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@Daniel Alderfer, Ron Hammar, 7inOcean, andi, Allie and all the others having read what I have to express in my last two "Post",...

I'm sorry I bothered you with my mental state yesterday,..., I did not feel very well yesterday and to tell you frankly, ..., I still have a lot of pressure in front of my forehead, I feel very weak so much that I have to lie down on my bed while it's over and this without mentioning my frequent dizziness,..., and the acute and continual noise in my head......

Know my dear friends that this makes me lose patience and frankly, it becomes terribly unbearable!!!!!

Thank you very much for your comforting answers and I love you very much my friends!!!!!

Be sure that in the future I will avoid "Posting" this kind of "Post"

I am much better today!!!!!!

Thank you Daniel, my great friend, for your answer,..., it comfort me a little,..., But!!!!

You wrote this : "... there are perhaps dozens with us here that have never had any feed back for years..."

Here is my dear friend, ... that's the problem I'm trying to raise here!!!!

I have always worked in the field of "Civil Engineering" and my superiors have always used to evaluate me, my progress and my improvements during the execution of my task to accomplish.

I am here in training to become a servant to do the "Will of the Father" and hoping to be able to work for the Father in future missions to come.

I am register in this wonderful forum for almost 24 months now,..., but, where is my spiritual advancement now???, as you said.... no feed back!!!!!!!!!

I am extremely happy for Ron Besser, for Larry, for Lemuel and soon for Sue and Dominick and many other candidates for the "Fusion with their Adjusters"

Forgive me, I do not want to seem selfish, but me, in all this, ..., I wonder where I stand in all this adventure, in all my work to do the will of the Father???

I ask myself a lot of questions about me,..., I even received an answer from my beloved Jesus by Ron Besser (TR personal message) telling me and I site : "...For now, however, you Antonio, are too small in the head and too lengthy in your chest to know that the business of the FAther is best conducted in the office and not in the church..."....., what does that mean ???

So....., this is what I asking : " there at least a job for me to sweep the offices?...."

Here is a quote from Mother Nebadonia:

" ...Here is how it could look to help yourself enormously to make spiritual gains in depth of understanding and maturity. Simply make the decision to turn toward us in your mind in every moment. (letting go of you trying to fix things) This consistent turning toward us, asking for help, even hundreds of times a day in your mind and consciousness is the key to begin latching on to Our mind and how We think and to tap into what knowledge We know...."

This "Post" tonight is strange right now for me!!!!,..., to tell you frankly, I feel completely discouraged right now,..., I make the decision to turn toward you in my mind in every moment,..., I am asking for help,..., even hundreds of times a day in my mind,..., but even so,..., and still ,..., this ultimate silence in my mind!!!!,..., like my brother Lemuel, I have been suffering for several years now from anxiety to living what Lemuel is able to experience now and I have to take medicine to calm myself!!!
What breaks my heart, despite all my efforts at studying Urantia book and trying to assimilate all the lessons from our heavenly formators in this extraordinary site,..., I always have the impression that I can not make myself known to the eyes of celestial beings and always by showing them my ultimate goal to be part of this great adventure!!!!

Then, if I have no value that you I can help during the Mission Magistral, is there at least a job for me to sweep the offices?

Thank you Daniel for your "Post" with Mother Nabedonia!!!!

Father Michael,...., This is wonderful news This morning!!!!!,....,
I welcome you back  my beloved brother Jesus!!!!! ;) :D

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Inevitable On The Job Training
« on: January 17, 2018, 11:33:31 AM »
Hello Larry and Mantutia,..., This is Great news and motivating!!!!

  "I Am your Servant"
   "I Am your Liege"
   "I Am yours to the Facher's Will on the Behalf of Urantia"

This is a beautiful day for me!!!! ;) :) :D ;D 8)

Hello Ron, thanks for the two selected building photos on Continental Square in York for the Magisterial Mission HQ!

