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Steven, here is a link for York County ham operations if you are interested.  Seems it is a good place to start and I see more links on Google for York PA too.  Thanks for your investigation.  Ron

Lemuel, I must take issue with your talk this morning only to present the other side to situations one should become angry enough to shake a fist at people who are careless and are subnormal enough in intelligence they cause accidents and have no regard for the boorish behavior they display to man and machine.

I submit to you that anger behind the wheel is a no no.  That is a given.  But also recognize that anger comes from being frightened by careless people who care not for anyone but what they want.   Often enough I have been cut off on the road.  Often enough if it happens at a safe distance I really shrug my shoulders and let it be.  But when they do it that narrowly evades taking my front bumper off, they get sharp rebuke and I have to control my wish to gut punch them outright there and then. 

The point is your talk should have included the fear factor and why the ego comes forward as it is the ego that protects you and defends you.  It is not a passing moment when some fool decides he wants your lane or to turn right from the left lane.  The ego hits the brake and slows the vehicle down so that pain in the you know what can now drive where you were driving at ease moments ago.   They are ancient minds working in a modern environment which drives at immoderate speeds and far too close together anyhow.
There is one other issue this talk brings up that needs some clarification.

People who slander another, which is what you mostly speak of in the talk, can cause grievous harm to reputations and discover hidden trials for the person being slandered.  However, the public has no way to referee the charges and listens to what most agree is gossip.  There is no need to respond to these slanderous charges, but to realize that slander is used for political purposes and should not be taken personally.

When you are hurt by smear talk, you have every right again to defend yourself.  But be careful.  Egotistical self defense is a two edged sword, and as they say in America, you have to get down in the mud with those who slander to rebuke.  That is where the ego must learn to stay on the high ground.  Most often the slight is not bad and is typical of the moron who slings that stuff at you.  But let me sight a case all of us here must up with week after week in the family circle and in the public eye.

The CAUSE:  the revelation of the Urantia Book is precious.  We are gifted all the time but what we learn to understand from reading the text well.  But almost everyone of us is told we are misled, sometimes by the devil itself, to pay attention to the jewels in the crown of truth on Urantia.  Now most of us have learned to politely extricate ourselves from those who see us as under the devil's care, but your egos now are well conditioned to leave the boiling pit of viper remarks, and go about our business quietly.

I suggest what Lemuel speaks to is the general population that has no dog in the fight for truth.  They are the ones who are ready to scream at an offense as simple as someone being revolted by their choice of nail polish color being worn and saying so.  Check any high school fight and you will see the issue is hardly worth understanding much less is it a  true issue.  Most people on Urantia under the age of forty are ready to fight over a slight.  But the ego learns that it is never going to win against an uneducated opinion and leaves it alone to fight another day where it does matter.

It does matter that readers of the Urantia Book, and members on this forum display patience in place of egotistical fights.  Look at this site and see how well we get along and that is because every member here has a view and sometimes it gets tramped on here, but the ego in most of us have learned, no one meant to harm you, no one is really upset with you, and you have every right to state the opposition view.  I for one love that kind of sophisticated team work, and in a sense team work can align egos into peace and tranquility, and as we get older and more practiced, the ego learns to sleep with the lion of disparaging when a really good cause is shared with others.

You are not wrong but there are times when the defense of an argument is well taken in discussion, and our egos here do that very well and I must say this is the best discussion forum I have ever witnessed for its tranquility and means and modes for discussion. 

There are also times that deep anger is just a defense against extreme danger, and existential threat to life and limb by a moron who should not ever be allowed in private means of a transport vehicle.  That is all the point I wish to make.  Thank you for your lesson today, Lemuel.

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Hello Elvis.
First to Dacandyman did a superb job to explain the best definition there is to say how Michael is Jesus and Jesus is Michael, yet they are two different personalities and two different Orders of life.

Elvis, your statement in response to these definitions was identical to mine.  I asked the same question nearly a year ago to anyone who would answer me.  Is this not really an eighth bestowal.  I could see the answer both ways as probably you can reason it too. 

The individual who chose to answer me was the Universal Father.  He said and I quote: "Michael is contemplating calling it the advent of Jesus as part of the Seventh Bestowal.  But, I the Father, contemplate it as no such thing, but an unprecedented eighth Bestowal of the Son of God on Urantia.  The records shall show that the reappearance of Jesus on Urantia in 2018 and later, is indeed an 8th Bestowal.  I rest my case before the Appellate Court on Urantia for final solution to this question as well.  I am Father, good day."

The Michael argument to call it an extension of the seventh bestowal is well known enough and is contained in the Urantia Book, where it states that once entered into a Bestowal, any additional work in that particular Bestowal, was not a separate Bestowal but merely finishing work to the original idea on behalf of that Bestowal.l  Michael agrees this is so unusual he avers to the Father to call it what he wills, and that is good enough as it stands today. 


