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Ron Besser

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This is Michael.  This is for your Editorial Section, please.

Speaker: Michael of Nebadon; God the Supreme
Subject: Loyalty To No One
Principle Speaker: Sentenact, ambassador to Urantia from Uversa
York, Pa noon local time
August 10, 2017

This is Sentenact, and I am delighted we have a Category now that allows some political views to be developed by the Most Highs, as they are the ones that control national development and/or success/failure. 

“I wish to tell all of you that our transmitter is quite a political analyst as I see him work the talking heads sometimes all day when big news is breaking.  That is our favorite kind of human that takes an interest in the developments of world governments with or against each other.  Now we see that North Korea has bandied a snarly back into President Trump’s face this morning and that Trump is taking it magnanimously and we see it also rankle the Chief at the White House, General Kelly.

“General Kelly is a posterior rump government now as he understands the dynamics of what politics are all about both domestically and internationally.  The world governments are seldom without a kind word for the United States, mostly because the world cannot argue with the United States when it sets its hat to do something and get it done.  Foreign aide used to be the focal point for American prowess in power appointments, but that has pretty much failed now due to the internecine wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and soon into Iran and its pretty much failed system of religious hierarchy of government.  Given that we must now realize that the House that Jack (civilization) built is pretty well destroyed as it used to be, we now look to an era when we will rebuild the new House of Thought that must replace the old Jack house no longer useable. 

“National governments like Russia have no real place on Urantia any longer since they rely upon issues that never come to the fore so much any more.  Reasoning this well, realize there are trials to come for Russia to relearn democracy and perhaps invent a version of it that works better than the Western powers have it so far.

“Democracy is a scatterbrain word to use when describing representative government, and I know Ron has looked at it carefully and decided that the definition for what America has is better stated as a Republic in which one or all States are equal depending on the issue raised as whether it is Constitutional or not.  He declares the entire matter so screwed up in practice he feels another Constitutional Convention is the only thing that will reset the country on a better direction while keeping the traditions of American government used for over 200 years of worth and while as a nation of genuine good will to the rest of the world.

“We hold these truths to be self evident, yet the American Constitution fails in one important aspect, as it cannot provide the diversity needed to make it a genuinely democratic nation unless it forgives the blacks for what they stand for today, and that is mostly for divided government favoring themselves a minority waiting to become the majority in plurality before the State legislatures as is already true for the State of Maryland and other legislatures dotted around the United States.  It is this lesson I wish to make clear today: If you wish America to appear strong and ready to take on the world with its power, then do not leave blacks or whites or other colors dominate, but mix them well, and then educate them so they do not cohere in isolated communities in America.  This is easy to say but it is nearly impossible to portray well due to the fact that blacks or really the indigo race, are without any real inherited social status from the long past, but rely on the fact, in America, they were forced into labor as slaves centuries past, and most celebrate that condition as their first and true heritage.

“In providing for a new Constitutional Convention, the States must call for it as an amendment to the present Constitution stating the intent to modify the present Constitution and to make it reliable to interpret it and so on.  God the Supreme wishes to speak now:”

God the Supreme
“We are asking the transmitter to smile a little as he feels quite tense talking about things he knows most are utterly opposed to for reasons of State.  The truth is that unless the United States amends its Constitution, there is no more United States, as the western States will disappear under the waves of the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean soon enough.  What is left is about 15 States who are entirely whole and read to continues as the United States of America, and will claim no more the Protectorates of Puerto Rico and Guam, American Samoa, and a few others in the Pacific Ocean.  They must either learn to fend for themselves or leave the world as nation states and forever decide where they belong in world hegemony for the future.  Be assured the United Nations will fester under the new dictatorship of the Magisterial Mission, and that the trial to make America whole again will be the great call for leadership in this new world of a revised governance of the people by the people of the proposed and new, United States.

