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Teachers: Probius, Prolotheus and Ophelius
Subject: An Introduction of the Mentori Group, the “nuts-and-bolts” at play, the Master Spirits and more
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 23/06/2018 5.57pm(AEST)

Sue: After looking at the news online and all that is, I am not at all enthused by the happenings that only stir more uncertainty, discord and more dismay. I hear this:

“Keep your thoughts in check Sue, we are here and it is imperative you hold us well as we go about things differently. There is more coming and that “more” is now!”

[Hold on, wait, you mean now, in all that I compose as one tired, befuddled and worn worker for the days busy and demanding work?]

“Yes, I interject in your mind to say that in the midst of so much turmoil can one focus on my voice. You picked it right!”

[So what gives, Sir?]

“I am Probius. You should know that by now my dear, we are a team. Mentori is a singular group with multiple personalities. I am one, Prolotheus is one, Ophelius is one and so is a number of us.”

[So, there is more of you?]

“Yes, now you have fattened on disappointments, and enlivened upon uncertainty,  you know the drift is already in the air. You crashed upon the realisation of Ron’s health and his suffering is one with you. You know you will join the corp of trials this one has been entertaining to the level it makes most up here squirmish and very sympathetic. You too join us in this as it runs in  your vein as a terrible agony no one ought to bear but one does to the point it defies all credence of procedural expectations. Father does what it can, but the human genome has to take it and transform it in its own system to operate and finds it cannot take the bait as it swabble so many chances to correct itself to no avail. It forms a reprint and then some more, only to hear the squeal of the one who baulks at even the slightest moves it takes to make it happen. Ron is to stay on course and allow things to take its natural course as it so happens.

“Now this: I am Probius, and not much is revealed but in the course of our sessions, you will come to know me. I come from a long way in your time and yet arrive at finality in such a short space/frame of time. You sense, “Roman”, yes, I was Roman as in the Roman Empire as you sense it.”

[Where are we going with this?]

“You see I hail from the time of the Emperor Caesar. I accompanied Caesar and was his closest ally in all things to do with decisions and strategy.

“You feel this is going so left field, and yet, I hold you in check as I know how this revelation-taking can be-straddle how you take it when it comes to you to take it down. Let us continue shall we?”

[Yes, Sir…]

“Good, as you can see I come a long way in such a short time. My main strength is strategy and wise decisions to do with what has to be achieved.

“You, my dear, (and you do not know it) have Roman blood in you. I am akin to your kind and it is for this reason, I cotton on to your abilities so kindled in discretion and planning abilities, it is quite built in you for so long it is a natural one you have and use every day, unbeknownst to you.”

[Well, I am admittedly both gobsmacked and surprisingly in agreement as to what you unearth for me to see, thank you and so, given that, where do we proceed in this regard as you say?]

“Ah yes, well done, you see, you have a knack to press on to the next you see?”

[Yes, see, “next”...]

“Yes, there is always “next”!!!! (bellows of laughs here!)”

[o.k. Well I gather you are here to teach, is that it?]

“Yes, and some more. And this is the “more” I speak of it as “we” the Mentori as one body move together as one mind and heart with what Father relays for us to be busy with. That “more”, is to do with coming to be with your mind to gather the chicks as a hen does to foster you forward in progression and press the “next” in your intention with Father who is infinite and wise.

“When I was with Caesar, there was always the quest for the next stampede of the Legions to press forward into the unknown territories we would always strategise our methods of impact. There was no easy way or hard way, there was always the challenge of expecting the unexpected and ever look both ways in the vanguard of play.  There is, in every strategist, as you do it too Sue, to look before you leap, as well as know how to leap.

“So as it goes, here I am with you, straddled happily in your saddle to get kicking with some real stories to tell; lessons of worth to feast upon; disappointments to fatten on and untold changes to hearten your senses that soon it all becomes a matter of course in the long duration, even I travailed as I journeyed to finality in the Father’s embrace. Here, it is no surprise nor any different in due regard as to your station in life. There we have a million surprises and it all comes to you as it rightfully does to an eternal child of the universe.

