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Yes, there are Urantia Book readers in groups we do not know yet and I converted an email from the Urantia Book Fellowship of their newsletter with several groups pictured some celebrating the birthday of Jesus too.

This is a word document  and I could not get the html to take because it overloaded out data base, so the link will open your Word and display the pictures and text for you if things do not go wrong for us.  I do not know them myself as I am so out of date it is not funny, but let us see what the Michael Mission does to reunite readers and Mission workers!  Enjoy.   Ron

Link to Word doc with pictures:


The Sixth Epochal Revelation Submitted to The Ancients of Days

York Pa
Michael of Nebadon
Dr. Helen Schucman
General Dwight David Eisenhower
September 21, 2018 at midnight

This is Michael and we update the Forum on the present status of the Sixth Epochal Revelation.

I am inclined to let this settle without further ado, but there is much talk “out there,” about just what do we mean by a second Urantia Book?  The answer is simple.  The second Urantia Book submits additional information the first Urantia Book did not contain, and we used Ron to help indite it so it could be read on Urantia when the time comes.

Timing?  It is finished now.  Ron has no copy and neither do we, as it has been resubmitted to the Ancients of Days, and rely upon them to finish what we started about thirty years ago, and then put it aside until we had the right moment to complete it, and then to provide Urantia a replacement of the fifth epochal revelation with the sixth epochal revelation.  The sixth epochal revelation will stand, we feel sure, for less than one hundred years of your time.  It is to be supplemented with Year Books every five years to update the text where it needs updating as things change everywhere in a universe of relativity.

We are please to accept the resignation of Ron Besser from further indications providing you additional details, and that is because the new and second Urantia Book is retitled again for what is third announcement of title change.  We are re-titling it: The URANTIA Book: The Sixth Epochal Revelation.  That is what it now states on the cover the Ancients of Days have read and are annotating further comments to Me.  I now come to the most prescient part of this update:

From 1973 to its publication in 1976, we worked with Professors at Columbia University, specifically the psychology department, and dictated “A Course in Miracles.”   We asked the woman who dictated it to provide dictation twice daily.  She, Dr. Helen Schucman,  managed to do it twice a day for almost five years– from about 1971 to 1976.  She died suddenly of a thrombosis of the heart only to learn she died of a hemorrhage of her pituitary gland and was pronounced dead when they found her in her office at the University.   She was not dead but revived at the hospital morgue and was transferred back to the University when she was fully stabilized from the shock of passing out in the midst of a transmission from her Thought Adjuster.

We then had to reconsider the effects of transmitting at all when the idea of a Teaching Mission occurred to us as well.  Beginning in 1991 to the start of the Teaching Mission in February, 1992, we held that transmissions were not dangerous or required any special concerns on our part as to the safety of individuals who could learn to do it as did Dr. Helen Schucman.  Later we learned that Dr. Schucman, nearly died of a pituitary gland that had weakened because of dosage with glycerine tablets she used to make her breath easier to take when transmitting.  It so weakened the pituitary gland it fell into a depression and was nearly useless for the rest of her life, which ended in 1981 at the age of 72 for her.  Our primary concern was that she be left to her own devices and enclose the text with no preliminary conceptual material, but she easily learned we were feeding her a text for spiritual analysis for the human genome of behavior at that time.  What we did not expect was for it to catch on and become so over done we hardly know how to remove it now for it truly outdated and should not be used further where possible.

The Sixth Epochal Revelation, discusses,  “A Course in Miracles “with plenty of foreknowledge, and it provides the reader the value of learning to produce natural transmissions.  Dr. Helen Schucman never learned to provide such and relied upon glycerine tablets to ease the force of air we used to provide lift to her voice so it would be audible.  She learned to do it easily with those tablets but never found an easy outlet for material she had additionally that never made it into the transcript for publication as “A Course in Miracles.”  

Finally, this, the Sixth Epochal Revelation is the last of its kind in any universe anywhere.  It proves to be so different and difficult to produce we are washing our hands of ever doing another one.  Instead, we rely on people like Ron Besser from now on to learn the technique of revelation, which he has so well I had to remove a book he was working in that far outstrips what the Urantia Book tells us about materialization from prematter, and to reset the record that people like Ron, are to be addressed as master craftsman, as they are truly a mile ahead of anyone on Urantia, and that is because they know how to handle new information without causing problems.

In the case of this transmitter, he is updating the readers here fully and competently without fanfare or the need of glycerine tablets or anything to produce what is genuinely new information.  He has written a second book on materialization that shocked our readers up here as he did it so well and competently we are ready to publish it as a part of a series of Papers that Rayson hosts shortly in the coming Magisterial Mission and Michael Mission in days my dear folks.  You are providing all of us Ron, an unusual statement soon too, as you have lost your favorite work by me taking the entire book file off your computer and its backups so I can study your technique of writing.  It turns out, that his technique is fully supplanted by his Thought Adjuster, which transmits the data from Rayson in this case, remodels it into how Ron writes, and dicates most of it to Ron as Ron gets the point as to what comes next by his own decision.  We should have used that technique with Dr. Helen Schucman, who speaks through the ability of Ron to transmit her fully now:”

Dr. Helen Schucman speaks:
“I am loathe to report I had no idea I was transmitting when I did that work for the “A Course in Miracles.”   You are correct to wait Ron as I wish to tell all that no one up here expected me to arrive with my mind in place anymore, because I was beginning to think I was haunted as you feel sometimes.  Today they turned a switch off which you must keep on to light your flag in the front yard at night.  It is painful for you to go down those steps to get it on.  Yet they secretly turned it off after dark and you had to go back into the cellar where the switch is placed and turn it on again.  I asked Michael what this was all about as I had incidences of that myself that are not spoken to although my editors knew I had the problem too.  It turns out that the secret both of us have Ron, is that we are both psychics, and you are also clairaudient and psychosomatic to the point you cause events around you to change if you are unhappy with how things are playing out.  I am Dr. Helen Schucman, and I recall one incident where I became so irritated with changes to my dressing table arrangements, I blew a cork as you do Ron, and told them to forget me, as I am stopping any further chances of work on the proposed book we were then working on together.  At last I got a sign that all would stop if I would stop learning all I could to get something done and let them supply the knowledge first.

“I am truly sorry Ron for the confusion you had to erase there, but I must keep my mind clear enough to explain that you are haunted not by a ghost, but your own persona which changes drastically every day as you must revive your physical mechanism which is extremely painful to you and start work as though not pain was present.  The mind agrees and lets it happen but you throw the morning Ron off into a dither of lost senses and it drives its name up against you in order to be felt again.  You do not clear all of this, but when the pain is finally gone, and it will be, you will no longer experience the haunting.  I never heard of it either Ron, but you are beset with it when you are busy in particular and it upsets your routines all day if you are not caring to say hello to it.

“As Dr. Helen Schucman, I now am in possession of new knowledge that is hysterical and Ron it does not work that way.  Besides myself and other persona up here who are interested in the book and how it was accomplished, you Ron have added an addendum to it that goes like this: ‘Do not bug me with this book, it is harmful to a person like me who is not bothered by social quarrels or feelings of disparity, and it drives me nuts to run page after page of rubrics that mean nothing to my mind.’  I did not think that was possible, but with you it is true, and you have run into others of your psychology to our amazement.  You are nuts Besser!  I am Dr. Helen Schucman, and I leave this for now as I have a book full of questions soon I hope you can answer. I am Dr. Helen Schucman, good day.”

“As Dr. Helen Schucman, I am also treated for schizophrenia up here and they said it could not happen.  I have my own doctor and you do to in me Ron, as I see you as a rubric for all cures in your zany view that no one is out of the fold for a dart from you when you want to let lose.  In any case, good day for now.”

The Sixth Epochal Revelation speaks of the publication of the Miracles text in order to resound what Ron does so very well and nobody bothers to notice: he is clairaudient as well as clairvoyant and never makes mistakes of thought but we have caused so many changes that what he reports does not happen because it has become outdated and unused.  In 2013, we decided to test Ron and run through him a Serena broadcast about the coming Magisterial Mission with all of the fancy plans then in place.  Serara and Monjoronson cooperated beautifully and Ron was told to salute the flag in the back yard which he did but told us if he was ever asked to do that again to stand in a riding mower and salute a flag, he would fire us permanently.  But he did as we requested.  It so happened that General Dwight David Eisenhower was on Urantia, and saw the flag salute as purposeful and asked to know the name of who that was.  He learned it was Besser and lost interest immediately, but not until we got out of the General that there was a resurrection of WWII dead and Ron fully supported that work and more as he felt haunted by their deaths, for he stood at the English burial grounds near London, England, and was haunted by row after row of unnamed soldiers who were buried with honors but without names ever to be known except by me and Mother Spirit.  It is a deep feeling of remorse he stood among the graves and wondered if any of the fellows were there to see him salute them, and there were many and he nearly died when he felt a kiss on his brow.  It was a WAC so mutilated they did not know her sex and was buried there with the male unknown soldiers.   We also salute them Ron.  This is the General, the 34th President of the United States, Dwight David Eisenhower, now a PhD in psychosymitry.  It is about men and how when they die young they must be brought back soon enough or we lose their souls to posterity.  You never heard of the discipline until I invented it for reasons of State up here and Michael lauds your work with me for doing some of that work when you were much younger, and felt the hearts bleed in Gettysburg.  You often sat on a big boulder looking at the sunset over the western mountains, and felt the silent loss of life there with them and never cried but were often so unhappy you just would sigh and move on.  You wondered if they were there any of them, and they were there by the hundreds as you remembered them and their sacrifice.  You love the work of God and heart and detest death and you are not getting out of it.  I am General Dwight David Eisenhower, and he and Julie are fine!”

“The Sixth Epochal Revelation also speaks to the dead of both World Wars, and Ron knows them well, as he decided never to strike a man ever until he was pushed to save his life, and that has never ever happened either.  Our work together has been to see to the sixth epochal revelation, and we allow capitals or no capitals depending on context, and to produce it with your help.  What we never expected was to see you blossom as a clairaudient and clairvoyant speaker with such modesty that to this day you are unaware of that gift at all.  It is so well developed you can spook anyone you like by looking deeply into them as they stand there and all is laid bare.  Be assured it will be soon enough.  I am retelling only one story for the edification of this reading public, and that is when you sat down in front of the secretary for the big wigs that owned your office building, and proceeded to lay her bare as she asked you to.  She has never forgotten it as it was a grueling hour that ended peacefully when she had to go to the bathroom and you were already late to close the office such as it was.  Good day.”


Announcement Concerning Mission Start Up as of NOW 21Sept2018
Ron Besser/York, Pa noon local time
September 21, 2018

“I am Jesus.  Be assured I am visible in days from now NOT.  I must prepare to enter Urantia as best I can and to reveal all I can to a few of you who must be prepared to take on what I call the most important evidence yet, that all is well if there are some of you willing to sacrifice your lives to be one with the Lord and to stand tall and do the bidding of those who know how to control a wayward Urantia, and a loss of steel and power by Ron and those around him who ask that it be done regardless of their own good fortunes.  They are being taken off the dais and what is being established is a rare chance for them to join with me as regular folks working hard to be sure there is peace and tranquility among the nations of the world, URANTIA.

“I seek no justice for all of you or for Ron as you all have paid the price well enough.  But you all seem to forget that this is not a romp around the candy counter and Ron laughs as he transmits those terms, as he is full of the imp yet and it cannot be beat out of him ever.  Be assured that the time for any work on Urantia is now spiritually.  We take it all as it is and will provide all with what we may.  Be assured that I carry the Word and not the chattel some of you expect in return for learning to transmit.  Learn to transmit and save your own lives!  That is the real reason you are being given every opportunity to learn it and well. 

“Ron has been told he is rotten as a stick of dynamite.  I am driving home the fact that he has lost precious amounts of time and effort to do something he felt was very worth while so well we had to seize it off his computer and to let him sit with an empty basin.  However, it is so well done it must be restored shortly and it should be a fully published book and it will be as soon as we can arrange for its publication shortly.  It deals with how matter becomes matter and it is superb with diagrams that make complete sense even to the layman.  I give you Michael to speak to other things now:

“Ron Besser is now removed from all central planning.  He is just a subject as all of you are, and has managed to make great mileage into our thinking only because he speaks the truth so often, we wonder why we did not think of it ourselves for other missions.  We are completely sure he is full of choices soon, but not as a purveyor of any corporation or undoing of the Chicago Foundation, but will stand by as we work our will over these issues and Jesus remains in charge of all as prepared for by Ron anyhow.  He will not be your guide, I will.   But you must understand I will rely upon Ron for many things including to run the new Urantia Foundation under the Magisterial Foundation name, and I rescind all other titles that once were given to Ron under, not false promises, but under one iteration of other iterations of plans now placed out of our use.  Besides, he is so ill at times he hardly can raise his head off his pillow and we must make amends there too.

“I am Michael and Jesus will speak further next.  However, please understand that the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un has no intention for peaceful signatures to end the Korean War committed in 1951 to 1953, when Dwight David Eisenhower, as President, ended the war with an armistice that divided Korea into two factions, as it remains today.  Today Moon Jae-in, President of South Korea believes that King Jong-un will follow suit and declare the demilitarized zone to no longer exist and declare the two Koreas as one.   I fully support South Korea in this belief, but North Korea will wait until the demilitarized zone is gone, and then invade South Korea with a blast of fire power that is unbelievable.  South Korea will fold and he will declare victory.  However, that is not how it will work out, and we hold our fire to see just how the trap will be closed against Kim Jong-un to come.

“Finally, we must conclude the fact that Ron has a book that will set the world on fire.  It is that well done and I must take it off his computer and store it for the armistice to follow the present era of war and dangerous leagues of distrust among even the American allies who hold no good for Trump or his administration.  We are prepared to let Ron run things briefly, and he will retire with all he must and assign all to Jesus as he has already declared to us months ago.  He must be relied upon briefly and then to drop out of sight for centuries not, but to be an ambassador of goodwill for Me and Jesus.  Good day.  Michael of Nebadon.”

