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AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission / It is never a waste of time.
« Last post by Lemuel on September 20, 2018, 11:10:54 AM »
Speaker: Lemuel
Subject. It is never a waste of time.
Place: Girona Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 20th Sept. 2018 17.10 Local  15:10 Z
Pre'Mtor on Fear and Response in the Coming Transition
Teacher: Margul
Russia, Samara
September 19 22 local time.
Dear friend. It's good that you responded to my request for this short message. The fact is that my task is to tell you about the approaching days of darkness so that you know how to behave in these difficult circumstances.
First of all, it is necessary to suppress in oneself and others fear and despair, a lack of understanding of what is happening. The rotation of the axis of the planet will pass unnoticed, but the reversal will lead to a halt to the earth and the appearance of where the twilight is, where the nights are, and where the day is. This will continue according to our assumptions for about a month. Then everything will return to normal. The movement of the plates has already begun, yet imperceptibly. In days of standing, we will be more visible, and in some places will lead to catastrophes. It is difficult now to say what and how will happen, but the geography of the planet will change greatly. Hence the loss of population. It is necessary to take courageous events and not to fall into a panic and madness. Survive persistent, wise and cold-blooded and necessarily those who love people who are ready to self-confession for the sake of another. Wish you luck.
Дорогой друг. Хорошо, что ты откликнулся на мою просьбу принять это короткое сообщение. Дело в том, что моя задача рассказать вам о приближающихся днях темноты, чтобы вы знали как себя вести в этих сложных обстоятельствах.
Прежде всего необходимо подавить в себе и окружающих страх и отчаяние, непонимание того, что происходит. Разворот оси планеты пройдет незаметно, но переполюсовка приведет к остановке земли и возникновению где сумерек, где ночи, а где дня. Это будет продолжаться по нашим предположениям около месяца. Затем все придет в норму. Движение плит уже началось, пока незаметно. В дни стояния это будем более заметно, а кое-где приведет к катастрофам. Трудно сейчас сказать что и как будет происходить, но география планеты сильно измененится. Отсюда и потеря населения. Надо мужественно принять происходящие события и не спадать в панику и безумие. Выживут стойкие, мудрые и хладнокровные и обязательно те, кто любит людей, кто готов на самопожетвование ради другого. Желаю вам удачи.
Asheville, NC, US of A, September 3, 2018.
Teacher: Xsamuel.
Subject: “Announcement of Monumental Significance!”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Teacher Xsamuel: “Greetings people of Urantia! I AM Xsamuel, of the Absonite order of consciousness engineers. I AM here to announce some exciting news. Many of you know that there is a great contingent of personalities (both celestial and human) at work in the system of Satania — working to free all 37 former apostate worlds from the deliberate corruption of the consciousness circuits by the Luciferian rebels. It has been a most difficult and laborious effort to cleanse the circuits, and in some cases, replace them completely while moving the various levels of consciousness to the new circuitry.

“The most difficult and important of all these circuits to dismantle were the circuits used by the rebel planetary princes — to dampen and control — to directly interfere with the consciousness circuits between human mind and the Indwelling Spirit of the Universal Father — the Thought Adjusters. It was Lucifer’s intention to sever the divine connection between mankind and Creator and prevent the natural and divine plan of ascension for His experiential children to aspire to perfection and god-likeness.

“I AM here to announce that officially, the corrupted consciousness circuits of the apostate prince have been completely and permanently shut down on Urantia, Friday, August 31, in the year 2018!

“What does this mean to the people of Urantia? It is the beginning of a new era of correction — one free from the direct interference of darkness to influence, infect and control the path of evolution and the ascension path of its people. With any virus, there is an auto-immune response and a recovery period. So too will human mind need to adjust and recover from the infection of a rebellious disease. Like addiction, the human mind has become dependent on the systems that have been born out of this corrupt control circuit. As a way to heal your world and bring it back to its natural path of evolution, Christ Michael has requested that new circuits of higher consciousness be introduced and available to those human minds that aspire to reach for greater attunement with their Indwelling Father Fragments.