“I am God the Supreme, speaking through Master Spirit Seven and Four, named Aya and Ocilliaya respectively, and they are truly for the American people once the rubbish is expelled from their midst that have people looking for investments instead of lives filled with rich experiences for the soul to take to the Mansion Worlds and their ascension career.  Man must make his way financially just enough to keep him in housing and food to survive, but he does not three vehicles parked around the house or two cars per child in a single mother or father home.  Let us remember that life started in the ooze of the first several life implants in the drudge of the earliest seas in the West and in the East of Laurasia and Pangaea.  Our world of Urantia is slow to recognize that the hour of the moment has arrived and that all will be changed before your eyes for two obvious reasons to the human mind and the eye:

1) There now will always be a visible representative of God on the planet to give directions.

2) The pilot program starts today in the United States (10 August 2017), and in the rest of the world in a week from now when we are present and visible for a change.

“God the Supreme is not ever visible in any of His representatives, and as such we contemplate full support tor all to become available to us in praise of and heart for the Magisterial Sons, Serara and Monjoronson.  In any case we deal with each individual as the Supreme and not as a group as the Magisterial Mission must do to begin with.  I am God the Supreme and I wish you all a good day.”

Michael of Nebadon -
“we have announced through God the Supreme, that the official beginning of the Magisterial Mission on Urantia is today, 10 August 2017, and that it will continue indefinitely for millennia if necessary.  We close this message with the pronouncement few of you will ever want to hear, and that is to sign to the Trump administration they will be placed in exile and then permanently removed if they do not bring some form to the administration of the Vice President Pence known to you as Michael “Mike” Pence, and that his life will be shielded until there is a decent regency working in the White House and all the changes that will bring to the United States starting very soon.  I am Michael wishing you a good day.  We are ready to serve in the flesh but we must wait a few days for that to take effect.  Thank you.”

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania


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Thank-you Sentenact, God the Supreme and Michael for another set of fascinating messages describing the real state of affairs, and thank-you Ron B for your transmitted post.

It is always interesting for me to hear what the most Highs have to reveal about the world's political affairs. It affects everyone of us.
Good day,
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Rene A Duran

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Thank God the Supreme, Michael Of Nebadon, and Ron for this extraordinary annoucements, this is a sign Of hope the one day the fábric Of oír society will be repaired and made anew after this outrageous desastrous efects of the House that Jack Built and we see more dramatically under Trump's mandate.
This date August 10th 2017, will be a memorable one in our annals Of History.
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This transmission is among those I've been expecting for ages, The Gods have spoken my mind, never in my mere and short life on Urantia will I express rudeness towards a human Leader, Chief of government or Head of State. In Africa, we have no where to turn to, which makes people pray along the day, to the point we are, only a Divine Mission will help the many in Africa, with some God-guided leaders in the western nations, we will at last be in peace.

His Excellency Ambassador Sentenact from Uversa to Urantia, I thank You for accepting this difficult mission, may Father make it successful, to God the Supreme, your tittle ASSALE thanks You for being attentive to our concerns. To Michael my direct Local Father, thank You for these merciful provisions towards Urantia.  It has been difficult for us all on this confused world, but the last will be the first, and after all, it was not so bad to see the day on this remote planet, so remote that even a little push will shift it into OSZ1.

My thankyou note is also extended to Ron for bringing us all this salvation news, this growing momentum in our very selves, in our daily lives. 

Peacefully and sincerely and eternally Yours.

Thank you for the Classroom of the Spirit.


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but he does not three vehicles parked around the house or two cars per child in a single mother or father home.  

I wrote for NovaPrime on a topic in 2015 about how our social dynamics encourages the use of cars, a family can have 2 or 3 cars, and I would like to see private companies that encourage them not to use cars through incentives in other transport that facilitates social interaction between people.

If we assume that the need for locomotion or movement in the original archetype model (paradise) is volitional and not inherent, we see that in time / space at the beginning there is essentially a need for locomotion, but over time and with divine standards, we use The necessity and perfecting, and the means to reach the supreme will, with the help of all.

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“We are ready to serve in the flesh but we must wait a few days for that to take effect”

It seems that diplomatic contact, in back channel, has been going on between USA and South Korea since several months and there have been no positive outcomes up to now. Trump and Kim Jong Un have gone a step further in their threatening of using nuclear weapons against each other. Experts are saying they are not that so crazy to go that far and that it is just a way of showing their muscles.

