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One question Ron what about those of us who don't transmit, will we be able to come to York and contribute and participate in one these Missions or attend the schools of the Material Son & Daughter? Thank you.



Dear Ron you have been in my prays daily and it feels so good to see a prayer answer. For the rest of the T/R crew you have been in my prays also. Even my prays that some part of one of these Divine Missions will begin soon seems to becoming a reality, praise God in Heaven, Christ Michael, Mother Nebadonia, the Melchizedeks and all the celestials who are here on Nystoria's earth plane. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  May the Father's Will be Done one step at a time.



Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Lanaforge on Perseverance
« on: April 02, 2018, 03:07:31 PM »
Dear Sue 7inOcean you've been here for quite some time, I don't say much as I should, I've read so much of your spirit works and your personal feelings as well. You remind me of that old proverb that says "to stumble is not to fall but to go forward faster." I can identify with you because sometimes I want togive it up and persue  something else. And then I tell myself like what? Do what? Go where?  We all know that this site is the most spiritual advance site on the planet. Christ Micheal rules this universe so what ever we do in life we still got to go through Him. Its our destiny. You're like a little cute pit bull you want give up. So I say thank you for not falling by the wayside. You are a true Daughter of God. Not just you but everyone who refuse to give up.


General Discussion / His Will by US
« on: April 02, 2018, 02:36:10 PM »
Ron in our prays we say, "May your Will be done. Christ Micheal added,  "In Us---By Us and Through Us."   I've been wanted to ask this question  for sometime. Would you care to elaborate that saying for me/us?


Thanks & honor goes to the Father and all others who brought these revelations to our attention. And thank you  Ron for being a Master Transmitter of Spirit. I always said to myself when I first read  TUB that whoever brought these revelations into being others should be able to do the same thing.
The papers of Infinity are mind blowing to say the least.  I read a little handbook on George Washington Carver some years ago. In it he ask God how the universe was made during his prayer and meditation period.  God answer him saying it was too complex for him, ask another question. He then ask God how the earth was made? God said his question was still to heavy  for him to understand. Ask a more simple question. So GWC thought about it for some time and he said; Lord how is the peanut made.  Well you know the rest of the story. George Washington Carver went on to discover 300 or more patents for the peanut.  I may have lost my thought here but just when I thought I had some kind of understanding of infinity.(A teaspoon full, that is) You go and throw a monkey wrench in the machine.(smile) Then you speak of Infinity as a Person. I must have miss something there. I'm not surprise about other Deities seeing that our Father gives so much of Himself to rule the Grand and Master Universe. We have Havona Supreme, God the Supreme, Planetary Supreme, what do we call the dark gravity bodies that control systems, constellations, local universes, minor & major sectors & superuniverses? 
Infinitude- well I think you gave me something to grab hold of with my bicameral mind, if I got that right. You say that Infinitude is nothing but again its a construction of infinitesimal molecular codes or algorithms.  Is that like the genetic code of the human body times a billion trillion trillion in the makings of the universe? 

Most people always ask how did God began? Where He come from? Or who created God?

Your papers on Original Will, I Am, and The Consummator of Universe Destiny explains a lot for me, except I get mix up on what order these events happen but that's minor, M' Pytoria will explain it in due time.

As a child of God as so many of us are here, one day a real bright person will come along and take all these revelations and put them together and write a children story so I/We  can all understand. 8)  for real.
In Micheal's Light

Dear forum members, I've seen more changes on this forum than the degrees in the weather. From the beginning of the announcement of the MSM in early 2000. Who knew that when a Divine Son would be introduce into our society, a society where the world is so dark in spiritual poverty that the powers that be can't predict the behavior pattern of the people of Urantia. How sad it is for the people of this world and yet how great for the people who still have the light of God in their heart. But to endanger the life of another Divine Son is unthinkable and Woe unto Us if it did.

I can't speak for everybody but I no longer get butterflies in my stomach when an announcement is made and then postpone again and again. I stop telling people about these announcements some time ago, not that I don't believe, I believe but I've learned that Spirit moves at the pace of our  Father's Will. (So may His Will be Done)  All I can do now is pray  and do what the celestial do in TUB and that is to speculate, that sounds like fun ;D we use to do it on the forum many times. I speculate a Divine Son will introduce Himself to the world after some major catastrophe. I say that because in TUB it said when a major part of the population calls on God, He will respond and send Divine help. [Sorry I don't recall what part of the book it was in] In the condition our world is in, He may go for 50 percent.

Glory to God for all the revelations He has sent to you Ron and the rest of the fuse ones and may He bless each and everyone of you, as well as the Serara forum.                             

Sorry, never mind I found it in The Reclamation of Urantia.  I kind of lost it for a minute. Thank You anyway.

Ron when I highlight - copy-and  go to W  Document1, all I get is one to four or five letters down the left hand side of the page.

Ron, I tried to copy II Exposition on Infinity Part II at the library, all I got was a blank page. Even when I highlighted it. Do you have any suggestions. I most likely wont be at the library until this coming Monday when I read your response.