“Here, I do not speak of missions or anything of that nature to do with Nystoria. That is a place so transient you will soon see it in its location as one with fond memories when you will have come a long way in your career as a full-fledged Finaliter as I am and more to join the flanks of budding enthusiasts who want nothing more than to be about the Father’s business in His far flung, gigantic and amazing creations; even I, as the once mighty general with the auspicious Caesar at my side, who I once held so much admiration, trepidation and forethought, am very awed to be of service in this capacity once more to be so noticed as you picked up on me as you do in this way.

“From such humble beginnings do we come to your side and relate in more ways than one, do we go about our work in with the best of the bunch our Father has superbly managed to gather so well in His wing. You are one and so are many of you who hear Him and know Him in your own way.

“Well done my dear for coming to this part to play. So let us play for real now.”

[I gasped - so weary, almost tempted to sleep here at this point...zzzz...I turn the heater on as it is getting cold again….]

“I want you to write, no matter how weary you are, and with spelling mistakes too, stop making it right and let’s go with what is for you now!!”

[o.k. Wide-eyed like Popeye…]

“Good, this is Prolotheus,  Sue, I come in to say we are about to get this rolling nicely between some of you as you catch on the flame we kindle in you. Well, it’s not such a kindle of a flame; rather, it is a balloon of a fire it cannot be quenched even if you tried.”

[Alright Prolotheus, what do you wish to say?]

“Yes, thank you, you get my feet planted firmly and so I can tread better with you as you seem to pull me back into shape and not let me go all gobbledygook, yes that’s it, say that way as you like it, now I am pulled into shape, thanks to you and can get on with what can be safely said here for all of you to know. Father deems for us to proceed with caution with Nystoria and connect only with those who can hear you and understand what this is really all about.”

[So, really, let’s get to the nuts-and-bolts if that is alright to ask?]

“Yes, ‘nuts-and-bolts’ in your terms is to say the real parts that hold well and can be turned tightly to bear what it is for. Let us refer to the ‘nuts-and-bolts’ of what we are to be about in what it refers to our work here in all that has to be and for our part to brace it well as you put it in the terms “nuts-and-bolts”. We are the “nuts-and-bolts” in this and so it carries you too.  Hear us creak and you will know some turns will be inevitable. That is what goes and then some more inertia and energy to wield it better...

“Ophelius here, Sue, we relay through the Master Spirits, the Paradise Trinity and the union of the Father, Son and Spirit, the mind of the Infinite as we hold well in our own desire to see to it we are as one as you will all be in the fullness of time...

“That is all, Probius here to finish this session for now as we are now combining forces up here as Michael of Nebadon is rallying all that can congeal and go with a massive undertaking with revelation, education and correction on Nystoria.

“Nystoria! Nystoria! If only you would know your true destiny, that time waits and we are to allow the fruits to awaken you soon enough.

“I am Probius, I am the one who knows how to start something and how to stop it. I stand with you and bid you a good day or evening wherever you are on this luckless world.”



AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Probius on Confidence
« Last post by 7inOcean on June 24, 2018, 07:20:21 PM »
Audio Transmission with Probius on the subject of Confidence 25/06/2018 8.00am (AEST) by Sue Whiley/7inOcean:

Transcription of Audio Transmission with Probius on Confidence by Sue Whiley 25/06/2018:

This is a recording session 25th June, 2018 8.00 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time.

I take this transmission and this is a recording session.

“Yes Sue, we would like you to take this approach, this is another way we can communicate, you do this all the time Sue, the voices always speaks to you in your mind and in your heart, you know you speak of it, lets get with this and go with the flow of what comes with you.

“We are here, we are one as you all know by now the Mentori are one group. We speak here as one, although different personalities, we do speak as one. I am Probius, yes, PROBIUS, that is my name, I also join with other members of the Mentori, there are a number of us, Prolotheus, Ophelius, Probius, Arkarbius and there are a number of others and are here and we speak as one. I gave you a transmission, the day before, and you took that well and I would like you to type that up and share that. I know you are busy, you were exhausted and tired from your days work at the hospital, that is quite understandable. And now you are free to do this work today and tomorrow. We would like you to apply yourself as you desire to do so.

“I come here this morning, to present to you certain subjects to talk about.  Confidence is a subject, that I bring in your mind. When I speak of confidence, that is something you look forward to. Just like you take one step in front of the other. Do you look down to take that step? Or do you look up? It is a vast difference when you look up. There’s a whole vista in front of you, the view is much wider, broader and you take in a whole lot more as you step forward and know your steps are assured when you look up.

