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Frequently Asked Questions. Resource s for new and old
« on: May 04, 2017, 03:31:03 PM »
Hi everyone,

I was looking for information about personal teachers  and just discovered a great resource for basic questions on the TM Archives site  specifically T M Archives. Frequently Asked Questions
There are currently 26 questions that have been answered

1. Why were we given The Urantia Book?

2. How big is the universe?

3. How does “Urantia” fit into the grand scheme of the universe?

4. Our world is not the only inhabited planet?

5. Why have I not heard of The Urantia Book and the Teaching Mission before?

6. How are The Urantia Book study groups formed?

7. How are the Teaching Mission groups formed?

8. How do mortals benefit from participation in the Teaching Mission?

9. Why is stillness (prayer, meditation) important?

10. What is meant by “opening the circuits?”

11. How can The Urantia Book have more about Jesus than in the Bible?

12. Why is the Correcting Time being done now?

13. Why do the teachers volunteer to come here?

14. What is the expertise of the teachers?

15. What do the Celestial Teachers say about God within us?

16. What do the teachers say about their teachings?

17. What are Melchizedek schools?

18. What is the status of the Teaching Mission now?

19. How can I learn to T/R (Transmit/Recieve)?

20. How may I obtain a personal teacher for myself?

21. Are the teachers able to read my mind?

22. Is the Urantia Book intended to carry civilization into the next epoch?

23. What does The Urantia Book say about the Atonement Doctrine?

24. How Do I Contact The Teaching Mission?

25.  What Is The Magisterial Mission and How is the Correcting Time & Teaching Mission Associated with it?

26.  Is Jesus to Return Soon As He Promised?
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Re: Frequently Asked Questions. Resource s for new and old
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2017, 05:38:38 PM »
I'm reading Monjoronso's Global Sustainability, and I think the answers to the above questions are there!, At least, almost.
Thank you for the Classroom of the Spirit.