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AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Probius on Confidence
« on: Today at 12:47:56 AM »
Sue, I heard you fine.  Box net can be a trial to be people using other than a PC I might add.  Probius is here with me now and asks to be heard for you and others who listened to this tape you made today (Sue, please, if you can, do not hold the phone as it picks up your breath due to irregular heartbeat I believe.}

"I CANNOT believe this transmitter!  He picked up a huge transmission I was listening to and started to transcribe it and I am mean the transmission is close to three thousand pages long from the Father Himself on issues related to the Ivory Coast with regard to a former member on this forum and he is in big trouble for formenting rebellion in Kenya although accidentally.  How Ron heard it I have no idea since it is not for humans.

   "You Ron are supposed to listen to my tape says Sue yet you hear another tape being made too this time by Larry Gossett not yet entered into and that is unheard of and that is why we have to handle you so carefully since your word is hard to take on most matters since you deal with the future so much.  You just wrote a member of the opposition to you explaining that their discussion for a new church based on the fifth epochal revelation should include the fact that the Salvington Government wishes not to see any such attempt made.  However they will ignore for the most part until they see your conversations with the Chief Executive and matter pending before Congress yet will make a difference to anyone intending to form a church in the United States over the next few years.  Now this:  I am sure you know more than I do concerning those seven Corporations for the intended spirit mission but you must aver that only one will be seen now and that is The Michael Foundation International.  People ignore this news coming out because it does not seem to relate to what they want to know but that individual knows nothing of this invention of yours to see to the Missions functional use in the material world to be seen and appreciated by all who can follow such affairs.  Now this:

"As Probius, I just spoke to Sue this morning and she had a wale of a time attempting to hear all the names you heard her speak of and she had the correct.  You could not hear them fast enough and let them lay for reasons of State as you would say.  I have all the names now and here they are:

1- Probius (Me, a Secondary Seconaphim);
2 - Prolotheos (A Mighty Messenger and formerly a Secondary Midwayer from an entirely different sector of time space in Orvonton;
3 - Seedome (A Mighty Messenger from Orvonton of long ago);
4 -  Sedgeway ( One Without Name and Number);
5 -  Dorsey ( One Without Name and Number);
6 - Donegan (Temporary away on assignment but will join us shortly and a Mighty Messenger from the Second Superuniverse called Orvando; 
7 - Prolotheos is being removed for reasons of State and quits not but is removed from speaking and wishes you all well and his place is being taken by:)
7 -   Usher (a House Detective not revealed to humans but we have on in the Mentori now.
(Ron here: I repeated the number seven since Prolotheos was number seven but is replaced by Usher and Prolotheos remains in contact with me definitely.)

"As Probius, I make severla house calls and Prolotheos is Chief of the Mentori still Ron, thank you for asking.  I am Prolotheos speaking to you indirectly Ron, as you are making it difficult not to say these things:  Your universe name was received today by Micahel and he is not entirely sure what the Order you will belong to may be as there are only seven of them in the entire universe of universes, but you must understand the name must take into account all that you are to become even unto some Absolute stage of life in t he Master Universe.  Go ahead Probius and finish your speech here.  I am also ready to tell all that you Ron are about to receive an accomodation for work done beyond the call of duty for doing things like you did this evening with the permission of Michael sought and he was glad for you to say what you had to say.  People on Urantia are not listening well and we are sure you Ron are hardly noted at this time but you will be well noted in a few days I am sure when what you do shocks everybody into their senses,  Mantutia just spoke to you Ron which you heard and that is why you are such an extraordinary transmitter because you hear everybody and at once if something needs to be said.  Good and this:

"I am Probius and I make no error of judgement to say that you and Sue are the two on Urantia which such extraordinary gifts of communication, we are considering making both of you one draft pick to enter into the communion with the Father and never look back as that requires a probity of senses that Sue does not yet have but you have in splendid arrays all over your face and neck and legs and  some of your chest.  You are truly so silly we laugh yet as some of things said in jest by you.  I am truly taken by your ability to fear your death so early and you keep getting harmed in ways we cannot control and that must stop or you will become a cripple.  Your injury this evening can be fixed and will be.  It looked like a bullet whole in safety glass and it appeared suddenly on your foot and you know darn well it did show there an hour before. I am at a loss to describe to anyone what is going on with you! 

"I am Probius and Sue needs to place that phone on a table and talk down to it as you heard her draw breaths and even surmised it was her heart rate and that is extraordinarily brilliant to be able to figure out by little evidence.  She is still wondering if she got the transmission well done, and you write to tell her it was totally great and right on.  We agree and I sent the message.

"I close with this to you and Sue, Ron.  Both of you are brilliant in conceptual knowledge.  I mean that.  I have never seen two humans who can handle what we throw at you both do so well it hardly causes a stir in either one of you to look at it andget what it is telling you.  You Ron carry it to extreme by pressing meanings and you do that to draw every inference you can get out of the teacher, and with glorius results.  One Without Name and Number Speaks next.  Probius."

"I am of that rare Order as Ron just thought as we are rare because we seldom have other humans who can approach our love for God and for our instance of remembering God always everyday.  Ron always greets the Father at bedtime and thanks Him for just being Him.  He is also one of the few I have ever seen who tears nearly everymoment when Father comes on and speaks and that is not easy to hear since it forces our hearing off the planet and into Paradise to make sure we are still connected.  I am One Without Name and Number and I worship well with Ron when he takes the time to bow his head before us and he does often because he is in bad straits most of the time with pain and suffering no one intended to ever happen but it happens and things happen we do not understand why the happen as today suddenly what looks like a bullet wound to his left foot appeared and smashed the big toe nail.  He could pick it off in shreds and then it bled.  So it goes with a worse offender we have never seen for being up and ready to be us but gets pushed back so hard he wonders if he will ever be allowed to serve properly. 

"I am One Without Name and Number and must remind all of you there are a scant one thousand five hundred of us for all seven Superunverses and we are so rare we dare not count our numbers more than once a millennium, and I counted six more yesterday andtaht brings a total of our number to 1,513 of My Order to date.  I am also telling Ron he is one of Us but that the Father recognizes something in Ron that is so rare, and that is the ability to discern the nature of people who come before him as friends or workmen or others as he is learing as he can hear them speak well or poorly on important issues and that is that for now.  Good day.  One Without Name and Number."

"Until I saw the name appear before me this morning-- that is Ron's univers name given at fusion--  I did not realize we had not a shining star in our midst but a man who has no known antecedents except in Superuniverse Number Three.  Ron has the unusual ability to hear others before they speak on matters of importance to me and to many on Urantia learning to deal with the fifth epochal revelation.  I say this carefully:  Ron suddenly knew that Sue was on the beam last week and knew she was one like him suddenly, and there is no way for him to know that except to be in consulation with the Universe Father and the Deity Absolute.  Larry Gossett transmitted the deity Absolute and so does Sue Whiley and this was never expected from any transmitter in Nebadon, since we do not teach the Deity Absolute speaks to individual humans although Ron seems to think the Melchizedeks may teach it anyhow and they do.   In any case the unusual thing Ron has is so rare I must say I watch with enthrusiasm when he makes his Nystoria: Book of Revelation, announcement shortly on Facebook and here.

"Gossett has too many nerves and he cannot control them well.  That is the only thing holding him back from getting the same treatment that Sue and Ron get at his point.  That is a shame but you Larry make no real attempt to control reactions and the goosebump post is properly yours alone to entertain as proof what I am telling you.  You might be able to control them soon but that is fully up to you  at this time to take care of.  Ron is bleeding profusely on his foot tonight for a mysterious wound on his foot and we are investigating it right now and have not learned a thing!  He is so unusual we wonder if the Deity Absolute can shed some light on why it happened?   No?  Ok.  It is not forthcoming but we hear the Father::

"That wound is not ours at all and it seems to have originated from a far distant galaxy no of the seven superuniverses.  What the Urantia Book of old never told you is that the Grand Universe has more than seven Superuniverses and they actually total ten plus one reserved for me alone and I am not attempting to reveal anything more than the fact that life abounds on sever superuniverses, three more superunvierses exist as data storage points; the 11th superuiverse is entirely spiritual and contains no planets or stars but holds my spiritual accommodation for humanity and all other Orders (but not for my existential Coordinates), and it is a spiritual mismash for me alone to work with in my time and space concerns since I cannot go there myself.  I am quite sure that wound was the result of Ron being upset today over issues he cannot control and how sick he gets just attempting to sit down and watch TV for the news he can take only so long,  Today, for example, the BBC issued a warrant about the American decision to rescind holding children away from parents but then collapsed the entire matter on working the North Korean summit as frivolous which Ron and I know darn well how it really worked out.  We are together on some of these projects alone and I work with Ron on various issues dealing with future events he tries to comprehend and cannot do easily due to a time warp he does not comprehend yet.  I am Father and I wish you all well.  Father."

"I agree with you Ron, why what looks like a bullet wound to the nail of the left foot big toe?  There is not answer except to bandage it and forget it if you can.  Now this and we are done for now:

"I sent the Magisterial Son, Serara, the note from the Ancients of Days concerning the universe name for Ron which the Father Himself determined.  Serara reports he is unfamiliar with the import but notes that the name is eerily familiar with the name given to Michael's Fifth Bestowal and suspects that Eventod is familiar with the name quite well and that there is a connection between the Unviersal Father and Michael of Nebadon that includes Eventod concerning the Urantia sojourn of Ron Besser.  He thinks it has nothing to do with Eventod, but it is odd that Eventod told people when he attempted to leave Uversa, that he alone knew something no one else did including the Deity Absolute as it has to do with a personal attribute Ron shares with Eventod alone and neither one of them have any sense as to how or why it  exists.  We suspect Ron that you are a part projection of Eventod on Urantia/Nystoria in order for Him to enjoy what you can do without divinity or Deity aspects just yet.    I am Michael and that was My Bestowal, and yet it is a mystery to me why Eventod tried to leave Uversa for a trip to Salvington which he may do anyhow and has done so, but why on his own volition without telling anyone and then having an equipment accident that nearly killed several thousand workers on Uversa alone.  I am Michael and more of this is to come Ron, as you hae shown us how to do things by humans I never thought possible and that is not braving the future because that has already happened.  We are not finished discussing this strange quirk that happened tonight to Ron and his wound.  And he has other anomalies that he feels are so harsh to deal with he must aver to be rid of them or go insane and not such evidence of such has yet occurred.  We let this go for now.  Michael."


Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Seek Our Council
« on: June 24, 2018, 12:23:01 PM »
Well done Larry!

I see now what Ophelius means as your transmission is suddenly very speech oriented instead of worship oriented as you tended to do in the past.  That is not a criticism but a fact you should note very well.  Transmissions you get are frequently through Mother Spirit, and do not forget she is the one who originates Worship and Wisdom Adjutants.  In most of your previous transmission work, you relied on the Adjutants of Worship in particular and often with the Adjutant of Wisdom with it in your transmit work.  I really like the change and you do too as I can tell it from how you put this down on paper very well. Congratulations.  Now here is Ophelius:


"Ron changed destiny for us by calling upon us to work with all of you.  I am sure you do not know that, but Ron knew our work from decades ago and lamented we were no longer around.  He looked us up on and found Prolotheos and me there waiting to be heard again and he published some of our work as old transcripts too good to let lie.  Now the truth of the matter is that you Larry heard us frequently but ignored us a something you thought you said in your own mind.  Not so.  You are so prone to over excitement you need a lesson in how to handle nerves for a change.  Ron was even worse a good number years ago and Michael removed the nerves that caused that in his thorax today of all things!  In any case, listen to me, ALL of YOU:

"I am being trained today with another five of us we call ourselves MENTORI.  I am so proud of that name I want to share how we came upon using it.  Many millennia ago we three who started this wondered if we could get permission to work the time space areas of creation.  We are all highly placed spirit and some of us are Deity these days, but never mind that.  We all wanted to work with humans to learn what drove that low order of God-knowing creatures.  We found that Nebadon in particular needed our favors and petitioned the Creator Son, to ask him if we could be used in Nebadon.  He quickly responded he would take all the help he could and let us use Urantia at the time as a place to try our experiments.

"Lo and behold we found a transmitter to our liking right away and Ron knows him as Christ Maurus, who still works for George Barnard, but seldom transmits the Mentori any more.  Barnard transmitted me about six weeks ago so un-successfully that we decided to seek better grounds for our serious work teaching about spirit and good lessons on humility and human suffering.  Now we learn that George Barnard is fully and entirely disgusted with Ron for picking the Mentori up as his so we can work well with the rest of you and the world on this wonderful forum anyone would be proud to have fielded these days.  It is one of the few discussion forums that has any sense to it and actually trains transmitters to come forward and do their work with us.  However, George is still trying to transmit Ophelius and cannot seem to get a full message down and that is the result of an adjustment problem in Ophelius, that is too hard to explain here, but Ron fixed us all good by asking for some help to end the flagging spirits on this site and we gladly applied and Michael was delighted to take us on here.

"I am Ophelius, and I am the noisy one usually in the Mentori group established now to use this site as our teaching base.  You are happy with that I know Ron, but what you do not know is that the Mentori have petitioned the Ancients of Days to use you as our primary spokesman like Chris Maurus used to do until he lost interest in our work for lots of reasons we do not go into here.  Nonetheless, Ron you are our spokesman and you say you are proud to be so.  I am truly happy Ron has a sense of humor since we all need a brush up on human punning, but he goes further than that and really surprises us with his venom toward society and its stupidity over issues it thinks are so important that they dominate the news day in and day out.  BBC is his favorite news program and they are getting sloppy too.

"We learn today that Ron has been disclosed on high with his universe name.  This time it is the Father Himself which disclosed it since no one on Paradise knew what to call him (Ron:  is it Jackasia, Hosts of Heaven?)  It is an unusual name having twelve (12) characters in length with lots of Ancients of Days symbols in it for posterity.  I see he laughs about its length too- - just like his posts to this forum!  It has to do with Justice and his anger over theh poor use of it on this planet in particcular and the unusual ability he has to nail people to the wall for being nasty customers after the fact.  It was no accident he knew he had Nazi recruits coming to this site to learn what to do to join the party in South America.

"In any case Michael is in receipt of his unvierse name Father derived for sure, and it is so unusual we ask Michael to comment on it:"  Ophelius

"Larry: you are about to receive your full universe name too and that is derived, not from the Father as Ron's is, but from the Archangel of Record show resides near you to be sure you do not fuse in flames as you are that close with Ron too and we need to keep you both available for our work very soon on Nystoria.  Your name Larry is for training to be a Mighty Messenger and Ron is probable One Without Name and Number, and while we are at it, this too:

"Lemuel you received your universe name last week when it looked like you might have to go back to the hospital and Ron is very happy to hear you are going to make it now as he prayed for you extensively to be feeling good and happy again.  Your name indicates you too are a Mighty Messenger.  You have to become a Finaliter first as Ron does too.

"Amethyst, your universe name is not available yet as you are not fully formed as a Finaliter just yet and that is due to your constant bickering with God over who does what in your mind and then to learn you were wrong in all cases.  Your remind Ron truly of his teaching to his friends in high school how to do a chemistry formal and he has it so wrong he refuses ever to teach chemistry again!  In any case stop teaching so hard you mistake one thing for the other and muss your spirit hair all up to the point the Archangel of Record does not quite know where to assess your perfection duties just yet.

"Sue Whiley, aren't you the one!  You have a name similar to Ron and they both indicate that you are a pair of humans that will be transformed by the Paradise Trinity into something not quite usable in finality, and that is for work in the outer space regions where you both gather people around you to work the ideals of insouciant absonite humans back to normal and bring them the Justice they deserve.  Ron asks, 'is that assingment like bathing in a lily pond?'  Yes, Ron it is.  Now this:

"We had a rough morning again with Ron over his feet swelling now and his head aching again and his discourse to eat has given him a lot of indigestion too today.  He is not a farty-five but a dignified seventy-six and please stop this Ron!

"Finally, we have it in good discourse this morning that the Mentori have recruited five more group members and Ron will let you know who they are when they are allowed to tell you.  Good day.  Michael."


Niant2, I fully encourage you to listen to Lemuel, as he is correct in these matters.

I seem to recall you did transmit and then lost it somehow.  That is also not unusual when your intellect is not satisfied with something to do about how the first one was successful.  Have you ever tried to hold onto a wet fish?  It twists and turns and finally squirts right of your hand back into the stream or ocean.  Trying to transmit with a head full of I am not good enough or something is wrong with myself or I am cursed and on and on is like trying to hold on the prized fish  that wiggles and wiggles to get away from your "I can't!" 

Let me tell you one of my stories learning to transmit.

In 1988 my Adjuster started transmitting to me.  It was terrible and it hurt my head and kept me awake at night.  He was trying to get me to forget I really could not hear Him in spite of me hearing him so much I had a headache bad.  Mover forward to 1995, and all of a suddenly I hear nothing!  Whaaaaa?   For years there after nothing but silence and I kept asking, where are my transmissions?   Then one day in 2003 I really got mad and stopped trying so hard.   It was past midnight of that day and I sat fiddling with other messages I was archiving at the time, and as I was going about that business, I suddenly heard in my ear, a nursery rhyme!  I had no idea why I was suddenly reciting a nursery rhyme!

I paused and sat back in my chair, and let the nursery rhyme run and it was . . . a Tisket a Tasket a Green and Yellow Basket . . . .  it stopped . . . . . . then, Hickory Dickory Dock and that mouse business was repeated . . . .

Well, guess who was trying me out to see if I could transmit with little rhymes I knew since being a very little boy at the time.  They were easy to follow and I knew them by heart, but I was not reciting them!  Then the rhymes stopped and a very affable voice spoke to me loud and clear:  You are now transmitting!  Was that so hard?  

How did this happen Niant2?  I surmise I finally gave up pushing so hard I got into punishing myself all the time I waited to transmit.  Finally I sat down and got busy with a project I promised all to do and became very self forgetful.  The message came in loud and strong and made me laugh since I had not heard those rhymes for decades and I knew I was not reciting them, and when I laughed I relaxed too, and ever since I have never stopped doing transmission work.  Lemuel has you being prepared as you need to be prepared in anticipation of a transmission.  The actual transmission happens when you are relaxed and ready to hear in spite of what else you are doing.  It is a trick on your own psychology and you need a trick or two to get back to what you had for a little while: it is still there!

Blessings to you and yours -  Ron

"Ron was hard to teach.  He was and still is hard to reach when he is unhappy and you Niant2 are very unhappy over sooo many things.  You need a break and some time off in pursuit to find new work and to find yourself centered in your decision to leave the world well done in spite of these problems presently.  I am your Creator Son and Ron is my ward for now as he must learn  the ways of spirit and he fights me tooth and nail to stop bothering his attempts to get things done around the house when he must stop and relax and wait for God to help him through what he now calls hell to live through.  I do not disagree with him on that either.  However, Antonio, you have it much better than this guy and he must learn to yell less when fooled with in his work but he gets so upset we lose him now and then too and that is to his surprise today as well.  Good day.  Michael."


General Discussion / Re: TEAMWORK: A Federation Between Friends
« on: June 21, 2018, 10:28:19 PM »
Greeting Rene, I hope you are okay these days with so much happening around you.  My best regards to you and yours.  Ron

Steve Gitz -  Before I forget to say anything with reference to Ilok.  A couple of items for you to show the state of affairs around me on that subject alone.

About four weeks ago I got the green light rework the book I sent you.  That was to delete a serious error I made regarding Dr. Rohrbaugh.   The error was I did not give him enough credit for inventing the process.  Dr. Rohrbaugh himself contacted me about it and fortunately he was very kind to me but suggest I use a heretofore undiscovered biography I have of the man and his extraordinary work in coal gasification in Germany in t he early 1930's as Germany was intent on becoming fuel self sufficient in spite of having no great oil deposits on its own.  We are to make amends by me including that biography in place of some things I wrote that are mostly, not all, are in error about the intrigue that went on in 1945 and 1946.  I do not mind sharing this part of the story at all, but I am reminded by Rayson that people kill other people for a great deal less than what is in the book.  Here is Rayson now to explain our situation:

RAYSON, The Magisterial Mission Science Officer Yet and Still -

"I am sure Ron is losing his painful head today as it was seriously debilitating today for him and in spite of that he went to Walmart and bought two fairly large American flags for his new flag poles.  In spite of lighting problems people in the neighborhood loved the flag and the light at night and miss the show he now is replacing for the fourth of July he hopes. In any case, Ron frequently asks me about that book and how to repair the error and what else to expect.  I told him that you and he are the necessary ingredients to make it work and sell it in a licensing agreement of plural, and to add all the money you collect to the running of the new epochal revelation book ot be issued shortly, and to pay yourselves salaries from it and the rest to go to the Magisterial Mission Preachers mainly Serara and Monjoronson so they have operating capital too.