“In your view, you look to the Father and as you do, your steps, no matter which way they go, your foot might ….have trouble stepping over stones and they may trip over at certain points, but still you go forward, knowing that with assurance, with certainty, you push, you push forward into an unknown realm. Father is everywhere, He is everything.

“Look forward to what is beyond, I am here, Father is here, we are all here with you. We know you, we support you. We hear your prayers, we hear your heartbeat as one with us. We thank you. We understand the trials that you do have. It is not easy. But you press on. Sue you said just then, ‘Let Us Continue’. And we do. Let US, we are US. All of us together work as one. One in with the Father, with the Eternal Son and with the Infinite Spirit. Let us continue in the work. The work of u...upliftment. That was a word you have trouble getting that one out.  UP-LIFT-MENT. This is what we would like to see for you all. To uplift the mind, to uplift the heart, the soul and your spirits.

How do we go about doing that?

“Ah, you say, how do we go about that, it’s just like confidence. Confidence in looking up, not down at your feet, the problem is most of you are looking down at your feet. You are not sure where you’re treading, please look up, look forward, look beyond and know your destiny is assured. Know that. Try to avoid looking at your feet. So many times, the moment you look down, you doubt, you hesitate and you have trouble focussing. And yet the moment you look up, you take that faith and you journey, in trusting and knowing, that you can do so many more things as you look forward to the Father who reaches out and gives you all that you need to tread forward in confidence, in faith, in that, in that assurance that you do have in all those abilities the Adjutant Mind Spirits of wisdom, of worship, of discernment, of perception, of all those gifts. Use them well. Cause that will carry you through in your eternal adventure before you. I am Probius, I have a lot to say along with Ophelius, Prolotheus, Arkarbius, there are a few more yet to be revealed by name, but they’re, they are a little shy. I am Probius, I have so much to share with you Sue. Let us continue, this is wonderful. Confidence in the Father, have confidence in yourself, have confidence in all that can be before you.

“Rejoice and know we are with you, we are very understanding of your situation on this planet, this planet will be turned, it will take time, it will take patience, it will take a lot to endure. All in all, it will be reached to the highest levels of light and life. You will have that in your lives going forward in confidence. Great is our Father. I end this session, so Sue can have a break and she will resume this session at a later time, we are practicing here. This is a good one. Let us go forward, let us have confidence, trust your abilities. I am Probius and I will resume this lesson in another subject very shortly. I bid you all a good day.”

End Transmission.

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / It´s Your Choice
« Last post by niant2 on June 24, 2018, 02:51:04 PM »

Lemuel you wrote:
« … This latest posting and the previous one reveals you are still allowing
EGO to question and doubt your ability to T/R… »

Ron you wrote:
« … and became very SELF FORGETFUL … » and « … The actual transmission happens when you are relaxed and ready to hear in spite of what else you are doing… »

I have to concord with your very constructive remarks my friends,..., ‘Ego’ and ‘Self forgetful’ are indeed my downfalls.
Thank you for telling me the truths, I will work hard on my bad qualities that prevent me from transmitting freely as I did a few months ago, ..., relaxed and ready to hear the voices of the spirits again.
Thank you for your valuable advice Lemuel, Ron and Father Michael of Nebadon !!!
Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Seek Our Council
« Last post by Ron Besser on June 24, 2018, 12:23:01 PM »
Well done Larry!

I see now what Ophelius means as your transmission is suddenly very speech oriented instead of worship oriented as you tended to do in the past.  That is not a criticism but a fact you should note very well.  Transmissions you get are frequently through Mother Spirit, and do not forget she is the one who originates Worship and Wisdom Adjutants.  In most of your previous transmission work, you relied on the Adjutants of Worship in particular and often with the Adjutant of Wisdom with it in your transmit work.  I really like the change and you do too as I can tell it from how you put this down on paper very well. Congratulations.  Now here is Ophelius:


"Ron changed destiny for us by calling upon us to work with all of you.  I am sure you do not know that, but Ron knew our work from decades ago and lamented we were no longer around.  He looked us up on and found Prolotheos and me there waiting to be heard again and he published some of our work as old transcripts too good to let lie.  Now the truth of the matter is that you Larry heard us frequently but ignored us a something you thought you said in your own mind.  Not so.  You are so prone to over excitement you need a lesson in how to handle nerves for a change.  Ron was even worse a good number years ago and Michael removed the nerves that caused that in his thorax today of all things!  In any case, listen to me, ALL of YOU:

