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The image of Goldilocks and the ‘cellar window’ was easy for me to picture and while contemplating the intriguing information in Ron's latest posts the word “premolition” popped into my mind whereafter I looked it up in the ‘vocabulary’ document I’ve been keeping to place words that are new to me, and thought perhaps others may find its definition interesting.   A few references to premolition can be found in the Forum archives and in this particular excerpt is taken from a post where Ron is responding to Overmind in a discussion about Metatron on September 16, 2015:


"You Overmind surprise me with how well you remember what we together learned from Metatron about the subject of premolition.  Those reading this need only make a mental effort to understand the premolition is the original pre-existant will resident outside of the infinitude in which the I AM had to contact and then use to bring into being the ideal reality of self recognition of Himself and then to promulgate reality as the First Source and Center who begat the Second Source, then Paradise, and then the Third Source and Center as the Conjoint Actor and the Infinite Spirit as one existential person.

We can argue endlessly how will can exist outside of the infinitude, but it is the only conclusion we can work with if we are to explain how the I AM operated inside complete nothingness.  Will is variously described as being the self identification of God on the first existential level, but obviously it is more in the case of the Father, as he operates all over the Grand Universe and is just now extending the presence of His will into the first and second outer space levels.  That he can move will into space areas and even into individual sectors of space areas, is unfathomable, for it appears the will of the Father is something approaching a "thing" that has dimensions that have limitations by its own design.”



NEW POLICY AND ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGES CURRENTLY BROADCAST  New and important changes that will likely become permanent. Glossary shortly to be added back to help read this section. These are policies mandated recently and should forecast how member participate int he coming Divine Mission so soon to come. Post your comments and/or questions here.

Glossary/Vocabulary of Terms used in These Transmissions

We have a new Category now because the Urantia Finaliter Corp has been activated from one thousand voices to over six thousand (6,000) Voices and will now be Activated as the GUARDIANS OF UNIVERSE DESTINY AND JUSTICE too, and Posts that are from Paul of Tarsus who is part of the Urantia Finaliter Corp, along with the Apostle Peter, are to be placed here for discussions however many Posts we may have from Finaliters concerning the Urantia Corp at this point. Discuss and comment in this area on Finaliter changes now.

If fusion is a subject of your comments then Post It Here.

4 - WHO IS GOD???

Who is God?, which in spite of epochal revelation, strikes all as relevant and remains a question still tantalizing to the Melchizedek Creation as well as Sub-Absolute Deity in Time and Space Creation. This Category Starts off with a deep look with the CONSUMMATOR OF UNIVERSE DESTINY, GIVING ANSWERS to some of those mysterious conjectures with a huge transmission on the subject, and All is Open to your Discussion and Questions. Be aware the Consummator of Universe Destiny fields this question and with Mantutia Melchizedek, Time is confirmed to the ideals of future developments beyond an Infinite Universe that is also post Infinite in potential.


The Reclamation of Urantia Big Time is afoot but with no real specifics today. I will modify this Description if it comes to pass we know more, but your posts and comments on any subject concerning what we are to behold from the Local Universe to Supplant the earlier Proposed Magisterial Mission, are to be Produced Here. Posts and Question as Often as you may Wish Until We Know More. Admin


New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself
Please Feel Free To Introduce Yourselves & Ask Any Questions You Like


Posts that do not fit the other categories


God The Supreme, both in Havona, now on Circuit four (4) instead of three (3) betokens a future role on Urantia as that Deity will administer Urantia in place of the original government from Salvington. Post here transmissions from God the Supreme in Havona and the outreach Planetary Supreme Urantia, sometimes known as Gaia.


As Transmitters Become More Sophisticated and Can Do More than Just Writing Out a Transmission, the need for a place to present audio tape transmissions is necessary. This is the place. Discussion of those Tapes Go Here To as Members May Wish to Post their announcements too in discussing the tapes. Thank You. Michael

Place New Non-Teaching Mission Transmission Here. We have Cleared the Boards for New Activity and Thank all for their submissions. Please continue submitting your non-teaching mission transmissions here

11 - JESUS - The Whole SUBJECT
Whatever Members Wish to Say about Jesus, Please Place it Here. Thank you.