Going by the above quoted statement, is it expected by the Celestial Helpers, in the coming days, to take an active part in the discussions ? Domtia

Oh, Lord ! I am your servant, I am your liege, it is my will to have your will be done, I am yours for eternity.

Daniel Alderfer

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[Machiventa Melchizedek, asked that this Transmission be placed under one of  Ron Bessers Posts in this Category, D]

Speaker: Machiventa Melchizedek
Subject: Additional Brief Updates
Category: Editorial, from Audio 
T/R Daniel A, L V NV. USA
12 August 2017, 7:01 Z

[Transcription of an Audio taken at 7pm Sat. 12 August 2017 Machiventa Melchizedek speaking.]

“Yes Daniel, go ahead, this is Machiventa Melchizedek, My message for this evening is regarding progress in Phase one of the Missions. I know this sounds trite but we are getting closer and closer to the concrete steps that will bring to the attention of the whole world or I could say the whole world, meaning those that are the most important to know for the incremental informing and beginning to appraise those ones who it is most helpful to know first, that Father Christ Michael, Sovereign of Nebadon is the celestial power behind everything taking place right now.

“In actuality those who are in positions of leadership are no longer in real control, the real power of all taking place in the world at this time. Soon, this one single fact of Celestial rulership and its benevolent nature is truly going to be comprehended. The beginning steps of cooperative action by those leaders, small steps initially, will take place because they are starting to understand, there is actually a trustworthy, kind, and very capable spiritual overrule now in place.

“Here again your confident trust before you see much in the way of earth shaking difference on the world scene, little by little in incremental ways, progress is going to be made for the long climb to sanity.  With honest government having a truly workable plan. I Myself, Machiventa Melchizedek, am very, very, encouraged and happy at the decisive beginning, starting August 10 Th. A start that is more true and real then has ever been done before.

“So much of the task that you have been given, those here on the training group, is simply to reserve judgement, as many things and reasons why will have to wait until later for you to be appraised of the reason. Our intelligence of the real situation is very accurate and sometimes if our statements reflect what you may feel is inaccurate, in actual fact, those statements are made and are astutely weighed for their effect in certain quarters for instance, or to begin a line of thought that will bear fruit later.

“There is so much going on it is impossible for us to properly share and we must not say more than is absolutely necessary as giving too many details of how we are operating and where we are operating and who we are dealing with, in the most prescient way, at the moment. Much of that must be held close to the vest. Your fervent prayers are very effective and helpful at this time. There isn’t anything you can do more effectively to help this most auspicious beginning. We will keep all of you informed as much as we can and if some of you are unable to receive messages at the moment, just wait, your work is ahead of you, never fear.

“The consistent and steady execution of all of you with your duties, by continuing to be punctual in your times of worship, demonstrates your dependability. It is upgrading your dependability, so that your full time occupation as much as possible is the Mission work in all of its activities. Continue to learn and make acquaintances and friends on the forum as much as you can. Our hope is that many of those not participating on the forum will be activated. Many have been trained, two, three, four and five even, six years. Silently they have watched and read and now more than any time before, the catalyst is being prepared to trigger a lot of those, to realize now is the time to cast their lot with the Missions as never before.

“The punctual regular consistently, is one of the most precious commodities you can develop. Where over and over and over, you are there every day, ready to serve even though there is silence from us, you still were there and that is well noted, because that is proving your usability before long. The need for Audio recipients, for making recordings under inspiration is greater than ever. Perhaps that is the one area that will see the greatest growth in the number of receivers that are able to help out.

“Well Daniel, this will be a good length to end this commentary tonight. We deeply appreciate all of you giving your loyal service, your loyal responsiveness, your courage before the fact, in tying your allegiance to us in utter sincerely. We cannot praise you enough when we see that. This is Machiventa Melchizedek, thank you for coming and listening, I wish you even more steadfast confidence, I’ll say goodbye for now.
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Daniel in Las Vegas, 970 618 1214, danielalderfer@hotmail.Com, While he was still a great way off his Father saw him and had compassion.