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General Discussion / New Era Transition 36 - Machiventa
« on: April 11, 2018, 10:44:14 PM »
Dear all,

I would like to post the link for Machiventa's latest NET transmission #36 (

Here's a highlighted portion of what he said which is a good reminder:

The major work of social sustainability is to create friendly environments that are supportive of personal and familial growth and evolution, and ultimately their spiritual unfoldment. Those are the end results we will eventually achieve, and this is the beginning — the end results of our work that we desire, and the beginning phases of the Days of Light and Life. There must be an integration of societies just as there is an integration between all the programs of the Correcting Time that lead to those ends.

He says it will take two generations of teaching the seven core values before we will see significant results.  Our generation is fast slipping away as most of us are in the twilight years of our lives.  Perhaps our generation just caught the beginnings of this divine movement.  Still, its a blessing that we see it start now...


Dear all,
The following are two transmissions I received sometime in mid-November. I would like to introduce to you Melchoir Melchizedek (pronounced Mel-'choir' like a church choir), one of the Melchizedeks assigned in Asia.  Enjoy!  

Teacher: Melchoir Melchizedek
Subject: Historical Notes on the Philippines
Date: November 14, 2017
T/R: Evan Mariano

It is I Melchoir Melchizedek

Good evening to you in the Philippines.  I am one of the Melchizedeks assigned for the Philippines and other Asian countries.   I have been going around the cities of 2 Asian states that are very near each other.  I refer to the country of Vietnam.  Your countries are very similar to one another in many aspects.  Your peoples have a deep love of God and many people have always relied on their faith.  As your history is quite similar due to the eras where you were colonized by European countries; the Philippines by Spain and Vietnam by France.   The similar historical milieu brings your peoples a kind of homogenized culture in that you are now blended very well with European traits inherited from these two colonizing countries.   While the Philippines has a rich cultural and educational background given by and large by the Spanish conquistadores, you have been able to maintain your heritage and ethnicity because you are a proud race in Asia.  Your forbears have always held your beliefs in high esteem even before the Spanish came to bring a totally alien and different God.   The Spanish friars set out to take advantage of the innocence of your land and peoples and they did so with consistency and impunity that you know now caused your native peoples so much suffering.  I will come again to give you a good historical perspective as you will need this in relation to and in view of the Magisterial Mission which will seek to uplift your peoples and countrymen into the true and real Godhead, the First Source and Center, the Supreme Being and the many other deities they have to be acquainted with.  It will be a course of learning for most Filipinos but if they are sincere in their quest for answers, they will find it.  I leave with you this missive.  Have a good night and peace be among your brothers.  Hasta la vista.  

Teacher: Melchoir Melchizedek
Subject:  Notes on the evolution of the Philippines
Date: November 15, 2017
T/R: Evan Mariano

It is I Melchoir Melchizedek

Good evening dear Evangeline.  You are wondering whether I will come again as I said I would and I am here.  We will continue with my short discourse on the history of your land.  When the Life Carriers came here in this part of Urantia, it was still a large but isolated mass of land that later evolved into verdant pastures, valleys and mountains that were not yet separated.  The many years of evolution especially with the eruption of volcanoes both on land and under the sea changed the landscape into thousands of islands of varying sizes.  The tectonic plates under the Philippines are still there in many areas and is part of the region's geologic evolution.   The area was one large mass of land - almost a lush continent of valleys and mountains.   There was ample vegetation and many small roving animals in the hillsides and pastures.   There were also some aborigines that came from far away lands now known as Mongolia.   These aborigines had traveled by sea and were seeking warmer climes and they had discoverd this tropical paradise and settled here many millennia ago.   This takes you farther back now than just the era of the Spanish conquistadores but it is a background of information you must know so that you have a good understanding of the many events that occurred in and around your country now known as the Philippines.  I will come again.  Good night and take care.  I am Melchoir and I will be giving you these information resources again.

Dear all,
Early on today, I received a nudge from Mother Spirit and here is what she wanted to relay to everyone.  

I am Mother Spirit coming to you to speak about the latest tragedies in Urantia.  It is a most trying time in the history of Urantia as people all over the world are asking themselves why the world seems to have turned upside down.   These unprecedented occurrences:  the Las Vegas shooting and the Catalonia referendum violence, have become common incidents that highlight the world you live in.

How does one make sense out of these tragedies is the question asked by ordinary peace-loving peoples all over the world.  One is filled with sadness over so many senseless deaths and injurious acts against one's fellows, all seemingly illogical and insane actions of human beings, acting alone or in groups.  It is the same old question: what drives men to be inhuman to their fellows, that moves them to harm and kill, that makes them less than animals?