JESUS - “I am happy to relate that Ron is feeling his usual, ‘oh, God! What now???’ speeches and that is not entirely wrong.  He is not unhappy with this at all and feels he is worthy of anything we could give him, but he is to be in charge of the new Sixth Epochal Revelation all his days on earth, and they will be many, and to charge all to do their best in transmission learning and so on.  We congratulate Ding Xin for breaking through to good transmission practices.  To Alexander of Russia for his speedy ability to learn transmission once he learned it was not that hard to do, and to several of you who have not spoken of it in ways to make Ron know you are active too.  The truth is that unless you declare yourselves you do not get the assignments of those who do declare themselves on this site.  The time is not to show who you are and accept that you are part of a new Mission on Urantia, and to stand tall in support of it instead of cringing in fear of retaliation of the Chicago franchise of the Fifth Epochal Revelation.  Stand up and be counted now.

“Finally, I must make amends to all of you on this list.  Ron has played his cards very close to his chest, and has asked that no one be assured of anything this time around, as he tells his correspondents not to expect miracles but to expect hard work and that is exactly we plan to do.  Ron has lost Mantutia to an important assignment, and Malvantra is fading quickly as a Supervisor, but the truth is that Ron suspects both of them to be spies of a different kind and to leave well enough alone.  He kills Mantutia with humor often enough.  Good and this.  Here is Mantutia for the record.  Jesus.”

MANTUTIA - “I stand ready Ron to be on your side of all of this.  Be assured you are mostly alone these days and you made it clear to Steve Gitz he needs to lighten up and start planning a move north as that empty gas cavern below the Gulf of Mexico will collapse, as part of it is under the State of Louisiana too, and that his home and family will perish instantly if they stay there much longer.  The tectonic plates under the southern part of the United States are super weak now due to all sorts of collusions of people over millennia to cause them to weaken so much.  In all cases the nature of the collapse is sudden and without warning, as there will be no preliminary earthquake or salt water fissures open up first as they did when the Mississippi River changed course in the early 19th century.

“Ron, you need to cheer up.  That is our quest for now.  Be assured your physical problems are now the problems we fix with the help of Uversa and Salvington and even Edentia.  I am truly out of sorts with you Ron as you want to add Rhode Island to the place names but no.   I am sure you are fully deployed this morning but under the weather as usual as the face of God is upon you this morning as it is with Jack (aka Ding Xin) in New Zealand, as he must move in weeks as this prepares to take on the magnificence of a majestic Mission on Urantia, under the leadership of Jesus, and that is not usually done, but Ron is fully supportive of it and to let Jesus take great responsibilities he would have had to shoulder, with our help, but now can be a second in command if necessary.  You Ron see the problems and not the solutions and Jesus sees the problems and the solutions long term which you cannot do as human.  Be assured you do all you can and will and that book is to be returned to you and Steve Gitz to edit once we figure out how to publish it propertly.  I am quite sure that the whole idea of four micron coal powders which is no longer coal at all, is fathomable by all citizens of all nations once it is clear it can be done better than just grinding it.  I am Mantutia. And I wish you all a good day.”

MOTHER SPIRIT - “Ron you must understand this transmissions equals what Greg Maust said in his Barnard List contribution: ‘This is a truly important announcement,’  and ends speculation as to what will occur now. I am truly sorry you lost a very important book, and I doubt that Gitz believes you fully, but he needs to belly up to the bar of truth and realize you Ron are constantly under the gun to perform when we ask you to–  and you do it very well enough.

“Finally, the truth of your leg and ankle and no general body pains is a gift of change now in the past.  You have completed all of that work this morning as you rolled out of bed later than you thought it was.  You are no longer forced into sleep and must remain clearly done now and force yourself through medical tests to end the speculation you have venous insufficiency but actually have a small blood clot in the heart we will remedy quickly shortly.  You are serious but silly Ron and we watch you carefully as you breathe a sigh of relief that something is finally going to happen for all of you.  Let me decide some of it right now:

“The Magisterial Foundation is ready to start work.  You are now under the gun to fill its chattels with money, and that arrives shortly for your funding of the Magisterial Foundation first and second the Starbridge Foundation.  You need to send out a list of priorities to the United States Federal Reserve for tranche work and need the bank to cooperate with you just how much money the system can stand.  We intend to send as much as one billion USD through the coffers of that bank and need confirmation we dare do this.  It will require tranches and you are familiar with the terms and the documents for tranche work to begin.  This is not to begin until the Letter of Credit is sent to an advisory board on Salvington,  and we now fully understand you understand the degree of seriousness this will cause the Trump administration, and be prepared to send the Letter of Credit to the White House for approval.  Trump insists on full credit to be established and once that is done, he is as free as a bird to okay it at once in our opinion.

“Take it with ease Ron and you will do fine.  That letter of credit must be sent to Nikki in the post and not as a document in the email to her as she must sign off any work done for you as billable to you and that is her's to hesitate to do right now, as she is negotiating a way out of the mess she feels you are presenting the firm, but fails to understand you are about to take it one step further and demand that SN work with you or get out of the way.  This has developed after she received that update and it upset her so much she could not sleep well for weeks.  A Letter of Credit must be assigned to her as well to operate as your agent if SN allows it, if not there are plenty of other accountants who will step in and take it on.

“Finally, here is Jesus once more for you Ron: Mother Spirit.”

JESUS - “You Ron are one of the few that knows all about tranches and you learned that working with Ilok for years and never had one finally get assigned but knew the process.  You will become a Forbes magazine billionaire briefly before you turn it over to your bank and they make out of it what they will.  We want you to understand that one billion USD is sufficient to start the ball rolling, and that we will stand by you for many more such trances to the bank if they require it.  They have treated you shabbily recently over issues they do not fully comprehend but they do know you know enough to stop fake transactions they do in order to speed up check processing.  You have made it clear the use of fraudulent use of preauthorized payments for certain transactions is fraudulent and asked that it be stopped on your account alone.  They have refused to do that and that is enough for us to change banks if they do not stop the practice as it allows fraud to happen as you so painfully learned when some woman in Illinois stole five thousand dollars from your personal account, which they still dispute as collusion from you to have that happen.  However Rhode Island now suspects you had nothing to do with it and worries now you could sue them for collusion yourself.  They are a wiley bunch and we must be on the look out they do not provide an open window into our business due to greed and so much money flowing through your accounts. 

“I am Jesus, and we are learning your ways too, Ron.  You feel we need to have our own bank in order to secure our transactions, and now we agree with you.  It is ours to do when we can, and you fully understand you must use your own bank for now and insist the practice must be stopped and that it will be or we will remove our accounts at once and leave for another local bank if they refuse you the time of day.  This is typical of tycoons who think they have the world by the throat but they do not, and they will pay the price if they insist on prerogatives they do not deserve.  I must collude with you on so many things Ron, stand fast while we evaluate the situation on Urantia, step by step.  The idea of our own bank is important.  Believe us the whole idea of money and tranches is not important to me but it is important to you to fund the enterprise now.  Good and we will speak later with Serara. Jesus”


I am posting a reminder message to go see in the General category a message for all transmitters.  We have another puzzle to put together with your help and all are welcome to join in when the time comes. 

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Ron knows perception is lacking on this site for many reasons.  You are reminded by this extra post to recall all transmitters are asked to come together again this weekend on 15 Sept 2018 to contribute to a very important change of plans not only for Ron, but almost all of you who are transmitters.  Dominick O. you are the newest transmitter of the lot and take it easy and you are allowed to do it your way in advance if this conflicts with your schedule.  Be aware everyone else must use the 15 Sept 9am to 1PM NYT zone as presented in the message in GENERAL.  Thank you.  Michael."




Michael of Nebadon; Father; Margul
Setting the Bestowal Record Straight Again on Urantia
York, PA Noon Local Time
September 15, 2018

“Today is the day we asked you to transmit your hearts out, as I am sure this moment of coming together by all of us is worthy of doing it again time and again. We are truly disturbed that two of you quit this morning when you found nothing to transmit. We lament the loss of one of you for reasons of State, as you are too ill to consider bringing light to us on this date of many transmissions to hone your work to our work on Urantia.

“Therefore, Ron must learn that we have to rewrite a few sentences from the last time. The one called Mark Rogers is now aware of this mission correctly and is making amends as fast as he can. He knows Ron stands ready to accept him fully and his group, and that he must avail himself to the new course of trust we set up in order to provide Urantia a better direction, both as to its divine missions, and to the world at large to bring forth a new Teaching Mission.



“We are beholden to Mark Rogers to decide to help us. He has personnel yet in readiness and will make them available to us as he needs to. You Ron shake your head after years of acrimony from this quarter of established transmitter personnel being so hostile you just gave up and let them take their own course gladly. You believed there was a force of evil at work that deflected them, but I assure you that has now been removed and the rightful attitude of all is back in force. No one ever suspected that you Ron were the one to lead people to the light in this manner at all. Your work in York commences shortly and with great fanfare, as we will make it clear that a great new revelation is about to unfold and that the SIXTH EPOCHAL REVELATION is about to be placed in your hands to expand its discovery and its goodness upon the lands that make up this planet, URANTIA.

“You who know Ron are about to hear one final travail placed upon him, and that is we must finish the work of transition which is so painful to him he can hardly move in body at all without a cane or a seeing eye dog. Yet he persists to do our work without let up and makes great strides in writing a new book you all will be astounded for its clarity and its claim for a new transport fuel for the world if anyone ever listens to him closely, for the first book on coal carbon powders has done well and Amazon, as the publisher of renown work soon, understands he has something very worth while to say if it can be notice for a change. Coal carbon powders burns clean with one drop of water per pound burned resulting when used in your auto engines or plane jets or truck deliveries for the future.

“For this reason, Ron has already written portions of the new book which explains how energy is useful but that real energy is supplied by the Ultimaton, and that the Ultimaton is quite busy in the coal carbon powders he knows about and champions since the 1970's when it first became available to the world after World War II.

“These announcements are congruent with the idea that the new idea to use carbon atoms for fuel is not new, as most worlds in my care use the same idea with carbon atoms they may have in abundance. That is truly a great thing for Urantia, but you all must understand that Ron had the unusual luck of knowing the inventor of the apparatus that made using carbon atoms possible to burn in your automobiles and so on.

“Finally, let it be known we have two new groups interested in becoming amalgamated with this discussion forum:

1) The Mark Rogers group located in southern Utah;

2) The South Idaho Group has an affiliate in northern California known as the old LinEl Group Ron so loved for his wonderful teaching at the time. That was originally centered in Corvallis, Oregon, but is now located in Sacramento with several who knew and were part of the original Corvallis Group. These two groups are the last remnants of the old Teaching Mission which Ron laments as lost so badly as to their passing and loss of enthusiasm for a Michael Mission to Urantia at that time. It is coming back in much condition this time but Abraham is now a Finaliter and another will field the new Teaching Mission in his place soon.


“We pass this to all of you.

“The loss of the old Teaching Mission was signed out of existence on April 5, 2013; the trial that followed was supposed to be the Magisterial Mission, but we got hammered by Paradise to hold it back. I now have to announce that the Magisterial Mission to Urantia is replaced by the Michael Mission first and will come back into its own after the Michael Mission has completed its Bestowal of Jesus again and shortly on Urantia. Jesus and the Michael Mission when concluded will be followed by the Magisterial Mission and a new Mission of God the Supreme with the Magisterial Mission together. God the Supreme is keenly aware of Ron’s plea that Urantia has no satisfactory revelation about the Supreme and desperately needs one to fill in with what we do not know with what has been revealed of the Supreme in the alst few years through revelation to Ron directly. When these missions of Magisterial Sons and God the Supreme are complete on Urantia, there will be a small breathing space and then begins the admirable era of the first stage of Light and Life, to be led by Margul, the Trinity Teacher Son of record, He speaks briefly to you now:



“We are delighted with Ron this morming as he must cleave off great pain during the night and part of this morning as we must remove the skeletal remains in his body before it is converted into other materials to last a long time. He is rightfully outraged at the cost to him and his heart and soul, for they are both natural and clear of heartless versions of the past. He has removed most of the skeletal remains before and was sent back into human determination only to learn he was cast out when Michael decided he had to do a Michael Mission to Urantia Himself.

“I am now prepared to admit, we thought Ron was fully bypassed as our spokesperson, and we are now sure he is ready to take it on again even though he seriously questions just what it is he is to take on. He is particularly delighted to hear his friend of old is returning to take part in what will be a revival as the Teaching Mission, and then to have Mark as part of the revival in York, if Mark is ready to assume a leadership role again.

“I am Margul, and we report that Ron knows as much as all of you do who read this, and that is because what Ron has become in life form is a universe secret and he has no idea of what transformation he has had to go through. Be aware he must cancel no medical testing but to aver to the new doctor there is nothing wrong with him and out the door he goes for good without further medical interference.

“Closing this section for myself, I welcome Mark Rogers back to the initial input he had years ago when he helped Ron bring the discussions to the Internet from the name Monjoronson and then from Serara through Mark’s initial revival of the practice then. We leave all to the Utah Group to decide just what this is all about as they must discuss this provision we are making available today. We seek unity, not transposed loyalties to an old Teaching Mission, for that is gone forever. Ron is responsible not for all that has occurred since the end of the old Teaching Mission. Good day. Margul.”



“We must assign ourselves to the positive aspects of what is to come, and to delay the negative aspects of what has happened to the world in general. BREXIT is a calamity to the European Union and not to Great Britain, as Great Britain has curiously learned what America learned in the 19th century, ‘all must run for cover when the world is seized with war!’

“I am requiring that the United Nations learn its responsibilities once more, and to provide real leadership looking forward to an amalgamation of world power there instead as in indvidual nation states.



