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1 - Phase I Adjustments to Transmit the Master Spirits
« on: September 17, 2017, 07:49:13 PM »
Phase One Adjustments for Transmitters
Spokespersons: Michael of Nebadon; Trinity Sons of Attainment
Subject: Change in Policy: The Transmission of Master Spirits To Urantia
T/R: Ron Besser
York Pa Noon Local Time
September 17, 2017

Ron - Lemuel you successfully transmitted Ocilliaya pleasantly.  But you also triggered a new operation to Urantia, and it is very important for all who read this to understand what is now in use to transmit Ocilliaya and all other Master Spirits to you as they are so powerful they would burn you alive is the transmission were done directly to your minds as you are.

It must occur to you that something tremendous is taking place in Nebadon as the Magisterial Mission approaches for Urantia.  I do not know all of it but I know some of it and my gears clash getting it to the list since it tends to get complicated enough I do not easily see how to explain all of it you– at least the part(s) I have recently learned.  I recently transmitted the facts of new transmission types and it stuns the mind to see what some of them may be for us to come in future years.  But I also must report that Lemuel hearing Master Spirit Four, is of great import because it represents a change in operations, and Wendy asking why is a tad petulant, but understandable.  But to explain what and why this is happening requires some study on the reader’s part to fully appreciate what is being done for us.

Lemuel, you discovered the simplest of ways to make a transmission contact between Those High in Authority, who are the ones that connected you today and other humans on Urantia with the Master Spirits.  Ocilliaya represents the Father-Son Triunity and the Father-Son ambivalence as found in Nebadon, which is the Father-Son Voice of triumph of love and affection to be applied to the unusual ability of some of you on this forum to actually make contact with your Thought Adjusters before you are even done with your psychic circles.

I caution you to understand I am explaining several things at once so just follow along please.  Ocilliaya cannot speak directly to the human mind as his power would burn flesh up, because he is so powerful.  Therefore, he uses in-between entities to down step that powerful energy.  I point out to you that the Trinity Son of Attainment transmitted so you could hear Ocilliaya easily was the result of a new policy the Father requested of the Sons of Attainment for Urantia use.

I first must tell you something about this very high order of spirit who is now in use for Urantia transmissions for the Master Spirits in particular.

In our Urantia Book, it discusses the Trinity Sons of Attainment.  What an Attainment Son is comes from the fact of such being a one-time human who left their planet in mortal death, arose in the scheme to perfection, and then became a Finaliter.  As a Finaliter, after taking the Oath of Service to the Trinity, the Father then asks them to standby and to assemble in another room.  This is a separate area outside of the Receiving Circle, and those he asks to go to another room (which is behind a door to the right of the Receiving Circle) and wait for another ceremony.

As the new Finaliters stand waiting, there suddenly appears the apparition of the Paradise Trinity near the ceiling and over them.  To describe as you would see it as you are, there appears a white mask of immense energy that hovers above the waiting assembled Finaliters.  The Trinity speaks and asks them to stand at ease, and then to form what we might call a single file, and then they are asked to approach the hovering mask of energy near and above them.  Then the Voice of the Father sounds and the Father then invites them to walk toward the mist of power above them, and as they move to it, it comes down and engulfs each one.  This is how the Trinity embraces Finaliters and others to give the Trinity Embrace and to change those who are so held in Trinity Transduction to receive new personal abilities.  When they come out of it, they have ATTAINED the power to be Mighty Messengers, Those High in Authority, and Those Without Name and Number, and who are now recognized as the Trinity Sons of Attainment, and you can see why they are so called.

Here is the Urantia Book description (Paper 22) of these Beings once human and now Trinitized to work for God:

22. The Trinitized Sons of God
1. The Trinity-Embraced Sons

22.1.9 These seven groups of personalities are further classified, according to origin, nature, and function, into three major divisions: the Trinitized Sons of Attainment, the Trinitized Sons of Selection, and the Trinitized Sons of Perfection.

22.1.10 The Trinitized Sons of Attainment - the Mighty Messengers, Those High in Authority, and Those without Name and Number - are all Adjuster-fused ascendant mortals who have attained Paradise and the Corps of the Finality. But they are not finaliters; when they have been Trinity embraced, their names are removed from the finaliter roll call. The new Sons of this order pass through specific courses of training, for comparatively short periods, on the circuit headquarters planets of the Havona circuits under the direction of the Eternals of Days. Thereafter they are assigned to the services of the Ancients of Days in the seven superuniverses.

