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Thank you for your words of encouragement. I have full faith in the Father and his plans for this planet. It just gets discouraging to watch things be said to happen and then never does. I know this next step on this planet is so very complicated and patience is the key. Thank You again
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« Last post by Lemuel on December 09, 2018, 04:33:02 PM »
Ron, Thanks for your comments. You are right! I should have been more specific.
In general terms, a face to face encounter is not the same as reading a slanderous report where
righteous anger is justified.
There are so many variables but the point I was making is that, in general, we get angry too easily
and later on we feel terrible about it.
I also, on more than one occasion, was nearly killed by a driver pulling out of a side road at
a snails pace to join my lane and it was a miracle I didn´t smash into his tail.

Thanks again Ron.


« Last post by prozonov on December 09, 2018, 02:57:19 PM »
December 9, 2018, Samara, local time is 23.30.
Teacher: Margul.
The current situation on the planet requires divine intervention. The world is on the verge of military confrontation. Earth politicians played in the "war". They don't care about the billions of lives that could die because of their ambitions.
Disbelief in God leads to belief in the permissiveness and infallibility of one’s own "I." They lost the fear of God and elementary responsibility for their actions. This is the way to finish. I cannot say how or when these measures will be taken, but Urantia must be freed from reckless leaders. So be it.
Do not worry. Everything that is conceived and decided by God will be brought to life.
The speech of Christ must take place at the time indicated earlier. He will say what will happen next. You are notified in advance and must be prepared for testing. Take care of your families and relatives. Help them.
(Continues the tuner of consciousness).
In these last days, you all need to pray more and take care of your family. Be kind and attentive to them. Perhaps this is the last days of your communication with them. show them your love. Show an example of Christ's love.
9 декабря 2018 года, Самара, местное время 23.30.
Учитель: Маргул.
Сегодняшняя ситуация на планете требует божественного вмешательства. Мир стоит на грани военного противостояния. Земные политики заигрались в «войну». Им наплевать на миллиарды жизней, которые могут погибнуть из-за их амбиций.
Неверие в Бога приводит к вере во вседозволенность и непогрешимость собственного «я». У них пропал страх божий и элементарная ответственность за свои поступки. Этому надо проложить конец. Я не могу сказать, как и когда эти меры будут предприняты, но Урантию необходимо освободить от безрассудных руководителей. Так и будет.
Не волнуйтесь. Все, что задумано и решено Богом, будет воплощено в жизнь.
Выступление Христа должно состояться в указанное ранее время. Он скажет, что будет потом. Вы оповещены заранее и должны быть готовы к испытаниям. Позаботьтесь о своих семьях и родственниках. Помогите им.
(Продолжает настройщик сознания).
В эти последние дни всем вам надо больше молиться и заботиться о семье. Будьте добры и внимательны к ним. Возможно это последние дни вашего общения с ними. покажите им свою любовь. Покажите пример Христовой любви.
Dear Anthony and Ur606.

In my view, what comes to my mind is that when we are tired we should rest our mind and our heart in God, with confidence and unshakable faith, no matter what happens.

On the other hand, there is the possibility of eternal life for people who believe in God, and then, if any project or question is not realized in this life, in this physical body, and is really important at a spiritual level, this project will be realized in heavens.

I have asked God to work with my family in York, Pennsylvania, USA, and, I know that if this request is answered I must patiently wait until the time is right.

It is possible that my request to God will happen, and so my move with my family to York, Pennsylvania, USA, will occur before or after the catastrophic events that will happen soon. I trust in God that everything will happen at the right time and that resources and resources will be made available for all of this to happen. I do not know how, I just trust. On the other hand, I reaffirm that I will do everything I can to make this project come true.

Yes, we are often very tired. Primarily, in these moments, in my vision, we must stop and breathe. Then look around us, using all our senses. Then thank for the graces we received from God. And have faith in God, and simply trust in faith and unshakeable trust. No matter what happens, faith and trust in God.

