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RESURRECTION HALL - Chapter 5 ~ Reception ~

After escorting the group of newborn pilgrims to Banquet Hall’s entrance, the Receivers departed, exhorting their wards to enjoy the remainder of the day, and to be ready early tomorrow for a day of orientation. Banquet Hall is an immense low-walled enclosure that can seat millions. It is open to the sky as are most other mansion world enclosures. Inside they found the artistry, the sculpture, the interwoven colors and decorations to be more beautiful than anything they had yet seen. Entering the massive arena with its diverse and ornate refinements was literally breath-taking. Kala and Saro stopped for moment to appreciate its transcendent beauty. As the many groups filtered in, everyone began to feel hunger in earnest, helped significantly by the smells drifting throughout the great hall. The enticing aromas flooded their minds with multiple sensations, stimulating appetites and interest in the nature and taste of morontia viands.

The dining tables were placed in rings that seated one hundred pilgrims. Each ring was reserved for a particular language group in order that a translator familiar with their idiom be present. Additional translators and guides were situated near every ring. The hall filled with sounds of talking and laughing as the pilgrims found their way to assigned seats. Once all were in place, the Chief of Mansion one Morontia Companions ascended the raised stage at the center of the huge arena. She lifted an arm calling everyone’s attention, then the other arm, signaling the beginning of the ceremony. Suddenly a great burst of beautiful sounds seemed to fall from the sky.

Morontia music emanated from everywhere. It thrilled the ears and hearts of each pilgrim in the hall. As they listened there appeared above the stage large flashing images of beautiful script rotating in mid-air, each flash in a different style. After watching many versions, one appeared with which they were familiar. Kala and Saro realized it was the word, WELCOME! This went on until everyone was thoroughly entranced by the mixture of music, aroma, and an artistic welcome in their own language. The whole assembly was taken up in this awe-inspiring auditory and visual experience. They felt like well-nurtured babies; God’s babies. The music softened and the Companion on stage gave another signal.

Immediately circular openings appeared inside each ring of tables. Out of the openings service islands slowly arose from beneath the floor, complete with servers. One island was located at the center of each ring. Then, more music, low, sweet, and melodious, filled the great room. The Companion bowed her head reverently. Without a word’s instruction, all the banqueters and the staff did the same. The sounds harmonized well with the pilgrims’ feelings of gratitude and thanksgiving. All this was being done for them. Never are there groups more appreciative of continuing life than humble planetary survivors emerging on Mansonia at the doorstep of eternity. After a short period of thankfulness the music stopped and the voices of an unseen, heavenly chorus closed the prayer with divine intonations. These rich sounds harkened pilgrims’ minds and filled their souls.

When the chorus stopped and heads lifted, a moment of silence preceded the cheers and applause of two hundred thousand grateful pilgrims simply rejoicing in the gift of new life. Before long the Companion once again drew their attention, and signaled the staff to prepare to serve the first course. The music resumed, and in strains that seem to fit this occasion perfectly. Saro and Kala were especially appreciative of the quality, power, and complexity of the music they had heard here, and at the worship service they attended after their resurrection. They wondered what sort of cello might Saro find here, and whether Kala’s piano skills would be adaptable to Mansion world instruments. During the pre-banquet prayer on this, their second day, these pilgrims fresh from many worlds, rose mightily on the wings of spirit uplift. And now, they could feel a great appetite for morontia sustenance growing in their new bodies. It was a good hunger. All of them had tasted only water, and felt no hunger. Until now.

Saro remarked, “Kala, this we will remember.” They toasted the occasion with water that was already set on their elegantly inlaid table, then gazed into each other’s loving eyes until two staffers arrived with the first course on large, ornate trays, which they handled very skillfully. When all at their circle of tables were served, the staffers withdrew, indicating the feast should begin. The aroma was simply exquisite. The Agondonter pilgrims from Urantia were really and truly primed to begin their first Morontia meal. The first item they were served hit their palates as a bright symphony of flavors and blends. It was immediately apparent the morontia sense of taste is highly developed and exquisitely sensitive. It was cake-like with a lightness and texture they very much enjoyed, even lingering over it.

