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Threads for New Transmissions / Seek Our Council
« on: June 24, 2018, 08:55:17 AM »

Malvantra/ Ophelius – Seek Our Council – Larry Gossett – Florida – 24 June 2018
Speakers: Malvantra/ Ophelius
Subject: Seeking Our Council
Category: New Written Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida – 24 June 2018 – 08:45 EDT
T/R: Larry Gossett
“This is Malvantra and yes I see that you have come to establish a link and connection this day. I am quite pleased that you and Lemuel, Sue,  and Amethyst have so openly and quickly acknowledged the new information and  announcement that I am to be your direct Supervisor in the times that lie directly ahead.   You and any others on the forum are included in that notice, for none of you are excluded in the preparations for this work  with those who will be incarnated on the planet and those who remain in Spirit as  consummate guides, teachers and advisors  Trust and believe, as I tell you, that the work to be done is in need of any and all of you .   Stand fast and continue on with the work of transmitting for it is your doing of it that will  make it to your advantage for each of you personally for your won growth in soul and in spirit and for the Missions.  The details and plans are , as all of you know, are being redrawn and the work continues to gain the approval from those that have such responsibilities to see this thing get on the ground  on Nysatoria.
“This introductory connection, as we establish this type of circuitry with you and others, will serve you well  and will serve the Missions well in the weeks, months and well into the years ahead.
“I tell you, as a matter of fact, that all that you do to keep abreast of the changes that are revealed will allow you the time and energies to make the needed adjustments to your thinking and your spiritual perceptions, and ultimately your understanding.   You have all done well to stand fast, albeit it would be better for each of you to stay better engaged showing your commitment to this avenue of learning through being an active member here and  to be more actively  in your responses, but be that as it may,,  your faith and commitment has continued to develop and has grown in ways that you may not even be aware of.   We truly appreciate the ways that all of you have grown  for there was a time ,not too long ago when the membership would have been all a flutter with writings of discontent, withdrawals,  and yet you who remain have done so exceptionally well  in accepting these many changes and not broken stride nor faith, nor purpose in these Missions, and for that steadfastness we recognize you in these achievements.
“I keep this brief and remind any and all of you that Spirit  welcomes your growing awareness each and every day.    For today I bid you a good day and know that we shall work together and come to know each other as these new directions are being prepared and brought to bear for Nystoria.    I bid you good day . 

(I notice a very subtle and different change in energy….)
“Yes , My presence around you does bring a change of energy and brings Me, Ophelius, to  the forefront of your mind and thoughts as you cock a keen and listening ear to hear My voice within your thoughts and it is to your credit, as it is for all of you, to be able to notice these  different energy signatures, even if you do not pick up a specific name.     You have not always been apt to be able to  do this and it speaks well for all of you to be able to discern these subtle changes.   As you improve and advance in your studies and in your experiences with this T/R work, this recognition will be heightened.
  “It is a pleasure for the Mentori to come and be active again as  We have so much to share with you as time and the situation is presented.   I have only this to tell you .    What you and We do together is designed for a future estate that heralds in these new directions that all  and can and are participating with.    Keep us in your thoughts and ask for Our messages..    Our voices and energies are definite and different and as you listen you will soon be able to distinguish the subtle intonations that are expressive of Our way and Our particular messaging.   This should be and can be quite the exciting, encouraging, inspiring, and  can  embolden each of you to  stay the course which will surely be challenged and tested in the trials ahead.   I close this for now …. I was indeed curious to see if you would come and seek My message and council and I will remain  available to you as you call on My name and request My message and guidance so I urge you to  keep your attendance  and honor your commitment as it is truly the desire that moves you forward.   I encourage you all to seek the teachings and council of the Mentori, for it is both our pleasure just as it is yours.  Good day.”

