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It would be nice if Jack (DaCandyMan) can translate the content for us all.  :) I am not so confident with google translation. Thanks

General Discussion / Re: BE ALERT
« on: October 16, 2018, 10:52:48 AM »
As far as I am concerned, the feeling that humanity is now at a turning point, that something great will soon happen, for the better or for the worst, is increasing in me more and more, day after day and at the same time I am like someone who has his two feet in the same boot, not knowing where to start, how to do it right in an emergency situation. There is a gap between receiving instructions during a period of calmness in prevision of what is ahead and applying them with efficacy in time of great turmoil. The aftermath of a disaster in terms of organization to bring help and comfort to those who are affected, eventhough there are many good will, is often out of control, not to say chaotic. Of course, in such a situation, one is deemed to do the best as he/she feels it good at the moment in time. Domtia

Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Up, Down and Around

Lemuel : Good morning all. Our talk this morning is entitled ‘Up, Down and Around’. These words can be interpreted literally. We are and have been for sometime being bombarded with spiritual energy that comes from outside, pouring down over the earth and to each and everyone of us here on the planet. Tragically, the vast majority of the people are not aware of it and that is because everyday of their lives is filled of the concern of surviving for another day, finding water for another day, feeding their children for another day, but for others, the effect of this spiritual input lifts you up, knocks you down and spins you around.

Those of you, members here on the forum and guests and readers alike, you may well wonder what is the matter with you. The physical symptoms that you may be experiencing which causes your concern and possibly for some of you, you will seek medical advice from your doctors. In fact, it is like being on a roller-coaster, you are literally taking up and you fall down and you really spin around – physically, emotionally and mentally. It is indeed the most marvellous thing if you take the time to stop and really think about what is happening.

You have all been prepared over the years for the changes to come and in fact you can see everyday the results of the change in the climate with inundations in different parts of the world – more earthquakes, etc…As you are fully aware, these changes will get much worst in the near future. So, even with the best of intention, your preparedness will fall short when the time comes. In the meantime, try to be philosophical about the effect that the spiritual input is having upon each and everyone of you.

It is very disconcerting, it is worrying and may be you think you’re going to have a heart attack or whatever it is. As I said in the beginning, you are lifted up, you are being put down and you are being spun around. There is a very good reason for that and this is you really need to trust and have faith in your Beloved Indwelling Father Fragment. In fact, you can do nothing else other than to surrender to Him, He knows what you can support, He knows the way forward for both of you.

Your Beloved Thought Adjuster and yourself have the same destiny, to enter the Corps of Finality and that a long time into the future, but nevertheless your Thought Adjusters have already mapped out the plan and the route for that mutual destination. It is indeed a more wondrous thing that our Celestials Family are being able to and are allowed to from Father Himself to spread spirituality throughout the whole world, so that the effect will be not only to raise the spiritual frequency and consciousness of the people, but also to help the planet itself to do what she needs to do and you all know what that is.

The earth must rid herself of toxic effect, not only of what humankind has done to her, but also the internal changes within the planet itself must be allowed to take place. Each and everyone of you and the planet itself are being affected by the spiritual pouring out upon you all. As I mention in the beginning – up, down and around – is what you are experiencing at the moment. So, now that you understand a little better of what is taking place, then try to laugh about it, yes friends you can laugh, well you can say to yourself : you either laugh or you cry. Ok, it does not really matter, just accept the fact that this is happening to you.

I have just been given a thought by my Beloved – I don’t know if anyone here will remember – but way back in the 70’s I beleive or to my knowledge the 60’s I don’t know – there was a very famous program, a television series from America and it was called ‘Roanne and Martin laughing’, it was a very popular program and in every episode there was a scene or a sketch I think you will call it, where someone would say : ‘socket to me’, meaning of course ‘bring it on, I can take it. If you could adopt that attitude to all that is taking place at the moment you will do very well indeed. So, don’t worry, whether you are being lifted up or knocked down or spun around, it is all for the good, beleive me.

Well, this is Lemuel signing off for to-day, I thank you for listening, I bid you all a very good day, speak to you soon, bye-bye for now. Domtia

With these disasters happening around the world, it makes me ponder how we, who have been informed, can warn local authorities about what is waiting ahead. In some regions in France, the population has been alerted beforehand, through the media, about flooding, but there have not been security measures from the governmental representatives. Only a few people, having insight knowledge from previous experiences, have been able to save some material belongings. We have here an example of human behaviours when facing catastrophes and it is the same in every part of the world. There are perhaps unpredictable circumstances – tectonic plates, earthquakes – where people are trapped, but with advanced technology science is now well-equiped to forecast a change in the weather before it happens. To me the only recourse is the help of our Celestial friends. Domtia

Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

How wonderful to know !