When we are very tired ... I believe that these moments occur so that we have a moment of reflection. This: - stop everything and reflect on our life and God.

On the other hand, difficult things often happen in our lives.

In Brazil there is a popular proverb: "God writes right by crooked lines."

This proverb, in my view, is used when an unexpected event occurs, usually a difficult situation. The person can then reflect that this unexpected and difficult event can serve as an opportunity, a challenge of learning and personal improvement to overcome the event that has happened.

Then, in my view, the implicit meaning of this proverb can be interpreted in the sense that difficult times often serve, so that we can stop, reflect, and correct directions, for the correction of directions is often necessary for our inner improvement.

Finally, Antonio and Ur606, I hope these words of mine will serve as comfort and encouragement, in the sense of trust and unshakeable faith in God, without expecting anything. Yes, just like you, I often feel very tired with everything, with the difficulties of life and with the problems of the world. I believe this situation occurs, at times, with all of us at some point in our lives. In these moments, I give God all my destiny.

With love,


Queridos Antônio e Ur606.

Em minha visão, o que me vem em minha mente é que quando estamos cansados devemos repousar nossa mente e nosso coração em Deus, com confiança e fé inabalável, independentemente do que venha a acontecer.

Por outro lado, existe a possibilidade da vida eterna, para as pessoas que acreditam em Deus, e então, se algum projeto ou questão não for realizada nesta vida, neste corpo físico, e for realmente importante a nível espiritual, este projeto será realizado nos céus.

Eu pedi a Deus para trabalhar com minha família em York, Pensilvânia, EUA, e, eu sei que se este meu pedido for atendido eu devo aguardar, com paciência, até quando for o momento certo.

É possível que este meu pedido a Deus aconteça e, assim sendo, que a minha mudança com minha família para York, Pensilvânia, EUA, ocorra antes ou depois que ocorrerem os eventos catástróficos que em breve acontecerão. Eu confio em Deus que tudo irá acontecer, no momento certo e que os recursos e os meios serão disponibilizados para que tudo isto aconteça. Eu não sei como, apenas confio. Por outro lado, reafirmo que da minha parte eu farei de tudo para que este projeto se torne realidade.

Sim, muitas vezes estamos muito cansados. Principalmente, nestes momentos, em minha visão, nós devemos parar e respirar. Em seguida, olhar ao nosso redor, usando todos nossos sentidos. Em seguida, agradecer pelas  graças que recebemos de Deus. E ter fé em Deus, e confiar, simplesmente, fé e confiança inabalável. Não importa o que venha acontecer, fé e confiança em Deus.

Quando estamos muito cansados... Eu acredito que estes momentos ocorrem para que tenhamos um momento de reflexão. Isto: - parar tudo e refletir sobre nossa vida e sobre Deus.

Por outro lado, muitas vezes acontecem coisas difíceis em nossas vidas. 

No Brasil existe um provérbio popular: -" Deus escreve certo por linhas tortas". 

Este provérbio, na minha visão, é usado quando ocorre um evento inesperado, normalmente, uma situação difícil. A pessoa pode, então, refletir,  que este evento inesperado e difícil pode servir como oportunidade, um desafio de aprendizado e aperfeiçoamento pessoal para superação do evento  que aconteceu.

Então, em minha visão, o significado implícito deste provérbio, pode ser interpretado, no sentido de que momentos difíceis servem muitas vezes, para que possamos parar, refletir, e corrigir os rumos, pois a correção de rumos, muitas vezes é necessário para nosso próprio aperfeiçoamento interior.

Por fim, Antônio e Ur606, eu espero que estas minhas palavras sirvam de conforto e alento, no sentido de confiança e fé inabalável em Deus, sem esperar nada. Sim, assim como vocês, muitas vezes eu me sinto muito cansado com tudo, com as dificuldades da vida e com os problemas do mundo. Eu acredito que esta situação ocorre, em alguns momentos, com todos nós em algum momento de nossas vidas. Nesses momentos, eu entrego a Deus todo o meu destino.

