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Alright, I got that, I'm working on it, thank you Margul, Immanuel, Michael and Ron. I gather what is said here is to check and verify names and if I can't get that right, for some reason, then what do you suggest would be appropriate in this respect? I am keen to learn, so your advice is greatly appreciated, thank you Father Michael and Margul.

Ron, this message is full of anticipation, what can we as humans do in the meantime that can be of assistance and in preparation in due regard, as we see the Spring of March is approaching in a matter of weeks?

I pray that all goes well in these plans for office settings and that your local government is accommodating of these changes. I don't know how the Team are going to pull that off, but it would be amazing to get this right from the start and set a precedence in human affairs such as this represents on ground zero.

Much appreciated and greatly heartened that this MSM restart is on the march. Hallelujah! I look forward to be working with you, Wendy, Larry, Lemuel, Dominick and any others that may come on board for some stupendous service we can carry well with the Father's help.

Many regards,

P.s. Ron, to let you know your post above has a repeat in it.;):)

To answer your questions, here it goes:

1. What does it sound like? Hortean/Hortein the "in" is more prominent, like it sounds like "ORTIN".
2. How did your hear it? Memory sensory, it is Michael's signature that envelopes me - like someone/thing plucked it out of my memory store. (As you posted this revelatory text back on 26 Dec 2017, under General Discussion.)
3. What did you note when that name came across? A song, the way it is presented as I heard 'ORTIN CLAYOSHA' really fast too!
4. Did you ask yourself if you got that right? To be honest, no, I did not, as I sense his signature and knew it, the name is secondary - it is matter of fact and I wrote it down as is. Should I have asked more questions on this as you suggest here?
5. Have you a question about it yourself? Not about the name, but more about why there was a lull and I could not continue the session, it simply broke off abruptly at that point. I wasn't sure if it was my energy was waning or my concentration, but in any case,  I was fine to go for a bit more.
6. What did you think about a name we never heard sounded before? Ron it is not so much what we think, it is more of how beautiful their signature is and their name is like a song to hear it. I am sure we can accommodate and get accustomed to names or terminology as we have been able to absorb from reading the Urantia Book.
7. Does it have a meaning to you? It is interesting you ask this Ron, to me I answer this in this way. Having a presence means a lot and having such a commune is a beautiful tangible reality to be in. Having words flow and I write them as they enter the space of my mind and I allow it to run whither it comes. When you say the name, to me, it is the signature, the presence, the aura, if you like, that signifies who it is. Michael has many names and has a strong presence.
8. If so, where did you assign it? See the above, as I think I already covered this.
9. "Like to see your thoughts on this" - Thank you Ron for the questions, it is a nice exercise for a change and helps me to see it differently and I gather you do such to check and verify your dealings with those present in you, do you not my dear brother? Is this how you do it? Is this where I may need to do such more often?            So many times we may doubt, we may question it and in all, we have to put on faith to let fly what comes to us in spirit. Is it fitting to ask - is there anything I can do to improve on? Perhaps, ask more questions as you suggest here? As it happens, I just sit still and listen and write and there are moments I pause and ask, 'really is that what you really want to say!' And on it goes and I have to put my faith in my #+*@^! To let it go as it comes, although discernment is very much switched on as I have to type it up and proof read it over and over before I post it. There are some sessions too private to post so I leave them be as personal ones. There are others such as this one that is fitting for public consumption. In all, I look for ones that is beneficial and edifying as well as touching on some inspirational moments that is good to share.                                                                                                           Thank you. Sue/7inOcean

Speakers: Michael of Nebadon and Mother Spirit
Subject: The Assurance of the Mission and Encouragement in Steadfast Hope
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 15/01/2018 9.00am (AEDT)


“Patient endurance is required of you, suffer with us as we go through the maelstrom of what we present to your governments the world over.

“So many will be caught off guard. The days of the Jack House (old current civilisation) cannot stand in the face of the truth that stares right before you.

“Know it in yourself to stay calm and trust that all things will come together for those who love God. Those who do not will soon fall and know their place when it comes to it.