“Soon, the Distribution Centers will begin functioning and the greatest way for you to take advantage of this higher stream of consciousness coming in through the Trinity Teacher Nexus, is to first, heal and repair your physical and energetic systems for greater reception. How do you do this? You are to restore and cleanse your biological and energetic systems through healthy living. Healthy living is decision based and all of you can make decisions to optimize your physical, mental, and energetic health. When you ‘decide’ to change the way you think and live, you are exercising your free-will to move into this higher stream of Adjuster attunement. We (the celestial administration) can only provide the mechanisms and structures for the attainment of Light and Life. It is you that must use your will and co-creative expression to go there. Now, there is no direct interference in your ascension path — you are free to move into it if you so choose!

“As you choose and move into ‘system optimization’ you will naturally want to tap into these higher circuits of consciousness, and to do that you must begin healing your relationships both on the human side and on the Spirit side. It is required that you use your minds to ‘listen’ with the heart and think deeply about the values of life and your relationship with all of creation. With each decision you make — a step forward on your path — you shall be guided to the next step. In faith, you step out and take hold of the reality you want to see in your personal life to then expand it into what you want to see for your communities and the world at large.

“Evolution, my dear ones, does not always crawl at a snails’ pace — it can have sudden leaps and change can happen very quickly — and it can happen with you. Ask for what you need, we are listening.

“I AM Xsamuel — please take a moment and consider the monumental significance of what has happened on your world — and do celebrate with us!”

Receiver’s note: An important thing to note here is that taking control of your personal health is the one thing that you can actively do to rid yourself of the last intrinsic control devices of the rebellion. Choosing to responsibly act in what comes into the mouth, the ears, and the eyes can ultimately change the landscape of the entire planet.
Subject: The balance between prayer and true worship, between request and thanks to God
Speaker: Pre'Msha (Thought Adjuster) and Margul (Son Instructor of the Trinity)
Date: September 20, 2018, Thursday
Time and Place: Brasilia / Brazil - 07:15 AM - ie 06:15 AM (New York time - USA) or 10:15 AM
Category: New transmissions
T / R: Julio da Luz (JDL)
Pre'Msha (Thought Adjuster):
                                                        Good Morning. Today, I, your Thought Adjuster, Pre'Msha, will begin our conversation.
                                                        I am Fragment of God, Universal Father and I reside in your mind. I know you more than you know. I know all its essence at the level of body and soul.
                                                        I know that you seek the balance between prayer and worship, that is, between request and thanksgiving.
                                                        I know you give up and practice self-forgetfulness for love.
                                                        Much more than a word or phrase with wisdom for reflection, true wisdom is lived. True wisdom is felt. True wisdom seeks spiritual advancement with the search for concrete solutions experienced in the daily experience, because you are a human being, a mortal, an ascending being of time and space.
                                                        Now I will leave the continuity of today's conversation with the Trinity Instructor Son, Margul.
Margul (Son Teacher of the Trinity):
                                                        Yes, the Age of Light and Life represents a modification of economic and social structures in relation to what is happening today, for example, on the planet Urantia.
                                                        There will initially be a preparation walk for the future beginning of the Age of Light and Life. Many things need to be done. The time of this preparation, whether it will be longer or faster, will depend on the governments of the nations and their peoples.
                                                        Much more than the renewal of economic and social structures is the spiritual renewal with the increase of the cosmic consciousness of humanity. Cosmic consciousness that involves reflection on the possibility of eternity.
                                                        The balance between prayer and true worship, that is, the balance between asking and thanking God is a reflection that must be evaluated by each person.
                                                        Renunciation and self-forgetfulness in the name of love for other people together with gratitude to God for the graces they have attained represent balance at the level of thought.
                                                        People, the ascending human beings of time and space, have multiple needs.
                                                        Renunciation and self-forgetfulness, letting God direct, or rather, being the helmsman of the ship of destiny, is wise. The Thought Adjuster knows you much more than you even know. The Thought Adjuster knows your most important requests. Yes, God knows men, especially through the Thought Adjusters, because the Thought Adjuster is part, or rather integrates God, Universal Father of All.
                                                       So the title of this message involves the balance between prayer and true worship, that is, between asking and thanking God.
                                                       Reflect, constantly, on the wisdom of these words. May you have a great Thursday. Domtia.
                               Pre'Msha: Thank you very much. I know you know me a lot more than I even know. Thanks for all the advice you have given in my life.
                               Margul: - Thank you for the words, for the wisdom of the message that deserves reflection with the Balance between Prayer and True Worship, that is, between the Request and the Gratitude to God.

