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Thank you Lemuel for this tansmmission and special thanks for Clency for the transcription!

I hope to be choosed for the mission. I don't think i'll be able to do T/R yet but I know I can do something important!
The best I can tell you is to say it means what it says as there is no further information available right now,  Ron
Dear brother Ron:

On January 15, 2018 , Margul announces, in part, that the Magisterial Mission officially starts on March 10, 2018 on Urantia.

“He is the Father in personal form visiting Michael of Nebadon to discuss the Magisterial Mission about to erupt on Urantia in a few short weeks.  We have assigned March 10, 2018 as the official start of the Magisterial Mission and that it remains, but Serara has already assigned to Ron his view of what will be done immediately even before March 10th noted above....”

In today’s post,  Michael of Nebadon, says that “Christ returns to Urantia in about six weeks, mid February.”

Does this mean that Jesus will appear on Urantia before the official start of the Magisterial Mission?

Jose L. Vargas Núñez
Father Michael,...., This is wonderful news This morning!!!!!,....,
I welcome you back  my beloved brother Jesus!!!!! ;) :D
Thank you Father Michael of Nebadon, for  that wonderful news, receive our love and dedication.

I so heartily and enthusiastically agree that  is the greatest of news!   Especially after such a darkened period of the past couple of weeks and with  the heart wrenching  message from Ron and  all of involved with the terrible news and account of Nikki.  
Even though we know that all will be well for her and any who are taken  to any of the appropriate Mansions Worlds, still as humans, our loss and grief is sometimes almost unbearable when we loose family, loved ones and cherished friends and associates especially when  done in such a way as this.
So with you Clency, and Lemuel, and all others receiving this extraordinary and latest update and news of the Return of Christ our hearts can soar once more as Ron answered the question, where do you live?...  and his answer was "in hope!   What an insightful answer!     LarryG
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Hello Larry and Mantutia,..., This is Great news and motivating!!!!

  "I Am your Servant"
   "I Am your Liege"
   "I Am yours to the Facher's Will on the Behalf of Urantia"

This is a beautiful day for me!!!! ;) :) :D ;D 8)
Michael of Nebadon,  
                                 I only want to say, this is the most wonderful news.  Domtia

Thank you Michael and Ron for this great news. I am overwhelmed with joy. 2018 is really the year of the Father’s Will be done. Domtia
Michael of Nebadon

York, Pennsylvania at 1030am Local Time
January 17, 2018

“I am announcing quickly for now:

“Christ returns to Urantia in about six weeks.  This places that appearance about mid February this year of 2018.  It will be near the York area for publication of the announcement and the appearance of Jesus there in some manner.

“We rebuild those buildings Ron showed you in pictures at

“I make this announcement shortly after receiving a cup of coffee from the Father this morning and it was so fantastic I could hardly wait for Ron to become conscious again and to let you all know what is being favored here today.

“I close this quickly because now we must arrive in York with no fanfare and clear those buildings for our occupancy and then leave you all to gauge what will happen when Ron takes his Oath of Service in the building he calls “L shaped” in those two photos.  The castle across the street is just as impressive as it was when they built it in 1878 and not 1873 as Ron reported.  It will be MOVED down the street and Ron suggested a grassy plaza with a large spray of water in it and I suggest that it be used for another building we will built even more impressive than the castle you see there now.  Good day.  Michael of Nebadon.”
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