“Your Mother and I, have worked tirelessly to see to it that this world get its due regard, our hearts broken over many times to see so many lost and gone, yet we are heartened to know the good of the work of God in and through those of you who seek and find Him. You know HIm as He touches upon your sense of recognising His presence, His Spirit as Mother Spirit, the daughter of the Infinite Spirit, who works well to minister the way of God in your lives.

“There is more coming in these Missions as we get the old house cleaned out and make room for the divine band to play music to your ears to hear it well. That is a metaphor of much to accomplish the muscles of the minds to be better attuned than it has been.... [A break in transmission here as Michael sounds rushed to go….]

“I am Michael of Nebadon, I am Hortein, I have to go to attend to business, I leave you with Mother Spirit, Good day.”


“Yes, I pray that all this goes well my dear, things on this planet is quite dire and we must act soon before long. The political scene is looking quite anaemic as a Trump administration appears to be imploding in and of itself. What this does is cause an unsettling case of vertigo as other nation-states watch a superpower fall in one swift action after another that undoes the mechanisms of good governance.

“I know this is a rather raw one for you to take. After seeing governments come and go, this one takes the cake and everyone has had enough. It simply does not work for the people for who it is for and by whom it is born. Soon you will see how things can be better run and done. Yes, Sue, you see more in this change of how administration can be better utilised with qualification, experience, due regard and vetted by the powers to be. Elections, as you have them now, will no longer be, as operations undergo a revamp to filter the purity of intention.

“As Mother Spirit, I work to minister the Spiritual inputs in your lives. Let us not get excited, rather, let us get with it that the work ahead is more to do in relation with how we can relate with one another to benefit the wholesomeness of you being human in an evolutionary experience.

“My heart goes out to each of you as you endure the trials of rebirth for your world. It is not the easiest of times for you to live in as you attest to the cold winds that persist, and yet, you abide in the hope that the Spirit of God will prevail as a flame that refuses to dwindle into oblivion. No! Not when there is a spark in you that holds well and houses the heart of God as you never give up the eternal flame that burns forever in the depths of your soul.

“I kindle it, I make it afire, I am the Infinite Spirit, I am with you. Be assured, my dear ones, a new day is in you, let it bud and awash you as it sits in the bosom of your knowing me.

“I leave it there for now as you pray for the outworking of Spiritual input on levels you all will be so inspired to do better as you are more capable in doing. The time is come to pull back those things that constrain you and that does not serve you,  as you require the springboard to get your whole being stimulated in becoming and being more than you are. The experiences you have abundantly, what is wanting, is the direction to place it in with a more intelligent way of reasoning the life lived and the life to live eternally in your long ascension careers as is yours,  if you so will to aspire to with your beloved.

“I gather you know it and why we come in this manner with all of you. It is time to get over the bump in the road and move on to the splendid journey ahead of you that is well and truly your destiny with God the Supreme.

“Michael and I wish you all well and trust that you all hold well in yourselves as the Mission of correction, enlightenment, justice and mercy takes its centre stage in the life of this planet called Urantia.

“I bid you well and may you remain calm as you pray with us in all things as it unfolds. Thank you and may you have a good day, my dear ones.”


Today I felt like I was hit by a truck. I was at work and as usual I normally deal with rooms and it's occupants, with my usual cheery self, but not this day, I decided to work alone for a while just so I can find some calm sense in me before I can do the normal work. This evening after a tense emotional turmoil, my Adjuster tells me to stay the course, that the MSM is to be very soon and that it is best to hang in there as best as you can. Later after being reassured, I fell asleep on the lounge and then decided to go to bed but I thought to close down my iPad computer and notice Ron's extraordinary early morning post of 2am his time.

Thank you Father Michael and all those who spoke through Ron. This does not surprise me as I was expecting such would be, what is surprising is Ron working when most would be sleeping. Well Ron is right, the Trench wars in WW1 were harsh, those men had to find a nap when they could and chance upon a moment to get out when it gets good to go for the brevity of it.

As my Adjuster keeps telling me, I stand by silently, and wait as good soldiers go. Ron you have my email and I would love to be on the list to receive the new Urantia Book. Thank you.