Assunto:  O equilíbrio entre a oração e a verdadeira adoração, entre o pedido e o agradecimento a Deus
Orador: Pre’Msha (Ajustador do Pensamento) e Margul (Filho Instrutor da Trindade)
Data: 20 de setembro de 2018, quinta-feira
Local e Horário: Brasília/Brasil – 07:15 (AM) – ou seja - 06:15 (AM) (horário de Nova Iorque – EUA) ou 10:15 (AM) UTC
Categoria: Novas transmissões
T/R: Julio da Luz (JDL)
Pre’Msha (Ajustador do Pensamento):
                                                          Bom dia. Hoje, eu, seu Ajustador do Pensamento, Pre’Msha, irei começar nossa conversa.
                                                          Eu sou Fragmento de Deus, Pai Universal e resido em sua mente. Eu conheço você mais do que imagina. Conheço toda a sua essência a nível de corpo e alma.
                                                          Eu sei que você busca o equilíbrio entre a oração e a adoração, ou seja, entre o pedido e o agradecimento.
                                                          Eu sei que você renuncia e pratica o ato de auto-esquecimento em prol do amor.
                                                          Muito mais do que uma palavra ou frase com sabedoria para reflexão, a verdadeira sabedoria é vivida. A verdadeira sabedoria é sentida. A verdadeira sabedoria busca o avanço espiritual com busca de soluções concretas vivenciadas na experiência do cotidiano, pois você é um ser humano, um mortal, um ser ascendente do tempo e do espaço.
                                                          Agora vou deixar a continuidade da conversa de hoje com o Filho Instrutor da Trindade, Margul.
Margul (Filho Instrutor da Trindade):
                                                           Sim, a Era de Luz e de Vida representa uma modificação das estruturas econômicas e sociais em relação ao que está acontecendo hoje, por exemplo, no planeta Urantia.
                                                           Haverá, inicialmente, uma caminhada de preparação para o início futuro da Era de Luz e de Vida. Muitas coisas precisam serem feitas. O tempo desta preparação, se vai ser mais demorado ou mais rápido irá depender dos governos das nações e dos respectivos povos.
                                                           Muito mais do que a renovação das estruturas econômicas e sociais é a renovação espiritual com o aumento da consciência cósmica da humanidade. Consciência cósmica que envolve a reflexão sobre a possibilidade da eternidade.
                                                            O equilíbrio entre a oração e  a verdadeira adoração, ou seja, o equilíbrio entre o pedido e o agradecimento a Deus é uma reflexão que deve ser avaliada por cada pessoa.
                                                            A renúncia e o auto-esquecimento em nome do amor às outras pessoas juntamente com o agradecimento a Deus pelas graças alcançadas representam o equilíbrio à nível de pensamento.
                                                            As pessoas, os seres humanos ascendentes do tempo e do espaço, tem múltiplas necessidades.
                                                            A renúncia e o auto-esquecimento, deixando a Deus dirigir, ou melhor, ser o timoneiro do navio do destino é uma atitude sábia. O Ajustador do Pensamento conhece você muito mais do que você sequer imagina. O Ajustador do Pensamento conhece quais os seus pedidos mais importantes. Sim, Deus conhece os homens, principalmente, através dos Ajustadores do Pensamento, pois o Ajustador do Pensamento faz parte, ou melhor, integra Deus, Pai Universal de Todos.
                                                            Então, o título desta mensagem envolve o equilíbrio entre a oração e a verdadeira adoração, ou seja, entre o pedido e o agradecimento a Deus.
                                                            Reflita, constantemente, na sabedoria destas palavras. Que você tenha uma ótima quinta-feira. Domtia.
                                               Pre’Msha: - Muito obrigado. Eu sei que você me conhece muito mais do que eu sequer imagino. Obrigado por todos conselhos que tem dado em minha vida.
                                               Margul: - Muito obrigado pelas palavras, pela sabedoria da mensagem que merece reflexão com o Equilibrio entre a Oração e a Verdadeira Adoração, ou seja, entre o Pedido e o Agradecimento a Deus.