This is the house that Jack built, a house that does not distinguish the right of each individual to have a place in society that allows them to grow, in security and safety, a community that does not foster the rights of individuals to have a good education and assistance in their desired livelihood, and a global world that hardly recognizes the One True Source and Center, that can give them peace and stability of mind.

Amidst all these events of anguish and pain, there is still the bright and clear light of the faith-seeking individual, one who has remained hopeful and placed their complete trust and confidence in the One True Source and Center, one who has sought refuge in the thought that there must be a God who cares inspite of all the evils one can see in the world, inspite of the wanton killings and desecration of the rights of humans to live peacefully, one who desires only a society that can give them their basic rights,  a world of love, peace and joy.

Desire this for yourselves my children, pray for that moment, long for that which will give you the experience of a liberated faith-son or daughter.   Only your desires and prayers will change what you see today.  Be one with Us on the other side of the veil who seek only your advancement in the time-space reality you live in.  Be assured that we are never far from you, ever seeking your agreement to follow the paths to God-likeness, a world of peace and plenty, a time of greater serenity.  Receive my love and blessings.  I am Mother Spirit.  Domtia.  

Threads for New Transmissions / Machiventa - A short note
« on: September 15, 2017, 11:01:02 PM »
Hello everyone,
Just received this short missive from our beloved Machiventa:

Very often, many men think that God is far away and doesn't seem to care. But the truth is - He is never far away because He is within
you (although this is still not common knowledge) as the Thought Adjuster.  So most people seek God in every place outside of themselves
rather than within.   That is the conundrum of planets that had encountered the machinations of the LR and for millenia - there has been
no change in this basic problem. Although with this problem we also saw so much blossoming of the faith of individuals, those who became
avid believers of  an unseen God.  

You have an old saying 'so near yet so far'.  The Universal Father is indeed everywhere, His imprint can be seen everywhere, and yet people
fail to see Him and His gifts of creation.   It takes a humble heart to see God.  How do you explain that to people and those who have no idea
where He could be found.   It is the faith-son of the Father that knows where to look, seek and pursue.   He is  so near that His breath can
reach you, His Scent so strong that you can take a good whiff  of Him;  faith-sons are assured of this.

So get the other children awake, and get them to know just as the faith sons and daughters of the Father know, feel His presence and His
companionship.  Take this feeling with you always, this presence, this 'faith-string' if you will, the surety of sonhood and daughterhood
- that Father that never leaves you.   Amen and Domtia.  

Teacher: A Spiritual Guide
Topic: The Divine Instinct
T/R: Evan Mariano
Date: July 28, 2017

Greetings! This is your spiritual guide that moves you when you are in that space of mind of what we call limbo.  Limbo is in between your animal unguided mind and the more spiritual beginnings of divine mind. You see the animal in you is always ever present because that is your make-up and it is a natural inclination for you to ‘get into’. If you will become more ‘aware’ you will notice or you will be able to recognize these switches if you will in your conscious mind.   The mortal mind assuming it has had the proper education and uprearing that the present life of most average individuals has undertaken: general education leading up and beyond the basic tertiary education will be able to develop a very intelligent conscious thinking process.  This ability or capability enables one to go thru life in ingenious and structured ways and depending on its parental origins, if the parenting of the individual was given a more or less standard philosophies, the individual will survive and proceed in life carrying that mental, emotional and physical genetic heritage, so to speak.   It is in this configuration that we as your spiritual guides mentor you and we go through life with you in tandem with your absorbed ‘mortal-animal’ heritage.  In your genetic structure, you have innate animal instincts that enable you to make instantaneous decisions to protect yourselves from physical dangers and survive in the environment you belong.   These instincts are part of you and continue to empower you with constant mindedness to help you along your daily life and you need only to look around for your instincts to take on as it were their own decision making ability for protection and survival.   However, there is still the underveloped spiritual instinct that is provided to you upon the arrival of your Thought Adjuster.  

At that point you are no longer alone in your life journey.  Bear in mind that your primary guide is the Fragment of the First Source and Center and you are in fact and in reality considered as a son or daughter of God.  This distinguishment is entirely unknown to you and is reserved in the recesses of your higher mind.

The moment you made that instinctual decision to go to a higher mindal moral ground in your life is when your Thought adjuster makes his entrance and as it were that is the real beginning of the growth and abilities and potential for your spiritual and divine mind.  

