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If I have to sum-up what is revealed to us from Serara I would say, in a few words, that the Magisterial Mission is still in the agenda, but it will occur not long before the Michael Mission is well established, which consist mainly of an educational program of the world population by the means of the SER and with the help of a Seraphim Government under the supervision of Michael. Do I get it right ?

All in all, it will take what will seem a long time to mortals, but in an acceleration mode for Celestials, to bring Nystoria to the era of Light and Life. May the Will of the Father be done.

Thank you Sue for this transmission and Serara for clearing things up for us. Domtia
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ BEING FUSED
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Hi Lemuel, the missing part of the transmission is corrected, but I have no idea what really happened, I was so convinced I did it right, I am so sorry, I will be more careful next time. Domtia
Speaker: Serara
Subject: Nystoria and the Missions
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 12/06/2018 9.33am(AEST)

[Dear List, as I sat to take this session, it was eerily quiet, with my Adjuster giving me the thought that there are many in private session behind closed doors with the Father as to what He has plans for and so I waited for what Father has for me to listen to and Serara is free on the sidelines to speak as we await on what can be done to go forward with, meanwhile Serara has the following to know about for now -  Sue]


“Nystoria is your planet’s new name. Meaning to be in peace in the Father’s Light. The planet is undergoing changes you do not know of as it is both materially, spiritually transforming with the pre-matter (energy) sent from the Source. New building blocks are being made to withstand the pressures of the earth’s core. Stability of gravity forces is inherently at work. These statements are being made as they are entirely a new way for this scribe to take dictation. They are punctuated as is received. No explanations, just statements of new revelations to be made for you to know about.

“This is an entirely new territory for Sue as she is breaking through a barrier of doubt as to its authenticity of what is given. That is not to be questioned, but to go ahead with faith and courage to allow this to flow, come what may as I put it forward the way I do.

“Sue asked me the question: “Is there a Magisterial Mission, since Michael insists there is none until later after Michael begins his own in a few short weeks of time?” I answer to that to say, ‘yes and no’. ‘Yes’, there is one after Michael’s when he has set the bar for humans to reach it and, ‘No’, when the Father has said to hold back long enough until I get things straightened out. So where does that leave you? In a holding pattern until we have those areas of concern sorted and given due notice of our intentions to intervene in human affairs. Humans are not to participate in full view until it is safe for you to do so. This is to keep you from being unnecessarily harmed and harangued by those who wish nothing more than to remove something that is a threat to their very entrenched and preconceived views.

“Sue knows herself what trouble this is when it comes to allow what she knows as true to come to the surface, only to be met with misunderstanding and hostility. As a result, she is living a life of a sort of a hermit as there is no refuge of any worth in a world that is at odds with itself.

“As your spiritual guides and teachers, we watch you all and come to understand your trials with your Adjusters and we are fully aware of the struggles inherent in what is to prevail if we do come to the fray without much forward instruction and meaningful education. This is where Michael takes the cake and slices it to even proportions so as to make it tenable for humans to digest of the reality of divine mission is indeed among you and is acceptable to view.

“Without going into too much detail, our plans are many and intricate to say the least. For now, we relent with what Michael has in mind to go with and are happy to assist him in his endeavours to straighten out the dough and get it malleable for me to do something with it.

“Michael concurs with me that he can accomplish a lot with the Seraphims, Midwayers, as well as the Melchizedeks to get things done a lot quicker than what it takes for a human to do. The reason for this is to avoid the unnecessary heat that ensues for humans to weather when it can be better done with more efficiency with the Seraphic Government to take on the work of correction on Nystoria.

“You humans will feel somewhat left out of the game we wish to play, but as spectators, you will see an amazing transformation emerging. Your part to play will come in many forms of human engagement in activities that become very real in your terms of challenges you are confronted with. Sue will have an office opened up in Australia and that is more to do with what endeavours to promote the SER and other papers of import we have to get out for the public to be educated on and know of what is surely a cake to truly partake in. What is soon to become apparent, the changes in earth’s dynamics will enforce a different direction as to what to do next and “revelation” is the by-word most will come to increasingly appreciate as it soon becomes dependable in proper direction for survival purposes.

“Henceforth, I remain at bay by Father’s request and will act as soon as it is expedient to do so when Michael has steadied the many to come into familiarity of divinity at work in their lives.

“I am Serara, your soon to be Magisterial Son and I stay resident on Uversa until Michael has given assurances that Nystoria is stabilized in her transition from a wayward mess to some semblance of kindred spirit we can better work with. My work is very dynamic and transformational, as I work with the full force of the Father’s liaison forces that has a lot do with the purity of justice and mercy that is tangible in your lives as you live it. This cannot be accomplished properly when we have a population so spiritually poor and half-hearted in willingness to receive what I represent from the Father Himself.

