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A warm and hearty welcome to MinatoYoshida and Nalikaa as you join us in the evermore enlightening and exciting spiritual journey of ascension to our Universal Father......Brother Occerpa, if I may, please allow me to "pirate" the last few lines of your masterful piece of wordsmithing on this topic, since they pretty much mirror my own thoughts and words, justified words of praise for a much deserving one, and worthy of repetition on this forum:
"So how can we not admire those fellows, men and women, here in the forum, who have been able to achieve that high condition of having merged with their thought adjusters. And in addition, I have to express words of special reverence for Ron Besser for that high pedestal reached in this life, so complex and intricate to understand for me, for which I have nothing left but praise and gratitude for what he represents to us in this stage of our existence." .....May I compound Brother Occerpas words and wish mountains of blessing upon you, Ron.
TrinitiLuv  //  Ray Borden  // 1May2018  // Washington DC Metro Area

Dear Brother UR606, I was saddened to read about your accident and I'm sure a lot of accompanying pain.  But, your words expressing your rededication to the Father's will was truly heartening.  Best wishes for a hasty recovery.  Domtia!
Royce //  TrinitiLuv //  Washington DC Metro Area // 1Apr2018

A basketful of kudos, Ron......Parts I and II comprise a magnificent masterpiece of wordsmithing.   As you know, I don't write a lot, maintaining a low-profile of learning and knowledge attainment.  But after I have read through your writings once or more, I'm sure I can fine a few worthwhile words to apply to paper........Hoping your day has been a painless one.
TrinitiLuv  //  22March2018  //  Washington DC Metro Area

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: Bless the Children
« on: March 22, 2018, 04:58:49 PM »
Hello dear brother Hopfenweisse, a most hearty and warm welcome to our forum.  I do admire your writing style and your words are pretty much reflective of my thoughts.  A worthwhile bit of advice might be to "keep your seat belt snugly fastened as our ascension train rolls along the rails of enlightenment toward our Universal Father."  Domtia!
PS:  Being older than thunder, I write everything in bold print.  Makes for easier reading for me and those other agondonters on this forum.
TrinitiLuv  //  22March2018  //  Washington DC Metro Area

Good day, Julio!  I, too, have missed your posts.  Great to have you back.
TrinitiLuv // 21March2018 // Washington DC Metro Area

Amazing Spiritual Stories / Re: Meeting a New Friend
« on: March 19, 2018, 10:37:08 AM »
Allie, your message was a delight and a true soul treat.  Just reading your words brings on a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.  Domtia!
TrinitiLuv // Royce // 19March2018 // Washington DC Metro Area

Good day, Lemuel!  (and all my forum brothers and sisters) Your successful knee surgery is inspiring.  My congratulations.  I am facing knee joint replacement for both legs, but I'm a bit reluctant to proceed because of age (87) and also being a cardiac patient.  Have concerns that such surgery might be my last earthly undertaking.  Will decide soon, as mobility is becoming more difficult.
Big heaping portions of love and hugs to all.
TrinitiLuv - 13Mar2018 - Washington DC Metro Area - USA

This mind (TrinitiLuv) is spongyly soaking up all of these most welcome word montages.  Thanks to all.
TrinitiLuv - 9Mar2018 - Washington DC Metro Area, USA

Giant size thank you to Celestials and other contributors.  This message was hugely enlightening.    TrinitiLuv - 9Mar2018 - Washington DC Metro Area, USA

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ Give Freely
« on: January 30, 2018, 05:27:50 PM »
Greetings, Lemuel!  This message greatly reflects upon me.  I am one who often make gifts of physical items or small sums of money, never expecting anything in return.  However, I do not entirely agree with the "never loan money" statement.  There are times, some times desperate times, when a person truly just has to have a bit of money for some unrevealed purpose.  When I encounter this circumstance, I will generally make some sort of a loan, never expecting repayment.  I feel that Father smiles down on us when such happens.
The best day/night ever to all my dear Forumites.
Royce  //  TrinitiLuv...30Jan2018...Arlington, Virginia USA (Wash. DC Metro Area)