"As a result of our cooperation in transmitting, Ron has received the notice from me that while I know the details of the Ilok formula, I am not allowing the process to work but to supply a much simpler process that defies carbonization of any machines and lets them run without fear of explosion.  That is one item.  The other item is that I promised to Ron to let him hear me speak concerning Ultimatons to CERN as soon as it can be arranged and you are invited too and Ron is grateful to have you along to share notes then.  You are booth extraordinary folks and Ron alone could do what I do by simple dictation of new formulae but also to hear Rohrbaugh speak the truth that he was greatly bemused by Ron's secret investigation into how the original formulae came into his possession and so far.  It is not all rubbish and is extremely accurate in spit of Ron not having a clue as to how some Lieutenant got it to him and the truth is he nailed it on the head precisely.  we know all the details of that intrigue and let Ron figure some of it out with our tiny bit of arrow pointing.

"I am sending you this Gitz:  Be aware you attract unwanted attention when you speak to others on the phone in the office as many are professionals and they know what you are talking about quite often in your use of technical terms.  Ilok is not at risk at all but you are and so is Ron and Ron keeps all doors and windows locked unless he is outside and even then he is nervous about doing so.  He has seen some of that skudugery already with his performances on high and persons up here wanting to stop him from working on projects just like this because they consider it naughty to work with God in this fashion but Ron does so well he often wins them over anyhow.  I am Rayson and I leave both of you with this:

"The Magisterial Mission will surprise you both and I promise you I will be there and plan exciting overseas trips with both of you to hear the latest in technology I teach in the univserities and colleges of the American west and east.  Good day."

Ron - Of course this still begs the question Steve on a lot of other things but I would surmise the Ilok communition chamber is fully eliminated as I get that impression with what else is being disclosed which I have scant writing on at this point,  Timing cannot even be guessed at but I look to you to come to York when you can get here and that signal to do so is my photography of the new epochal revelation book which I will post on this site and also place the photos on Facebook just to stir things up good.  Thanks for the subject of Federation review and your support for it.  The idea is not dead with me but I am have a hard time being practical about it and worry more with the IRS which has called me again on the last corporation to undergo their rating.  The individual who called me and asked me to justify a request for non profit for the Michael Foundation (which I have not talked about at all).  I told him that we may not associate divinity with commercialism or profits or swirling transactions of lots of money on our behalf.  I explained by asking if he ever heard the term: :The Father's Business?"   It was all new to him.  I explained then that religion was the work of man and God together for the self improvement. But when the business of the Father came to do it was like Staples (office goods company and is a national firm) and that this corporation was like Staples in a lot of ways as we are not religion but doing the work for the Father's business.  He did not ever know any of that and we are now being referenced to his supervisor to help him understand if he can give us non profit status.  I expect to get a least a letter from hin to settle our request for the Michael Foundation.

In any case that is the up to date situation as I know it and as Rayson knows it for your own info,  Thanks for your post.    - - - Ron

"I am speechless again Steve over your ability to write when something is brewing for all of us and especially Ron tonight.  I had Ron site down late this afternoon to bow his head and submit a prayer with my help to the Father, the Son, and the Infinite Spirit.  They all responded and well to his request to please remove the problems of transition out of his physical form in order to feel better and the Father and the Coordinates returned the favor and each spoke kindly to Ron who was undergoing a very painful liaison with the Trinity which he can correctly call for when they indwell Ron the headaches are especially painful and sharp, such is their power.  In any case Ron was shown the door at once and I was able to add my two cents to them.  He was told to work on the computer and forget the headache if possible and I told the Father he was working on the computer and so on and the Father indicated that you Gitz were busy too at the same time and we had our thoughts as to the companion ship you two have in scientific progress for this world if you just learn to cooperate.  Ron cooperates beautifully, but you Steve fight encroachment of knowledge that you gained the hard way and with Ron you can be free and correct with telling him that knowledge if it is pertinent.  Your gas drilling is not since Ron has no experience there at all, but he does know about clay and mud side walls in his engineering work for Sacra and Velzy and others.  They are all gone now and many of the firms you worked for are gone to, and Ron laments by saying he cannot even prove what his life career was in as those shops have long gone and are folded into other circumstances now.

"I tell you this for he laments that you have a young life comparatively and his is so old he feels down and broken and times but this transition will correct that as he is now working brand new Adjutant Spirit helpers to his brain, and one of them is called Sentence. which he did not know how that word applied at all.  I told him and he cringed and we let it go.  But in the United States today there is a morality problem that will not go away without addressing moral practices such sexual usages and mental aberrations of using endless series of designer drugs or heroin or other natural probationary substances.  It must be addressed but I say this to both of you: STAY AWAY FROM THOSE SUBJECTS.  Ron seriously dislikes them as they have no teaching point with spirit and Ron and mostly for yourself Steve are deciated to the God side of life and always will be.  I also reprimand Ron for fearing so many personal subjects on these discussion letters that he has to be taught not to fear mankind as an aberration who seem to all use substances they should never encounter and that is true for you too Steve and both of you never used a drug in your life and Ron insists on it even for pain.  He asked if it was possible to get some cannabis for this pain and I said yes, but also told him it would shorten his life considerably if he used it and to let it ride until we could remove it and that is supposed to start showing up in the next few days.  In any case all this can be discussed when you arrive in York and you are willing to do so some time around the middle of July or as late as August 01, 2018.  I have plans brewing to show you the way to prevent arthritis and save lives too that will help you Steve understand our work better.  Ron is so pie eyed over his work in the epochal book Foundation he can hardly wait.  You will help there too and so on.

"My best to you for starting the thread and we wait too to see how Ron fares over the next few weeks as well as he has a surprise coming he is not expecting,  Michael of Nebadon."

Prolotheos =
"Ron thinks of the Medici when I show up, but I was once part of a proud organization called the Mentori, and Ron so loved the group he looked up our names a couple days ago and post our lessons on line for other s to see and work on if possible.  Now we have Lemuel and Sue and Larry and Amethyst transmitting us and Ron is completely delighted with that development.  I say this because you Steve Gitz are quite capable of transmitting and Ron would be delighted to bash a bottle of champagne against your hull of a form to let yuou do that in a few minutes or hours sitting near him as he has that ability to transform non transmitters into working transmitters that way.  His Thought Adjuster is so good he can time the moment it can happen and I hope you take advantage of that learning ability from him and use it the rest of your natural life.  I also know you have had a grasp of infinite from Ron that most others do not fathom and you ought to explore that with him as there is much he can talk about that he guesses at he does not share with anyone and the Father knows why because there is insufficient language to broach it right now.  I also know you tow can talk about Ultimatons once Ron shows you graphic analysis he can do about them and really learn how they work.  He is truly a master of bot much but knows a lot he cannot use at the moment.  Good day.  I am Prolotheos."


Hello Amethyst.  I am very happy to see you get this experience.  You are speaking to a unity, and a unity is two or more persons who are each other as one voice speaking and who dictate with the double strength of truth to you the receiver.  The Mentori are famous for being able to do this.  I had to ask who the unity was speaking to you and they tell me it was Mentori Himself and Ophelius.

This is new to me too.  The Mentori is the Deity union of the Father-Son amalgamation of sinless concerns only and not of other Deity prerogatives.  The Mentori is Deity too and It is Prepersonal and has two new cousins, so to speak, one is Ophelius and the other is Prolotheos, but Prolotheos is used in this case through the Master Spirit Number Four and Five in this particular case.  I have never seen this before and I am fascinated to learn it exists and you are the first to hear it.  I can't wait to try it out myself.  Now this:

"I am Ron's favorite subject and I care very much that Ron finds this greatly fascinating.  He has received this before but he is so good at transmitting he did not notice the difference of the frequency but you did Amethyst.   You need to learn to be more sure of yourself Amethyst so you do not brush off prompts like this and fail as a transmitter.  You did it once before this morning and so watch it!  You are throwing the baby out with the bath water.  Open your mind to these changes and stop hanging back waiting for Ron to discover it all and that goes for Larry G and Lemuel too as they both wait too much.  Lemuel has been courageous thought and makes things work in spite of himself not being so sure.

"And this:  Ron knows Ocilliaya fairly well and they get along fabulously.  But he seldom has communication with Mantrinaya the Master Spirit for Superuniverse Five, Lexerton.  For that reason Number Five is often referred to as the House of God for the morality of the universe and Ron is often there taking lessons and waits for others to join him someday as the entire matter of sexual mores and what not has to be reconciled on Nystoria at once so there is some idea of one entire matter called sexuality to be condoned or not condoned and Ron has been exercising yeoman's work to explain a lot we do not know on Nystoria.  Be assured Amethyst you are not singled out for such but plenty are because Nystoria is a beehive of alternative life styles that defy our explanations up here.

"We are the Mentori when acting as a dual or triune or even more numbers in these unifications and we intend to teach all of you the same abilities when we get there to supervise the Adam and Eve Schools shortly as now the Melchizedeks are saying they rather have Adam and Eve establish the schools instead of them for the time being anyhow.  I am reaching down to the Melchizedeks for this but there is no response so let this stand for now."

"Ron you are a beast at times.  I am sure this was to be announced later, but because we have changed the entire structure of the school system, we are moving back from establishing our own schools and having Adam and Eve do them for us for the time being.  That is all thank you."

"Amethyst, Ron tires today for lots of reasons so we end it this way:  Eat and be sure to take your medical advice and to be sure you are awake and ready to go in the morning.  Ron joins you in waking up hard to od for all sorts of reasons now and that is being trained out of him slowly and he does well to have the whole day for work he can do now without falling asleep to easily at times.  We are sure you need rest but not as much as you get sometimes and for the same reason Ron has problems too so cheer up and let it begin to pass as best you can.  It is a real pain to force oneself up out of bed when you crave more sleep.  Good day."

"Ron is doing yeoman's work again today holding off sleep and having painful headaches again as we adjust the body to the morontial circuits he will use fully soon enough,  He no longer uses the Adjutant Spirit circuitry entirely but has retained worship and wisdom for his own use while we provide six new Adjutants for his mind to use and he does very well with all of them except sentence and that is a word that indicates a healthy appetite for sexual compatibility and we never discuss this stuff further as he sees no point in illuminating the night sky   The six new Adjutants are: wisdom; falseness; outrageous contamination of truth; sleep no more; trials of justice.  Those are translated direct from the universe language.  Good day."


