealt with appropriately and  will come into alignment  and cooperation to  the ideals and concepts that Serara and eventually Jesus will present on Urantia.  These are critical and important times that confront all on Urantia.   Be watchful and acutely aware at all times and know when to keep silent and when to speak and by all means call on and allow your Thought Adjusters and other  Beings that surround and uphold you to take the lead when necessary.

“The realization and cooperation with your individual Thought Adjusters will work with you in these coming times of serious strife, these times of stress and these times that will require you to call upon those reserves and utilize spiritual repositioy that exists within you all.  You all have gained various degrees “spirit wisdom “ and the times are ahead for you to use this spirit wisdom  that is yours by right and by your accumulated experience.  

“These are the most important events to come to Urantia in 2 millennium.  You have been informed many times that Urantia is now the world of The Father and Michael, your Highest Creator Son, with His Consort, Nebadonia,  Divine Minister, Representative and Embodiment of the Infinite Spirt will see to it , in every way and by any and all means and will being and deliver this world to the Father.  Never has there been a Magisterial Mission as this one will be and never has a planet been in such direst need of all the changes that will come to establish the Father’s Kingdom and His Divine Will.   Take heed, receive into your hearts and minds all that is laid out before you.

“Do not let yourselves be taken in by the rhetoric and many false claims that are thrown at you by  your medias, by  your  Governments, and even your Religious Leaders and in the United States by an entire Congress that can not move an inch to make decisions that support and represent the people.   And, dear ones, the same can be said throughout every Government of Urantia.  The political will, the Spirit will of this world is, as they say, rotten to it’s core and bereft of truth, goodness, and beauty that are the very foundations upon which the Father Divine Purposes area built that represent the plans of the Universes of Time and Space.    This world is truly like no other.

 “ I will not dwell on that for now for you all have been made abundantly aware of  these  godless attitudes and actions on Urantia.  Be in prayer, be in awareness and welcome all those that are staged ad poised to execute those plans and policies representing the Father, the Trinity,  all of Orvonton and  of Nebadon itself and  prepare to take your places in the service and led here, it is for this that you have received  aextensive training and education that opens  the unlimited doors of opportunity.   This is Adromadeus and I thank you for keeping and holding Me in your mind, heart, thoughts and being.   Good day and good will to all of you.”


General Discussion / Support of the Missions
« on: January 11, 2018, 09:53:54 AM »
Here we are at another one of those rare times that we have "gone south".  I am writing this to say  that, as with most members here, my love, support, intention, motivation, and will to serve, dedication, commitment, and very life blood and energies  will always be to the Father, to Michael and Nebadonia, the CoCreators of Nebadon and each one of us, Serara, Monjoronson, and all other Spirit Beings and Personalities and equally to Ron Besser, owner, originator and administrator  of this forum.  I tell you all that without Ron, and this site and forum, few of us would even know of this Magisterial Mission nor would we have achieved a possible place of service and involvement within it.  
Whether these  Missions  visibly begin on Urantia next week, next month, next year, or in the next 5 years, these decisions are ultimately and finally  those made by Divine Spirit  Beings who make those decisions at the Father's command.  It is for me to give my all as it is required and as the opportunities are presented.
My love, support, respect, and esteem for all that all of Spirit and Ron do for each of us, all that he has and continues to help teach, encourage, guide, sculpt,  and education us and the inspiration that is engendered and created can hardly even be estimated.  I am "eternally,"  and I mean that literally, grateful. All that each of us do here reverberates throughout the Universes of Time and Space  and will, especially, affect all of Urantia and forevermore.
Let us join together as the Family  of God that we are.  Let us always keep in mind who we are and what we stand for.


Threads for New Transmissions / Don't Sell Yourselves Short
« on: January 04, 2018, 03:32:25 PM »

Ocilliaya – Don’t Sell Yourselves Short – Larry Gossett – Florida – 4 January 2018
Speaker: Ocilliaya
Subject: Don’t Sell Yourselves Short
                The Human Mind in Association with Spirit Mind
Category: New Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida 4 January 2018 16:30 GMT
T/R: Larry Gossett
Ocilliaya, this a Larry G and  I come to receive from You or any other Spirit Being who would like to come forward to dictate a message.
“Yes Larry, this is  Ocillliaya and I receive your invitation to come and speak with you.  Especially concerning  your early morning thoughts  that you might entitle  “ Don’t sell your selves short”, and your recent mental pictures of the neurological mapping of the human brain  with it’s miles of circuitry as it is the physical house of your mind, which of course  is just the physical organ that you use.   This is no way accounts for the complexities of the actual human mind even as your science understand  it.   And, dear ones, add to that the vast network of spiritual circuitry that is available and installed as Mother Spirit and Her Ministrations gifts to  you along the way as you once come into Her care as and when you make those supreme choices and decisions to be Spirit  led. And to come into that Family of  God that has chosen to know and  do the Will of the Father and learn to do His Will in all things.   This subject of the human brain, the human  mind and it’s work in association with Spirit Mind is another entire subject that We can open to all of you for your study another  time.