General Discussion / Re: Where Are Those Joyful, Spiritual Goosebmps
« on: June 21, 2018, 06:31:09 AM »
In the next to the last sentence in  Ron's posted reply, the following is stated :

"I close with the idea that nothing is changing for Ron but it is as he must stay tuned tonight to receive a Proclamation from the Ancients of Days to relieve Ron of this pain and suffering and to realign him with hiw own human will for the last days of his work on Nystoria as a human before he is relinquished to the morontial circuitry of Nebadon which he now can take because of all this pain and suffering."

I invite all to pray with me that this "Proclamation" from the Ancient of Days will be successful at this most critical juncture for Ron, for us and ultimately for the establishment and coming of Missions.

If ever there was a time when this new direction, this"system restore"  is needed, it certainly  is needed for Ron.    Let us pray together for this success.

I have to be at work in 20 Minutes so I will log on again after my work day.     LarryG

General Discussion / Where Are Those Joyful, Spiritual Goosebmps
« on: June 20, 2018, 02:15:43 PM »
This post and thread may seem a little silly to some of you, but I have been really thinking about this for several days.   Actually I have been thinking  about it for the past year ever since our site and forum has suffered so much in the way of discordance and so many people who haev left in a self imposed huff over whatever ales them.   I miss some of them alot and some not so much.

But I regress..... there have been times in my growing, on this journey that I have had some remarkable spiritual experiences that  literally gave me goosbumps and I  could tell and feel instantly that  it was no ordinary experience and that it meant something and was not only an epiphany of sorts but a spiritual experience that was one of those times when I would not ever be the same, that I had reached a new plateau.  I regret to say that I have not had one of those wonderful uplifting spiritual experiences lately and I do miss them more than I can say.
  While I enjoy reading about other people's wonderful enlightening spiritual experiences like reading of someone's  near death experience (NDE) where they are taken briefly to another dimension or meet with Jesus in the "afterlife", or meet old friends or family already crossed into the mansion worlds or whatever that experience is that is truly life altering and sets that person in a entirely new direction with a new purpose and a new message for all they encounter along their new path or meeting an Angel or other being of Celestial Origin or habitat, the truth of the matter is that I really want to have my own spiritual experiences again for I have missed them so much.    Certainly like most of you who are members here feel that being led here was one such experience.

Also like most of you who have had spiritual experiences and encounters that give these goosebumps and a knowing that something very extraordinary has just happened and results in such joy, goodwilll, good humor that can not be denied or ignored.   They are a cherished blessing and I want so much to experience them again especially after such a trying and challenging year or so that we have had here.... When Michael says He has  some "surprises" for us I can honestly say that I am more than ready for spiritual goosebumps again... let them come and keep them coming!
 After living on a defaulted, isolated,quarantined, hateful and viscous world that we have devolved into, we could welcome a few surprises and goosebumps that help us realize just what Spirit means to  our well-being , happiness, joy, merriment, delight, mirth, and as Michael so often says, "be of good cheer".

Let these new directions, this restart, this system restore again bring us those remarkable spiritual goosebumps.  Let this be a time like no other as only love, trust, service and the sincere worship of the Father be in our thoughts, mind and heart, and actions.   Let the Heart of the Father guide us always and let that reflect and raise this world.