Posts Pertaining To The Most Horrendous Spiritual Rebellion Ever

Discussions of the Divine and Secular History of Urantia Not Otherwise Included in Other Categories

There are many types of UNDISCOVERED ENERGY Possibilities. discuss Them Here. Here also is the Subject of Ultimatons and How They Form Sub-Particles in Atoms & How They Can Be Used to Power our Transportation and Society are Included in the Posts in This Section. Discuss and Field Your Views about Energy Patterns Here.
Those Scientific Facts and/or Speculations Revealed or Told to us that deal with factual information of general interest to the public.


Place posts here of notification of disaster or near disaster happenings on Urantia and not just the United States. Place your warnings received from your Transmissions or other sources since Phase I of the Divine Mission controlled by Salvington will have incarnated Melchizedeks issue reports locally when the Salvington Mission goes this July or August or as late as October of 2017.

Add Your Translations Here in Any Language of Posts on the Discussion Forum

Discussion & Comments About The Universe Decision to Add A Companion Volume to The First Urantia Book

18 - MUSIC & Artful Expressions
For Those Works Dedicated To And About Spirit

19 - THOUGHT ADJUSTERS & Other amazing Spiritual Stories
1) Amazing spiritual Stories
How YOU Became Conscious of Spiritual Contact & Input
2) Greet Your Thought Adjuster!
Discussions about Making Contact with The Still Small Voice of God Within

20 - Discuss This Web Site
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21 - Some Thoughts, Muses & Meanderings
About Things Members Just Would Like To Say, or That Do or Do Not Require a Discussion

Would it be possible for further clarification of #5 ?
5) Humans living on Urantia withing six months of Besser-modified Adjuster Fusion

General Discussion / Re: questions about fusion for Ron, Larry, and Lemuel
« on: February 27, 2018, 12:22:24 PM »
Sincerest congratulations Amethyst you are an inspiration to us gals!

Thank you Wendy for reposting her transmission as well, and Ron for the reference to Lemuel's transmission.

Have a wonderful day everyone :)

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / All is Quiet
« on: February 21, 2018, 05:43:07 PM »
Speaker: Lemuel
Subject: All is Quiet
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/ Time: 21st Feb  2018   21:09 Local

Good evening everyone this is Lemuel.  The reason why I am talking to you this evening is because My Beloved has, how shall I say, prompted me to say a few words about the present situation as regards the Magisterial Mission.  

I am sure you are all aware that all is very quiet as they used to say, the armies fighting many years ago at the Khyber Pass they used to say “all quiet on the western front”.  Well my dear brothers and sisters it is all very quiet here on the Serara Forum front and maybe you are asking yourselves why.  

I have very little information other than to remind you all that it is still very recent since the Consummator of Universe Destiny and Justice has decided for his own reasons to become not only interested in the Magisterial Mission with human participation but also to take a direct lead or hand in the situation with Paradise personalities and therefore Michael of Nebadon, our Mother Spirit Nebadonia, Magisterial Sons Serara and Monjoronson and the order of Melchizedeks, Machiventa Melchizedek, they are all waiting for final decisions to be made and to become available when Paradise has decided to release the details of what is now to take place for the Magisterial Mission.  

In other words, as I see it now it is a whole new ballgame and on the one hand just a short while ago it was, well it would have been, unimaginable that such a being as the highest deity throughout the whole of the Super Universes should become involved with the Magisterial Mission.  So on the one hand this is unbelievably wonderful news, on the other hand of course there is now confusion and doubt and worry I suppose for you members here on the Forum not knowing what is going on.  

