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Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / GAIA's DAY
« on: April 22, 2018, 11:20:07 PM »
This year, Earth Day’s theme is to « End Plastic Pollution » and all over the world people are invited to make a pledge to change their behaviour about plastics by reducing the amount of consummation. How many will answer the call ? It is time for Mother Gaia to reclaim what is Her due, by shaking off this poisonous material. Domtia.

Dear brother Antonio, your new situation is perhaps an opportunity offered to you to organize your life around the coming Missions and don’t forget what Jesus told you recently in a transmission that He has an eye on you for what He has in store. Don’t be disheartened, but consider your lost of job as a blessing, because now you can fully be 100% of what is waiting ahead. Be of good cheer. Domtia

A warm welcome to SORDON. We are honoured to have one more Celestial Personality of High Standing, adding to the already existing Team, to have the job done on Urantia. The publishing department of the Urantia Book Foundation – UPI – is a good idea for the dissemination of the SER and subsequent revelations to all nations of the world in different languages. Domtia

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: A word from Jesus !!!
« on: April 09, 2018, 09:03:41 AM »
« ……I will be needing you to help me in this endeavour »

Wonderful Antonio, to have Jesus Himself messaging you on the ground ; you should try to have Him on line more often, I am sure He has good things in reserve for you. Domtia

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: Testing Pattern
« on: April 09, 2018, 08:32:42 AM »
You get it Sue. You are now ready to embellish your posts with coloring letters.  :)

Congratulations Ron, for your Michael award, but just want to know what is your real status now that you know you are rewarded ? Your angel’s history looks indeed like a fairy tale, the one I used enjoy listening when I was young. ;) Domtia

General Discussion / Re: Need for a Urantia and Spirit Primer?
« on: April 07, 2018, 01:01:33 AM »
In my opinion, a visual synopsis, introducing the basic of the SER, the like of a new movie, to stimulate in simple terms the curiosity of the general public to know more, would be most welcome. Urantia is well advanced in visual learning technologies to meet the need of all nations of the world and in any language. There are other groups that are doing well in this field, perhaps not with the same objective, but they are using what is at their disposal and they know how to do it. Domtia

General Discussion / Re: LEMUEL LIVES Horray!
« on: April 07, 2018, 12:25:01 AM »
Just  yesterday afternoon, my local time, I PMed Lemuel, enquiring about his health recovery, that he is doing well, how much he is missing all of us on the forum and wishing him a come back soon to resume his activity. This morning, after the unfortunate « quack » of his premature death announcement, I am happy to learn that he is still alive and on-going. As a fused one, he is needed to get the job done for the Missions and I pray the Father to keep him safe in His Bossom as long as it is required. Domtia

« In active thinking, there can be no clear communication. The thought activity should be slowed and centered perhaps on a prayerful message to Father at first »

Most of us, I think so, who are on the path to do Tring, meet with this kind of barrier and personally to me, it is a real fight/battle/struggle to overcome this difficulty. As it is said in the above-mentioned, the solution lies in « a prayerful message to Father at first », so as to slow down the thoughts chattering and to be more centered. Thanks Ron for bringing this message to our attention, it is very informative. I will try what is suggested. Domtia

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Being a Perennial Student
« on: April 04, 2018, 12:41:18 PM »
Transcribed from Larry Gossett’s audio transmission

Being a perennial student

Michael of Nebadon : Good morning, this is Michael of Nebadon, your Creator Son, your Father. I come to-day for a casual and open conversation about the last couple of days with you and for you. We had a wonderful conversation yesterday with Ron and he had the opportunity to hear from me and from Mantutia, from Father Melchizedek, Machiventa, and there was a wonderful opportunity we got something decided with you and I know you are very appreciative of all that occured yesterday in the last few days.

We suggested that you reangage more consistently, not only in your receptions but also in reading your Urantia Book and I am glad to know that you have begun that process and I want to just talk a moment about that. One another thing Ron has mentioned to you was the fact that when he was teaching the Urantia Book he took extensive notes throughout his years of reading. For you who have read the Urantia Book two plus times, Ron has read it ten times and took extensive notes. It is important that you do that because it brings what you read and what you write, makes it easier for you to remember.