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Dear Clency . . . .
Jesus showed us a euphemism.  

The great darkness is our night today of joyless life and little purpose of the now.  He evoked the atmosphere wherein we live in darkness and that He, the Light, was not yet there.

Now, was that so hard, Clency?


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Gabriel of Salvington: “I speak in eloquent tones: I speak in turn.  I speak as one of you– Here is MY Lord:

“I am Michael.  Today is the 6th of December, and I remind you all that the day of infamy is soon upon the earth.  Care not for everyone, but for yours alone to remember some day, some year, sometime again.  I am leaving Urantia for a long time now, as I am now becoming Jesus.  I rarely speak to these things even to Staff, but this time the earth belongs to you alone.  I leave Urantia, and I return as Jesus, on the morn of the same day we leave for Salvington too and hide our tears for a man you love and I bring out to you once more and then forever gone from the place you and I call Urantia.  Good day..”

Reference the post immediately above this one concerning the purpose of these additional meetings and the removal of any cult feature we may accidentally introduce:

"Ron has voluntarily insisted on stating his proposal to remove himself from any arbitrary use of power in the operation of these Corporations.  However:

"Let it be known we on Salvington, hail from a different viewpoint in that we demand that Ron be the over all Director of the human activities in all of these Corporations and to retain the position in the Magisterial Foundation as Executive Treasurer.  He alone has access to billions of dollars in gold and currency we are beginning to accrue into the banis we are to use in the Missions that have already started on Urantia.

Ron has nothing to do with the Jesus contingency.  That money is relegated from else where in the universe.

I further stipulate that Ron Besser is the first human to ever give up tens of thousands of dollars of his own money to accrue enough Corporations to let us function any way we wish to and has assigned to the Magisterial Son, the RAYSON CORPORATION and it subsidiary as his alone to run and officiate those corporations as he may chose.  As Ron told Rayson recently, those corporations can have the walls inside torn down and you rebuild any as you wish.  I have only supplied you the shell.  I am careful to remind all of you however that Ron has the purchasing power and provides checks and money to employees and to projects on the Salvington and Uversa directions as needed.

Place all of this in your minds everyone:  We are on the move and these meetings next week in York, place money and projects in the laps of these newly elected Boards of Directors, to start their work as though they are employees of the Salvington government.  All are welcome to join as employees by permission of Ron and his planning with our Counsel first as to the reliability of his choices to fill in all the places in the offices.

We conclude this statement by showing our desire to all that all who are honest and have something to offer are welcome for interviews.  We are not doing that now, please, and all hold your places until money and function are in place with Ron, the Creator Son, Gabriel, Margul, Mantutia and Machiventa Melchizedek are in counsel as they should he.  Good day. Michael.

I have something important to convey to all of you for my own good and purposes so you understand what is generating all of these meetings that drag our board half a continent away to York.  Let me state them my own way for your insight if you will:

Four More Days in York in Executive Meetings
  Four more days and probably part of a fifth day has been cleared to have 96 more hours and that is four days times 24 so there is some resting in that number, of more executive style meetings at York.  I want to share some about why this happening after two other incidences that were in November to do it too.

 Please understand that in the past two groups of three days each in meeting at York we accomplished opening for business four important corporations to use to field new people and new reason for existing through the coming divine Missions, on and for Urantia, the planet.  We populated the new Corporations with real people called Boards of Directors, as that is how a corporation is run in the United States.  Please understand in America, one does not have to incorporate to see lemonade or a little store, but when you start handling a lot of money, the taxing authorities want you to report to them as a Corporate body on forum the tax people generate to fill in.  We opened four new Corporations in York in the first November meetings and placed people in them to do the reporting and to conduct legal meetings showing what we approved to be done with the money and other things.

Second group of Meetings in York November 16 through the 18th:
What we did in the first group of meetings is sweat over the details what each Board was to do and who had what titles in it and a few more things to be sure we were getting that part right with the Deities, as it is with their permission we are allowed to do this for them and to even work for them as salaried personnel.

The second group of meeting was to adjourn all the Board Meetings for five corporations as we had instruction to form a brand new Corporation to be incorporated in the State of Delaware instead of Pennsylvania for Reasons of State.