I hope to have the chance one day to work with all of you,..., with you Ron Besser,..., with you all Celestial Beings and my brothers and sisters of this forum !!!!

( ...and only,... if I'm invited to be part of the workforce by Lord Serara and Monjoronson ) !!!

New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / Re: New Member arrival on 1/7/18
« on: January 07, 2018, 05:58:02 PM »
Welcome my dear friend!!!!
Have fun in this great "Ali baba cave",..., you will find only a huge treasures of spiritual knowledge her and you will find a new friend,..., me...., and my brothers ans sisters of this "Family of God"!!!!  ;) :D

General Discussion / Re: A Different Perspective
« on: January 05, 2018, 10:30:44 PM »
From RonBesser:
"...I happen to agree that the present state of common appreciation for members who must learn to transmit and transmit well is a bit disconcerting to me, but also remember we have guests and members who do not speak English as a common language..."

Ron, my friend,..., you hit it on the nail for my case!!!! I completely agree with this Ron......
For some time now, I try to receive transmissions by Celestial beings only in English and then I translated it into French,..., and this requires me a lot of effort on my part.

I am sure if I was an English native, ... everything would be different for me to receive their messages and the quality of these messages would be quite filled with more substantial material.

In an answer to a personal message by RonB, that, I must acknowledge that Jesus was right about my case by declaring :   "...For now, however, you Antonio, are too small in the head and too lengthy in your chest to know that the business of the FAther..."  :-[ :(

( This coming from Jesus, ..., it hurt me a lot and I still wonder tonight if I should give up being given that I feel like I bring nothing to support my brothers and sisters and guests of this forum.)

Anyway, I never understood anything that Jesus wanted to express in relation to me by these affirmations and for you my dear sister Allie,..., I would like to get involved as much as possible in many "posts", but my French language is a back up to want to develop my ideas to better feed the discussions.

Father, ... why I was born a man speaking French????!!!!

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Confident in the Future
« on: January 04, 2018, 10:56:09 AM »
Hello brother RonH,..., this is outstanding!!!!

Your Thought Adjuster is an "Eternal love" for you,..., our individual Thought Adjuster is an "Eternal love" for each of us!!!

We are blessed and love immensely by our Father in paradise. What your Thought Adjuster has passed on to you and at the same time reminding us all of the importance, the "Gift of God" of being inhabited by such a "Spirit", by the direct presence of the "Father" in us,..., is extraordinary and I feel that I am the richest man on Urantia!!!

Throughout the day, almost every minute, ..., I feel the presence of my Thought Adjuster and I speak to him as much as possible!!!

Thank you RonH and Presoerba for this wonderful transmission!!!  ;) :D

Hello Father,

Tonight, I am ticking about the transmission that I receive yesterday, the first of January 2018, from Father Michael and Mother Nebadonia,..., and this for me was extraordinary!!!

This has boosted my morale and my self-esteem,..., and I want to start the new year with strength, determination and always progress in my ultimate desire to become a full time TR.

I am aware that I am only at the beginning of my learning for TRing,..., but I am determined to improve myself !!!!

And In this year 2018, ..., you my beloved Thought Adjuster Pre'MSha, you my beloved angel Thabita, ..., Father Michael, Mother Nebadonia, the Midwayers and all the heavenly beings who followed me, ... and you specially my dear beloved brother Jesus ...., help me to become your “working instrument for God”, ..., help me in my efforts to become “an excellent TR” for the good of the mission, help me to serve the Father, ..., help me " to do his will "and not mine" ....

