Author Topic: Gaia and Serena on soul-to-soul companionships  (Read 1284 times)

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Gaia and Serena on soul-to-soul companionships
« on: June 26, 2016, 05:04:41 PM »

  Hello my forum brothers and sisters.  This transmission is the result of questions I asked my Adjuster concerning certain experiences I have been having.  Over the past days and weeks, I would receive a phrase here, a sentence there that I was to write down, until I finally had several pages of notes.  I was then prompted to put the info into this to share with all of you.  So I give thanks to my Father Within, the Planetary Supreme, and Serena for their loving support.

Note:  This transmission was completed a few days ago, but am just getting it posted now, as I wanted to do a little extra editing.

Topic:  Additional help to be made available to you:  Soul to Soul Companionship
Teachers:  Planetary Supreme Gaia;  Serena
T/R:  Amethyst
Location:  New York State
Date:  June 24, 2016

Planetary Supreme:  Greetings to the agondonters and the children of Urantia.  This is the Planetary Supreme of this world.  As you are well aware, I become more actualized with each passing day as I incorporate your thoughts, emotions, experiences, and your service into myself.  I will remain in this process of actualization for many millennia to come.

For this Correcting time, you have abundant help.  Your divine Father Fragments devotedly lead you from within your minds.  The Spirit of Truth from the Creator Son Christ Michael surrounds and envelops you to teach you the Words of God and His truth.  The daughters of the Infinite Spirit provide you with the angels that guide and protect you at all times.  There are also untold numbers of other celestial helpers standing at the ready to be of service in many capacities.  But as I continue my actualization at this time,  I am sensing there is another need you have that should receive more notice, and that is one of spiritual companionship.  On most evolutionary planets, there comes a time when as they reach higher levels of Light and Life, soul-to-soul companionships form much more organically and naturally.  But because of the rebellion mindset that still lingers here very much, this has not been the case on Urantia.  Agondonters in particular have the greatest need for this.  At their very core many may have some sense of incompleteness or unwholeness.  This will subside a great deal as you become more attuned and one with your Adjuster, but soul-to-soul love and camaraderie will always remain an integral part of your ascending experiences.  This added aspect of experience in your being will go a long way to help you with your duty to the Supreme, as well as contribute greatly to your overall sense of well-being.  Remember, my growth and actualization comes to me as a result of your own growth and self-awareness, and unmet needs can deprive us of completeness.  I now hand the reins to Serena to tell you one way this need can, and indeed may very well be met.

Serena:  Hello my dear brothers and sisters.  Thank you Planetary Supreme Gaia for setting the stage so that I can add to your words, before I turn it back to you.  There are many moving parts working together to help with this need many of you have for more spiritual companionship.

1)  First, as many of you know, there are many changes now taking place in your physical bodies that will help you carry MOTA.  This is a moronita quality that will augment the spiritualization of your thinking.  Also, as you have been learning, for many, your life spans may be extended to allow you more time to serve with planetary healing and education.  In essence, many of you are  very slowly becoming ‘mortal-morontia’ hybrids.
2)  Second, Concurrently, many recently passed Urantian mansion world students are buzzing with hope and joy as they watch and learn what is happening to their Urantian brother and sisters.  They had little or no knowledge of the Urantia text, Correcting Time, or the Magisterial Mission while in the flesh, but are very eagerly learning about it now.
3)  Third, we believe we see evidence of Adjuster to Adjuster communication taking place between and among some of the mansion world students and the agondonters on the planet, although we can’t confirm this, as we do not have direct access to Thought Adjusters.
4)  Fourth, we on the celestial side are finding ways to increase the number of Urantian workers that are needed for the various missions, while at the same time, providing agondonters more  loving companions for work, travel, and recreation.  We are  exploring a program to utilize some recently passed Urantians from the mansion worlds students and assigning them to the mission work  on Urantia.   Some students have already volunteered to become down-stepped ‘morontia-mortal’ beings to work with their ‘mortal-morontia’ counterparts.  The selection is challenging as they must be well versed in the current culture and language of Urantia, and have the knowledge, commitment and dedication that will be required of them.  Assignments would for the most part be given out in pairs, one from each group.  Working in pairs will augment efficiency and effectiveness.  These companions would be made available to those that request one; not everyone will need one.  This is all very  preliminary and will not come into fruition until after the dust has had a chance to settle and the immediate changes have subsided, when your mission work will begin in ernest.  The important point to take away from this is that we recognize the need of which our Planetary Supreme spoke, and are formulating creative solutions that will benefit both the missions and the individuals working on them.
5)  Fifth, Before handing this back to our Planetary Supreme, let me just leave you with one more nugget of information in the form of a question.  What future role do you think these two genetically modified groups might play in populating the planet with homo-spiritus in the future? hmmmm

Planetary Supreme:  This is Gaia again.  This information has been provided to expand your understanding of what you might expect, and also declare that I am experiencing and catalyzing in ways that no Planetary Supreme has.  It was difficult for Amethyst to post this as she understands how implausible it sounds.  She has a saying that she uses when she hears of, or reads something that does not seem plausible as the Correcting Time moves forward and that is “This is Urantia we are talking about”, thus acknowledging that almost every aspect of Urantia’s evolution has been unique and different from her sister planets.  So I too, will be telling my sister Planetary Supremes when asked how did I come to be so unique and different.  I can just say “Remember I’m from Urantia”, and the nods of understanding will abound.
There is one last point I would like to make before I take my leave.  Keep your perspective clear.  These relationships of which Serena spoke will become available as companions and help-mates.  Do not look to them to be guides, protectors, or expect them to know a lot more than you.  These are for the most part your peers from the mansion worlds who have requested to be by your side and be of service with you as co-workers and companions.  I anticipate bringing your experiences, service, and dedication to duty into myself as you make your contributions to the Supreme Being.

Good day my dear ones

kindred shall forever remain unbroken

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Re: Gaia and Serena on soul-to-soul companionships
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2016, 08:14:00 PM »
 :)     Awesome post Amethyst, very nice read, thank you for your work in doing this.  Peace and Love to you and yours dear one. Domtia Charlie,  Peace and Love to all.
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