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Dear Ron.
My congratulations Ron. I hope that this jaw dropping, bold action, will achieve the desired effects.

Threads for New Transmissions / The joy of service - an exemplary story
« on: November 29, 2017, 05:11:15 AM »
I am presenting amazing evidence, at least for me, of a person, Imtiaz Sooliman, who acted in obedience to the call of God which proved to be in total harmony with the call from the Magisterial Mission. His life and work seems to be a living expression of the will of God
The interview on a local channel VIA led me to record it and from that I transcribed only a relevant part.  Imtiaz Sooliman was a medical practitioner until his calling an odd 25 years ago.  Imtiaz is living a life out of the limelight. For the first time I came to knowledge of the background which led him to establish this huge relieve organisation, Gift of the Givers (
This is only a excerpt of the story of God through Imtiaz as told to the reporter, Hanlie Retief,  broadcasted end of November 2017  and reported here with the blessing of channel VIA, a News 24 channel.

Imtiaz speaking:  It was a Thursday night, 25 years ago. I was in Instanbul. I met a spiritual teacher, a Sufi master, in a Muslim holy place. But the strange thing about that was people of all religions were there. Christian, Jew, Hindu, Muslim and even people [who said they] don’t believe in God Almighty. But they were there. And the teachers said:  “We don’t judge anyone. Spirituality knows no religion but it encompasses all religions and we don’t judge anyone, we just show love, kindness and compassion”.                

That night around 10 pm in that area, they held what is called a Zihr. It is an Islamic term meaning a celebration of God’s names. So we say eternal, absolute, living, kind, merciful, compassionate in Arabic but you know it is all God’s names. It is also in the Bible you know it’s all God’s names in English, in Afrikaans - it is there too.
And after the citation of the names he suddenly looked at me across the room and he looked at me but I could see his eyes were in contact somewhere else. He was seeing me but yet he was not seeing me. And he said in fluent Turkish (I do not speak a word of  Turkish but I understood every single word that he said.)   And he told me: “My son, I am not asking you – I am instructing you to form an organisation – the name in Arabic would be Wacful Waqifin.”

Translated it means Gift of the Givers. “It would serve all people of all races, of all religions, of all colours, of all classes, of all cultures, of any geographical location and of any political affiliation.  But you will serve them unconditionally. You will not expect anything in return. Not even a thank you. In fact, in what you will be going to do, is for the rest of your life. Expect a tick up your back. If you don’t get that, regard it as a bonus. Treat people with love, kindness, compassion and mercy but remember, dignity of man is foremost. So, if someone is down in the ground, don’t push them down, hold them and lift them up. Wipe the tear of a grieving child. Say words of good council to the widow, caress the head of an orphan. All this is for free, it doesn’t cost anything.  But it is human to    human touch. Cloth the naked, feed the hungry and provide water to the thirsty. This is an instruction to you for the rest of your life. And remember one most important thing. Best among people are those benefit mankind unconditionally”.

And finally he said: “Whatever you do is done through you and not by you. There is no place for ego. This is a spiritual calling. It is a spiritual issue. Everything comes spiritually. You are just the medium. You don’t do anything.”

Imtiaz also explained the spiritual effects on his team members offering service in terrible, especially man made situations. It is clear that Imtiaz radiate the joy of service.

At the end of the interview Imtiaz expressed only one wish and that was that this gift is not to be taken away from him. I think many, if not  all his volunteers cherish the same.

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / A new era unfolding
« on: October 19, 2017, 05:35:01 AM »
The dawn of a new era of fundamental change is busy unfolding around us. I would like to note some interesting perspectives.

The 31st of October commemorates Reformation Day, the day in 1517 when Martin Luther penned his 95 statements against the church door of Wittenderg. Luther's 95 Thesis  was the culmination of a long period of dissatisfaction with the church in conducting its affairs.

Although this day commemorates the start of some sort of a revolution in Christianity, there was a built up long before this event and it took quite a long time before the church finally rejected Luther and his views as heretic and scandalous. Only but in 1521 did Luther appeared before Emperor Charles V and was finally given the opportunity to withdraw his statements. He apparently reacted by saying that it was neither safe nor healthy to act against his conscience.

How nice would it be if we could hear from Martin Luther on his perspective, now.

Many scholars have speculated, for years now, that after 500 years passing, the time is ripe for a new reformation wave hitting Christianity.

How insightful  that we are standing on the brink of the materialization of the MSM that will usher in a transforming agenda not only regarding Christianity, but the whole of humanity.

How lucky are we, not only to be witnesses, but granted to be part of it.

We, exited, but respectfully await the time that, like Martin's, the MSM's statement to be "nailed on the door of humanity". Maybe that day will be commemorated surpassing all others.