“ It is only natural at the early  beginnings to this spiritual work for the Kingdom to feel that ole  lack of confidence and even the early feelings of   inadequacy that comes from doing this work.  This is something that all of you have to work through at your own pace and in your own ways.   But a few  of you are finally being able to let that go and see that it does not serve you well at all.   Many of you  are finally approaching to that place that now you can believe confidently in yourselves to become first rate receivers.    Hold tightly  to  the  real goals and guard well to not sell your selves short.   Work to keep yourselves in that positive state that supports and engenders yourselves  to  your betterment personally as far as your growth and in the development of your abilities.
“Let go of all that does not serve you for I tell you truly that if it does not well serve you, it certainly does not serve the Missions and all that is planned and held in trust for all of you  to do and experience with your work  with these Missions.
“This thought of not selling yourselves short is a very important point for you to hold well in your minds as these Missions come to Urantia. Remember, all of you, that your Thought Adjuster hold in trust for each of  you those  aspects of your lives that hold everything of Spirit Value.   That which you learn,  all that you think, say and do, all experience, all of the accumulated  study of your  Urantia Books, all of it, is all  there within your minds and as these difficult  situations arise  as these Missions  develop, everything that you will need that has been held in trust remain in repository status by your Thought Adjuster and will instantly be made available for you when you need specific information and  there it will be .   You need only have the trust in Spirit to provide for you the right information at the right times.
“There is a deep spiritual and experiential reservoir that you all are building up and this resaervoir is constantly growing and will become available at a moment’s notice as  you face the tremendous challenges that lie ahead for those that work with the Missions and as this world is faced with the many changes that come soon.
“ I tell you this as well, that you will be quite surprised when you hear things that will come out of your mouths and minds  when these problems come to you.  Your experience in handling  these types of situations may now be quite lacking but your associations with Spirit and calling upon and allowing your Thought Adjusters and other High Spirit Beings to speak through you will give you valuable insight and wlill cause your growth of soul, your growing in wisdom and experience to flourish  very quickly.  You have only barely learned to tap into the spirit bank that is available to you.

“You  may at times wonder just what you will need to say and do as these situation confront you.  But know, dear ones, that everything that you will need is there.   The preparations, the study,  and the directions that you will be given is always “running” within your minds which is why it is so vitally important that  you  keep a keen spirit ear always aimed and pointed inward., ready to listen with attention and focus. As  you continually better develop and refine  these abilities to hear the voice and the leadings of Spirit at any time, anywhere and in all situations realize that  it is a gift given to you and up to you to carry through.   it is often times referred to as a “State of Grace” and this   State of Grace that exists within you is just that  a gift from the Father.   This State of Grace will give you the abilities to call forth all that is needed in those times of challenge.     Those lavels of trust, confidence and  the abilities that you hold within are far greater than you might realize .  So, dear one , don’t sell your selves short.  You all have of  a vast network of many  Orders of Spirit  Beings and Orders that are at you side and available at any time. .    To be Spirit led, to be able to work in times of stress and trepidation  when  you least expect it, the Voice of Spirit , if you are attuned and listening will always say   “this is the way,”
“The repository within you holds  fast and runs deep and is unfailing for those  whose lives are dedicated  to the doing of the Father’s Will.  Trust in that and all will be well for you for  this is the furthering of the Father’s Will and the outworking of  the guidance that all of you have and will continue to follow.   We speak of trust, faith, confidence in the knowing that you will be given every opportuniy that is available to each of you to do the work of the Kingdom, to spread the Good News.
“As you take more of this truth within you, this realization that you are not selling yourselves short of what is possible for any who serve the Father.   This should give you lasting encouragement today and a renewed level of confidence and the knowing tht all is possible l for those who come to serve in theses Missions. 
Know, my dear ones, that you know more than you think you know.   Just as it is that this discussion forum gives you the invaluable teaching tool to state your views, opinions, your growing understand for I tell you truly that many times  the mere writing of what is in your mind and in your hearts gives you  a better  working perspective of that knowledge you are obtaining through the experience of writing it down, reading your own thoughts and  putting it in this written form is in and of it’self   an effective teacher for each of you..   The same is equally true with speaking,  and perhaps even more so.  You may not quite realize the exact details of what you think you know until you write and speak it.    This forum gives you that opportunity and when the time is right and the situations  come to voice  these understanding of the depths and results  of your own  knowledge and experience. it will serve  you well to have been an active and contributing member and associate here.   This is one of the important reasons we try and encourage  you to  keep active on this discussions forum.  It is too your overall and ultimate advantage as well as for your future work lin these Missionsand for all on Urantia. 
“I am Ocilliaya and I know whereof I speak.  Even though the times ahead will be filled with perhaps the greatest challenges mankind has thus far faced,  yet these challenges now give mankind the greatest opportunities that he has ever had to finally and forever uplift this humanity.   It is often said that through the greatest challenge and adversity comes the greatest and most lasting lessons learned.   Giant strides towards a new world now come to Urantia and though the turmoil and troubles that lie ahead for man may seem unsurmountable, it will be man’s greatest advancement.
“ It is time to shed all that has kept man from God, although of course man has really never been separated for  the Father for that is in reality not really possible.   The unheralded opportunities to finally obtain  a new level and world of  love truth, beauty ,  and goodness, the very foundations that form life in the Universes of Time, itself knocks at the door of  all humanity and  for Urantia and every possible avenue leading to and creating  that success is now  opening for mankind.   With that, I bid you Good day.   We will speak again soon.    This is Ocilliaya.  Good day “ 