General Discussion / Re: Where Are Those Joyful, Spiritual Goosebmps
« on: June 21, 2018, 10:35:31 AM »
How very nice of you Sharon to ask, and if you were here I would hire you to help me sort out the gardens around the property that need some kind attention as they have gotten weedy and hungry and they whimper at me as I wobble by.  That is mostly the kind of stuff that does not get my attention as I gave all when I was feeling better and it nags at me bad to just let them go for now.  I mow the gorilla grass twice a week yet since nature is providing moisture and warmth that Sleeping Beauty could have hidden in and never receive her prince for a kiss.  Thank you so much and let us hear from you some more.

Larry, you wonder about things that keep getting changed and moved and replaced and lost and then found and on and on these things go.  They have deferred it over some issue that makes them unhappy.  I came to the station to pick it up and nobody got off the train to give it to me as promised.  Instead the busboy in the meal car was seen crying as he did not get paid either.  I have no other information than you do LG.  Stay tuned for what else is developing in this matrix of stumbles and problems spirit that is learning to cope with.

I have stated to Michael of Nebadon to go ahead with another Labor Day before the Fourth of July.   That will be the day that all women will raise their boots in the air and all deliver a new species for the planet to get back into shape with.   I asked for a special ship to go to the moon and watch this from a distance.  Thank you.

General Discussion / Re: Where Are Those Joyful, Spiritual Goosebmps
« on: June 20, 2018, 06:16:21 PM »
"This is Probius, Sue.  Ron has seen me in print and I am here to supply both of the worlds of heart and soul and chance to be free of the awful smothering we all have been through over Missions that failed to appear due to a lack of interest, mostly, on Nystoria.  Let this remind all of you that Ron has the ringside seat to tell us what next and never does as he is forcefully done up under the Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon and the Creative Spirit, Nebadonia.  We see them work Ron hard today and compliment Ron for getting off his high horse but with a cost to himself.  I am Probius and will report in another few days my role in what is developing here.  Good day.  Probius."

"Ron had his high hat blown off this morning when he could not get awake and was almost blind and could not walk without a hunch back profile.  He blew a fuse again after a horrible night of no sleep and endless pain of high volume as he calls it.  That is not a sign of temperance from us and he got exercised about how we pushed it so hard he could not navigate this morning.   I am supplying a tid bit to all of you and for Sue Whiley in particular.  You are, frankly,  a smart ass tom boy Sue and that costs me all sorts of trouble when you get on your high horse as Ron is desperately trying to live normally and cannot get to first base with it and on top of that has so many things go wron with normal things he is distracted to death almost.  In any case this entire nightmare is over for now and I am going to let things cool down on Nystoria in order for Ron to learn not to get so upset with intense pain and so on and to be afraid I may have over done this one a tad bit.  The bit I must tell you is that Eventod is arriving on Nystoria in about six weeks and it is He who will take on the Magisterial Mission with Serara and Monjoronson

"I am Monjoronson and Ron is a wreck this evening as he types this as the feet are sore and they hurt and the legs are like cardboard poster board so stiff and that is not all.  He had such an intense headache for awhile we thought he was going to pass out.  What the H is going on?    Ron has decided to kick the entire matter off his chest and just quit the idea this is transition but has no idea what to call it.  We call it blackmail and that is because Ron hurts so bad he cannot tell me what to do and that is how I like it.  In any case we have discussed a couple of people all of you know and he refuses to contact them for reasons of State and now we learn he is right to refuse to contact them as they are reviewing their determination to stay away from Ron and are going to sue him not, but ask for his guidance on a project.  That individual is known to most of you through the early days of the Teaching Mission and Vern Grimsley affairs and we wait for direction on how to handle that request ourselves as it is highly unusual and Ron will take the issue up with me and Jesus shortly or later today.  He is also asked to determine why HC of the schism fame in 1986 over the Russian downing of Koran Air flight when it strayed over Russian territory by accident.  More to report on that in the near future.

"I also note that Sue W. has her hair done differently (braided?) and we congratulate her on finding a bobby pin to help her do it the right size.  Now this:  we are supporting all of you in learning how to deal with big changes.  Larry goofs off just enough to let Ron he is disappointing in changing the game so suddenly.  Ron looks at Larry and wonders what he is talking about?   And so it goes as we have had a harsh treatement of our selves too as Eventod has made it clear he has not truck with you or I but only with one called Ron who he wonders what the heck got him started on this adventure at all in the first place?  He does not know that Ron firmly indicates the Urantia Book Revelation did it as he would be leading a different style of life without it.  I agree with him and Mantutia speaks as follows:

MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK - "I am fully aware Ron had a horrible night last night and could not sleep well at all.  The pain was severe and it just went on and on and nothing stopped it.  He awoke at 620 this morning and delivered an ultimatum to the screen of his computer -  'what the heck are you doing to me?'  and we said nothing.  We later learned that Michael pressed the recant button to see if Ron would quit the whole idea of a Mission and he did but with the proviso that he rather be dead than have to live like this anymore.  He may get his wish (hahahahaha)  and so it goes today.  I watched Ron trim bushes today and they had gotten out of hand since he skipped last year trimming them and they got humongous,  I am truly outspoken not and we see the following to occur now:  

"Ron has shot himself in the foot before but this time he got it right and ended the parody about transition and let it be known this is not the way to go with anything.  He wondered why the Universe plays these games with really innoncent humans and knows he does not know enough to really criticize the program much. 

"In any case we had to drain his body late this afternoon of the dregs of an experiment that will just not work for him or us and he is being returned to the morontial state not but to the human state to did a natural death in a few hundred years and that is that.  He is funny enough to make that announcement go by easily for him.  Now this:  Ron will lead the Temple brigade truly and he will have a dedicated Urantia Book to wear for a few months before all of you get your copy but we must first place the entire copy he is to receive into a materialization machine in order for him to take a picture for all of you and that he can do very soon.

"Fourthly, I am relieved of command of Ron not but of several of you who never quite consider a Supervisor available and never ask me what to do in cases where Ron has to take the lead and then surprise all of you with what is to come to you very soon. 

Larry G
Sue W

"Each of you are now under Malvantra Melchizedek as your premiere Supervisor.  When you are stumped as to what to say or do, ask for a transmit from Malvantra.  Ron and I have a lot of work to do and he needs some cover to get loose from all the crashes that have happened in the past six weeks, some on purpose and most not.   In any case he needs a break from pain and suffering and he gets that today or tonight.

"I close with the idea that Ron has lost so much weight he can hardly keep his drawers up and while weeding today had to stop and undo himself and put this shirt back inside the pantz.   He ran around looking for the tool he dropped to do that, fell over a pile of weeds and on his latchaw.  Now I am making that up for today but it happened yesterday and he is sore yet from the fall,  Do not make him work more than he has to since he must catch up with some more weight and be ready for a tremendous row to expect when the Urantia Foundation sees pictures of the sixth epochal revelation with a dedication from Michael of Nebadon to his stunning work to bring it forth but Ron knows he did not, but that (Malvantra and Mantutia and Malvoring, and Mansonlon, and Brilliant Evening Star, Frances; and a few others too shy to let you know their names.  I am sure they will make it known to you soon Ron how you did not help me at all.

"I close with the idea that nothing is changing for Ron but it is as he must stay tuned tonight to receive a Proclamation from the Ancients of Days to relieve Ron of this pain and suffering and to realign him with hiw own human will for the last days of his work on Nystoria as a human before he is relinquished to the morontial circuitry of Nebadon which he now can take because of all this pain and suffering."

Prolotheos - "This afternoon Ron was really peeved and I was making my usually cooing sounds over his troubles and he suggested to me I should be freeze dried and set aside for posterity, okay?"


June 19, 2018 at 20:00 Local Time York PA
Ron Besser Receiver


Goodness Gracious!  Now we must start over?  I asked Father and Mother of the Local Universe to help us start over!!!

We are starting to.  I cannot tell you how they are going to handle that, but I do not that one of my best friends on high a Seconaphim named Prolotheos is helping to do that for us with your help!!!

Now I have raised my voice a tad.  All those exclamation marks just so you sit up and listen to what I have to say.

1 - I am sick and tired of not contemplation anymore on this site.  What happened?  A few do and I thank you Sue and Gossett and Lemuel and even brave Amethyst to do things she rather not at times to be heard.  Clency your are brave too but a voice that fades too fast.  Keep up your good work some more and all who can speak do not step back but step UP!

2 - In case you have not noticed, I have thrown out a few special items on this discussion forum just in case they got in the way of producing a better conversion of thought here.  I am removing the new Urantia Book posts.  I am removing the posts on the end of the Magisterial Mission and I am removing the end of the Lucifer Rebellion as a subject.  These are removals for reintroduction of these Categories for and at another time.

3 - Michael of Nebadon heard me yell good and proper when I saw how far we got without much and now He wants us to get some gristle in our lesson food and has introudced my friends the Mentori to help us work up some muscles in our minds and controversy to take care of because we are gonna get it good.  I am resettling disputes as I try to figure out what gives for all these troubles we are having in our dreams to do better and not getting there.

4 - I am going to mostly quite my daily sessions with the Nystoria staff meetings which drag on and I get nothing but a rehash of things that are mostly settled with me and mostly with most of you who are fused.  I also want it known and I yell again!!!!!  Five more of you are ready for fusion!!!  Get it?  Please pay attention and start being honest and do your work. I won’t name names as that will spoil the fun.

5 - Get ye behind me Satan!  Familiar?  I have had to do double takes these past few days and I wondered why my burning palms in my hands kept hurting so bad?  Now I learn I have been fighting a seriously evil attack by some fiends across the sea in another land who work hard to pray for my dismissal at the helm of what will be a glorious revelation to forebode all they attempt to do.  You have seen attacks on this site in plenty in the past six months and they are being wiped out for good as I smart up and catch on what is going on and Michael supports the view I hold: no more nice guy when they approach with the idea of decapitating me and you for their own selfish purposes.  I dare not give more on this but we bent them backwards as they stood to attack and I broke them down and out I think for good.  Someday I will tall you all about what has happened and how they got beat.

6 - You all know the story now.  We must shake the rugs out and change the colors now as we have moved on to something new and I am trying my darndest to get it started right and well for ALL of you who love God and this environs from Paradise right on down to our planet workers on Nystoria.