Com muito amor,

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« Last post by Ron Besser on December 09, 2018, 12:30:24 PM »
Lemuel, I must take issue with your talk this morning only to present the other side to situations one should become angry enough to shake a fist at people who are careless and are subnormal enough in intelligence they cause accidents and have no regard for the boorish behavior they display to man and machine.

I submit to you that anger behind the wheel is a no no.  That is a given.  But also recognize that anger comes from being frightened by careless people who care not for anyone but what they want.   Often enough I have been cut off on the road.  Often enough if it happens at a safe distance I really shrug my shoulders and let it be.  But when they do it that narrowly evades taking my front bumper off, they get sharp rebuke and I have to control my wish to gut punch them outright there and then. 

The point is your talk should have included the fear factor and why the ego comes forward as it is the ego that protects you and defends you.  It is not a passing moment when some fool decides he wants your lane or to turn right from the left lane.  The ego hits the brake and slows the vehicle down so that pain in the you know what can now drive where you were driving at ease moments ago.   They are ancient minds working in a modern environment which drives at immoderate speeds and far too close together anyhow.
There is one other issue this talk brings up that needs some clarification.

People who slander another, which is what you mostly speak of in the talk, can cause grievous harm to reputations and discover hidden trials for the person being slandered.  However, the public has no way to referee the charges and listens to what most agree is gossip.  There is no need to respond to these slanderous charges, but to realize that slander is used for political purposes and should not be taken personally.

When you are hurt by smear talk, you have every right again to defend yourself.  But be careful.  Egotistical self defense is a two edged sword, and as they say in America, you have to get down in the mud with those who slander to rebuke.  That is where the ego must learn to stay on the high ground.  Most often the slight is not bad and is typical of the moron who slings that stuff at you.  But let me sight a case all of us here must up with week after week in the family circle and in the public eye.

The CAUSE:  the revelation of the Urantia Book is precious.  We are gifted all the time but what we learn to understand from reading the text well.  But almost everyone of us is told we are misled, sometimes by the devil itself, to pay attention to the jewels in the crown of truth on Urantia.  Now most of us have learned to politely extricate ourselves from those who see us as under the devil's care, but your egos now are well conditioned to leave the boiling pit of viper remarks, and go about our business quietly.

I suggest what Lemuel speaks to is the general population that has no dog in the fight for truth.  They are the ones who are ready to scream at an offense as simple as someone being revolted by their choice of nail polish color being worn and saying so.  Check any high school fight and you will see the issue is hardly worth understanding much less is it a  true issue.  Most people on Urantia under the age of forty are ready to fight over a slight.  But the ego learns that it is never going to win against an uneducated opinion and leaves it alone to fight another day where it does matter.

It does matter that readers of the Urantia Book, and members on this forum display patience in place of egotistical fights.  Look at this site and see how well we get along and that is because every member here has a view and sometimes it gets tramped on here, but the ego in most of us have learned, no one meant to harm you, no one is really upset with you, and you have every right to state the opposition view.  I for one love that kind of sophisticated team work, and in a sense team work can align egos into peace and tranquility, and as we get older and more practiced, the ego learns to sleep with the lion of disparaging when a really good cause is shared with others.

You are not wrong but there are times when the defense of an argument is well taken in discussion, and our egos here do that very well and I must say this is the best discussion forum I have ever witnessed for its tranquility and means and modes for discussion. 

There are also times that deep anger is just a defense against extreme danger, and existential threat to life and limb by a moron who should not ever be allowed in private means of a transport vehicle.  That is all the point I wish to make.  Thank you for your lesson today, Lemuel.