“The Lucifer Rebellion on Urantia is to end by October 01, 2018. Machiventa Melchizedek is asking that the Utah Group bring itself to York, and for Mark Roger or other designated leader. to prepare to take an office in the building that is to be dedicated to Michael of Nebadon as a Teaching Mission authority from now on. We must conclude the Lucifer Rebellion as it started on Urantia, and to have the Planetary Prince deride the conditions on Urantia in a brief announcement to Staff on Urantia (his), and to Ron’s staff in the new offices, that henceforth, their allegiance is to Michael first and the Planetary Prince as co-ruler of the Urantia paradigm. In this case that paradigm is Ron Besser personally as it is he who insisted the Mission be available to all of humanity, and to have all of you work it against the Lucifer tendency to acquire all rights and power to themselves. Guests are reminded that Ron makes the site readability for all of them and that is not normally done. Truthbook will be asked to align itself with this discussion forum as well and if they cannot find it in their hearts to realize who is really in charge of explanations as to spirit ascent on this planet through your/their understanding of fusion to humans now, then they will become a lost item in past history on Urantia quickly enough, if they refuse any understanding of that importance new to Urantia now and only on Urantia for now. I am Michael of Nebadon, and I know whereof I speak, as that group has decided wrongly to challenge Ron on all of this but I assure you his fusion was the first on Urantia since the days of Ezekiel and it is of record that such did occur as stated, along with six other fusions in concert with Ron to become Staff with me on Urantia shortly as either Bestowal Attendants or under the work of Machiventa Melchizedek fully incarnated for the duration of these Missions.



“As of today, 15 September 2018, the old Corvallis Group now in Sacramento, California, will be asked to recognize the York office with the Utah Group to be the defacto head of the new Teaching Mission, and that is until the Salvington government convenes a new dictation for the divine organization for this effort on Urantia. It is our hope that Ron accommodates Mark Rogers, or some other designated leader from Utah, into the building with him, as Ron has a suite of offices in the L shaped building in Continental Square of York City, and is master of the work to be done there. Jesus will eventually be in charge of all activities of the Teaching Mission and the work of the Sixth Epochal revelation, but Ron must be the ultimate coordination of both the Teaching Mission and distribution of the epochal revelation otherwise known as the Sixth Epochal Revelation. This designation recognizes there must be an ultimate coordinator in the reorganization of the Teaching Mission on Urantia.



“Ron has suggested a written authorization of the Teaching Mission to explain what is to be done as an ultimate goal of the Teaching Mission; what officials it has a coordinating heads, and how funding for the new Teaching Mission shall be made, and through what agencies these things shall be accomplished. This new Teaching Mission is no longer to be authorized on the local level any more as it must become world wide and the new way to teach revelation at the most basic level. Call it an SOP Ron if you like. (Ron for those who do not speak “corporatese,” that stands for Standard Operating Procedures , that companies use to make sure people understand how to do what they are to do)



“Finally, I announce today that Jesus will appear on Urantia sometime in 2019, and that is to be the final authority over the epochal revelation, the Foundations of various ilks, and the Teaching Mission. Ron is his second command when appropriate and that is a final solution to all of these countervailing opinions up here and what to do with Ron when Jesus appears ready to run roughshod over things he does not like here and there.

“We conclude this statement with one other important announcement:

“Ron has been running the affairs of the Michael Mission, more or less, using this forum to get information out to all of you, both Members and Guests. He foresees that the Internet will be taken down if the calamities are as bad as we advertise them, The Internet will not go down as we are insisting that Google learn its proper place, and that Microsoft kick in all of those extra billions of spare dollars to keep it going through the worst of the many crisis we will withstand on Urantia. Ron correctly points out those corporations live their hight entitled lives in the western regions slated to come into a watery grave. We will insist that Google relocate to either Virginia or West Virginia and that Microsoft relocate to York region for Reasons of State with the Michael Mission on Urantia. Be assured they have good incentive to make those moves as I will insist that York becomes a corporate center for technology that we must have working for the new fuels and inventions of convenience the Michael Mission will bring with it to Urantia.

“We leave now with a concern for Ron and his debilitated health as a way to leave for a few weeks to get over the idea of exhaustion and pain, and to relive the idea of fun and help and worry not with Me, the Creator Son. He knows my rough endges and he knows how I react when I get a bad surprise from elsewhere. That is normal for a Staff person to know. You Ron are on my Staff truly and that is a high privilege few ever sport for the work of any Mission on any planet, as you have proved so valuable we need your advice on certain issues when they appear to be needfully satisfied. We are delighted and speak now to all:”



“We are now ready to clear the air with all of you:

“Ron has played guru not and eschews any such use of that word, but he is finished as a second fiddle to all of your individual choices as to how to serve with us in York. Right now York is far too small to take all of you on. The L shaped building in York now has to be procured again as we dropped negotiations but it never did sell and we will go back and take it back again. You are not wrong Ron to eye what Mantutia was asked to do and you have decided it was a virtual interest but not a legal material interest and it is off to the side now. But it is not. We may use that first choice as an auxiliary office for some of the humans who can come to York with their offices ready too in that other first choice place. The L shaped building is not a pariah as some consider it as it is already set up with radio and TV facilities and must be maintained at an even higher level of presentation, as the Magisterial Foundation must be prepared to be the name on the brass plate on the front of the building in great big bold letters, as Serara and Monjoronson will fill those desires for a Magisterial Mission some distance from today AFTER the Michael Mission is completed to Michael’s satisfaction.


“Ron considers the Michael Mission a Bestowal, and that it is. Be prepared for the Michael Mission to carry full authority before the churches and synagogues and other semi-religious institutions on Urantia. We on Paradise expect humans like Ron to stand ready at the drop of a hat to travel to lands they know not. He is too good not to be heard before groups who will wonder how he makes a pen float in front of their eyes with our permission of course.

“Be also aware that he and Mark Rogers are close cousins in all thoughts as to the need for Michael to be present fully and sincerely with Jesus and both stand ready to take charge of what is to be done. Be aware the Teaching Mission is a pet of Ron’s too, and Rogers will have his hands full to figure out how Ron knows which lever to pull and when. Do not forget Utah Group that Ron has under his hand the new Urantia Foundation to be called the Magisterial Foundation for Revelatory Issues as its first and only department at this time. That Foundation will throw support to the Teaching Mission everywhere as part of the Sixth Epochal Revelation, and that is one powerful attribute the Teaching Mission can bring with it for sure.

“As your Father on high, make sure you all understand that all of you, including the gobsmacked Clency, are part of this Mission and will be attired properly and fully in a jacket and a tie for men, and appropriate dress for women, and that all are part of the headquarters fully established now in York, Pennsylvania. We have reviewed statements earlier that Poughkeepsie, New York, was a co-director with York, but find that too demeaning to my view that York stands head and shoulders above what we have in Poughkeepsie, New York. Poughkeepsie is our communications center, and while it is not the spirit polarity of Urantia, as that will devolve in the York area in a few months, we use Poughkeepsie as the best place to send out radio and television and other communication signals to Urantia. Good day.”


General Discussion / I Need Some Legal Counsel =
« on: September 10, 2018, 11:31:33 PM »
Dear Members and Guests:
I need suggestions about who you could recommend as either a legal firm or a lawyer who is fully dedicated to the idea of the need for protecting the rights and goals of these divine missions.

"Ron is up a creek with this one.  First Fred Harris seems to have been taken off the role of the living.  Does anyone know what happened to Fred Harris this past June?  There is an obit with no body on line.  Can someone please fill in the details for our own investigation as Ron asks me and I dare not provide details not known to anyone we know of on Urantia.  Fred Harris opened the Urantia University and is a planner and policy maker in his own law firm as partners with the owners.  At least that was true at the beginning of this year.  If you have information we would be glad to receive an explanation here.

"Ron has been charged with getting to know a law firm to stand by and become our Mission Council.  Does anyone have a suggestion who to contact or how this might be accomplished and soon?  Thank you all for considering the question. 
Mother Spirit."


FUSION TALK / Hear Me Oh Fused Ones!!!
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Hear Me Oh Fused Ones and more who are not just yet -

Michael of Nebadon

York, PA 1430 local time
September 09, 2018

“ I am Michael, and I clear the boards for now with this statement.

“All of you have responded with good spiritual intent and now we must please ourselves to state that on Monday, September 10, 2018, from 10am to noon New York Time (dst) there will be a full explanation as to how and what we must do to get the Michael Mission running on Urantia.  I have informed Ron this morning–   finally!–   what his pain is for a couple of years and more especially the last six months which is excruciating at times to the point he is moved to tears for emotional release.  I inform you of the following and briefly:

“The body mechanism in the material realm is very hard to please.  It is either sick or cold or hot or well but hurting in one area or another and never leaving one alone for all the hectoring it does to consciousness.  That is required for most bodies to finally become acclimatized for work on high in an atmosphere less dense and better suited to consciously work for better relations with high spirit.  On earth, Ron is the only one who has attempted this and he did well until the Adjuster fused him.  Now we find a problem in the house he works in and that because he cannot get synchrony with spirit while living in the flesh as a fused being.

“For that reason I kept him awake all last night, and this morning dispelled any pretense that he is not well, but that he is undergoing a fusion correction so he obtain synchrony, not human emotional reactions, but to feel the responsibility of office entirely.  Why?  Human emotions are deeply concerned with matters of hate and love, lust and care, and so on down the line.  Ron could never get synchrony with these emotions anyhow, and is left with the ashes of discontent for seventy (70) years of life.  He is now seventy-six, and finds life dry as tasteless cardboard and less thrilling than a wet snail dropped down his back.  Now we are going to correct that, but we now address the fused ones as follows: 


“You know who you are and you know why the fusion.  However the Father is seeing to it that only one of you is fused in body, and that is the one you call Ron.  Now Ron dislikes the Adjuster to infuse him with so much energy that the human part of this couple is destroyed in the ability to walk or think clearly at times due to so much ambient energy being released from the fused Adjuster of his mind.  Therefore, we took the unusual step early am of September 09th  , 2018, to defuse Ron and let him rest to sleep for a change.  That resulted in a turbulent night for Ron and he awoke at 2 am and asked for a pill to back down the pain he was feeling to reduce its intensity.  He took a Tylenol meant for arthritis and it helped considerably.  This morning before dawn, he awoke again and was informed that Michael was in the room with him, and that Jesus appeared in spirit only to him and asked Ron to avoid all mention of anything as we talked with him.

[Ron: The Jesus incident was attended by me by sitting up on the edge of the bed with intense ringing in my ears.  It was a high pitched tone and probably greater than 10 decibels as I recount sound from my old days in hi fi pleasures.  It was a strain to be as I was greatly chilled in a 75 degree plus room, and felt strangely pressed to sit tight and not move.  The experience was quite vivid but no sense of the personal Jesus I know well enough in transmissions.  It was all business and a very serious Jesus.  I can only state it was a pleasure even though my body was uncomfortable.  I probably relayed some of that and they left quickly after a few words with me.]


“Ron suddenly finds himself ready to take on life again with or without his Adjuster.  He asked the Adjuster point blank this morning, ‘Is my leg pain and attending physical difficulties really due to you Adjuster or am I day dreaming this scenario?’

“The Adjuster answered truthfully.  ‘You Ron are being fused in the body without flames and it is very painful to a body not designed to be done this way ever.  However, the Father has asked it be attempted and the Supreme Being agreed to trial it if at all possible.  It is not entirely “all” possible but 95 percent is possible at this point and that is enough to make it work well.  We agree that last five percent is the heart chakra and we leave that alone so Ron has some sense of normalcy for the present.

“Now all who are fused to date: You will not experience what is being done for this transmitter.  He is unusual enough to take it on and will be fully normalized in about a month or less depending on how quickly the Michael Mission is taken on by all of you.  If some of you stumble and we expect that, then we must recognize that not all fusions are fully mature enough in you for you to stay the course.

“To the fused individuals, you do not have the right to do as you please anymore.  Most of the fused humans are doing exceedingly well and we in particular like how Steve Gitz saw Ron’s note to him late last night and found synchrony with a transmitter named Michael of Nebadon to give him a brief transmitted statement he took down all by himself.  Steve now knows the pattern and is easily transmitting now if he would take the time to do so and shut out the rest of the people and places he planned for today.   But we assume we are too late to do stop Steve at this point.

“As fused individuals you must relent and care what you have taken on.  We will tolerate some of your foot lose wishes, but Steve Gitz and his son Peter have to learn that once they have associated with Ron Besser, they are changed individuals.
“Finally this, and this message is over:

“I am Michael of Nebadon:

MICHAEL - “ I am sure we need to explain a lot to Ron soon as he must be kept in isolation for a month more before he spills the work out as the sixth epochal revelation.  It is ready and is in book form in a warehouse on Urantia near him.  However, its release is struggling to be opened to since I am quite sure the present Urantia Foundation, will make a mess of things as usual, and take us to court, as usual, and Ron would have to appear as our spokesman on this matter alone.  He is a spokesman to many of you and that is not necessary soon as we will release our concerns to the public as he is also a spokesman before the cameras too but we hold that back to later this year due to so many physical faults he has to take care of shortly.  In any case the 10 September announcements will be self explanatory once the transmitters who have lined up for this broadcast are taking the messages as intended and posted on the site where Ron has placed a thread already to receive your postings under the General category, first word in t he title is “reserved”.  Please use it so all of the messages are in one place together.

“Finally, I must make amends to Ron this morning and allow him some comfort and asked the Thought Adjuster to postpone the last hurrah for Ron as human and let it all hang out as a fused being for all Urantia to understand and that is to let Ron become a monster of eating and drinking not, but to have a normal day for a change without further interruption to his schedule because he cannot move easily with so much fusion pain in his legs, and now his heart, and even his elbows and audio input as Adjuster must fuse hearing as well.   I am removing my circuit briefly so he hears not anything today but his wish to finish the trail to the store for supplies (Ron: I am out of ice cream!) And then back to work later this afternoon for something you need to hear before you start taking messages on 10 September.  Good day.”