Ophelius -  An Introduction/A Coming New  Direction -  Larry Gossett – Florida – 20 June 2018  
Teacher:  Ophelius
Subject: Introduction/A Coming New Direction
Category: New Written Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida   20 June 2018   13:00 EDT
T/R:: Larry Gossett
“ This is Ophelius and I come as you have asked and requested my message and  let us now establish a solid connection together and since this is a new start for all of you… even Ron, we will do well together as you begin to retain your  hearing and listening and  better transcribe my coming messages.    My connection with you will be a steady and reliable one that you can depend on in the time ahead as we of the Mentori come and revisit and re-establish our work on Nystoria and especially with those of you here who  begin this new start and new day with us.   There is indeed much to be shared with you and  our connections together will come to serve and advance all of you in new ways and as time moves along in these days ty come  you all will be better off than you were before for what we bring to you is new and different and can be well put to and for your use, knowledge and experience. 
“As all of you know there has been another major reset and that is fine and good and it will unfold before you  and I can assure each of you that it will be worth your time and effort of come on board with us and accept what we offer you. 
 “Just as this may be unfolding for you, it is high time, is it not,  to have the open  mind to  accept and utilize  new and better ways and methods and new directions. New  directions often times can also occasion and engender a new heightened and focus of excitement, eagerness, and enthusiasm.   Let it be so for each of you. This is, in part, what We  Mentori can now offer you if you will but accept it in the spirit that it is gifted to you.  Your Beloved Creator Son and His Co-Creator and Consort, Nebadonia and in connection with your Thought Adjusters have taken  the first steps with all of you and we know well of what you  human mortals go through when the apple cart has been so overturned as has happened once again and even more so that at times before.   But much  is in store for you as those of you who have stayed the course here  will certainly be counted on to continue on in this work even though it will  be in new directions,  And I tell you that these new directions that Michael and Mother Spirit have in mind for you will work towards a fresh clean slate and all is forgiven and all now lays before each of you and it yours to hold and embrace  as we implement these new directions. .  You  rightfully wonder just what these new directions  will take and what I can tell you in this exact moment is that Nystoria will, just like all of you, be reset. 
“It was discussed not too long ago and you were given the analogy of what is occurring  in the here and now and that was of a complete computer “system restore” and that is  a very accurate picture of  what Michael  has and is accomplishing with  this new direction….except this is for the whole of not only Nystoria but other systems and planets as well.   So as you can certainly imagine this is monumental, towering,  and complicated undertaking.
 “The  Universal administration as you often like to call it, has not nor will not abandon Nystoria, even as your Governments and World Religions are so far afield that sometimes seem in total darkness and so mismanaged and devoid of that truth, goodness and  beauty that all of us and you know is at the very Heart and Purpose of God, the Father, Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit
“I know that you feel like there has been a drain and near total lack of joy, good humor and certain goodwill recently and that is so yearned for by the good people on Nystoria and We, the Mentori , will, with all of you who have stood firm footed, and in Spirit, and in thought word and deed as you continue and rededicate  your diligence, commitment and work to reestablish  your connections and strengthen the circuits that  Mother Spirit installed for and with you as  that remarkable gift that results in your service to the Father… doingHis Will in all things.
“Let us keep this first encounter together brief… and let it be an introduction and in the days ahead you may begin to feel more comfortable, confident, and trusting once more   and be aware of My Presence and know that those of the Mentori have firmly committed to come again and do what all we can to assist those who sincerely have the desire and commitment to carry on in this new day and in these new directions and in these new opportunities. 
“The past couple of days We know most of you felt, again, all of those doubts, temporary annoyance  but as Michael  as said…“Stop That!” and as Ron stated, “do not step back but step UP!
“It is only naturally humans to have these feelings of disappointment… feel them and let them go…   remember Catch and Release?….Let only those feeling of joy and goodwill and dominate your experience now…..These new directions will become clearer and the more that each of you come back to that time when you held excitement, enthusiasm, encouragement,  joy, good humor and goodwill and looked forward to your work here.
“This is Ophelius and I bring this our first experience together to a close for now and know that all of the Mentori that have returned to Service here will answer your call and request for a transmission.    Good day and thank you.
“As an aside, the beautiful and exquisite statue next to your computer of  that  clear Lucite Angel, holding the long  heralding trumpet always reminds you of  the coming Seraphic Government that ever watches over you and all on this world….indeed…Hark, the Herald Angels Sing!”

I am so glad that Ron and Spirit  have addressed this Trump/Un Summit.  I said a little prayer to Andromedues before the Summit began thinking that there would definitely be some sort of Spirit  presence and attendance and even perhaps a few Midwayers to  have some influence since this Summit is of worldwide importance to head off and thwart a nuclear exchange on Nystoria.   I tried to visualize  this possible presence... just as I sometimes visualize Ron sitting at  his computer with all  manner of Spirit Beings hovering all around him waiting an opportunity to  share their thoughts and messages.  Since there  is often times so much  "theatrics "involved with both of these leaders, keeping them on point might well have taken Spirit influence.  My prayers also include the possibility that Spirit will intervene and diminish any nuclear exchange that would  so destroy the entire planet and cause  a planetary evacuation.