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ I am still here.
« on: August 30, 2017, 10:18:17 AM »
Dear Lanaforge,
Although I tend to refrain from commenting nowadays, the urge to do so was unstoppable.
It is still but a short time that I “jumped in’” on grounds of faith.  I still have to learn a lot to gain confidence eg the proper way to address celestials. Forgive me if I fall short.
 I hope you are well. (Though, I really don’t know if celestials can be un-well.)
I have come to the conclusion, taken into account all the variables and all the complexities, that the Magisterial Mission is unimaginable complex.  I have full confidence that the Mission is in capable hands and that undertaking such formidable task is to become more than successful.
We have heard so many times, as in the above post, that we humans are appreciated. Therefore I would like to express my appreciation for what you Lanaforge and every other celestial is doing and is prepared to do to rectify a planet on a road to collapse. I have complete faith that the decisions of M. Missionaries be faultless. Thank you that we are loved and that we are made aware of that so many times in so many posts. I take solace of the fact that I live in a friendly world in spite of its nature of vicissitudes.


New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / New Member - Introduction
« on: August 04, 2017, 09:27:33 AM »
Greetings to all members of the Forum,
It is a privilege to become a member of this forum. After studying the contents of this forum for a few months the urge to become a member was to big to resist anymore. I fully embrace the MMission. I would like to become part of it. 
My name is Willie from South Africa, living near our administrative capital Pretoria. I am a dentist for the past 40 years but for the past 4 years I am working for a company providing health care.
My forefathers were a combination of Europeans stock either looking for a better life or (from my fathers side) escaping religious persecution  in France. They became known as Huegenots. I think I have  inherited some of their pioneer traits.
 We have four children and five grand children. My dear wife, which I respect so much, is an "angel"in form of a mortal. I always say it is written on her forehead. She comes home with such amazing stories of even complete strangers using her shoulder to cry on and of course getting the sympathy that strengthen their souls to pick up their burden again.Together we went though much of the vicissitudes of life in the material.
My mother tongue is  my dearly beloved Afrikaans. It developed out of Dutch a odd 200 + years ago. It is amazing what heights this small language reached in such a small period of time. Its people can present literature and art comparing with the best. Our claim to fame was the pioneer Chris Barnard and the first human heart transplant on Urantia   It is with a bit of sadness that there will be no place for Afrikaans in the future of Urantia.
My life story is one born from and out of the piety of my parents and our forefathers. The forefathers trekked (trek a Afrikaans word, like veld and kraal) from Europe to the Cape of Good Hope and then, when the British empire became a obstacle, trekked  from the Cape during the 1830's into the binneland/away from the coast, to 'freedom' from colonial rule. They eventually founded  two Boer republics which became known as the "model republics" and was eventually lost to colonialism instigated by  the discovery of diamonds. 
The big trek into the unknown took place with virtually the Bible in the left hand and muzzle gun in the right hand and the belief of God's protection.  But the Bible was still  Dutch, read every evening and few understood the text. The Bible was only translated in Afrikaans in 1933.  At that time the Urantia Book was on the brink of birth. Their exist notable similarities with the history of the USA. But one big difference remains. The considerable wealth in large part left the country. The mining of the richest gold deposits in the world, hundreds of tons of gold mined, left us with a massive problem today. Rising polluted mine water is mixing with underground fresh water. Difference of opinion exists. Was it worthwhile?
 Thus end my short introduction of part of our history. 
My formative years as young man brought the big questions to the front. Unlike most people with some inquisitive minds, I never turned atheistic in light of difficult questions with difficult answers. I kept looking for answers and got them some way or other.
One night, arriving late, I plunged before the TV, which by the way, was regarded unhealthy for a God fearing nation. That idea ended only 1974. That was also a sign  of the end of conservative era.  An episode  of the late Carl Sagan series Cosmos was aired then. Sagan argued the fact that light/photons exist timelessly. That gave much impetus to an effort to search for the truth compatible with my religious thoughts. If photons could exist timelessly, so I thought, other "stuff" could exist as such as well. Years later this line of searching brought me via google to the Urantia book, more or less 2008. A new vista opened which kept me breathless, with little sleep for nights on end, until the decision that I really got hold of The Truth. 
That laid the groundwork which eventually brought me to the Serara Forum beginning of April 2017. The contents of the Forum kept me quite busy and many a day I was the only guest visiting portions of the site. I thus discovered  the concept of Ultra Spirituality in one of the posts.
After reading that post, I could not resist writing an article on this subject for a Afrikaans audience of a spirituality forum as little as 2 weeks ago. The editor noted that he will publish it this month. And then I made the decision to apply for membership. How lucky I am.
Thus ends a long introduction as was requested.

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/Saying Goodbye
« on: August 02, 2017, 04:53:16 AM »
Like a child in anticipation of birthday celebration, or Christmas, or a holiday, we would welcome the arrival of a new dispensation where we can sleep in peace, where our children can safely play without constant supervision and the corrupt,  corrupt no more. Thank you Sentenact for reassuring that a new, bright beginning is at hand. Millions of prayers in my country is not in vain.

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