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I second you on this Don...

Hi: I'm beginning to grasp what is transpiring in these communications.....
I am starting to look for how to expand into communicating with the Celestials who are here
in our lives....I do grasp there are different kinds of fusions and Ron is getting them, like a
triple scoop multiflavored ice cream cone...

I'm a little nonplussed to find Celestials speaking in a jovial, or jocose or waggish manner
to Ron and to each other....examples below, but I have read some others:

"Spirit yelled at me and asked me WHY did I need to go out with bad eye sight..."
"SPIRIT - :   ....and even old crusty Rayson was there with his crew."

I am not critisizing this, I would not do that...but I am wondering what kind of relationship
Celestials  have with each other such that Rayson is "crusty"...I wouldn't use that word
towards anyone....and I'm praying to Mother Spirit to throw light into dark areas I have...

from Dictionary . com:
given to, characterized by, intended for, or suited to joking or jesting; waggish; facetious:

given to or characterized by joking; jesting; humorous; playful:
a jocose and amusing manner.


the act of wagging:
a friendly wag of the tail.
a person given to droll, roguish, or mischievous humor; wit.

sincerely seeking

New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / Re: New Member arrival on 1/7/18
« on: January 09, 2018, 12:32:07 AM »
thankyou: niant2, BJanelle, and Allie...
I'm trying to orient myself here,  I'm not sure where to go on here, there's so many directions to go in all at once...
I'll gradually have to work on my communication skills...sailing into a hurricane?...I get seasick when its calm...adapt and overcome, right?...pass the scopalamine please...


New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / New Member arrival on 1/7/18
« on: January 07, 2018, 05:33:34 PM »

I am stepping up to get on board this cruise ship and introduce myself to this delightful
community....I think the journey is well worth the price of admission....and with such good company aboard, I'm certain it will be enjoyable to participate....

Have read some of the is amazing to see the variety of communication here ....many different paths coming together here....there's a high level of dedication here...I feel hopeful here  in this community...

About me:
I grew up in a Christian Church environment...didn't make too much trouble, but I know my loving parents were concerned at times....neither they nor I knew how to conduct ourselves on this confusing planet, but they did a pretty good job....

I was introduced to TUB by a next door neighbor....I didn't understand it at first but when I caught on to it, I've been reading it now for 20 yrs....

At 19, after 2 yrs of college and not knowing what to do, went on a surfing trip and ended up as a student missionary....came back and took more college, still not knowing what to do....ended up going to medical I have stuff to do whether I like it or not... college one thing I always did and still do, read a lot of philosophy, psychology, etc to understand the world, and found I couldn't understand it very well......

Now that I've been reading the UB for 20 yrs,  I'm getting some insight...metaphysics is a mess, as is the rest of the planet....BUT, things have changed....we're out of quarantine!!!...I'm finding out about it just now.... the image in my mind is like the faces I see in the photos when Paris was liberated in WWII.... (I wasn't born then so I don't have that one as a personal experience, but it must have been wildly grand)...

So long for now...

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