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Upon viewing the video attached, life is no worth on this planet! I'm sincerely sorry for being born here.

Michael, I know You have pity for all of us and You don't want to interfere with our Free Will, however, my Lord and Creator, enough is enough. What's taking place here is no more bearable. I was having lunch when PFC website sent me the link as I'm a member of that forum.

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ A sign of respect
« Last post by Pliktarious on March 11, 2018, 09:19:00 AM »
Hi Lemuel, if I ever meet a Melchizedek or any other celestial beings, I will get on my knees and kiss his feet if he would allow me to do so. That would be the greatest day of my life, Domtia. 
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ A sign of respect
« Last post by Clency on March 11, 2018, 04:00:09 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

A sign of respect

Beloved/Lemuel : Our subject this morning is « A sign of respect », meaning to show respect for someone by demonstrating with your body the sign of respect. Throughout history and in all cultures, there are examples, there are traditions and ways of how to show respect. In fact, it is an innate quality when we show respect for someone who comes before us.

I am sure you all know the hindu tradition of putting your hands together and slightly bowing in front of the person and to say : NAMASTE, which means I recognize God in you. May be you think it is a strange title or subject we are talking about this morning, but in fact, dear brothers and sisters, it is not.

Let me assure you that very soon you will come face to face with Celestial Beings, the Beloved Melchizedeks Family and some of you will be working alongside them, shoulder to shoulder so to speak, and on first meeting you will automatically want and express your respect by slightly bowing your head.

In other situations the respect can be shown and is shown in different cultures by not only bowing the head but by bending the knee. Again, this is an innate ability for human being to bend the knee and bow the head before someone of higher authority, superior authority.

May be you will find it interesting to note also in the animal kingdom where there is superior authority of order in a pack of wolfes, just an example, one will always lie down on his back with paws up in the presence of other dog or wolf. So this is animal instinct and we are of animal origin.

This is why I say and repeat, this is innate in us to show respect when we are in the company of someone of higher authority. There is another way of interpreting this, remember you all have your Beloved Father Fragment indwelling you and it is that impose from your Beloved which will cause you to bow your head and in certain circumstances bend your knee before someone of high authority.

It is not a symbol of surrender or belittle yourself before someone, it is not that at all. It is your desire, and in fact it is your need to show the utmost respect for this person standing before you. You bow your head or you bend your knee, depending on the circumstances.

So, our talk this morning is about showing respect and we know that all of you here on the forum are aware of this and when the time comes and the time is coming very shortly where you find yourself in such situation where you will have the desire to show respect to someone.

Remember, in fact, there are very few of you here on the forum, there are throughout the world of course, but there are still very few ground troops, but there are many thousands of Melchizedeks here as I mentioned before. Some of you, ground troops here, will be working alongside them and learning from them.

It is such an opportunity for all of you and you will show respect and that is exactly as it should be. They will have great respect for you, human beings, the last of the Agondonters who are here dedicating your life to be at the Father’s busness and the Missions.

So they will greatly respect you as well and love you beyond your understanding, so it is only right and fitting that you should all show your respect for them and so it is. Thank you for listening and we bid you all a very good day. Domtia
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission/ A sign of respect
« Last post by Lemuel on March 11, 2018, 01:27:11 AM »
Speaker: Beloved/Lemuel
Subject: A sign of respect.
Place: Girona Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time:  11th March 2018  07.26 Local  06:26 Z
The Reclamation of Urantia / Re: Mind Types Abound Elsewhere But Not on Urantia
« Last post by Ron Besser on March 10, 2018, 11:40:03 PM »
Not to unpersuade you Larry to delete your eloquent question mark above, I wish to let all you know I received more on mind types and quit after transmitting from about 830am to 230 pm to complete it.  I intend to do the edit and title it tomorrow as it is quite a lot of new revelation concerning the Supreme's involvement with mind types and mind fusion you know nothing about yet.  However, around 430PM I fell into a lethargic condition which is an effect of fusion with Master Spirit Seven and Phase 7 of God the Supreme fusion of mind and body collision.  As I feel it effects harshly, and this is my reaction and may not be yours if or when it happens to some of you.   Master Spirit Seven's fusion is tentative He tells me it is probationary and the Almighty Supreme probationary fusion of my mind is fairly painful and Adjuster places the mind in a freezer so to speak to keep the headaches even less painful.