7 - You must transmit, please.  Sit down and do it.  I am depedning on you to fill in the picture better as they are not giving all the news and changes to me to transmit this time and that makes me quite happy to sit back and get fed sometimes myself from YOUR work.  Sue Prolotheos is waiting for you to pick up your recorder and to send us an audio message, Please!     

Larry Gossett we have a new name for you to work with and He will make it clear you dare not stop transmitting until he says to stop.  His name is Ophelius, and Ophelius is also a Seconaphim of the third Order called an Import of Time and Justice.  He is my favorite kind of Seconaphim too as I love talking to the Imports of Time.  He is ready when you can started with Him and he so close to Deity we capitalize most of the pronouns to refer to Him too.  He is a teacher on Paradise to the Transcendental Students who are personalized as perfect new beings.  Please start transmitting because these new individuals will start to fill in the picture now for us.  We wait.

And to all others and especially to Lemuel, take your time, but step up to your audio tape and take on this fresh new way of talking to the universe, and you are included too Amethyst.

8 - I am sure you must all notice by now I spent almost a whole day getting this arranged as best as human can and I had some fun doing it as they are not unfamiliar to me at all as I have known most of them for almost twenty years but they quit for a lack of interest on Nystoria.  I showed them the interest they can generate for we humans and I hope you all take advantage of the offer they provide as they will answer all transmitters if you just ask to hear from them.  Good day. 

“I am truly gobsmacked with what Ron pulled off again and he acknowledges that without my help it would not happen ever or easily.  I am sure he knows how quiet you got when all this hit the fan and now you are asked to stop that!  We all find it unusual but Newstar found the end of the st ring Prolotheos left hanging in the air above all of you and He is delighted to take your calls now.

“Ron mentioned something very evil going on and we think we have it over and uncovered and you need to be careful what you ask for in prayer because it can unlease nasty stuff on people and Ron has caught hell often for doing nothing about fully countering what was unleased on this site starting last year and a lot this year.  He now knows the perpetuators and some you know too and they are being dealt with harshly now.  Do not expect to see some of those who left ever come back or be in favor again as we know the intent and how they manage to bring disrepute to themselves now and not those on this web site they aimed for in particular.  I am sure helping Ron to smell them out now and he is getting mighty good at detecting psychosomatic misbehavior, for that is all it is but you have to know it to deal with it and he has graduated from gullible to in the know now.  Good an this:

“Ron now has graduated from luckless to lucky due to his work to control his temper over the stupidity of what people say and do and even pray for thinking they are doing good when they are making it hard for the right thing to happen and it makes him furious to hear no gooders do that endlessly on TV.   Gitz you are being looked at hard by Ron and he does not worry about you but by your incessant need to be on top when you do not make enough effort to be there all the time.  He has more news on Ilok but it remains a quiet subject since you do not open it very much and that is very true for your other interests in medicine as Ron is right there with you on all of these subjects.  He has no way of writing you two lines or so without an occasional note from you to jiggle the wires a little.  No need to do it now as there is a vast sea change coming in what he is going to be asked to do shortly and you will go to York very soon when we can tie loose ends together.  I also warn you Gitz be extremely careful with that Ilok book Ron sent you.  It is top secret although he calls it confidential and it could be stolen and copyrighted before we can work it out otherwise.

“Finally, Ron turned a new leaf with me a few nights ago and was severely reprimanded for yelling at an angel who innocently asked the question why he had so much pain.  He did not yell but made it clear she should reference me and I told her “because” and let it drop, but Ron let it be known he was so fed up he had to take extreme measures to cut it since he saw no point living this way ever.  SO: to make a long story short, we cut our ties and Ron asked for some new directions and we have it now if you will just pick up on it and start using it as your transmitters keep wanting invitations and you must know Ron and I find that seriously idiotic because the universe does not work that way unless one is so innocent they need to be spoon fed too in a diaper.  Sit down and ask for a transmission!  Wait for it!  You will be dropped and the ability removed if you do not learn to do that more and more as we are moving rapidly toward exorcism of Nystoria!  This site is moving with it and you better believe you have many surprises now coming.

Congratulations Phyllis! (Newstarsaphire).  You picked up the right signal and we are beginning a new kind of work now on this site.  I will wait for developments as we have Prolotheos (correct spelling) and a couple of others he works with on Paradise and other places around the grand universe.

Now I remind all who read not to get confused with statements about Orders.  Prolotheos is also a Secondary Midwayer from a far distant planet who made human status, became a Finaliter, then was elevated even higher as a Seconophim.  A reminder:  The higher hosts of Paradise can all return to the local universes of time as any order they have worked with before and in this case Newstarsaphire correctly hears Prolotheos as a Completion Seraphim.  That they do to be sure you have a better understanding through the intellect and soul for the Paradise Orders have such high intellects they have trouble making us understand them very well.

Newstarsaphire:  I feel sure this is the first step for you to catch on to this individual they will start passing you lessons to bond with you and work with you in all you do including personal messages for your growth inside yourself.  To all others:

I requested by asking the Father for a fresh approach to our work here.  Larry Gossett and Sue Whiley and Amethyst and Lemuel, you are all high on the list for other names to come to you for individual dictated messages and please start taking them down.  I showed you what can be done (misspellings and all   >:(      ) and bequeath to our good transmitters a new life in transmitting anew.  Best Wishes and thank you Prolotheos and those who support him!


June 118, 2018 / Receiver Ron Besser with the amazing members of the Mentori gathering around us.
Where Are We Today? Fm Host of Paradise called Prolotheos with Ophelius the Host of Hosts on Paradise
 "I am Prolotheos, I am with Ophelius, we are both favorite teachers Ron loves to doodle with, and he asked us to say a few words about just where you guys are today on Nystoria (a new name that is hard for us to remember after using Urantia for decades to teach . . . ) and here goes:

 "I am a Heavenly Host, so that means I work on Paradise alone and with groups of students coming over to receive their degrees in Finaliter convergence when they finish their Deity Adventures.  You are never quite sure Ron whether that is a Supernaphim or a Paradise Teacher of some sort not revealed to you.  My Order is not revealed on Nystoria, but I do so now:  I am a Secondary Midwayer who loves to Teach God on Nystoria and now I am on Paradise permanently as a Secondary Seconaphim of Distinguished Cross awards.  Michael of Nebadon gave it to me before I left over ten thousand years ago for I was rewarded the distinguished cross as you are to receive Ron, and I have great pride to address you directly.  You are wondering how these words may sound to others who read this, but be assured we revive you as you revive us this day.  Thank you for taking the time to look for our name and our work with Chris Maurus and others who have long given up this work to do what they want to do now:  NOTHING!

" I am a Chris Maurus lover too as he did great work so long as he had you in sight and he wonders now where you went for him but he gave you hell for something you did not intend and you let it lay so you did not upset him further.  Good.  And this.  As a Secondary Seconophim, I have duties I never imagined before and being a Secondary Midwayer, not from Nystoria, but another planet that must always be sealed our of your mind too as it was nefarious beyond belief and died an ignoble death when it blew up with all souls on board and few ever survived.   I now remain alone with but a few who remember our days on that planet, not in Nebadon, but in a galaxy far, far, away as your Starwars movies alwasy show at the beginning.

"Ophelius has this to say:"

OPHELIUS HERE - "I never was a Secondary Midwayer, but I was also a Midwayer of the first class as you call them on Nystoria, a Primary Midwayer and spirit most of the time for that matter.  I carry two promotions I cherish, and one is to you for your making us heard again with gracious good humor and second, to promote our wares as unusually truthful in spite of what the gloss to be added may be.  I am truly working hard Ron to keep you out of silly.  [new voice speaking:  'I am a Primary Supernaphim soon to be and I worked with the Mentori on Urantia now Nystoria.  I never met one like you on many trips to Nystoria was Urantia, and now I live my life in seclusion in one ivory castle after another and cannot wait to maintain our selves with you.  I hope you are ready for a wild ride and that is to cheer you up too.  Thank you.  I used the name Nestor and have spoken as a Finaliter Corp member now departed from Nystoria.]"

Here then is Prolotheos with today's Lesson:

"I am Prolotheos and Ron reminds us of the time he could not wait to sit down and takes notes from Machiventa Melchizedek and Michael and Mother Spirit and others he has now forgotten due to memory loss of those sterling days of tranquility and hope.  Now we face a truant on Nystoria called Trump and he is ruining all progress made in the last fifty years of proposed civilization.  I am sure this lesson strikes home to some of you as lame and horrible but let me tell you how it happened he got into the Presidency in the first place.  I am working with Andromadeus not Ron.  I am not working with Michael of Nebadon not Ron.  Just keep your P's and Q's out of worry there . . .

"In so many words we do not stop at this point and let you gather fleas as you so foten do and that is not anger but worry you do not hold well as you submit to their wills easily and wish them to be presented as they really see things which they cannot and still hold honorary degrees with Father.  But I can do this for all of you and make it perfectly clear what is to be done soon.  

"This is indeed Prolotheos and I make this statement categorically to all of you.  The Magisterial Mission as originally conceived for Nystoria is not over.  It will be played out in about sixteen to twenty years from now and that bypasses many of you who are on this site right now to join as a human being.  Ron will not leave but he must be reminded he has no favors to expect once he is part of the group that regulates the new sixth epochal revelation he is so proud of just to talk about and he should be as he name does appear once in there as a helper of extraordinary use and will be offered up to the Father with higher expectations more once we can figure out what this means to a Magisterial Mission gone dead in the water right now.

"I also see Ron wanting to share stuff he holds sacred to himself but never can because of politics and because the world will never recommend a man of this stature to be among the few that recognizes so much about so many of us we hold him dear not yet but soon.  