WE three individuals in those meetings had to
a = That the Oath of Service to Michael of Nebadon in a formal swearing in before Michael in spirit;
b= Then to take the Oath of Service to the Paradise Trinity, and Margul the Paradise Trinity Teacher Son administered to each of us out loud an Oath of Service and an Oath of Fealty to me alone to the Paradise Trinity;
c-  We then were spoken to by the Consummator of Universe Destiny on the importance of what we are to be and to do and received various instructions on protocol, (how to address and act with the Deities), and to learn a new assignment to we three:
     i - We were to be Counselors on a new Epochal Revelation through the Magisterial Foundation;
     ii - We had to be sworn in to become the first three members of the PRC, the Periodic Revelatory Committee.
d = Mantutia Melchizedek outlined the scope of the degree of revelation to be received.
e = Michael of Nebadon presented us with lots of reasons to quit if we wanted to now and save the peace.  The reason is that once
we are Counselors, we three had to obey our Oaths of Service and give priority to the wishes of the Trinity and to the Sovereign head of the Salvington Government, Michael of Nebadon.  This to all intents and purposes stops going on vacation any old time and making room to get to a phone or a place to conduct emergency or immediately need conditions that have to be resolved for the Missions.  Some of you could never stand stome of this discipline,  I am sure, but we all agreed to it/
f = I alone had to swear to the fidelity of my actions before the Boards of Directors and over all Director in order to have coherent administration over all subsidiaries being launched these meeting days.
We also discussed who should come to York and why. But no further action taken on this item for now.

And finally, G =, I was advised that my leg healing was high on the agenda.  That ended our meeting except ofr some picture taking at the end.

Approximate Agenda Meeting 15 Dec through 18 December to come:
I think it would make sense to all of you to learn we now have our set up and who would do what approximately in the various Boards of the subsidiary corporations and what happens in the Magisterial Foundation as the chief place of authority to give orders on what the subsidiaries are to do, and now we have to figure out how to provide money for all of this.

Money is the by word of these several meeting days.  Most of it has to do with me and how I must handle huge amounts of cash to fund four subsidiaries and the Magisterial Foundation.

We have in reserve four other corporations just standing by for when they are needed.  We will discuss them only.

We have to be informed about how much money will be placed on deposit in the Magisterial Foundation adn the Starbridge Foundation and that will be in the tens of millions of dollars.  In the first group of meetings in mid November of 2018,  all the Boards of Directors  voted to indemnify every Board Member and every Corporation for damages or inadvertent harm to pay for damages in that event.  It is a kind of insurance that is covered with a Bond of commensurate value to cover damage costs.

We now must vote on money revenue and how to account for it for the Magisterial Foundation, the Starbridge Foundation. Starbridge Group and to further indemnify Starbridge Coventry by name, and two science Corporations as well.

All of these actions are estimated to take two of the four days coming.

The last two days will be signed over the Michael Mission and its personnel to address the indemnified Boards and Corporations and we are adding a fourth person to join us which is the eldest son of our Board member Steven Gitz, and his son Peter.  That should be enough work to last at least four days.

Now I must address a very serious subject and please bear with me:

The ANCIENTS OF DAYS have warned us to spread authority among as many people as possible in this conglomeration of Corporations of pits full of money to avoid the idea forming in the public mind we are a cultic organization.

I alone ordered all these Corporations to be formed and paid for them myself.  But I must not hold ten corporations dedicated to divine missions all by myself.  I understood from the very beginning I would divest myself of all corporation except one or two for use elsewhere.  That should remove the stigma that Ron Besser controls a cultic empire on his own.  I have agreed to sell all these Corporations to the Melchizedek Corp for ten generations and then they would revert back to me, and I would disband them unless some reason existed not  to in 1,000 years.

In these meetings of 15 DEC etc. I am seeking to discover whom we shall appoint as well to difuse the power centers we have placed together in our first and second meeting.  I refuse, so help me God, of me being the all powerful individual who tells everyone what to do.  I resign that commission into the hands of Michael of Nebadon and to Margul, the Trinity Teacher Son, and to the Magisterial Sons, Serara and Monjoronson.  Further I let it be known that my entire legacy to this point is my service and not my power to insinuate changes the Divinities and the Deities do not originate first on their own.  This is a sworn testimony before all of you to show my intention to be one of you and not of the Elect myself. 

Ron Besser

Announcement by Jesus and Lord Michael of the Return of Jesus

December 05, 2018
Jerusalem, Israel

Transcribed by Ronald Besser, through Broadcast to
York, PA 01:30 (am) Local time

“OBSERVE tomorrow as Holy Wednesday as Michael ascends the Mount of Olives tomorrow evening for a prayer and a desistance of war in the Middle East.  I give you Jesus now:

JESUS = I AM THE LORD GOD, I stand before the Holy of Holies very soon and on Mount Araf and on Mount Horbe.  I stand before God the Father, and relate to His Greatness and all things He brings to our land of Israel.  Stand well with me and I provide all to you and to all whom I wish a good night this early Day of December the 5th of this month.