Further embedded in this thread is the possibility that Ron and possibly a few others of us must be physically "rearranged" or soon meet death.   I pray that does not happen as well for at least Ron seems vital to the execution to carrying out the Will of the Father and the plans of the Michael Mission, the Second Return of Jesus, the release of  "Nystoria: Book of Revelation," followed by some version of a Magisterial Mission.

The proposal of forming some kind of Federation is an exciting one and a Mission Statement of some kind would certainly be interesting to consider.

I plan to reread this today so I can make a better response and look forward to anything our membership  thinks about  all of these.    Thanks you Andromadeus, Michael, Lanaforge and Ron for this timely thread.   More later... LarryG


Serara,  Michael, Machiventa,  Margul, Ron,Sue, Pliktarious, Clency, and all others interested in these two posts… one from Sue this morning and Ron’s post of  :
What More There Is a Need to Know Today 10June2018 Michael Father and Others

I have found agreement and understanding in the summation from Clency that  the beginnings may  revolve around the release and distribution of the book, “ Nystoria, Book of Revelation” or whatever the official title will be, and that there may well be, as the situations occur, that a “possible” appearance and address at  the House of Representatives and most likely a meeting and address to the House Ways and Means Committee.     It is my understanding that this meeting and address is a result of the content of the now infamous LETTER sent to the IRS that made it’s way to President and ultimately to the US Congress.

Are there many in our Government and other Governments around Nystoria who truly appreciate, knowingly accept, believe,  and realize the fact that a Divine Mission to Intervene in the affairs of mankind is either already occurring or is soon to be physically manifest on this planet?

Are there, as of today’s date, Government Officials  in York  who are consciously aware that a Divine Mission of Intervention is transpiring and that York has been selected to be the Site and Seat of  these Divine Missions?

 I would surely think that once this information is revealed to our Government that it would filter out,  very quickly, in some form,  to humanity at large.

There are several very informative statements that are being made:

“…..the House has its own rules of behavior and will insist on your appearance alone as we may not spend Malvantra and even Mantutia in the well of the House where they must arrive without deceit but need it more than you do…”

“You are not wrong that Malvantra should arrive in plain clothes and explain the changes in legislation God needs to operate openly on Urantia and I must concur this is too important to miss if we can carry it off in our later days of 2018 and 2019 and probably 2020”

“Be aware there is tight control on you( Ron) and on them and Malvantra must be there at some point to address the lawmakers with full and honest proposals on his own….”

“AS a result of Ron’s determination to be fully serious of this regime, we are moving heaven and earth to have Ron represent us at the Senate hearings he is positive we will not have, but Ron that is sealed and delivered to the Senate by Trump himself, and McConnell signed on to immediately and he knows exactly what you are talking about in full terms as he loves Jesus Christ and the entire mechanism of transcendence.   Your letter proved to McConnell, that you know what you are talking about and the abeyance of terms you used told him you were human and honest and needed some protection to get things done much better.  He did not see the corporations joined up as that got lost because it did not make sense to anyone but the IRS which has not dropped the issue but they need to the Senate to recommend to the House just what is transpiring in York, Pennsylvania.”

When I worked in the Hotel Industry there was a term used when a new Hotel was opening called “a soft opening” which just means that only a few guests would be invited, limited available open rooms, and resturaunts, which would give the Hotel a chance to iron out all of the details, correct any missteps and services before everything is kicked into high occupancy and a full fledge Grand Opening.  

As Clency stated….”I would say, in a few words, that the Magisterial Mission is still in the agenda, but it will occur not long before the Michael Mission is well established, which consist mainly of an educational program of the world population by the means of the SER and with the help of a Seraphim Government under the supervision of Michael. Do I get it right ?...”  