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / MY SECOND COMING
« Last post by Lemuel on September 20, 2018, 01:47:15 AM »
Dear Evan,
                   Thank you for the links. I enjoyed Hard Core Poetry, good melody, meaningful words, I think Jesus
would enjoy it too.
« Last post by evan on September 20, 2018, 12:50:52 AM »
Here's a song (Hard Core Poetry by Tavares) Jesus is dedicating to all of us which he specifically wanted posted in this thread from Lemuel. I've heard this song before but never really got to bother focusing on the lyrics.  Jesus says it is something He wants us to understand.  The lyrics and the link are here for you.  Let's sing-along with Jesus!  And by the way, He's 'feeling so good' just like the music of Chuck Mangione (video link below). Thank you Lemuel, and thank you Jesus....Evan :D

Hard Core Poetry

It depends on who is looking at the tenement walls
Whether he's coming home or passing through
You can walk the streets and find so much to criticize
But that would be the easy thing to do

'Coz there's beauty in the concrete
If you see it with your heart
The sidewalks only hurt you
If you hate them from the start

This is a song not necessarily sweet
I'll pass it on to folks that I never will meet
And if my words don't make history
Just call it hardcore poetry

You can blame the world if troubles come and knock at your door
Let your weakness cut you down to size
If you find some fault with everything surrounding you
Maybe it's your narrow-minded eyes

'Coz there's music in the city
If your ear is to the ground
Only nonbelievers
Never hear a single sound

This is a song not necessarily sweet
I'll pass it on to folks that I never will meet
And if my words don't make history
Just call it hardcore poetry

Feelin' Good:
Hi Ron and Wedevu, about four weeks ago, I dreamt of the return of Jesus. In this dream I could see Jesus coming through the clouds with many followers and I presumed they were Angels. A huge white silver cross lit up the sky behind them, and when they reached ground level they seemed to hoover over the ground.I was about 100 meters away from them but I could hear Jesus speaking in a perfect American accent as if he was standing beside me and of course I was gobsmacked. The whole event was so real I thought that it actually did happen. I'm not sure in reality when he returns, will he come discretely or will it be like my dream, Domtia .
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / MY SECOND COMING
« Last post by Clency on September 19, 2018, 02:51:02 PM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission


Lemuel : Good morning everyone. This is Jesus, I come this morning through this one to give you all assurance of my second coming and that it will be very soon. You have all been informed on previous occasion of my return as I promised more than two thousand years ago and for various reasons, nonstandable to you, they were changed and sometimes at the last minute by Father Himself.

I know this has caused serious doubt amongst all of you and while this is understandable, nevertheless those of you who has always sought comfort from your Beloved Father Fragments would have found it and have been reassured that all is well in spite of the many delays. It is not for you to understand the situations, the problems that must be addressed throughout the Superuniverse.

The hundreds upon hundreds of other planets, all with problem and each one must be addressed and there must indeed be established an order of priority depending on the circumstances from moment to moment. Now, at this time, with the Michael Mission about to commence at the beginning of your next month of october. As you have been informed, this coïncides with the end of the Lucifer rebellion.

So, the path has been cleared for full steam ahead, so to speak and from the moment the Michael Mission commences, be assured that there are so many thousands upon thousands of Invisible Helpers here to see the success of the Michael Mission which, as you have all been informed, takes place first before the future Magisterial Mission. I am Jesus and I assure you I will be here through the Michael Mission.

Some of my helpers will be incarnated and some will not, there are those among you who will work and be on staff of the Michael Mission and you will have the deep honor and privilege to work alongside the Celestial Beings who will accompany me. You have also been informed those of you on the staff of the Michael Mission will be schooled and instructed as to how to be in the company of Celestial Beings.

This is very appropriate as protocol must and will be observed at all times. I am looking forward so much to come amongst you all again from such a long time. I am sure you can appreciate why this planet Urantia has such a place in my heart and always will, not only because Michael chose this planet for His Second Bestowal and not only for the part I played in that with Michael and not only because of the Lucifer rebellion, but also for you, my younger brothers and sisters.

