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In the last week, Lemuel has posted a transmission on empowerment and another on responsibility. I appreciated his posts and  wanted to understand better how Jesus was able to use these two qualities to serve God, so I asked Sananda to expand on this.

Topic:        Sananda and Mother Nebadonia on the lessons of Jesus regarding Empowerment and Responsibility
Speakers:  Sananda, Personalized Adjuster of Jesus
              Mother Nebadonia
T/R:         Amethyst
Date:        August 12, 2018
Location: New York, USA

"Amethyst has asked me to say a few words on how I helped Jesus as he matured and became more aware of who He was.  So, I appreciate Amethyst's desire to understand and I gladly take time out from my responsibilities elsewhere to help because this is something all of you will at some point need to understand and apply, and indeed some of you are beginning to understand this.

"Understanding what Jesus experienced can help all of you better grasp the symbiotic relationship between power and responsibility.  Very early on in His human development He recognized his duty to God the Supreme.  He found these two qualities were reciprocal.  The more His empowerment grew, the more He became aware of His responsibility, and conversely the more responsibility He carried, the more empowerment He had.  As soon as He was old enough to connect with Me, we had long talks about this and many other things.  I tell you also that understanding these qualities and applying them as God intended, will help you in your circle attainment.

"This is one of the jobs the Finaliters newly assigned to Urantia will be working on with all of you.  This is a balance that is particularly difficult for many humans, and since all the Finaliters here all come from Urantia, they have seen it all.  Some celestials watching this misuse of power have had to avert their eyes from the suffering caused by greed and selfishness resulting from the unchecked and heartless power, and the limp weakness from those who had no idea they could be empowered and were overwhelmed by the powerful.  Your world is at a point now where many are beginning to see this imbalance and steps are being taken by many to correct this.  I hope this short message was of some help to you.

"Your Mother wishes to add to this"


"I knew when Michael was away on His bestowal missions, and I watched with great interest as Michael served as Jesus on your planet.  I can tell you that this was a very important element of his maturation into his 7th bestowal.  He was literally human, and He was literally the Creator Son of Nebadon.  

"I have several roles as Mother Spirit in Nebadonia, but one that I cherish beyond description is to be the companion to our beloved Michael.  As He grew in the flesh, He became more aware of, and recalled our deep and abiding Love for each other.  As He traversed through his ongoing experiences and lessons of what it meant to be a human, I remember well His coming to understand his emerging power and expanding responsibilities in the flesh.  Fortunately, this was just a minor lesson for Him as He had long ago in other bestowals, and in His work here in Nebadon, learned to balance and manage these qualities.

"But for you my dear children, just beginning your long journey, it is sometimes problematic for you.  Empowerment  not balanced with an understanding of the responsibility that goes with it, leads to a gross misuse of power.  Responsibility without empowerment leads to inaction and the absence of creative results.  But you are not alone with any of your lessons.  Just ask your Father Within, Myself as your Mother, or Michael.

"Sananda wishes to close with a few more words.  I leave you in my Peace,"

"Amethyst has asked if I have any final thoughts to leave with you.

"Yes.  I wish you to consider the times in which you live.  You are living in times that require BALANCE from all of you for optimum growth.  I remind you that each psychic circle you gain, you have done so because all aspects in your being are in balance, and meet the requirement of that particular circle you are on. Neither mind and intellect, body, emotions, or spiritual maturity are out of balance.  Emotions must not suppress mind, and mind must not suppress emotions.  All qualities of your life need to be in harmony.  The balance of empowerment and responsibility is all part of this bigger picture.  Balance in all things help the maturation of your budding soul.  All of this Jesus learned well before His public ministry.  I leave you now to return to other things and do so hope you find this helpful.  Good day."



Amethyst:  Mother Nebadonia--I ask for protection as I pursue this, and for one of your daughters to shed Light on working with spirit radios.  Can they be used by transmitters to expand for the general public the meaning of what they receive on these devices?  Thank you

Topic:      The Use of Spirit Radios for Contacting Spirit
T/R:         Amethyst
Date:        August 01, 2018
Location: New York, USA

"I am Sophia, a Completed Seraphim and have been previously assigned to Amethyst to help with her work.  You will be hearing much from me through her.  Amethyst asks about the value of using spirit radios to be of help in expanding what can be received on these and other devices.  Can they help?  

"Well, Yes, no,--maybe.  There are considerations, they have some potential if used properly.  Amethyst has spent much time today on youtube looking for spirit radio receptions and has had mixed results.  Some seem to provide some help, some were from loving beings, and some were not.  What was received was garbled and very difficult to understand.

"Here is the crux of the problem.  The spirit radios are strictly material apparatuses.  The beings coming through are mostly morontial, or at least no longer alive in a human form.  Many are still waiting on the grid for transport and are themselves confused.  One of the constant messages that came through from what she was able to make out was the word, "help."  This should tell you something.  Many are confused and need celestial help.

"You see, transmitters can receive because their minds are becoming morontialized.  This is a necessary ingredient to get true spiritual guidance.  Those who are still unable to transmit have not met the requisite circle attainment yet and are not ready.  But they will be with continued effort.

"So the "wall" between these two dimensions prevents communication compatibility, and that will always be the case for those anchored in the different dimensions.

"There is however an area where there is a slight blending of the two dimensions.  The links provided above were showing music being played into the radio.  I highly recommend that you listen to at least the first one, so you can better understand what I am talking about.

"There is a very distinct difference in the tone, messages, and the vibration of these two videos, and most others. Why? Because music, especially good music, like Enya, create an energy that is close to, or even at the morontia level.  This attracts higher beings and we here suggest that your technology in this area be refined to capture this higher vibrational field.  Stated differently, the more you can create technology that is attuned to the morontial level, the higher the spirit you will attract.  Music is one way to do this. Another may be sacred chanting, like the Gregorian Chants.  Still another to consider are what are called 'singing bowls'. (This is when water is in several different size metal bowls to get different tones when slightly tapped.)  Still another are different size chimes that can harmonize.  

"This is one of the reasons the Native Americans so often used a special flute in their ceremonies.  They resonate at a level that Spirit responds to.

