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General Discussion / Re: Condition RED
« on: March 15, 2018, 06:24:50 AM »
Michael and Ron,  I am overjoyed to learn of your reprieve and that you will be with us in  human forum for the next few hundred years.  I hope and pray for healing and relief for you whatever it may take,...and soon....Really enjoyed the Loretta Yong  reference... I always really liked her work.......Larry..your old and ole later today... am off to a 7 AM start time.......

General Discussion / Helpful Images
« on: March 14, 2018, 03:06:53 PM »
In recent days  we have discussed the importance of the brain stem in the human brain and the Hippocampus gland in it's importance  and use in transmitting.  We all learn in so many different ways and I in particular like visual images to help me understand and to be able to visualize a bit better just what is going on in the process of T/R work.  
This morning while  I was working I started thinking about these two important factors and again when I got home and started my reception work in preparation for doing an extended reception as suggested by both Michael of Nebadon and Ron, which I  will do on Friday morning.  I am adding these links in case any of you also might find it helpful in your use of mental visualizations in uderstanding how and what is used  in our Spirit work.    I hope you may find this helpful    Larry

General Discussion / Re: Condition RED
« on: March 14, 2018, 02:05:52 PM »
I just want to report that I am working on this today...well actually it began last night quite late... at least a late  hour for me, and before I read "Condition Red>"  I was sitting feeling drowsy and  I typed a message to Michael as I often do just to make contact with Him and did, in a few minutes receive a message back from Michael, a personal one, that in kind, was similar to some of the information shared in Ron's  Condition Red post.  The reception felt much different  than otehr messages that  I have recently receive. and I specifically noticed that my typing was considerably much faster that usual,  as a matter of fact it seemed  like my fingers just "glided" quickly across they the keyboard unlike anything I had ever experienced, although I still made many typing errors.   Since I knew the message was personal and I was not going to post it, I did not take the time to fix all of those errors.  But it felt different and better than most of  my recent receptions and gave me some  new energy, vigor, and perspective and even the idea that perhaps I had made some noticeable progress which got me very excited... a feeling that I have lacked recently.   My plan is to practice a bit today and tomorrow and then on Friday it happens that I don't have to be in to work until 2 PM and that will give me the 4 or 5 hours  needed to devote to  a much longer  reception  .Enough about all of that for  that is not my main  purpose today

What I really want to discuss is the  information from Michael and from the Eternal Son concerning Ron's Life Form.   I  too am disheartened at the prospect of losing Ron even for just a few days, but  I have often wondered if this change to a visible morontial form would occur sooner than later since it may well turn out that that is the only way for him to be without the continuous bodily pain and suffering that he has been in for almost a decade now.  I had prayed many a time, with many here I am sure, that perhaps he may have been healed  by direct Fiat from the Father.  If that is not to be, then  what is now proposed does seem like the best solution..   I can not imagine how peculiar and emotional this must be for  him or any human to  wiegh and deal with, but his  Spirit is unlike any human on Urantia. He means so much to me and many on Urantia, that it is quite emotional to even consider even knowing that it may be the best solution for him and for the Missions.
A couple of day ago, "the Book of Fealty" was mentioned which I re-post here  since the word has again been by the Eternal Son  and Ron makes this conversion  for himself, for all of us   and for all of Spirit and for the Missions  which he  has so well served and will continue, like no other human, to serve as he prepared to take this Oath of Fealty;

The Book of Fealty
“We are close to the Advent of Jesus however it plays out and I have my staff fully assembled and Ron and company will set foot behind me often to show his face to the world. He is also my press Secretary and I will make sure he does gimp upon the stage to present his findings. He is used to quiet and plain fare at home and he will not get that as he is going to be as well known as the President’s Press Secretary not. He is to be used sparingly so he can work on the Urantia Book Foundation as his first priority. His second priority is to find a good partner to help carry the weight of all of this on his shoulders. Nonetheless he carries one huge responsibility on top of all of this: He is to show Monjoronson fealty of Service before the Assembly of God and will bear witness to the divinity of the Magisterial Sons by signing the Book of Fealty which Monjoronson will place in the Father’s Temple.

 My love and respect for you Ron is eternal and anything that I can do  for you, EVER, is offered now and on into our work' in the Outer Space Zones.   LarryG

JESUS - The WHOLE SUBJECT / Re: JESUS Speaks and the Advent of Christ
« on: March 13, 2018, 09:36:21 AM »
Thanks Allie.  Point taken.  Larry

JESUS - The WHOLE SUBJECT / Re: JESUS Speaks and the Advent of Christ
« on: March 13, 2018, 07:37:48 AM »
I agree Clency, a review of protocols will be needed albeit it may still yet be some time before we are face to face with Jesus in person andwith  His assembled staff.