There is so much informations in the Urantia Book that sometimes taking notes is one of the best ways for you to remember the important points and to give you a reference to go back on those topics that you enquire to later you find of great importance. You have one on the side that is extremely good at taking notes and doing research, a fellow also known as Newstarsphire is exceptionally good at taking notes as others as well on this forum.

I also want to talk about messaging. There are messages from Spirits from me, from Machiventa, from Mother Spirit, from Margul, Mantutia and from many other Spirits, Guides and Beings you are avaible to all of you as you do this TR work. I also want to talk about that messaging you get from your Thought Adjusters. As you all know when we talk about recently, your Thought Adjusters have a specific, pesonalized plan for you, which most of you have accepted and as it is mentioned once that acceptance is made, you can begin to gather much more experience as you develop that specific plan that your Thought Adjusters have with you.

You all should realize that you are the proverbial perennial students and teachers for your education, your experience, in just a living person of being a model on a planet. God Father gives you the experience that you need, but you are always be a student and the more you recognize that your engagement with the Uranta Book and your engagement with the Spirit will progressively reveal noble and splendid truth to each of you as you move along your journey of ascension.

So it is good that you have dicided to follow our suggestions and re-engage being consistently reading the Urantia Book, even you really read a paper per day this will move you along in your understanding as you gain insights into the information that is in the Urantia Book. I know that many of you, including Larry, really enjoy the language the way the Urantia Book is written, that you love how it leads you from one thing to another, how it blossoms and gives you such impetence to move forward.

It is a wonderful way that Mantutia put this Book together and the New Urantia Book may have different form and language because it has a different purpose, a different time for different people, but it is still written and will engage all of those who study it, who read it, who have the opportunity to attend the schools of Adam and Eve, in conjunction with the Melchizedeks, in the days, months and years ahead and I know you look forward of becoming a perrenial student when that opportunity is presented to you and others on this forum.

I want to be able to add to these conversations that are good for each of you as you learn to receive messages in the ways they are given because some messages on the forum are tailored specifically for you, some are personalized for you, some are meant for readership, some are meant for the many guests of this forum that sit in the wings reading, waiting for that time when it may be safe for them to join and become open members, for many had great fear of doing that because of the situations, because of the geographical occasion and for various reasons which are known only to them.

So, this is Michael, I appreciate the fact that you come in practice and in being more ease in doing these receptions  and I know you have been thinking about Lemuel, how he is progressing about his recovery and that all of you are looking for his return in better health and well-being. Again I thank you for coming and we can have more of these conversations that  you can record or write down and once again I encourage all of you on this forum to be in better contact with your Thought Adjusters and with Us in Spirit who really love the time we are able to spend with you as you learn and grow in spirit as you become good transmitters and receivers as Urantia will soon be availed of powerful procedures and plans to make the jewel of Nebadon. This is Michael, I bid you good day.

Thanks Ron for your quick reply. It is indeed a question of civilization and ethics, and everybody is not yet prepared to change their way of worshipping. Some will be humble enough to behave in what is recommended of them, whereas others will show some reticence before it is accepted by all. A change in mentality is a long way to go. Domtia

4) « The thought that all who abide in the Temple shall wear no shoe »

Ron, does this aforementioned thought apply to all visitors/worshippers and what is the meaning of it ?

I have in mind the fact that hindus and muslims leave their shoes outside before entering a temple or mosque, as a sign of respect, because it is considered impure to keep on one’s shoes in a place of worshipping, which is not the case  for a church. Domtia

While waiting for the recovery of Lemuel, I am making an attempt to transcribe Larry and being not very familiar with his accent I apologize if there are some mis-printings or incorrect words, but anyway I think you can get the whole idea of what is conveyed in this audio transmission. Thanks

Transcribed from LarryGossett’s audio transmission

Thought Adjuster

Lanaforge : Good morning, this is Lanaforge. You have invited me this morning and I have been with you this last few days to talk a little bit about « Thought Adjusters » and it is so important for all of you. In your Urantia Book papers 107 through 111 is a well of informations about your Thought Adjusters and of course the all concept of Thought Adjusters being a Fragment of the Heavenly Father actually exists within you, is of a great importance to each and everyone of you and every person in the past, present and future on Urantia

This is naturally a great concern for all of you because it is one of the most effective means and in fact each of you and naturally your interest is easily drawn to your Thought Adjusters and what they are and what they do and how they go about doing it and it is as I said of great importance to each of you, because it is your individual connection with the Heavenly Father, for this is the gift to you as this is your individual, your unique and one of a kind personality.