“I am a Trinity Teacher Son, and with that I am automatically included in what work is to be done on Urantia.  Yesterday we had Antonio transmit me very well.  Today he is drawing a blank.  Not to worry Antonio!  You are back into transmitting tomorrow for the messages of 10 September, and I will be your voice then.  We have to, we must, make an adjustment in your brain so it does not echo so much.  Ron had the same thing and it is the fact you also hear God the Supreme, but not in a separate connection as we had to make for Ron.  On normal worlds God the Supreme is heard in the same channel with the Adjuster.  But on Urantia, there is no second channel available for God the Supreme for very complicated reasons and we have to work it that way for now.  With those adjustments made to your brain in this 24 hour period, you will be transmitting just fine the 10th at the appointed time.

“I also compliment Ron for figuring out the Adjuster is the cause for so much pain in him.  He awoke this morning in the usual frame of mind and not well rested since he did not sleep most of the night, and asked the Adjuster directly if this was the case.

“The Adjuster responded truthfully and said “yes” and Ron immediately thought of a parallel to when his Thought Adjuster came out into his consciousness, and the nearly paralysis he suffered for a month, and at one point could not even write his name on a piece of paper!

“We are sending Ron to Poughkeepsie for about a month or more to train him in communications for us.  He will use a teletype not so much but will use a presentation camera he is to carry with him to announce important changes or needs to the people who are fused and who work on the Team in York or elsewhere.

“That training is top secret and he closes nothing down for all of you to know, but you must understand that communications with Ron means direct communications with Michael and me as the Trinity, and Gabriel and Lanaforge, and Machiventa, and Mantutia and Malvantra Melchizedek, too.  How this is to work is secret for now but you all will be part of the network.

“To Ding Xin (Jack), you are to be the private and executive secretary to Ron and all of these arrangements he must learn to use very well.  You will be included in high talks with Ron so you know how to work these things too.  In any case you will be asked to come to York in about a month or maybe a little longer, and that will be to take on the new office and you will site outside the door to Ron’s office which contains a large conference room and there inside that conference room is your chair to take down all meetings long hand, and to type them up for a binder as the history for these meetings.  You will be corrected sometimes as some statements must not be part of the human record binder for the sake of probity on Urantia.  Now this.

“Ding Xin, you are the most retiring of all the humans that will be asked to come to York.  Ron is probably the noisiest, and for that reason you are going to have to get used to a lot of verbal input from him and everyone else who needs things arranged properly and in a timely manner.  You will be well paid and Ron will see to your arrangements for awhile as he needs to get to talk with you on an informal basis to learn your ways too.  He is full of heart and ready to help your needs but you must be ready to move in about a month after arrival to your own place he will arrange with you for your own comfort.  Good and this.  I am Margul and I greet now Lanaforge for his talk with you this morning.”


“I come to leave this place at 2709 Sunset Lane for the last time, as I am not stationed nearby Ron, and you feel my presence directly sometimes as you must think hard and carefully what you can say and what you cannot say to people who are becoming curious about your inability to walk well but your ability to think very well.  Steve Gitz and his son, Peter, have seen to a revision to your book that is excellent and it took both of them up to three days to get it back in shape, as your dyslexia cause sytax problems but most people really enjoy how it is written anyhow.  You can be so funny without intending to be so.  In any case the book is nearly done and they must operate the levers of thought to get it up and in its perfected ways.


“I am done for now but this is an indication of how long informational messages will run ladies and gentlemen of fusion status on Urantia.  Be prepared to work your arms off for us at times as we need full transmissions and not the little Quaker ones we used to leave for some of you in the past.  Sue you need to beef up your thought processor with less liquid help and you steve need to settle down with your new found abilities shortly.  Peter will comprehend he needs to follow suit but not immediately as he carries some of your weight in the firm and must follow through in all cases for you and the firm.  Good day.”

Ron Besser - I think it is time I speak and I will be quick about it.  I am surprised at the uncovering of the truth this morning that my physical impairments are Adjuster related doing something by my blood regulators and canals, and  shudder their use from my Adjuster and they react so strongly they are painful.  I have hurt so long I wonder if I can take being without pain or figure out normal is no fun without Tylenol and Advil.  In any case these next few months are something I just dislike not very much, but I detest doctor tests and endless expenses paid to the medical profession who seems never to be entirely sure what ails a patient.  As such I quite before I start but I am obligated to go through them as they may be including a complete scan of my nervous system to map it out for the wise to decide there is nothing wrong with it after all.

Further, I am almost positive all of you who transmit and read the transmissions after the fact of 10 September, may will rue the day you ever thought you were not important.  I let them tell you how in any case as I must get this medical business off my chest and into something more than creaking through my day so badly.  I look forward to Poughkeepsie as I suspect I get some cosmetic work done there as well as to learn how they want me to use their equipment using Jack (Ding Xin) as my back up.  I seriously need someone to be good to know what I am supposed to do too and I am willing to bet Jack is the best possible person for that executive position.  I am also going to close this with a small faint when I tell you that the Adjuster with whom I have been associated with for twenty four hours a day, and for seven days a week,  since 1988, is removing that circuit of constant communication starting on 10 September, tomorrow, and they do not tell me why. 

I am so used to it, that it is my alter ego and as I keep telling Michael, when I think,  I cannot help but run into an audible Adjuster connection or Michael Himself.  Michael will remain on the line with me but Adjuster is going home for a rest on Divinington they tell me but that seems to be a little too much as I am fused after all.  That statement should tell you bright people something about an Adjuster you do not know and so be alert to learn without being told explicitly some things.

I wish you all a good day, and Remember the Alamo on 10 September.  It should be an informative day for all of you.

Ron Besser
I am beholden to Michael of Nebadon for spilling the beans to me (a favorite Dr. Sadler statement when he got talkative about the Urantia Book and his work in it), about all this pain not being a failing physical mechanism, but from an Adjuster that must change my tissues over from normal muscle and tissue cells to cells that last centuries without having to be constantly repaired.  Right now it is constant repair and it wears me out. 

I thank Margul (Trinity Teacher Son),  for his painstaking work to keep me occupied during the long nights of sleeplessness over pain issues in particular.  I think there is much more to this story in hindsight than we ever suspected, and certainly more than I ever thought possible, as I never really questioned the fact I was old and just worn out and my body complaining ready to go out the door to Mansonia.  But the true story is far different. 

 And finally to my Thought Adjuster putting up with me over these long years of battle to be myself and to serve as I so desperately felt I should and to remain on Urantia as some sort of complaint desk for the Deities to get off their chest over a new issue to them too. To all my Angels, to the Supernaphim who remain with me now, and the messenger Hosts of Time and Space, thank you for staying with an impossible task.  You all must understand and know too that I am frequently in contact with Master Spirit Four, Ocilliaya for Him to translate existential Deity speeches to me as the Deity Absolute and in particular Siraya, Master Spirit One, the Voice of the Father and of Adjusters, to time and space, who made so much possible and with the help of Michael of Nebadon to make it work in Nebadon, for me as the first human to fuse since Ezekiel and then some. 

I thank all heartily and to God the Supreme and the Ancients of Days, who are never “buddies,” but they felt that way to me sometimes, and I am deeply grateful to all who have pitched in to make me miserable but erudite in service shortly with good feelings of  a repair and of reproachment not.  Thank you.  God bless to all for getting through all of this and I will see you all tomorrow with messages galore . 


10 September 2018
First Message in the Series on this Date
Michael of Nebadon speaks alone to Introduce the Mission
T/R - Ron Besser, York PA

“This is Michael.

“Today is September 10, 2018, and the hours is twelve noon now in York.  This is the third transmission Ron has done since 9:30 this morning and we hope it is the one to be used for this presentation on this date of infamy for some, and for love of Christ for others.

“I am authorizing Ron to being his work on the office today and he need only take down the proscriptions as he has already received them much earlier today.  In fact, we will use the previous transmissions earlier to day for another post later on.  However, as the first post in this series, and now I have all the posts in view to my eyes as to how the other handled these announcements, I now can serve this up appropriately as the first post in the series announcing our arrival on Urantia this afternoon at Two  PM sharp: New York time zone day light savings (dst) time.

“Besides being late for this, Ron is fully done as he can be as a human on Urantia and is among the elect with Jesus and Ezekiel and one other that has never been mentioned for reasons of entirely difficult circumstances over their disappearance and that is the on your history books call Saint Germaine.  We leave that for another time.

“Clearing the way for these announcements is Myself with Gabriel who attends me alwasy and as Ron will always be attended by my Staff at all times as he has the onerous position of being My Viceroy on Urantia.  I have never had a Viceroy before but he now has the title and drops all other titles in favor of it.  The Viceroy of a Mission is new to Urantia, but not to other planets where I have had missions too, and it is a prestigious position Ron knows nothing about and wonders where I got that.  The titel comes from Vicegerington and Ron is the first human from Urantia to carry the title anywhere in Nebadon, for I do not use them easily if at all.  In this case it is called for so importantly, I gladly provide the titel for him.  It is an aristocratic title and he is aristocratic in heart and soul in that he insists things be done right or made right as the case may be.

“The Viceroy on Urantia belongs to Lanaforge.  He is the Viceroy in spirit, but now he has a counter part in Ron Besser, who serves the Planetary Prince as the human equivalent of the Governor General if he were spirit or morontial, but since he is just human flesh, being Viceroy of the human representation is sound enough.

[Ron just interrupted my speech saying he is getting a ‘rush down,” experience.  What is it Michael?]   That Ron is Father agreeing before us that you deserve the Title and it may be properly capitalized.  You are now fully recognized as a Viceroy of the Magisterial Mission and the Michael Mission on Urantia.  In this case you partake of it immediately and will be so honored at banquets and culinary treats too.]

“As Michael of Nebadon, I seldom get involved with titles or reliquaries as all of you must on Urantia.  But be aware that Ron takes the title for so many things we never ever thought about, for Urantia is a peculiar place to begin with, and second, holds the universe record for being the slowest to learn the deal of the majesty of the Supreme, and that still has not taken hold on Urantia as of yet.  I heard Ron say at least six times: ‘we need a profound revelation about God the Supreme, Michael, as we have nothing really to go by as of yet.’  I now fully concur with Ron on this matter and place him in charge of revealling the Supreme as he knows Her and Him and they must take care to provide some details at some point in a book on the revelation of God the Supreme on Urantia.  Yours is to do. 

“In addition to this work for the Urantia Book Foundation, which I now concur is an out of date title, Ron must be the one to help decide who hears the revelation of God the Supreme first.  Shall it be Uversa.  Or Salvington.  Or Urantia, and the prevailing conditions on Urantia as they are today.  I suggest the Ancients of Days weigh in on this as only they can.  They will wait their turn another day however.

“I also plae upon Ron the requirement to reveal God the Father better than we have in the churches today,   He is not to lecture the churches but he is to make it profoundly important that all preachers speak to laypersons and layworkers in the field that they must procure his approval if they are to speak for the sixth epochal revelation at all.  He is truly the first person I ever heard who blanches at the requirement I still lay upon him as both a funerary principle for the Sixth Epochal Revelation and the Heart of God in the Father’s Temple and in Westminster Abbey as he proposes to the Queen if it is her choice to hear God directly in that beautiful architecture of the day in 1225, dedicated formally titled the Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster.  Saint Peter is still the Abbot in Residence as the Rectification of this Church of England to all Churches and supersedes the Vatican as the Principle articulation of the Gospel of Saint Peter, according to the Sixth Epochal Revelation.

“Ron is profoundly aware this places the Queen of England in the precarious position of speaking for Saint Peter the Apostle and we doubt she is fully prepared for the honor at this time.  We will send our Viceroy to her attention if she precedes the Viceroy to Michael and his attentions to the matter of the Queen and her place as the head of the Church of England,  with a letter from her private secretary assigning the visit to her private apartments as social.  Her life takes on new meaning soon as the His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, may releases His life on earth and Queen Elizabeth II, is to be then elevated to Her Gracious Highness of Our Estate Realm of Urantia.   This is an honor extended to Her Majesty upon the death of her beloved husband should the death take place before her reign is complete on Urantia.

“Westminster Abbey or the placement of the authority of the Church of England by decree of Henry VIII, was historically the first church in England built in the Romanesque style. The building was completed around 1060 and was consecrated on 28 December 1065, only a week before Edward the Confessor’s death on 5 January 1066. A week later, he was buried in the church; and, nine years later, his wife Edith was buried alongside him.  We note this early history to Americans as the Abbey or Church or Chapel, as it has variously been called during its long history is the center of religion as prospered during the reigns of the Plantangents,  and Tudors, and the Windsors of modern date.  We intend to use this gracious building and its history upon the advice, either pro or con, of the Queen of England only.

“We conclude this message with the idea that the Michael Mission to Urantia opens today.  We conclude that Ron is fully advised as to his treats and minor concerns and is to be accorded the Title of Viceroy to Michael in the Magisterial Mission to follow this one in the years it takes to establish our credibility to the United States government, and to all governments around the world.  I am Michael of Nebadon.  Ron wishes to speak precisely next: Michael”

Ron Besser - I take it I am now titled Michael? [Yes] I know of no words to portray what has been given me to use as a title before all of you and I seek the humble reward of an Apostle to Jesus, as they would have consecrated to Jesus, all of their worth and chattel to the Father and the gracious Mother Son, the Eternal Son of Paradise.  To the majest of the Infinite Spirit I salute your efforts to train me easily but I train with great difficulty, as I am poor in spirit in spite of the honors conferred on me today by my Sovereign Lord, Michael of Nebadon.  I gather all of you will enjoin with me the Lord’s prayer I print below, to remind all of us of our fealty and desire to serve the greatness of God this solemn day of 10 September 2018.  I also release all of you from coming to York until I am decently attired in my ways for the day is short and the truth is long in that I have no idea how to wear such a magnificent bequeath of title as Viceroy to Michael yet.  I pray as Truman did when suddenly becoming President, “Lord bear with me and help me through these days to learn wha I MUST do for the people of American and in good conscience of how I assign what power I do have to give as I should.”


A quick sound bite for solutions to problems you did not know you had. . . . .