Good evening, my friends and distinguished guests.
Speaker: Father Michael of Nebadon and Mother Nebadonia
Subject: Words from Father Michael and Mother Nebadonia!!!
Category: Threads for New Transmissions
T/R: NIANT2(Antonio), Stanstead(home) Qc Canada                                 
Monday, January 01, 2018, 05:00 pm Canada
Good evening Father, this is your son, Niant2(Antonio) to be at your service and to do your will. I am here right now to receive a message as you requested to do for all transmitters. So, I ask you Father, is there a message for me for this special request to test my TRing abilities?
Father Michael of Nebadon and Mother Nebadonia, are-you here with me to grant me a message?
“Yes my son Antonio, this is Michael of Nebadon and Mother Nebadonia is with me by you side.
"You hesitated at the beginning and I tell you, you must have more confidence in your reception during your TRing sessions.
“Mother and I, are please that you take the time to call on us and we appreciate it very much my son.
Thank you Father Michael and Mother Nebadonia to have responded to my call, do you have a special message that you would like me to transmit to my friends and guests of this forum?
“Yes son, there is a lot to say at this moment for the days ahead will be quite challenging for all of you, for all the people living presently on Urantia.
“You all have been prepared for this, you all know what in a sense could append and de degree de severity those events will unfold.
“What the “Rebellion of Lucifer and Caligastia” have given you for too long a bad heritage and corrupt all your existence,..., this will be in the past in the near future, this will be the end for all you have use to live life.
“Many, many events to come will be quite difficult to see it happening in full forces, this have to be done, my son and you will need to keep your integrity, stay calm and pray for the success of “The Magisterial Mission”.
( Silence )
And,..., I do agree with you father Michael, this forum have been for me “The Best Class of Spirit” and made my soul and my heart grown.
Father Michael, I will follow your recommendations and pray for Serara and Monjoronson for the success of “The Magisterial Mission” and I will pray for my beloved brother Jesus for the success of his “Public Announcement”.
“My son Antonio, here is Mother Nebadonia for you.
“Hello my son Antonio, this is Mother Nebadonia and I am very pleased that you call on me.
"Continue to simply have faith and trust in the Father's plans.
"All will go for the best at the end of all this and" The Light and Life "on Urantia will prevail and the Father will contemplate his" Lost Planet Urantia and become again as it should be at the beginning.
“Stay alert, be calm, we will be there when the need will be asked for.
"So for the moment Antonio, here Michel of Nebadon and Mother Nebadonia to give you peace in your heart and we are with you and we thank you for asking us.

What can I say more to this,..., I just want to thank you with all my heart and soul and I appreciate, you Father Michael and Mother Nebadonia taking the time to give me such a beautiful message of encouragement.


Bonsoir, mes amis et invités distingués.