"I am being trained today with another five of us we call ourselves MENTORI.  I am so proud of that name I want to share how we came upon using it.  Many millennia ago we three who started this wondered if we could get permission to work the time space areas of creation.  We are all highly placed spirit and some of us are Deity these days, but never mind that.  We all wanted to work with humans to learn what drove that low order of God-knowing creatures.  We found that Nebadon in particular needed our favors and petitioned the Creator Son, to ask him if we could be used in Nebadon.  He quickly responded he would take all the help he could and let us use Urantia at the time as a place to try our experiments.

"Lo and behold we found a transmitter to our liking right away and Ron knows him as Christ Maurus, who still works for George Barnard, but seldom transmits the Mentori any more.  Barnard transmitted me about six weeks ago so un-successfully that we decided to seek better grounds for our serious work teaching about spirit and good lessons on humility and human suffering.  Now we learn that George Barnard is fully and entirely disgusted with Ron for picking the Mentori up as his so we can work well with the rest of you and the world on this wonderful forum anyone would be proud to have fielded these days.  It is one of the few discussion forums that has any sense to it and actually trains transmitters to come forward and do their work with us.  However, George is still trying to transmit Ophelius and cannot seem to get a full message down and that is the result of an adjustment problem in Ophelius, that is too hard to explain here, but Ron fixed us all good by asking for some help to end the flagging spirits on this site and we gladly applied and Michael was delighted to take us on here.

"I am Ophelius, and I am the noisy one usually in the Mentori group established now to use this site as our teaching base.  You are happy with that I know Ron, but what you do not know is that the Mentori have petitioned the Ancients of Days to use you as our primary spokesman like Chris Maurus used to do until he lost interest in our work for lots of reasons we do not go into here.  Nonetheless, Ron you are our spokesman and you say you are proud to be so.  I am truly happy Ron has a sense of humor since we all need a brush up on human punning, but he goes further than that and really surprises us with his venom toward society and its stupidity over issues it thinks are so important that they dominate the news day in and day out.  BBC is his favorite news program and they are getting sloppy too.

"We learn today that Ron has been disclosed on high with his universe name.  This time it is the Father Himself which disclosed it since no one on Paradise knew what to call him (Ron:  is it Jackasia, Hosts of Heaven?)  It is an unusual name having twelve (12) characters in length with lots of Ancients of Days symbols in it for posterity.  I see he laughs about its length too- - just like his posts to this forum!  It has to do with Justice and his anger over theh poor use of it on this planet in particcular and the unusual ability he has to nail people to the wall for being nasty customers after the fact.  It was no accident he knew he had Nazi recruits coming to this site to learn what to do to join the party in South America.

"In any case Michael is in receipt of his unvierse name Father derived for sure, and it is so unusual we ask Michael to comment on it:"  Ophelius

"Larry: you are about to receive your full universe name too and that is derived, not from the Father as Ron's is, but from the Archangel of Record show resides near you to be sure you do not fuse in flames as you are that close with Ron too and we need to keep you both available for our work very soon on Nystoria.  Your name Larry is for training to be a Mighty Messenger and Ron is probable One Without Name and Number, and while we are at it, this too:

"Lemuel you received your universe name last week when it looked like you might have to go back to the hospital and Ron is very happy to hear you are going to make it now as he prayed for you extensively to be feeling good and happy again.  Your name indicates you too are a Mighty Messenger.  You have to become a Finaliter first as Ron does too.

"Amethyst, your universe name is not available yet as you are not fully formed as a Finaliter just yet and that is due to your constant bickering with God over who does what in your mind and then to learn you were wrong in all cases.  Your remind Ron truly of his teaching to his friends in high school how to do a chemistry formal and he has it so wrong he refuses ever to teach chemistry again!  In any case stop teaching so hard you mistake one thing for the other and muss your spirit hair all up to the point the Archangel of Record does not quite know where to assess your perfection duties just yet.