Dear God, beloved Gods, cherished Deities, and esteemed forum; Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We want to express that we just cant get enough!! We are so trilled and exited by everything that has come our way. We are so greatfull for TUB that came into our lives and all the personalities who were involved in its making. We are delighted and thrilled at the opportunity to get a glimps of the periodic revelation to the book as well as the epocal revelation in some years to come (of course if we have the grace to be around by then!).  We (my wife, daughter and I) have just recently fixed our computer and immidiately starting downloading all the transmitions we could from the archive website. I even heard Ron's voice transmiting a lesson from Rayson on ultimatons!! That made me feel a little closer him even though i have never physically meet him. I am so phyched to be able to hear Jerry Lane's voice as he eloquantly transmits Father Michael, and Mother Spirit Nebadonia who directly introduced me to these new teachings through his book 'The Adventure Of Being Human' (thank you also Byron Belitsos for editing and publishing the work and all your utube conferences!)

Thank you forum for all the lessons you transmit and for all the expiriences and opinions you convey day to day. We feel stuck like glue to these websites and feel becoming more attached day by day to the people and the mission before us. Thank you Steve Gitz for reaching out to welcome us and sharing a part of your expirience trying to share TUB. We too bought a number of books of TUB to give away and only one got read. But hey, one better that none!! 
Thank you Lemuel for the daily dose of love and wisedom we recieve drom you.

Most of all, thank you God for all that is, all we had the opportunity to expirience, and of course all the exitment of all that will be!! Thank you Lords for all the work and dedication you are giving this little blue planet. I even thank the rebellion and all its mishaps for the oportunity to better ourselves as a planet, and as individuals so we can become stronger and more resiliant agondonters to serve our hevenly father and our celestial family in whichever manner is demeed appropriate.

Yours truly,
Andres, Carmin, and Sabina.
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« Last post by Clency on December 09, 2018, 04:22:32 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s transmission

Action and Reaction

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. Our talk this morning is entitled : ‘Action and Reaction’. We have talked about this before but it has been sometime and we think now it is a good time again to talk about action and reaction. What is it in each and everyone of us that it is able to get so angry so quickly because of what someone does or of what someone says. Well, we know it is the ego.

There are so many examples, everyday occurrences, that affect us all in such a negative way and of course we realize after what has happened, but then it is too late, we have reacted, perhaps in an angry way, where the ego is jumping up and down in an anger and throw in a tantrum, just like a five years old child in a supermarket. It is extremely difficult to control us, because it happens so very quickly.

A classic example, everyone of us has that many times, I am sure, you are driving along in your car and someone cuts you off, they cut inside of you or they drive up behind you or whatever it is and you instantly on a rage and you want to kill that person. In America, I think they refer to it as roadrage and there have been instances where people just wind down the window and they shoot at that person, because it’s such a reaction of passion and anger.

Well, as I mentioned, we all have these experiences at some degree or another, may be with not the feeling of killing somebody else but you know what I am talking about and I know you understand. Why is this really, why does the ego react in this way ? It is only because the ego judges always, it judges behaviour to its own criteria. It’s judging all the time, how people look, how they dress, how they behave, how they speak.

It’s an habit that everyone develops from the earliest of age and it’s something that hopefully you will learn as you get older. First of all to recognize that you are in fact constantly judging other people and try to do something about it. Remember, it is better to not react to someone’s action or to someone’s words. How important is it really ? You have the expression, it’s water over the duck’s back, meaning that it does not matter what someone says. It is like water on a duck’s back, it will just roll off, just flow away, it will not hurt you.

Well, I can tell you, it is wonderful to reach that stage, when you understand really, it does not matter what people say, it does not matter what people do, it is only you, your ego that allows it to affect you and you can stop it. It is not big deal whatever will they do or say, it is not big deal and remember the most important thing of all, your soul does never get angry, it is only and always your ego.

Ego has been referred to as the false personality and you know I have made the analogy many times about the ego being the driver of your car, the chauffeur of your car and your car being your physical body. Now, you all know this to be true. You can see people behave every moment of everyday, as you are walking down the street, you look into their face and you can see the ego or if you really look and see, you can see what is inside and this is the secret, is not it ?