22.1.13 Our Trinity-origin associates - Perfectors of Wisdom, Divine Counselors, and Universal Censors - are of stationary numbers, but the Trinity-embraced sons are constantly increasing. All seven orders of Trinity-embraced sons are commissioned as members of one of the seven superuniverse governments, and the number in the service of each superuniverse is exactly the same; not one has ever been lost. Trinity-embraced beings have never gone astray; they may stumble temporarily, but not one has ever been adjudged in contempt of the superuniverse governments. The sons of Attainment and the sons of Selection have never faltered in the service of Orvonton, but the Trinitized sons of Perfection have sometimes erred in judgment and thereby caused transient confusion.
3. Those High in Authority

22.3.1 Those High in Authority, the second group of the Trinitized Sons of Attainment, are all Adjuster-fused beings of mortal origin. These are the perfected mortals who have exhibited superior administrative ability and have shown extraordinary executive genius throughout their long ascending careers. They are the cream of governing ability derived from the surviving mortals of space.
4. Those Without Name and Number

22.4.1 Those without Name and Number constitute the third and last group of the Trinitized Sons of Attainment; they are the ascendant souls who have developed the ability to worship beyond the skill of all the Sons and daughters of the evolutionary races from the worlds of time and space. They have acquired a spiritual concept of the eternal purpose of the Universal Father which comparatively transcends the comprehension of the evolutionary creatures of name or number; therefore are they denominated Those without Name and Number. More strictly translated, their name would be “Those above Name and Number.”

22.4.4 The selection of candidates for the trinitization classes of Mighty Messengers, Those High in Authority, and Those without Name and Number is inherent and automatic. The selective techniques of Paradise are not in any sense arbitrary. Personal experience and spiritual values determine the personnel of the Trinitized Sons of Attainment. Such beings are equal in authority and uniform in administrative status, but they all possess individuality and diverse characters; they are not standardized beings. All are characteristically different, depending on the differentials of their ascendant careers.

22.4.5 In addition to these experiential qualifications, the Trinitized Sons of Attainment have been trinitized in the divine embrace of the Paradise Deities. Consequently they function as the co-ordinate associates of the Stationary Sons of the Trinity, for the Trinity embrace does seem to precipitate out of the stream of future time many of the unrealized potentials of creature beings. But this is true concerning only that which pertains to the present universe age.



"I am One Without Name and Number, Ron, and I appreciate you explaining who we are first so they understand what they are getting into.  You can make this a very long post, but do not.  Explain to them that my brethren are the ones who connect the mortal mind up to the Master Spirits if they (the Master Spirits), wish communication.  In your case Ron, we did not have personnel available when you made the connection, and as such Michael of Nebadon, stepped in to transmit Ocilliaya to you, and Ocilliaya even found a way to directly advise you of revelation he wanted known even though Michael of Nebadon was not so informed of that material when you produced it several years ago for Ocilliaya and two other Master Spirit.  You take them well and happily, but the Father has decreed that all connections now must be through the Trinitized Sons of Attainment as you correctly report to Lemuel above.  Now this:

"In providing you Ron, in providing this to the discussion forum, we asked the Father should we tell Ron or let him guess how it is done.  We looked at your mind fabric and saw you had no way to guess at it properly and we decided to let you know so Lemuel knows and we hope this list now knows.  

“We must truncate this speech in order to finish this post concerning who now connect everybody on Urantia in human form to Master Spirit Four, the Voice of the Paradise Trinity as a Father-Son construction with Aya (Master Spirit Seven, Voice of the Trinity)in attendance and Master Spirit Five, Mantrinaya, for their support in making these announcements.  Ron goes to all this trouble so you understand that what we call the Lamps of God appear in Nebadon in their own way and you must have a basis for why the exist at all to understand their reason for existence.  The Father now asks the Trinitized Sons of Attainment to transmit all Master Spirit messages to Urantia and individual human transmitters there to receive them.  This is the first of several posts out of a very long transmission Ron received today on various and related subjects, and we move on by ending this transmission here.”

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