In Christ's Peace


The LUCIFER REBELLION and ITS CONSEQUENCES / Re: The fate of the Satan
« on: March 16, 2017, 01:54:36 PM »
Dear Christ Michael, you have been a comfort to us in all of our sorrow and pain in our walk through life.  Now its our turn to comfort you.  I've been to many funerals in my time and always fine it difficult to comfort others in their loss of a love one. What do you say? To some at least have the pleasure of knowing they will see their love ones in the near future.  But what do I say to a Creator Son of God, who has All Power in Heaven and Earth and has lost his children forever never to see again. Well as a mortal of the realm with a finite mind who can hardly see pass his nose, I will speak as a child.  You know kids say the darndest things.
I was born in a dysfunctional family, and my daughter was born in a dysfunctional relationship so I don't know what a real family relationship is.  As a universe Creator father of close to 4 million worlds and well over 1500 trillion mortal souls not including your Divine Sons & Daughters, thats some family. To lose millions of these Sons & Daughters of power and so much promise to darkness is devastating. But maybe just maybe in some distance future when the Seven Super Universes have evolve into Light & Life and become ONE ring of Light surrounding Havona and the Supreme has become The Almighty Supreme  The Father in his Infinite Love and His Everlasting Mercy through The Paradise Trinity will reach into the bosom of The Almighty Supreme and produce that which you loss, maybe. But what do I know. From the mouth of a kid who will say the darndest thing.
May The Father Bless you Christ Michael & Mother Spirit for your loss.

I my few little years I've met some beautiful, dedicated Christian people . I don't know what they're like at home but they are quite loving on Sundays. However they wont get out  of the box, they're stuck. (I can relate) They wont explore the Truth, Beauty & Goodness of Jesus in other readings like TUB. In the last chapter and last verse of ST. John in the Bible he even says and I quote "And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written everyone, I suppose that even the whole world itself could not contain the books that should be written"

I'm saying all this because Caligastia knew all these Missions were to transpire. He knew how the Universe Administration work. And we know of his hatred for Christ Michael. He was very cunning a well oiled chess player, who had moves way in advance of his opponents. Even in his death he still had a plan.

Christ Michael in response to your statement   "We need to compare what we have now with what will be probably in a year or a little later as the world is plunged into economic chaos because the world religions have declared Monjoronson an apostate Prince of the devil.  Ron asks if they will use the epitaph, “AntiChrist?” and, we say yes and worse."

Did Caligastia have any input or something to do with the labeling of the "Anti-Christ" as his last effort to dis-credit  you?  Did someone add that in the Bible? Or did ST John really write it? 

This is no coincident, with the Missions about to start and the hurdles we will be confronted with, will be the Christians themselves. That's one major hurdle of people proclaiming love for Jesus and yet too blind to see and too deaf to hear the truth, beauty & goodness of his message. I know you said it would be Monjoronson they proclaim the Anti-Christ.  But it will still be Jesus who will introduce him right?  Hmm I bet the Sanhedrin and Pharisees .can speak on that. Speaking of the Sanhedrin and Pharisees I would have paid my whole S.S. check to have seen their faces after resurrection and taken to the High Courts to plead their case for killing the Son of God. That's youtube material right there.
I once heard a preacher say God & dog are both man's best friend. Thanks to all my Celestial family and Forum family. God Bless. Domtia

Thank you once again Assale, for every dark cloud there's a sliver lining.
Domtia, Weydevu

I wish to send blessing to you Ron and the T/R crew and forum members as well. You all stay in my prays. Also to all the Celestial Hosts. I haven't posted in awhile but I do keep up. I still go to the library for my two hours. Wow people have grown its hard to keep up.
I'm looking forward for Christ Michael's full blown discussion about the Indigo race and the American black race. As Jesus wept going into Jerusalem knowing his race wouldn't accept him. I too weep in my heart for the young black youth who have not the Heart of God and are heading for destruction. The hand writing is on the wall and it spells DOOM for he lack of knowledge. Lack of respect for life-property-elders-law-God and themselves.  Blame can handed out many sources such as --No Identity, Purpose nor Direction--Lack of a sound family structure--the system--lack of proper education (If you don't know where you came from U don't know where U are going) spiritually speaking.--Why you can even blame music, there was a time you had groups that had names like the Miracles--Supremes-Stylistics--Impressions etc...But now I don't even know what these names are but it sounds like hell is about to break loose.  Here's what I think happen some big corporations got together and paid these artist millions of dollars to make a fool of themselves and their race to.  With this hip-hop gangsta rap that glorifies violence & the degridation of their own women and themselves too.  Meanwhile these same corporate giants have sinister schemes of their own. They have private prisons across American just for these kind of people who want to act on this music of violence and evil. Music is suppose to do what? (calm the savage beast). Its also the language of Gods-Angels & Men. Not so with this Gangsta Rap. I also want to blame ourselves, the elder black race for not providing the leadership that should have been passed down.  And last but not least Caligastia and his main man Lucifer. For non of this could have possible without them. It was a master plan. I pray for the success of the coming Missions. In Christ Michael's Peace.
Domtia, Weydevu

Discuss This Web Site / Re: editor test
« on: October 10, 2015, 01:23:47 PM »
Forum test for weydevu, trying to get on forum, Ron understands.

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