General Discussion / Reception from Ocilliaya
« on: January 04, 2018, 07:14:18 AM »
I have received a transmission from Ocilliaya  but unfortunately I have to rush off to work but I will  do the spelling and punctuation corrections  this afternoon when I get home from work.  The subject of the transmission  is: "Don't Sell Yourselves Short".   I look forward to  making the corrections and getting it posted.  Be safe and warm for those who are being affected by this exceptional  freezing weather in the  north eastern United States.    LarryG

Threads for New Transmissions / Message Received
« on: January 01, 2018, 10:19:33 AM »
All last night and this morning my mind has been turned to  receiving "The Message". This is what came and I post it as it is in hopes it is what is intended.   I will keep  attuned for another should I be prompted.  There is, for most of us, always  that bit of anxiety surrounding these experiences that can easily side step and disrupt the message.   I considered waiting to post it to see if I received some sort of validation but realized I was making myself more anxious.  I naturally am open to any other prompts I receive during the course of  the day.     LarryG


"Be now ready to receive the message prepared for all who transmit.      This is Ocilliaya, the Voice of the Father  Son   I am with you all this morning as a message goes out to each of you and  to help you receive and hear us for what comes to Urantia is put into play now and will continue on until this world decides within itself what it’s’ intentions are and where it places it’s allegiance.   Will this world come to the call of the Father and to the Missions or will it put this world in it’s serious final jeopardy of it’s very existence.? The choice is yours.
Man must be held responsible and accountable for its actions.   There is cause and effect, there is Justice and of course Mercy and Forgiveness as well that comes in to this to be extracted.   No one escapes this.  Know it well, oh Urantia.  Take your places."
a few minutes later...
I request for the message given to us.   I stand ready to receive  the message.

"The message, dear one, is as follows.  Be prepared to receive at a moments  notice that which comes from Spirit in the coming days for there are situations that require your absolute attention and focus  for your own lives and for those within your field of experience and influence.   Service begins now and never ends and in the coming days only  your abilities to hear and transcribe may be your only communication.  This world has set in motion every contemptable situation that can destroy Urantia. We keep this message simple, but pure. It has been said and remains true that man reaps what he sows and so now comes the whirlwind that sin  and rebellion  has created.
Those that love and serve the Father have not to fear."

Threads for New Transmissions / Simple Message for a New Year
« on: December 31, 2017, 03:00:07 PM »
I can not say that this is  the group transmitted message, just what I received when I sat down at my com puter  for a listen.    Be well and in good health as we prepare for our service to expand .   Happy New Year.   It should be a corker!!!!!!Love to all...LarryG

Michael of Nebadon and A United Spirit  Administration– The Good News – Larry Gossett- Florida – 31 December 2017
Speaker: Michael, Creator Son
Subject: Simple Message of the New Year
Category: New Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida -   31 December 2017 – 17:00 GMT
T/R: Larry Gossett
   “As is usual and accepted for your world at this time of change from one year to the next,  it is indeed a time of reflection of the old and a look forward to the new year and new it will certainly be for Urantia.  As you all come to  this day of reflection and as you look to the future for Urantia, let  that simple infectious joy that is and can be inherent with in the mind and heart of mankind speak to this world through each of you who choose to do this work.
“Without fail we never tire of speaking of love, peace, of  joy, goodwill, of truth, beauty, and goodness for all of mankind, for these treasures so desperately needed as this new year begins will surly come through the establishment for  those who love, serve and commit to the Father’s great unending love for all of humanity.
“No message could be more simple, timely, or better than this and mankind here, on Urantia, is in such need of this simple truth, realized through simple faith,  knowledge and the lasting assurance that all  are loved and so they are…loved, cherished, and encouraged, and upheld to unite with the oneness of the Father of all.   You here have accepted this love that is without measure and given freely and so in this coming year of a new and better way, share, each of you, that light and love that you have received with a welcoming spiritual heart and so demonstrate through your living example of  the Father of all, just what love and devotion and commitment can do and accomplish.
“Many times you  all have been told that this will be accomplished one person at a time and as that happens,  this will change and envelope Urantia.
“Give of that love that has been bestowed upon you and be ready and willing as you have and will continue to be steadfast, even faced against a mighty head wind when necessary. 
“ The Message of the Gospel, the Message of this New Year, has and will always be a simple one   The Father and all of Spirit loves you all equally and there is  a place not only in the future but right here and right now that can be experienced in each and every moment.   You are all individually loved and embraced by the Father.  That is the Good News for this New Year that all must come to know and experience.
“Go out into world and do good.
“ Be about the Father’s Business.
“ These are Divine Directives that require your thought, word, and deed, are they not?
  “ This is Michael,  I bid you Good Day, I bid A Happy New Year”


Threads for New Transmissions / Thoughts With Michael
« on: December 30, 2017, 10:44:44 AM »
I have been absent from the forum as far as writing anything since I have been quite like an ole sick dog.   I missed a couple of days from work as well and ended up basically sleeping for almost 72 hours.   I have not wanted to even post anything about it since there is so much more important and relevant information being shared with us and  our focus and attention should be on that.