I do wonder, pray and hope that there will be some definitive, undeniable and categorical event to occur that will publically usher in Michael’s Mission and the Will of the Father, for all of humanity, to establish the Father’s Kingdom in the hearts, minds, and souls and lives of all.

We keep ours spirit eyes open, and our spirit ears always listening for that still small voice that speaks to us, if we can but turn our attention and focus towards Spirit as the Father’s Love, and Grace lift us up to do His Sacred Will and Bidding.       LarryG

I, with all of you, await in much anticipation to read  something, if shared with us,  concerning the results of The Summit of the Creator Sons recently held. 

General Discussion / Re: You Thought You Heard It All -NOT!
« on: June 09, 2018, 09:15:32 AM »
This Summit of the Creator Sons and the proposal of the Father to hear and implement something like that this is truly monumental in it's scope and I look forward to a report oor summary of the results that will impact for all of us here and throughout the Universe.
Posing questions about it seems premature considering that it is now going on.  I have , in part, tried to keep questions from being ones out of curiosity and tried to keep my questions directed and concerning  the Missions. I have always given my support to Ron and our Universal Administration.
  Michael indicated in His comment ".  Larry Gossett you are almost female (what does that mean )in your dislike of changing conditions but you must learn to stand better in your own mind when these things happen.   To my recollection I  have always tried to accept and take in stride, all of the changes, delays, rescindings, postponements,  notices and announcements. That is not to claim that I have not, on occasion, felt and experienced a temporary feeling of "disappointment", however I think that that is quite natural for us humans.  Certainly I have not posted anything other than my 100% support for Ron and Michael and all of Spirit who will serve in these Missions...both human and Divine.

Michael also mentioned:  Gossett you run around worried all the time but seldom take the cure to ask questions except now and then and for that you are lauded."  My response to that is that most of the questions that I have are about the specifics and details of the Missions and most of my questions can not be answered until such time that the Missions are actually "on the ground."  In a way, I have, more times than not, operated from the premise that Michael will inform us of what, when, where  and how He wants us to know.   Asking merely "speculative" questions, until the Missions are established,  is often times more confusing and creates more misunderstanding and even promotes more of a loss of general credibility.
The wisest injunction that has lessened my "worrisome" nature is when we were advised to: "wait until you see the whites of their eyes", which is the stance I have been able to take that works quite well for me.
I fully support the Missions whenever, however, and whatever is finally decided  and implemented and I have attested to that many many times in the past 4 years.
This Summit, I am sure, will generate and present some truly outstanding and phenomenal results and will set the bar  quite high as we receive Incarnated Spirit , and those who remain in Spirit Form to Nystoria to initialize what is finally decided upon..

I look forward to whatever is shared with us as the results of this gathering of the  Creator Sons as They meet with the Father.
I have no doubts that most here are experiencing similar excitement, interest and  renewal.   It is to this that we are all committed and pledged.    LarryG

General Discussion / Happy Birthday/ Gift of Nystoria Book
« on: June 09, 2018, 08:23:44 AM »
If memory serves, somewhat well, I wish Ron a Happy Birthday and think that Michael and Mantutia  presenting the first copy of the  new Nystoria Book of Revelation would be the most perfect and appropriate  of gifts and a completion of his transition.    Happy Birthday, Ron...May it be so!

( And a Happy Birthday to the Queen!)