Throughout the past two thousand years have shown such devotions, have developed such a faith in spite of all the tremendous disadvantages that the planet has suffered and you as a consequence, your strengh, your tenacity, your willingness to keep on going, the human spirit and the strengh of your human spirit that you have portrayed and displayed is so greatly admired and appreciated by all throughout the Superuniverse.

It is little wonder that now so many millions of beings have come to see the results and to observe the Missions and how you perform. They are very excited, anticipating and so am I. I am Jesus and I thank this one for allow me to come through this morning, although in the beginning he also doubted that in fact it was I Jesus, but it is. I shall be with you again very soon and now I bid you all good day. Domtia

Lemuel : I also would like to say a big thank you to Jesus for this message and I also thank you all for listening and I bid you also a very good day, bye-bye for now.
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / MY SECOND COMING
« Last post by newstarsaphire on September 19, 2018, 12:33:35 PM »
Thank you Jesus and Lemuel,

In conjunction with what Jesus has just mentioned through Lemuel, I re-post the message of 15 September 2018 through Ron Besser [which expounds on what Jesus just said a bit being the return of Jesus in 6 to 10 months].  For those who may have missed its posting it did not show up as a "new post" because Ron simply changed the text in a post that was originally made on September 13th to announce the "Broadcast for Transmitters"
this post can be found here

Michael of Nebadon; Father; Margul
Setting the Bestowal Record Straight Again on Urantia
York, PA Noon Local Time
September 15, 2018

“Today is the day we asked you to transmit your hearts out, as I am sure this moment of coming together by all of us is worthy of doing it again time and again. We are truly disturbed that two of you quit this morning when you found nothing to transmit. We lament the loss of one of you for reasons of State, as you are too ill to consider bringing light to us on this date of many transmissions to hone your work to our work on Urantia.

“Therefore, Ron must learn that we have to rewrite a few sentences from the last time. The one called Mark Rogers is now aware of this mission correctly and is making amends as fast as he can. He knows Ron stands ready to accept him fully and his group, and that he must avail himself to the new course of trust we set up in order to provide Urantia a better direction, both as to its divine missions, and to the world at large to bring forth a new Teaching Mission.



“We are beholden to Mark Rogers to decide to help us. He has personnel yet in readiness and will make them available to us as he needs to. You Ron shake your head after years of acrimony from this quarter of established transmitter personnel being so hostile you just gave up and let them take their own course gladly. You believed there was a force of evil at work that deflected them, but I assure you that has now been removed and the rightful attitude of all is back in force. No one ever suspected that you Ron were the one to lead people to the light in this manner at all. Your work in York commences shortly and with great fanfare, as we will make it clear that a great new revelation is about to unfold and that the SIXTH EPOCHAL REVELATION is about to be placed in your hands to expand its discovery and its goodness upon the lands that make up this planet, URANTIA.

“You who know Ron are about to hear one final travail placed upon him, and that is we must finish the work of transition which is so painful to him he can hardly move in body at all without a cane or a seeing eye dog. Yet he persists to do our work without let up and makes great strides in writing a new book you all will be astounded for its clarity and its claim for a new transport fuel for the world if anyone ever listens to him closely, for the first book on coal carbon powders has done well and Amazon, as the publisher of renown work soon, understands he has something very worth while to say if it can be notice for a change. Coal carbon powders burns clean with one drop of water per pound burned resulting when used in your auto engines or plane jets or truck deliveries for the future.

“For this reason, Ron has already written portions of the new book which explains how energy is useful but that real energy is supplied by the Ultimaton, and that the Ultimaton is quite busy in the coal carbon powders he knows about and champions since the 1970's when it first became available to the world after World War II.

“These announcements are congruent with the idea that the new idea to use carbon atoms for fuel is not new, as most worlds in my care use the same idea with carbon atoms they may have in abundance. That is truly a great thing for Urantia, but you all must understand that Ron had the unusual luck of knowing the inventor of the apparatus that made using carbon atoms possible to burn in your automobiles and so on.