Well you know what they say ‘no news is good news’ and I only would ask you please be patient.  We have experienced this kind of situation many times before, although this particular time it is in fact very different now that we do have the Consummator of Universe Destiny and Justice on board, so to speak, for the Magisterial Mission.  Therefore, please try to relax, be patient, try to keep the faith and trust, especially in yourselves and your own beloved Thought Adjusters.  Remember, I keep stressing this, remember you are here because of your Thought Adjusters, believe me you are in the right place at the right time.  So it is up to all of you just to hang-on, so please hang-on, stay cool, stay calm, stay relaxed, stay with it so to speak, be patient.  

Very difficult times, I know, I know, but we can resist, we do all have the tenacity and the faith and the trust as I say; and as you all well know you have been there many times before.  And so remain strong and remain steadfast with your desire, now stronger than ever, to dedicate yourselves and your very lives to the Magisterial Mission and to return this beautiful planet of Urantia back into the hands of our beloved Universal Father.

This is Lemuel thank you very much for listening and I bid you all a very good night, good night.


AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ Spiritual Explosion
« on: February 16, 2018, 03:44:25 PM »
Transcript of audio post

Good afternoon everyone, this Lemuel
Friday, 16-Feb-18  17:10 / 16:10 Zulu

I am here this afternoon because I know that Jesus wanted to talk to me, if he had my attention.  Jesus you have my attention.

Jesus:  “Thank you Lemuel, I am Jesus and I have come this afternoon to talk specifically about you three gentlemen, Ron Besser, Larry Gossett and Lemuel, who are fused.  I know Lemuel sometimes when he is thinkin’ about the three of you he likes to refer to you all as the Three Musketeers.   Well, I am here to tell you that you Three Musketeers know virtually nothing about what it is to be a musketeer so allow me to clarify that. 

“You have read earlier today about the spiritual explosion and there was just a few brief words about it because perhaps I will talk about it again later.  But in brief, again, I will mention that my announcement will be in the form of a spiritual explosion which affects the mind of all of you here on the planet.  It acts as a switching on as you would say when you want to switch on the light, my spiritual explosion will switch on the light on a mental level for everyone.  Now this means of course that those minds who already have some light, that light will become more available and those of you who do not have light the switching on process for you would mean nothing.  Those of you who become switched on, so to speak, you will realize that you are different, you now have a different attitude for certain things especially religion and spiritual matters where perhaps you were not inclined before.  And for those of you who do not have any light at all it means that switching you on serves no purpose whatsoever and you will be lost.  

“Now coming back to these Three Musketeers, Ron Besser, Larry Gossett and Lemuel here, my spiritual explosion will affect you in the following way:  it will be the same as it happened to me when John baptized me in the Jordan and I walked away from him out of the river and into the desert places to be alone, but from that moment I was fully aware of my Thought Adjuster and the same thing will happen to you three.  You will be all the time consciously aware of your Beloved indwelling God Fragment.  To have three of you here on earth is more than extraordinary, Paradise thought it impossible but here you are and your work for the Mission in the future will be of paramount importance.  

“Also, I would like to mention the amount of information that you have received recently, specifically about the Consummator of Universe Destiny, now you know that there is such a high deity, or as Lemuel likes to call him “super-deity” being now involved with great interest in the Magisterial Mission.  I, for my part, am also content and very pleased to have such a high deity onboard so to speak. "

Lemuel:  dear Jesus is there something else you would like to say?

Jesus:  “Lemuel there is a tremendous amount I could say, now is not the moment, quite soon, in fact.  And so I thank you for keeping this appointment with me.  I know you picked me up this morning when you were out walking and it was you who decided to make an official appointment so to speak this afternoon and I am here with great pleasure.”

Lemuel:  Jesus I must ask you is this to be posted to the Forum?

Jesus:  “That’s perfectly all right with me Lemuel, yes by all means.  All right so this is Jesus, I thank you very much, I bid you all a very good weekend, and I thank you for listening.  Domtia”

Lemuel:  This is Lemuel, I will post it to the Forum of course and I am so very, very grateful to Jesus for this information.  Domtia Jesus!