CREATOR SON OF CHRISTMAS  - “He stands well before God the Father, and He stands well before the Priests of Heaven, and He belongs to all who favor the God on High for eternity.  Be assured the Lord loves all and gives all and we are tired not for his labors in Jerusalem and Mount Horbe.  You shall stand with me now.  I stand with all now.  I bring the news of my God to all of you; to WIT:

“We on high now ascend to the teachings of Abraham, and to the teachings of God the Father on the Mount against Sin and Dissatisfaction, and to our God on High.  We now stand ready to fight the devil off Urantia, as it stands now in the minds of too many and we relieve no one of the trial to rescind the actions of evil and iniquity.  Be assured we stand well this day before Israel and all that command our Teachings beyond the day of Infamy, the day the Devil died in Heaven, with no one to mourn the passing of aggression and murder to our citizens of Urantia and to the citizens of Nostra Deus and to all of our fellows, alive and dead in the flesh for worlds of tomorrow, and that all must subside their work and remain loyal to our Father.  Your Lord God has spoken.”

“I AM JESUS, and to all I beg you to listen:

“We stand adjudged for over two millennia, and now we return to Urantia for the dare to declare all sins ours to remiss, and for all iniquities, to be mistreated as they are remanded to hell and no one shall retrieve them again.

“We stand ready to become one with man once again.  Yet we are against what most men now concern themselves with at all times.  Money, greed, distemper, war, and the cruelty of the sex trade and the murder of children for the fun of it.  How dare they adjudge the Age as though they are themselves king of the Mount, for they are not, and they die by my hand into the slave pits of obscurity and putrefaction.  I am the Lord and all bow before Me and I before them to abstain from drugs and the murderous gun weapons of thuggery and civil disobedience.  I love God and hate sin, and yet I give all to save all.  I am your Lord God, and stay the course, for I come unto you in a matter of days not years.  I will abstain no further and I will abstain no more than all you can before me.  I am Jesus and I stand before all that wishes life everlasting.  My days are here and I arrive in the morrow of this week and I stand before the average man gladly and wish all the best of my Christian Birth in the coming weeks and let it be from now until then.”

I AM THY LORD GOD OF ISRAEL “I stand with all who know my God of Israel and Jerusalem, and to all I beg your acceptance before the shrine of Israel.  To all I hid you well, and to all I bid you remember the cross no more.  Let the goodness of man appear once more and stand well before your Lord God, and stand before us all as men of virtue and women of the heart and our dear God in the air of surreal dependence now.

“I am your Lord God and I last the night and the day soon and very soon I am among you as the glad tidings of heart and soul and gladness of heart and concern for all who abide in Me, your Lord God.  Amen.”


MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK = “I am the revealer of the Gospel, and I remit to you that the Lord has spoken and that we are ready to assign all the chance to hear Him speaks shortly, as there is to be a new picture channel you call television for all to see Him as He addresses on that day of December 16th in all that we do.  I am using this transmitter to spread the word now.  Go unto your beds now in relief and joy and that is our wonderful news for you this moment in timer.  Mantutia Melchizedek, the Chief of Revelatory work in all ways now and forever in your space and time.  Good day.  Mantutia.”   


Thanks Steven for attempting to explain what is fantasy to those not present.  With your permission and Larry's, I am posting the picture of you two as I took on the last day of our meetings.  That at least will show a real room and two very real people, but the morontial Jesus is there but not showing as a physical apparition.  Let me explain something to at least get something off my chest.
As in Adjuster fusion, you have got to be there to know any of its truth.  Fusions like apparitions are spiritual experiences to the private mind only.  Presence with an apparition or a fused person is entirely subjective to the viewer who is spiritually or not spiritually interested in what is transpiring subjectively int he room with the morontial or spiritual apparitions. 
Therefore Steven, we explain an empty page to Pliktarious fully written on to our eyes.  I do not think spirit ever intended a show and tell lesson to humans like ourselves, but we are so intimately tied to what they must bring about, they present the most they can to our minds which "see" a full text where others see a blank page.

Pliktarious cannot see a page written on because he first: was not there to see the page as we experienced for the presence of Jesus in that room;  Second,  Jesus did appear in the morontial but no one bothered to adjust our vision to it whatsoever.  That means that the spiritual means was for Jesus and not necessarily for those of us in the room and it proved well for Jesus, but a sense of presence to us.  Our minds filled in his kind demeanor and the touch of personal gratitude for the chance to show us what he could at that time.
Pliktarious, we are to your mind presenting a vision that has no basis in industrial reality.  It exists only in spiritual reality, and hence beyond our material vision, but quite visible to our personality circuits installed by the Father to all of us at birth. 

Each human is endowed with personality.  Along with that gift made at conception is a very real and live sense of personal presence of parents, brothers and sisters, and  then friends and workers.  Jesus is personality gifted to him by Father at his birth all that long time ago, and after transformation after transformation, it is the one lasting habiliment Jesus retains throughout all eternity and beyond.

That personality circuit in Steven Gitz, and in Larry Gossett, and in Ron Besser, was triggered by the emanations of the personality circuit in Jesus to us and we were activated to place him precisely as Steven Gitz explained to you above.  Of course it hardly makes sense to you Pliktarious, but then that is what true religion is based on using human senses that are immediately available to the presence of Spirit and/or the Christ.