Instead of looking at the shape of a bottle of wine, if you can see and identify of the quality of the wine inside, that makes all the difference. Dear brothers and sisters, you know this to bet rue, try not to allow your ego to react to everything someone says or does to you, which you interpret to be negative or even hostile, it does not matter, it’s not going to kill you. You have another saying, don’t you : sticks on bones may break my bones, but names can never hurt me.

So, try to remember this, it’s true, it is no big deal, try not to allow your ego to judge everything by way of reacting to an action from someone else. As I mentioned before, it is extremely difficult because it is an instantaneous thing, it is such an habit, it is almost instinctive that if someone says something negative towards you, it immediately enters you and so you react. What you need to learn to do is to close the door, so to speak.

Try to imagine that there is this invisible fortress around, you are a fortress and it is your choice whether you open the castle’s door or not. Try to imagine that you are invulnerable, it does not about what people say, of what people think or of what people do about you. You know who you are, so who cares what other people say or what they think or what they do, do not judge them.

Jesus on the cross, in His final moments, said : ‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do’. Well, if Jesus can say that under those circumstances, surely you can say the same thing in a way – forgive these people because they don’t know what they do, but you know and you can recognize and you can stop being hurt or offended or insulted or whatever it is.

When you become this fortress, you have your own inbuilt protection and at the end of the day, as they say, your ego, the driver of your car, will become much more peaceful and content just to do the job that it is intended to do, that is to drive you safely through this life, taking you where you are supposed to go, not where he wants to take you, we mentioned this before, I want to repeat it now.

So, dear friends, first of all recognize what the problem is, your ego reacts immediately and this is something that must stop. The first step is recognizing it and then put into pratice imagining that you are protected, you are a fortress and you allow nothing to penetrate into your sensitivity. Everyday if you can do this or every moment, every time you can do this, when someone says something or does something, you have won a little battle and eventually you will win the war, because in fact it is a war.

Remember the saying – your worst enemy lives under your own roof – which means you, your ego. Now ego should not be the enemy number one, it should become your true trusted and faithful servant, as a real professional chauffeur. So, action and reaction, better said action and non-reaction, so think about this this morning, because it is so very important, because always after the event, you feel terrible, you all know this to be true. When you have been so angry, so upset, it’s a terrible feeling and you wonder why you are so stupid to react in that way. It is such a negative feeling and deep in it that it takes away your energy.

So, to-day is Sunday, so to resolve these problems from this moment on, imagine you are a fortress, you are totally protected and you will not allow what people say or what people do to affect you in any way or shape or form. I repeat the saying – it will be water off a duck’s back. That’s enough for this morning, thank you so much for listening, I bid you a very good Sunday, bye-bye for now.
You are not alone my friend. There is something happening on this planet both material and spiritual now. I personally can not explain it but I have faith in the Father to bring about great change to this world. The details I can't explain but I know it is happening. Like you I am tired, so very tired.
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission / Action and Reaction
« Last post by Lemuel on December 09, 2018, 01:48:27 AM »
Speaker: Lemuel
Subject: Action and Reaction
Location: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time:  9th Dec. 2018  07:47 Local  06:47 Z
Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: France on fire
« Last post by Clency on December 09, 2018, 12:34:16 AM »
The 1789 French Revolution is deep-rooted in the mind of the frenchies here in France. Place de la Bastille in Paris has always been the symbol of the downfall of the monarchy and each time, all along the years, when the french people want to express their disillusions, it is at this very place that the gathering is organized as to remind that the power is for the people alone. I was not yet in France when the great crisis of May 1968 occured, but a long-time friend of mine, french-borned and a nostalgic of that period, often relates to me in our conversation, during our regular meeting, his active participation in that turmoil. I have the feeling that, now, the situation will be worst, that there will be no ending, unless Our Lord shows Himself up on the screen. Domtia
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