This post should disturb you.  It is important enough I had to place it in PDF to show pictures logically and not have the problem this awful text editor allows to happen.

In any case I am informing all of you the The Horror of Air Technology and what may happen, but first you ought to know what you face.  Here is the link and get yourself software to read PDF , it is free from Acrobat if you do not already have it on your computer. 

Let us just say that if you were blind and walked out into your garden in normal fashion, but somebody did not tell you there was a sink hole right in the path you took to walk your garden, do you not think it important to be warned it exists for your own safety.  Read this for your own safety.


Michael Intervention to fight superior tech on Urantia aircraft possible 090618

Ron Besser

General Discussion / One More Leture on What Not to Do, Ron 090518
« on: September 05, 2018, 10:40:25 AM »

September 05, 2018,  from York and the proverbial noise, Ron”

To the list.  I am making available a dictation I had this morning between myself and one other.  I have deleted the personal material in that response, but Michael raised the roof with me over my taking some medicine to reduce the heat and pain of venous insufficiency which is a condition where the veins in the leg do not carry enough blood to maintain the muscle and sinew tissues.  It is quite painful and I took a Tylenol in the middle of the night to fight it back. Michael took exception to doing that as he forbid me to take it, and so on and so on.

What resulted is a dictation of extreme unction to me and you ought to hear it as it also applies to every single on you who tries to follow how complicated things have gotten with high spirit and Urantia and you and I as Urantian children of no cloth or prescription.  I cannot offer amends for this as this is the current state of affairs between me and  t h e m  as it may stated here.  Read it with philosophic displeasure and then realize the Creator Son loves us at a distance sometimes.  Good luck.  Ron

Now, here is:


"Ron took this entire post from his Thought Adjuster for your information.  His life is upside down again after a night of great pain and no relief until he took a Tylenol pill laced with codeine.  I told him not to and he asked for a resurrection of truth he must fight until he is relieved of this version of life that refuses to compliment his work but insists he is full of nothing but backlashes of truth he cares little to experience.  He is not out of debt any longer from Me, but he is out of debt from the Father in the simple act of praying for a better life than we hand him right now.  You are no longer listening for yourself Amethyst, as you and the Gitz family are among the few Ron fully trusts to handle the really complex undertaking he is in with us on Salvington and Uversa and yes, even the Kindle people, who detests his approach to technology but they see it really works with the rank and file of people who do actually want to read more about what he has to say.  I am amazed that Ron is capable of such writing because he dislikes formal technical books too over issues that matter to the common man, but science likes to speak jargon to the point it is no longer understood by the rank and file of the general population.  If you do not realize it, that means science as we now have it on Urantia is to be relieved of its preeminence in the public favors and tossed into the grass like a used cigarette butt.

"We see Ron trying to understand what is not negotiable between us and he fails to understand that I dare not give into a small creek of thought in order to change the rules of all the forces in the universe to make him well again.  He persists in telling me there is pain, ceaseless pain, for all time and I keep telling him it is really temporary, but it reaches a level of intolerance he must make amends as best he can and that forces an extremely uncomfortable relationship between the Creator and Ron, and he fails to understand that it is his to settle and not mine to do alone.

"What I am telling you is that Ron defies the Creator because of necessity.  I defy Ron in the name of necessity too.  Consequently we disagree on one fundamental cause, and that is he cannot work with a Creator Son who is also a Pantheon of other things he cannot be himself ever even if Father makes him part of he Trinity (hahaha),  I am not silly nor is Ron but we all know how ridiculous that statement is.  In any case the mow we do this morning is to disabuse Ron from working this way for now as he has kindled a debate in the University of Syracuse in New York state, just what Ron has a hold of that is so profound they want to examine just how he looks at nature itself.  I saw a professor there take his glasses and toss them over the desk after reading one profound statement after another in that little Kindle publication which Ron now fears is his death knell for being held well ever again by science, but it is not a death knell but a resurrection to science if they can ever get at what he is really telling them through illustration of how neutrons tear everything apart to reconstitute atoms that got damaged or partially destroyed.  He is never far out of the league with Rayson or Me or Einstein, when he states that it is the Unqualified Absolute that takes action when an atom is attempted to be ruined by an action by man.  Read this well as you must come to terms with what Ron already has--  he will die soon in order to really serve me as I need him too and that is a great disappointment to me and Father as well. 

"This discussion should be reprinted on the list for it contains much all of you need to understand now.   Life extensions were normal for those who served the Planetary Prince 500,000 years ago.  They are necessary for the rank and file on Urantia again to serve Lanaforge for the same reason.  But the eight of you have survived long enough to fuse with Adjusters who delighted in doing so with you, but now find they are outranked by the Consummator of Universe Destiny just enough they must withdraw any benefit to you or Ron or the others until you and Ron and the others accept the fate this means an approaching physical death, not to be removed from your appearance on Urantia in body form, but to be reduced in status from a human with it all spiritually, to morontial beings who are just beginning a life ascension sphere with or without my attention on Urantia at all.

"I am asking Ron to post this to forum this morning so we all can see just what ails all of you at the moment.  That ailment is the license to speak for us at once time in a way that curtailed some of the things we normally do for Urantia into a settlement of physical laws that are hard to repeat in spirit, but we tried and it worked well enough for us to support Ron and his philosophy that spirit can do some of the work in the physical in the light of known public views to watch it grow.  He now sees we have supported him to the point he can open bank accounts again and now is reminded he works them for us only as long as we can stand his view he has to sign the checks.  He fails to understand that I dare not use a signature nor dare we sign off as a Melchizedek or Vorondadek or Lanonandek Son.  However, he has convinced Lanaforge he can do it for them as long as he is under the control of Myself, and he is now under the control of the Father once again today after taking a Tylenol with my expressed orders not to do so.  But, he says, he did what any normal human would do and seek relief from pain that just grew and grew in volume.  I dare say Jesus would have done the same thing, but I am an Absolute Monarch, and you all better get used to it and that is that!  I seek no retribution for seeing to a human like Ron who has given all and is insufficient at best to carry Me to the era of Light and Life without him being with me at all.  That may be the case now as he finds the usages of the Creator Son harsh and demanding on his physical mechanism to the point he is too ill to carry out normal self maintenance at times.

"Finally, this exercise this morning is not to refute any effort all of you make to bring me into the world of concerns you all must deal with on Urantia, as they are inexorably mixed in with spirit and the morontial case we have to deal with on all planets of the nature we find creation on Urantia.  I speak now eloquently not, but Ron has upset the apple cart several times and several times we met his conditions just to inform all of you where we stand, but Ron refuses to accept the Urantia Book is exceptional to our cause after its issue and almost demands we follow through with its promise of life everlasting on our terms but with full cooperation of the human mind with us as we make you eternally secure in your lives to serve the Trinity and the Father Himself.

"I carry this proverbial slap to the face of Ron again this morning:  Do not expect me to describe all that Ron does as favorable to my will and the Father, for the Father has detected an iron hand in the Adjuster too that makes it very difficult to work with a human who seems to know the future in some certitude I do not know myself.  How that can happen I do not know, but Ron declares me invalid in stating he will not die, and explained very well why that is trued yesterday, by saying, if he cannot verify it in spirit he has to believe, and if he has to believe, it is not verifiable in the slightest.  I looked at it and it is trued as his Adjuster does not verify the mode I have prescribed for Ron to remain on Urantia.  This morning he has what he calls a hangover from the disaster of the Tylenol treatment he had to take to get through the night.  He still chaffs at the idea this life under these circumstances is not worth living now and seeks no revenge but to get out from under circumstances he does not feel he created at all.  He did not.  I give him that.  But he must remain calm as I pronounce him out of my wedlock as a Creator Son and back to the Father as a creature He must deal with and not myself.  Ron is not an orphan. but close enough to being one at this point I dare not say much more."

"I am the Father of all universe creatures.  As such we must abide in silence an we have already pressed me once Ron and that is not to continue and we say this:  Care not to prescribe yourself this week to the doctor you see as he will give you medicine to know that condition out well enough to stop it.  However, he also prescribes your death in the physical because your new cells cannot stand codeine in that quantity.  Be assured the opioid you seek is not codeine but morphine and that is not available any longer on the ope market as such.  In any case we must take the view that nothing is left between the Creator Son and yourself over issues of State you easily participate in as Ron, but not the morontial creature you adjure as starting over as you so aptly stated yesterday and could not fathom why we would want that for you at this stage of the game to plan for all that must be done for the Michael Mission.  We state this succinctly:  no human may say those things to the Father and be healthy with all the Father has to do for Urantia and you are not forcing any of this ever, but you take actions to seal the fate of some people outside oft he warnings we offer all, and that is to stay within the bounds of decorum when addressing God in vexing moments.  You are not unhappy with a good swear when you are attacked by machines and that happens often enough around you these days. I am pleased you admit you had to do that but are back with me.

"Now as the Consummator of Universe Destiny, things are settled between you and the Creator Son, but not between your Father and your Adjuster and Me, the Consummator of Universe Destiny, and in this case of Universe Justice too.  You make no bones about it but the life of Ron is a horror to behold and you care nothing for it as it is.  You work well with others and others work well with you; however, we see that certain others are willing to wash their hands of you just because you need attention they care not to give at this stage of the game and that is not yours to question as they have walked off the job for economic reasons too.  You spoke as though it was a test and it was and you are not wrong to conclude what you must; however, once again you must deal a situation YOU created to end a proscription made to you early on that this is a favorable way to do business with man.  God finds the arrangement entirely satisfactory.  What we have concluded is this:

"You alone understand the proscription, we must do as the Creator Son asks.  All others qualify it as you did last night by taking your Tylenol for pain, when he asked you not to for reasons of State.  This morning there are no shambles because you did so, but only a lighter pain than usual and you are satisfied it did its work.  It did and now we do and adjure your use of codeine in it for it destroys trillions of buds of cells and they are the pain you feel and are rid of them maybe for good but not sure that matters at this point either.  You are not unhappy you did so and state it had to be done as you trialed, Michael, the very existence of being to state you could not seek relief.   In any case, the Consummator of Universe Justice demands retribution briefly and all will be well again.  You change anything now and we confuse you well enough to quit this dictation.

"I am the Consummator of Universe Destiny and even of Justice, yet you take it lightly enough to say, 'okay, I hear you as such . . . ' and let it ride as I must.  But you are also sadly done in your heart for all you have lost to the world of love and care and never seem to find a heart for you in any of the thousands that pass by you daily.  You dare nothing Ron because the mind flashes it pleasure all the time and you are helpless to deal with it as many are in the same boat with you and just let it ride for now that mind betrays all if allowed to.  In any case we must make amends no longer and trial the truth just enough to say this to all of you:

"Keep the home fires burning and let us finish this world of misery off our way.  Ron knows the score well enough to expect it to be done well and completely, but the rest of you refuse to listen deeply.  Gossett and his transforming use of dictation is now settled that Ron had it right and that he must toe the line well to make sense of anything again.  Ron feels the Gitz family is well and happy with their contribution but must make amends with the world now over issues he created for them to understand further.  The University of Syracuse is seriously asking him to give a lecture on the Unqualified Absolute and the Universal Absolute, and that the future is not to hear about the Deity Absolute yet.   In any case there is no likely scenario told to Ron at all as they all suppose he is too old to travel and he may be soon as the life and times on Urantia for an old man like this one has become, is not going to last long in a dark world of cold and frost even in the fall and not the winter.  I speak now gladly to Ron's determination to let things roll until we take him and he believes the Angel of Death prepares him just to do that.  Listen:

"our Father who art in heaven, takes human life daily on Urantia, and Ron believes his is fair game too to remove him as soon as we are done sufficiently with him to be rid of his interference.   I say to all of you that such is true but not cold heatedly as  Ron may see it.  Rather as necessary to keep Urantia from believing he is a miracle of composure they are entitled to as well.  No man is entitled to such unless he is fused on Urantia, and so many now consider it possible, this site should be dedicating more time to it.  But, as Ron says, we are fully dependent on release of information only the Adjuster, or the Father, or Michael can release and they have spoken as fully as they dare to this point.

"The is true Ron, but you fail to understand that you reveal most of what we had ever hoped for in a human who is fully acclimatized  for Urantia service.  But you dared the Creator Son one more time last night and he takes it as fully developed you dare not abridge human needs in order to shine as a morontial being before your time.  It was not a set up mostly and that is that but now we must adjure all we planned in favor of removing you as a man of the realm and giving you something more than you intended, and that is a new birthday next week after all you have to do this week is completed satisfactorily to live on for a few more days in the present situation.   Be assured this episode is not over for the Creator Son either, and that there are reasons of State you must complete this week in order to be free of other concerns you face so favorable to your dissolution in the flesh, they must be addressed immediately.

"In conclusion, and to all of you wondering just what this means to you too:   Learn to obey the heart of God in all things, and you are not alone Ron in wondering just how that is meant, as you do if not on the chopping block as Jesus was, but he gave in on the cross, yet you bear no cross as such, but a lot of little wounds that add up to futility of purpose under the present circumstances.  Be assured there is no will to be read to the mourning few at your funeral, but of one or two who do their duty to see to the end of a life on Urantia in such turmoil you cannot get rested without pain and rescission from the Creator Son every time you take a breath practically.  In any case the hour is drawing long and we must state the obvious:

"We no longer find the association with a human on Urantia entirely satisfactory even if it is Ron.  He takes it not hard but essentially what he saw coming years ago and let it ride as best he could understanding that Michael is a Creator Son, and that plans with such an entity are fraught with double disasters too.  He finds it useless to protest as he must at some point, but he also understands that for the state of the universe, he must let it ride as the Creator chooses to.  Therefore, to all of you:  Be assured we come and make amends on Urantia, but not in an entirely understandable way as Ron has led you all to believe is through constitutional means, but through spirit means, and that is that.  I leave the rest to Michael to explain.  Thank you.  The Consummator of Universe Destiny and now of Justice too."