Regarding humor and celestials the exerpt from the Urantia Book below is only one of at least 47 search results where 'humor' is mentioned and a search and reading of this focus subject is quite enlightening.
(74:6.7) The Adamic children attended their own schools until they were sixteen, the younger being taught by the elder. The little folks changed activities every thirty minutes, the older every hour. And it was certainly a new sight on Urantia to observe these children of Adam and Eve at play, joyous and exhilarating activity just for the sheer fun of it. The play and humor of the present-day races are largely derived from the Adamic stock. The Adamites all had a great appreciation of music as well as a keen sense of humor.
I also remember being quite suprised the first few times I discovered this aspect of our universe family and quite honestly it made me realize that each of us have our own 'preconceived ideas' of what our celestial family could or would be like in character.  Quite possibly this also stems from our own 'religious' experiences and spills over into our sub-conscious mind and expectations.  Thank goodness for the Urantia Book revelations and our reconnection to universe circuits that work together with our Thought Adjusters to reveal to us what truth, beauty and goodness really look like and help us break out of the limitations of our own misconceptions.

I apologize for any confusion.

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ Snowdrops
« on: January 20, 2018, 12:51:31 PM »

In appreciation of your post Lemuel, and Lemuel’s Thought Adjuster, it is easy to see the relationship between the physical appearance of this special flowering plant and our personal struggles to not give up during these cold dark days where death and destruction seem to abound and truth, beauty and goodness is under constant assault.  I have to believe that the faith, persistence and personal dedication it takes to simply persevere towards that breakthrough from the negative circumstances into the full light of day, will also soon be replaced with the joy of the breakthrough experience itself and the opportunity to flourish and bear the beautiful fruit it will also produce in our lives.  Domtia to you both!

Thank you for sharing this study material Ron, it is much appreciated and very interesting and I thank all our universe family for enlightening us and enabling us to not only grasp but process what they provide.  What a privelege it is to be given these opportunities to learn and grow and expand our abilities to comprehend the vastness of creation and the largess of our Creator.


New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / Re: New Member arrival on 1/7/18
« on: January 09, 2018, 07:48:08 PM »
Welcome Aboard RichardB,

These links may help you find your way around:

Index to Categories (for topical reading and posting) the various categories are explained here as to what you can expect to find

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about this site and their answers can be found here

Threads for New Transmissions / Ocilliaya - Preparation and Attitude
« on: January 04, 2018, 12:08:00 PM »
Ocilliaya - Preparation and Attitude - 4-Jan-18 - Newstarsaphire, CA
Teacher:   Ocilliaya
Subject:  Preparation and Attitude
 04-Jan-18 11:34 AM  EST   16:38 hrs GMT
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

[Transmitter:  Is that you Ocilliaya?  do you have a message for the Forum you wish me to receive?]

“Yes, this is Ocilliaya and I greet all the Forum members here this bright snowy morning in your part of the world.  Indeed this cold snap is once again bearing down in this part of the world and you are grateful for the sources of heat and comfort you are afforded via your electrical systems.  As you are well aware these services can be adversely affected during these extreme weather changes and it is best be prepared for such a possibility.

“Preparation is the topic I would like to address with you today and the inevitabilities of the unexpected that arise within your lifetimes not only here but throughout your experiential careers.  One must take the knowledge and wisdom that has been imparted and use it as a tool of preparation.  Always is their room for improvement and learning through doing, and this attitude will serve you well throughout the challenges you will constantly face.  It is a given that challenges will arise before you as this is, after all, an experiential career you are eternally engaged in and the tasks and adjustments to intellect and circumstance are the tools of growth enhancement that enable each one to reach the goals of self-discovery and Father attainment.  

“The attitude of preparedness is basically one of taking the tools you have acquired and applying them to current circumstances with the knowledge you have gained but, it is also the awareness that there is always more to be discovered in the learning process and room for improvement of any application.  What worked last time might not be the case as each circumstance will be unique, but when you carry with you an attitude of learning and discovering and openness to growth it is by far the most useful of the tools you may have in your box.  A new way of approaching the situation or a slight change of perspective may be all that is needed for your success in this particular endeavor and it is this willingness to learn and break free from the linear dictates of former methods of success that allows you to stretch your imagination and be open to new possibilities.  

