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Hello Greg,

Pray tell, tell me what Asphora is?  My own mind tells me Roman wine vessels but that is spelled amphora.  I am presently unaware what you mean.  Dark matter?  Never heard it referred to that way.

Yes, I also heard from Rayson, our Science Officer for the Magisterial Mission, refer to the immensity of Paradise several months ago and at first thought I mistranslated his words. But not really - here is Rayson again to speak the dimesnions.

Rayson - "I am delighted Ron is awake enough to questions what you ask, Greg.  What you are really asking is the amphora referred to in our transmission several years ago and that was about a new type of Ultimaton that really has not classification.  How did you know it was called "Asphora?"   Asphora is a tenth type Ultimaton that has no rods!  it rides the waves of the universe in space drifts that carry no real space charge and they are used to fill in voids that normal space cannot fill in.

The APSHORA ULTIMATON is longer than other Ultimatons by at least twice in ratio counting.  It contains no rods but uses a pile of space rubble  (broken neutrons usually), to get locomotion.  It can travel vast distances if called upon to do it and does not need the plasma rods that glow with such brightness that if you could see an Ultimaton, it would ever hurt the eyes of spirit to view them.

I, Rayson, laud you for coming up with the word, Greg!  Did you know you did that???  Are you sure you cannot transmit?  Look at this way, it takes a sharp eye sometimes to know when somebody is doing something unusual and Ron is very sharp in that dimension and knew immediately you reported something that he knew darn well was a revelatory moment!

Remember this: The word Asphora is a space name for an Ultimaton that is never revealed to an evolutionary world, and then only if someone speaks to it.  You spoke to it in complete innocence of what you did?  Ron caught it.  Now what do we do with it?  Let Ron explain below:

Ron - What? Who me?  Okay Rayson let us explain it together.

Ron - I like Rayson's way of spelling things too.  I used to do long hours of transmissions with this Magisterial Son who is becoming our Science Officer for the Magisterial Mission.  He is great to listen to and quite often funny and happy to share what he dare, and that is not always easy to follow if you ever read the censored book I have on Ultimatons mostly already dictated.  In any case, Ultimatons are among his favorite subject, and he tells me this morning that I am to use you for revelatory purposes so long as you understand I do not know what you are talking about either until Rayson explains it to me in terms of definitions.   Lastly:  Please understand Greg, you have a first class mind and I know it just listening to your respond, and we need to talk privately as soon as they clue me in on why.  You may receive a personal message from me to clear that remark up and meanwhile recognize that in your meditations, you hear Father speak to you quite frequently.  I understand you do not know the difference, and so maybe that is a clue to what the universe wants me to write you about.  Here is Rayson once again.

Rayson - "I still think Ron is the best poet on the planet as he completely mistakes me for the Father sometimes and does not know that I am the Father when I speak sometimes as I am so close to the revelatory game I cannot separate myself from the Revelatory Commission set up to run revelation on Urantia as either the URANTIA Book or as Ron Besser who runs his own little party of revelatory offerings on Urantia through us and Mantutia these days.  I give you Mantutia."

Mantutia Melchizedek - "I see Ron is up to his usual this morning surprising everyone with a note to the Revelatory Commission (We are the Second Revelatory Commission established to produce a revised Urantia Book but not under that name), to stand up and salute another mortal who can do this!  Greg Steinhoff, you are a natural person to work with Ron when the time comes as he is truly a gifted orator and otherwise at times, and he is fun to work with because he does not take himself seriously at all.  What you need to hear Greg S., is that you are already prepared to transmit, but you need the guiding hand of someone like Ron who hears so clearly we have to hide stuff from him to keep it out of print.  I want to congratulate you for at least spelling that word in your response which was a word Ron never heard of and questioned what you were trying to say.  He is truly a monster about us and we are about to explain to both of you how you are to be configured in the new Magisterial Mission if they allow us to put two experts in revelation together at the same time on Urantia - me and Ron and Greg Steinhoff, which makes three.  Three constitute a quorum in spirit and we can convene our own revelatory office if necessary when then lights go off on Urantia in a little while. (restriction of spirit information and other things is what Mantutia refers to as lights going off.)"