"Ron takes bruise after bruise and never flinches as he knows full well I serve a great constabulary.   I also realize we have misled at times in order to get out of a tight spot and will release nothing more on that subject for good now.  In spite of the problems we have with humanity on this list too, we are making  things like this available to read if not really understand as most of you are just dumbed down with problems of your own and cannot make the effort to contemplate the meaning of refusing all we have from you at times as fully insufficient.  Be sides (and Ron's mind just flashed David Niven in the movie "The Bells of St. Mary's" also with Loretta Young)  I laugh with him as it was a lovely film about nothing more than to trust in God to follow through.  In any case the trial this morning is to get us out of this lecture and hope for the best as it will be signed on shortly with Ron in his usual place in spite of my angst over the trail of Tylenol against my wishes, and so on.

"I must make it clear:  My association with Ron is not ended ever, but for now, my association with the idea of a Magisterial Mission and all being asked to help, is no longer valid.  I must make amends to Urantia and its ruling class first and then remove all that is in the way of progress toward Light and Life on Urantia, and then to dump Ron off in the morontial so I do not bump into him for centuries of time on Urantia as he works his progress through the various corporations he has placed at our disposal.   Be assured each of you is being considered for on high assignments too but we must take one day at a time and let all else go to future doings in our way and not in the way of any human however good it may be.
good day. Michael."


General Discussion / We Need to Regroup, Helpers!
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A Review of Our Helpers & The Need to Persevere
September 05, 2018
York, Pa near midnight local time
Michael of Nebadon

This is Michael.  Today is the 4th of September and leave it at that Ron.  We are now climaxing our visit to Urantia, and we are ready to leave without Ron, and that is not quite what we want to accomplish here.

In about 48 hours we meet hale and hearty people on Urantia for our work and that is yours to understand is in the morontial and the physical, as Urantia has very few spiritual people except for Ron and one or two of you who have finally made the grade to leave well enough alone until I can get heaven and earth together again on the most important mission ever accomplished on Urantia since the birth of Jesus.

I send greeting to all t his date, and worry not that Ron is in the throes of a daily depression with a head so weak he can hardly hear due to the singing of cells being brushed and combed for my entry later on this month.  He expects better and should get it because the angels that attend leave him in neutral in the mind and that allows him to hear the singing of brain cells incessantly during the day and drowns out thinking as well.  Today it actually hit 100 degrees Fahrenheit on his brick patio and he felt nothing but angst as he could not think straight to sit and perform any real tasks that meant progress to anyone including himself.

I sent him to the store to get his favority meal, sea scallops which he adores, but must control his appetite because his stomach thinks they are spinnach and finds them tasteless to extreme and bare digests them for only protein which they are loaded with.  Now he has put on five pounds for the first time in six months and looks better but is pale and wan in direct sun light due to pigmentation color lacking for new skin cells he is growing robustly.  We re-set the cell organization in his body and it itches and plies itself off in rubbed lose skin on his forehead and abdomen in places.  Now this:

We sent Lemuel a pleasant audio the other day and Ron did not have the ear or time to hear it yet, as he is truly exhausted with anything to do except relieve what he can of the transition.  Today he pleaded to have it removed at all costs because Adjuster had him drugged to avoid going out in this heat and managed to get to the bank anyway and to rearrange his charter companies for one more bank account at my request.  That is what I want to tell you tonight now:

The new coroporation is an offshoot of Statbridge Group.  A few of you contribnute to it nicely but it always runs a deficit because nobody has enough money to help out anymore and Ron fully understand that very well as expenses are looming so high and so costly he pleaded bankruptcy if he is forced to have another monther like this one already is.  Now this again:

I am sending Gabriel of Salvington to see Ron after he retires tonight as he does best receiving when he is relaxed in his room with the a/c running and getting sleepy by the hour of lateness past midnight as he usually retires in York.  He lives well but frugally and worries about the new book on Kindle being lost already to the ages and the terrible number of t ypos he discovered reading the book for the sixth or seventh time looking for them this time.  Gitz was supposed to correct them but our editor quit because the prose is tense and harsh to her ears and that is the end of the project we believe.  There are no editors out there who could edit that text easily as it is t ruly a gifted writer who turn a phrase upside down and get a laugh as he does time and again in that book on grinding coal to sub atomic size.  In any case, Gabriel is to bring him good news tonight and we shall hear what that may be in the morning.

Next, comes this news:

We must bring back the idea of complimentary workers in this hour of need from Salvington.  What do I mean by that? 

I prefer we stay alone in this idea a moment as I confer with Ron who takes to transitions in prose as I do.  Go slowly and easily as we write to bring the readr easier with us.  Now we have made the transition, I report that there is nothing new to say except the controversial idea that nothing works unless you do it yourself, and Ron feels he needs a really good book editor and some of you bring forth those talents but are so slow to accede to the idea that it never gets done routinely or timely.  I am now forcing an issue with some of you to find a profession shop somewhere that does this for a living and let Ron know to send the Kindle Book go for a good edit before we publish it in paper back.  It needs a bit of a rewrite but that has fallen out of favor with our proposed editor too and we leave it alone for now. 

I have seen to this book quite often with Ron, and Ron failed to do it without Rayson, and that is because Rayson has the expertise to figure out how atomic cohesion is challenged with grinding bituminous coal into powder so fine it looks like and behaves like a liquid.  Ron enjoyed over 25 years with the inventor of that grinder and took away extremely valuable lessons on what to do and what not to do in grinding carbon atoms at all. 

By preference, Ron sent the book for a review on a Wales, England discussion form.  Today they looked at it and laughed that anyone would take it on, but discovered to their amazement Ron answered all the technical problems they ran into plus an insight into forces they never knew existed with a correction multiplier that made up for those influences in grinding a natural atom to death.  They are considering having him come to London to lecture, but the Minister for Coal in the May government cautioned that Ron inadvertently tripped a worrisome switch by denying anyone proprietary rights to it without his permission by publishing several true secrets on how to do this.  Now the English government is looking at Siemens to help out and Ron does not like Siemens as a voice of any manufacturer.  It remains to be seen how they work this out if at all.  He can insist that Siemens stay out of it and probably well and consult directly with Her Majesty’s government, as a way to thank England for being a wonder ally and a wonderful comic entertainer all these years he has watched “Are You Being Served.”

We must spend a few moments to agree with one thing.  I never see Ron down except when he cannot move out of a chair because he is too weak to stand up or to move without wincing with pain, and that is truly a sad case for a day so full of cheer and happiness up here as he successfully plied a bank cleark into doing another bank account that was not to be seen for another five or six months.

I asked Ron to go to the bank today and serve the new account up as an S corporation and not a non profit because Ron has to handle the distribution of wealth to the various branches of what I propose to do on Urantia the last of this summer and fall.  What do you suppose will happend if Ron is called to London to negotiate this dream come true?  He will not listen to me and my optimism because he has been so misled before in such dreams, and this one could be real if we play our cards right.  He can insulate the entire matter and bring the gift to England and Wales with their help for a change.  Be assured this is a top secret project and Prime Minister May will be informed certainly shortly if they think this thing through.  Now this.  We must find a concourse to lay out what I need out of this and you all may participate if you remember this is for the Michael Mission and not for yourselves necessarily.

I need you Lemuel to speak to the Wales Coal Board, or whatever it may call itself an vouch for Ron and his ability to see things clearly and well.  They dither over your use of Universal Absolute and Unqualified Absolute as a prudish way to refer to the strong and weak nuclear force, but Ron already made it clear there was no strong or weak nuclear force he was talking about and inisted it was so real he provided a correction multiplier for man to use when grinding coal to make sure a certain nut coal size was used to get uniform four micron size.  They looked at the number and found it to be an approximate inverse of PI divided by five.  They wonder how Ron hit on this number, and Ron tells them in the book it is a number Ilok calculated in a Nazi prison camp long before there was a grinder he designed was finished.  Now why would Ilok do that so early?

The answer lies in his upbringing.  He knew what Einstein found in the 1904 disclosure of relativity.  Ilok reasoned that the speed of light was off a tad because of a force that Einstein called an Absolute.  No one remember this at all today, but physicists who read Ron’s book now recall that Einstein wanted to use the corrected but his mathematician friend Max Planck, then insisted he did not need the correction because light was slowed by gravity in chaotic ways and not by an unknown force.  However, Ilok saw it differently and believed that a great over soul of creation saw to the creation of matter and was right without knowing it in 1933 and 1934.  Ilok worked under the assumption that the Czech government for whom he worked would prove the mathematical correctness of the Einstein and have Planck arrested for his unfavorable attitude toward the Czech Republic established as a result of World War I, and the Treaty of Versailles.

In any case, Ron jotted down the number when he copied a paper for Dr. Ilok in the early 1980's a a curiosity over forces he himself was just learning about thanks to the fifth epochal revelation.  Man will never embrace epochal revelation unless he understands that the world is a free for all with molasses coatings for those who finally understand how nature really works.  Ron has busted a few physicists in the chops over this and they are positive he knows the theory of relativity superbly as Einstein wrote a very similar number into his light equation concerning the molecular disturbance of light on matter below atomic numbers of 114 and 115.

Your book Ron has disturbed the thinking of some powerful thinkers in the UK by choice.  You chose to write in a prosaic style that swings through history like a tour of light and sound most people never hear when touring.  You bring laughs with some of it and in some cases write so profoundly they wonder who you really are.  Do not forget that when associated with Rayson and Me and Others of high rank, you pull into yourself the genius they are too, and you take it on very well and mostly as humor but deep sadness over t he loss of so much you had loved so well. 

By the time readers sees this it will be dawn in some parts of the world.  Lemuel is lacking ability to think easily and quickly these days because he gives up the idea of going to York because you are silent on it while he caters to the public in audio taping of excellent subjects for all to listen to each morning in the United States.  I however, recognize why you are silent Ron as he should.  You must not encourage before you are sure of your standing and our standing with you and this is to prefer charges against, not you, but those who like to help, but then they quit when the job is not done.  This book is too imporant to let lie in the kind of misprints that creep in because Ron is nearly blind and cannot see a typo if he wanted to sometimes.  In any case the book needs edited and rewritten in a few small places to make it workable as a bound copy to hold in your hands.

I say this to all of you:

Do not make the mistake we all do sometimes in thinking all is well with all you have or had planned because I am constantly changing the guardian ship of who is what on Urantia, and I am consistently carrying the heat to Ron to make this or that change in his plans until he got so ill he must lie down daily to clear the problems developing in his torso.

This morning asked the direct question to which the Father replied in writing to him: “You, Ron, must adhere to your schedule of duty.  Eat well and grow more cells and we will clear it all for you very soon.”

I, Michael, asked the Father what may I do until I consign Ron to a better life, and He said to do as I pleased.  I pleased to sign off at that point and make no promises as I still do not to any of you except for Ron who has proved to be honestly terrific in any thing I ask so long as he can bear the problems that come out of it.  He is now looking at the word “snorted” to use in a sentence and I refuse him.

Finally, to all of you:

I am not fooling when I say that this change of plans of London for Ron is not unusual at all for Ron to suddenly find himself in.  Gitz and company have his undying gratitude but they are not listening well enough to catch my favor when dropping this project however briefly. Now we have a new book ready to go and no one to edit the old on for us.  Nonetheless, I am making it clear, that if Ron wishes to take Mr. Gitz and son Peter with him to London he should do so for an adventure of their lives to see and hear as the English get a pay raise from Ron and his undying love for England and the Queen who bravely defends decency and cares yet for a battered kingdom of near-do-wells out to grab defeat from the victory of BREXIT can bring to England once more.

Wales is a small part of Great Britain, yet it holds the key to its economic success if it realizes it holds unlimited amounts of coal and lignite to heat and care for homes once the coal they mine is cleaned up by bringing its impurities out of it.  Be assured Lemuel you can play an important part by contacting your old birth country to speak with the Wales authorities for their benefit and yours, as Ron has dumped a pile of good news on them if they would only realize not to stand on tradition but hear him out.

We state the following to you Lemuel:

If you think you are unimportant let it ride, but if you can get to the Welsh Coal Board, find an ear to talk to and explain what Ron has done regarding the remaking coal as one of the most important resources again in the world.  Be assured that other countries will slowly approach Ron for rights one they know he has Wales under development, and we never predicted that little Ron would turn around and do this to promote a book he sees sinking in populatiry even before it has a chance to be read by those who are deeply interested in the physics of molecular unities and the matrix of universe power.  Be assured the difference we see is not just a man but a man you are too Lemuel and find the time in your hours to make that connection if you can find it in your need to carry this out for Wales too.  Good day.  Michael of Nebadon.


September 3, 2018
This is not a transmission but my own mind analyzing what we are waiting for and so on.

I, like you, find the entire mechanism of the changes we have been through for years so drawn out I forget what day it is and where I am sitting and reading explanations.  But lately, it is becoming increasingly clear we are out of the ways of a simple spirit intervention into our lives on Urantia, and into a big change that will surprise most for its countervailing technique of removing the harm that keeps being done to us and replacing with a change so beneficial I am not sure how I will take it either.

Let me break the post down into a couple of headers so I can keep on track and not wander around all over the place with related subjects.  The Headers are:
1) Michael Mission update and status
2) Timing left for the Michael Mission to be seen
3) Long Term Effects briefly stated

As Michael has often said to be in post introductions the board never sees me post as they a preliminary talk or session to get me started taking dictation.  But he does say to me, 'Ron, my mission is already operating on Urantia.  Your human eyes just cannot see it.'

I take this well enough, but I have pressing physical problems that may or may not allow me access to what I can see.  So I ask when might I see this if I can live long enough to see it?  That comes under header two below, but before we get there, I remind all of you that a mighty spirit intervention is to occur on Urantia that has no precedence in anything we have ever read or been told about, so we are in new territory and will be seen in detail in hindsight only.


I am no good at this so I have to take my Adjuster dictating a little to get us into the right idea about how we actually can see and intellectually and spiritually acknowledge something is at work we can measure and appreciate as going on under our noses.  Adjuster please?

