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4 - The Infinity Conundrum Even on Paradise & Their Discussions
« on: September 17, 2017, 08:23:49 PM »

4 - The Infinity Conundrum Even on Paradise & Their Discussions
Speakers: The Trinitized Sons of Attainment from Paradise; Two Paradise Supernaphim who Teach about Infinity on Havona and on Paradise; Michael of Nebadon; God the Supreme; Ocilliaya; Nebadonia
Subject: More on Infinity and How Ron is both Corrected and Praised for His Views
T/R: Ron Besser
At York Pa 1900 Local Time
September 17, 2017


"I am One Without Name and Number, Ron, and I appreciate you explaining who we are first so they understand what they are getting into.  You can make this a very long post, but do not.  Explain to them that my brethren are the ones who connect the mortal mind up to the Master Spirits if they (the Master Spirits), wish communication.  In your case Ron, we did not have personnel available when you made the connection, and as such Michael of Nebadon, stepped in to transmit Ocilliaya to you, and Ocilliaya even found a way to directly advise you of revelation he wanted known even though Michael of Nebadon was not so informed of that material when you produced it several years ago for Ocilliaya and two other Master Spirit.  You take them well and happily, but the Father has decreed that all connections now must be through the Trinitized Sons of Attainment as you correctly report to Lemuel above.  Now this:

"In providing you Ron, and in giving this to the discussion forum, we asked the Father should we tell Ron or let him guess how it is done.  We looked at your mind fabric and saw you had no way to guess at it properly and we decided to let you know so Lemuel knows and we hope this list now knows it is through the Trinitized Sons of Attainment to the Service of Fatherly love to all the Universe which certainly includes Urantia.


"We speak together now.  Be assured this transmitter hears perfectly well, and he holds us all high and beautiful, but we admit we use our brethren to censor what we say sometimes and we have not used them at all here.  You have it straight out of the mouth of real adult Trinitarians, and you smile at our use of reference because you enjoy our use of language, and we say this:  I have never met a human who holds us so well yet gets so upset for what is a very painful transition and we hope that it comes to an end as spoken to by Father and the Creator Son shortly.  Your imagination is crucial to your success Ron and it does not harm it flashes so unworthy of you at times, but you fear reprisals when it flashes understanding beyond your capacity to know and that produces only curiosity to we higher beings in the universe.  Beside being a cuss of a being that you are, you make people understand you are not going to tarry for them if they want to go smell the flowers elsewhere.  I see it all the time when we look in on your discussions and you make it clear that it must proceed as ordained and while the bumps and turns of events are not really understood by you, you are willing to take it as it comes.  The only exception is the very painful transition you made us wince over too.  Be assured we move well with you and that your are shocked such high beings such as ourselves and Supernaphim look at  you and help out sometimes.  The Paradise Trinity takes note and prepares for you entrance with duties we see to as a very junior personnel by our side to learn the ups and downs of the Trinitized Sons of Attainment we represent.

"You caught briefly that another being stands with us as a Trinity embraced mortal and that is Jesus.  He stood near to see you as he relates well to your inability to comprehend the Consummator of Universe Destiny.  You are not even sure that is a Consummator of the Experiential Universe, or the Universe in general beyond what you consider the Experiential Universe.  Be assured you are wrong on many counts in looking at this Individual, but He exists as a seaprate Being and you find that perplexing and not perplexing at the same time, as you consider the Unvierse Destiny only in the hands of the Father and the Trinity.  While that is exact, remember the Father places diversity above all in order to wring out what Infinity precludes in its stasis.  I enjoy being credited with with and charm and solid evidence of the pattern of Infinity, and you chastise yourself for looking at it as its own self and that Father must rise above Systems to be I AM or the Father I AM, and you are not wrong.  This is a lesson for centuries and millennia of where Urantia now stands, but we can bring some order to your thinking by simply telling you the Father is truly.   omnipresent in Infinity too and that he is never without one scintilla of misunderstanding what he produce in Infinity.   Infinity is broken not, but the Absolutes in the experiential universe are without a real place in the the System of Infinity as you teach yourself.  Te truth is that Infinity is not a system but a totality that exceeds the idea of a System, and we make one last statement for you:  Infinity carries nothing you have not and much more.  I udnerstand now you are so advanced we prepare a special statement.  Infinity is beyond human concept, and it is beyond the capacity of t he Coordinates to penetrate it without Father, and the Eternal Son spoke to Ron now to explain that while the Father is necessary to show the Coordinates what lies in Infinity for them to prepare for, he is not a Teacher per se, but a way shower and that is interesting beyond words Ron.  Be prepared Ron to listen to the Supernaphim on this subject as they discuss it all the time and find you truly wondering why Infinity appears to you as a System to the Father.


"You Ron charge our attention just a little and that is because you have come to the conclusion that the will of the I AM appeared outside of the infinitude as will.  [yes].  W do too.  And you aver there are exceptions possible to the argument, but that the Melchizedeks did not address it,  as in their explanation, the organizing factor of the I AM was already in the infinitude, but as we all point out, it had to intersect with the WILL of the Father,  to either energize the use of I AM as already disorganized in the Infinitude at some point, or to simply ignore why or how the I AM produced reality and in that case, the Infinitude was not all inclusive of Infinity as you correctly point out to yourself mostly. 

“The truth is that the I AM is truthfully without a consanguineous solution unless you add to the Infinitude that power of WILL to be subject to time decisions, and you go way ahead of us by telling us that the WILL, wherever it is placed, is not an event driven force, but it is a point of evolving the I AM for the promulgation of the Experiential Universe and that is not a sequence event but a production event pre-Infinity. 

