Author Topic: Some of Your Emails are Blocked because of spam filters set too high  (Read 594 times)

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Ron Besser

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As some of you know I just sent out to the Flurry list of emails the first Planetary Broadcast received not long ago and also posted here.

I received back about 8 undeliverables messages due to spam filters set too high and the messages were rejected.  At least four of them were members and an associated crew of people otherwise unknown to me.

Mike Queen
and a couple of others show your mail box either full or rejecting for spam message.  I have deleted those email addresses from the  corresponding lists that delivered the Flurry and the Broadcasts to you via that form.

However, since you are already members of this discussion forum you have what I posted here to read, so no great loss.

If you have any corrections to your email addresses sent to me months ago to be on the BCC list, send the corrections to me now so they can be added back into distribution if we do no more than send Broadcasts which nothing else is scheduled for that list for now.  Resend to me and make sure your spam filter allows the BCC list to be received for you.  I have referenced the discussion forum category to open for readership other than members as well.

Thanks to all for your work and patience in allowing all of this to transpire in the middle of a calestrom of changes coming our way in many ways.  Good day.   -Ron-
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Re: Some of Your Emails are Blocked because of spam filters set too high
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2017, 11:40:17 PM »
Hi, Ron. If I'm the Sharon on that list of undeliverables, I just sent you a personal note (or novel, as you well know I cannot cross a street without first going around the block).  

Sharon in Portland