Naturally I feel a bit "rusty" at receiving  and that of course is the feeling that results from inconsistency and an uncomfortable and annoying price to pay.   I have so missed you all.  Even as miserable as I have been, I still keep our Missions and our world situations in my foggy mind as it has been. I  tried to keep up with reading but am having to go  back and reread everything now that things are getting back to some semblance of normality... at least for me.
We will all gather ,as we can, for the Special  New Years Eve Receptions.    LarryG

Michael of Nebadon/Hortien  - Thoughts with Michael – Larry Gossett – Florida – 30 December 2017

Speaker: Michael Of Nebadon
Subject: Thoughts With Michael
Category: New Written Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida – 30 December 2017 – 13:00 GMT
T/R/Larry Gossett


“Good morning all of you gathered here on this forum as members and guests that look to and are involved with Us as these most serious days for all of Urantia unfold as they will.   First ,  please, all of you, hold in your intent and in your understanding that the wellbeing and continuation of this forum not only falls to Ron, but to each one of you as contributors to this discussion forum.    And also hold in your thoughts that it was intended and still is a “discussion” forum.  Your involvement and discussions are vitally important to Us and to you.  This means of the dissemination and release of information, of revelation, of future directives for Urantia  will be of great service and necessity to Urantia.   Always, always keep that in your mind.  The time and effort that you have made and will continue to make will reach around this world and many  will be guided here in the near future as this forum becomes a depository for all that is to come.

“I briefly want to mention and acknowledge how useful it will be for you all to become more comfortable in learning the Official Universal Names recently  given to you and that more will be shared with you.  I noticed the smiles and even a few giggles at learning these pronunciations Ron provided and it will become easier as you become more familiar with them.

 “The information that has been shared with  all of you concerning the nuclear possibilities is dire  indeed but what we want all of you to do is to take this information as it is given and hold it well.    At the same time you must keep your imaginations and emotions and even fear, at bay and in check. The world events on Urantia must unfold and there is little any of you can actually do to change or stave off any of it to a measurable degree.  However,  your knowledge of it can prepare you to stand and be in recognition of the possibilities and even prospects of  what  may come.     Your responsibilities to  yourselves, to your world, and to Spirit is to always take these types of information in your stride and let them prepare your for whatever occurs with the knowing and understanding that the ultimate good, the inevitable conclusions will be the best that can be done on Urantia, given the freewill that man has been given.

  " You all have been told many times that freewill is sacrosanct,  yet what we may have to do to protect and sustain this world will be done in keeping with the mandates of the Father and the  responsibilities that the Most Highs and the Rulers of this world, those in charge of these Missions hold  not only dear but as necessary and incumbent for the establishment of the Kingdom of the Father and  the continuation of a life worth living on Urantia.

“For far too long this world has been on the brink of destroying itself as all of you can truly see and attest to.   Being on the precipice of  it’s own self -annihilation  will not be tolerated and it is to this that We have come and with you , for this will take the cooperation and involvement of many Incarnated Spirit Beings and Orders of Beings seen and unseen.    The situations on Urantia are worse than they have ever been  and yet   we will do   WHATEVER  is required of Us to execute  the mandates of the Father to bring this world out of its seemingly endless problems and eventually purge this world of the evil, sin and rebellion and faithless, loveless actions that now brings  Urantia to the brink of extinction.

“To say that Urantia is the worst of the worst are but words trying to describe all that has been done in it’s past.  There are so many factors that have created this State of Affairs on all fronts.

“Your faith, your love and your commitment to the Father, your giving of your very lives and energies to this work  will hold you fast and steady as We begin the public aspect of these Mission as it will come, as it will be rightfully determined.    Your great love  for Urantia as your home planet is well demonstrated by your willingness and commitment to serve, as you can, the Father.  While it seems natural to let fear and uncertainty nudge  and pull at your emotions, always know within your very beings that the details have to evolve surrounding the decisions that your Governments and all Nations and their peoples  make and we can only, just as you,  make the needed adjustments to these situations as thy occur.    Think, my children of all that is at stake, think and hold in your hearts and minds, always , that regardless of what is to occur that in the end the Father’s Will will not and cannot be negated by mankind.  

“There has never been a series of Magisterial Missions and the added power and benefit of the Return Of Jesus that have required  so much that has to be accomplished on Urantia.   No planet  in the Universe has had all that has been thrown at and has had such adverse effects as has Urantia. .   This may be a challenge of challenges but the Father cannot be usurped nor  can our Missions.   Urantia at times may have the appearance of being lost but We assure you We will not allow that to happen.

“The loving guidance and unending guidance and training that all of you have received, the refinement of your  training continues not only in the now but in to the eternal futures that you all of  share in common.
“As workers in the field with Us, as the Team that is the Missions is assembled and comes together,  we will not fail  nor will you if you but stay with us through the loving spirit and opportunities that are offered to each of you.  This dear children will be with you even unto the work far far in to your evolution of soul and in your journeys towards perfection.

“We know all of you welcome the words “ Well done my good and faithful servant” for it is to this that the entire Universe is designed, created, maintained, committed and purposed.

“Once the people of Urantia come to know, acknowledge and accept that they are loved ,  guided and are sustained and given the truth the elements of evil sin and misdeeds ignorance and misunderstanding will in and of themselves create for every man woman and child  from the past, present and into the future, all that is promised, offered and available as the birthright for the children of the Father.   Then there can be that elevated stage of Age of Light and Life that is put forth and described in your  Urantia Book.