Michael of Nebadon - "I thought we might broach this Mantutia.  What we are telling folks is that the Magisterial Mission is going to go through a metamorphosis of a kind never seen on an evolutionary planet before.  Greg Steinhoff has been watched carefully for the past six years to see what he does with a gift only Ron recognizes, and that is to be turned up on Urantia as a guest regulator of spirit on the surface of the planet Urantia, and that is to provide work for all who can hear revelation to be able to speak it clearly either in an audio tape or in condensed versions of type written messages such as this one.  The Asphora Ultimaton is so rare and unusual even I, a Creator Son, have reservations as to just what this prematerial reality is all about.  The story of space and its uses is so complicated that even Ron gags at its pronouncement from Rayson.  Rayson explained to Ron how space is formed and he has retained the explanation, but space formation is so dangerous to be around it that you should give wide berth to it if you ever find it in your travels in a space ship.  Nonetheless, we must see to it that you Gregg understand at least a little bit about what we are talking about considering Ron questions some of this completely, and he should.  Let me explain:

"Greg Steinhoff, you were born a miner of theory.  You love it and work it and you are nearly identical to Ron in mind in that concern.  He loves theory and string theory leaves him cold, but he sees that Ultimatons have strings on their rods to seize another Ultimaton to build sub atomic particles.  In looking at it though, he sees the complicated pattern seems to be very difficult for an Ultimaton to use ALL of stings in the same manner.  He is not wrong but takes it on faith the universe works this out with each Ultimaton at work.  HOWEVER!  Be assured that the Ultimatons that you and Ron use have a little quaver on them that is most unusual.  You Greg Steinhoff have blue Ultimatons in mind but Ron does not.  He has the red, yello, and violet ones and many other kinds to spare we dare not reveal yet.  Greg S. has one violet Ultimaton and it waits patiently in your brain stem to invite others of the violet-rod type to appear when we trigger your work for the Mission through revelatory disclosures. Ron recognizes he needs a partner and you could serve as such as he just told me, 'Michael, we need a dozen revelatory mediums to work together to obtain a rich supply of revelation with Mantutia's help.  I can supply what my mind filters fine, but other minds and personalities have different angles of contact and that discloses a Supreme view of information we are seriously lacking and I vote for Greg if he can be trained, and for five or six others if they can be found!"

Michael here yet - "Notice Ron said, 'if they can be trained . . . '  and that is always the rub and problem with humans.  How balanced are they, how aware are they, how much do they care to be well trained and go through the tests required in that training?  And so on.  I tell you this Greg, that you spilled the Asphora out and spelled it correctly is a near miracle and you are not even particularly aware you did it until Ron sent it up for questioning.  I am going to have Ron write you a personal message later today and you respond accordingly as you like when you get it.  He is yet unaware of what we want him to write you."

Michael of Nebadon - "I just got closed off by Mantutia, and I say this to Mantutia, 'Get off my case!'  - Okay, now go ahead with your print:"

Mantutia Melchizedek - l wish to state for Gregg's understanding that you are entirely innocent of knowing any of this, and only Ron's sharp eye could catch what you did at the request of your Adjuster to state the word at all.  Otherwise there is no way another human (count Ron as such) could hear a clue to the identity of one of Urantia's revelatory children.  Be assured you will be hearing from Ron later today and from me later this month when you do transmissions through Ron's good offices of Adjuster and Supernaphim who attend him frequently an dalways and forever if he plays his cards right.  Good day."

Mother Spirit - "Greg Steinhoff you are to be addressed just as Greg so Ron does not get into trouble with name spelling, and then we with Ron will ask you some questions we would like you toanswer for evaluation in spirit.  You are deeply interested in how Ron does his work and you will do it too if you are willing to be trained in the future.  I leave it at that for now.

"To all others reading this surprise find, be aware that Rayson set this up with Greg's Adjuster over a month ago and everyone on this side decided Greg dropped the ball, but he did not because he had no way to respond to place the term in his sentence as no proper subject has appeared to respond to as there is now.  We applaud you Greg even though you have no idea what happened.  Good day.  Mother Spirit."

