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So far 36 downloads. Can we say it "goes Gold" at 50?  8)

Hello Daniel,
Your voice is crystal clear, like having you in the room. Wonderful!

Just a couple of things:
You seem to have attached the same file twice in the forum post. Using forum Modify function you may be able to remove one of them.

When I clicked on  the attachment to download it arrived perfectly. When I clicked to listen as it is a .3ga file (not mp3) my computer (Windows 10) indicated it didn't have an app to run it. From the Windows app store I download "FLV Player" (free) which allowed me the hear you. Great!

Windows Media Player will play it but you must agree a simple intermediary step the first time. So click on the voice file you downloaded, select 'play with' (not Windows store option), and select Windows Media Player from within your computer.

On my Samsung (Android) Cell phone after downloading it wouldn't automatically play. I had to find the file in the Download folder, click on it to play, and the first time only choose a music player app.


Daniel, You're probably aware that the attached file will not appear when viewing posts using the Recent Posts function. People need to click on the later section of the thread Subject line to see it. JimD

Hi Daniel,
Try this.
On your computer create a new folder for your finalized audio TR files storage.
Move or copy the file attached to the mail into this new folder.

In the forum posting window beneath the text/typing box click on
+ Attachments and other options
When the options appear choose Attach:
Click Choose File

In the window it opens showing your computer files, find the audio file and select (click on it to highlight), then press Open or whatever the Windows option is to complete this part.

You will see in the forum editor your file name in the Attach, Choose File box.

Update: test file attachment removed

With Love to you dear brother, JimD

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Greet Each New Day
« on: January 18, 2017, 07:29:27 PM »
@wendy.winter, like water off a duck's back.  :) 
Wind has cleared the decks. Blue sky and no clouds now.

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Greet Each New Day
« on: January 18, 2017, 03:41:01 PM »
Dear Mother Spirit Urantia,
I love your beauty and all your moods. Ah....well..... most of them.  8)
May we all love you and consider your well-being in each decision we make.
In doing that we are considering the well-being of All.

GENERAL INTEREST INFORMATION / Re: Learning Esoteric Mathematics
« on: January 16, 2017, 02:13:24 AM »
Thank you Ron.
Meloloc is an Ancient's of Days Ambassador to Urantia (not Nebadon), and as such demands Supreme authority when he dictates usually to Daniel Alderfer.
A timely reminder to be very respectful and attentive to any pronouncements from the Urantia representative of our venerable super-universe rulers and guardians of our ultimate judgement. His presence here is a reminder of the Love of the Father on a planet where our group ascendancy is in the balance.
With gratitude and respect. JD

GENERAL INTEREST INFORMATION / Re: Learning Esoteric Mathematics
« on: January 15, 2017, 07:01:36 PM »
Dear Ron,
In reviewing my understanding I found your original post containing information on this seems to have been lost in an attempted thread move (?).
As I'm aware many are intensifying study I replace it here (taken from a quotation in a post by Angela).

"Califax - I am a Trinity Teacher as well as a few other things I can be if I am required to act in those capacities.  You have never heard of my Order which we did reveal to this transmitter, and he has kept it secret for weeks and weeks.
I am of the Order called a SAUTUR.  The Sautur Order contains exactly 21 individuals (twenty-one), and we are bequeathed unto the material universe in sectors on Uversa called Stellums.
Stellums are little pods of creatures and Deity on Uversa, and they operate much like a Triunity does on Paradise, and while I know most of you have never the cracked the Book on those things, you must learn them if you are ever going to hear like this transmitter does as he has them down except for a few he cannot bust into intellectually.  Some day I will lecture on Triunities and the Stellums for all of your evidence of interest in the full story of how God operates in the universe."

Ron and Teachers - Looking forward to further knowledge of Stellum; also greater understanding of the spiritual aspects (intelligent energy) of celestial objects (planets, Sun, nebuli etc).
Thanks, JimD

Jim Ron here - Realize that Califax originally came to us under the title of a Trinity Teacher Son and was associated, originally, with the Califax individual came also the appearance of  Meloloc.  Their relationship is secret , but I remind those looking at these communications that they are subject to change and new revelation.  Keep them separate and remember who they are.  Meloloc is an Ancient's of Days Ambassador to Urantia (not Nebadon), and as such demands Supreme authority when he dictates usually to Daniel Alderfer.