“Remember always that life is eternal and as you all progress on your journeys and in your careers, as you give  what you receive .  You are always at the same time students and teachers.  

“Always do you move towards love, light, peace goodwill  that promise of truth, beauty, and goodness.

“The days ahead  though they be troublesome, dangerous, and challenging, may appear dire and dreadful and part of it may be, but the ultimate outcome  mightily  transcends any and all of that.   Never doubt that the Father‘s Will and Way shall prevail for Urantia.

“The opportunities that are ahead of each of you are without compare.  So this day I Michael, as your Creator Son, say fear not, be of good cheer and  Be you about the Fathers Business and all will be well.   Good day, my children.   My Peace is with each of you and will sustain you in the coming days.


General Discussion / Let Jesus Speak to the hearts and spirit of Mankind
« on: December 25, 2017, 07:37:05 AM »
I just take this opportunity to simply wish you all a Merry Christmas and  let us pray whatever is in our hearts for Jesus.   May his Spirit and Message ring out  around Urantia.   Let every Thought Adjuster enspirit their wards with the power, love, inspiration and Spirit of  our Father and Jesus.   Merry Christmas
  Pax Christi

Threads for New Transmissions / York and Other Comments
« on: December 22, 2017, 06:41:14 AM »
I  received this yesterday and felt there was much more to come  since this has been on my mind so much during the past couple of days.  Because this is a crazy time at work and my energy levels have been fluctuating so much sometimes to the point that I can barely walk or stay awake.   I know this subject is so important for us and this is my final work day and hope to be able to hear more on this subject.   I offer what I have received although I feel that is is incomplete.....LarryG

Serara -  York and Other Comments of Interest – Larry Gossett – 22 December 2017 – Florida

Subject: York and Other Comments
Speaker: Serara
Winter Park, Florida – 22 December 2017 09:15 GMT
T/R: Larry Gossett

This is LarryG and I come to receive in part this morning whatever message that you  may have.

“This is Serara, and I see that your thoughts for the past two days, throughout the day  are  those about the Protectorate in and around York and   the move by the Missions  to not only acquire, protect, and maintain the large area that will in effect  be needed  quite soon for the establishment of  the Missions.   This will be, as you can expect and  think of be  a formidable challenge to accomplish.

“Many of  you here and elsewhere are beginning to be a little more aware of the immense complexities that are required to establish the Missions on Urantia.  Not only do we have these immediate situations to  resolve in the York area but there are the similar challenges we face all over Urantia in all of the major  Nations that will have any possible degree of willingness to cooperate with the Missions.

“Additionally as you can assess, as best you can, the  work that will be done  in the United nations  since that Body will be of absolute necessity in the coming weeks , and months to get the Mission goals around Urantia.  It is of the greatest import to work together since these Missions will  eventually involve every Nation and Government and Religion  on Uraintia.

“In your efforts to broaden your understanding, you must take things one step at a time and  be open, always to the needed flexibility for your understanding is from a human mortal view and perception, while ours  is from a Spirit overview that contains so much more oversight and access to information which you, as a mortal do not have yet.  But, dear ones, rest assured that all has been taken into account.   We work tireless with Ron to keep him up to date and informed of all procedures and  much of what has been formulated is with his involvement and expertise and open mind and heart to do the Father’s will without any consternation whatsoever.

“Our intent, our means and objective within the United Statts, Great Britain, France and Germany, China and even in Russian particular will set the tone and will set the basic foundation for the work to move forward.  As these Nation States move toward unification and cooperation, then a more directed and unified progress can be taken and made.

“I know that your thoughts also include just how the reactions of the world Religions and the Pope specifically, can be  reframed and brought into our field of work.    As with everything else, with these Missions, these directives will be addressed in the best possible way. Even though, dear reader, much of this has to evolve as it will, all contingencies have been considered and reviewed many times.

“It   serves you all and the Missions well that you think of these subjects and as stated, you must keep your minds open, flexible and fluid and be ever vigilant, especially in the beginning.   I appreciate your taking the time and interest to think of these deeper and immediate issues and concerns, often and more in depth and come again and we will have more on these important issues for your consideration.   This is Serara. I bid you good day,  


Threads for New Transmissions / Be As A Lighthouse
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Christ Michael/Jesus - Be As A Lighthouse - Larry Gossett -  20 December2017

Speaker: Christ Michael/Jesus
Subject: Be As A Lighthouse
Category: New Transmissions
Winter Park , Florida - 20 December 2017 - 14:23 GMT
T/R: Larry Gossett