"Sue Whiley, aren't you the one!  You have a name similar to Ron and they both indicate that you are a pair of humans that will be transformed by the Paradise Trinity into something not quite usable in finality, and that is for work in the outer space regions where you both gather people around you to work the ideals of insouciant absonite humans back to normal and bring them the Justice they deserve.  Ron asks, 'is that assingment like bathing in a lily pond?'  Yes, Ron it is.  Now this:

"We had a rough morning again with Ron over his feet swelling now and his head aching again and his discourse to eat has given him a lot of indigestion too today.  He is not a farty-five but a dignified seventy-six and please stop this Ron!

"Finally, we have it in good discourse this morning that the Mentori have recruited five more group members and Ron will let you know who they are when they are allowed to tell you.  Good day.  Michael."


AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / It´s Your Choice
« Last post by Ron Besser on June 24, 2018, 11:37:29 AM »
Niant2, I fully encourage you to listen to Lemuel, as he is correct in these matters.

I seem to recall you did transmit and then lost it somehow.  That is also not unusual when your intellect is not satisfied with something to do about how the first one was successful.  Have you ever tried to hold onto a wet fish?  It twists and turns and finally squirts right of your hand back into the stream or ocean.  Trying to transmit with a head full of I am not good enough or something is wrong with myself or I am cursed and on and on is like trying to hold on the prized fish  that wiggles and wiggles to get away from your "I can't!" 

Let me tell you one of my stories learning to transmit.

In 1988 my Adjuster started transmitting to me.  It was terrible and it hurt my head and kept me awake at night.  He was trying to get me to forget I really could not hear Him in spite of me hearing him so much I had a headache bad.  Mover forward to 1995, and all of a suddenly I hear nothing!  Whaaaaa?   For years there after nothing but silence and I kept asking, where are my transmissions?   Then one day in 2003 I really got mad and stopped trying so hard.   It was past midnight of that day and I sat fiddling with other messages I was archiving at the time, and as I was going about that business, I suddenly heard in my ear, a nursery rhyme!  I had no idea why I was suddenly reciting a nursery rhyme!

I paused and sat back in my chair, and let the nursery rhyme run and it was . . . a Tisket a Tasket a Green and Yellow Basket . . . .  it stopped . . . . . . then, Hickory Dickory Dock and that mouse business was repeated . . . .

Well, guess who was trying me out to see if I could transmit with little rhymes I knew since being a very little boy at the time.  They were easy to follow and I knew them by heart, but I was not reciting them!  Then the rhymes stopped and a very affable voice spoke to me loud and clear:  You are now transmitting!  Was that so hard?  

How did this happen Niant2?  I surmise I finally gave up pushing so hard I got into punishing myself all the time I waited to transmit.  Finally I sat down and got busy with a project I promised all to do and became very self forgetful.  The message came in loud and strong and made me laugh since I had not heard those rhymes for decades and I knew I was not reciting them, and when I laughed I relaxed too, and ever since I have never stopped doing transmission work.  Lemuel has you being prepared as you need to be prepared in anticipation of a transmission.  The actual transmission happens when you are relaxed and ready to hear in spite of what else you are doing.  It is a trick on your own psychology and you need a trick or two to get back to what you had for a little while: it is still there!

Blessings to you and yours -  Ron

"Ron was hard to teach.  He was and still is hard to reach when he is unhappy and you Niant2 are very unhappy over sooo many things.  You need a break and some time off in pursuit to find new work and to find yourself centered in your decision to leave the world well done in spite of these problems presently.  I am your Creator Son and Ron is my ward for now as he must learn  the ways of spirit and he fights me tooth and nail to stop bothering his attempts to get things done around the house when he must stop and relax and wait for God to help him through what he now calls hell to live through.  I do not disagree with him on that either.  However, Antonio, you have it much better than this guy and he must learn to yell less when fooled with in his work but he gets so upset we lose him now and then too and that is to his surprise today as well.  Good day.  Michael."