“Being open and flexible in your attitudes and perceptions is being open to growth possibilities and discovering an enhanced version of yourself that continues this progressive cycle of learning and achievement.  So it is my goal this day to encourage you all to be open to the changes before you and recognize them as an opportunity to meet your challenges ‘head on’ with an attitude of expectation of the growth opportunities they provide.

“This is Ocilliaya, Master Spirit of Superuniverse 4, inviting you all to be raised up through your circumstances to new heights of discovery.  I wish you a good day.”


Affiliate sites:
Rayson Science

Threads for New Transmissions / A Consortium of Divinity – "Dedication"
« on: January 01, 2018, 12:20:18 PM »
A Consortium of Divinity – "Dedication" - 1-Jan-18 - Newstarsaphire, CA
Teacher:   A Consortium of Divinity
Subject:  Dedication
 01-Jan-18 11:28 AM  EST   16:28 hrs GMT
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

“This is a journey not for the faint of heart.  This is a calling for which complete and total dedication to the will and ways of the Father is required by mortals of time dedicated to this Mission before us all in the coming days.  The mandate of the Father is to “be you perfect even as I am perfect” and the challenges of these coming days will address you like none you have experienced before.

“I am the conductor of universe affairs from the realm of spirit union, and mortal involvement in these Missions, in a direct way, is a challenge to us all.    Bring your authentic self to the table of conference and listen well with the ears given you.  Remain steadfast in your purpose and serve with the knowledge of whom you are and who you have chosen to represent in your loving service to mortal and spirit alike.  We surround you and enfold you, gird you and uphold you, as we jointly bring light and love to the darkest corners of a humanity flailing in the uncertainty of its own existence.

“It will require all the determination you have to stay the course and continually refocus your energies and intentions to knowing and doing the will of the Father as it is revealed to each of you.  Remain strong and steadfast in your choice and all you require will be yours to carry out your loving service in joy and confidence.

“The time is at hand for the sons of God to reveal the will and ways of the Father to a desperate and needy world.

“A Consortium of divinity.”


Affiliate sites:
Rayson Science

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / HE IS our P E A C E.
« on: December 24, 2017, 11:46:06 PM »
Father gives us His love every day via the gifts of himself as our Thought Adjuster, our unique personality, our Creator Parents our Universe and mortal family and all of His gifts of mind, spirit and physical matter.  Father's heart is sharing and giving and love.  I thank The Father for all he gives us to share and for all those he gives us to share it with.  I share with all of you in the love and joy of the Heart of the Father as we take time to consider the special gift of our Jesus and his revelation of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.   HE IS our P E A C E.

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ The Melchizedeks
« on: December 19, 2017, 12:44:50 PM »
Dear Lemuel,

Reading about Adam and Eve from the Urantia Book account is always heart wrenching.  I too believe that their intentions came from love; their love and devotion to mankind and for each other for certain.  The agony Adam must have suffered at the prospect of being separated from his Eve is something I am sure very few mortals can ever truly relate to with their mate. I love them and bless them and thank them both for their willingness to come here at all in full awareness of what they would be up against. Where would we be indeed had they not made the gargantuan effort to share their skills and knowledge with our ancestors and bear children whose goal and purpose was to, in turn, serve and be joined with them for upliftment of the species?  We got the best of the deal for sure!  I would count myself very fortunate should I (and/or my own progeny) be permitted to meet them here on this sphere and sit at their feet to experience, first hand, such love and devotion through the Adam and Eve schools.

I acknowledge that judgement of any kind is not mine to determine, nor in my wheelhouse or ability to attempt; what I am saying is that, with my personal limited experience, I can empathize with the situation of deception that played on their individual desires to do all possible to manifest the depth of such enormous love in their hearts.  I believe we are all aware that many wrong deeds are wrought with good intentions.


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