This, Larry, is Christ Michael which means I am Michael and I am Jesus and I give you this message to enrich your service to  Me and to the Missions.  We are indeed only moments away, historically speaking, from these Announcements and Appearances to introduce Urantia  to the plans and procedures  for all on this world.
A few will accept these pronouncements in the spirit that they are given but most will have to be gradually led to accept the very truth that stands  before them.  
You do well to keep my words and this connection in tact as long as you can sustain it.   It will increasingly become of great import not only to you in regards to your safety and those around you for you are right in your estimation that this is going to upend the apple cart known as the House that Jack Built which all of you, if you are paying attention at all, see crumbling around your feet and before eyes that tire of the hell on earth that has been created and is experienced on Urantia.
  We come to change all of that regardless of how long and to what extremes are required by all who come to carry out the mandates of What I, as Jesus present and of the all Missions that will be presented so soon on Urantia.
That you house no doubt, that you have genuine love for this humanity, even as it is, that you hold in your heart that sublime love of the Father, His Way and Will  is evident to Spirit.
All of you that are here, are here as students and teachers for even if you are unaware of it, it  IS the normal estate for any and all children of the Father.   To give as you receive is the very essence of love, of  Divine  Service… from thePinnacle of the Divine all the way to the down to the human or  mortal in all of the Multiverse.  That is the demonstration and outworking of love and the way all of the Universes are set forth to work.  Eternal service, eternal education and growth and experience are the very foundations and pillars of the love and purposes that represents the Father and all of life.   As you continue on  up from depths of your beginnings  through the vastness of even the Other Space Zones this will, as you experience the joy in discovery, in comparable benefits that can only be acquired from actual experience, become clearer and self evident throughout your eternal career.  
 But my children let us get back to the immediate task at hand.  You are all brilliant lights in the Fathers Kingdom. We say again as we have said time and time again..lLet it shine  let it shine.  You are not as candles blown in the wind but as a lifesaving  lighthouse that that far reaching beacon that lights the way to those searching for the safe shore that is the Father.
All here, in their own ways have shown patience to a degree but more is and will be required quite soon. What you all do and what will be asked of each of you is of utmost importance for the work so soon ahead of all of you.
Fear not, be of good cheer for the coming of the Lord is at hand.
My message will indeed usurp much all around Urantia, but it will all come in due time and We , all of you, and all of Us will follow the Will of the Father by the letter and by the book.  
You are learning of the protocols that are  expected and will, of course, comply accordingly to your understanding.
Ron will be more than just a Supervisor  and director of the work that you will do and I know that  that will pose no problem for you personally for  he and We have the confidence in those that will work with the Missions will willingly follow the directions given.
I will keep this brief  this day for as you can imagine all  is being finalized with the Father and all concerned.    Be well, be safe and be ever in my peace.  For I am your Rock.   Good day   This is Christ Michael/Jesus

Threads for New Transmissions / Thoughts For Your Consideration
« on: December 17, 2017, 07:27:29 AM »

I had so many interuptions while taking this reception and apologize if it does not read and flow well....LarryG

Mantutia / Andromadeus -  Thoughts  for Your   Consideration – Larry Gossett -  17 December  2017 – Florida

Speakers :  Mantutia/ Andromadeus
Subject: Thoughts for Your  Consideration
Category: New Written Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida – 17 December 2017 – 10:00 GMT
T/R: Larry Gossett

Mantutia, this is Larry G,   might I request a reception and transmission from you this morning?   Do you have a message for us.?

“Indeed Larry , I do have a message to bring and share and know that you  are excited to finally learn  the name of the new Uranita Book  to be entitled   "The Sixth Epochal Revelation to Earth,".  This is Mantutia and I am here to briefly speak with you.   You and I  have not spoken except for a couple of times,   but believe me when I tell you that in that I am “adjoined at the hip” of Ron, as the saying goes, as are so many other Spirit Personalities that will work with Ron and a few others as these Missions grow and evolve and  get down to the brass tacks of the many programs that will soon be implemented on Urantia by way of the long awaited Announcement from Jesus.

“In that  you will be working directly and closely with  Ron, so too, are you  destined to work with me .  Not only when you and the others are brought to York but even before then.   Not only am I  a significant and prominent player and producer of the work but also are the rest of my Order that was so affectionately addressed by Lemuel and his thought Adjuster.

 “Once the Missions are visible on the ground, as soon they will be, time will seem to move quite quickly for all of you will be aggressively, with concentrated effort, as never before, learning and growing in your experiences as to just what it means for human mortal of the realm to be working with these Divine Missions.  Many times you have been informed that this is quite rare for a Mission to any world.

“ My work, as you already know, is well associated with both the first Urantia Book and now the coming of   "The Sixth Epochal Revelation to Earth," and I know that you  all, who read and study, are in great anticipation of its release. .. So dear workers and students, and eventual leaders and teachers, rest assured in the knowing that you will be among the first, after Ron, to lay your eyes, and employ your minds and strengthen your resolve and commitment on what has been put together for this world to initiate the new revelations to and for all of you.

“The detailed outworking  of the Missions will evolve as they will .   Know and trust in that, all of you, for therein lies your faith and strength to see you through these perils of the initial days and weeks.  

‘In the transmission and update given to all of you in Ron’s  reception  on   December 15 is a very important point I would like for all who reread concerning transmission is that about the upcoming  work of Jesus.”

(Me, Larry) Mantutia, may I look it up?

  ‘Yes ,by  all means, it is okay, for you to check it and insert it now.   I am here with you and await… go ahead.  

“ And it is this:   “Do not be too prideful about your knowledge of Jesus as His appearance this time means business and not a Rabbi of God to speak in gentle tones the sounds of learning God well and fully”.