So I owe you an explanation? In my prayer/meditation my thoughts had drifted to a maintenance problem caused by an irregular row of soil I had placed down the side of a lawn to control water during major rainfalls. I was thinking: stomp on it, rack it... and the little voice said "use the lawn roller". That caused me to laugh as that roller is always out of sight and out of mind, and a legacy of this property which is never used by me.
I knew the culprit for that thought immediately.
Thank you again my Dear One; who then suggested this topic as a way for everyone to "lighten up".

Dear All,
In prayer this morning, and following a small voice prompt that left me laughing, it was suggested to me that I open a topic for any to relate humorous experiences with their dear Fathers' fragment.
:) JimD

Venerable Rayson (via RonB), you said:
We are seriously considering changing the discussion forum to a membership forum in which those who have the credentials are allows to join [...]
Although I consider the UB a prime source for my study it is but one of several works which I consider substantial in knowledge where attempting to draw parallels on various topics of worship, history and cosmology. Because of this in returning to the UB to reread on a topic each time I find greater meanings in each word. What was previously a word seemingly a filler in the text suddenly becomes a single word "AH-HA", and a catalyst to look further.

I have come to accept this forum as a place of revelation, discussion, brother/sisterhood and worship based on The UB, and I avoid posting when researching or querying topics of mental challenge (for me) where it meant I would refer to other texts (except The Bible, or human science). That view is based on the presumption that SF has a wide audience at various stages of learning, and is creating a history of knowledge for any to discover and presume a basis of fact without being misled by incorrect supposition. Most of my wonderings and wanderings are not posted here for those reasons.

As Rayson surely knows, I, as others have stated of themselves, am in physical isolation when it comes to discussing material of this ilk because of its very non-mainstream nature, and where apparently outlandishly odd concepts may contain a beautiful explanation of truth (or as near to it I can understand); or maybe garbage (but still needed sorting before disposal).

I would appreciated a place where all could mutually explore knowledge, with the aid of Celestial guidance, without angst or misunderstanding of intent from any who simply stumble upon it without reference to its purpose.

I suggest it take two forms. One, where ideas and references may be formally presented in writing. The other, an open instant discussion place as verbal interaction would be useful for bonding, quick mutual development/disposal of concepts, and on-the-spot guidance from teachers.

That said, I am sure the "orchestration" taking place will provide such a means, when/if deemed appropriate, so I finish by requesting my inclusion.

In Love - with All,  JimD

Hi James- I selected the word "is" as the simplest possible concept. One could also use the word "exist" but God did create existence so it's not very applicable. I was trying to get at the idea of opposites existing at the same time to show that nothing is impossible under God. Anything and everything can happen. Just a broadening of mortal perspectives.
Hi Kurt,
Yes any broadening in mortal perspectives should be part of our mental exercise program; so thanks for contributing to my mental stretching. Domtia, Jim.

God is.
God is not.
If you can comprehend that both of these statements can be true at the same time then you are beginning to understand the realities of potentialities that exist in eternity. You are beginnng to comprehend the Unqualified Absolute.


Hi Kurt,
Perhaps a definition is required for your use of "is".
I won't try to do that but I offer this for your consideration:
If Kurt is, then God is.
If God is not, then Kurt is not.
Best regards, JimD

Dear Steve,
I support what Sue has said, and perhaps posting here by mistake is meant to be. All of it is true human life experienced on this planet. I'm usually not one to post 'high fives' but today I do!
God bless you brother, and you're in my prayers, as is Peter who is probably one those called to lead mankind to new levels of understanding in ways we currently don't recognize.
Love to you. JimD

New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / Re: Kathy Rathbun introduction
« on: August 30, 2016, 09:09:09 PM »
I look forward to meeting each of you.
Hi Kathy, May be not quite yet but your words travel far. Welcome, from New Zealand - South Pacific, to the group here together for the great galactic adventure to serve our Creator. I think it's a fair comment to say "You're meant to be here", and we will all meet up one day.
Thanking our Father for guiding you here. JimD

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