This remarkable posting has some surprising and sweeping changes  that we all accept as this work begins. The fact that, as Jesus has stated,   "We are now loading the tape onto the transmission outlet for my announcement this coming March. It is very close to the 15th or a little later, and I do not want a bunch of chickens flying around the room as this date approaches....."  I am sure that we all are in great anticipation as to the content of His text especially now that Jesus tells us decided that.... "I have decided on a gentle approach first, and damn the torpedoes second..."

Another big surprsie is that  the "compression of time" will bring Margul,  Trinity Teacher Son as Representative of the Trinity and His Mission of bringing  Urantia the the Era of Light and Light will now be done in  500 years instead of what was originally forecasted at 1000 years, which certainly means the work to be done will be even greater, as this was presented to us in " The Changing of the Guard.

I, too an a bit sad to learn that Serara and Monjoronson will withdraw and,,, "Besetting all of this is the departure of Serara to Paradise to take his seat on the High Council of Magisterial Sons"

There are other things I wanted to respond to  but I have to be at work in a few minutes.

In closing this off for now, I do want to say that in the past few posts, there have been a few comments that I find perplexing like the one in this one..."Larry just enjoys the ride if it comes to having to make fusion decisions on their service to Monjoronson and Serara, the Magisterial Sons of record on Urantia"    These comments make me sound  like I am not committed to these Missions  and that I am a bit lackadaisical or hohumish about these Missions and I  just don't see it that way at all.   This is probably because I am a little inconsistant in receptions but please know that I do take responsibility for this but  there hasn't been a day go by in the 4 + years that I have been a member of this forum that I have not several times a day thought about these Missions and felt that these Missions, however they are finalized, are the most important events to ever have occurred on Urantia.

The decisions how they are to be is up to the Father, Michael, Mother Spirit, Jesus, Margul and others who are our Universal Administration.  I support them as best I can and with my dedication, faith and diesire to be a part of it.   I have tried to keep expectations, and speculations  and emotions in check for truly my desire is to serve the Father and all associated with the coming of these Missions.    

Sorry but I have to rush now to work.
My deepest gratitude for this latest announcement.  In love and in service to the Father.   LarryG

Timely addition and memory Phyllis. Larry

From the section  from Goldilocks all the way to the very end of this revelation is absolutely extraordinary and  when it is said that this is a "revelation of a life time", so it is.  It is one of the most captivating revelations I have read since getting my first  Urantia Book..

   As I was reading this I was so reminded of the suburb way it is written for it is is written in that language that is of the highest order., so reminiscent of the grand and formal style of our First Urantia Book which so carefully and skillfully guided you on to each presented revelation.  I just can't tell you how much I am enjoying  this!

The conversation about Original Will  is incomparable and the questions asked by Ron and answered  to the simple affirmative by our Michael of Nebadon, take my breath away.

When I first started  my initial read of this, I thought that there was no way that I would understand even 10% of this and perhaps  that percentage  ended up being some degrees higher than that.    And don't misunderstand me here... I am not professing to get it all by any stretch of the imagination!

 By the end of  all of the rereads and I was overtaken by the sublime joy of it for this is "revelatory gold" that has been shared with us.   I look forward to reading both of these last two wondrous postings again and again in the next couple of days.

    Thank you , Thank You, Thank You!    LarryG

I am on my second reading and I can say that I am certainly glad there is  dictionary included with the computer!   And I am having to take multiple breaks and let the smoke around my head clear and cool and go back and reread  and reread and reread.   I have to really give you a big congratulations on this Ron and say thanks for the "Goldilocks" analogy for it is really helping bring all of this back to earth, at least for me.   More later.....LarryG

As I am reading this  hard worked reception and revelation to us from Spirit and Ron, and am going through each section paragraph by paragraph, highlighting for myself each important point, we have been so fortunate to have been given this very new revelation before many others about the Supreme in  this section:

God the Supreme Has Moved In Havona from Circuit 3 to Circuit 4 - Immensely Important Sign of Supreme Self-Identification Has Now Occurred

“We already know from the URANTIA Book, that God the Supreme exists on Circuit Three of Havona, and that is where most pre-Finaliters fuse with God the Supreme in mind. But the presence of this Deity changed this past week Urantia time and relocated on Circuit Four, and is a direct indication how far done God the Supreme is before actualizing in Orvonton when he personalizes there and receives all who have Adjuster fused so far for remedial mind work with Him, as MY Immanence of the Projected Incomplete will end and I will project the complete unfoldment of the Supreme in time at that moment of residing in Orvonton.