"You will notice that in these two videos, specific questions were asked of the spirits.  The answers were mostly loving and reflected beauty.  There is much work needed to enhance the clarity of the responses.  But this is one way physical material and morontia can meet, and more recognition is possible.

"Now when people see this blending of material and morontial, they will have a better understanding of what transmitters do.  They can come to understand that it IS possible for the two planes to intermingle and serve as a valuable tool to enhance their own spirituality.

" Mother Nebadonia now wishes to say a few words."


"Sophia speaks truth to you.  A coarse and crackly EVP machine will attract a coarse and crackly being that probably itself is looking for help, as Sophia so astutely recognized.  The key to unlocking this puzzle is to devise ways to use the spirit radios with the highest intentions and beautiful sounds to attract the right beings.  There is great power in sound that your scientists have yet to discover.
I leave you with much to ponder.  Good day my children."


General Discussion / A Small Child's EVP Remarks.
« on: July 31, 2018, 05:45:17 PM »
Dear Forum members,
I did as Ron suggested and took a message after studying a EVP reception.  I just took one at random.  Try as I might, I was unable to provide a direct link, so if you want to hear it yourself, go to  Search 'EVP recordings of ghosts.'  The fourth box down says "My name is Anna".  I think it would be very helpful if you listen carefully to understand what I received.  If any of you tech savoy members can get the link, it might help.

First a prayer--Dear Mother and Father Michael, help me to understand and receive the intended message from these clips.  Let me know what Anna is trying to tell us so we can learn and find a way to help people use this way of communication with Spirit, according to your Will.  Please help me to hear and understand what Anna is trying to tell us.  Thank you."

Amethyst:  Anna can you tell us what you were trying to say?  We would really like to know.

Anna: "My name is Anna.  I was scared at the time this was recorded and was hoping to find someone who would be able to comfort me.  Only small snippets were picked up on the recording.  Snippet number four does not say "I can not help you."  Listen very carefully.  I said "Where's Richard?'  Richard is my uncle and always was there to help me.  We are such good friends.  I do not know why Uncle Richard can't come.  So I spoke on the machine hoping that you would help me.

Amethyst:  I wanted to print out this short message but found my printer had been turned off.  I did not do it.  Anna had more to say, so somehow my printer was not ready.  

Anna continues:  "I am still so young.  I need Richard to help me if you cannot.  Will you send me an angel?  Also the clip #6 says, "she is not well."  What I was trying to say is "She is not the one." (to help me.). I am six years old but I have been here for a long time now,"

Amethyst: The clips on the video say as follows:
1.  "My mane is Anna."
2.  Don't trust her."
3.  "I"m sorry."
4.  "I can't help you."  (Where's Richard?")
5.  "Don't trust her."
6.  She is not well."  (She is not the one?)
7.  "you will die."

Amethyst:  This really affected me.  I listened to the clips several times to try to understand what she was saying, and I believe I got the gist of most of it.  Its sad.

Ron--Is this what you were talking about?  Is this something we can help with?  I feel deep inside of me this child is in need of celestial assistance.

MICHAEL:  "Amethyst you did get the gist of this quite well, but rest assured that since this recording was made (2011), Anna has been taken to the probationary nursery on Mansion World One and has been visited by 'Uncle Richard'.  She in now doing well."

Amethyst:  Thank you Michael.

Threads for New Transmissions / Building the Muscle of the Soul
« on: July 26, 2018, 10:30:00 PM »
Topic:         Building the Muscle of the Soul
Teacher:      Amethyst's Thought Adjuster
T/R:             Amethyst
Date:           July 26, 2018
Location:     New York

"This is your beloved Thought Adjuster, your Indwelling Spirit, and a Fragment of the Father at the center of all creation.  I have not yet provided your with your new name, which will be forthcoming soon.  I am the Parent of your soul.  It is your soul working with Me on a daily basis throughout eternity that will be the determination of your completed destiny.

"There are many celestial beings you will encounter through your journey inward and upward, and they will provide guidance and opportunities for service.  They will offer advice and make available many different kinds of circumstances to prepare you for even greater service as you move along.  But I am the one that forges the fires to test and strengthen your soul.  You have come to that point in your development that lets us forever be one with the other.  Later as this relationship matures, there will be no delineation between Me and thee.

"You have been, and will continue to be provided all you need for the long journey that you have chosen to take with Me, and nevermore shall we be parted.  This is my promise to you.  Just as a bird must learn to flex its wings in order to sail for long distances through the skies, so too, must your soul become strong and mature with its continual use of its 'muscles'.  

"We are now blended for eternity, and many others are to follow as they too find sublime bliss in their own oneness with their Inner Light.  Come to me for strength and guidance.  I will never fail to be there for you.  There will be times you may not like what I have to say to you, but these times will be the ones that will be the most useful to strengthen our bond and building  the fortitude, spunk, robustness, intensity, stamina and vigor, that you are indeed gaining each and every day.  

"The way showers  are beginning to emerge from the fog of unawareness.  On a steady, regular basis many of you are beginning to find your voices out of the din and chaos around you.  Be patient with yourselves as this is a process and does not occur as a single event.  I have chosen to keep this transmission from Myself alone to  put emphasis for you and the others, that the relationship you have with your Adjuster is the most important one for all of eternity.  This is short, but I deem it important that all should realize that they are to seek the kingdom of God within themselves first, as it is the foundation and the strongest point of their beings.  

"I will not say at this time that I bid you a fond farewell, or good day as I am always near you and in you.  You are a part of me, and I of you.  I enfold you always in my Being."


Amethyst:  My beloved Adjuster, and our beloved celestial helpers, do any of you have a transmission for me this evening?
Yes Amethyst.  My name is Sophia and I am an angel of the Master Seraphim of Planetary Supervision

Speaker:     Sophia:  One of the Master Seraphim of Planetary Supervision
Topic:         The  Work of the Master Seraphim of Planetary Supervision on Urantia
T/R:            Amethyst
Date:           July 22, 2018

"We are seraphim that focus on specific aspects of your cultures that serve in twelve different groups.  I have served in some other aspects of our group, but am currently assigned to the angels of enlightenment for the foreseeable future.  I am here today to encourage you to allow all of us in this group of planetary supervision to assist you with transmissions and guidance.  We cannot introduce new concepts to you as that is not our function, but we can help with clarification of concepts that have already been present on Urantia.  You have no doubt noticed that many of the concepts that are being presented to you are becoming quiet complex.  