11.20pm (AEDT) 14/1/18

Threads for New Transmissions / Michael of Nebadon - The Light
« on: January 08, 2018, 08:51:03 PM »
Speaker: Michael of Nebadon
Subject: The Light
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 09/01/2018 11.41am(AEDT)


“The health and well-being is in your vein.
We are on the precipice of doing good.
Know it in yourself where you stand.
There will be a quietness over the land and you wonder what had happened.
Things can be handled in a manner appropriate.
The time of sowing is over, the time of reaping is overdue.
Find your first love and hold it dear to your chest, as the Spirit of Truth sweeps the land and reaps what is sown.
Look to the light and follow it in you.
For there is your salvation as you seek the light.”


[T/R note: this is poetic, a sort of a riddle, there is in these words some meanings more than is telling, it is short and brief for a reason.Sue]

General Discussion / Re: A Different Perspective
« on: January 08, 2018, 06:43:28 PM »
Hi Overmind and to all,
It's so nice to see you again Overmind, I missed you! This is a sensible post you make and I agree with you. Now this thread has grown and I am not sure where it is going, I mostly stay away from it mainly due to the political views that as an outsider of American politics I stay out of it. It is for Americans to weigh in if they dare. However, Australia is mostly influenced by our American Allie since World War 2, we have to watch out for and also behind our backs too that is our main concern. Geopolitics is my main interest, and I care where it matters for the well-being and safety of those affected between these power struggles. For the past two or so decades, South-East Asia has been one of the fastest growing economies in the world and my country is smack right in the middle of it. This is where regional agreements in trade and commerce can be very useful in keeping with good international partnerships that enhances the growth and stability of these economies, Australia, included.  There is a lot more in this,  but it will mean a lot of words, suffice to say, without America (U.S.A) we would not be where we are now and for that our country is ever closely connected to America for its ability to keep the region as stable as it can be.

It has been an interesting thread thanks to our dear Sister, Allie and I know that some discussions can be helpful to bring out some flowers and also clear out some old cobwebs. 


The LUCIFER REBELLION and ITS CONSEQUENCES / Re: Caligastia and Communism
« on: January 08, 2018, 06:47:42 AM »
To tell you the truth, I didn't know about the drug called Pervitin until I watched a documentary a short time ago probably on the Discovery channel about the Nazi Megastructures they built. These two researchers found this concrete bunker that posed as one strategically placed with all guns blazing at their opponents for some length of time and discovered something that even they were quite surprised. The few German soldiers who had to hunker down in it for some days without food and still defend it somehow had them scratching their heads wondering how did they do that?  It lead them to some archives and that's where they uncovered this drug called Pervitin (as it is well explained in the above article link I posted earlier) that appeared to have been quite prevalent for the soldiers to use back then, this revelation shocked me as it did for those researchers. I am in a generation that doesn't know much about this war and finding this out is really scary stuff to have that happening way before my time. Really, finding out our history in The Urantia Book is still very raw for me to take and it's going to take a while for me, and I dare say, all of us to absorb it all. It's a wonder how we managed as a specie to even make it this far. Wars have come and gone and for our ancestors to have somehow survived through it only just.  I can only imagine how busy the angels have been through all these years. And now we are faced with a possible nuclear madness. What we can learn from history, we may do better not to repeat so much that has not served us very well. My thoughts and prayers be with our Creative parents who have had to endure so much heartache as this Rebellion becomes clearer for us to understand.


The LUCIFER REBELLION and ITS CONSEQUENCES / Re: Caligastia and Communism
« on: January 08, 2018, 01:15:36 AM »
Hi RichardB,
Since Michael of Nebadon mentions the Third Reich or the third regime or empire  as I googled what that is, I also found this article which is quite disturbing to know that drugs fuelled such menacing behaviours as this articles points out.

See link :

I can see how Caligastia had quite an easy time with what developed and what worries me is that this drug or opioid menace is growing today and that the drug-related suicides are occurring frequently in our current climate. If you like to look at "community", then our society is in deep trouble if we have a drug war to deal with.