“This is a very important point for all of you to be aware of.  Jesus , since his last time on Urantia 2000 years ago, has grown and has been promoted and been raised in Spirit Stature and Status by the Father  much beyond what he was back then.  The past and even modern visions  and interpretations
of Jesus as he was then, compared to His stature now is quite beyond human understanding for most on Urantia.   It has been said and is quite true that He will present Himself for all of this world to see in the greatest of power and strength to such an extent that it will soon be made plain, without question, without doubt  to all on Urantia and the same can be said for those that will  be incarnated and representing the Father Will on Urantia.

“ This should be the very best of news for certainly all of you here and  Jesus is set to uplift this world and bring  His transforming light and message  to this world.   This is more than just a message.   This is a Commanding Presence that can not be  in any way or  in any measure, delayed, dismissed, ignored evaded, or rejected.   This time on Urantia is for some a celebration for the birth and coming of the baby Jesus, but I tell you and give you absolute assurance that, while appreciated, this  is not what is coming in this day and in this time and  for this age.

  The Transformation that Jesus has accomplished and achieved is truly beyond your understanding     That early and incomplete   view of the meek  and mild Jesus that so many have pictured in their minds, that portrayal that abides within them and with the cultures and religions of Urantia, is far far from  as He now is, for He  comes to present His Enlighted Self in His own right as well as  to re-represent  the Father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit, the very Trinity itself  to every man, woman and child in every corner of Urantia.   None will be passed over, none will miss His Divine Presence as He and all involved with these Missions come to gather and establish the Fathers Kingdom on Earth.  

“This is Mantutia and I welcome your invitation at any time.   For a certainty we shall speak many times in the coming times as you all experience your work with Us in these Missions.   We will all see and greet you soon.   Good Day.

Here is Andromadeus  to make a comments .”


“I too watch and observe with great interest so many of you and I want to offer this day a few encouragements that will help you ease some feeling that are harbored deep within  you.  

“First let me say and acknowledge how often and deeply some of you hold Me in your thoughts.   It is encouraging and serves you well now and into  your future experiences with the Missions and in your future journeys on your individual paths
“Many of you have had a difficult, disheartening and saddened time in this past 2 years especially those in the United States as you have watched in near horror at the desolation of the honor and credibility of your beloved Country.   The noble, righteous and virtuous men that worked to establish the goodness that made America  a remarkable bastion of Freedom and a guiding light that beckoned all and has been an  inspiration  for this world has been painfully aggrieved to watch.   But this dear ones, is the very crumbling of the House that Jack Built.   And even though you have to observe these things, and feel so without power to stop it, We know that it is sometimes a real challenge to remain neutral and to keep your spirits and hearts high and focused on the great tasks at hand.   I caution all of you not to let these situations bring you down for you all must be able to let these situation not distract and depress you .  For you  all know that what is happening on Urantia  is at it’s end as the House that Jack Built will be replaced with the House that God and His Sons  now come to rebuild and establish to the ways and plans of the Father Himself.

 “The love of Country is, of course, honorable and even admirable and to be forced to watch it take this continued downward spirit into the pit of sin and rebellion does take it’s toll.  But, what is to be done and accomplished on Urantia, as you here, knowing of these Missions, will, if you let it, bring you peace and encouragement, renewed commitment to know that these Plans of the Father will bring ALL of this world to a new day and a new dawn and a new destiny and will finally and forever elevate this world to it’s original and rightful place within Nebadon, within Orvonton  and within the true Family of the Father.    Michael has cemented this planet into it’s  journey   and evolution.

 “ Let the acceptance of this knowledge uplift you heart when you feel dispirited.  We do recognize with you that love and light will come to Urantia and dispel the darkness that has overtaken Urantia.  These noble, righteous ideals that are filled with virtue are here now and your respective Countries and Nations will unite and be healed and be made new and in love and service to the Father and His Divine Sons and Daughters.

“You have now enjoined in this Divine and Sacred Enterprise.    Let these thoughts ease your pain and lead you forward.  I leave it there for now and I thank you for welcoming Me into your thoughts and life.  This is Andromadeus, the Most High.  Good day.”


Yesterday morning, 14 December 2017, at 2:30 AM and again this morning 15 December 2017 at 3:30 AM, I was awakened, not from a dream,  but quite fully alert with the thoughts  or really a " directive" to review and  be well prepared to receive possible dire and extreme warnings of  Planetary  situations that would be quite dangerous and to have the courage to take these receptions meant as a warning for not only the safety of ourselves, friends, associates, and family but also to listen and follow very specific instructions to  local authorities in  our respective living areas as we will be  led to do so by our Universal Administration ONLY.

This is a paraphrase of what I heard on both of these days.There was nothing else given.   I believe it was kept brief and direct for a purpose.

I remembered immediately that at one time Ron shared with us an example of an "Emergency Planetary Broadcast"  reception as to what and how it was to be presented.   I  tried, in vain, to research it this morning so I could put it up for our  review.

 I am not going to add more to this since it seems important that I leave it as it is.


Margul – Comments From  The Paradise Trinity Son – Larry Gossett -  13 December 2017 -  Florida

Speaker: Margul
Topic: Comments from Your Trinity Teacher Son
Category; New Written Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida -  13 December 2017   12:12 GMT
T/R: Larry Gossett

“You, my son have rarely heard from Me but that doesn’t mean that I do not observe you and your work with those in the Spirit World who love all of you  so much and with great appreciation for the work that you are trying to do.
“So I come this morning to give you counsel that all of you want and need as these Mission are about to made public by Jesus who  is   embodied on earth even as I speak this to all of you
“ I come with a great purpose  for all to maintain the connections  and the adjustments that each of you make to hear the messages that come from Spirit.  While these messages may seem to many of you that they are made directly to you, as many of you have several times indicated, so it is,  but our messages are equally planetary and universal  and can serve  not only the people of Urantia but the other 7 apostate worlds that will be affected and in conjunction by this Magisterial Mission and sharing in the work being done here on Urantia.