“How can food taste this delicious?” asked Saro rhetorically. “This must be Mansonia bread,” replied Kala. After finishing the initial course of what will surely be a most memorable feast, new morontia music induced a few to dance in the open space between the ring of tables and its center service island. This music easily persuaded Saro and Kala to attempt dancing. They fairly glided in their strong, young, and able new bodies. Most banqueters began socializing within and without their language group. An endless supply of translators was on hand, the banqueters needed only to signal for one. Laughter and joyous conversation began to echo throughout the hall in ever greater proportions, as everyone finished the first course of delightful, delicious morontia sustenance. Saro and Kala danced like professionals under the cloudless sky. Everyone was enjoying this opportunity to socialize with the great diversity of fellow survivors, thereby keeping the translators quite busy.

After their first dance as morontians, the pair joined the socializing, making several acquaintances and exchanging fascinating facts about planets of origin, about their lives and deaths as mortals. The pilgrim groups would be served seven courses before the day was over. It became obvious the courses were planned to complement and build on one another. And each course was impeccably scheduled with much time in between for mixing, dancing, and fraternal jubilation. Well after the first course, the staff cleared the tables in preparation for the the second one. After banqueters had taken their seats again, the words, “Welcome to Mansion one, Pilgrim!” appeared in mid-air directly in front of each guest, and in their language. As they marveled at the sophisticated morontia image manipulations, translators were summoned for those few who read no language.

The Chief of Companions now spoke in words that could be heard by all and simultaneously translated directly in front of banqueters. Everyone was having the same thought—Such a lovely language spoken by such a beautiful voice! The Companion graciously congratulated the revelers on surviving and added, “What a wondrous time it must be for you all! Only yesterday you were resurrected and it appears that you have accepted this reality, if not entirely integrated it!" A great roar of laughter came from the novice audience, at the absurd notion they could possibly comprehend any more than a small bit of what they had so far witnessed on this new world full of sounds, sights and smells of overwhelming number and diversity. But Kala and Saro were adapting quickly. The Companion continued “You are in a good mood then? You like Mansonia food?” A mighty cheer arose. “Thank you. Thank you all. We hope to make your welcome, and your stay, on Mansion one unforgettable, enlightening, and progressive. Countless souls have resurrected on this world, then absorbed its many lessons and moved on to Mansion two. “On their arrival here, all share the same desire for drink to quench their burning spiritual thirst, for food to quell their abiding hunger for Truth.

We will provide everything, and you need only provide willing cooperation and joyful acceptance of the innumerable gifts of life here, created and distributed by the Universal Father and his Co-Creators who so thoughtfully provided our ground of being, a worthy purpose, and a vast universe built to give you the education required to achieve your eventual destiny, the Paradise Corps of Finaliters. “During this day, let us fete you, let us fill you, let us welcome you and become your new friends and helpmates on this, the first step of your journey to Salvington. Beyond Salvington you will ascend to Uversa and someday take flight to Havona. And from there, on to Paradise to meet the Father of all. Please let the staff know of any needs you have. We are here to serve, to make your time here enjoyable, fulfilling, and beneficial.” The Companion then ordered that the second course be served.

A great round of applause went up. This course of liquid goodness, ‘mansonia soup,’ Saro labeled it--was served and consumed to the pleasure and enjoyment of everyone. Afterward there was more dancing and broader interaction across the group as banqueters became better acquainted, recognizing that fraternal love respects no language, and knows no barriers when the children of God celebrate their progress of soul and advancement in spirit. In all their interactions the translators were extremely efficient and discrete in facilitating quality communication. After the second course, the Chief of Companions introduced the Archangel of Resurrection who welcomed them most touchingly. It was a welcome of utmost sincerity and divine sublimity. She said: “I am an Archangel. It is my voice the guardians of your souls respond to in order that you may take up life again on the Mansion Worlds.