Since the subject of  Circuits of Havona from our Urantia Book were particularlly mentioned , I wanted to  refresh my memory of that so I researched this and submit and share it if any of you are interested as well.    Finally I have some real quality  alone time to come and study and take my time and really enjoy  these two works that Ron has devoted so much time and effort on for us.   Ever since he mentioned that he was working on them I have been very enthusiastically awaiting  them....  LarryG

3. The Havona Worlds

5. Life in Havona

This paragraph  specifically talks about the  7 Circuits

14.5.4 When intelligent beings first attain the central universe, they are received and domiciled on the pilot world of the seventh Havona circuit. As the new arrivals progress spiritually, attain identity comprehension of their superuniverse Master Spirit, they are transferred to the sixth circle. (It is from these arrangements in the central universe that the circles of progress in the human mind have been designated.) After ascenders have attained a realization of Supremacy and are thereby prepared for the Deity adventure, they are taken to the fifth circuit; and after attaining the Infinite Spirit, they are transferred to the fourth. Following the attainment of the Eternal Son, they are removed to the third; and when they have recognized the Universal Father, they go to sojourn on the second circuit of worlds, where they become more familiar with the Paradise hosts. Arrival on the first circuit of Havona signifies the acceptance of the candidates of time into the service of Paradise. Indefinitely, according to the length and nature of the creature ascension, they will tarry on the inner circuit of progressive spiritual attainment. From this inner circuit the ascending pilgrims pass inward to Paradise residence and admission to the Corps of the Finality.

and just for a wonderful read:
. The Purpose of the Central Universe

I  did not write this post very well and not really very good or clear and consequently  it has been misunderstood because of that so I have deleted the text of it.....LarryG

Mother Spirit and Sue. Thanks for this most intriguing reception and information.   In Mother Spirits comments to you Sue I especially tuned in when she stated :

“I am Mother Spirit and I direct Sue in this path she is to take as is now my task to recircuit her in her mind-type in further work in revelation as it may occur to her in due course."

This entire subject of  installed circuitry is so  fascinating and I have always  wished that  we could have a detailed discussion and explanation of  how this all works.  Who, how and what kind of circuitry is available for humans and  how is it determined and the different "families" "mind types" and when are the conditions ripened  that are gifted by Mother Spirit and Her Administering Adjutants.  I often think of Ron and all of the many circuits and other types of installations that have  happened to and for him since he represents and demonstrates more than any other living human just what  can be accomplished by such dedication to the doing of the Father's will and forsaking so much in order to have accomplished all  he has been able to do with Spirit.

I really appreciate  your reception and hope we can learn more about this fascinating subject that affects all of lus and even more so in the coming months and years as Jesus comes, as more fusions for mankind are accomplished and as these Missions are made public for all eyes to see and bare witness to and with.    Thanks again....LarryG

Threads for New Transmissions / Hold Your Dreams/Values In Testing
« on: March 08, 2018, 11:38:57 AM »
Andromadeus – Mother Spirit – Hold Your Dreams – Values in Testing – Larry Gossett  - 8 March 2018 – Florida

Speakers: Andromadeus
                Mother Spirit
Subjects: Hold your Dreams
               Value in Testing
Category: New Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida -8 March 2018 – 13:30 GMT
T/R: Larry Gossett

“Larry G, this is  Andromadeus and I come just briefly  since you have called and so often hold Me in your thoughts  and have asked for my involvement with you this morning, so let’s get to it.   I know that deep down in  your dreams of service lay the desire and interest in the Ministry of the Interior that will be forthcoming on Urantia through Jesus, Serara and Mantutia and with the many Melchizedeks that will be assigned this great and important work  with the Governments  and other Dignitaries  who represent Religions, Education, Science, and Commerce throughout Urantia in the coming weeks and months. I see and sense that you always perk up and listen well whenever My messages are delivered, and I appreciate and make note your steady interest.

“This work will be quickly established.   And although you may not at this moment have the needed experience in the beginning, I tell you and all reading this that your desires and wishes to eventually work in  your various areas of interest are yours to develop into as time and experience is afforded you who have specific areas of interest already in your minds and hearts.    

“Ron will certainly be assigned and more than likely Lemuel to travel around Urantia in liaison with those assigned to this work.   Much has to be accomplished at these levels  and at this juncture only Ron already has the expertise and natural ability that can be so helpful and necessary as Minister of the Interior.  But fear not and keep what you want to do always in your mind and we will provide for you the necessary experience that it will take for you to qualify to achieve your goals.  That will happen as you are ready and as you experience that will give you the nod to move ahead.  