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. Our talk this morning is entitled ‘How wonderful to know !’. How wonderful to know that you are loved beyond your human understanding. How wonderful to know that you are never alone, although you are feeling lonely. How wonderful to know you are a child of your Heavenly Father. How wonderful to know you can always come to me and rest in my peace.

The vast majority of people do not know ; they do not know that they are loved, they only know that they are old and lonely, because there are so many old people who live alone and are lonely. How blessed are you who know when others do not know. Every village, every town, every city, there are those people who live alone and perhaps never have visitors from their family and they feel so isolated and sad and they loose all hope and even do will to carry on living.

It is so a such sad situation and for the Beloved Indwelling Father Fragments to see their wards in this state is hard for them to take. As you all know, it is with love and caring and joy that your Beloved Thought Adjusters try to spiritualize your thoughts into the ways of understanding spirituality to the degree that you will come to learn and to accept the presence of your Father Fragment. How wonderful it is to know that.

I am sure, you will know people who are in ignorance of this fact and you may have the desire to talk to them, but at the same time you are hesitant, thinking perhaps that this person is so old it will be extremely difficult for them to understand something at their advanced age. What I would like to say to you if this is the case, if this is your thinking, there is something you can do and it is simply to send your light and love mentally to that person and to see that person totally enveloped in Light and Love. That will have an effect on that person and also how wonderful for you to know that you can do that and it does help tremendously.

So, dear brothers and sisters, there are those, I am sure, you are aware of in your own neigbourhood, those people who live alone, those who have lost their husbands or wives and are no longer visited by their children. It is such a common place thing in cities and towns and even villages. You are so blessed because you do know how wonderful it is to be loved and never to be alone.

So, do your part, do what you can and I repeat, hold these persons in your mind and send them your light and your love sincerely from your heart and know that it will have a beneficial effect for that person. Is not that a wonderful thing to know and so easy to do ? It costs you nothing. You have the ability to feel for other people, you have the ability to put yourself in their shoes. How wonderful it is to be able to do that, to have such a compassion and empathy with your brothers and sisters and so it is wonderful for you to know that you can help them and I know you will.

Thank you for listening, I bid you all a very good day, bye-bye for now. Domtia

Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Too Little, Too Late

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. Our chat this morning is entitled ‘Too little, too late’. Almost everyday now we see on television reports of hurricanes, of typhoons, of tremendous floodings in countries that have never been flooded before and the earthquakes that have been taking place several times in Indonesia and the South East Asia and it is becoming more and more clear that there is something serious going on and although we have all been warned many times.

This little chat this morning is to encourage you not to get caught out by doing too little, too late. Now, obviously not everybody will be able to escape, not everybody has got friends in the countryside. There are many millions of people living in high buildings, not just in america skyscrapers.

But throughout the world there are blocks of flats, very many tall buildings of flats and even Lemuel himself lives in a block of flats on the seven floor and so without electricity he is going to walk up and down seven times the steps, but that would be nothing compared with other people who are living in high rised block of flats.

The point I am trying to make is that you can only do your best and the money you have and other resources, just do your best and surrender to the rest, because there is nothing more that you will be able to do. Those of you who are in a position to escape, that’s fine.

But the majority of people will not be able to do that and so I repeat : do what you can and do not be caught out by doing too little, too late. Now, when there is no electricity you just have to eat cold food from a tin, there is dried or whether it is dried milk powder which you combine with water to turn it to milk or you can use condensed milk and again dilute it with water.

So, you can have cereals and cornflakes and dried fruits is a good reserve and dried biscuits. There are many things out to the tin which just you have to get used to, eating or drinking cold if there is no electricity. This will save your life, there is no question about that.

Other circumstances you will not be able to control and so I repeat : just do the best you can and your conscience will be clear that you have done your best and the rest you just surrender to your Beloved Indwelling Father Fragment, this all that anyone can do. Time is moving on and as I say we can see everyday some disaster all over.

Even here now in Spain, yesterday approaching the coast of Portugal was an hurricane, beleive it or not, that has weaken into a storm on the south-west coast of Portugal and now in the north of Spain. So, more and more countries are being affected by unusual weather condition.