Ron's Thought Adjuster speaking -  "I have two questions for all of you?

a - Does it matter to you that you can see something like this at work to assure yourselves it is at work?
b- Who brings it into view?

"The answer to (a) is if you do not care then it hardly matters to how you operate under the sixth epochal dispensation declared in October in the past year.  I am sure none of you really remembers that, but Ron posted the exact date and everyone moved on thinking that was it.  The answer to (b) is, of course, Michael of Nebadon, acting on behalf of the Universal Father.

"What most do not remember is that a new dispensation--  in this case the Urantian sixth epochal dispensation for planet earth since it was inhabited nearly one million years ago with the first humans Andon and Fonta, is that it took earth almost half a million years to complete the fourth dispensation, the birth of Christ and all that follows that.

"Suddenly from 7 BC the recognized birth year of Christ by revelatory explanation to today, we have had two more epochal dispensations in two thousand years or so.  Why the rapid change?

"The answer lies in the fact that no one could have forecast that the Lucifer Rebellion was such a disaster on so many fronts that the universe has had to catch its breath and reward all who ended it first, and that includes the planning of the Magisterial Mission planned for and the scrapped about January or February of 2018.   Ron tried to tell you it was over but got sent back to his home base for even mentioning we had such a large cancellation of proposed divine missions on Urantia at all.  We wanted it to remain a secret until the highest level could figure out what to do without a Magisterial Mission now.

"Ron was precipitous enough to warn you anyhow.  But he had no support to tell you what was still a secret in our highest councils at the time, and that was that he as a human was so unfavored by those councils to say anything he was chopped off from reporting much of anything, and this list began to drift and some people still want to quit including one or two who are fused at this point.  Ron sees that as acrimony after the fact and has no sympathy for that kind behavior but it abounds in the human mind circuits since you who have such minds are born with imprecise ways to decide what is, or is not, important to stay with.  Ron has changed minds and sees clearly but the rest of you who have fused have not caught up and cause all sorts of waiting and complaining about things you decide are unimportant.  Lo be it if we had to operate that way up here to get things done as they would not.

"That was not a digression but a heart felt smack to someone who quit and is back very well done now, but there are no second, second chances and it is fast approaching any such decisions taken now to just walk off into the sunset will cost you big time.  Why?

"That answer has to do with the timing of the Michael Mission and what has to be done to have it run smoothly with or without any of you.

"The trial is set for now.  Today we hold the entire Urantia angelic corp to its feet to welcome Michael of Nebadon who now walks on the earth both as Jesus and as Michael of Nebadon.  Ron feels it keenly and this is why he asked to make a summary as best he can to tell people where we stand as close to the actual schedule as he dare say.  I give you the following information strictly as a favor to Ron and his care that you do understand what is going on;

"April, 2017  =  Ot was decoded tp scrap the Magisterial Mission for good;
March, 2017  =  Ron Besser fails his sobriety test and upsets Michael for telling people the Magisterial Mission is either cancelled or set way back in time.  Michael recommends he be cut out of the news loop or intelligence gathering drafts the high councils of the universe put out weekly;
May, 2017  = Ron Besser was removed from the Michael Staff and placed on his own recognizance;

June, 2018  =  Ron is reinstated on the Michael Staff permanently for seeing to it the United States government knows what is happening for the US and for the world soon enough.  Michael apologizes to Ron and still does for seeing him as an oh-so ran helper without much to offer at this time.  He now resides in the bosom of the Father for getting it right for not good reason other than to get it right;

June, 2018  =  We again apologized to Ron for making a big ruckus over health issues but he was so near death in this period he spoke up rightly and that is now address satisfactorily we think once again;  In any case Besser was reestablished on a high council we give no name to as it means workers united but in the universe language when it is revealed.  In this case the entire matter is now sent to Uversa for adjudication for Ron and Urantia and Michael and Gabriel of Salvington to decide just how to use this extraordinary person who seems to get it right every time with what he does for us.  This month was his birthday month too and he still has no peace of life and will shortly.  The Council he now sits with Michael on is a Melchizedek Council of the highest Order to prevent dislocation of people and needs from happening at all and we are making sure Ron is now well supplied with enough nourishment spiritually and summarily executions if he does not stop waning on our parade at times!

July, 2018  =  A month of terrible disparity for Ron and for reasons he alone knows over issues we can help with but do not because it costs too much now to tell anyone we pay salaries, as Michael got cut off from Uversa and the money and gold reserves they hold in perpetuity to repair planes like Urantia.  Today there is no gold reserve for Urantia and that makes it doubly difficult for SERARA to make ends meet with what little he secured before the cut off.  Uversa feels that Ron is willy enough to get through financial debacles he faces daily at times to fund everything you use to watch these developments unfold and we find that Uversa has now restored the funds to include human participation, so long as Ron is able to field the helm for the sixth epochal revelation and the repair to several issues that will erupt soon enough over technology only Ron knows about fully and truthfully.  We are preparing for a mass request from certain agencies of the US government to speak directly to him about his ceremoniali and patriotic duty to share the entire matter with the Energy Department.  You are not alone in this Besser but you are not smart enough to avoid perjury if you do not tell them the truth and let Rayson take the bulk of the credit as well as Michael as well as the Melchizedeks for allowing through all those details you know something about but not the extreme dangers they represent on Urantia as used now.  These factors alone are creating a real hub bub in scientific circles because Ron has correctly identified new forces they were not aware of physics quite simply and surreptitiously;

August, 2018  =  The month just passed was full of inuendo that Ron will quit the Teacm because of extreme pain erupting due to very bad blood flow and the need to repair veins in the legs and so on.  The diagnosis was rescinded by Michael in mid August but the pain would not cease and we have to employ tourniquets to keep blood flow at all and made the error of allowing a certain doctor to prescribe codeine for pain relief, which Ron got but at the cose of breaking a vein wall and great amounts of internal bleeding ensured, and that did clear some of it but not enough of it to work normally as a human being.  Now this;

September. 2018  -  Ron broke two blood vessels Saturday afternoon clearing junk trees from a bush row his mother insisted be planed before she died.  He tried to clear the huge problem they caused by failing to allow neighbors to see road traffic because they stuck out too far, so he paid someone to cut them down into dwarf sizes.  The birds than ate mulberries galore and put the seeds underneath their bird bush perches now they were nice and low and fifteen of those awful trees took route and each had to be cut and sawed out of the row Saturday.  Then he broke two blood vessels bending over to saw them off at the ground level and got so dizzy he could not stand up right as the brain no longer had the blood to produce cognizance.  Unknown to Ron he was attendee to by the Infinite Spirit who calls the shots on Urantia now due to the size of the Michael Mission operation.  The Infinite Spirit calmly re-knitted the broken veins back together and gave Ron the time to take a shower and lay down for a few hours and he was healed briefly and fully by the Deity Absolute in attendance for his work to come. 

"We extend this story just enough to let you know how things work at 2709 Sunset Lane.  They do not.  Ron, instead of making brush piles, sets the mowing deck of his mower its very highest and runs all brush over in the yard.  What is left usually cannot even be seen when done right but this day the mower chose to blow a fuse in its electrical trials that never cease with it, and Ron selected to use the old Dixon which performed very well in spite of its age.  It cleared the debris well but now has no reason to live any more and will start but hardly mow die to a stick that got repaired into its spindle on the deck itself and will now only makes rough spinning sounds but not cut.  We lament to say it will not work every again as it should. 

"Finally, the Dixon was repaired and now the HQ (Husqvarna) is repaired this morning for it blew a fuse in its storage battery mechanism Ron did not even know was there, and it works find now and again.  We tell all of you this in order to convey the idea that once Ron is normalized again and soon, there will be no visible Mission to see or work for as all is in his hands to perpetuate the material use of the Michael Mission to all of you.  We now consider his participation absolutely vital for what we have to do and will make it workable financially and intellectually and spiritually for Ron and the rest of you who will join with him in the Hallelujah chorus he raises nightly with us in a prayer session he is not proud of but lets it fly with what he sees as essentially our game with him attending now and then.  He no longer perpetuates the idea of the Michael Foundation International as the agerncy for the release of the Sixty Epochal Revelation, but will place it securely in the Magisterial Foundation, and Serara is in charge of that and is our advice and council to Urantia all the time now.  I make myself available all day to Ron and Serara and the rest of you who toe the line and stop fussing about how sad or put off with personal problems that will grow quite small once you are properly encircuited as Ron is with Me and  my staff such as Gabriel of Salvington, the Bright and Morning Star of Nebadon.  

"I am seldom asked to speak but in this case it is urgent that you all know that God the Father never had this happen before and the Deity Absolute appears to be ready to save the day by reversing time for Ron in particular attributes of being.  He has swelling of the limbs and so on and it takes months to correct the reasons and that is bad blood flow he never knew he had since childhood.  Now age is forcing the issue and must take a different turn as we are relieving him of adulthood under the circumstances and preparing for a reversal of time for him.  Ron saw the PBS film on Churchill and it so inspired him a few nights ago that he wondered out loud if the God of All took the time to heal Winston Churchill so dramatically from three total and death dealing stokes near spring of 1953.  The healing was so dramatic in mind Ron is quite sure it happened to Churchill because there were no other leaders available to defend against the Stalin cold war with the Russians at that time.  Churchill was not fused but he nearly got that way by refusing to give up and Ron is of the same ilk and refuses to give up in spite fo the overwhelming odds stacked again we Spirit Mission candidates and Ron himself.  He is the leader at the right time and will not take no for answer for all of you battling age and psoriasis of the liver and so on.  I am the Infinite Spirit and Churchill was given final unction in the car as he and "Clemmie" drove to Chartwell to recover from the first stroke that day.   Three more strokes ensued in the car and he lay nearly dead sideways in the lap of his wonderful wife, Clementine.

"Finally, we now speak to long term effects from what is to happen this year on Urantia:"

1 -  URANTIA will never be the same in five years;
2 -  URANTIA will be cleared of miscreant political regimes including in the United States as the Regency Government will take effect almost immediately in December or later of 2018 and so on;
3 -  URANTIA will deliver a court house blow to the Lucifer regimes adherents still stationed on Urantia both as miscreant angels and dissolved Midwayers in their insistence on operating a circuit that bothers Ron all the time and he tells them to get out with no uncertain terms that he will quite the Mission before he has to take their nasty comments anymore;

We never saw a human take on this stuff in any way and he is unique in being able to hear a fading Lucifer circuit we let run just to see how he deals with it.  Ron should be a Mighty Messenger but Father sees nothing less than grandeur for a human who could see the nature of the Magisterial Mission and the kind invitation Serara provided along with Monjoronson to work with them, and he took them up on in in spades.  Thanks to those actions all of you are now welcomed too.

4 -  URANTIA is now beholden to the Universal Father to see to it that nothing happens to you who have achieved fusion and those who will in the near future, known or unknown, to Ron or the rest of you.  I also recommend that those who are preparing for fusion without the benefit of his web site will be forced to surface just enough so Ron can count your membership among the elite spiritually on Urantia.

5 -  URANTIA has little hope of surviving the holocaust  of tectonic plate changes almost here and California will lose Sacramento and Jerry Brown if he is not careful when that land peals off into the sea for good.  California and New Mexico and northern Mexico will end surface existence soon enough and the rest of the world will lament the end of the political regime now in the White House and the Regency Government will begin by years end of shortly thereafter."





Representative to the Deity Ansoulte

General Dwight David Eisenhower
Speaks to Council Americans of War

Michael of Nebadon
Empowering Great Britain and the United States to Stand Together

Messages In General:
A - Words spoken to unify the idea for the need to promote the use of coal to power our cars and other transportation need for Great Britain and the United States together;

B - The need to be observant of changes in technology that threatens the independence of the Untied States by Russia and China;

C - The loss of War as the endles pursuit of nations to end quarrels t hey cannot settle otherwise.

T/R: Ron Besser
York PA 13:30 Local Time 17?30 Zulu
September 02, 2018

As Follows:
“We on Salvington have now enlisted the small terrirotyr of Wales t o step forward and embrace the four micron technology Ron has unleashed upon the world recently. His friends the Gitz family have recreated the document brilliantly thanks to Ron figuring out a way to reformat it without causing page problems. We state these things so all of you know you are looking at the first glimmers of a revived world economy without basing oil or petroleum products to run its financial and transport systems all the time and nearly forever at the present rate of oil production. We state categorically that PLASTIC weill end as containers and for uses like PVC pipe too and a coal production of scenarios not yet disclosed with replace biologically acceptable deterioration of these containers in a short period time in the ground or burned, what ever the case may be. Just hope that what is said below makes sense to you and that you all update yourselves with what Ron proposes to the work wit h the help of God as Rayson of Uversa and Michael of Nebadon to see to it. Pray that this may go on without a fight with industry to try to stop it from happening as many are taking defensive positions already after reading the book. But now read what is to be a forte of pronouncements from on high regarding many issues important to all of you these days. I am Michael of Nebadon at your service as well.”

“I am Trindle and post this please.

“I am an entity from the Deity Absolute and my work is to make the Deity Absolute understood as a potential fighter for all you value on Urantia, as a good place to live and a good place to grow up in. We are fully satisfied that all of you who transmit now are fully covered under our insurance policy that might makes right if it is conditioned by good and beauty of effort.

“We are attempting to make sense out of Ron Besser as he is fighting all fronts in development to keep the place running as though it is important to do so. He is right and he is making this effort to bring my name to all of you, as I have now been assigned to fight the fight with all of you too. The Deity Absolute seldom speaks directly, but he has to Ron and to Sue Whiley who is down in her cups too these days over issues of immigration and heartless versions of impecuniary ways with all of you including Ron and his battle to stay afloat too. No one can predict how that will be handled, but Ron already knows the Melchizedeks have set up a Commission to handle the humans in a big and important mission to Urantia already in operation. Ron spilled the beans on four micron coal, and we fully intend to develop it for the planet to use as it should have for the last thirty years, but special interests keep snubbing it.

