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Teacher: Mansonloran
Subject: “To Avoid Disaster”
Category: Creator Son Michael of Nebadon
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
20 August 2017, 20:32 Z

”Yes Daniel, begin by saying: This is Mansonloran, writing for Father Christ Michael, in a message of hope and encouragement.

" There is an estuary on the north side of the Hawaiian Island of Kauai, the northern most Island in the chain and the second from the end in the far west, only exceeded by the last island called Niihau. This Island [Kauai] is the one with the estuary facing north, called Hanalei bay. It is typical of the type of land feature, that when they are engulfed with a large wave, it accentuates the power as the shape causes the water to heap to levels perhaps twice the height of a wave hitting the regular straight shore line.

“These Islands are especially susceptible to Tsunamis from seismic events of the Aleutian Islands, and North American west coast. The last major Tsunamis to hit Hanalei Bay were in 1957, much damage but no loss of life, however only a few years before in 1946 a major Tsunami, also originating in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska caused a forty five foot [16 M] wave to hit Kauai and the rest of the Hawaiian islands, causing much damage, no loss of life here, but archipelago wide, fourteen persons lost their life.

“This little snapshot of an island disaster was to alert those on the Hawaiian islands, of a heightened possibility of Tsunami for the foreseeable future, suggesting greater alertness to be ready should you live on the coast, to have your dash to higher ground, [ a minimum of 200 feet or more above sea level], clear in your mind. No matter from what direction the wave is coming the wrap around affect, can have large waves hit the shore even on the opposite side of the island. We could write like this for almost all areas of the earth because of entering the prophesied end time and part of today’s lesson is to say that, that time: is here and that serious disastrous events are now to be escalating in frequency and of a wide spread nature all over the Earth.

You can take comfort that, in all but, very, very, few cases, there will be a general warning for all these catastrophes, the problem is, having said that, often the warning may give those in any one area, at the most, only one day or less of warning. This means if you intend to save your own and your loved ones life you MUST ACT IMMEDIATELY. No personal belongings, to speak of, often bringing beloved personal pets could be the difference between life and death and so many horrendous decisions will be your experience at that moment, that you will need to make, to ensure your survival.

“All those on earth that may have been brought at this time to dedicate themselves to the work of the Corrective Time would have special protection to preserve you for your upcoming service but even that is not guaranteed because of the uncertain nature of very large catastrophes, where your wits and prescient good sense is needed additionally. The other challenge is that the timing for something impacting your area, is everywhere from today to 35 years from now.

“We are at this moment taking the time to tell you the full truth of what kind of alertness and uncertainty you now have right on your door step, for the decades ahead. This will not be a five years and we’re done type thing. Realize this and resign yourself to the hero type commitment and persevering pioneer determination to face all odds and make this time something you can look back on with great pride because of your fortitude with Gods help. I am warning you today, that this is necessary, and it is necessary, starting right now.

“At this juncture of just before the August 22 nd. Birthday of Jesus and the arrival of the additional Spirit of Truth to be a boon and consummate aid in your spiritual journey. We have every reason to be filled with joy at this high Point of the new teaching mission. As you feel and experience this new power and accentuated spiritual acuity, share your experiences among yourselves and as will be the way in many, it will appear as a gradual increase of: healing, understanding, faith, confidence, energy, resolve, joyfulness and realization about your life and place now in the first phase work. This is Mansonloran working in assistance to Christ Michael in any duties he may assign as well as a Melchizedek teacher in the capacity as Serara’s chief of Staff. With high inthusiasiam and happiness at our progress, I end this lesson today with greetings of fraternity and brotherhood that reaches out especially to everyone now coming in decisive dedication to Phase one work. Good day and in a universal language: Benyotria (Hold my hand and show me peace). Domtia….”

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