"You see, we are the ones on the ground here, and are close to you right here on your planet and we have an excellent view of what is transpiring here.  There are so many different and diverse peoples on this planet with very different views and perspectives, and experience realities in very different ways.  Getting the population to all agree on any one thing at all is virtually impossible.  On a more normal planet, there would be at least some points of agreement to use as a basis to build upon.  But there is no group here in enough numbers to provide any stable foundation.  

"This forum has been assigned angels from most of the twelve groups.  There are other peoples and groups also who receive our attention, but a great deal is focused here.  We are working very hard to bring to the attention of the inhabitants here, the need to change course and expand awareness to go beyond the everyday details of their routines.  Much can be obtained by considering the ideas and viewpoints of some of the historical minds of the past,  but more and more people are closing themselves off into little boxes that will not consider viewpoints that are not consistent with their own.  It is difficult, but we are making some progress, albeit very slowly.

"Looking within for guidance is a rare thing here.  Most people can only process information from outside of themselves and this is tragic.  They look within and see nothing.  They seek guidance from so-called experts in almost every field of endeavor.  Even as it applies to their relationship with their Creator, they seem to believe that the pastors, priests, ministers, and other "holy" ones as the ones with the answers.  But you here know that this is not where you will find most of what is needed now.  Yes, experts do have their place and can function in some capacity, but their knowledge has been so weighted to look without and so minimized to look within that it has caused a great imbalance of the consciousness here.  This is one reason why you see so many unstable people walking on your streets.  This imbalance is taking its toll and cannot be allowed to continue indefinitely.

"We have been working with this transmitter, unbeknownst to her for some time now, and have seen much progress, especially in the weeks and months since her fusion.  We celebrate every fusion and look for the time when we will have thousands of them to work with.  You see, we need men and women here in physical form to be the Blood and Body of the Christed One and to be able to work directly with your population.  It is only through a human smile, or the gift from human hands, or tears from a human heart that is breaking, that can be more direct healing to the souls there.  An angel could smile at them, but they would never see it.  We could hold their hand through a crisis, but they would never feel it.  It is your hands, feet, eyes, and hearts that will be the balm to soften so many in need.

"But we caution you not to be hasty.  Let us present each opportunity to you.  Do not go forth thinking you are needed everywhere.  Wait to be called upon.  Wait for the prompt, the signal.  And this signal will be from within.  It will not come from an 'expert' who has all the answers.  It will come from that space in your mind and heart that will lead you to each need.

"In all the universe, we have never had to deal with the issues and problems we find on Urantia.  Allowing humans to fuse and remain in the flesh for a little more time can help tremendously bring celestial help  down to the mortal level that otherwise might not be directly available to the planet.  This is unprecedented.  With the help of all the extra Finaliters sent to you, it is our hope to have thousands of you working in the vineyard.  The current trajectory is completely unsustainable, and it will require some major and perhaps sudden adjustments.  But take heart.  All WILL work out to the Glory of God.  We are deeply appreciative of all of you and your efforts.

"I take leave of you now and know that there are so many different classes of, and individual celestial beings working for and on behalf of the success of your beautiful world."


This is just me and my Adjuster ruminating about an issue that has been bugging us, and I'll just let off a little steam.

One of the most frustrating things for me is the fact that so many Urantia Book readers do not recognize what is happening.  There is so much emphasis put on the intellectual understanding of the book, (which is important), that many totally miss the Spirit of what they are being taught.

The gardens are ready for planting.  Throughout this planet there are sincere truth seekers everywhere who search hither and yon to find out what is really true.  Many of the Urantia Book readers had the spiritual courage decades ago to accept the 5th Epochal Revelation and believe it with all their hearts in spite of the naysayers and society in general.  But over the decades many of these stalwart souls have begun to make The Urantia Book the very dogma that they were trying to overcome.  The idea that a 6th Epochal Revelation is possible is just not acceptable to them because they believe that epochal revelations can only happen if a long period of time, at least a millennia, has past between them.

If you look at the world as it appeared in 1933 when the Spiritual winds began to blow in earnest with the arrival of the Urantia Papers, and compare it to the times we live in now, you could very well imagine that several centuries had passed.  Back then, for all practical purposes, there was no TV, computers, internet, or cell phones.  There had been no world War II with the atomic bombs.  Automobiles and highways, air transportation existed, but in a very simple way.  The world we have now would be simply unimaginable to those of the early 1930s.  Now many children are being 'raised' by the culture of tv and all that that implies.  It has gotten to the point now where some  children are being encouraged to choose what gender they want to be.  Materialism, secularism, and political correctness rule the day.  As I have said before, truth is seldom politically correct.

Yet the revelation given to us at that time says:
"At the time of this writing the worst of the materialistic age is over; the day of a better understanding is already beginning to dawn."  (195:6.4)

Really?  The age of materialism that nearly destroys the world today had barely begun back in the 1930s.  Our planet is now in total chaos and choking on its secularism, and most belief systems are clinging desperately to the dogma that once nourished their souls, believing that it is all that they have.  So it is as if a thousand years HAVE passed.

The Urantia Book again states in Paper 195:
"And such times of great testing and threatened defeat are always times of great revelation." (195:9.3). Well that prophecy is coming to pass.  

Now enters the emergence of the Sixth Epochal revelation, much too soon for many, yet here it is on our doorstep.  It will take a lot of patience and time to establish this revelation, probably several generations.  I do not know exactly how many times the word "courage" is mentioned in the Urantia Book, but it is a lot.  It takes spiritual courage to look at our world and search for any areas emitting Light or real Truth, and decide to step out and participate to the best of your ability to help create it.  We have been told time and time again, becoming a Finaliter is no easy cakewalk.