Where the animal-mortal instinct is inherent in your physical make-up the divine instinct is not.  This divine instinct is not a ‘given’ to the individual but is acquired through accession (meaning as one goes through their life – learning from parents, family, friends and peers) and from wherever you learn more of either the good or bad, beneficial or otherwise, and those you take upon yourself to research and want to explore.  This is where we come in.   We merely open these ‘learning doors’ that you had given yourself to inquire upon and your mind is considering exploring and want for more information or more vindication or just plain satisfaction of your curiosity.
But when you are able to get into a more ‘conscious’ involvement in actuality – that means you yourself becomes the ‘prime mover’ of your own behaviour, decisions and ultimate action.  Let me explain:  there are many things going on within yourself that we can say ‘robotic’.  Your body just operates and functions without you necessarily getting involved like breathing, getting hungry etc.   These are normal functions of the body and the body will operate like so without your conscious effort.  But over and outside of these functions are unlimited choices and opportunities for action that you as an individual can follow – and this is assuredly the function of mind.   When you have a thought to do something your mind takes hold of your memories, abilities and knowledge and you sort of sit in a board meeting and make a decision for action.   This operation is very important as it is where you as an individual create, motivate, structure and implement whatever you will do for the rest of the day and as a matter of space/time fact, for the rest of your life.

You can if you will look upon it as the mind muscle, a part of you that is unseen and invisible,  but necessary and powerful as this is where a human being’s basic decision-making/choices start.  Take more notice of this mind, or mental muscle/switch because it is your point of change, the point where your dreams, designs and inclinations happen.  I wish you a good day.

GENERAL INTEREST INFORMATION / Advice for very hot weather
« on: June 21, 2017, 12:03:03 AM »
Dear Friends,
I received this short message in relation to a news article about things that can happen with global warming (  As Manila is mentioned along with other tropical countries (and we have been experiencing an extended hot summer) I believe our Celestial friend is just keeping us updated with what is going on.
Domtia, Evan

It is timely that we send a message to you for the good of many there in your country.  The heat wave is real and will affect thousands of people within the country and especially outlying provinces.  It will not happen this year or the next - it will be incremental and more severe as the years go by and if there will be no change in the way nations manage global warming and its ancillary conditions.  Take care to keep cool – that is important to remember – do not try to remain in hot locations – stay away from extreme weather temperatures – one minute it is hot and the next it is cold and such.  Take a walk if it's cool only; exercise when the weather is right; no over-sweating exercises to keep you slim – that is not recommended.  Keeping cool is the right thing to do and you can do that by wearing light clothing and maintaining circulating air around you.  The best places to go are places where there are airconditioners and plenty of shade.  When heat rises and intense humidity is high this is when it is no longer safe.  People will have the tendency to be irritable and temperaments will be affected.  There will be times when the body will not be able to cope.  Situations where people are closely-packed together will not be good and healthy - stay away from those areas.  We are just here – never a split second away – call on us always if need be.  Have a good and pleasant day.


2012-04-10-Instruments in His Hands
Teacher: The Beloved One
TR: Lytske
The Beloved One: “I wish to speak about the concept of mortals being instruments in the hands of God, at least this they will be when they adjust their will to His will and start living in the now, allowing their days to unfold according to the wishes of their Creator.
“This is beginning to happen in some places on the planet with souls who have consistently made it their business to listen within. These souls do find their outer life conforming more to the will of God, almost as if by magic. However, there is little in the way of magic when one considers the struggles of life one needs to overcome before a measure of treasured inner peace (through meditation) will unfold the blueprints of God’s plans in the lives of those who listen.
“When a mortal starts living in the eternal now, God finally has a chance to guide that mortal from within, and so-called co-incidences begin to happen. Seemingly miraculous circumstances unfold. Different vistas open up when you are ‘unexpectedly’ placed in situations which are ‘heart-warming,’ nourishment for both the eternal soul of another, and for yourself, and when you can witness the incredible love the eternal Creator has for you both – irrespective of the occasion, or the format it takes on.
“God will play you both for the delicate instruments you are when together you are attuned and show a certain readiness. There is no need to go looking for your ‘time to play’ and express your love for God to another. The Master Conductor knows precisely when each instrument is to send forth a joyful sound unto the Creator, who will be greatly thrilled when a certain performance gives deep satisfaction, of which you cannot at any time in your mortal life know the extent.
“This will be made known to you once you have exchanged the cloth of mortality for the garments of immortality and when delightful sounds will be played back to you. You will recognize the role you played in the orchestra of life. From there you will go on to take your place in a far superior orchestra and you will be astounded at the sounds brought forth to the glory of the universal Creator.
“This is the purpose of being alive; to bring forth joyful sounds to the Universal God of all as the concert is always in session with incredible and continuous tuning going on to bring forth the best and most joyful sounds possible. So pay attention to the Master Conductor and his baton lest you miss your turn in the grand play of the music of the spheres.”

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