Teacher: Serara along with Pre’Mtor
Subject: The Social Living Experiment or Paradigm
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: Various as follows January, 2018

[While the following is a commune of thoughts, it began as I was thinking about things like the age pension, retirement age and working life and so on. It occurred to me a subject to think about and I call it the social living experiment. I’m not sure it is an experiment or it is better to call it a paradigm of sorts to think about. It sprung to mind the following and then such comments followed over the days following, as it seems, certain things do come to concern me as I look ahead as to what is for me anyway another decade or so of working life and then head into retirement and live on a pension which I hope is still around by then after so many politicians floating the idea of phasing it out and let the superannuation fund such. The problem with that is that not many women can do that as their fund has not accumulated as much as the males have due to taking time out for child-bearing-and-rearing-time and hence have not contributed to this end result. This is when the UBI crept into my mind and hey-presto I think this could be a very good thing to get going with to ease these social pressures that will arise such as above along with the rise of automation and artificial intelligence that will cause a lot of job redundancies and so on. So here goes the following as a discussion paper as Serara seems to think it worthy to write up and get us all thinking what is the best way forward.]

The Social Living Experiment

1.The UBI - Universal Basic Income - can we introduce this? - there are some good working research papers that make this an attractive alternative to the existing welfare system - see the following link for an example -   
2.People require a get up and go incentive to work - what can be done here to create that motivational input?
3.The Urantia Model vs the Iarga Model - the wrongs of the models -
Iarga Model - no spontaneity to get up and have a go at something different, too uniform, constricted to mainstream conformity.
4.Urantia Model - far too varied, to sparse in inequalities, too harsh yet too much opportunism.
Hence, I ask Serara - What do we do? We can’t make Earth too opportunistic nor too uniform, so what then can we make of this?

7/1/18 9.34am(AEDT)

“Yes, Sue, since we see what you bring up and it is an interesting thought you bring up for us to consider.”

8/1/18 6.00am(AEDT)

“What we need is not so much exclusivism, but more inclusivism and have that namaste attitude effect of respect, that brotherhood mentality and true worship of God. There is lacking the real sense of proper duty of service to one another and to have that commonality of using resources respectfully, sustainably and equitably.

“The Iarga people has well and truly gone on that path to sustain itself and support its inhabitants both materially and spiritually. It may appear to you as too uniform and so on, only because of the stark reality you have that cast that light wherein your reality is far too varied and complex in comparison.

“You know the first thing to fix is the internal aspect of man to see outward in a different perspective and that is true of how important the teaching mission is to be. The revelatory work of the ‘Sixth Epochal Revelation to Earth’ is critical in this success in reshaping the mentality and perspective of man on Earth. Understanding its place in its history of planetary and cosmic relationships will be of most assistance in gaining the upper hand in realising the picture they are in at this point in time for the inhabitants of a sphere terribly caught up in a tragic occurrence that has affected so many beings.

“The second thing to have to work is management of resources that serve better the people who need it. This is where governments and business enterprise can improvise and come into its own to do better in service delivery and achieve humane outcomes.

“Automation in areas deemed too repetitive and labourous for humans to do can be a useful replacement of human labour and thereby relieving man of unnecessary wear and enable a time for more educative, training and meaningful pursuits that enhances the well-being of man.

“Man’s real existence is to have that qualitative experience wholeheartedly in all areas of service and in leisurely ventures that produces effective stimulation and vitality for personal growth and maturity.

“Yours (i.e reality now on earth) is truly becoming stagnant and tediously becoming cumbersome to the point of no real tangible outcomes of purpose.

“To view retirement age from your window is far different to looking out at it from the window of an Iargan. Theirs is very much taken care of largely because of the management they have in place to handle the working life and the collective contribution with all things to survive and sustain on a planet that shapes its behaviour in with what the planet can sustain. Theirs is a planetary requirement structured around the necessity to its peculiar restrictive nature of habitation.

“Yours on this earth is vastly different in that your resources are plentiful, the land-mass far superior and greater in size than what is available on worlds such as the Iargans live upon. The land of plenty vs the world of water. Such are the nature of spheres, some are gaseous, others fluid and like yours are a bed of molten rock.

“How habitation occurs is to a greater extent how species thrive and survive under certain conditions and how they adapt and evolve over the long course of time to become as resilient as they are as it is in your present age.