“Education and revelation are the key foundational stones upon which you and your brethren can learn and understand more fully the better part what it is to know and be about in all that is true, good and beautiful to pursue in your lives. That is where Michael wishes to work with in gaining that insight and understanding you all deserve to have in order to make informed decisions as to your will and purpose with the Father.

“This you all know and are aware of and it is fortuitous to revert back to the days of the TUB and begin again with the SER to pick up the speed with knowledge for you all to digest and be so moved in spirit once more as it ought to have been. This is the measure of re-education to redo the work of upliftment and to gain the traction of spiritual revival so badly needed in your current age.

“We await for certain political affairs to pan out and it will become a level playing field for all involved. We are hopeful and are at the edge of our seats when this comes about in ways that is good for all involved. I take the back seat for now and allow the marvelous Michael of Nebadon to instruct his many orders of beings to get going with the work of “much ado” in the affairs of men on Nystoria. It may be slow to you, but it is to accomplish more in the space of time that it would otherwise take humans to do in centuries of time. Michael already has accomplished a few amazing feats and that is to be filtering through to unravel many other areas of concern soon to be making progress more fruitful and pleasing to be about.

“There are many areas of concern in your world and that has a lot of work to get improvements made, but in all, the best way is for education of the “new revelation” to be introduced more and more to the minds of many so as to gain better insight and understanding as to knowing your place in God’s kingdom. This is for you all, this work is for you to know Him and love Him, your Source and Centre of your being.

“Our endeavours is all to do with that and allowing your world the happy rendition of heart to be truly busy with what is good for all and in all.

“I am Serara and I am happy for this lesson to be well placed and trust you all will follow the way of the Father as He unfolds the measure of goodness before you all. I end this note by saying, ‘peace be with you and may you be in His peace always’.  And may you have a good day.”

Dearest Michael and Sue,
Thank you so much for this!  Every new piece of the puzzle helps and the time is coming when all the pieces will be in place.
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ BEING FUSED
« Last post by Lemuel on June 11, 2018, 02:52:30 PM »
Clency, for some reason has omitted the last 3 minutes of the transmission in his transcription but you can, if you have the time,

listen to the tape. 

Thank you.

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ BEING FUSED
« Last post by Clency on June 11, 2018, 02:09:31 PM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Being fused

Beloved/Lemuel : The subject this morning is called « Being Fused ». I was given to understand that my fusion took place on the 13th of October 2016. Since that time I have always kept an open mind about this and other subjects regarding my fusion, predominantly from Michael and Nebadonia and others through Ron Besser.

I have thought many times that perhaps I would like to say something or we would like to say something about this, but the right time or the right feeling never came and so I remained silent all this time.

The main reason being of course is that I have not really experienced anything that I could hang my hat on, so to speak, and so I reasoned what is the point of trying to talk about something when I don’t know how to say, whether I am fused or not, I don’t know, I can only keep an open mind about what others said about my fusion.

Well, I have read something that the others have said, the other fused, like Ron and Sue and Larry, but myself I remained quiet, as I say, because I just didn’t feel right to talk about something that in fact I did not really know of what I am talking about.

As most of you know, recently I have spent some time to hospital with pneumonia and obviously it has been a very painful and difficult time, without going into details. At another times to say that it was a very complicated situation during the operation which should have lasted just about an hour but in my case it lasted three hours and I lost a tremendous amount of blood and I needed seven blood transfusions.

Anyway, that is all over now, but obviously it left me very weak, etc.., and it is going to take a long time to recovery, but strangely enough (as you may hear I am in a countryside again), I am sorry, I digress. You know the saying : God moves in mysterious ways, what He wants us to perform.

This morning, without having any idea of doing a transmission, because in fact I have been resting a little at the advise of Michael Himself, that I should rest briefly, but nevertheless here I am this morning and as I just entered this parkway, I knew it was the right moment to talk about this because my Beloved puts the words into my mind and of course I accept them, switch on my recorder and here we are.

Well, my dear brothers and sisters, what can I say really about being fused, I think I can sum it all up in one sentence, it is the certainty that Father has claimed to me as His own, I am His son in whom He is well pleased and I have accepted that fully, with tremendous feeling of gratitude and love for Father.

The fact that my Beloved and I really are One, mind and one heart and in fact there are no words adequate enough to describe this. I am sure you will all appreciate this, but we only have words and so one is forced to use them.

I wish I could try to make you understand the feeling of being totally and fully accepted and taking in the Bossom of Father for all eternity. Well, I cannot say anymore, because I am getting emotional, in fact there are no words. I just would like to repeat again this very well-known saying : God moves in mysterious ways His wonders to perform.