So, my dear friends, take the maximum of precautions that you can and this is our simple message this morning : do not get caught out by doing too little, too late. I thank you for listening and I bid you a good day, bye-bye for now. Domtia

Lemuel, it is funny that you bring the subject of outer looking and inner seeing, when some days ago I experienced a situation similar to yours. I was heading to a rendez-vous with a friend by taking the subway and it happened that I took a vacant seat just in front of a young lady.

She was soberly dressed, with a black scarf covering her head, down to her neck and shoulders. This black tissu seemed to accentuate the well-structured traits of her face, so well that she looked brilliant and luminous. During all the time I was looking for every details on her face, our eyes never crossed, seemingly she was not paying attention to my gazing at her with so persistance, until she has reached her destination.

At the very moment she left the train, she looked up at me with a big smile, uttering those words : ‘Bonne journée à vous’ (wishing you a good day) and before I could reply with a ‘merci’ (thank you), she was gone swiftly. I was bewildered. What had make her look up at me in the last moment, with such a reaction that tossed me off ?

It was indeed a very strange experience, but I can swear that it has nothing to do with a romantic feeling in the kind of a sudden falling-in-love. It was rather like someone visiting a gallery of paintings and stopping by one of them, because among others this is the one that stirs up his inner being.

Your explanation, Lemuel, about the outer looking and the inner seeing, falls at the right moment, helping me to understand what happened on that particular day. I am of the idea that our Thought Adjusters are able to initiate a connexion between individuals when there are good vibrations of energies and so creating a situation where one experiences a strange feeling.

I was pressed to share this experience with you all after reading Lemuel’s. Domtia

Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Outer Looking, Inner Seeing

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. Our subject this morning is entitled ‘Outer looking, Inner seeing’. Many years ago, I have the great fortune to come into contact with a man who is very, in my opinion, at that time and I am still hold that opinion, a very spiritually advanced man. I remember the first time when this man explained to me the difference between looking and seeing, an outer looking or an inner seeing.

Well, for example, you have all seen a tree thousands of times during your life and perhaps now you never think that actually seeing it, you just look at it, but you don’t really see it, that is to say what in fact you see is a memory of a tree or a memory of a thousand trees that you have seen before, but also if you really see that tree or a person or in fact anything at all, if you really see it, what you see in fact is yourself, because at that moment of seeing you identify with that tree, with that person, with that flower or whatever it is.

There is a tremendous difference between seeing and looking and the great difference between the outer looking and the inner seeing. Those of you here on the forum who are familiar with the fact that you have an Indwelling Father Fragment, your Thought Adjuster, from the earliest of your years when you were of six or seven something like that and those of you who are here and who read the postings or listen to the transmissions of Lemuel and others, you will discover that not only are you accompanied permanently, all the time, by your Beloved Thought Adjusters, but you can develop a very close relationship with your Beloved Indwellings.

So, you can indeed ask your Thought Adjusters to help you to look and see through their eyes which will be an inner seeing and then an inner looking, as oppose to the outer looking and seeing which is the normal way you all look at things, there is a tremendous difference. Since that time, many years ago, I have on many occasions in fact been reminded by my Beloved Thought Adjuster to practice this more often and I have done over the years. This is why I am able to talk about it with a certain amount of experience, knowing that what we are talking about is in fact true.

If you are able to look and to see from the inner, that is to say, through the eyes of your Beloved Thought Adjuster, not only will you be able to see yourself in everyone and everything, but also you will be able to touch, if I can use this word, this person or this tree or this plant or this flower or whatever it is, and the reason I am saying that is because if you are looking at something with the eyes of your Beloved Thought Adjuster – just think about this for a moment – you are looking through the eyes of Father and when Father looks at something or someone, that thing or that someone is touched very deeply.

I give you a simple example and also yes with a word of caution as my Beloved just reminds me and it is : if you maintain a full eye contact with someone and at that moment you are seeing that person through the eyes of your Beloved Father Frament, not only will you identify with them and become one with them but you will touch that person to their very soul and they will feel it. It cannot be otherwise when you really think about it and this is why the word of caution, it is a great responsibility, because if you are able to look and to see from the inner, it will have an effect on what you are looking at and what you are seeing, because I repeat you are looking and seeing through the eyes of Father.

Now, as you all know, Lemuel is a man and he has had the experience, he don’t want me to relate it, it does not matter, I am going to. There was a time when he did hold eye-contact with a certain lady and he was seeing her through the eyes of Me, his Beloved Thought Adjuster and it touched her to her very soul with the effect of course that the person, that lady fail immediately in love with Lemuel. Now, don’t understand what I am trying to say here, the effect was not exactly like cupidon’s arrow through her heart but she was immediately attracted to the light of what she felt coming directly from Lemuel.