Again from  the Urantia  Book:
"But long before reaching Havona, these ascendant children of time have learned to feast upon uncertainty, to fatten upon disappointment, to enthuse over apparent defeat, to invigorate in the presence of difficulties, to exhibit indomitable courage in the face of immensity, and to exercise unconquerable faith when confronted with the challenge of the inexplicable." (26:5,3).  Those on this forum understand all too well this sentence perfectly because we have experienced it, yet remain steadfast in their determination to be of service to God on Urantia.  They are indeed the agondonters needed in the field NOW.  This uncertainty and constant problems of initiating the new revelation is exactly what I would expect given all Urantia has been through.  Urantia is in dire need right now and frankly I would be more skeptical if this were running perfectly smooth and this old jalopy didn't get a flat tire every five miles.  It pains me that so many people who have embraced the Urantia Book and have been prepared for these times, lack the curiosity, courage, and conviction  are nowhere to be found.  

The garden is ready for planting.  Where are all the gardeners?


Amethyst:  We haven't heard much more on the 6,000 Finaliters sent to Urantia.  I was able to post from one a few weeks ago, but still have a lot of unanswered questions about them.  So I requested some more about it.  After I received the transmission, I looked to see if I could find any more info about their purpose to help us understand them better.

First a quote from a post from Ron on March 06, 2018
Promotion of Machiventa Melchizedek and More Origins:

"The term Guardian of Universe Destiny refers to a few types of Finaliters that are not assigned a planet or a system to prevail upon as guardians of those particular fields of interest.  Finaliters who are designated Guardians of Universe Destiny, are fellow democrats who work hard to make sure that the Deity Absolute has full control of what it is that needs fixing, and that can be everywhere there is space and not necessarily time.  As Finaliters of a Corp of Finaliters who are these Guardians, you step into some dicey situations including planets that could blow up or Systems that go into rebellion, and a whole lot more about things you are not familiar with as material time beings today.  It is a great honor and it is a wonderful substitute for being assigned to a hundred different realms to fix a thousand different problems in each and so on.  The URANTIA Book we currently have does not dare speak to Finaliter work, but the new one coming soon, does so and well.  You are very fortunate on Urantia to have a Melchizedek who enjoys his work as a Revelator. Mantutia Melchizedek. Here is Mantutia Melchizedek to explain:"

"We seldom get to explain what a Finaliter does, but on Urantia the plan is to fuse a million or so people before they leave for their final ascension to Paradise and to give them the tools to allow them to work as Guardians of Universe Destiny.  This is for the Deity Absolute in particular and for the Trinity always, as the Deity Absolute has no real reason to become well ensconced in the outer space levels until God the Ultimate is finished with his work and opens the door to the fifth outer space level which was never even suspected to exist when we did your first Urantia Book.  
I found this quote that tells us that the are to help a million people to fuse.  

Amethyst:  Is there a Finaliter here that wants to elaborate on you mission here?
I then got "STELLA"  and then "One of 6,000".
Stella are you a Finialter?  Do you want to say something?
"Yes, Amethyst, I do.

Topic:     More Detail Regarding  the Six Thousand Activated Finaliters on Urantia
Speaker:  STELLA
T/R:        Amethyst
Date:       July 16, 2018    

"Have you asked yourself why were sent here?  Most of you have not.  We have many functions and tasks here, but the one I want to talk to you about is the fusion of many humans that we anticipate to occur within the next decade or so.  Fusion on Urantia is new territory in creation, and it presents certain difficulties that are not experienced by those on the morontia levels.  Keeping body, soul, and Spirit together in your physical form requires certain techniques not experienced elsewhere.  Your human bodies are fragile and frankly were not designed for this fusion to occur here, but after its death and then take place on the mansion worlds.  

"We are watching and monitoring individuals who already have fused, and those who are about to fuse soon.  This is a delicate dance you do here.  We are all Finaliters from Urantia and are particularly familiar with your frailties.  We are closely monitoring health, stamina, and your perseverance and determination to succeed at this.  Each of you has strengths, and each of you have weaknesses.  You must be strong in your determination.  You must not allow failure to be an option.  There is no shame at all in not fusing until becoming a morontia being, and that may be the best course for some of you.  But for those who do choose to do so here, must be prepared to give it your all and then some.  

"Sometimes some of you feel that too much is being asked of you, and for some of you, that is true.  Ask for fusion to occur later on the mansion worlds.  But the fused ones are the pioneers who have chosen a different path.  It is a rugged one, but will prove to be very rewarding.  You are starting a new sub-group of Finaliters that will be in a separate class than those of us that are here now.  Each of you who choose fusion and receive it are being monitored carefully to help ensure you are able to hold the energy of fusion well without loss of your physical form.

"Many of us are working in tandem with your Guardians of Destiny, helping to shore up areas in health, outlooks, courage, and stamina.  You will have ample opportunity to rest and recharge at a later time.  You will need it.  But for now, your work and responsibilities must take center stage.  Ron reminds you all on a regular basis of how important your work is and sometimes some feel for every move they take in the right direction, it just never seems to be enough.  Its as if you are limbing a mountain and every time you take a few steps closer to the top, the top keeps raising higher.  We know; we have been there.  

"Each plateau you achieve, will only whet your appetite for the next, and after a period of rest you will be expected to begin again the grueling work.  But this is not a time of rest.  We are six thousand strong right now, but  many more Finaliters can be called on if the need arises and if they are originally from Urantia.

"In addition to working with your individual angels, we are working with all t/rs and those who aspire to be because each one can provide information for the group, that they may not receive individually.  The nuts and bolts of our presence here is to help protect you and to provide all the information you need to make this a success.  At this point the workers are few but the need is great.

"There could be things holding you back that you may not have even considered, and part of our job is to bring to your attention some of these unrecognized weak spots you carry.  Once you become aware of them and begin to address them, things will move faster for you individually and the sooner the work will yield the success we need on a global scale.

"With 6,000 of us here, for the time being you will get plenty of valuable help from us as there are plenty to work with you on an individual basis.  Dora (another Finaliter) and I are currently providing some help to Amethyst.  But this is help she has been unable to recognize directly, so it was provided to her through another transmitter.  So you see, the help you need may not come to you directly, but from another, especially if you have a blind spot and you do not know some things you should.  

"We are only an invitation away from any of you.  We have many Finaliters waiting in the wings.  They have picked a number, got in line just waiting for their number to be called.  Call, and the next in line is eager to be by your side.

"You all have a glorious career ahead of you for the asking, if you are willing to put in the work to help this beautiful garden called Urantia grow into the beautiful creation she was intended to be.  Good day for now.