“Finally, let it be known we have two new groups interested in becoming amalgamated with this discussion forum:

1) The Mark Rogers group located in southern Utah;

2) The South Idaho Group has an affiliate in northern California known as the old LinEl Group Ron so loved for his wonderful teaching at the time. That was originally centered in Corvallis, Oregon, but is now located in Sacramento with several who knew and were part of the original Corvallis Group. These two groups are the last remnants of the old Teaching Mission which Ron laments as lost so badly as to their passing and loss of enthusiasm for a Michael Mission to Urantia at that time. It is coming back in much condition this time but Abraham is now a Finaliter and another will field the new Teaching Mission in his place soon.


“We pass this to all of you.

“The loss of the old Teaching Mission was signed out of existence on April 5, 2013; the trial that followed was supposed to be the Magisterial Mission, but we got hammered by Paradise to hold it back. I now have to announce that the Magisterial Mission to Urantia is replaced by the Michael Mission first and will come back into its own after the Michael Mission has completed its Bestowal of Jesus again and shortly on Urantia. Jesus and the Michael Mission when concluded will be followed by the Magisterial Mission and a new Mission of God the Supreme with the Magisterial Mission together. God the Supreme is keenly aware of Ron’s plea that Urantia has no satisfactory revelation about the Supreme and desperately needs one to fill in with what we do not know with what has been revealed of the Supreme in the alst few years through revelation to Ron directly. When these missions of Magisterial Sons and God the Supreme are complete on Urantia, there will be a small breathing space and then begins the admirable era of the first stage of Light and Life, to be led by Margul, the Trinity Teacher Son of record, He speaks briefly to you now:



“We are delighted with Ron this morming as he must cleave off great pain during the night and part of this morning as we must remove the skeletal remains in his body before it is converted into other materials to last a long time. He is rightfully outraged at the cost to him and his heart and soul, for they are both natural and clear of heartless versions of the past. He has removed most of the skeletal remains before and was sent back into human determination only to learn he was cast out when Michael decided he had to do a Michael Mission to Urantia Himself.

“I am now prepared to admit, we thought Ron was fully bypassed as our spokesperson, and we are now sure he is ready to take it on again even though he seriously questions just what it is he is to take on. He is particularly delighted to hear his friend of old is returning to take part in what will be a revival as the Teaching Mission, and then to have Mark as part of the revival in York, if Mark is ready to assume a leadership role again.

“I am Margul, and we report that Ron knows as much as all of you do who read this, and that is because what Ron has become in life form is a universe secret and he has no idea of what transformation he has had to go through. Be aware he must cancel no medical testing but to aver to the new doctor there is nothing wrong with him and out the door he goes for good without further medical interference.

“Closing this section for myself, I welcome Mark Rogers back to the initial input he had years ago when he helped Ron bring the discussions to the Internet from the name Monjoronson and then from Serara through Mark’s initial revival of the practice then. We leave all to the Utah Group to decide just what this is all about as they must discuss this provision we are making available today. We seek unity, not transposed loyalties to an old Teaching Mission, for that is gone forever. Ron is responsible not for all that has occurred since the end of the old Teaching Mission. Good day. Margul.”



“We must assign ourselves to the positive aspects of what is to come, and to delay the negative aspects of what has happened to the world in general. BREXIT is a calamity to the European Union and not to Great Britain, as Great Britain has curiously learned what America learned in the 19th century, ‘all must run for cover when the world is seized with war!’

“I am requiring that the United Nations learn its responsibilities once more, and to provide real leadership looking forward to an amalgamation of world power there instead as in indvidual nation states.