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / It´s Your Choice
« Last post by Lemuel on June 24, 2018, 10:49:11 AM »
Antonio, dear brother. Why do you persist in thinking there is something wrong
with you. This latest posting and the previous one reveals you are still allowing
your ego to question and doubt your ability to T/R. 
You have been told before that the only thing Spirit requires of you or anyone
else, is your INTENTION.  Is your intention pure and heartfelt?  If it is, there
is nothing else to do.
As you enter stillness, voice your intention, that you are there to receive whatever
may come from Spirit and then just surrender. Be patient and trusting. If nothing
seems to be happening, So What?  Who are you to start questioning Spirit?
Is it so difficult to understand Antonio?
You have done ALL that is necessary by voicing your heartfelt intention.
Ego is an expert in sowing seeds of doubt and mistrust in your abilities.
Recognise them for what they are and pay no attention to them. This is your
downfall. You allow these thoughts to grow and strengthen by focussing on them.

Antonio, there is nothing wrong with you. You concentrate on what you think
you are not receiving. Instead, start thinking about what you ARE receiving,
invisibly though it may seem, and be grateful for that. You are loved, valued and
cherished by Father, like everyone else. Isn´t it wonderful to know that?

Antonio relax!  All is well.

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / It´s Your Choice
« Last post by niant2 on June 24, 2018, 09:56:27 AM »
Hello my good friend Lemuel,..., I want to thank you for your beautiful reception of massages from your Beloved and you about the "MENTORI GROUP” and likewise for the message of Malvantra and Ophelius received from Larry,..., all this is very motivating and encouraging at the same time.

Since their introduction to the forum, in my periods of "Stillness" and in my TRing session, I always ask every day to receive their messages and as is the custom in my case,..., it is a "TOTAL SILENCE".

Is my brain able to receive such frequencies?

Are their messages reserved exclusively for the "fused" person?

I make the effort every day but I think I should be patient and hope to receive their messages in my turn.
Threads for New Transmissions / Seek Our Council
« Last post by LarryG on June 24, 2018, 08:55:17 AM »

Malvantra/ Ophelius – Seek Our Council – Larry Gossett – Florida – 24 June 2018
Speakers: Malvantra/ Ophelius
Subject: Seeking Our Council
Category: New Written Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida – 24 June 2018 – 08:45 EDT
T/R: Larry Gossett
“This is Malvantra and yes I see that you have come to establish a link and connection this day. I am quite pleased that you and Lemuel, Sue,  and Amethyst have so openly and quickly acknowledged the new information and  announcement that I am to be your direct Supervisor in the times that lie directly ahead.   You and any others on the forum are included in that notice, for none of you are excluded in the preparations for this work  with those who will be incarnated on the planet and those who remain in Spirit as  consummate guides, teachers and advisors  Trust and believe, as I tell you, that the work to be done is in need of any and all of you .   Stand fast and continue on with the work of transmitting for it is your doing of it that will  make it to your advantage for each of you personally for your won growth in soul and in spirit and for the Missions.  The details and plans are , as all of you know, are being redrawn and the work continues to gain the approval from those that have such responsibilities to see this thing get on the ground  on Nysatoria.
“This introductory connection, as we establish this type of circuitry with you and others, will serve you well  and will serve the Missions well in the weeks, months and well into the years ahead.
“I tell you, as a matter of fact, that all that you do to keep abreast of the changes that are revealed will allow you the time and energies to make the needed adjustments to your thinking and your spiritual perceptions, and ultimately your understanding.   You have all done well to stand fast, albeit it would be better for each of you to stay better engaged showing your commitment to this avenue of learning through being an active member here and  to be more actively  in your responses, but be that as it may,,  your faith and commitment has continued to develop and has grown in ways that you may not even be aware of.   We truly appreciate the ways that all of you have grown  for there was a time ,not too long ago when the membership would have been all a flutter with writings of discontent, withdrawals,  and yet you who remain have done so exceptionally well  in accepting these many changes and not broken stride nor faith, nor purpose in these Missions, and for that steadfastness we recognize you in these achievements.
“I keep this brief and remind any and all of you that Spirit  welcomes your growing awareness each and every day.    For today I bid you a good day and know that we shall work together and come to know each other as these new directions are being prepared and brought to bear for Nystoria.    I bid you good day . 