July 18, 2018
Amethyst:  In the above quote from one of Ron's post these Finaliters are called GUARDIANS OF UNIVERSE DESTINY, and related to the work of the DIETY ABSOLUTE.  This is exciting!  The imagination soars with the possibilities that await us.

Personalities of the Conjoint Actor Unite for Action
Mass of Energy Approaching Monmatia and Urantia affecting the sun and tectonic plates
A Team of Mother Nebadonia's Daughters Mobilize to Coordinate with the Motion of Sordon

T/R:          Amethyst
Date:         July 11, 2018

"The Eternal Father is pure Spirit.  The Eternal Son is the Word of God.  The Infinite Spirit, the Conjoint Actor is the agent of ACTION for the Trinity.  I, Master Spirit Three represent and speak for the Infinite Spirit and all should take note of the fact that ACTION is the byword for Urantia at this time.  For too long there has been planning, deliberation, changes made, and changes rescinded.  I MOIRAYA say the action of the Universal Spirit is at hand and all Urantians will soon come to see this action at work.  Many personalities of the Infinite Spirit have been mobilized from myself down to Nebadonia and to her Daughters for this action.  All of the Master Spirits function through and with the Infinite Spirit.  I, in particular am tasked with the execution of His Action Plans to see to it they are executed according to the desires of the Holy Trinity.  All of the Master Spirits have been watching the drama play out knowing full well the complexities involved.  Unfortunately there is no perfect solution for the reclamation of Urantia and it is time to 'pull off the bandage', as some of you say and get strong movement and action to resolve this.  
"Sordon now wishes to speak."

"I am Sordon, representative of the Infinite Spirit.  The Infinite Spirit is action; it is movement.  From the human perspective this movement is slow.  From the perspective of Spirit, it is steady and unhurried.  

"There is at the present time, a deep wave of concentrated, thick energy moving from the Conjoint Actor to Monmantia, your sun, and then to Urantia. It will arrive after the flames have begun to subside, and the tectonic plates have begun to settle into their new positions.  The tectonic plate are due for a serious 'chiropractic adjustment'.  This motion is detected as a strong, steady movement from the Heart of the Infinite Spirit to you at this time.  It brings a deep heavy coating of healing balm, although this transmitter is seeing it more as a mass of pebbles and mud.  This is due to the distortions of space and location from which she views the mass.  She sees it as moving from the upper left to the lower right of her inner vision.  That is because at this time Urantia is not located beneath the center of the Spirit.  

"As it travels into Nebadon, the mass will be a translucent pink/blue light with the texture of freshly made taffy.  This balm is intended to help fill in the cracks and voids left from the scars, providing a coating of the tectonic plates to soften further pressure and help the Power Directors better control future movement, thus providing stability.  It is imperative that certain parts of Urantia remain intact in order to preserve the integrity of the underlying structure of your planet.  It is a reinforcement of certain planetary areas that are integral to her strength and fortitude as a viable planet.

"I am Sordon, and I am familiar with how to use and place this mass, along with the Power Directors, to ensure the job will be done with skill and great care.  It will be as surgical as possible, but collateral damage will be unpleasant.  Know that our intervention will be essential in the healing.  To the humans remaining, it will appear simply as mother nature doing what she does and will not recognize the Spiritual power behind it."

"This is your Mother Nebadonia.  A team of my daughters are being mobilized to coordinate with the energy motion and wave of Sordon.  I too, am a Daughter of the Infinite Spirit and as such will be working with Sordon and others involved.  We will be in the business of protecting certain planetary aspects and beings  (human, animal, and undisclosed others) of this planet.  But this does not mean that any of you needn't be concerned for your safety, for much of the work of this team will be involved with other things.  But you of course do have your guardian angels.  After the changes, the planet will be unrecognizable from the one that preceded the transformations.  My daughters will come from a very experienced group.  They are experts in large planet-wide events and have all been chosen carefully.

"My beloved children, it is impossible for me to communicate to you fully how much each of you are cherished.  Urantia has had a very special place in my heart and in the heart of your Father Michael."


Here is a new post from Mother Nebadonia and Michael of Nebadon

Written audio transmission

Speakers:  Mother Nebadonia; Michael of Nebadon
Topic:        Creating More Space Inside Your Heart
Date:          June 28, 2018
T/R:           Amethyst


"Good evening.  This is your Mother, Nebadonia.  

"When you think of space, you usually think in terms of the space outside of you, the space in your yard, the space between you and the stars in the night sky.  You may think of it in terms of space in your home as having so much square feet of living space.  You think of space being all around you, and so it is.

"Have you ever considered the space within you?  No, I'm not referring to space in the sense of the space between your lungs and brain, or your knee and hip.  I am referring to morontial space.  Once a person becomes aware of the morontia reality and understands that morontia growth requires space to allow celestial beings a place within you to communicate, you begin to understand what I mean.  You might think of this as a morontial filing cabinet for the soul.  Just as the human brain needs to retain facts and ideas, so too does the soul need a place, a reservoir if you will, to place the spiritual concepts that you will be receiving for millennia.

"Each time one of your celestial brothers or sisters needs to contact you, there needs to be a place within you for them to transfer information from them to your soul, and then your soul needs a place to keep this transmission so it can remain a part of your inner reference library for future use.  This space will continue to grow as long as you are receiving and your soul is filing it for future reference.  When you become more spiritually mature, you will begin to sense this enlarging space within you and be able to recognize it in other beings you encounter.

"So each time your Father or I, or for that matter any celestial being gives truth, beauty, goodness, or any other Divine quality that is being shared with you, be aware that there will be more space needed to accommodate it.

"This space is not visible to the human eye, so you will not see it.  When your soul matures, at some point you will be able to feel it in your mortal body, but it will be a long time before it is visible to you.

"I talk to you today of this space because, when you are receiving you should learn to consciously open your heart for the purpose of creating more space for us.  The more space you are able to allow us, the more information we can provide.  Once you have expanded this space, you will find it easier to receive longer and more detailed transmissions as Ron is able to do.  This quality is available to all of you, and it helps us greatly as you are able to widen and lengthen this space.

"I leave you now with my love as your Father Michael wants to add just a few words."