It is entirely up to the spiritual king makers how and who enjoys and greets spiritual or morontial perfomances before them in person.  This last meeting is precisely the way it is done in a private situation, and even my description of the presence of Christ was directed to me by my Thought Adjuster who did behold the Christ before us.

Thank you.
Ron (see picture below)


"I seldom get a good picture of man except through Ron at times.  Steven Gitz is somewhat unable to express in words what happened that day, that hour, but it was quite real to all of them and it was purposefully muted and determined to be out of material vision entirely.  Jesus was well pleased with the description Ron was able to dictate at that moment.  Steven Gitz and Larry Gossett are playing catch up to work with Ron and they can enjoy the moments like this because it is brought to Ron to describe and prepare for.  He is truly willing but the flesh fails all who see nothing but the chair where Jsus stood aside of it and slightly to its back.  I also sense a vivan attitude in this transmitter who is willing but is wonder why it bothers at all since it is an esoteric moment for those three only.  Think Pliktarious of all the times you felt inspirited.  That does not transpire to others in the room with you or overseas to America and Ron.  Those are personal attributes felt with spirit contact to encourage you to meet the day and do your work as you should.  I am Jesus now:
JESUS speaks: "I tell you all that Ron and Steven and Larry all saw what they saw and all agreed I was present and I spoke through Ron easily.  Yet, they would all agree it was a moment that transcended time but not vision as it was lost due to vibrational qualities their mortal eyes could not fathom.  I see to it soon to Ron.  In any case we are not leaving York, we are holding on during a mini crisis with Ron and the need to produce work ordered but he is held back from completing and it is causing a frightful stir with Michael as well.  I will greet you all someday fully visible but for now that meeting suffices for those three as me quite real and ready to plug into the core of earth resistance and smash it dead.  I am the Christ, and to most of you I am Jesus.  Good day."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Listen to my statement to Ron now:  You are not understanding a thing these last two days of frightful decapitation of your will to complete my orders.  In so many words you questions the legality of these things to happen and begin to question your own mind over the sanity of the situation occurring as it does.  I am assuring you you are seeing this truthfully, and without abeyance, but it ends quickly, as we must never allow what is happening to you and to some extent Steven Gitz to become involved in jurisdictional fights you now enjoy all over you.  It will suddenly cease I assure you.  Give it a few hours and it will end the last for the destructive powers they throw over you to slow you down to do as I ask you to do.  K"

Ron Besser to all who read this:
"Again you can hardly have clue to what Michael is telling me because you just do not have the will or the time to understand it.  But believe me there is a battle royal going on these past two days and it has completely disrupted my ability to move to get things done normally.  I have to rely on Michael and Mother Spirit to keep in touch with my higher self to warn Spirit in me to allow the passage of these strange doings while Adjuster can, and I have asked the Adjuster if he can do anything about it and he just uses one word: "No"   So at the moment I can type and barely see and hold spirit well but I am totally frightened and worried about my state of human affairs at this moment.  I am also attempting to post a picture below taken in my home the last day of our meetings that being November 30th.  Thank you.

General Discussion / Re: Announcement About Com Circuit Down
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I quickly reply for you Sue.  Stop worrying about details which we prefer to take care of on this end.

Your salary is precious and so is the Magisterial Foundation full up with the money to do you well and you can pay off anything with our offer when the time comes.

We will make travel arrangements and fly you Los Angeles and then to New York to land at JFK International then to York, Pa by limousine and in the comfort of a person to shepherd you to your lodgings which is free for one year, and if you wish to stay in them after that (and are staying in the United States by chance), you pay the monthly rent or go where you prefer.

Stop worrying it mate!  You need a clean break to begin a new life.  The only things holding us back immediately is I do not have the cash in the Magisterial Foundation, and I do not have all the personnel lined up to start right off the bat and I need time to gather it together.  So please live your life at ease and you even will have the companionship of several you know for years.  Be at ease. And as Jesus says to his nervous mother and his brothers and sisters in times of great stress" Be in the Peace of Father," 

I believe it is time to announce the formation of a new body on Urantia to provide an update to the present Urantia Book.  It is to be Periodic revelation in a book of its own.  The book may be as much as 600 to 700 pages long and its production will start in six weeks in the newly elected Magisterial Foundation of Revelation and Disciplinary Work.

Kindly note I used the abbreviation PRC and that is how I will refer to the new revelatory committed for Periodic Revelation.

I also wish it to be known I chair the PRC with my Melchizedek Supervisor, Mantutia Melchizedek, and that in future work I will vacate the Chair so the human Jesus may then use it for further production of Periodic Revelation to Urantia, however long that may take until the Sixth Epochal Revelation is fully prepared probably in about five or six years from 2019, or about the time of 2024=2025.