Well, this was an experience for her and the effect lasted for sometime, but of course, in fact it was just a moment as far as Lemuel is concerned and they went a separate ways and that was it, but the point of the matter is, those of you who carry light has a great responsibility to share your light at the appropriate time and the appropriate place. There are obviously times and places where it is not necessary and so you close up, so to speak.

This talk this morning is simply to explain the difference between the inner and the outer seeing and looking and  for those of you who have not yet had this experience, remember you can, of course, ask your Beloved Thought Adjusters to help you with this and He would be too delighted to do so, because it is an expression, not of your sincerity wishing to help and to show your light, but also an expression of your progress spiritually.

If you were to ask me my opinion or my advice, I would say if you really wish to practice this, then don’t practice this with the first lady or the first gentleman you come across (laugh) don’t do that because it is not necessary, but I would suggest to you when you have the opportunity to really look and see a tree for example or standing in front of a flower in full bloom and really look at it and see it from inside, it is a wonderful feeling because at those moments you become one, you do really become one with that flower or with that tree or with that person.

So, again just a word of caution, be very careful and try to remember how Jesus Himself contacted Himself in the company of others. He is able to look at that person and see them completely and He never took advantage of that and nor should anyone else. So, my dear brothers and sisters, practice if you will between seeing from the inner or seeing from the outer, it is a rewarding experience and as I say you can ask your Beloved Indwelling Father Fragment to help you with this.

Well, that is enough for to-day, I thank you all for listening, I bid you a very good Saturday afternoon and a very good Sunday to-morrow, bye-bye for now. Domtia

« The full chorus version is being prepared by Bach in his honor at the Cathedral of Notre Dame »

If the aforementioned statement refers to The Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, it is indeed the place for a choir to perform such a masterpiece Anthem for the Glory of the Universal Father. I have had the pleasure to attend some organs performances in this environment of finest french gothic architecture and one cannot help to be subjugated when listening to the music resounding in the Cathedral. I am looking forward to sour the chorus version of the Anthem in such a glorious place. Domtia

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Pay the Price
« on: October 12, 2018, 11:37:34 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Pay the price

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. Our talk this morning is entitled ‘Pay the price’. This is a strange one and quite an amusing one really which you will understand in a moment. When I say that pay the price, these words came to me this morning and they immediately reminded me of one of the James Bond films, way back in the 60’s, more than 50 yrs ago now and the film was entitled ‘You only live twice’.

I am sure many of you will remember that film and thinking about it now it is very interesting because, well I would just voice the first few lines of that song, I am not going to sing it, but it goes like this :
You only live twice
Or so it seems
One life for yourself
And one for your dreams
And later on it goes on to say - So pay the price. They say nothing is free in this world and certainly in material terms this is true. But also there is an emotional price to pay for experiences, especially romantic experiences.

I mention this because if you remember the conversation I had with a friend just a couple of days ago, talking about the relationship that he is within, a marriage relationship for many years and in fact relating to his problems, the price that he is paying, has paid and continues to pay for his experience. The question sometimes arises – is it worth it, is it worth paying the price for experience ?

There is also another wellknown saying – once bitten, twice shy, and there are many people who have been in and out of love and who shy away from another experience that they do not wish to repeat. Obviously, looking back on your life, you have the most wonderful experiences, I am sure, but also there are those that you wish never to repeat. It is perfectly understandable, but also you will realize that you have paid a price for your experiences, even the ones you enjoyed.

There are so many people who, because of fear of doing wrong or making a mistake, whether there will be something good or bad, right or wrong, etc…This has a very detrimental effect on their feelings because they do not to pay the price, this is what it comes down to. It is understandable, we all have been in such a situation from time to time, momentarily I hope, but not to let one’s experiences put you off from other experiences, especially in human relationships.

Everyone wants to be loved and love, this is a natural human condition and sometimes it hurts of course, but pay the price. It is so better to have loved and not to have loved at all. You all know this and so this little talk this morning is about paying the price for experiences. There is an emotional price to pay, but what you gain, your knowledge and the wisdom that comes, especially with the passing of age, you will come to realize and give thanks that you did in fact have the ability to pay the price, you went ahead and experienced it and that is wonderful.