“You have to remember, you hail from a specie that has evolved and survived a long history of development and that this specie has grown to what it is today. The land-man ratio must become more balanced with in relating to sustain both. How you as man on Earth do that is your challenge to come together to work progressively to achieve that balance is your greatest feat.

“The balance with each other and with the earth you walk on will be the epitome of man’s evolution. The one thing that will be eventually understood is that retirement will be looked upon in a different way as by the time of your maturation upon completion of your psychic circles, you then go on to the receiving circle to receive your Adjuster Fusion and be consumed in Spirit. Hence, death in the flesh will no longer be as more and more of you will take up the Spirit call to ascend in your universal ascension careers. Cremation and burials will no longer be a thing to be around. Instead, there is to be more temples placed for those of you to be received in when your time has come.

“The material footprint on the land will become less as you walk with God in your life’s experience and your living on Earth will have that retirement sentimentality as you so work and live with new meaning with each other in attitudes of service and adventure.

“In this way, poverty as you have it now, homelessness as you know it, will not be around as such will be so absorbed by the sheer realisation that all men are equal in the eyes of God. That namaste perspective will take on and catch on and have the effect of goodwill to all and in all.

“As you worship, you behold all that is dear knowing your brother lives in peace as you do too. There is no need for one to go without when there is enough to go around for all to benefit and live well and equitably. No man ought to be above any other as all men are one and the same, although each have such unique personalities we all share a common thread of humanity.

Hence, as it is with these new missions, you will have entered into germinating into a whole new way of living and doing under a well-nigh benign administration that intends to place justice and mercy before all else.

“This is Serara and I encourage this paper to be so placed to get a discussion going in how you are thinking on such an issue as this is as it lays the ground for what you see is a better way forward for future living in the years to come for most of you. Studying the Iargan story has helped you to see ways that can be changed in your Earth’s story too. You see that planetary management and sustainibility as a necessary introduction in steering the path forward to the goal of purposeful living objectives. While that is true, the only thing we have to deal with is the Lucerferian trait or virus that needs to be addressed and understood by most Urantians so that it can be placed in a better light for what it is and allow the humans on Earth that knowledge in order that they may set themselves free for knowing the truth that is in them to see for themselves.

“It is well said to you, ‘the truth will set you free’, and so allowing this knowledge (contained in the SER book) will do such to enable you to see the path you walk on better and makes straight the path for all those who wish to continue in it. That is a choice for all to take willingly and is freely granted.

“For those of you who take up that walk, it will be a journey of many things for most who travail the most difficult part of the years ahead of you upon this Earth in the new dispensation.

“It is not for the faint-hearted, it is for all those who can take the heat and the weather and all that comes to blow you to shreds before you wind up on your knees to realise your frame before your accusers. You can say much, or you can say very little and it will have the same effect; no one can mock God in your hour of need and it is in this moment all will know God.

“This is a paper on your social living aspects and it is worth looking at as it is something we are working on what it is the best way forward for humans to live it in the flesh. It is an evolving process through such phases of introduction, dissemination, management and on to teaching and education; the life to live will be made manifest in those processes and phases of these missions.

“It is really up to each one of you to understand what it is to CO-HABITATE and to CO-OPERATE in order to have a world of peace and harmony and in WORKING SUSTAINIBILITY WITH THE PLANETARY SUPREME. **

[** “These are big words CAPITALISED - it is do with the planet and the spiritual experience in evolution with living in the flesh upon the earth of your beginnings. You learn well as you walk. You know this to be true. Your life in the flesh is unique as you have it.”(Serara)

(Pre’Mtor - “There is an identity in here for you to realise in with the Planetary Supreme”) ]


IARGA website see :

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ Mental Problems?
« on: January 03, 2018, 02:01:50 PM »
Hi Lemuel,
Like old Aussie mates say, "Hang in there buddy! I'll get you a beer if you do and that makes two, maaate!"