As the Sixth Epochal Revelation is being prepared,  Jesus will assign many of you to the Contact Commission to learn how to produce epochal revelation.  Ron Besser has already done this and is the world's expert on Contact Commission means and financing as he is supplied with the money and resources to do it.

The Sixth Epochal Revelation is about four thousand pages long (4,000 pages), and is about six inches deeper than the present Urantia Book.  I hereby assign all who can translate from being purely human to some morontial state to accomplish this and some of you will be fused to do that while maintaining your human appearance.

I have spoken with Dr. William S. Sadler and his wife Lena, and his son, Bill Jr., and they all report they learned to do transmission work under the guidance of the Archangel Michael.  The same will be instructed here but his title has changed and the Archangel Michael is now to be called Lord Michael.  That is as assigned to me now and for a speech here and now for you to read:

"When Ron handles the preliminaries I am sure to be on the right track.  I am not the Archangel Michael that Dr. Sadler and his Contact Commission worked with and spoke to in various guises then as they produced the Papers for the first URANTIA Book.

"I am the fifth generation Archangel to handle a Contact Commission brand new on Urantia again.  Ron and two other Commissioners were assigned to this work on November 16, 2018.  Since then all three have been required to swear and Oath to the Trinity on November 29th, to complete the work for the SIXTH EPOCHAL REVELATION, to Urantia.  This work will take about five to seven years after this year as they must produce a Periodic Revelation now for release, we think, the end of 2019.  

"We also remark that Ron Besser has been harassed by angelic rebels off and on, and yesterday, a Guardian stole both car keys from Ron stranding him for a medical appointment and bank work later.  The culprits were caught by revealing that God the Ultimate uses a Corp of Completion Seraphim on Urantia to catch spirit and human thieves in the act and to utterly so confuse them they stop and leave.  They have prevented at least sixty billion USD alone by catching thieves in mid action.   Making a long story short one set of keys materialized on a key hook at Ron's back door and the other set is missing.  We tell this tale to related that Ron has been missing items of importance for the past five months.  The angels consider Ron a pest and want him out of the physical realm until it was learned today that this is not Lucifer but God the Ultimate protecting the realm.

"Now comes the glorious part:  Ron was allowed to speak to the Completion Seraphim as he is wont to do for the angels around him if he knows they are there by instruction.  He heard her name spoken and he told her there and then, that once she understood the situation she would find him helpful and not an obstruction to the planet.  She in turn complimented him and spoke of the Angelic Corp of Completion as it serves The God of Ultimacy and even of Supremacy at times, and this was a dark secret to keep,

"However, Michael of Nebadon conferred with Paradise Deity and the story was allowed to be released her for you all to read.  I am Lord Michael and I wish you good about it.  K"

"Ron now decided to rescind all angst and told the Seraphim as far as he was concerned this was the end of the matter and he would not relate to it further once he understood their motives.  She rescinded all prayerful regard for Ron and spoke plainly, that she was glad to know of him , and that he was welcome to speak with her when she was available again.  He agreed an spoke that it was necessary for Urantia to have a full disclosure of God the Supreme, and some degree of revelation concerning God the Ultimate in the Periodic Revelation be prepared by the PRC.  Michael and I conferred with God the Ultimate and God the Supreme for their opinion, and both Prepersonal Deities agreed it was essential and necessary of they could do that for Urantia.  Ron than was poled by Michael and the Deity Absolute who speaks frequently with Ron to update him on the sixth epochal revelation.  Michael disagreed as did Mantutia Melchizedek but the vote was e to w and the PRC will now produce additional epochal revelation to released under the banner of Periodic Revelation which explains God the Supreme and God the Ultimate adds about 200 new pages hence the need for a 600 page book at this point.  We report nothing further on this goal for now.

"I also wish to explain something to all of you who just sort of wonder through this site and then shake your heads about what is discussed.  Ron is an inveterate Urantia Book reader and seeks to see to its full distribution as Periodic Revelation and then followed by Epochal Revelation.  But we have decided to send to books of revelation to Urantia, and Ron knows nothing of this, but you have got to red the life of Ron and how he got here by some planning and mostly by accident and how this could happen to all of you if you only understand the Fifth Epochal Revelation.  Here is a quote from Ron one evening when we interviewed him:

'We are all surprised by the act of God to ban the Urantia Foundation.  However, in my humble opinion they have defaulted several times and a clean sweep is essential to reestablish the grandeur and full authority of God on this planet once again.  They cannot do that because they made error after error in legalities and failed to save the best work for the Urantia Book by throwing away the Sadler diaries and the work of Christie which was considered to be apocryphal.  They have chosen to insist on spurious organizations to do their bidding and now Michael learns they do not take direction from anyone but the Chairman of the Board.  Ron felt this was enough to call them out and said so and sent them about a five pate letter the Salvington Government dictated to them and they laughed in his face for daring to suggest changes to them who knew what was best for the Urantia Foundation.  Ron had no intention other than specifying wishes to remove the Foundation as being truly the place to stop the spread of the revelation to the world. '

"He has proposed that the Urantia Foundation be disbanded and that a new model be proposed to use again the Brotherhood for members who wished to join it inside the Magisterial Foundation, and we approved it.  He also suggests that those in the Brotherhood who love to serve the altar in church, be allowed to serve under Jesus in the consecration of the Father's Temple when it was built.