Ron and Sue.     I did as well

General Discussion / Re: BOMBSHELL! Big GREAT News!
« on: June 06, 2018, 03:52:19 PM »
Archeroptia, it is beginning to sound like you might have an agenda that is quite different from what our site hopes and strives to represent and the goals we work towards....LarryG

General Discussion / Re: BOMBSHELL! Big GREAT News!
« on: June 06, 2018, 03:36:38 PM »
Walt    thanks for that information.    Had I not had to be at work this morning at 7am and as I was running late since my chrons painfully kept me awake for much of the night and early early morning, I wanted to ask you how you " happened" upon the book you referenced.     Then when I read all that has since been written I got very confused....not unusual in the past few days....but you taking this information and making it into a book did not sound like something you would do, not that you don't  possess the talent to do that.   Naturally I wondered about the book' s origin and means of reception but without ordering it on Kindel, which I don't have access to, and since I could find no official website in just the short time I had before leaving for work, I was planning  on researching it but now it does seem that everything about it has been thanks for clearing up the misunderstanding and clarifying that you are  not the " receiver"       it is good to read you again....We miss so many of our members and   I am always  receiving mental thoughts of them....but people have to do for themselves what seems best for them at the time even if we don't always agree or understand the specifics and details...... it is one of the disadvantages of a forum that is strictly one of written words instead of physical personal presence with another.....hopefully in the near fruture that will not be the case and we can get to know and love one another on more personal levels.....nice to read from you again....please stay in touch, even if it is only by the written form we are forced to use.......for now.....LarryG

I can not let this day begin without some response and deepest gratitude for this reassuring and encourageing in depth message from Ron and our Universal Administration and to acknowledge that I have read it through .   I woke up this morning at 3 AM and was prompted and inwardly feeling that something of great import had been posted.   I don't mind telling you that the last few days I have felt that we were in the "Twilight Zone" or a very bad dream to the point of being a nightmare, or in some weird alternative reality, and not a pleasant one!    As I was reading this latest post this morning, I actually caught myself smiling and receiving a renewed  sense of spirit and purpose that has been missing since  that entire thread of the past couple of days  created such sadness, dismay, and confusion.   It was absolutely wonderful to read this one because it felt so "normal" by comparison  to being in that "twilight zone".    I have to be at work in 20 minutes but I just had to get on and express my deep thanks for all that has now been shared and restated for the hope for humnity and Urantia that without this Invervention, our world would most surely self destruct right before our eyes.   I thank you, I thank you , I thank you.   And I prya with all of you for the coming Missions, however they are brought forth.   LarryG

General Discussion / Re: What Next? Pay Attention.
« on: June 03, 2018, 10:04:45 AM »
I thought that too, Lemuel!

Michael and Ron,  I am so grateful that the time and energy was taken to  answer my questions and presented in just a thorough and concise manner..

My first question: 1. Has a “public announcement” (in the short term) been rescinded?

"Ron: Yes"

 It was so disappointing and has really made me wonder how and to what degree humanity will have any idea that a Divine Intervention is taking place.   Just from what I was reading in the rest of the answers it seems that much of this, in the beginning, will be done low key,  on the QT, on "spirit levels" in  the wings, in the background,  and behind the scenes and not necessarily in the "public view"....although I certainly may be misreading what is being said.

I keep wondering who will  physically, in the flesh,  be representing Michael and the Salvington Government and the rest of the Universal Administration.

  When I asked and it was answered as follows :

"5. 5. Is there a significant number of Celestial Beings to be incarnated in physical form, visible to humanity, involved with the beginnings of these new plans and reversions back to …”a change of Chief Administrators to the old system of Planetary Prince and angelic departments headed by Seraphim instead of Melchizedeks.”?

"Ron - You ask what is impossible to ascertain but nothing like what was proposed for incarnations is now available.  I have a feeling there will be a physical representation of the universe eventually for us to refer to as the Chief of spirit work on Urantia/Nystoria, but that is solely my guess from past associations with the 5th epochal revelation in the old Urantia Book, and it does forecast a physical presence without specificity."

As Nebadonia and Her many Spirit Ministries  and the many Orders of Angels, especially those mentioned in Paper 114, available for this coming work, and possibly the Midwayers too, since  they all have the capabilities to make themselves "visible" to humans  as the situations  require, perhaps this will be used more frequently in the initial stages.    I guess that I just can't imagine how much progress can be made without some event that will casue humaity to become aware that a Divine Intervention is underway.   But we are talking about our Michael as  the Super and  Creator Son Extraordinaire and only He knows all that He may have under his sleeve to make all of this work.   And of course it is our job to just expect the unexpected and follow and accept whatever changes are made.