My thoughts and prayers be with you dear brother, just learn to breathe in and out when this anxiety thing happens and accept it for what it is, don't fight it, let it pass, it's just a a brief lapse that happens. I got that when I was in Darwin, it's a freaky thing and I found the breathing technique helps and talk to your Adjuster to bring sense to this. I got through ok as I learn not to fight the situation I was in. Go with the flow mate! Think of it as a wave you are riding, it eventually leads to shore.

And thanks for sharing as it gives some of us a heads up for what can be really testing for us to go through and thank you Ocilliaya for your counsel through Lemuel.


Threads for New Transmissions / Ocilliaya on Rest and Prayer
« on: January 03, 2018, 03:44:03 AM »
Speaker: Ocilliaya through Michael
Subject: Rest and Prayer
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 03/01/2018 5.05pm (AEDT)

[I asked Ocilliaya to speak here with me through Michael, what do you wish to say Ocilliaya? Father Michael, may you relay this to me please?]

“Two things: Rest and Prayer.

“Rest -
“When I say rest, what I mean here is that you put aside all your clutter and be quiet in yourself. Find it in yourself to be still, breathe and let the softness of the air fill you and calm you. Let everything crash to the floor if you have to and don’t mind at all what happens as you listen above all else something ticking and telling you to stop and take in a note in your mind. It tells you to stop and pray and you do it at once right there.

“Prayer -
“This is the moment you go into that barrage of asking, ‘what is it Father?’ That is when you get the gist of my end of the stick to tell you to pay attention as your life is in want of it right now. Here is where the road ends and there you find new directions to take.

“Nonetheless, these are two things, there is another: How do you stop, how do you take it and how do you have the courage to ask a question, what makes you do that?

“The reason I ask you this is to make you look at yourself as to how you arrive at those moments that make you look and say ‘wait-a-minute, what-is-going-on-here?’ Well that is a moment you just took in a cue for yourself to notice a change in your thinking capacity.

“These inquisitions are all to do with your ability to discern in which is best and meant for you to take. ‘Hey! Don’t say I didn’t say so that you need to take a good look at yourself as the wrinkles are starting to show for good reason!’ That is just to say what it is to reflect, to pause and to think what is really good for you in that moment in time.

“Rest and Prayer is ever your daily chore no more than you regularly go to wash your hands as a habit of hygiene. So it is with what truly illuminates you when you have a jab at noticing a signpost when it pops up in your mind-construct.

“As exhausted as humans can get, you still have that capacity to mull over something and think through many avenues to get to where you really want to go as your body reeks saying, ‘I’ve had enough of this, can I go someplace different instead of here!!’ Well, you get the gist of it and that is that.

“Know it in yourself to take note of the light that guides your path as you walk,  as it is in you every moment your heart beats to the rythym of life as you have it in the flesh.

“I am Ocilliaya and I speak this through Michael as requested and thank you for this small snippet of lessons to come. I look forward to sharing more insights with you and may you have a good rest.”


Teacher: Mantutia Melchizedek
Subject: Progress Being Made
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Time/Date: 02/01/2018 10.00am(AEDT)


“Steady as we go, we are making some moves, not enough to make any notice to you. It is the mainstay word, “stead-as-we-go”. Maintain your composure, stay the course and keep with us in prayer.”

[Yes Mantutia, thank you and what is happening that matters to us to know about?]

“Only that there is progress being made behind-the-scenes, not that you see it, but it is work in progress for us to make.”

[Is there any announcements to be made?]

“For Jesus, not yet, as it is far too cold for Jesus to even dip his toe in the pond of indifference.”

[What about Serara?]

“Yes, Serara will step up on the podium with others well known to you to say some stern words as it is befitting for all to know some changes have been made.”

[I see, that is good and what can we do for now?]

“Standby and wait in due course and allow what happens unfold.”

[And what about the storage solution of the new books, have you made some progress in this avenue?]

“Yes, we have gotten ahead of ourselves and that is well attended to and these books will be instrumental in assisting you all in better understanding in with the new dispensation.”

[Thank you Mantutia, is there anything else you would like to add here?]

“Stay tuned to the frequencies in you as the universe broadcasting opens for relaying messages for you to receive. Keep with us, know that we are with you and that you have your ear to the piece to know as your life may depend on it.”