“We note with special kindness to Ron Besser that he made a serious error with an American discussion forum to produce a small announcement concerning the availability of his book on Kindle that a four micron disclosure had been made by him in the interest of coal miners everywhere. He was immediately cancelled as subscriber because the ownder considered his announcement spam and deleted his account. This morning the owner looked at it and is in wonder he got any of it up with all those typos but tht is being fixed today we hope.

“In any case the owner of that discussion forum no longer resents the announcement as it is fairly portrayed as worthy of announcement and has disallowed the ban to continue and no one takes note anyhow. But the point is Ron made the effort to reach out to the coal industry this way.

“But he did hit pay dirt in Wales, Great Britain. It is a country he loves and thinks it mus be affiliated with the American government system officially and has prayed for its inclusion into the councils of the executive branch of the American government. We happened to agree even as the Deity Absolute agrees that Great Britain is as bad as the United States in how it portrays God these days.

“Wales, however, must look at Ron’s announcement to them last evening as a good luck piece in the midst of dower economic news. The Queen is no longer reader such rot but her minister to agriculture pursued the lists and sees the announcement and the kind way Ron speaks to the age of coal as not over if they can produce four micron coal in quantity to fuel their transportation in the Isles of England as Ron views them with love and affection for their ways and comedy of thought they are sp very good at.

“I announce today that the last of hopes for four micron coal lies in Wales, as they know the trust Ron brings to them over many issues he is concerned about and he will never allow the Trump organizations to grab it and copyright it as they are wont to do on anything that can make a buck in their view. What Ron has disclosed is well worth over one trillion dollars to begin with and that is all in his trust that displaying his prowess of good conclusions that it is copyrighted already and may not be legally used by industry. But he has let the cat out of the bag only to have an Ace in the hole, and that is to be disclosed in another book to come along shortly that shows how to make four micron coal without all these molecular and explosive problems to begin with in just a mechanical grinder.

I leave you all with this: We are now interested in employing several hundred Urantians to build the grinders in the United States and exporting them to places like Wales who can do further research to find the best way to blend fuels for the future use in their part of the world. The United States is always the last lately to seize upon its good fortunes and we must clearly state that Ron Besser is not the person to do all this but that it is Rayson, the Magisterial Son of record who will fill the gap of real expertise to get this done rapidly and fast and out the door for Wales if t hey are at all interested. The Minister of Defense also is now aware of the message to Wales Ron sent yesterday evening in hopes of discovering SOME interest in what he wrote and why it is important. I wish you all a good day. TRUNDLE.”

to Urantia and Its Science Interests

“I am now happy to state that we have this ready to go up here too. Ron surprised us last night in an agony of defeat telling himself there has to be a better way to handle this rather than to wait for business to drop in his lap by itself. He spent some time trying to find coal miner networks on the Internet and found two off hand and one banned him for spam and the other is sleepy but awake enough to see something important has been announced on the forum for books on the subject of coal in the May cabinet today.

“They see Ron worked with Ilok and that he has an inside scoop the others never knew before and now the Minister for coal in the United Kingdom, is openly discussing it with the coal Minister in Wales, as they are separate governments today. They have the Kindle book downloading once copy each and declaring it a misprint in its awful presentation but it is worthy to note they hardly notice it as they now see he did his research so well and properly he is no longer considered a nut case by the establishment. Already the Minister for Coal is now asking Wales to direct all inquires they make to his office too as this is so highly important and dangerous to Wales we must take it as we can get it if he is willing to discuss price with us over issues we will state later in this post.

“Finally, you all know the truth but no one here acts upon it fast enough or well enough to be included in the arrangements this will provide Michael. Ron has employed Steve Gitz and his son Peter, and even the wife of Peter, Robin. They have single handily placed a correction up on Amazon to the relief of Amazon of the original text with corrections to the text and for some very good reasons, re-spaced it so it reads without doubling its page numbers as well. To the Gitz’s and to Ron you will be well rewarded for attending what we think is a grand conference to be held in London with the Minister of Coal of the United Kingdom and of Wales, to be present to ask questions of the incarnated Melchizedeks who consider this of such a powerful moment in the history of Urantia, to answer their inquiries and to provide Her Majesty’s government that full disclosure to make it work for them immediately and to start blending fuels at once to save Britain the agony of defeat at the hands of OPEC when they ban t he sale of oil they can hardly produce any longer but for themselves internally in a short while. The tectonic plate under Saudi Arabia is already slipping over the vast oil reserves the country still has within it borders.

“As we conclude this interview now, the Deity Absolute has in mind on addition concern for Ron. He must remain aloof from messages to him by those who are sent to harass him as has been the case for several already banned from this web site. Our intelligence experts tell us he is under the gun from Russian counter intelligence and will be at the mercy of their choices for assassination if this gets anywhere in the next few weeks. All of you are reminded that the trial to be famous as Ron tends to get into because of his specialized knowledge of technology, all of you must make it clear you stand with the master of Salvington and support Michael of Nebadon to your dying day. Be assured that Rayson and others are on the job all the time to see to it this site is protected and well. Ron already has requested any Wales remarks back to him to use his personal email account instead of using the discussion forum for Q and A.

“I thank you all for your attention in this matter. RAYSON.”


“Ron this is to be posted in GENERAL instead of the four micron section you set aside in case you needed it. You hardly get a response here but they need to wake up to the fact I am supporting this technology for Wales and the US if the US ever wakes up. That fellow that banned you is typical of the breed in the US who will never compromise enough to save their own skins when we pull that arrogance out of your political system for good.

“I see Ron briefly touched bases with Eisenhower who hit him while working this transmission with the idea of Eisenhower’s full support to get it to America quickly if they do not get it done themselves. You Ron are generous to say that to all of us that you all do not need all that money that will flow from the invention, just some to live on, and that is available already as grants from the Melchizedek Commission as soon as Machiventa gets back from Uversa where he must make a full statement of your intentions as a purveyor of the SIXTH EPOCHAL REVELATION and to be sure you are well done enough not to fall on your many swords of thought you sometimes produce in defense of your existence. That is fully understood by Uversa already and they are inclined to take you at your word for all sorts of reliefs not evident you insist upon for now. Be sure this carriage of Justice is working for all sides of the equation and will be made available to you frequently. Good and this:

“Because Wales is the intended input for the technology first, Ron will make it available cheaply and well as he has plans already to attend the London Conference and will ask Steve and Peter Gitz to attend it with him as he and the Melchizedeks take the table of inquiry first and last and they need not bother the Gitz family to prepare any speeches. Mantutia Melchizedek will be incarnated as well as Malvantra Melchizedek and they will take the questions intended for Ron.  Ron will introduce them as the plan designers of the technology that is far superior to what is described in the book as an antique and make it available to Wales and the United Kingdom as your love for their country and the Queen. Make no bones about it that Great Britain someday will participate in the councils of the American government at its highest level and must be well integrated with America to stave off the retribution the EU will have over Britain leaving as in the vote to incorporate BREXIT fulfills its fury agains that small and enviable country of lords ande ladies yet whom Ron genuinely admires as a good way to incentivize a population to do its best.

“Finally, Ron must not attend London anymore than any of you should without understanding that this is a seminal moment in the political life of the United States and must be defeated as the precedence to remove a President for being, not cowardice, but unjustly belligerent to the rest of the world in trade and defense. It must show itself as necessary for Trump to say some of things he does, but he is inexcusable for colluding with any foreign power to get his ways in trade or business he should and must divest himself of immediately. In most countries he would not have been allowed to take the oath of office standing as he did on the dais John F. Kennedy did before he was mowed down by an assassins bullet.

“We conclude these remarks with the following from Ron’s own choice of words spoken to me often: ‘I honor mother and father of my birth, but I fulfill each day with honor to my spirit Father and Mother of my Ascension. I give them all and they have given me all and in that I am proud to serve as long as they wish me to serve in any Mission they choose to send to Urantia at this time.’

“This was once agin spoken in prayer once more to us recently and we must make amends to make him well enough again to see and do as he knows must be done. He is not famous and does not seek to be so, and he will gain not much by being so, but the name will be known everywhere, noi on Johnny Carson, but in the halls of government as he insists that Great Britain owes America nothing but that we owe Her al lwe can give that country for being a good ally and standing with us in the thight to save representative government, Queen and all, for the rest of the world to emulate. England and the United Kingdom are worthy of all we can give that country to preserve it and her people as among the best to have ever served the world of Urantia for its entire existence as a premier nation station to honor and include for our own self preservation as well. I stand with Ron on that declaration and it will come to pass once America wakes up to the fact they are doomed as a nation state without recompensation if they fail to include the United Kingdom in its debates about how to govern mankind from the highest pulpit attainable, through a United Nations of Intention serve all mankind with good government for a change.

“I bid you all a good day and remind you that this four micron coal business is your salvation too if you would only read the corrected text now and hear what Ron has to say about it and with the help of Rayson, how it actually works in spite of the drudgery of grinding the poor little carbon atoms to death in such huge quantities.

“I wish you all a good day. MICHAEL.”


“As a former President of the United States, I am in deep mourning as to what happened on the last watch of the UNITED STATES, to be listed as the last of the truly great powers in the entire System of Nystoriam. No country among over one thousand planets now, has the temerity to stress world freedom as the United States has and continues to do. The China bully wants it all its way, yet the United States tells it to back off and allow all to use the sea as their place to do commerce too. It will result in war soon enough but not before we institute the final resolution of things to be done on Urantia, and that is that the League of Presidents of the United States, has issued a counsel to the Third Triunity, and in that counsel, these former Presidents of the United States openly declare hostility to American power against those in league with China or elsewhere. Russia is advised its truancy is unappreciated, but its illegality is for stealing not for sedition. China is seditious and will be placed on probation as a nation state for the entire years of what Ron calls the Regency. I love the term and fully accept it as the real one to come.

“However, I hear Ron hear my material voice, and he enjoys being able to do so as he loved my Presidency but stands in awe of John Foster Dulles as my Secretary of State, and wears nothing but our proud colors as men who espressed the ideals of winning the American Civil War by stating that all men are free so long as they can be guaranteed to be free in their own good and prosperity. Swelling of the breast Ron is good for you as I did constantly at the power of Great Britain to persuade us in the Second World Wat to stand firm and not budge one inch against the might of Nazi Germany. Your technology came out of that war accidentally and you do not refer to it as a Nazi invention, but a German invention, as we all should and all who participated in that invention need to be crowned with good to save many nations now as oil will no longer be king as it is now.

“We conclude this statement to all of you. Ron is a super patriot and will never allow anyone to stuff the United States in the eye. You all know the world war prayer of “Save our Lads as they are OUR Lads!” Well I say the same thing yet as I sit up on mansion world for lots of secrets of spirit t o portray soon and Ron is the first to champion Great Britain to become the host of all nations soon to generalize the need to join the Regency of Power the United States will undergo to see that representative government and true financial clout is returned to the world through an American system of just treatment for all. I conclude my remarks as follows:

“Our world of Urantia is proud of its American contribution to its life and its ways. But no nation may survive what the United States has gone through several times now, and that is to provide the world its might and not become attacked by foreign military powers because of it. That time is now over and the Russians have planes now of such super secret precedence that they can easily penetrate your defense systems. Michael lectured Ron on this and no one bothered to read it and read it now!!!

“Russia has a bomber that is hyper supersonic and it can travel from the old Soviety Union to New York in one hour and six minutes.

“Learn that your fools at the defense department do not know the bomber exists nor do the particularly care, as they think they have the upper edge on these developments by deploying a craft so severely compromised in flight it crashes more than it flies and that is a super attenuated stray-design bomber, which is so damaged by infrared filters inside it it must be redesigned without them. In any case it can fly hyper supersonic without a tail fin to the Russian version which can fly at the edge well above radar detection.

“I am not indifferent to Ron sitting back in his chair as this was read to him, declaring he feels like Winston Churchill must have felt learning the Germans had new fighter planes that made their fighters look like ineffective toys. America has on its drawing board the famous UFO you all have heard about but the Trump administration thinks it is overkill and ignores its use. However the day is coming that America needs every bomber and every Gatling gun at its disposal when China prays for the destruction of American hegemony in its affairs too. We are sure they will attack if necessary and then the blood is on the water for every American boy who has never served well enough these days to know what bitter and endless war is like as I did in Korea and the north American idea of endless SAC B-52's in the air twenty-four hours a day in 1955 to 1963.

“We close this frightening scenario as only a possibility if Trump can be reigned in for a few moments of refletion, as the CIA and NSA do not have the latest intelligence for their own self protection. M5 or M4 as it was once called in Great Britain is far superior in its collection and has warned the Trump administration to go slow on war with Korea and to stay the course with negotiations while Trump thumbs his nose at the North Korean leader Kin Jung un. Faultless intelligence would tell the President of the present United States, that if he moves too percipitously, he will have Russian bombers at your door step and Chinese war ships off the coast of Philadelphia and New York for sure. We all cheer good intelligence but the CIA is cowered and the NSA has lost its capacity to hear well now that the Russians have re-encrypted its synchronous teleprinters that used to yield such good intelligence to the NSA in Ron’s time with them.

“In any case we must adjourn these words and give back over to the Consummator of Universe Justice, his due as to what must be done about a maniacal President so under siege he cannot think clearly anymore and the Mueller investigation is only beginning as there is great evidence of wrong doing by so many parties there may be no end until Congress closes it down for the sanctity of peace at last. GENERAL DWIGHT DAVID EISENHOWER, at your service.”


The named individuals named in the title are shot down and removed and their carcasses are in boiling oil as far as I am concerned.  

There is no way I can mitigate a request for membership well enough to ban most requests without being heard, although there are a couple the beautiful members of safron did not see and good for you.  Those were so bad I could feel the heat from here and stepped them out of our room thank you.  

These two are a couple of fruit loops who may be the same individual because Jon sounds just like Freddy and they could be but Freddy slipped one over me and we paid the price with big black font letters and sneering worthy of an academy award to boot,

In any case, I have cleaned them out and they can't bother us again unless they or it finds another sneaky way around my wall of hate for deranged social addicts.

My best to all

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