Orateur: Père Michael de Nébadon et Mère Nébadonia
Sujet: Paroles du père Michael et de la mère Nébadonia !!!
Catégorie: Nouvelles transmission.
T/R: NIANT2 (Antonio), Stanstead (à la maison) Qc Canada
Lundi 1er janvier 2018, 17h00 Canada
Bonsoir Père, voici ton fils, Niant2 (Antonio) pour être à ton service et faire ta volonté. Je suis ici en ce moment pour recevoir un message comme vous l’aviez demandé à le faire pour tous les transmetteurs. Alors, je vous demande Père, y a-t-il un message pour moi pour cette demande spéciale afin de tester mes capacités de TRing?
Père Michael de Nébadon et Mère Nébadonia, êtes-vous ici avec moi pour m'adresser un message?
"Oui, mon fils Antonio, voici Michael de Nébadon et Mère Nébadonia est avec moi à tes côtés.
"Tu as hésité au début et je te le dis, tu dois avoir plus confiance en ta réception lors de tes sessions de TRing.
"Mère et moi, nous sommes heureux que vous preniez le temps de nous appeler et nous l'apprécions beaucoup mon fils.
Merci Père Michael et Mère Nebadonia d'avoir répondu à mon appel, avez-vous un message spécial que vous aimeriez que je transmette à mes amis et invités de ce forum?
"Oui, mon fils, il y a beaucoup à dire en ce moment car les jours à venir seront très difficiles pour vous tous, pour toutes les personnes vivant actuellement sur Urantia.
"Vous avez tous été préparés pour cela, vous savez tous ce que dans un sens pourrait arriver et le degré de gravité ces événements se dérouleront.
"Ce que la "Rébellion de Lucifer et Caligastia" vous a donné un mauvais héritage et corrompre toute votre existence depuis trop longtemps, ..., ceci sera dans le passé dans un avenir proche, cela sera la fin de tout ce que vous avez à utiliser vivre la vie.
"Beaucoup, beaucoup d'événements à venir seront assez difficiles à voir se produire en pleine force, cela doit être fait, mon fils et vous devrez garder votre intégrité, rester calme et prier pour le succès de" La Mission Magistrale ".
( Silence )
Et, ... je suis d'accord avec vous père Michael, ce forum a été pour moi "La Meilleure Classe d'Esprit" et a fait grandir mon âme et mon coeur.
Père Michael, je vais suivre vos recommandations et prier pour Serara et Monjoronson pour le succès de "La Mission Magistrale" et je prierai pour mon frère bien-aimé Jésus pour le succès de son "Annonce Publique".
"Mon fils Antonio, voici Mère Nébadonia pour toi.
"Bonsoir mon fils Antonio, ici Mère Nébadonia et je suis très contente que tu as fait appelle à moi.
"Continue à avoir la foi simplement et aie confiance dans les plans du Père.
"Tout ira pour le mieux à la fin de tout cela et "La Lumière et la Vie" sur Urantia prévaudront et le Père contemplera sa "Planète perdue Urantia et redeviendra comme elle devait l'être au départ.
"Restez vigilant, soyez calme, nous serons là quand le besoin sera demandé.
"Donc pour l'instant Antonio, ici Michel de Nébadon et Mère Nébadonia pour te donner la paix dans ton coeur et nous sommes avec toi et nous te remercions de nous nous avoir demandé.

Que puis-je dire de plus à ce sujet, ..., je veux juste vous remercier de tout mon cœur et de toute mon âme et je vous remercie, Père Michael et Mère Nebadonia, de prendre le temps de me donner un si beau message d'encouragement.

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: A New Years Challenge For All
« on: December 31, 2017, 12:24:41 AM »
"A New Years Challenge For All",  :D ;D..., Jack 0802AB B* and to all my Celestial friends,..., rest assured that I will take up this challenge for the beginning of the New Year and to see if I can and will participate in a group transmission,..., it's my ultimate wish that I hope to achieve in my life now and that in order to help as much as possible the Eternal Father to take back his beautiful little planet called "Urantia" as he had wanted it to be!!!!

I feel relaxed and I will find this interesting and fun this little experience!!!!

Lundco and Jack 0802AB B*, thank you for this amusing "Post" but at the same time very serious and this according to the establishment of the "Magisterial Mission" and the "Announcement" to be made publicly by our beloved Jesus !!!!  ;) :D

Extraordinary my brother Daniel, ..., this transmission is undoubtedly a very nice incitement to persevere, to believe, to have faith, ..., and to continue to percefer each one for choice, the possibility of acting as a TR to help the Fathers find this beautiful blue planet that he loved so much!!!!

Thank you Ocilliaya and Daniel, ..., hhhaaa !!!!! that I am exalted happy to finally receive your transmission my dear brother and friend!!!!  ;) :D

General Discussion / Re: New start
« on: December 29, 2017, 11:56:25 AM »
Hello my dear friend Daniel,...,, despite my personal message I'd send you,..., I want to let the members and guests know how extremely happy I am to see you back at last.

I can not wait to read your new transmissions my brother!!!!!

Thank you very much Father Michael for returning our dear brother Daniel to this wonderful "Family of God!!!!"

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: The time is NOW!!!
« on: December 23, 2017, 02:55:18 PM »
OOOOoppppssss !!!! 
I have just come to realize my misspelling for the English language of the word "NOW" and not "Know" in the title of my transmission from Michael of Nebadon!!!! ;):o:P;D

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