“The Lucifer Rebellion on Urantia is to end by October 01, 2018. Machiventa Melchizedek is asking that the Utah Group bring itself to York, and for Mark Roger or other designated leader. to prepare to take an office in the building that is to be dedicated to Michael of Nebadon as a Teaching Mission authority from now on. We must conclude the Lucifer Rebellion as it started on Urantia, and to have the Planetary Prince deride the conditions on Urantia in a brief announcement to Staff on Urantia (his), and to Ron’s staff in the new offices, that henceforth, their allegiance is to Michael first and the Planetary Prince as co-ruler of the Urantia paradigm. In this case that paradigm is Ron Besser personally as it is he who insisted the Mission be available to all of humanity, and to have all of you work it against the Lucifer tendency to acquire all rights and power to themselves. Guests are reminded that Ron makes the site readability for all of them and that is not normally done. Truthbook will be asked to align itself with this discussion forum as well and if they cannot find it in their hearts to realize who is really in charge of explanations as to spirit ascent on this planet through your/their understanding of fusion to humans now, then they will become a lost item in past history on Urantia quickly enough, if they refuse any understanding of that importance new to Urantia now and only on Urantia for now. I am Michael of Nebadon, and I know whereof I speak, as that group has decided wrongly to challenge Ron on all of this but I assure you his fusion was the first on Urantia since the days of Ezekiel and it is of record that such did occur as stated, along with six other fusions in concert with Ron to become Staff with me on Urantia shortly as either Bestowal Attendants or under the work of Machiventa Melchizedek fully incarnated for the duration of these Missions.



“As of today, 15 September 2018, the old Corvallis Group now in Sacramento, California, will be asked to recognize the York office with the Utah Group to be the defacto head of the new Teaching Mission, and that is until the Salvington government convenes a new dictation for the divine organization for this effort on Urantia. It is our hope that Ron accommodates Mark Rogers, or some other designated leader from Utah, into the building with him, as Ron has a suite of offices in the L shaped building in Continental Square of York City, and is master of the work to be done there. Jesus will eventually be in charge of all activities of the Teaching Mission and the work of the Sixth Epochal revelation, but Ron must be the ultimate coordination of both the Teaching Mission and distribution of the epochal revelation otherwise known as the Sixth Epochal Revelation. This designation recognizes there must be an ultimate coordinator in the reorganization of the Teaching Mission on Urantia.



“Ron has suggested a written authorization of the Teaching Mission to explain what is to be done as an ultimate goal of the Teaching Mission; what officials it has a coordinating heads, and how funding for the new Teaching Mission shall be made, and through what agencies these things shall be accomplished. This new Teaching Mission is no longer to be authorized on the local level any more as it must become world wide and the new way to teach revelation at the most basic level. Call it an SOP Ron if you like. (Ron for those who do not speak “corporatese,” that stands for Standard Operating Procedures , that companies use to make sure people understand how to do what they are to do)



“Finally, I announce today that Jesus will appear on Urantia sometime in 2019, and that is to be the final authority over the epochal revelation, the Foundations of various ilks, and the Teaching Mission. Ron is his second command when appropriate and that is a final solution to all of these countervailing opinions up here and what to do with Ron when Jesus appears ready to run roughshod over things he does not like here and there.

“We conclude this statement with one other important announcement:

“Ron has been running the affairs of the Michael Mission, more or less, using this forum to get information out to all of you, both Members and Guests. He foresees that the Internet will be taken down if the calamities are as bad as we advertise them, The Internet will not go down as we are insisting that Google learn its proper place, and that Microsoft kick in all of those extra billions of spare dollars to keep it going through the worst of the many crisis we will withstand on Urantia. Ron correctly points out those corporations live their hight entitled lives in the western regions slated to come into a watery grave. We will insist that Google relocate to either Virginia or West Virginia and that Microsoft relocate to York region for Reasons of State with the Michael Mission on Urantia. Be assured they have good incentive to make those moves as I will insist that York becomes a corporate center for technology that we must have working for the new fuels and inventions of convenience the Michael Mission will bring with it to Urantia.

“We leave now with a concern for Ron and his debilitated health as a way to leave for a few weeks to get over the idea of exhaustion and pain, and to relive the idea of fun and help and worry not with Me, the Creator Son. He knows my rough endges and he knows how I react when I get a bad surprise from elsewhere. That is normal for a Staff person to know. You Ron are on my Staff truly and that is a high privilege few ever sport for the work of any Mission on any planet, as you have proved so valuable we need your advice on certain issues when they appear to be needfully satisfied. We are delighted and speak now to all:”



“We are now ready to clear the air with all of you:

“Ron has played guru not and eschews any such use of that word, but he is finished as a second fiddle to all of your individual choices as to how to serve with us in York. Right now York is far too small to take all of you on. The L shaped building in York now has to be procured again as we dropped negotiations but it never did sell and we will go back and take it back again. You are not wrong Ron to eye what Mantutia was asked to do and you have decided it was a virtual interest but not a legal material interest and it is off to the side now. But it is not. We may use that first choice as an auxiliary office for some of the humans who can come to York with their offices ready too in that other first choice place. The L shaped building is not a pariah as some consider it as it is already set up with radio and TV facilities and must be maintained at an even higher level of presentation, as the Magisterial Foundation must be prepared to be the name on the brass plate on the front of the building in great big bold letters, as Serara and Monjoronson will fill those desires for a Magisterial Mission some distance from today AFTER the Michael Mission is completed to Michael’s satisfaction.


“Ron considers the Michael Mission a Bestowal, and that it is. Be prepared for the Michael Mission to carry full authority before the churches and synagogues and other semi-religious institutions on Urantia. We on Paradise expect humans like Ron to stand ready at the drop of a hat to travel to lands they know not. He is too good not to be heard before groups who will wonder how he makes a pen float in front of their eyes with our permission of course.

“Be also aware that he and Mark Rogers are close cousins in all thoughts as to the need for Michael to be present fully and sincerely with Jesus and both stand ready to take charge of what is to be done. Be aware the Teaching Mission is a pet of Ron’s too, and Rogers will have his hands full to figure out how Ron knows which lever to pull and when. Do not forget Utah Group that Ron has under his hand the new Urantia Foundation to be called the Magisterial Foundation for Revelatory Issues as its first and only department at this time. That Foundation will throw support to the Teaching Mission everywhere as part of the Sixth Epochal Revelation, and that is one powerful attribute the Teaching Mission can bring with it for sure.

“As your Father on high, make sure you all understand that all of you, including the gobsmacked Clency, are part of this Mission and will be attired properly and fully in a jacket and a tie for men, and appropriate dress for women, and that all are part of the headquarters fully established now in York, Pennsylvania. We have reviewed statements earlier that Poughkeepsie, New York, was a co-director with York, but find that too demeaning to my view that York stands head and shoulders above what we have in Poughkeepsie, New York. Poughkeepsie is our communications center, and while it is not the spirit polarity of Urantia, as that will devolve in the York area in a few months, we use Poughkeepsie as the best place to send out radio and television and other communication signals to Urantia. Good day.”

Weydevu, my view is that this is a dispensational event and not a public event.  The last place that affected the Salvington Government was the Bestowal world Urantia and it is of the utmost importance to be cleaned up as it is an example for Spirit to portray to the rest of the universe, that evil cannot reign Supreme even on a lost planet like Urantia.  Now do you thin the public as they are today could fathom the event and know what adjudication means to them as most, if they ever think about it, consider the Bible story of a war in heaven as a fable.  It would create a lot of useless controversy I am sure to make ti generally known up front. What has to happen is people will have to start reading the sixth epochal revelation to know the event occurred and the awful mess it created,  not only on Urantia,  but right up into the highest councils of Paradise.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "As usual Ron is right as rain but let me add this:  Lucifer hated me in particular and wanted to destroy Urantia right down to its molten core that keeps the planet spinning and forces its gravity to be evenly distributed across its surface.  But we did have the adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion completed on March 16, 1986 and that is sufficient to clear out of the records as an ongoing affront to all of Us on high.  But Ron is right, this is a Bestowal Planet and it must be associated with only the highest ideals and working ways for spirit and for that reason the Sixth Epochal Dispensation recognizes that it is purged off the land itself and Jesus, who appears within possibly weeks from now, will clear it with the public if they ask him what happened to Lucifer or the devil?    Michael of Nebadon."

MOTHER SPIRIT = "We are determining that the Lucifer Rebellion was ended here on Urantia eighty years ago with the end of WW II.  But the trial that has unfolded since then over nation states and their war like tendencies has caused us to rething the Lucifer Rebellion still present on Urantia in the people who perpetuate war and ware like tendencies.  Trump is among the worst examples of this tendency to proclaim war as the essential factor in governance.  Mother Spirit."


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