I do not wish to suggest for one moment that my illness, spending 52 days in hospital with such pain, in anyway with deliberate test for me, I am not suggesting for one minute, but I can only say, whatever it may be as a result of my recent illness and my slow but steady recuperation to some extent during the past three weeks or so since I left hospital.

I have in fact come to this realization and acceptance, and now this something that I can honestly and sincerely with all my being I can hang my hat on this and so finally I know what it is like to be fused. Although, it is something that does not need to be shouted from the house-tops, not at all it is not necessary, that would be ego and I am glad that I do not have problems with ego any longer, ego keeps in his place as a faithful servant and that’s fine.
So, dear brothers and sisters, it is such a pleasure, an honor to be able to talk to you as I have been doing. As you know, I missed you all so much during the period I was in the hospital and since my return, as you know, I have done several audio transmissions but obviously to-day it is something very special.
There is nothing more to be said, I am so grateful to have had the opportunity, my Beloved and I, to speak about this. I would just like to thank you all for listening and I bid you all a very good day and I should continue here for a while in the countryside listening to the birds, it’s so wonderful. Anyway, thank you all very much. Domtia

General Discussion / Re: Happy Birthday/ Gift of Nystoria Book
« Last post by TrinitiLuv on June 11, 2018, 01:45:18 PM »
A bunch of thank yous, Weydevu, for filling in the blank for me.    I have too many of those "memory lapse moments" when I have to scratch my head trying to clearly remember recent and ongoing happenings.  Surely hope that I'm not a serious candidate for altzheimer's disease.
TrinitiLuv // Ray Borden // Washington DC Metro Area //  11June2018  //  ca 1:48pmEDT
General Discussion / Re: Happy Birthday/ Gift of Nystoria Book
« Last post by weydevu on June 11, 2018, 10:41:55 AM »
That man's name is Courtney Brown, Ph. D.

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission/ BEING FUSED
« Last post by Lemuel on June 11, 2018, 06:38:43 AM »
Speaker: Beloved/ Lemuel
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/ Time: 11th June 2018  12:38 Local  11:38 Z
Speaker: Michael of Nebadon
Subjects:The Local Universe Creator Sons, the Father, the Ascenders from Rebellion, the Unprecedence of Fusion Status and the Trial to Become Supreme to Enter Into Ultimacy.
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 09/06/2018 5.23pm (AEST)

[Sue: Hah! I note the date as I settle to take dictation, Happy Birthday Ron! May your day be a good one.]


[No quotes here as this is a long one and lets get on with it, please…]

I am none too busy to relay this to you. There is much to say. The first thing to say is that Ron needs rest as his transition is wearing. You Sue, take it on the bat as the ball gets thrown and so, as it goes, who takes it from here. Keep going with what you can do here as you are one of the best yet along with Ron, Lemuel and others that are not here, but elsewhere doing marvelous work (e.g. the Progress Group 11:11). That is to set the tone of the type of work to attune to as it goes in some of you. All it takes is to ask and listen.

Now this: As it goes, there are changes coming not to upset you, but to make it known that where these Missions come into place, there is no doubt in mind, as it is in yours, how so many on this world are not prepared to take a blunt measure but more easily can receive a moderate knowledge we reveal to get eyes more wanting in view of history, modern man and culture.

Your Superuniverse of Orvonton is the seventh Superuniverse and, Sue correctly thinks, that the nine or ten or more (that are keen to join) Local Universes, this side of the equation, so close to the first Outer Space Zone, and reaching areas we deem the Supreme has in mind that Light and Life is fast approaching, when we combine to force more appeal, support and contingencies to gather those apostate worlds, I am dealing with as well as, the rebels of different orders that need to come to heel in the way we congeal with the Father’s mandate and proposal for us to adore and place it well in all that we are to do to accomplish Light and Life in Nebadon and beyond.

I intend to make it clear to you all what this is all to mean for you. It is quite clear to you that there has been of late, many “unprecedents” being made more in our side of the veil and this carries on, due in respect, to how the Lucifer Rebellion, the apostate worlds including yours has occupied our senses, resources as well as capacities of heart to wrangle with the unthinkable challenges it imposes on all this side of Orvonton. Not only does rebellions have adverse affects, it also carries weight in what imports to those who pass mortal death and are to be dealt with as to what to do with those who are truly lost in all this unrealised knowledge.

You who are fully comprised of The Urantia Book and are here, patiently awaiting for some measure of Godly input in the maelstrom you happened to be innocent of, are the few in Nebadon that taste the foulness of life that should never have been shouldered like what you have at this point. I, as Jesus, who walked the  many roads with the disciples soon knew the travesty of what those nefarious high sons have wrought as I witnessed so many who struggled to understand even the simplest truths, I spoke about. The disciples, in all honesty, were unlearned men and women, but were of decent standing with others as well as sensible in worldly survival.