Kudos, Daniel and many thank yous to Lusitania.  It was indeed my pleasure to read your message.  Sorta reminds me of the days  of my youth.  I grew up in a principally agricultural area of the southern USA.  Your words inspire me to apply more attention to the study of the Sustainability book.  Yes!  That's correct.  I downloaded and printed the Sustainability and Planetary Management writings, plus the three addenda, which I bound into a book and keep handy for reading and review.
Oceans of love to all.
Royce  //  TrinitiLuv ...30Jan2018...Arlington, Virginia USA (Wash. DC Metro Area)

Ron it seems like Larry, Sue, Allie, Dorian et al have all already spoken words of congratulation that I, TrinitiLuv, might have said.  But, if I took all the words of felicitation and congratulation and squeezed them into one super-size congratulatory syllabic mass, it would be ... ???? ... I really can't find one.  We Urantians are truly blessed to have you steering our ship in our GODward journey with a virtual fountain of wisdom and spirituality.  A profound personal thank you, Ron, for keeping our vessel on a steady and true course.
Royce //  TrinitiLuv...28Jan2018...Arlington, Virginia (Wash. DC Metro Area)...Much love and hugs to all!

What wondrous words, Ron!  They bring the excitement of anticipation of the arrival on Urantia of our divine Lord with entourage and literally bring tears of joy and happiness.  Tsunami size glad tidings to all in the Father's peace.                                                                                           
Royce // TrinitiLuv.   Arlington, Virginia, USA...17Jan2018

This brief note is to express my great appreciation for the kind words and prayers resulting from the earlier message I posted stating my dearly beloved wife, Angela, had been diagnosed with lung cancer.  Today, thanks to the glory and beneficence of our Father, our endless prayers were answered when her doctor, a noted pulmonologist, spoke the most hoped-for words - "Good news.  There is no evidence of cancer shown by our tests."  Father, if I'm not precisely correct in the stated quote, please forgive me.  It was at least similar to what I have put forth.  I suppose I was so relieved and full of thankfulness that I might have not mentally recorded the doctor's words exactly.  This note is specifically targeting Allie and Ron Hammar.
A share of my happiness and glee to all!
Royce // TrinitiLuv  ca. 1:10pm est / Arlington, Virginia, USA (Wash, DC Metro area)

My dear Sister Sue, thank you and Michael, Mother Spirit and Serara for this message addressing the possibility of a catastrophic war....I want to post a few relevant words, but my thoughts are that they may be considered misplaced....In any case, I feel that the North Korean situation might be quickly rendered to nothingness by the launch of a space-based weapon called TITANIUM ROD (sometimes referred to as THE ROD OF GOD - probably because it could/would be launched from space - not from some point on earth).  It is said that the T-Rod can penetrate deep fortifications and reportedly produce kinetic energy on a scale akin to a medium-yield nuclear explosive device, but without burst/residual radiation.  If such an attack might occur, neutralizing the much touted NUCLEAR CAPABILITY of N. Korea, followed by a massive blitz incursion into strategic weapon control centers by Russian/Chinese war-making personnel, which are said to already be positioned in close proximity to border areas, I feel that North Korean reaction would likely be minimal, swift and short.  I do not believe that all those N. Korean military personnel are eager to commit suicide.  This might result in bringing a world-wide sigh of relief and the the subsequent reunifying of the South and North Koreas into one national entity.  If such should happen, it is possible that Russia would be pleased to afford a new residence for President Kim, perhaps, in Vladivostok, a Russian city nearly next door to N. Korea.  My apologies if this post appears to be in the wrong place.
Smiles, hugs and love to all.
Royce // Trinitiuv  (ca 12:02pm,1Jan2018)  Washington DC metro area

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