"Your Mother has just provided you with valuable information that should be of help to you as you hone your talents and prepare for further work here, or to continue your service on the morontia level.

"Your Indwelling Adjuster will serve as, for lack of a better word, a 'file clerk' so that when you need to refresh your memory it will be at His immediate disposal and sent to your brain to be reviewed again.

"It is important that you continue to grow in your circle attainment.  There are morontia circles above the seven human circles referenced in your Urantia Book.  And each circle successfully ascended, adds more balance, symmetry, and strength to the growing morontia being.  So you see my dear children, learning to provide us more space not only helps with our communication with you, it also helps in your overall morontia maturity.  You see there are now many humans that are beginning to get to the first circle and will soon be ready to expand beyond those initial seven.

"It is unfortunate that there are so many yet not even past the fifth or sixth, while at the same time, many have reached the first.  This kind of situation can cause quite an imbalance in a population where there are so many spiritually mature souls living alongside much spiritual and morontial immaturity.  The two groups are so far apart that it contributes to much of the disharmony that is beginning to stretch the very fabric of civilization apart.  But I now leave that discussion for another day.  Be at peace and as I used to say to my disciples when in the flesh as Jesus, "Be of good cheer."  Good bye for now my beloved children"


Threads for New Transmissions / Receiving With Both Mind And Heart
« on: June 26, 2018, 12:36:49 AM »
Speaker: Malvantra Melchizedek
Topic:    Receiving With Both the Mind and Heart
T/R.       Amethyst
Date:      Received June 24, 2018


"You know things are getting close when we get down to the details of assigning people to various celestials for specific purposes.  I expect that I will soon have many more under my supervision before too long.  The number of you getting to the point of fusion is growing.  

"I am thrilled to have this assignment.  I am in the process of getting to know more closely my four wards, determining their strengths and weaknesses and helping them shore up their weak spots.  I implore each of the four of you, and indeed all transmitters and those who want to transmit, to put some serious thought into seeking my presence and getting to know me.  Some of you have done this already.  I have my own signature energy, as all Melchizedeks and other celestials do.  Each of you have your own unique personality or signature energy and we are no different in that respect.

"There are more of you here as well that should begin to feel us, as well as receive us through your mind.  Learn to listen with your heart as well as with your mind.  Being able to receive at both these levels will help greatly in your abilities.  

"Fusion with your Adjusters presents you with a great lift in that direction.  It does not happen all at once, but as each day passes, you will feel, with the aid of your Adjuster, the Love that pours out over you from your celestial family.  They truly see you as their brothers and sisters, and are eager for the time when you will be able to respond in kind.

"Nystoria is on the verge of erasing the barriers that keeps you in the mindset of seeing us as separate from you, to seeing you and us, as simply us.  Those of you who are dedicated to doing the Father's Will, that share our intentions and desires to be of service to the universe and God the Supreme, will know and feel yourselves as one with us, even though it may be some time before you will be actually able to see us directly, as God's children and servants exist on many different levels.

"Melchizedeks love to teach; that is what we do.  We are also known for our abilities to help in emergencies.  Nystoria is now in place to receive the richness of our talents.  So as the Supervisor of the four fused ones, and the future Supervisor of those to be fused soon, and indeed to all of the forum, I invite you to touch my heart with your intentions serve, as ask you to allow me to touch yours.  When our hearts are united in purpose, our connection in mind becomes more coherent and harmonious."


Amethyst:  I had difficulty identifying the speakers of this transmission.  I have never received one from "we."  It has always been "I."  It may be Prolotheos and Ophelius, but I am not sure.  Some of this was uncomfortable for me to write, but I took it as received, so use discernment and make of it what you will.  The tone is not what I am used to receiving, yet it sheds some light on our experiences.

Speakers:  Unnamed Mentori Members
T/R:          Amethyst
Topic:        The Slings and Arrows, Unprecedented Testing, and Continued Disappointment
Date:          June 21, 2018


"We are members of a group called Mentori.  You will not always receive a name, but you will be informed when it is from us.  We are two and speak as one here for this message.

"We come to you at this time not to scold or warn, even though there are many who could use more prodding and contribute more because you are capable, but do it not.  This message is just a simple acknowledgment that we have been watching the events all over Nystoria for the last few months and have seen firsthand the increase in the intense problems bearing down on so many of you.  The burdens have become heavier in part because some celestials too hold some responsibility on our end for not recognizing the battles that sin still give out as their last breaths in an attempt to prevent the healing so many of you need.  Sinful ones, both above and below have been finding the weak cracks and have exploited them for their advantage.  This forum has been particularly under their assault because evil hates the Light, and the ridding of your Light would be a major victory for them.  Many people who have conquered their demons and won, now find themselves having to fight them yet again.

"There are many moving cogs in the wheels as we try to stabilize things enough so all involved celestial beings can focus their complete attention as needed, for and on behalf of Nystoria.  Nystoria is a handful, and that is putting it mildly.  You have heard the expression, "as above, so below."  Well the above part of this has had its growing pains because it too is evolving, and it is showing up below.

"You who are very familiar with THE URANTIA BOOK know full well of the untold number of different beings, on different levels, with different functions.  These need to be in perfect coordination for a major project to be undertaken.  Each piece and personality must have their instructions in hand and be ready to collaborate perfectly.

"We tell you this not to take your faith or hope away, but to show that evolution is by definition a process of constant change.  It is an unfolding adaptation, revision, and reworking that continues for very long periods of time.  We live in an evolving universe and all that it implies.  You are now spiritually mature enough to recognize yourselves as cosmic citizens with the rest of us as we all evolve.

"Almost all of you here have great potential and some of you do work hard and are succeeding.  The ones that do the heavy lifting are indeed exceptional.

"The message we want to leave you with is that we know you have been dealt a bad hand.  But we in no way consider this a horrible thing.  In the short term, yes it is very difficult.  We know!  But in the long term, the rewards for your efforts and successes will be beyond your wildest dreams.  Things are moving along.  Things are going to improve.  The missions will and are at this time going forward.