In any case, you all are be lauded for sticking here with me as we unravel how to step in carefully in the world you live in and that is planned among so many varying modifications; now Father has surprised us with another new development now to be convened by all those Creator Sons who neighbour alongside mine, Nebadon. This is due in regard to how things play on Urantia/Nystoria, my bestowal planet, as to the means and ways of humans on a planet so isolated for an unprecedented set of time, even God the Supreme is set on edge as to how even five humans have managed to have fused with their Adjuster, that sets them apart from so many who are yet to understand what this means as the five fused mortals are Father’s doing and has paved the way for a new set of fusion status for what can be achieved in those who seek and find the Father the way they did.  This is sacred in Father’s ways and means with the enormous love He has for those who touch Him in Spirit and Love.

This morning, and the last few nights of dreams, Sue has been contemplating on a number of impressions that all point to how she can contend with “disappointments” from so many points of reference, that was put to her by the Deity Absolute. In all, she took it in her stride and noted it well and saw it for what it is. Although saddening to taste, it did have its point in not taking things for granted and really place herself to the task and be attentive to what goes on around her.

This is a world to be alert in and be steady in, even though most easily become complacent and too prone to ignorance; it is now time to prick the ears to Spirit to notice we mean business soon enough. There is enough said here to say that it is becoming clear to you that there is a large contingent operation at hand to ensure God’s business is taken seriously as we move in gear for the apostate worlds to be on notice once, then it becomes Father’s to initiate sweeping measures of recompense.

I comprise the following points for you all to take note of:

  • Nebadon is no longer alone in rebellion as others are now realising what is at stake when it does happen.
  • Avalon, Wolvering, Nebadon, Sensalon and others you do not yet know of are combining in agreement and wish to hear and convene with the Father as He proposes not only the unusualness of rebellion that we face in Nebadon, but as to the unusual numbers of rebellion-resistant ascenders that derive from such happenings and how this is to be understood by the Creator Sons with Michael of Nebadon, who is and has now been honoured the title of a Super Michael Son in Father’s proposal. This is to denote the contingent factors in dealing with the problems associated with the challenges faced by Lucifer and company who sought to derail so many of Father’s intentions in the universes of time and space.
  • The evolutionary process is still to be respected by God the Supreme as an essential ingredient in passing the rope to the lowest creatures to learn and grow in steady progress in attaining the experience, the knowledge and appreciation  that can be gained through the trials and tempers of mortal existence.
  • I am Michael to you, as your Creator Son; to the Father, I am His Son of creative prerogatives to undo the infinite to finite patterns to gather the length and breadth of extenuating experience for all potentials. This is Father’s domain, and I am to play it, like one would play music to your ears.
  • As Creator Son and as the Creative Spirit with me, your creative parents hail from the Creative Paradise Trinity and we “mirror” that pattern of infinite creativity. Right on down from Havona, to the Local Universe, to your Local Planetary System, the music is reached out unto the ends of time and space. When this gets disrupted by rebellion, it spells discord and mistrust as well as discontent and, that, you know all too well. It is time now to bring back the “mirror” to reflect the majesty of music you were for so long deprived of and to dispel that discord that only places too much brokenness, Father finds it abhorrent to let it go for much longer than it already has to this point.   [I pause to collect momentum….]
  • Sue had to steady herself as she gets drifted in weariness at this point, but we insist and press on and it is this: Father intends to bring in the big guns to allow who is really king of this molehill of Urantia/Nystoria. But I intend to reason with that, as it may cause humans of this level to come so stunned as to not come to respond as we expected. We need to cushion the attempts to get recognition and commitment. Father contended, by saying “..that it has been so defaulted that any more cushioning could further derail any more efforts, no matter how benign our intentions. This has to be pulled up or declared fully defaulted and brought under the noses of the high courts of Uversa that critically examines both man and spirit in question. Let it face the light of perfection of who stands and who does not. I am the Light, and no man comes to me and sees me unless He is truly a Son who I am well pleased with in all my heart.”
  • The Paradise Trinity stand ready to take action and it is with the combinations of Creator Sons that we enforce the will of the Father as to how to clean up the mess of rebellion and to get on with the business with God the Supreme in action of Light and Life completion and thereby of Supremacy to enter Ultimacy of reality with God the Ultimate.

[Father Michael, I am drifting and need to rest now….]

Thank  you for being honest. That is good to do. I end this here for now, but be prepared for more in the wings as to what is to be for all of you as what can be achieved here on Nystoria will enable you as Ascenders a most engaging career as you hold the keys to Father’s indwelling presence and embodiment of resilient spirit that is no where else seen like it is here among so many of you. Good day.


[7.24pm and 6 pages long in my notebook]

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