(I notice a very subtle and different change in energy….)
“Yes , My presence around you does bring a change of energy and brings Me, Ophelius, to  the forefront of your mind and thoughts as you cock a keen and listening ear to hear My voice within your thoughts and it is to your credit, as it is for all of you, to be able to notice these  different energy signatures, even if you do not pick up a specific name.     You have not always been apt to be able to  do this and it speaks well for all of you to be able to discern these subtle changes.   As you improve and advance in your studies and in your experiences with this T/R work, this recognition will be heightened.
  “It is a pleasure for the Mentori to come and be active again as  We have so much to share with you as time and the situation is presented.   I have only this to tell you .    What you and We do together is designed for a future estate that heralds in these new directions that all  and can and are participating with.    Keep us in your thoughts and ask for Our messages..    Our voices and energies are definite and different and as you listen you will soon be able to distinguish the subtle intonations that are expressive of Our way and Our particular messaging.   This should be and can be quite the exciting, encouraging, inspiring, and  can  embolden each of you to  stay the course which will surely be challenged and tested in the trials ahead.   I close this for now …. I was indeed curious to see if you would come and seek My message and council and I will remain  available to you as you call on My name and request My message and guidance so I urge you to  keep your attendance  and honor your commitment as it is truly the desire that moves you forward.   I encourage you all to seek the teachings and council of the Mentori, for it is both our pleasure just as it is yours.  Good day.”
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / It´s Your Choice
« Last post by Clency on June 24, 2018, 04:36:12 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

It’s your choice

Beloved/Lemuel : For the all of yesterday, during night and now, Mentori has been on my mind and in my mind and I want to say a few things on their behalf, although I feel they are not with me this morning, but I want my Beloved and I to talk about this group, Mentori, and to say to all of you, it’s your choice, it is your choice.

The Mentori have come knocking at your door and waiting for you to open it. Those who have responded by opening the door and inviting the Mentori in, and by that I mean inviting them into your heart because that is what is required. You have been told many times before what is of the heart is also the soul.

Mentori is a group of Celestial Beings who have come knocking at your door, hoping that you will all open the door and invite them in. They want to be here, they want to be our friends and family and how many have responded. They have left their calling-card to those of you who are undecided in the hope that you will use that card to call on them when your heart tells you to do so.

It is a strange thing, is it not my dear brothers and sisters, that so much of our lives depend not on what you think but on what you feel. If something does not resonate with you, then you have no motivation to do anything about it, but when something does really resonate with you, you cannot help but respond.

You have been told many times, Spirit always bares witness to Spirit or in another words Truth always reconizes Truth, and so it is when you read something for the first time or you hear something for the first time. It will either resonate with you or not. Of course, many times your ego gets in the way and your ego decides immediately whether it is true or false and it does not have the capability to decide one way or the other.

So, the Mentori have come knocking on your doors, those of you who have not responded you have at least their calling-card and you can call them up at any time. Those of you who have responded, opening the door into your heart, you will find out soon enough the effect of that. Your Beloved Thought Adjusters and your Guides who allow you, in a sense, to respond with your heart when something really resonates with you.

So many times here on the forum over the past several years now, circumstances have prevented them from presenting themselves where you all have to come to terms with something that is completely unknown and so there is doubt, but also you have learned to decide one way or the other that something must come from the heart.

I am aware of the emptiness on the forum like a void and nothing can exist in a void, it has to be filled. If you are feeling empty then I suggest you enter into the stillness and have a chat with your Guides and your Beloved Thought Adjuster. Feeling empty and devoid of feelings, many people interpret as a calm before the storm. This may or may not be true my friends.

But I only want to impress upon you the importance of not dwelling on this feeling of emptiness. It is much more productive if you just concentrate on going within and have a talk with your Beloved. The why’s and the wherefore’s and the reasons of many things we do not understand, this is why it is more important to feel and to think.

So, this morning, this Sunday morning, when all is quiet again and seemingly empty. Well it is not my friend, it is not empty, there is nothing empty, nothing can live in a vacuum, it is just that your senses and your interpretation of what is not happening at the moment has made you feel empty.

So, this morning I will only finish by quickly reminding you once again, the Mentori Group have come, they have knocked at your door. Those of you who have not responded, you have their calling-card if you change your mind and for the rest of you, you just wait patiently, knowing with certainty that the Mentori are here with a purpose, a tremendous purpose, to reasons for which will unfold as time goes by.

So be at peace, my dear brothers and sisters, turn inward and be with your Beloved Thought Adjuster and your feeling of emptiness will be filled. I bid you all a very good day. Domtia
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Subject: It´s Your choice
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