"To those who follow this forum, you are in a very unique position to contribute and we need your efforts!  Stop viewing yourselves as helpless mere humans and learn to co-create with your cosmic brothers and sisters.  The farther along you progress in your universe career, the more you will recognize that the entire universe runs and grows on service, and service requires constant cooperation and coordination, and this is challenging with difficult and complex problems.  Take heart.  Larry G, the goosebumps have quieted for a time, but have not and will not go away.

We wish you a fond farewell for now."


Topic:        Small Deeds Help Prepare For What Nystoria Will Become
Speakers:  Dora; Mother Nebadonia
Date:         Received June 13, 2018
T/R:          Amethyst

"Greetings to all on this forum, with guests and members, and thank you for your attention.

"I transmit with Amethyst again as we have the same passions.  We both come from Nysteria, and care deeply about its history, present, and future.  She is a very distant descendant of mine and I have been assigned to work with her while I am serving here as a Finialiter.

"Many of you are familiar with the term "correcting time."  It simply means this is a time when things are in preparation for the missions to come.  Much needs to be corrected before the general population can receive what the universe has to gift to them.  It is good that you study what you are able from this forum because it is the most significant pipeline from us to your minds at this time.

"Correction, however, takes place in many places and in many forms.  This is something Amethyst is learning and needs to be understood by all of you who want to help us.  Yes, correction is needed on a large scale, in many different areas of social, economic, religious, and governance on this planet.  But there are literally millions of small jobs needed to be done as well, and this is where many of you can help.

"Pay attention to those small but unexpected events, meetings, and encounters that may cross your path each day.  You may not recognize the significance at first, but many of these situations are for the healing, education, and edification of individuals in many walks and stages of life.  It could be that elderly person you see in a nursing home.  It could be the clerk at your grocery store.  It could be a re-connection with someone you have not seen in years.

"The conversations may take an unexpected turn.  New insights may be shared.  These encounters may turn out to last longer than you had anticipated or might resume again at a later time.  This is all part of the plan.  Teach yourselves to be on the lookout for experiences that come out of the blue and are truly not anticipated.

"Now, put your connection with your Indwelling Spirit into gear.  Let Him express through you.  The world needs to experience this correcting time as a planet, and also  one person at a time.  The group will accept more when the individuals have been duly prepared.

"This kind of work requires that you are in tune with your Indwelling Spirit and can recognize it as such.  Many of you do experience this, but fail to recognize it. When you speak, in your mind's eye, direct your comments to the Indwelling Spirit of the other person(s).  If they have a connection with their Spirit, the message will be received, understood, and remembered.  This simple exchange then puts one more individual into a receptive mindset to receive the coming changes.  First, one by one, then group by group, the population will, with time be eager to see what is happening, albeit unconsciously.

"It takes a long time to become a Finialter, and I have found that it is often the small deeds, the little events that are needed to grow and move forward.  It is the small things done on a regular basis that lead to large victories.  And every one of you are very capable of performing those small deeds that can lead to healing and growth of the larger community.  Do you understand what I am saying?  EACH of you can help; there is not one sincere and loving person who cannot be an instrument of change and be of help in this 'correcting time'.  As you work your way upward and inward you will discover that it is the small things repeated over and over that make a big difference.  Never feel that there is nothing you can do.  WE NEED EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU.  Often you will not even realize what you did, but rest assured your angels will put you in circumstances where you are needed, and your Indwelling Spirit will guide your words and deeds.

"So you see my brothers and sisters, you need to take what you can out into the world and casually share it. BUT, I am not by any stretch suggesting, you blurt out all you know.  You have been told many times this is dangerous, and indeed it is.  I am talking about a small snippet here, and another one there, especially when very unexpected circumstances and people cross your path.  Learn from you Indwelling Adjuster to recognize these situations.  The 'correcting time' needs to take place in areas big and small, not just at the global level.

"I leave you now with this to ponder."


"I concur with much of what Dora has shared with you.  As a long-serving Finialiter she has just about seen it all, and she is well versed in the needs of Nystoria and knows well her travails.  That is why she is here.  Correction needs to be done on a micro as well as a macro level.  Let me only caution you again regarding the need for you to be discerning.  Your discernment in each situation is absolutely necessary.  Be at peace as I take my leave of you."

Amethyst:  Thank you Dora and Mother Nebadonia!

Topic:  More about Nystoria's name change, function, and the sixth epochal revelation
T/R:    Amethyst
Date:   May 23, 2018

Amethyst:  I humbly ask for more information on Nystoria, the reason for the change in name, and the sixth epochal revelation, that I and  my brothers and sisters can get  clearer understanding of our situation and status.  Is there any for us?  I ask my Adjuster to bring to me the personalities to best help us. Thank you.

"Yes Amethyst there is. I am the The Supreme Being and I am the one who incorporates all of your experiences into Myself as you experience your lives.  

"This is a fair question especially as it is a very rare thing for any created planet to experience.  There are basically two reasons why this was done.  
1.  There has been a change in the function of Nystoria.  It is to become an extension school for in-depth education and schooling regarding the rebellion and default.  This was touched on in a previous message.
2.  As you are aware, we are now to receive the sixth epochal revelation on this planet.  You will note from reading your Urantia text, that each revelation had a clear line of demarkation separating them from one another."

Amethyst:  I list them here for review.
 1.  The Dalamantan teachings by the Prince and his staff were introduced and taught for about 300,000 years.
 2.  Edemic teachings started about 14,000 years ago.  
 3.  Melchizedek of Salem teachings came about 4,000 years ago, 1973 years before the birth of Jesus.
 4.  The teachings of Jesus of Nazareth were introduced about 2,000 years ago.
 5.  The Urantia Papers were given to Urantia about 85 years ago and first published about 63 years ago.
  6.  The current epochal revelation, Nystoria: The Book of Revelation.

The SUPREME BEING continues:
"Note that each new revelation arrives in a much shorter time period than the preceding one.  This is because dispensations and epochal revelations are not necessarily related to time, but to the change that has taken place in humanity and how much benefit trevelations can potentially provide if they are accepted by the populations. The people who lived on Urantia in 1933 experienced a far different reality than those in 2018.  This was before WWII and televisions were a very rare thing for a family to own at that time.  In many poorer rural areas, many did not yet own automobiles or have electricity, or indoor plumbing.  (Amethyst:  I remember in third grade in about 1952, I attended a one room schoolhouse and had to use an outhouse.)  And of course, those alive in 1933 had a very different world than those at the time of Jesus.