I want now to address directly to the guests on this forum, some of being here for years now, reading the postings and perhaps listening to some Lemuel’s transmissions. Some of you also are afraid to pay the price, something is holding you back from experiencing something new, we talk about this before. Those of you who are still standing slightly off stage, on the sidelines, you cannot do that for the rest of your life, you need new experiences and so go ahead, do it, stop procrastinating.

Life is passing you by, and life should be full of new experiences, no matter what the price, pay the price and enjoy life to the full and you will discover that your experiences were well worth the price that you paid. You have been told many times before if you are here as a guest on this forum, you are here for a reason and it is your Indwelling Father Fragments that brought you here. What you lack now is your own experience, so please don’t be afraid, pay the price and experience what life has to offer.

I thank you for listening, it is always a pleasure to speak to you. To-day is Friday and so here we are again looking forward to another weekend and so I wish you all a very good weekend, with happy experiences, eventhough you may have to pay the price. Domtia

Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

A false sense of responsability

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. The subject this morning is entitled ‘A false sense of responsibility’. Recently I had a long conversation with an old friend of mine and we talked about his problems that he has experienced over many years with his partner, his wife and although I have not seen him for several years, from what he explained I could see that he was still in the same situation and have been for more than 25 yrs and why ? because of his false sense of responsibility.

Let me explain. There are many, I am sure, men and women who feel they are trapped into a marriage because it is their responsibility to stay with that person till death do they part as the services in church or may be they have a civil marriage, but nevertheless they have the false sense of responsibility, they must stay with this partner.

The main reason being that the partner, man or woman, is the sort of person, if I may use an analogy, who jumps into the deepest part of the swimming pool, but does not know how to swim and so they rely on someone else to jump in and pull them out of the water to prevent from drowning.

This is all very well when someone does that once or twice or even perhaps three times, but when the person continually does it surely the time must come when you ask yourself if this person is so desirous of drowning then I must allow her to drown. I am sure you understand what I am trying to explain.

There are those people who use moral blackmail for their partner to stay with them, giving the impression to their partner that they cannot possibly live without them. I myself pesonally have experienced this kind of relationship for a period of 6 ½ yrs, well this is many years ago and I am happy to say that the partner I was with at that time, a lady in Whales, is still alive and kicking as they say and she is now 66 yrs of age.

I know it is difficult when you feel that you really do have a responsibility, a moral responsibility, to stay with your partner, to support him/her, but if you really are in this situation where your partner keeps putting themselves in situations where they need you to sort their problem for them, then you must make the decision finally to say : ‘No, not anymore, I have my own life to lead and my responsibility is to myself, my real self, the God sparkle, my Beloved Indwelling Father Fragment, that is my number one relationship’.

Well, of course, people who are trapped in such a relationship are probably not aware that they have the Fragment of God inside of them and so to make the decision to say ‘no’ is much more difficult, I understand this, but it is such a shame, it is so painful to see other people who are trapped into a marriage because of moral blackmail where in fact they are being used as a kleenex tissu.

To save other people from their problems and of course the worst of this is, because the partner always says yes, I will help you, I will pull you out of the swimming pool, they are preventing their partner from finally learning to help themselves. It is time to reason, is it not ? If you are always throwing a lifeline to someone who pretends to be drowning you are in fact preventing them from learning how to swim, it is as simple as that.

So, this subject this morning is a difficult one to come to terms with, I know because I have been there myself, but nevertheless the time must come when you must learn to say : no, I mean it. Think about it, you are not and never were responsible for the life or death of any other person and so if someone continues to jump deep into the swimming pool, leave them to it, they will either learn to swim or they will drown.

Well, the subject to-day has been a different one from usual, but nevertheless this came to mind this morning because it was only recently that I had this conversation with an old friend of many years and unfortunately he is still in this situation and he is too afraid to do anything about it, what a shame.

So, dear brothers and sisters, if any of you are in the situation like this take my words seriously, you must learn to say ‘NO, enough is enough’ and by so doing you allow that person to save themselves, to learn how to save themselves, instead of using you all the time.