I share  just a few of these thoughts that have been running through my mind in the past couple of days.    a good day to all as we prepare ourselves for what ever is decided and planned.    In love and service to our Father and to Michael and  Nebadonia and all who come to do the Will of the Father...... LarryG

As I reread this particular section, I found that this point :

"4 - Mother Spirit has rededicated certain spirit government changes on Nystoria by reestablishing the Seraphic Corps of function and Destiny, including the angels of light and energy for industrial development and economic sustainment as it currently exists on the planet...."
to be of great significance.   It was mentioned to us that with these current cahnges that it would be helpful to reread the section of Seraphic Government which is Paper 114

114. Seraphic Planetary Government

At the end of this paper is a section on The Reserve Corp of Destiny and as I was reading it, I could definitely see how this could be of great advantage  as it relates to "living humans" as they might be  used in these newest changes that  have been revealed to us.  There must be, as well, many people who may be used when it is once realized and accepted just what is occurring on our world of Nystoria.

. The Reserve Corps of Destiny

114.7.1 The reserve corps of destiny consists of living men and women who have been admitted to the special service of the superhuman administration of world affairs. This corps is made up of the men and women of each generation who are chosen by the spirit directors of the realm to assist in the conduct of the ministry of mercy and wisdom to the children of time on the evolutionary worlds. It is the general practice in the conduct of the affairs of the ascension plans to begin this liaison utilization of mortal will creatures immediately they are competent and trustworthy to assume such responsibilities. Accordingly, as soon as men and women appear on the stage of temporal action with sufficient mental capacity, adequate moral status, and requisite spirituality, they are quickly assigned to the appropriate celestial group of planetary personalities as human liaisons, mortal assistants
114.7.2 When human beings are chosen as protectors of planetary destiny, when they become pivotal individuals in the plans which the world administrators are prosecuting, at that time the planetary chief of seraphim confirms their temporal attachment to the seraphic corps and appoints personal destiny guardians to serve with these mortal reservists. All reservists have self-conscious Adjusters, and most of them function in the higher cosmic circles of intellectual achievement and spiritual attainment.

114.7.3 Mortals of the realm are chosen for service in the reserve corps of destiny on the inhabited worlds because of:

114.7.4 1. Special capacity for being secretly rehearsed for numerous possible emergency missions in the conduct of various activities of world affairs.
114.7.5 2. Wholehearted dedication to some special social, economic, political, spiritual, or other cause, coupled with willingness to serve without human recognition and rewards.
114.7.6 3. The possession of a Thought Adjuster of extraordinary versatility and probable pre-Urantia experience in coping with planetary difficulties and contending with impending world emergency situations.

114.7.7 Each division of planetary celestial service is entitled to a liaison corps of these mortals of destiny standing. The average inhabited world employs seventy separate corps of destiny, which are intimately connected with the superhuman current conduct of world affairs. On Urantia there are twelve reserve corps of destiny, one for each of the planetary groups of seraphic supervision.

114.7.8 The twelve groups of Urantia destiny reservists are composed of mortal inhabitants of the sphere who have been rehearsed for numerous crucial positions on earth and are held in readiness to act in possible planetary emergencies. This combined corps now consists of 962 persons. The smallest corps numbers 41 and the largest 172. With the exception of less than a score of contact personalities, the members of this unique group are wholly unconscious of their preparation for possible function in certain planetary crises. These mortal reservists are chosen by the corps to which they are respectively attached and are likewise trained and rehearsed in the deep mind by the combined technique of Thought Adjuster and seraphic guardian ministry. Many times numerous other celestial personalities participate in this unconscious training, and in all this special preparation the midwayers perform valuable and indispensable services.

