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Ron, thank you so much for the splendid job you have accomplished. It is such wonderful news, something that makes my heart jump. ‘The work is suddenly cleared to operate’ as I understand a surprise to the Celestials as well. I look forward to seeing all that will enfold in times ahead and I shall gladly stand ready to offer any service.

General Discussion / Re: New Era Transition 36 - Machiventa
« on: April 18, 2018, 06:49:18 AM »
A very good reminder to get our attention again. It is a wonderful site.
Thank you Evan.

General Discussion / Re: Travel Notice
« on: April 16, 2018, 03:43:32 AM »
A well deserved rest and contemplation time Larry.  Enjoy Michael's creation!

GOD The SUPREME / Re: Words of Comfort from Gaia
« on: April 08, 2018, 06:33:20 AM »
Thank you so much Amethyst for your words from Gaia. I often think about the Planetary Supreme and the fact that She experiences everything with us, humans, and the animal kingdom. Human treatment of our animals is sometimes heartbreaking for me too.

Her affection for the planet is deeply felt. When She speaks we can feel the concern and pain in Her words, but also Her great and extensive love and care for all life on the planet. I'd like to send some comfort back, for many of us strive to work towards a better future for our cherished planet and the life it supports.

I'd like to thank our Planetary Supreme for her patience and steadfastness to endure a very unusual and upsetting history on Her surface. It always touches me when She speaks. It gives me great joy to read about the sisterhood She shares with neighboring Planetary Supremes, probably because of the comparison of solidarity that I have with my own sisters here on earth.

Thank you so much Larry for taking the time to write some words about our Thought Adjusters. I have read the papers 107 through 111 in the Urantia Book many, many times, they are among my favorites. And time after time I am delighted to read who They are and what They do for us, how dedicated and unceasingly They care for the billions of creatures living on spheres where they indwell the individuals.

When I began to converse with my Thought Adjuster I started to feel a close and increasing relationship. I know and sense that He is always with me and I truly experience that wonderful delight and inspiration that I regard as my greatest blessing.

I also like to thank Lanaforge for His further addition and praise for this magnificent gift from our Heavenly Father.


JESUS - The WHOLE SUBJECT / Re: Some words from Jesus
« on: March 16, 2018, 08:25:58 PM »
Thank you Jesus for your invitation to all of us. I gladly come to you.
It will be with great joy and honor to meet whether it is in my heart or in the world.

Dear Lemuel, I am glad to read that your knee operation finally has taken place. I wish you a good and swift recovery.    

Enjoy the spring when you are ready to leave the hospital.

Best wishes and blessings

General Discussion / Re: questions about fusion for Ron, Larry, and Lemuel
« on: February 26, 2018, 02:37:53 PM »
Dear Amethyst,

I wish to send you my congratulations on this most wonderful day of your life.


General Discussion / Re: Understanding and Prayer Request
« on: February 08, 2018, 11:31:53 AM »
Dear Larry, this must have been very hard on you and I understand that you felt very much hurt when you read that sentence. Surely no-one would ever have expected that. We all have our shortcomings and faults. But the Father knows us and our situations, He still keeps loving us.

It will be difficult and it is not just a matter of perseverance, it is a whole new mind-set you have to create for yourself and with this you need the power from within - God's help, your Adjuster, always willing to assist you and point you in the right direction, and striving for better health will certainly be supported.

There are brochures and institutions that provide different methods to help you find alternatives for your most difficult and stressful moments. Try to find them.

I will gladly support you with my prayers in your endeavor to quit smoking.

Much love and blessings,

General Discussion / Re: Football - A Religion or a Cult?
« on: January 24, 2018, 11:18:50 AM »
Yes, Dominique, well spoken. Let's concentrate on what is coming shortly.

Thank you very much dear Michael, Mother Spirit and Ron for your kind and encouraging words. It is a great honor to receive personal words from my Creator Parents.


I agree with you Allie, for this  has been mentioned in two different posts in December.

In the first one (I believe on 12/15/2017)  Mother Spirit admonishes us all by saying:  "Do not be too prideful about your knowledge of Jesus as His appearance this time means business and not a Rabbi of God to speak in gentle tones the sounds of learning God well and fully".

In a later transmission to Larry (12/17/2017) Mantutia repeats the exact words spoken by Mother Spirit (see above) and He adds to that: "This is a very important point for all of you to be aware of. Jesus, since his last time on Urantia, 2000 years ago, has grown and has been promoted and been raised in Spirit Stature and Status by the Father much beyond what he was back then. The past and even modern visions and interpretations of Jesus as He was then, compared to His stature now is quite beyond human understanding for most on Urantia. It has been said and is quite true that He will present Himself for all of this world to see in the greatest power and strength to such an extent that it will soon be made plain, without question, without doubt to all on Urantia and the same can be said for those that will be incarnated and representing the Father's Will on Urantia".

"This should be the very best of news for certainly all of you here and Jesus is set to uplift this world and bring His transforming light and message to this world. This is more than just a message. This is a Commanding Presence that can not be in any way or in any measure, delayed, dismissed, ignored, evaded or rejected. This time on Urantia is for some a celebration for the birth and coming of the baby Jesus, but I tell you and give you absolute assurance that, while appreciated, this is not what is coming in this day and in this time and for this age".

"The Transformation that Jesus has accomplished and achieved is truly beyond your understanding. That early and incomplete view of the meek and mild Jesus that so many have pictured in their minds, that portrayal that abides within them and with the cultures and religions of Urantia, is far from as He now is, for He comes to present His Enlighted Self in His own right as well as to re-represent the Father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit, the very Trinity itself to every man, woman and child in every corner of Urantia. None will be passed over, none will miss His Divine Presence as He and all involved with these Missions come to gather and establish the Fathers Kingdom on Earth".

When Jesus heard His returning Personalized Adjuster (the Father) say: 'This is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased', he became Jesus Christ, fully indwellt by Michael (God), carrying the full Spirit of God. This Spirit (Christ) now indwells each of us when we are living up to these (His) high standards of living.


What a fantastic message. Michael had secretly announced some of this in one of the posts where He concluded His message by saying: in the upcoming transmissions there maybe a surprise or two thrown in. Well, here it came today.....It made me smile when Michael got that special feeling of excitement we all get when we have good news to share, saying: 'I couldn't wait to tell him'.

I do hope that Jesus when He was back in spirit on Edentia had time to enjoy the outstanding beauty of nature there, which according to the UB 'abounds in fascinating highlands, extensive elevations of physical matter crowned with morontia life and overspread with spiritual glory'. After His visit on Urantia it must have given Him some fresh air!

Ron, we will be thinking of you when you take the Oath of Service, your Fidelity to the Magisterial Missions. What a grand and solemn moment for you, for our planet and probably also for the universe. I hope we all get to see that on tape some time. The people of York are very blessed to have this Spiritual Administration set up in their midst. The city will certainly benefit from it.

I want to thank Father Michael, Mother Spirit, Paradise Trinity, Deity Absolute, Ocilliaya, Majeston, Jesus, Immanuel, Margul, Andromadeus, Mantutia (and all others who were not in these posts but are always 'on duty' for us) for Your ever loving guidance and for the messages You have sent us this week through Ron, Larry, Lemuel and Daniel, our transmitters, it is very much appreciated.

We do understand that 'things will be decided by the circumstances at that moment', so we will continue our prayers for all that Father Michael mentioned to Daniel A. in the transmission 'Petitions of Love'.

Thank you Bryan and Team. Beautiful and very interesting work.

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