“I tell all of you that your hearts desires are open and available as long as you do the prerequisite work and do it with dedication, persistence and consistency.  For that lack of consistency has often been the stumbling block that many of you face that sets and holds you back.  Even though we have reminded  all of you time and again, still you sometimes  falter and set yourselves back. Many times we have used the saying of  you can lead the horse to water but can’t make him drink.   You are in charge of taking the necessary steps to progress along you path and that can only be accomplished by each of you.   This is Andromadeus and I thank you for the invitation to address this issue as  you continue to hold those thoughts dreams, and supernal desire of eventual work with the Ministry of  the Interior.   I bid you good day.  “

This is Mother Spirit and we have been waiting for you to again take up your work.  I know that you have been through the wringer in the past few days and hopefully have learned some invaluable lessons that you need to learn.   Through the trials and testing that is given FOR you, and not necessarily TO you, even though it may seem that way, you must realize, all of you, that this testing, if you will stop and take an honest look and review of them, is not only our gauge but  more importantly your gauge, and points the way to something in particular that would be to your lasting benefit to learn and recognize.   You can utilize the end results of  these tests and trials, if you but will,  to give you clarity and a boost to your understanding   They are not done for any reason other than yet another way of guidance, lesson learning and evaluation.  So, my  children, take these results and let them provide you with the treasure that they really are.  This is Mother Spirit and I leave it at that  or now, other than to say keep up you work, really concentrate of being consistent for it is that that will achieve for you the goals that you seek, and by all means let go of the world.  For it truly serves you not.   The House that  Jack Built is gone and has nothing of value for you.  Good day.  “


I also just want to say that  I get excited every time the "hub" is brought up again and then always get disappointed that it keeps getting put on the back burner.   I often try and get "thought messages" to Ron, but never seem to be successful... not surprising considering how many Beings  are in his ear all the probably needs one of those machines that grocery stores  use that dispenses a number for the next in line...".take a number"    Larry

Well, well, well, I have to say that this remarkable and informative post and message may explain to me and others who may have been  going through this although in much smaller or lesser doses than Ron.

  For the past two weeks and  specifically in the past 4 days, I have been wondering , asking and searching deep within my mind and heart just what the hell is going on.  Why have I  not felt like myself , why have I been having so much negative energy  surrounding me when it is so out of character for me and not characteristic nor representative in any way of  the real and true way that I feel and think.

  I have been right on the edge of lashing out at the most ridiculous situations and quick to be annoyed and even angry at the  most insignificant  things...things that I fully know in reality mean absolutely nothing yet I have been unable to  change it, nor have I been able to free myself.   It even got so bad the other day, that I  yelled out to this negative energy, whatever it was, to "GET AWAY FROM ME NOW"

Finally last night I said to myself and to anyone or anything listening that "I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THIS ANY LONGER...  BE GONE!"

I can so relate to much of what has been disclosed here.  While I haven't had anything disappear, still there have been a few very strange things  happening,.  I certainly considered a "testing" of sorts but even the recognition of that probability didn't seem to result in any change  or relief from what I considered to be close to an attack of sorts.

As these types of trials and tests may occur at any time and especially as we get nearer to the visible appearance and establishment of these Missions,  to which I am, as are many here, willfully dedicated to, I think that we all must  not only be prepared for, but should "expect" that mankind will initially be dangerously resistive and  insanely reactive to what is occurring until such time that acceptance makes it's way into the human mind and heart, and actions.

I have, since joining this forum in September 16th 2013, and learning about the coming of a Magisterial Mission and ultimately the "intervention" of Spirit, incarnated in human and/or Morontial  form, to reclaim and remake Urantia, tried to maintain my focus and attention, time, energy and even a little money via donations, to the "immediate" tasks at hand  to get the Missions running on the ground.  Admittedly, I may even have done this to a fault.

These past few days, although  challenging and disconcerting, have cemented for me at least in my own mind and heart, the level of my commitment.  There are subjects that may escape my deep and full understanding, but I will not be dissuaded from my interest in and for all who work at any level or in any position within the scope and outreach touched by the Missions.
Ron's work in these past few days is phenomenal.  I hope to be able to get back on track  with the work to be done here, especially now that all of that negative energy has of last night been dispelled and ejected.   I am deeply grateful  for this messaging for it has explained  some of what I suspect has been going on.

It has been a real testing and a time of  trial.   I watch the House that Jack Built continue to crumble to nothingness and  into the drink of despair and we are advised to  "let it go" as we work with Spirit to Co-Create with  the Father, with our Thought Adjusters and Entities who will be involved to get us to Light and Life

Ron has introduced us to several  previously unknown Beings and Entities and he has brought us new revelations.   My deep thanks and gratitude as we welcome them and get down to the final weesk that unfold before us.    In love and service.....LarryG

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