My world, the home world of Nebadon’s Archangels, orbits Michael’s abode, Salvington. I have 800,000 siblings, all direct descendants of Mother and Michael. You now belong to a family of billions. When on Urantia, Michael declared: ‘there are many mansions in my Father’s house.’ You are on the first of countless worlds that you will someday ascend to, until you stand in the Halls of Paradise and meet your Maker at the center of all things. Welcome to Mansonia, welcome to the greater family of Nebadon.” The Archangel exuded such a charming presence that it drew every eye in the hall.

She went on to congratulate the survivors and encourage them never to retreat. “And doubt not there are even greater heavens beyond Mansion one. Even heavens of heavens await those who persevere!” As she left the stage no one remained seated, all stood and applauded. And everyone wanted to know more about the Archangels. The third course was heartier tasting to the palates of Saro and Kala, robust and filling. And the artistry of the presentation well-matched the other arresting aspects of life here. The seasonings, the texture, and the aroma sent their senses to new levels. “I can feel the energy in this food,” commented Saro. “It’s more than mere food,” Kala said as she ate the last of it. “Let’s dance.” What a charming scene it was, this high banquet for lowly pilgrims.

But they were feeling completely assured of their importance to both the workers and supervisors of this world. It was already becoming obvious to the pair that the driving motivations on Mansion one are love and service. It was palpable. During this interlude, Saro and Kala chatted freely with others at their ring of tables. As the communal spirit rose, all were beginning to feel quite fraternal and at ease. The pair was discovering that not all of their fellows were grounded in revelation before dying. But all were well grounded in God, and intent on discovering what was expected of them now. Between the third and fourth courses, after the audience had danced and socialized for a long while, the Companion asked everyone to be seated. She then invited a representative from the Most Highs of Edentia to address the room.

“The Most Highs send greetings and congratulations to you, resurrected pilgrims who took origin on one of the many evolutionary worlds of the Norlatiadek Constellation. There are one hundred Systems in Norlatiadek. Now you are the newest citizens of Mansion World One of the System of Satania, whose sovereign is Lanaforge.

“Lanaforge has been entrusted to lead this System and ensure you have safe and profitable passage to Norlatiadek's capital, Edentia. You may trust him, as we have. And now you are also members of a great family of beings of wide variety and purpose that was inaugurated by Michael and the Divine Minister far, far in the past.

“Some of you began your journey on quarantined spheres. Even with that handicap your faith carried you through to the third circle of mortal attainment. Your guardians were assigned, you died, and you were resurrected here yesterday. Quarantined or not, every one of you is to be admired and honored for persevering on the evolutionary worlds, worlds that were designed to test mortals, and to foster the formation of a vehicle worthy of the eternal voyage, even your soul.

“If you do not give up, this soul, in concert with the other aspects of your being, will someday fuse with the Divine Monitor, that prepersonal fragment of God who indwells you. You are, if you so choose, destined to become full fledged spirit beings, ready to ascend the long stairway to the abode of God, from Mansonia to the Paradise of Paradises.

“I was sent here to inform you that the Most Highs look forward with great anticipation to your eventual arrival on Edentia. When you have ascended the seven mansions, when you graduate from the schools of Jerusem, the Most High fathers will gladly welcome you to even greater mansions, to the colleges of Edentia.”

The banqueters were listening closely to the representative’s words. Not all understood everything that was put forth in the Most Highs’ message, but Kala and Saro were gratified that they had studied the government of God as it operates on various levels of existence. They well knew of Edentia, Salvington, Uversa, Havona and Our Father’s Paradise abode at the center of all things and beings.
When the Most Highs’ representative finished delivering his messages, the tables were cleared in preparation for the fourth course. The mood was certainly rising among the celebrants. The great arena was filled with the beautiful sounds of Morontia music and two hundred thousand new beings mingling, joyously coming to know their siblings ascenders. Some actually met the Most Highs’ messenger, who descended the stage and very graciously walked among them, greeting and welcoming many individually, and as new Morontians.

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