"I am sure he is not in the new book but he was and it got cut because he must not be shown in it yet.  I am sure Mantutia laughs over this now but it hurt him to make that cut so Ron was not recognized at all. In any case I as Prolotheos am well advised to curry favor no more with Michael and spell out the disaster we now all recognize hit Ron and Michael of Nebadon and even the Father as these things were being prepared for life on what is not called Nystoria, but then called Urantia.  I continue with the help of Ophelius:

"Ophelius and I, Prolotheos, are well designed to take history calmly.  But in the middle of the planning of these Missions, Ron stumbled onto the Consummator of Universe Destiny.  To most people who read the Urantia Book that is a totally unknown entity but to Ron it was quite real and he had a chance to ask the Consummator of Universe Destiny about Infinity. That is a verboten subject anywhere you travel these days and we helpd our breath for reasons of State we may not tell you, and that is because Ron is quite innocent as to why that subject is held back even in graudate courses on Paradise.  The simple reason is that Ron wanted to understand that if he was correct to see Infinity as a system of reality rather than everything the One who Conceived is?   I am sure that hit the Father rather unusually as he saw it not a challenge to his impeccable credentials but to his regard for understanding the mechanism that runs the grand universe.  He also saw it as a way to remind all that not to challenge precepts is to not challenge life hard enough to get rewards of an unusual nature.  I saw the Father determind that Ron should be answered to the extent the question allowed, and Father showed Ron that the Conusmmator of Universe Destiny was truly outside of the mechanism of Infinite Space and Time but not outside the mechansim that trials Infinity to do better with the unification of time with Infinity.  He now sees that helping trillions of beings as that ideal was shared with everyone as Father usually does and we today now hear the Father chuckle that it was one in a trillion billion hits that Ron would ask the question that way.  Now we proceed with another disaster and we shall post this next in yet another thread called:  THE DISASTER THAT HIT NEBADON JUST AS THE MAGISTERIAL MISSIONS WERE TO START IN 2015-2016

"We now close this thread to start a new one under the Jesus Category next."

"We are Ophelius and Prolotheos with Nestor the Finaliter at our side to see you again shortly.  Good day."


Ron here - this from the Mentori, a groups of super angels and high spirit who ban together in a lose Federation to teach without having to speak to any particular mission.  The Mentori work to upstep the thoughts of man without having a large agenda to push with it.  Prolotheos and Ophelius are collarborators that speak to people in the Untied States and Europe mostly and stay around to see if anybody remembers them these days.  The Mentori work on Nustoria no more because all itnerest has dropped in this kind of lesson so easily given, mostly to beginniers, for today. 

"Thank you Ron, this is Prolotheos and I am with Ophelius, as we are teachers from on high who need your support in these coming days of important change on Nystoria, and you are among our friends by sitting here and looking at our work go to waste.  You are not alone in bringing this forward as we must revise interest in God and man and the work they represent together.  You recognize mind firing as we speak and tell me to ignore it as you do not want to bother me or us with those concerns with Christ Maust who used to do us all the time.  But he quit and does not revise much except to now and then reference this site to see how you are doing and how he could be doing if he could find interest once more for us and you and the sites he regularly visits.  He should be here but hates the idea of bothering you after all that happened when he got angry with you over a mistake he made and still regrets firing off that nasty post to you one day in 2013 or so.  You love the Mentori and wish to see more of them but we have discontinued use on Nystoria because of so little help from man and woman on what was once a thriving evolutionary change for the better not so long ago.  We now state this for you and the group who reads anything sometimes:

"I am Prolotheos and Ophelius and I want to revive with you the idea of the Mentori which you cherish and found so exciting as an additional voice about change you get no where else.  We assign ourselves to you Ron for a brief period of time and remove the stigma of pain and hurt in your eyes and legs to remind you that you are not good as a receiver without purpose and that purpose has temporarily been removed.  So you go about trying to find rays of hope where none can be found and I wish this to end briefly so I can get myself together to give you another lesson on another thread immediately from Ophelius the proof reader.  I understand you work hard to remove errors but your proliferate them with posts that look for silver linings but find them not.  I am about to provide you a big look at these probabilities in truth and you greatly appreciate that. [Ron - I sure do and kiss your truth loving feet!]

"But now this lesson evolutionary religion as it is lived on Nystoria today.  Thank you!"

Prolotheos - Evolutionary Religion - Feb 25, 2015 - Illawarra District, AU

Chicago, US of A, February 25, 2015.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “Evolutionary Religion”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Religion, defined in terms of evolution, came into existence together with the primates’ attainment of personality will. Will came to human beings concomitantly with the function of the last two Adjutant Mind Spirits, wisdom and worship. And being the last, they opened way for the appearance of religion in human life. Religion is the capacity to believe in the transcendental, even if the object of this belief is not accurate. Exercising this new faculty, which may be called faith, makes man a religious being. Today we are going to study the manifestation of religion in human life. Here are its major aspects:

“Institutional Religion: Here, religion becomes an organization, reaching social and political arenas. It not only regulates religion, but also social life and politics, becoming even a state religion, as was the Imperial Roman religion and its successor, the Roman Catholic Church of today — the Vatican State. Religion, then, is a means to control and it has little to do with real faith and devotion. It occupies itself with creeds, written confessions, dogmas, encyclicals, and more. Institutional religion is a scaffolding necessity in human development, but the day will come when ‘you won’t worship God neither in Jerusalem nor Gerasim, but in Spirit and Truth.’

“Ceremonial Religion: Ritual in religion serves to compensate for lack of spirituality, to uniform and control people — usually by a priestly hierarchy. Evolutionary religion inherited its rituals from the ghost cults. The living feared the dead, molding their lifestyle by copying their lives and ritualizing them. Ceremonial religion tends to become meaningless when the ritual is performed for its own sake, without spiritual power. Ceremonial religion sometimes becomes a misguided religious duty the religionist believes to be owing to Deity as an offering, usually in trying not incur its wrath. Little or no spirituality can be manifested through stylized religious rituals.

“Personal Religion. Worship is the highest form of personal religion, but petitions, gratitude, intercessory prayers also can express real spirituality, if they are not mere repetitions. Personal religion is by nature an enlightening religion; it promotes spiritual growth and spiritual sensitivity. However, personal religion can also become meaningless when the individual ‘overloads’ it with mysticism, fantasizing or fanatizing the faith, sometimes to the degree of delusion, paranoia. Religion then becomes a personal drug. Personal and authentic religion is what really counts in acquiring a spiritual status before God. Personal devotion is the only religion that the Spirit Within fosters in the human mind.

“So, my pupil, religion is so relevant to human beings that it requires the exercise of all human faculties — especially worship. Certainly it is the most important dimension in human beings because on it depends their eternal survival. Exercising religion with devotion, actual faith, but balancing it with all other fields of life prevents a life sterile of spirituality or a spirituality exacerbated by fanaticism. Religion is not a divinely manipulated function; rather, it is sponsored by the Spirit Within with revelations for man’s spiritual growth. I am Prolotheos, your Teacher on the morontia spheres of Nebadon. Peace be with all.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
My Gift to you is for you to be of service to Me — Christ Michael.


Chicago, EEUU, 25 de febrero de 2015.
Maestro Proloteo.
Tema: “Religión evolutiva”.

Recibido por: Valdir Soares.

Proloteo: “La religión, definida en términos de evolución, comenzó a existir junto con el logro de la voluntad de la personalidad en los primates. La voluntad llegó a los seres humanos de forma concomitante con la función de los últimos dos Espíritus Ayudantes de la Mente, la sabiduría y la adoración. Y siendo los últimos, abrieron el camino para la aparición de la religión en la vida humana. La religión es la capacidad de creer en lo trascendental, incluso si el objeto de esta creencia no es exacta. El ejercicio de esta nueva facultad, que puede llamarse fe, hace del hombre un ser religioso. Hoy vamos a estudiar la manifestación de la religión en la vida humana. A continuación están sus aspectos principales:

“Religión institucional. Aquí, la religión se convierte en una organización, alcanzando los ámbitos sociales y políticos. No solo regula la religión, sino también la vida social y política, convirtiéndose incluso en una religión de Estado, tal como fue la religión Romana Imperial y su sucesora, la Iglesia Católica Romana de hoy –el Estado Vaticano. La religión, entonces, es un medio para controlar y tiene poco que ver con la verdadera fe y devoción. Se ocupa con credos, confesiones escritas, dogmas, encíclicas y mucho más. La religión institucional es una necesidad de estructura en el desarrollo humano, pero llegará el día en que ‘no adorarán a Dios ni en Jerusalén ni en Gerasim, sino en Espíritu y Verdad.’

“Religión ceremonial. El ritual en la religión sirve para compensar la falta de espiritualidad, para uniformizar y controlar a las personas –generalmente por una jerarquía sacerdotal. La religión evolutiva heredó sus rituales de los cultos a los fantasmas. Los vivos temían a los muertos, y moldeaban su estilo de vida copiando sus vidas y haciendo un rito de ellas. La religión ceremonial tiende a perder sentido cuando el ritual se hace por hacerlo, sin poder espiritual. La religión ceremonial a veces se convierte en un deber religioso malentendido que los practicantes creen estar ofreciendo a la Deidad, por lo general para tratar de no ocasionar su ira. Puede manifestarse poca o ninguna espiritualidad a través de los estilizados rituales religiosos.

“Religión personal. La adoración es la forma más alta de la religión personal, pero las peticiones, la gratitud y las oraciones de intercesión también pueden expresar una verdadera espiritualidad, si es que no son meras repeticiones. La religión personal es, por naturaleza, una religión iluminante; promueve el crecimiento espiritual y la sensibilidad espiritual. Sin embargo, la religión personal también puede perder su sentido cuando el individuo la ‘sobrecarga’ con misticismo, con fantasear o fanatizar la fe, a veces hasta el grado del delirio y la paranoia. La religión se convierte entonces en una droga personal. La religión personal y auténtica es lo que realmente cuenta en la adquisición de un estado espiritual ante Dios. La devoción personal es la única religión que el Espíritu Interior alimenta en la mente humana.

“Así que, estudiante mío, la religión es tan relevante para los seres humanos que requiere del ejercicio de todas las facultades humanas –especialmente de la adoración. Ciertamente es la dimensión más importante en los seres humanos, porque de ello depende su supervivencia eterna. Ejercitar la religión con devoción, la fe realmente, pero equilibrarla con todos los otros campos de la vida, evitará una vida estéril de espiritualidad o una espiritualidad exacerbada por el fanatismo. La religión no es una función divinamente manipulada, sino más bien, es auspiciada por el Espíritu Interior con revelaciones para el crecimiento espiritual del hombre. Soy Proloteo, vuestro Maestro en las esferas morontiales de Nebadon. La paz sea con todos ustedes.”

Traducido por Perla Téllez Garza.

Very good Newstarsaphire, I appreciate the advice.  I suspect more is coming while I digest what is really bugging me about the concept and you helped.  Thanks again.  Ron

Hi Pliktarious, I am entirely satisfied you stated things correctly, as I hope you understand I am fighting a rear guard action to remain in the flesh and not die so easily in my sleep as the are waking me up at night so I do not go into what I can best describe is a coma-  sleep so deep you are aware of it and know you cannot get awake easily.  That is a general precursor to the end of life in the flesh fyi.