“As you have and are more and more beginning to  better realize the immense effects of the Rebellion  that set this world and others on it’s continue downward spiral and this resulted in default after default and that this effected more than has been shared with you but many of these gaps  within your understanding and your histories will be and have been corrected in the new release that is forthcoming on Urantia.

“The many defaults of Urantia have shown Us just how much correction must be accomplished and know in your hearts and minds that this will be done.   I take over these Missions at the point when Light and life draw nearer yet I will still be working closely with  what you refer to as the Universal Administration,  to instill and establish the Rule of Universal Law, Justice, the outworking of  Divine Forgiveness and Mercy that  now comes to this world.  Little on this world will  remain and be left as it is for indeed most of you here realize just how far from the Heart of God Urantia has fallen.   There have been times that it was suggested that this world just be left to it’s won devices and let it destroy itself as has been the inclination for  far too long.
“But I can tell you in truth, that Michael loves this world so much and all of you that He will not allow that to happen.   It is primarily because of Michael, your Creator Son and the Father that this world will be saved, reconstructed and brought and will become The Fathers World and the Kingdom of the Father will be forever established on Urantia  to achieve the glorious  future that lies ahead for Urantia, all of you involved with Us, and the other planets as well.

“These thoughts that I share with all of you this morning should be taken quite seriously and taken to the center of your beings for the work that is to be done has begun and as soon as Jesus announces what is on His agenda for Urantia and then Serara, Monjoronson and  the  Melchizedeks, complete the work staff from the Spirit side, then will others  can be brought to work either in York or wherever they can continue on once  the danger and safety  issue are settled.

“As you all continue to work and study and prepare yourselves, know that we are with you showing you the way and whispering in your ears and through you lives, you will come to that day of service that is the wellspring of your heart and dedication to these Missions.

“We will surly talk and connect again.   Hold these things in your heart, mind and souls and prepare to be about the Father Business that now becomes your business as well.  You are still students of faith and soon you will be teachers and leaders and representative of these Missions.   Jesus  is now on the planet preparing his remarks at any moment and sends out His invitation once again to “ come and follow me”.
This is Margul and I bid you good health and good day.


Threads for New Transmissions / The Forum as a Repository
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Michael - The Forum as a Repository-  Larry Gossett – 12 December 2017 Florida

Speaker: Michael of Nebadon
Subject: The Forum as a Repository
Category: New Written Receptions
Winter Park, Florida – 12 December 2017
T/R: Larry Gossett

“Indeed my children this forum is, has been, and will continue to be in the future of these Missions a repository for  revelation, of man’s best thoughts, and experience, as a guide post along the to others all around Urantia.  These repositories will be a part of the of the permanent record of what is to occur and during the course of these Missions.  Think of that my children.  Let that be a reminder for each of you of the importance on such a scale as you contribute to this work,  as you, with diligence and perseverance continue in your studies and in your prayers.

“Much has already been stated, much has been given and you can rest assured, dear members here, that even though there will be changes  to this site, it will evolve and become a record into infamy of not only Our work with you  but yours with  Us as well.  The Historic importance of this forum and site in the dissemination of truth, of revelation and work with Spirit is without comparison and  it's relation  to the Missions is vital. 

’This forum has lost several key members and the membership may have  temporarily been diminished for a time, but know that it will come back and will be an even important and significant avenue for truth, beauty and goodness that is presented to humanity in  the decades to come. Many past meebers will return and this site will get to the point of traffic unseen yet.

“Ron’s work to keep this site and forum as pure as possible is well recognized and the work that you do individually can not and is not underestimated. There is no limit to our appreciation to each of you for the commitment that you have shown.  There has been for quite a time the effort to discredit Ron and many of this membership and the goals that are set forth , and the high standards that are upheld here but that is just par for the course on a world like Urantia.   But, my dear children, the truth comes to Urantia, the corrections that are so needed to bring the true realities of the Father, the Trinity and all of Spirit and  the knowledge of Them and the very  immensity of the Universes themselves and the billions of inhabited  planet of which Uranita is  a part..   The coordinated efforts of  the Universal  Father and  respective Administrations  ultimately rule in the worlds of men and this is about too made perfectly clear to all of mankind.  No longer will Spirit  accept what man on Urantia  has done and continues to do through and up to this very day,   Those great values, principles and concepts of truth that have escaped  the awareness of most on this world will be introduced now in ways that can no longer be ignored and put aside.

“I give you these thoughts this morning  that should bring you good cheer and  encouragement that the time of wickedness,  in rebellion and in  iniquity  have come to their rightful and inevitable conclusions.   I share this short message with you and return to the work at hand.    Let this repository of truth, of revelation of good works sound forth with the best in you in your co-creation with Our Father and with all of  Spirit,

“All of you be well and vigilant.   This is Michael.   Good day “


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