I will tell you this: They indicate that Urantia will have a lot of fusion candidates and mind type is not necessarily conditioning who gets mind fused by the Thought Adjuster. 

Larry:  I do not know how you got classified as type five mind?  But let the record show your mind is Type IV (4) which is of a type you share with Clency and many on this site.   Lemuel, Amethyst and I and Wendy are type III;  you and Clency and a few more are Type IV.  I find keeping track of this category hard to do and hope your do it better than I do.

It may be early afternoon before I get the new transmit up but it will be up tomorrow.  Till then see ya.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON SPEAKS - ?I relate the fact that Ron was fused twice last night and woke up this morning with a harsh headache and feet burning him down.  He let the feet thing go but wonder why the Supreme or the Trinity was indwelling him, but it turns out it was God the Supreme, the Almighty Supreme preparing fusion.  It took three hours to prepare and fuse Ron but he chose to go back to bed and sleep over it as it was well advised as in such a young person it is difficult for the Supreme to find enough to fuse, but the Almighty Supreme hit pay dirt this afternoon and transmitted a wonder new revelation to all of you for Ron to edit and put up tomorrow,  Best wishes for a good day to all,  Michael.":
The Reclamation of Urantia / Re: Mind Types Abound Elsewhere But Not on Urantia
« Last post by LarryG on March 10, 2018, 07:13:14 PM »
@LarryG, The 'human nature' point of reference is sufficient only when complacency sets in, and yes, your mind type 5 is all over the place :)

Striving for 'intellectual unity up to the magnificent mind of the chief executive of a universe (cosmic mind)' requires tremendous effort and discipline; take up your bed and walk! Wendy
The Reclamation of Urantia / Re: Mind Types Abound Elsewhere But Not on Urantia
« Last post by Clency on March 10, 2018, 10:50:20 AM »
All in all, after reading and re-reading the two posts from Ron, I come to the conclusion (the best as I can with my IV type mind) that Urantia is still at a stage of a vast laboratory where mind experiments – Ron being the leading guinea pig – are going on, by putting two and two together, so as to stumble over the correct « mendation » (mind modification) which brings about the Homo Spiritus the whole world is yearning after and I also understand that this process is worked out on Salvington with various ingredients (mind types) coming from Uversa, but I am curious to know on what criterias are based the selection of mind endowments, since the Jewish people was the only one, in the past, to be the bearer of Type 7, lost in wars. Domtia
TRANSLATIONS / Re: Wiadomoci po polsku (Posts in Polish)
« Last post by Andre_P on March 10, 2018, 07:26:35 AM »
Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku :
Przekazał : Lemuel, członek-bohater
Kategoria / Temat : Przekazy dźwiękowe / Przekaz dźwiękowy / Rosnące podniecenie
« 9 marca 2018, godz. 01:20:08 »

Mówca : Umiłowany / Lemuel
Temat : Rosnące podniecenie
Przekazujący : Lemuel
Miejsce : Girona, Katalonia, Hiszpania
Data / Godzina : 9 marca 2018 / 07:19 czasu miejscowego, 06:19 GMT

Link do nagrania dżwiękowego :

Transkrypcja :
Napisał : Clency, członek-bohater
« Odpowiedź nr 1 : 9 marca 2018, godz. 02:28:46 »
Zapis przekazu Lemuela

Rosnące podniecenie

Umiłowany / Lemuel : Naszym tematem dzisiejszego ranka jest "Podniecenie rośnie". Tak, rzeczywiście podniecenie rośnie, podobnie jak napięcie. Wszyscy to teraz odczuwacie w pewien sposób lub w jakiejś formie, fizycznie, emocjonalnie i psychicznie. Wszystko teraz powstaje i wszystko jest naprawdę podniecające.