"Now, and this is key, Nystoria has had too many bumps in the road already, and it was felt that it is very important the  the fifth and sixth epochal revelations be clearly separated.  We need to do all that is possible to prevent another default and this new start in name as well as function of Nystoria is designed to do that.  It is also designed a much needed place for advanced studies on the cause, prevention, and healing of any future defaults and rebellions.  After all, where has there been as much pain caused by these travesties than on the planet formerly know as Urantia.  This new organization will help Me, the Supreme Being to more fully encapsulate all that has taken place, both on the micro and personal level of all my children affected, and on a macro level as it pertains to the larger creation.

"There are many in the Urantia community who will squawk and say that this new revelation is a fraud and meant to confuse those who accept the Urantia Book as the ultimate revelation at this time.  This is why the sixth epochal revelation must be completely disconnected from the fifth, and not a continuation of it.  (Of course just as the Bible contains some truth, so does the Urantia Book have much spiritual food for thought.). There will be many that will continue to follow only the fifth, and that is fine, just as there are many who have continued in only the fourth.  Each soul will gravitate to the revelation that is best suited to their spiritual needs and spiritual courage.  As a new epochal revelation comes forward, those who remain in the earlier ones generally create their particular set of beliefs into a dogma that  will remain unquestionable to them.  It is only those who have the curiosity, and courage to constantly scan the spiritual horizons and pioneer forward with faith and fortitude that will keep the wheels of revelation turning."

"I wish to add a few words regarding new revelation here, be they received personally through a transmission, or part of a epochal revelation as the Nystoria book soon to be released.  True truth seekers such as many on this forum, have an edge because they are always willing to at least consider and evaluate new information and put it before their Adjusters for either confirmation or for dismissal.  It can be a real struggle; discernment is not as easy as it sounds."

Amethyst: Pause in reception--Transmission resumes in about three minutes.

OCILLIAYA continues:
"There are many who simply assume that their dogma will forever be all they need and they cling to it as a security blanket.  Even on the Mansion Worlds it is often difficult to put more Light into their awareness.  They do not understand that this is a reluctance to grow and is holding them back, even when they are encouraged by their Adjusters and angels.  Some languish on the Mansion Worlds for hundreds of years and don't understand why they are not moving forward like so many of their family and friends.  They see themselves as being the only 'true' ones who are loyal to what they perceive as the complete truth.

"This is a time to remind all of the importance of spiritual courage, as you are now about to be given another epochal revelation to consider.  Nystoria is changing and you are changing with her.  You will be adding more to the Supreme Being as you do so.  You are the pilgrims holding the torches so others can see, as the planet changes her continued movement inward and upward and eventually into Light and Life.  Go with her with resolve if that is how you are led, our precious ascenders."

"Your Mother and I are very much at peace with these changes.  It is our hope that each of you will follow your Indwelling Spirit as not all will be led to the same ventures and assignments.  Nebadon is vast and many, many different concerns, subject matters, and priorities will need attention.  We encourage each of you to spend a few minutes with us daily and feel our presence and commune with us.  We love you all so dearly."

General Discussion / change in energy?
« on: May 21, 2018, 11:50:45 PM »
hi all,
OK, am I losing my marbles or do any of you sense a change of energy in the air since the name Urantia has been changed to Nystoria? Even when I speak the word 'Urantia' and then the word 'Nystoria', I feel a softer, gentler energy with Nystoria.  I wonder if there is more to the name change than we currently realize.  I am going back and re-read the post that informed us of the name change and see if I can find more specific info on the exact reason for the change.  I wish I could put into words better what I feel.  I feel its a softer energy where some of the rougher edges are being filed off.
Did any of you see on the news how a computer says the same word, but it is heard as a different word by about half of those who heard it.  One word heard was 'laurel', and the other was 'yanny', yet the SAME word was being said.   How could that be?  When I listened I heard yanny, but after hearing it a few times, I heard laurel. I did a search on line and found  that at some frequency or waveband, it sounded more like laurel, while others heard it on another frequency. It just depended on which frequency was heard by the listener, even though the frequency at which it was broadcast was the same.  I found that fascinating.   Are some humans experiencing reality itself differently from others?

Amethyst: I just read in the post that Nystoria was to be an "..extension school of Salvington and Uversa concerning schooling of the Urantia rebellion...".  Could it be there are also some more subtle changes occurring?  Just a thought.

Threads for New Transmissions / Accelerated Change
« on: April 29, 2018, 03:47:07 AM »
Teacher:   Mother Nebadonia
Topic:      Accelerated Change
Date:       April 29,2018
T/R:         Amethyst

   "Good evening my dear children.  Things seem quiet to you now, almost too quiet.  But know there is change occurring everywhere and this is adding  a new pattern of how information is being received and disseminated.  You on this forum have noticed a definite decline in the reception of information, but be assured that this is temporary.  Things are being re-arranged and restructured to include a wider number of those who receive and a greater diversity of information being made available to this planet.

"You are all aware of the changes in the organization and structuring in many different arenas of life here.  I would say to those that have not yet ben able to transmit that you are approaching the time when you will begin to find this an easier endeavor.  Make sure you respond to your inner intuition and exercise your spiritual courage.  All who have gone before you have had to do these things and as we continue to work with them, we are putting focus on you as well to broaden our base of transmitters.  You are all needed to do your part, so in counsel with your Father Fragments move into that place that allows for the reception of our words.  Ask your Indwelling Spirit to alert you to any messages you get, and to receive with you as a partner, to direct your minds as the information comes through.  He will indeed be there for you and help you plant the seeds of truth and weed out the false as you take your new steps.

"There is much happening behind the social scenes and change is continuing to accelerate.  We have said it before, but it bears repeating.  Expect the unexpected.  This lull shall soon pass and many in the larger culture will not be prepared to accept the changes that are already showing cracks in your societies.  Others will wonder why these changes took so long and will be off the ground running with the changes comfortably.

"Always remember each of you are greatly loved by your Father and me, and you are being led and strengthened daily.  We are closer to you than you can know, and ask you to spend a little time with your Divine Parents daily."

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