Author Topic: STANDBY NEW CHANGES: The PHASE I Government of Salvington and Michael on Urantia  (Read 930 times)

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Good Morning and God’s Blessings to us all―

I am still ‘blinking’ a bit on my precious day off, but I am empowered by a bowl of Raisin Bran and propelled by wonderful Kona coffee as I chip in to the thread above.

I read of the changes to the changes of the changes of plans and remind myself of navigating by sail, by each transient breath of invisible wind or breeze, influenced in the moment by unseen and unmeasured current and drift, steering to avoid the immediate hazards of the moment, with an eye to the weather ever changing about me, all the while with my mind and heart intent on a harbor of refuge and safety beyond my horizon.

Despite hope and desire, there are myriad items of ‘life business’ to be transacted whilst underway. It is for me to try to determine my location each morning, remember that Paradise is my port of call, and do what it takes in the moment, despite all else, to further that course come nightfall.  My Thought Adjuster sits with me, both at the chart table and at the tiller.

One of my mentors in sobriety taught me that ‘expectations are premeditated resentments.’ Untreated, unremediated resentment (from Latin intensive prefix 're', and 'sentir' "to feel." What are you ‘re-feeling’ over and over in your mind at the moment?) is the primary pitfall to recovering faith sons and faith daughters striving to get their lives back on a Spirit-led track. Expectation gives us to make value judgements of the moment with their attendant emotional connotations. “Judgement is mine, saith the Lord.” It does me well ever to remember that… and remember that this moment and my free will decision to do His will as it plays out before me is all I have and, realistically, all I can do.

Every moment of every day, I have to temper my intense desire for Divine Intervention to keep it from driving me upon the reefs of disappointment and frustration. Were I looking out upon the world with only my mortal eyes, long ago I would have shrugged off as hopeless any possibility for redemption by the ‘humans’ of Earth.  I thank Lee Thario all those decades ago for introducing me to ‘Big Blue,’ the Urantia Book. Without it, my life might long ago have ended by my own hand.

My Creator Father has promised to return in Power and Glory and Christ Michael always keeps His promises. Of that I have no doubt. End of story. I intensely desire to ‘sit at the feet’ of Jesus, to listen and to learn from him… nice it would be, of course, to do so in this mortal flesh; but, after all, he is resident upon Paradise and, guess what, that is the very course I am steering in the moment! I’ve a feeling that, one way, one place, or another… my righteous desires will be realized. What is sure is that, no matter how my mind and hope might envision such things, the reality of outcomes will be different than I supposed… but realized nonetheless.

Michael of Nebadon has already many times heard my affirmations and protestations of fealty and obedience, of willingness and hopeful utility. I am thinking He would much rather ‘see’ the fruits of my actions, rather than, yet again, 'hear' the emotionality of my verbiage. A line from ‘Cinema Paradiso’ occurs to me… “I don’t want to hear from you, I want to hear about you.”

And so, despite my blinking eyes, I reset my course for Paradise and determine to decide and to act in ways that further that course. What will my ‘fruits of the Spirit’ reveal today? Will they be wholesome… true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, or praiseworthy? What will the Father ‘hear about me’ today?

With my eye fixed only upon Paradise, surely all else… including the unfolding events upon beleaguered Urantia… will be ‘added unto me.” The Urantia Book teaches me that all my righteous prayers have already been answered. And so, it is, forever and ever.
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Hello again my friend and brother,
What a beautiful way you have of getting such an important message across.  You are like that little light house sitting on the edge of a ragged coast line guiding us past treacherous shoals and into safe harbor. Thank you for your depth of thought.

May I also say that it was my pleasure to meet and share a fine meal with you last week.  You were like a gentle giant to my harried mind.  Thank you so much for your sincere words of encouragement and love.

I remain you friend in Christ Michael,
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