Przygotowania do rozpoczęcia Misji są dosłownie tuż za rogiem, że tak powiem, a Niebiańscy wraz z ludźmi to czują. To są operacje dwukierunkowe. Wszystkie wasze oddziały lądowe są tak głęboko kochane i doceniane przez całą rodzinę Niebiańskich.

Jesteśmy świadomi waszych uczuć i podniecenia i jestem tutaj, aby powiedzieć wam o naszym podnieceniu, a także o zwiększeniu napięcia. Kiedy ojciec mówi, wszystko się porusza i zaczyna działać. Jesteśmy tutaj, aby spełniać polecenia Ojca, my z naszej strony i znamy was z waszej strony i wiemy jak bardzo jesteście oddani.

Czas biegnie teraz szybko, a dni przelatują i wszyscy jesteście ostrzeżeni i pouczeni tak wiele razy, co ma się wydarzyć na Urantii, co jak nigdy przedtem jest śledzone wszędzie we wszechświecie w taki sposób i w takim stopniu. Oto, czego Urantia będzie świadkiem.

Nie mówię teraz o katastrofach, o ruchu płyt tektonicznych i wybuchach wulkanów i trzęsieniach ziemi. Nie mówię o tym w tej chwili, mówię o tym, że kiedy Misje zostaną ogłoszone publicznie w tak wspaniały sposób, cała ludzkość będzie w szoku, użyję tego wyrażenia.

To będzie najbardziej niezwykłe wydarzenie, które nigdy nie miało miejsca tutaj na Ziemi. Wyglądamy za tym tak samo, jak wy i chcę wam wszystkim powiedzieć tego ranka, że to jest tuż tuż. Bądźcie cierpliwi, kontynuujcie wasze przygotowania i ufajcie i wierzcie, teraz jeszcze bardziej niż kiedykolwiek, z waszymi umiłowanymi Dostrajaczami Myśli. .

Jak mówicie : trzymajcie się, nie dajcie się. Wiemy, że jesteście podnieceni w oczekiwaniu, ale jednocześnie starajcie się zachować spokój każdego dnia. To wszystko, co mam wam do powiedzenia dziś rano. Nie wstrzymujciecie oddechu, kontynuuj wdechy i wydechy. To jes naprawdę prawie tutaj, nie o tygodnie przed nami. Nie, moje umiłowane siostry i bracia, nie o tygodnie.

Tu Dostrajacz Myśli Lemuela, z radością przekazuję wam te kilka słów dziś rano. Dziękuję za wysłuchanie. Wszystkim wam życzę bardzo udanego dnia. Domszia
To Ron, Michael, the Deity Absolute and Mother Spirit, I am taking this all in and letting what you have to impart take hold in my thoughts. I am most appreciative as it is so helpful in the work here. Of course there is more to tell on the subject as Michael and the Deity Absolute admits and the further posting Ron has written, in the other thread is adding more light to the above that is developing. I apologise for not responding earlier as I wished but had to go to work. As it goes after work, I get so tired and fatigued I could not even function. I write this briefly as I feel the need to go to bed to sleep right away. This is creeping up on me these last few days and I notice how draining work in my workplace can be on my whole body and all, when I'd rather be typing up transmissions that may come my way in due course as it did to me yesterday.  Anyhow, I just want to say a huge thank you to Ron for laying it out so nicely with neat headings that have nuggets in them too! Thank you so much and to Clency and Larry and others for giving it a thought as to what it means for you.

Now I really have to go bed! Good night everyone! And may God bless you all! I say this  every night now and in the morning too with delight! :)


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