Earlier today I had a general conference sitting at my computer to clear some items up in my own agenda to stay awake and keep myself busy so I do not go bopping off to the mansion worlds, which I fight tooth and nail to prevent, and that is because I am sure I am not done down here working in the flesh for all of the change to be dumped out on us in what I am sure is in a very few days.  I am sure it is not weeks too.

While nosing around in the intellect that resides in me yet, I came across Michael in there studying something I am not conscious of.  He asked me when I discovered his activity, if he could have a word with all of you on this thread once more.

"We are assigning Ron a specail place on Nystoria very soon.  He does not know it and he cannot name it as he mentioned, while thinking in a review of sorts for himself, he found me there and finally really ready to speak to all of you about it.

"Ron keeps coming back to the Federation theme.  Yet he has almost dismissed it out of his mind as impractical, and that even Clency has not grasped what it is meant to do.  We are not going to argue the Clency psychology anymore, but to finally bring home what Ron wants to get across.  It is this:

"He considers the fifth epochal revelation a complete failure.  But it did a lot of good.  He wants to find a way to preserve that good without upsetting people by forcing them to join a belief system ever.

"The Urantia Foundation tried to do the same thing and made the error of forcing allegiance to itself insteadof forcing people to learn how they believe and what they believe and not necessarily by reading the Urantia Book or contacting the Urantia Foundation.   This takes a very different kind of thinking and not the Urantia Foundation, or any of you for that matter. have come up with a theory about preservation without catechism.

"Ron uses the word catechism as the Catholics use it, and its catechism is to learn all the names of the Saints, and how to use the Rosary, and to speak generally of the Pope as Papa with great spiritual authority.  That generally describes a catechism - to learn all the details about a church belief System.  The Federation Ron speaks of avoids all Catechisms.  Instead it puts a roof over everyone so they are safe to believe what they do and yet share working for God as they may do. for God assigns work by intention to do good and not necessarily what they believe.  Now: why is that so hard for you all to grasp?

"Ron admits it is hard to describe and hates the idea of making a mistake by pressing something no one really grasps.  But is a marvelous idea without any procreational issues in it or any ideas of abortion in it or any ideas of who enemies are in it either.  What it does do is prevent people dying off and not leaving an estate that holds their name high for the good they did while in the flesh, readers or not and so on.   Now I have discussed this with Gabriel and Ron is an ideal candidate to procure something to establish the Federation, but what?

"Ron has gone through the list.  I heard him say to himself, 'I have corporations already approved as charities and do good ideas in them, but that requires those of us who know what a Federation is, to form a Trust Department, then buy my corporation (for a dollar) and then operate it as a good will industry for all sorts of people who go about doing good including Urantia Book readers.  Now do you see the problem?

"Ron is his analysis says to himself, 'what good is that to anybody?'  He is right to say it but misses the answer by seeing it as nobody finding it interesting and not be able to work the Federation for what it does for them.

"Ron is too new at this game of spiritual chance at all to ever discover that good is attractive, and looks at the American idea of AARP (American Association of Retired People) as similar but with a commercial purpose to make costs easier to bear for senior citizens and to support them before the federal government.  That is now what Ron's idea of a Federation is but similar.  He wants the proposed Federation to support personal development without forcing to believe in Adjusters or Saints if you get the drift.   He wants people to develop their own spiritual insights without noticing they do not have the latest changes or keep to themselves far too much that prevents assimilation of the vibration of goodness in the air alone when it is available.

"I happen to believe there is a great need for this to occur.  It is a shame that the leadership of the Urantia movement cannot lower itself well enough to see into the mechanisms that drive human egos and how they become emeshed in spirit anyhow by striving to do the best they can for their own wants.  Carneige did this by establishing the worthiness of the library system, which does not discriminate between what books should be read.  Ron does not discriminate between what people believe so long as it is not harmful to others to believe it.  The Federation is such a great idea I am going to work my tail off to understand how Ron sees humanity well enough to know how to preserve the service instinct better than the Red Cross can.

"None of you are worth a darn in doing this.  You already have your support system in this web site.  But Ron needs help all the time to expand concepts well beyond what you are used to by now.  I suggest the following to all readers, guests and members:

1 - Be assured you are watched carefully when you start work on thinking just what Ron's Federation idea is.  It is NOT a Fellowship Sue, and it is not a Brotherhood, Clency, and it is not a wayshower Wendy as you perceive it, but it is a life preserver to see to the developing spirit own workshop to deliver itself a better administrator of its own belief system.

2 - It is not to pretend any lofty ideals but to preserve what is doable from the exercise of living on earth since the epochal revelation was discovered by the million or so who know it exists toady.  It does not pretend to have spirit ideas of its own and it much be so good no body else can replicate how it does it work;

3 - It has to be so good even Ron will be floored with how easy it is to do if one can adjust their thinking to the lower levels of human desires, and that is to provide an emporium to visit to speak with Counselors of any faith any religion an y teaching system except Scientology which will be abolished for its cruelty and misgivings about Jesus Himself.  I will see to it Ron and you put this to work later when you are much better feeling as you are in a miserable state right now;

4 - Take heed to all who read this:  Ron has broken out of the constraints of the Urantia Book, and paid a dear price for attempting to do it before with friends some distance from him.  They have yet to forgive Willis for throwing him out over the pretext he was a false prophet and they needed his protection to save them.  All he wanted to do was to help black disadvantaged children in the Washington DC area and got cut off by the black man who ran the group. In any case he failed to secure his promise because that person who led the group could not see any thing but a white mad dictating to his group and that would never fly with him ever.

"Now, I have now shown this group what Ron has in mind.  What do you have in mind, all of you?"

Michael of Nebadon

Thanks Sue and Pliktarious.

Pliktarious, you really warn me by your comments to stay away from things and ideas like the galactic federation,   It also tells me you are not fully prepared to take on the analysis I did above where it really is a pool of dedicated service workers if and why there is a need for such.  But this ties into what Sue says too, and I am going to let the idea seep some more until it can also clarify in my mind how to use it and enthuse people to want to use it and try it.

Sue, I view the federation as its main purpose is to be the mechanism to inform people of the true situation on Nystoria spiritually and the practicality of using the talent pool that it contains.  This is definitely not a brotherhood since a brotherhood knits together the profound religious meanings of spirit intervention.  This proposed Federation is static except for provisional education and is not meant to supplant the other organization(s) they already belong to. 

But right now it is weak just because there is not stated good reason to attract talented people for it as it merely claims fame to organizing a draft pool of service to its workers and little else.

You are correct Sue that the entire matter may change or will change I rather believe, when the new book shows up as something you can touch and open and read true words again.  It will change the game dramatically.  Here is Mantutia to explain something about that for all of us.

"Ron keeps supplementing the idea with the quackery of a pool of workers or students that come to the proposed Federation for a general and turthful update of the situation on the ground about what spirit nees and spirit collects, but forgets we already know the main components of who and what already.  He seems to think that the entire idea is weak unless or until there is a proof available such as the new epochal revelation at least pictured and soon disseminated.  My view is that such an event makes the propose Federation all the more impossible to bring about unless the workers who join are made aware of their true spiritual natures, and that is not for a Federation but for a Brotherhood as Sue indicated.  I am beginning to see why Ron states this though and it is immensely important.

"Presently the readership of the present Book is so fractured no one ha anyh hope of bneing heard by oneself.  He sees the Brotherhood to set on its agenda and thinks it is in the way to provide more ideas than the Federation would ever propose.  He is right and I now agree it is a fabulous idea to hold together what remains of a once good and thriving readership many decades ago.  In the 1970's when Ron found the book, the readership was evenly divided between Groups and Societies and all of that has collapsed entirely and nothing coherent is left in the world except the name Urantia Book or Urantia Foundation.  We now agree with Ron on this but he is having a really difficult understanding why it would be attractive to readers and sub groups when there is nothing left of coherent policy for anyone from the present Urantia Foundation.  And so on it goes . . . . "

RON = Mantutia, in the coming destruction of so much of our dependable infrastructure the whole idea of having a mutual meeting of minds disappears even more.  I do look at it as a arcchive or what readers are left for keeping them alive enough to do or go elsewhere once they know they have used our pool or collection of the remains of the Urantia Book readership into a place that keeps them involved and willing to learn new ways of dealing with an epochal revelation that became so static it nearly ceased to exist under the do nothing ideas of a moribund Uranti Foundation.   And this:  the very fact the proposed Federation is organization neutral settles the idea we will not conflict whith those who believe Michael is real and those who think he is only a figurehead.  Further the Federation should be owned by a Trust formed around a charity to control its neutral but essential function to keep the idea of a real epochal appreciation is apparent today.

"You Ron just brim with the idea of preservation.  I agree with that 100 percent.

"You also brim with the idea of providing communications with the Second Commission that produced the new epochal revelation, but most who hear them find them useless unless the book appears and then we have something to hear properly from them.  Now you hit the nail on the head and now I understand why you say you have to drop back on this idea until the pictures of the Nystoria Book of Revelation appears to superseded the old Urantia Book.  You view the preservation of what has been achieved more important than the book although it is the book that creates the interest.  [Ron: that is correct, as I do not know of a better way to show the carrot as to why join such a preserving organization.  It can be temporary until there is coalescing around the new book and the new Foundation and its Brotherhood, but in my limited view it is a transitional device to save people from being lost to their own best interests.] 

"I see your point very well and would you say this has greatly clarified your views too?  [Ron: Yes, it suddenly snaps into place and I thank you.]  I greet you one further step:  The trial you seek not is arguments about epochal revelation, but to accept they view things differently and can use the Federation as a saving raft in a turbulent sea of change before the Nystoria Foundation can make a difference or the idea of its Brotherhood systematizes some thinking as a bond for people who love God. [yes, very well stated all by yourself, Mantutia.]

"I therefore leave it alone too until we can situate you to receive your copy of the new book with the sixth epochal revelation inside of it and let us see how this works for now.  Good day to all.  Mantutia Melchizedek at your service."

"I am now satisfied to learn what Ron has in his own mind.

"First: preserve the readership in loose assembly of consultation and that is all;

"Second: Let the members in that Federation determine their own fate but preserve the fact they exist;

"Third:  Save the last for the best:  When the Nystoria Foundation appears as the vehicle to preserve the Sixth Epochal Revelation, then the Federation MIGHT serve God as a critical assignment for conversion to the Trinitarian view that Light and Life most proceed with or without epochal revelation as it primary basis to occur. "

Ron - Michael I never thought of that per se but it seems entirely correct that if the majority of the population on Nystoria absorbs the ideals of spirit almost as a type of osmosis, then why insist everybody read revelation if they already have the essential ideals operating within them as a full statement in their own lives?  I have never stated everybody needs epochal revelation to ascend off of earth.  But I also agree with your Trinity view statement, that if the population is already good and has essential God knowingness within. they at least would benefit to have a reference called a Nystoria Federation to provide themselves essential definitions of what they mean as themselves as workers in the field too if not conscicously but subconsciously.