Your Thought Adjusters, as you have learned from the Urantia Book, volunteer to indwell you and to be part of your life, for many of you and for you Larry, your Thought Adjuster came within you, indwelling when you were about four years old. The same is true for Ron Besser and many of you. Your Thought Adjusters came with a plan, a master plan for your life, how They will deal with you and how They can best serve you and bring you in alignment and attunement with the First Source and Center, The Father of us all.

There are masterful, creative, ingeneous on arriving to these approved plans that set you on your road to enter your ascension careers. I tell you this once you know that you have a Thought Adjuster and how They work and what exactly They do for you, once you come into agreement and approve the plan and it is at that point that with your agreement you can co-create and co-operate and follow the leadings of your Thought Adjuster for thinking and for reaching.

As I said, this is so important for each of you and I will even suggest that as many of you are so interested in the TR process that you might try a little experiment : ask your Thought Adjuster questions and write down exactly what the response is. This will give you a new and fresh outlook and possibly new informations that will guide you  along in your ascension careers, for each of you has your own way of attuning, listening and follow your Thought Adjusters.

The more you have a open conversation with your Thought Adjusters, the better you are able to discern their leading, their teaching and their guidance for you specifically. This co-operation, this co-creation with your Thought Adjuster can help you move mountains, can help you along your path to miss those things that can mislead you, misguide you and if you are just sit down one of these days and try this exercise and you might even post it to the forum and just listen as a « Conversation with my Thought Adjuster ».

The more that you write down these conversations, whether you post them or whether you don’t, is very important, because it will give you a keen awareness of what is possible for you through your Thought Adjuster. After section 111 about Thought Adjusters is another that is very important and probably one that everyone has read and re-read along all the series on Thought Adjusters and that is « Personality Survival », paper 112.

Its headings are « Personality Survival », « Personality and Reality », « The Self », « The phenomena of death », « Adjusters after death », « Survival of the Human Self », « The Morontia Self » and finally « Adjuster Fusion ». There are some wonderful comments made in this section about Personality Survival and of course this is vital importance to each and every person on the planet and something that everybody is automatically drawn to.

So, this is a brief statement I want to make this morning about « Personality Survival » and « Thought Adjusters » and encourage you to have conversations and write them down with your Thought Adjuster, for it will truely help you to better hear and transcribe and be more involved with your Thought Adjusters.

This is Lanaforge, I thank you for inviting me into your conversation to-day and I tell all of you, as your Planetary Prince, when the Missions begin, it will be easier and more frequent. I am available to each of you and all you have to do is call on me and I will be with you. We have much work to do. Time is of the essence and I bid you good-day.

« Considering the obvious barrage of negative influences attempting to influence all of our daily lives recently, I thought this might be of interest to others »

Oh dear, how could it be otherwise ? This is the plain explanation I have been waiting for about protection against negative energies and even though we are all concerned about this, let me raise up my hand first. However, may I ask you a question : how have you held these informations to yourself for so long ? I don’t expect an answer if you feel uncomfortable, but I want you to know that I am very grateful to you for taking the step to share with us what you may consider as of personal interest. Thousands thanks to you. Domtia

General Discussion / Re: We Hold Jesus in Our Hearts
« on: March 31, 2018, 11:04:45 PM »
There exist, out there, some religious groups – Bible students – one of whom I am acquainted with, for having been a follower many years back, who do have a horrendous feeling of the use that others make of the death cross on that particular day. The Last Supper, to commemorate the last days of Our Beloved Jesus, is the only gathering I enjoyed, at that time, to join with the group, for the communion with Spirit during the ceremony. Domtia

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