"Today we announce that the Brotherhood will once again flourish in the new Foundation that shall operate first in York, and then in Lyons 'France as a duplicate and then in London at Westminster,  and we are now dedicating a magnificent cathedral in what is now the State of Colorado.  It will be the most magnificent cathedral in existence in Urantia.  These things are planned because Ron asked for them so man could truly live the life of revelation and start a new life on a planet right now near death for its travesty under Caligastia and his boss, Lucifer."

"I observe Ron tear up easily when this project is listed and he finds it embarrassing but it is a pleasure to see some one react so profoundly to what I ask for in the midst of such disruption in his life these days.  He is to be healed momentarily and that is at my choice, but to all, recognize healing will take place in the Father's Temple however it is presented in whatever country that may appear in.  You Ron are a mess! In any case it works like a charm to see him drop tears at this news.  I leave you all for now.  [Ron: Thank you holy Father.] K"

General Discussion / Re: Announcement About Com Circuit Down
« on: December 03, 2018, 10:40:46 PM »
Sue, you are Bette Davis again, are we?   Dark Victory may it be?   No no no no, it must not be so and I dare say the sun breaks out as you pray your conclusion quite dramatically.  However, what you need is a slug of woman whisky, and take delivery now:

I am not a gurur and I hate the idea of any such thing.   BUT:  word has it you are about to take flight to a land you only know by reputation, and that is to be my pleasure to get you there with a few others soon enough.  I make it plain in the past, and I make it plain now:  You are just fine to serve with us in America or stay in Australia or New Zealand or even China.  We are looking at your own home town and will move you to a safe location there, but you must receive training in York first.  I would like you to take on HAM Operator work in Australia as that is Michael's suggestion to me a few days ago.  You and Amethyst will have to train in York for about six days and to be less expensive, we will train you together with a license for you in hopefully Australia and one State here and for Amethyst for whatever state will take her after Oklahoma gets very wet from earth changes.  That has to be settled later.

Now we intend on moving you to a better location too Sue.  Your recalcitrant remarks of the past are remembered but we may have to move you to New Zealand regardless of your protests or just quite the mission as we doubt you are useful in the States as the conditioning to take the United States is beyond your capacity to cope with a mad, mad, mad, world it represents.  Most men enjoy it but women of your scientific ilk will not.  So I will see to it you stay in Australia unless you change your mind. 

I am also of the opinion you would dislike corporate work and that is what I do best.  Therefore I will test your nerves a little and assign you to a Board of Directors when you arrive for your training for radio operations.  Then we will place you on a Board, and as Larry Gossett is deaf to a certain degree, he hears about as well as you do, and does very well acting as a Board member on all of corporations right now and that includes ten already sanction by the US government and Pennsylvania USA.   I also am sure you can do quite as well as both Larry and I are just old enough to have lost some of hearing already and Larry himself does quite well in all of it.  I am not worried to do it for you must understand how we work and what protocols we must follow when delivering work to the Deities you seem to think are quite Quixotic.  In any case that is only a bit of  what is shaping up for you.  Like I told Amethyst.  I need money and placement for all of you when you arrive.

As far as your depression is concerned:  Michael of Salvington suggests you need walks a little and being in the sunshine and fresh air will stir your soul into much better conditions.  You are also without companionship and for some reason you crave that all the time.  Just do not get back into marriage, but do get back into dinners and dating and cinemas and all of that swirl of time taking entertainment.  You need to dream a little and have girl friends and boy friends too and take my word for it you are a sparkle when you set your mind to it.  That depression bites at night and for reasons of State you just do not figure yourself out very well, do you!  That is Michael really talking to you as I transmit Him quite often without realizing it.

In any case it is settled but you must have your day in court too and all of us either did or will do depending on the age you fused.  I am leaving the rest alone too for now as it is getting later here and much to do.


"Ron has this way of saying things which are excellent:  If the shoes fits boot it!  I agree and you Sue are so slow to wear the boot you are best at.  You must consider getting out and doing something to enjoy the atmosphere or in a pub or whatever you call therm in Australia.  Ron suggest roadhouse but your English heritage suggests "PUB" be that as it may.

"Here on Salvington, there are few people I know and few friends I recognize, and Ron got a puzzled look on his face when he saw a lone Trinity Teacher Son walking on Salvington.  That is not the Deity Absolute but Michael of Nebadon realizing I am out of my element even in the Local Universe and that he recognizes I need a vacation back on Paradise the Trinity Field.   I am assured the same is true for you too Sue in your land of Australia. 