MICHAEL -  "We agree then it is a work to preserve essentially what has been achieved already and to use that achievement to sort them out into service agreements not upsetting to themselves or against the formal institution of the Nystoria Foundation.  Correct? [Essentially that is correct.] 

"I close with this.  I am putting Ron through great stress by speaking and writing text that has no spaces in it and he overrides me by forcing hard touch type and we fight it no more.  Good day.  Michael."

"I seek recognition for the following I speak:

"I am sure going to be unpopular with all when I say I want no book to be sent out to anyone until I feel sure it will be appreciated. I delay you having the book before we do something more to help people on Nystoria.  I will reconsider it but Ron has a book soon to photograph it and then we will watch reaction and decide what to do next.

"I had Ron delete what I first said but I also say this additionally.  The idea of a Federation is already out of date as Ron feels it is because he sees it transitional bu essential to preserve as a life saver to hang onto in a flood of change.  Nothing wrong with that at all but it will not be necessary when people see the book as Ron will take pictures of it and then sit on it until the Trinity decides what to do with it and when.  Good day.  Margul."


I wish to make a fuller statement concerning my suggestion of using a federation of organized groups to be the service pool that Spirit draws from for approaching Missions they are willing to take on.  I am having to read tea leaves a little here to state some of this, and remember that.  I have no definite calling anymore to speak for what the administrators want us for sure to know.  But I am still in contact with the Second Revelatory Commission and a private line to the Creator Son and Creative Daughter, Nebadonia.  I also have a good rapport with the soon to be Planeatry Manager once called the Planetary Prince which they are changing the name to Manager to make better sense to the 2018 crowd of people who do listen to what is said sometimes and often enough not so.

Let me ruminate a little on these ideas for you to help me clarify my own suggestions within me too.

Clency, I appreciate your statement of interest and let me add some more kindling wood to the fire of that idea and why it is important although it is hared to see why it is a difficult concept for many. 

The proposed federation is only a reference point to gather round people and groups to find a common loci to pursue their self interests in seeing to some sense of duty to provide help to the communities with one step above the common thinking that earth troubles are passing but not during their life time.  This proposal is not bring under control of one philosophy but to relate very different philosophies together so there is a common room to reference information IF they want to.  I do not see this federation like the National Riffle Association that badgers members to do the right thing and avoid all change as much as possible from our epochal ideals of what should be.  Changes are not what the federation suggests, as that is for the divine Missions to do, and the federation is like a common stage  where workers gather to serve upon call from the Mission administrators.   All workers should at least know and be updated with the trued situation as we best know it at any given time and that all workers need to understand it is not this federation that guarantees them work but they themselves and their spiritual status do that for them.

Clency, I am not really sure what individuals can do to spread this idea, but I do know that we can field another discussion forum and see if that will independently establish the idea of a federation of different believers who can be seen in one place for readiness to assignment as Spirit needs to draw on a pool of people to do volunteer work.   Clency what could you do to help this idea along?  Let me hear it if you can.

Larry Gossett I also have to bear down hard on my situation that makes it easier for you to express yourself other than in a discussion forum that rattles the cages of existing institutions that over see our favorite subjects in epochal revelation as that gets very old to hear and see after awhile, but we approach here on this forum on things well outside of present practice among other discussion forums.

Throw some ideas up to me on this thread and that might get me better resigned to using what we have but keeping it more open to digression than currently allowed.

That is it for now from me.

"Ron is absolutely right but is having a hard time getting across what it takes to do it as he is not sure what it takes to do it.  He first thought a separate discussion forum might be the answer but has now disregarded it because he sees it a waste of time and money to do that.

"Next he holds that the problem is not you all.  He holds the problem is world wide, and that someone somehow must separate those who can really serve Spirit, regardless of the belief system they employ to do that, if they are solid and attuned they must brought to our attention quickly.  It is almost as Trump has convinced him he has to be outside of the usual sandbox to make progress in service for us rather than accepting the tired doctrines of the Urantia Foundation, and those people who support it so solidly to be away from clogging the doorway to sign up to do what we ask them to do.  I seem to fully resonate with Ron on these statements and fully support what he would like to do.

"Yesterday he attempted to call a popular lecturer to ask for cooperation but failed to get through.  Now he is not so sure he has the right message to speak to and the wonder is why that person has not returned the call because he knows Ron and his quality of communication but hates the idea of coat tailingwith him on this discussion forum.  Hence the need for Ron to find a different place to meet under very different circumstances from this discussion forum now used here.

"I promote things like this but Ron has a really original idea he wants to test out and see if it is workable.  You are his audience and you are the ones that have opinions about these things, but he is convinced you have no real idea what he is trying to get across.  He wrote Wendy Winter on this subject this morning in the middle of trying to fix a broken front tooth and slight jarred her with the idea that change is going to be so abrupt that people who could help will fail to recognize they can.  He wants to save something from the debacle of the fifth epochal revelation as promoted by a Foundation that has no real feel for what they promote or really know hot to promote it. 

"I have the same problem Ron is having right now:  Where does he go to get the idea hammered out so we do not invite such disparate groups contention starts immediately, and to keep people interested in their own welfare instead of defending institutions to do it.  The Urantia Foundation is a poor example of this kine of insitituion to defend because it started out so grandly and well it is hard to critisize it for much wrongdoing but rather its problem is the failure to act boldly and well to get things off the ground to recognize God better and to be ready to take on assignments it only can do.  We have chartered a new Foundation to be called the Nystoria Foundation (period).   I use that term "period" meaning that is the end of any new ideas as to what to call it.

"We must find a solution to this idea fast as I am moving heaven and earth for Ron to have the new Urantia Book to photograph to place them on this web site and Facebook by early this coming week.  Do not hold me so closely on that but that is my intention and why not?   Ron sees it perfectly well but it defies easy description and it seems he needs a new discussion forum only to learn that tends to accept given ideas first and dorps new ideas as to hard to explain as this one is.

"I am also familiar with Ron's personal exhaustion over all of this misgiving he deals with without burying any of you with what he sees developing.  He alone now fully understands that Nystoria is never to go back to its governments and related institutions and that the surface of the planet will be a bleak place until all the fires are put out and the railing put back along beach front properties because the wind and the waves and the fires will rage for sometime until normalcy is declared again on its shores.

"To conclude this for now, the Federation is a very real thing to Ron, but it lacks definition to sell and it might require real fear and compassionate desire to see it fully explained on its own someday and then by sheer necessity.  All of you must work on it because Ron cannot do this one alone.  Michael of Nebadon and here is Lanaforge to say a few quick words."

"I am to be known as the Planetary Manager as long ago suggested we use that tile to get away from the idea of monarchy and he isright and we see Dona D'Ingillo already use it in transmission as Ron has.  Ron also thought of calling her but decided she was just not interested in any wide reaching idea now for all sorts of reasons.  He is also aware that Halbert will slowly come his way to Ron but refuse any attention until he straightens out his financial empire of too many irons in the fire for now.  His trust in Ron is zero and that is not Ron's fault but spirit planning that has been put up the flag pole so often and then taken down again that nobody is sure what we want.  Now I wish to make something quite clear:

"I see Ron worry over all of this and he is so ill at times he cannot even watch TV without succumbing to the dreay sleep spray Adjuster gives him to reduce consciousness of the environment now so harsh with briiliant summer sunlight.  It is his to learn to revive but right now it is difficult for all sorts of reasons according to Uversa which is the medical officer in this case.    According to them Ron has a scant year left of normal life and it may come to a close before that dramatically not.  That is due to his need for so much sleep lately it defies explanation as he questions it too.  I am attempting to place this in the context of the development of a spiritual Federation which we capitalize now since Michael now asks him to.  In most places on Nystoria, the word federation has no meaning but in the United States your constitution strictly defines the thirteen colonies making up the early United States as a Federation of Colonies under one object rule and that is in your Bill of Records in the Congressional Library under "C" for Confederation of all things!

"My choice in life is the same as Ron's choice in life: HISTORY.  It defines everything that is you live with today and withyout it you would be unsure who or what you are dealing with in a Constitution, and so on.  I am truly loving this character called Ron as he deals with history as we see it and not what brought it to bear.  However history is what should establish the Federation Ron wants to be done under general modeling and not standing for any strong set of beliefs.  Your own discussion forum has been decimated because Ron insists that all good men can abide each other so long as the main thrust of their work is to serve the highest ideal possible, yet you have had people come into this site who insist that Ron is bad without any good reason to state except they want to demean him for some reason.  He understands that and flipst them off easily now as they contibute nothing but turmoil and that no one needs. 

"You all are being lectured by Ron for one important reason.  The charges against Trump are salacious and unfair to God as they are to the United States government which needs to defuse the threat of nuclear war as fast as and as soon as possible.  Ron looked at the Most Highs clearly and felt they added an antigen that broke the threat out for the time being for now.  I am sorely disappointed some think tank has not even caught on to this and now wonder what they think too?  I am surely outside of my bailiwick on subjects like this but the I must deal with the average person on Nystoria to prevent riots and tearing down institutions because they do not like what they do.  We hardly no you down there but that should change rapidly once we begin our mission this coming week by releasing the new Sixth Epochal Revelation in its books form to Ron to photograph. 

"As Lanaforge I wish this to be known.  Michael of Nebadon has insisted that Ron Besser become part of his Staff on Salvington immediately to gain experience in dealing with high profile decisions and that has been approved by the Unviersal Father.  But there resides another problem in all this because Lanaforge is still tryint to get on Staff and pulled rank to get ahead of Ron at once.  He is sure Ron can wait for a few centuries to do this, but no one can seem to defer to my judgment that I cannot be first on the list and so decided to wait my time and I do and this is all I have for now.  I am Lanaforge and this is extremely funny typing!"

Michael of Nebadon Speaks:
"I am happy to have a capital K since Ron only produces what his minions have in letter stock to use.  He lost me with Lanaforge and then I realized that Lanaforge used a selfish I and Ron had to give Lanaforge his due and that is how these things happen.  Good day. Michael."


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