I thank you for listening, have a nice day and speak to you soon, bye-bye for now. Domtia

Many are waiting around the world, in the financial realm, for the Reevaluation/Global Currency Reset ( RV/GCR ) to take place by the end of this year 2018 and the Chinese Yuan, according to experts in this field, has the choice to align itself on the other currencies or to create an imbalance by an over-evaluation, with the risk of provoking a world financial collapse. It is indeed a relief to know that Celestials are planning to kill the chicken in the egg before it is hatched. Domtia

General Discussion / Re: Medical Alert For You with Anxiety Concerns
« on: October 10, 2018, 10:31:57 PM »
Thank you Ron for these judicious recommendations to us, oldies in particular, who are most inclined to stroke or heart attack when it comes to face heavy pressure and stress. I am not sure, where I am located, that this ‘arm blood pressure machine’ you preconize can be found in a mall center, it may be available in a pharmaceutical shop, but even then I wonder if it can be provided without a medical certificate. Domtia

Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

The New Spirit of Truth ( a clarification )

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. The subject this morning is the ‘New Spirit of Truth’, a clarification. Over the past couple of days I have that prompted to clarify something concerning the New Spirit of Truth which is the subject of the previous audio transmission, just a few days ago.

The New Spirit of Truth is indeed available to all and from the 1st of october 2018, the official inauguration of the Michael Mission, the New Spirit of Truth can be accessed if one sincerely asks and surrenders to the New Spirit of Truth. The point I wish to clarify is that indeed it is a process whereby the effect of this New Spirit of Truth is to increase and amplify the understanding of things that are very difficult for you to understand before.

So, in other words, the process is taking place whereby the New Spirit of Truth is able to increase your understanding and this does not happen overnight of course, it is a process that takes time, but as the weeks and the months go by, you will come to witness for yourself that it has become in fact a little easier for you to understand certain things that are too difficult for you to understand previously.

So, this is what I would like to clarify this morning, although It is available now across the globe, It will work with those who have some insights to their own spiritual progression and who are dedicated to be about Father’s business and this New Spirit of Truth will have tremendously amplifying and increasing the ability to understand.

In regards to revelation, obviously one needs to be able to understand what is being revealed in order to relay this, transmit this revelation to the public To be a voice for God is obviously, not only a tremendous responsibility, but probably one of the greatest honors that can be bestowed upon human beings.So, what a tremendous blessing this is to have this added help from the New Spirit of Truth to help and enhance our understanding.

So, this is just a short message this morning. As I mentioned in the beginning I have thought prompted to do this clarification for the past couple of days and so now I have done this and I hope it in fact does clarify for all of you how to New Spirit of Truth can work through your brain, now and in the future for your understanding.

This is Lemuel, I thank you for listening and I bid you all a very good day. Domtia

Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Better not to mix

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. Our subject this morning is entitled ‘Better not to mix’. I recently had a meeting with an old friend of mine I have not seen for several years and in fact we have lunch together and we started talking as usual about spiritual matters and I discovered from listening to my friend how very confused he was about certain things and he told that he has over the past several years read many different and interesting books on spiritual matters.

As you all know, there is no shortage of spiritual literature that is available to-day and has been for many years, since the beginning of what is called New Age literature. We have been absolutely festooned with what people think, all very interesting but it is still what people think.

The great philosophers that we read of about what they think and so I ask him – would it not be a good idea for example when you bite into an apple and you discover that you like it, well why not go ahead and eat the all apple ? Because what this friend has done, he has bitten into an apple but immediately has gone on and tried a banana and then having bitten into a banana he went on to something else and bit into that.

So, obviously what it all leads to the confusion between one thing and another, how can it be otherwise and confusion will always lead him to doubt of authenticity and so the lesson to be learned, as I suggested to my friend, is simply do not mix. Obviously, there is fruit for everyone and it is simply a question of your preferred taste and when you read something that really resonates with you, then I suggest that you stick to that.

Finally, of course, the day will come when you have enough of that. No one wants to keep eating an apple for ever, of course not, but the point of the matter is, if something resonates with you then stick with that to the end and this is what I suggest to all of you and this is very important, especially for those who are just beginning to be interested in the spiritual life. By mixing one system with another it does lead to confusion.

There is so many things on internet these days, hundred of websites on different ways of meditating, well I am sure you are already aware of this. So, my suggestion to all of you to-day – do not mix, stick with what resonates with you. Members here on the forum and guests alike, when you really get into the Urantia Book and it resonates with you and stick with it, there may be many things that you do not really understand, but stick with it, because the more you read the more you will understand in time.

I am sure you have all had the same experience when you read something once and after a while you read it again and after another time you read again the third time and each time you read it you gain a little more understanding and this is true of everything that you read. The Urantia Bood is very deep and very difficult to understand and so I ask you all to stick with it and do not mix, because just to repeat, next thing leads to confusion and confusion will always lead to doubt of authenticity.

So, friends, it is better not to mix and this is our simple subject this morning. I thank you for listening and I bid you all a very good day, bye-bye for now.

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