Michael of Nebadon -"Ron keeps niggling me to speak to the rest of you regarding this find.  Why, you all should ask, should there  be a special regard for someone who can feel and be revelation like Ron can and now Greg Steinhoff too?  We are not sure we truly know why, but you are rare birds in the universe and we love working with humans that become revelators too.  In the old days thousands of years ago you would have become prophets and suffered accordingly.  Today you are snapped up by the Magisterial Mission and we have one note for Ron on this matter.  There once a man named Michael Xavier whom you worked with very well.  He became ill with megalomania and attempted to kill you off as a personality who could hear as well as he did.  The result is he no longer works the area of spirit at all and is happy being a linesman for the telephone company.  You Ron lamented his actions and asked for his removal, not from spirit work, but from contacting you at all as you saw no purpose for his hidden agenda to seize what he could and use it against you.  Currently he is unaware he did all that and is comparing his life to yours in other ways.  Naturally, you Ron wonder what happens with that fellow as he had the revelatory necessities you carry too.

"Ron you also question why this shows up in males only so far?   The answer is that the male gender carries large amounts of testosterone, and it takes testosterone to trigger the Ultimaton enclosures the brain works with to start contacting those spirit agencies that can bring the prophecy and revelation out to be seen and heard even in this modern.  Ron, you ask as silly question but here is a silly answer to your question: ""YES"" - okay?  There are a potential number of women who might be able to pull it off thanks to the Father's modification of their brains to handle what the gender male can do in these circumstances.  We speak no more to this now.  On URANTIA today we have about 100 males who can do this work.  Ron ranks as the best of them and Greg you have two years of work to afford it.  We close this off now with this announcement:

"I am telling all who hear my voice at this point, that we are going to tape a message later today for Ron to deliver concerning an unusual occurrence on Urantia this morning.  We are not talking about Trump, Besser!   Father has decreed that all work done in a revelatory stance be suspended for a brief moment to lament the death of our stranger among us, not Ron Besser, but Califax.  I am, of course not dead, but they have changed my form from that of the Father to that of a Lanonadek Son, so I can be inaugurated as a Planetary Prince with Lanaforge this early June date announced as the 6th and once as the 7th and that is fine.  ron recognizes the metamorphosis that high spirit can entertain if required.  This is true of Trinity Teacher Sons (Margul is in the form of a Planetary Prince at the current moment.), and of my Stellum on Uversa and all who join me there.  I wish to speak to spirit forms and will do this later today through Ron.  He enjoys the taping and will do just fine as his inflections are still the best anywhere I have ever heard.  Ron Hammar, if you keep up that kind of taping you will be number one according to Ron.  Best keep this happy and report that everything said so far is fully appreciated by Father and that Greg Steinhoff is off to a roaring start if he can manage to understand his luck.  Thank you!  This Greg Steinhoff's Thought Adjuster, and we tag alon in the speech of t he Califax: "Here me real good Greg Steinhoff, you have been outed!  We never thought you wold respond so well and I doubt you have any idea that you really did so/  But look at your first few sentences in your response about and tell us that is what you really meant to say?  Good.  Now that Ron has outed you good, let us see if that sets you a course to be helpful to the Magisterial Mission and other Missions you and Ron are not aware of right now.  Good day. Adjuster of the Realm."


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My salutation to your recognition Greg! Best wishes for your 2-year training course into revelatory service by/with Ron, if and when accepted.

When I look back on my notes on this subject of your revelation, I see that the yellow Destiny ultimatons will be used by Michael for forming ascender finaliters into the secret destiny, and ability to travel to anywhere in the master universe by way of ashoric distribution. And I had rewrote it on a separate note as "ssphoric distribution" for research of possible Mother Spirit creature corridors of travel. Now I understand more clearly.

Also Congratulations to Ron Hammer on his top-notch 1st choice abilities, striving forward. 😀

What unique experiences our Father is having with us Urantian's, even humble changes in roles of himself as our Prince.
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 :) Greg, my friend, my brother, I am extremely happy for you. After reading your introduction a few weeks ago, I knew very quickly from the start, that you were a very intelligent and special person in all circumstances. I wish you immense success in your new tasks that will take shape very soon and I find you lucky to have the opportunity to work with Ron Besser and many others Celestial Beings. ;)
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