"WE are now progressing well with the work of the Trinity on Urantia.  It is taking part in a large area far from York in Montana and that is for you to find out later folks, but Montana will bloom again with fruit trees and gardens and homes for all of us when the tide of earth changes are finished on Urantia.  Be assured there is something for everyone there as that is reserved for the Deities and the Divinities pretty sick of York as Ron is already.  It is a dirty little town due to its industries and lack of upkeep money but we will take care of all of that when necessary.  Likewise does Ron know the New York Adirondacks with great fervor and he shall have a cottage there too on a lake he can fish in with all the entertainment  he can stand.  Be sure this entire matter is not for the birds but for new people in a new world and you fit the bill well for most of it Sue.  Good day. K"


General Discussion / Re: Announcement About Com Circuit Down
« on: December 03, 2018, 10:12:32 PM »
Reply to Amethyst first:  Ron here -  You know don't you Amethyst your trial is already set?  I have so many transmissions I never post because they get outdated sometimes, and sometimes I do not have the time to edit as must and they get dumped for reasons of State and that I dare not spend the time editing when new stuff keeps boiling up to put down.  That is one of the reasons not all gets out to all of you that should but my computer is clogged already with transmissions that need work on them.  They will be deleted though, eventually. and sadly that is how we all have to work lately too.  A day passes and so does a review without further notice.   In any case, Amethyst read this to cheer you up too:

The Father reported to me in a transmission on the 30th of November, that Amethyst and Sue had to find their own way.  Not very uplifting so far.  Then he says, and this should lift you a little, "They need independence and they need to do it right away, and that is to practice their transmission skills, as they must learn to operate a Ham Radio Radio Set and speak to people all over the world with voice and to learn Morse code when emergency periods operate to isolate people.  HAM Operators are losing themselves to cell phones and ISP crap all the time, but that the HAM operations will replace them when things go bad soon enough.

We are going to hire two of them at least and they will begin immediately to broadcast once we can get them on board and have the money to pay their salaries.  Their position will start at $55,000 per annum, and can double if they work out really well when the world is darkest.  You are a perfect setting to do that work and so is Sue as Sue sounds shrill and broken over loneliness issues mostly and never mind the Deity outburst.

I see you Amethyst also in your other time when not broadcasting, joining the Adam and Eve schools sponsored by the Melchizedek Corp and that will turn up in every State in the Union.  I leave it to your imagination how this will pan out, but I must get the money in the bank and the wholesale use of the Magisterial Foundation running really well before we buy you a radio and a good technician to teach you how to pass the HAM RADIO tests and licensing each State requires for such operators.  We have such a teacher thinking about it already.   Kendra is her name and she is a potent force already to deal with.

So you are going through some tests again.  Believe me I had a dandy today and am exhausted by the outcome but happy to report some very important things were settled and revealed which I have not reported to any of you just yet.  I cannot seem to get the time to edit and makes sure the typos do not overwhelm all of you by the way.  Anyhow, the set is constructed fairly well, and the Michael Mission and Magisterial and the Trinity Mission plays are lining up for their debut soon enough.    Ron.

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Personal Message
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You are right, Clency.  But I think I corrected it to say God the Supreme if you look at his transmission above.  God the Supreme is also Deity, but when he speaks to man he is usually or maybe always God the Supreme.  Thank you for your note.   Ron

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Personal Message
« on: December 03, 2018, 12:46:32 AM »
"I am God the Supreme, and Lemuel wrote the wrong name down and Ron corrected for him.  I am not the Deity Absolute as first printed and Ron corrected it for you. 

"Now this:  All of you are expecting the Dark Period, and it is coming.  Ron made a comment to Michael the other day that did not get recorded by saying that York might be okay with a sliver of light to the east.  Ron said, 'well then we at least can tell when it is daylight and dark.'    I am afraid not Ron.  We are sure York is all dark but Michael seemed to suggest you might get some idea when day is on the land but for the darkness of the axis tilt.  I am not sure of the York latitude but if is is about 39 degrees latitude it will have only darkness.  Anything below 38 degrees North Latitude will be dark all the time.  [Ron; York is 39 degrees 58 minutes Latitude.  That might get us a peek of light?  God the Supreme:  You are right on the edge and so that is why Michael said you might get a peek of light.  Brazil will have mostly daylight because it is so far South in Latitude.  Argentina will be daylight for months too.  Venezuela will be all light too. I am not God the Absolute Lemuel.  Yet you wrote that down in your title and Ron kindly corrected it for you.   K"

Michael of Nebadon.  "Ron you are so perspective and while I did say you might have a sliver of light for daylight I doubt it will be much to observe from your house windows as it is almost below the horizon.  K"

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