114.7.9 On many worlds the better adapted secondary midway creatures are able to attain varying degrees of contact with the Thought Adjusters of certain favorably constituted mortals through the skillful penetration of the minds of the latters' indwelling. (And it was by just such a fortuitous combination of cosmic adjustments that these revelations were materialized in the English language on Urantia.) Such potential contact mortals of the evolutionary worlds are mobilized in the numerous reserve corps, and it is, to a certain extent, through these small groups of forward-looking personalities that spiritual civilization is advanced and the Most Highs are able to rule in the kingdoms of men. The men and women of these reserve corps of destiny thus have various degrees of contact with their Adjusters through the intervening ministry of the midway creatures; but these same mortals are little known to their fellows except in those rare social emergencies and spiritual exigencies wherein these reserve personalities function for the prevention of the breakdown of evolutionary culture or the extinction of the light of living truth. On Urantia these reservists of destiny have seldom been emblazoned on the pages of human history.

114.7.10 The reservists unconsciously act as conservators of essential planetary information. Many times, upon the death of a reservist, a transfer of certain vital data from the mind of the dying reservist to a younger successor is made by a liaison of the two Thought Adjusters. The Adjusters undoubtedly function in many other ways unknown to us, in connection with these reserve corps

114.7.11 On Urantia the reserve corps of destiny, though having no permanent head, does have its own permanent councils which constitute its governing organization. These embrace the judiciary council, the historicity council, the council on political sovereignty, and many others. From time to time, in accordance with the corps organization, titular (mortal) heads of the whole reserve corps have been commissioned by these permanent councils for specific function. The tenure of such reservist chiefs is usually a matter of a few hours' duration, being limited to the accomplishment of some specific task at hand.

114.7.12 The Urantia reserve corps had its largest membership in the days of the Adamites and Andites, steadily declining with the dilution of the violet blood and reaching its low point around the time of Pentecost, since which time reserve corps membership has steadily increased

114.7.13 (The cosmic reserve corps of universe-conscious citizens on Urantia now numbers over one thousand mortals whose insight of cosmic citizenship far transcends the sphere of their terrestrial abode, but I am forbidden to reveal the real nature of the function of this unique group of living human beings.)

114.7.14 Urantia mortals should not allow the comparative spiritual isolation of their world from certain of the local universe circuits to produce a feeling of cosmic desertion or planetary orphanage. There is operative on the planet a very definite and effective superhuman supervision of world affairs and human destinies.

114.7.15 But it is true that you can have, at best, only a meager idea of an ideal planetary government. Since the early times of the Planetary Prince, Urantia has suffered from the miscarriage of the divine plan of world growth and racial development. The loyal inhabited worlds of Satania are not governed as is Urantia. Nevertheless, compared with the other isolated worlds, your planetary governments have not been so inferior; only one or two worlds may be said to be worse, and a few may be slightly better, but the majority are on a plane of equality with you.

114.7.16 No one in the local universe seems to know when the unsettled status of the planetary administration will terminate. The Nebadon Melchizedeks are inclined to the opinion that little change will occur in the planetary government and administration until Michael's second personal arrival on Urantia. Undoubtedly at this time, if not before, sweeping changes will be effected in planetary management. But as to the nature of such modifications of world administration, no one seems to be able even to conjecture. There is no precedent for such an episode in all the history of the inhabited worlds of the universe of Nebadon. Among the many things difficult to understand concerning the future government of Urantia, a prominent one is the location on the planet of a circuit and divisional headquarters of the archangels.

114.7.17 Your isolated world is not forgotten in the counsels of the universe. Urantia is not a cosmic orphan stigmatized by sin and shut away from divine watchcare by rebellion. From Uversa to Salvington and on down to Jerusem, even in Havona and on Paradise, they all know we are here; and you mortals now dwelling on Urantia are just as lovingly cherished and just as faithfully watched over as if the sphere had never been betrayed by a faithless Planetary Prince, even more so. It is eternally true, “the Father himself loves you.”

114.7.18 [Presented by the Chief of Seraphim stationed on Urantia.]

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