[Thank you Mantutia and will do.]

“Thank you Sue and may you have a good day.”


General Discussion / Re: Lemuel
« on: January 01, 2018, 01:24:03 AM »
Hi Lemuel,
My thoughts and prayers be with you. Sorry to hear you are not well. If at all possible try to stay inside, keep warm and stay out of the chilly air. The northern hemisphere is going through some freezing temperatures. It is not good to be out in these conditions. Stay safe and warm and get lots of sleep and hope you recover. Lots of love, Sue

Teacher: Mantutia Melchizedek
Subject: The Magisterial Mission in Readiness
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 01/01/2018 3.08pm (AEDT)


“I am in charge of this subject called Sue Whiley as I take up residence with her and become both her Supervisor, her mentor and teacher in the coming days as she is getting adjustered to universe incoming in her.

“There is more coming for you to know that the House that Jack(the old civilisation) built is soon crumbling under the weight of an all out war among nations that should know better and we are now placing Melchizedeks in their positions respective to their roles as emissaries to tend to the affairs of governance in twelve different locations around the planet.

“The planet in question is on emergency call as things become quite dire and dangerous for most humans to endure. We, on this side, intend to break the back of a stubborn horse and get it to notice who we are as we speak in no uncertain terms that ‘business-as-usual’ is no more to be attended to. They are to learn that certain things will come undone and that governments will find they can not function as the financial markets collapse under the demise of uncertainty and panic as wars are fought in ways that is far too devastating for any to recover from.

“There is soon to be a shortage of supply of essential resources and there will need to be a sensible curtailing of issuance of resources in order to allow a certain level of survival to be maintained at best under the circumstances.

“Soon, all hands will be on deck so-to-speak as things get woolly and you all will need to be careful in your everyday life as it goes.

“As it is, I standby with Sue, Ron, Larry and Lemuel and all of you to see to it you get the notices of happenings as they transpire. The Magisterial Mission is geared up ready to go and we await the orders from Uversa to swing into action where and when it is needed upon Urantia.

“This is Mantutia here and I am happy to be here in this respective manner to be speaking plainly and not get choked with fatigue as Sue often gets. I now leave this here and will take up another session with Sue later when she is able to. Thank you and Adieu.”


To dear Novaprime and all,
What I am about to say is my most daring and I place my faith on the platter for all to see it at work here. I now see RonB in a new light in his work here and elsewhere.

Now this is my response as I am led here within to speak:

I am not sorry for this transmission, matter of fact, I fought hard to fight my own feelings about this very subject of war as for the last few days, I have felt nothing but hopelessness as it grew increasingly apparent I am seeing with eyes, yet with a heart that has to take it whether I like it or not.

What is stated is a fact before it actually happens and it is received with the measure of faith and duty to relay it as it is given me.

There are other things given me I know of to do with my fusion status, even the date and my new name (for which is too premature to put it out in the public domain as of yet), nevertheless, I am given such info well before it is an event - why? I am told it is to prepare me and you of things that is important and to take action when that time comes. Also, I need not wait for Ron Besser to tell us as it is as I know of myself what is happening here with me.

In my case, the fusion occurrence will happen early this month and I am to take leave from work to rest as much as possible as it is a knockout to go through. I have a new name I know of and it is not to be revealed until I have been through the process of fusion itself. I ask what type of fusion and I am told it is in the order of the Besser-type and it is the first in the SER dispensation; my mind type closely resembles Ron Besser’s  and my group family will follow that of the other three that have fused in the last dispensation. Mine, however, will be working closely in studying the Lucifer Rebellion as those who undergo such training will have increased work prerogatives in their future ascension careers.

I speak this with my Adjuster in tow as He is just so pertinent in me to getting this well spoken to. I no longer live alone. As it is written by the Apostle, “It is no longer I that liveth, but Christ that liveth in me”, and alas the saying, “Christ in you is the hope of glory” and so it is with what goes with my soul-mate as I liveth, he liveths in me.

As the world is at war, I am in peace with my maker and knoweths well what I see as soon to be a place of many great teachers.

I leave it there as the Spirit is afire in me to restrain what I say any further.


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