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Death of Michael Xavier
« on: April 27, 2017, 08:00:38 PM »
I have been informed by David Chuhran that the person who once was a member of this list has died.

Michael Xavier was a chameleon and hid in plain site if he wanted to avoid mistakes he made that had considerable consequences on his personal life.  He really was a young person and died at age 38 on January 08, 2017.

There is nothing I really know except what David Chuhran has supplied, and I am truly sorry it ended this way whatever way that was. In the days he was called Michael Xavier, he was in contact with the Most Highs and then Master Spirits, and that was so extraordinary to me I sat at his feet to gather the information he could pull down from such exalted levels.  Wivine Smets and myself collaborated with Michael Xavier and together we put together the first three or so ABC Summaries, although I was not particularly calling them that name at the time.  We even had a pod cast established through the old Monjoronson,com web site now defunct.  Trouble came when Michael Xavier started calling me names and found the competition from me through the nascent ABC Summaries so threatening he attempted to place me in disrepute for months and finally had to stop his pod casts when spirit withdrew any transmissions to him whatsoever.  He fell into a despondency, quite the Maryland home he maintained with two children of his own, and fled near the Philadelphia area where he went to work for a utility doing (climbing) pole work.  The last I knew of him was a contact from him sometime in early 2011 or so, wanting to get together and then hearing nothing from him, I determined it was none of my business and let it lie.

Here are the Most Highs on that subject for all of you to remember:

Most Highs
"I am Andromadeus.  Ron was entirely innocent of what happened here as Dennis Barton Jr was known by several aliases and never settled himself well enough to use the extraordinary gift he had to contact the Deities and bleed off information both he and Ron and Wivine Smets used to fill their individual web sites with good inforamtion concerning many issues they all enjoyed talking about.  Ron established a pod case off the old Monjoronson web site in t he attempt to formalize the work Dennis (Michael Xavier then) was doing, but got in the way of that ego so harshly, Dennis decided to teach Ron a lesson and make him fail in public.  Ron saw the attempt and knew what he was doing, but all Ron did was to withdraw from the process and wait out Dennis for he knew that if he Most Highs, or the Father, or Michael, disapproved, they would cut off the work that Dennis was trying to do and end it abruptly with as much egg on Dennis; face as could be put there.  And that is what happened and in spades.  Dennis was so disturbed by being cut off he decided to attempt suicide but could not get enough blossoms of marijuana strong enough to kill his still strong body.

"I will say this: Dennis never regained the support of anyone after what he attempted to do to Ron and even Wine Smets.  Wivine Smets came to detest Dennis Barton, Jr.,  completely and asked Ron, who insisted on sending her money for her trip to France and Russia to cleanse the spirit circuits there nearly destroyed by Caligastia and which supported the souls of millions of children still hiding there.  Dennis tried to abort the work between the two and started sending Wivine Smets emails showing Ron ready to destroy her cleansing work, and she became so confused she had what can only be called a nervous breakdown which is not entirely cleansed from her yet.  Now you know why she is so careful to extend no invitation to the work of the Magisterial Mission or others while she maintains her web site she and Ron named together about four years ago more or less.

"As the Most Highs, we look at all sorts of truancy by humans beings especially on Urantia, for Urantia is so dirty in spirit there is not much left of integrity and heartful help to another to get things done as Ron and Wivine attempted to do with Dennis Barton, Jr.

"Results show that Dennis did commit suicide by accidentally placing two halves of a wire he was working on that electrocuted him in broad daylight.  Our version of what happened may vary with Michael.  I stand by as Michael concludes this nasty little episode neither Ron or Wivine wanted any parts of."

Michael of Nebadon - The Coroner's Report suggests he did it on purpose, but they report it as an accidental death in the line of duty for the utility.   I also know he hated Ron with a passion because Ron knocked him off your discussion forum last year after he once again attempted flee his responsibilities, reenter the site, and then drop Ron for his work here.  Ron no longer fools around these types of people and silently removed all traces of whatever alias he was using to come back into the discussion forum to start distortions once again.  His work on high remains secure if he can get himself out of trouble with Andromadeus and the souls of Ron and Wivine Smets and several other people Ron does not know about in his family and among his friends such as they were in the later years of his life on Urantia.  I wish you all a good day."

The Most High Chief, Andromadeus - "I stand as I have for almost a decade over this issue with Ron and Wivine Smets, and I assure you Dennis Barton, Jr., is gone for good unless he can prove himself ready to take on an ascension career that forgives people for doing him better than he could do himself, and to stand bravely before the Judges and admit he was evil and ready to commit spiritual murder on Ron and Wivine and several others none of you know about.  I wish you all a good day.

Please be advised that Denny Barton aka "Michael Xavier" died on 8 January 2017.

Obituary for Dennis K. "Denny" Barton, Jr. | Connelly Funeral Home of Essex

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Re: Death of Michael Xavier
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2017, 09:12:44 PM »
Damn, that hits close to home since I was around when you guys were working together. Never knew about the stuff going on in the background and it's still none of my business, but I enjoyed the conference calls we had early on.
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Re: Death of Michael Xavier
« Reply #2 on: May 02, 2017, 08:33:05 AM »
Thank you Ron for keeping us informed of this issue. It's sad to see that sometimes children from the same side of Father's Business can be divided on issues which can be settled without Celestials intervention. I express my sympathy in this tragic loss.

One more thing that upsets me to the highest degree is the pain Ron keeps feeling in his legs, for a dispute between Nebadon and Uversa. I'm sad because when Ron goes bad, ASSALE also does go bad. I cannot feel happy when a hero of mine is suffering, all the more when I humanely cannot do anything to assist him.

I'm really sorry for your misfortune.

Thank you for the Classroom of the Spirit.