“I dare not go further as you are a mere baby in looking at this means of explaining Infinity and the I AM.  It is difficult for you to see much in this explanation but you have secured most of our view already and I am nonplused over that ability to hear so profoundly.  Let us state it this way too:  You just said to me that the entity of Self Existence does not always speak the language of Infinity, and that the language for Self-Existence is "too broad" and at the same time, "too narrow," to explain self existence to a time being, but you aver that Infinity is a product of the selection of elements within the Infinitude to produce Infinity or totality as a system of existence with all of its ledges of reality changes within it.  Your work is precious now as I see you working hard to explain the unexplainable to people who do care but do not have your credentials to do it.  Your mind is a slide rule and it carries itself so well that you carry us with you in these important matters.

"I am a Chief of Supernaphim on Paradise and I include you now in my heart.  That thanks agrees it is a bond and you appreciate it. [very much thank you], and we understand the English wording.  However you take the connection more as a study and permission in what is an exclusive club, and that is exact, and I see you appreciate it as a type of bond of friendship as you are used to feeling on Urantia when there is agreement between people somewhere.  I agree you are worthy of a study on Urantia on this subject and I have no time now to tell you much about what this implies. but the Father enjoys being found out and he loves your attempt to understand his generation of reality on Urantia and even in the Master Universe, but you are also aware of being so limited you have to take little bites to begin understanding at all, and I am here to see to it.   Just call me one five seven (157) and I will answer that in the future.  I close for now." [thank you for all this effort 157 - Ron]


"I honestly see how Ron gets so excited over being provided new language in his quest to understand how the I AM got started to promulgate reality, first as experiential and finally as Infinity.  Ron, through our good offices understands that the Infinitude contained MORE than the Father used to provide Infinity.  To Ron, that is calling the promulgation of Infinity as a true system that does not include self-existence as a part of Infinity except as the Father should will it.   Ron reasons that the Eternal Son might be self existent but that his self existence is included in Infinity undifferentiated from the closed idea of Infinity.  We agree with all of his premises, but Ocilliaya was not part of Infinity unless the Infinite Spirit rose to the occasion and spoke for His existence simultaneously for the six other Master Spirits.  In truth we are now moving out of the I AM as the original Self Existing Force and Power, to realizing that without Infinity, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit just remain undifferentiated.

"to be or not to be," is what Ron's mind pushes out to me, and he points out that even if the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit do not get differentiated in the I AM's style of promulgating Infinity, that does not mean they have no life expression even if it is hidden from an Absolute Universe of Experiential Divisions.  All told, Ron you have the subject under wraps for a future secure to be among the elect to serve Father as a high Trinity attainer, but you are too small in the head to realize the implications of your mind as it works its way through various philosophies we teach on Salvington and even on Uversa.  I see great things for both of us Ron as you are one of the few I ever ran into that loves to understand how Infinity works and behaves even in the experiential universes.

“I speak to the fact that Transmitters in the Magisterial Mission have to be further head in cosmic organization than the theologians are in the Churches today.  That is because Magisterial Mission Transmitters do care about the Promulgation of Reality, just because it seeks to answer origins and original cause.  I see we should also list a couple of terms for Transmitters on Urantia in the midst of considering how the Origins of the Universe made us what we are today.

1) As a Transmitter you have to expand your range of contact frequencies to improve your performance as a selected Transmitter for the Magisterial Mission.  Ocilliaya wants to make contact with humans on Urantia, and so you are easily affored the opportunity to connect with high Spirit outside of the Local Universe, and those extra-Nebadon frequencies and learning how to attune to them will vastly improve your performance to the Local Universe of Nebadon and to the Father on Paradise as a consequence.

2) Ocilliaya represents the Father-Son creativity that produces that human ascension career.  When speaking to Ocilliaya if you should make that contact of your own free will. imbues you with the love of the Father and the Son and allows your mind to find the security of extreme unction for fusion on Urantia.  That is so very important it cannot be emphasized enough that to take Ocilliaya into your mind, you are blessed with the eternal view of ever lasting life as promulgated through the succor of our own Creative Spirit in Nebadon, the one we also call Nebadonia."


"I resist listening to Ron at times as he truly understands so much I rather not embargo him with useless information, although for now what I have to say is not useless:

"I see Ron wondering what triggered the Wendy-Winter question as Besser sees it as a normal instruction, but you Wendy wanted to know why and now you are being told why this is so valuable to your growth.  I know Ocilliaya quite well as he educates me as I needed to understand just how I was to function in Nebadon as I have no prior instruction from anyone to tell me that my life on Urantia as the angels of Seraphic and other styles not revealed to you yet, was a life without comprehension of what we were guarding so carefully.  I see Ron now sees where I am going with this: there is no such thing of a life without love and succor as they say in many weddings on other planets.  The truth is that I must provide each life on Urantia some trust they can love and be loved without crashing them into a wall of despair.  That happens to most people on Urantia these days but we allow that is how life works on Urantia for the time being.

"Otherwise the Ocilliaya connection taught me how to rule for good or for bad that which requires some heart to heal and become used to the idea that life goes beyond the outer shell of skin and bones of each human.  On Urantia it has become obsolete to love God very much and then to espouse those things of God.  I see we need to conclude this as Ocilliaya speaks to the remaining number of points Ron was ready to point out to Wendy above."


“I close this section in order to be clear that Magisterial Mission Transmitters and Students ought to understand, that by contacting this Master Spirit alone, is sufficient to order your ascension career properly and quickly to perfection, as I hole the degree of study that allows me to address the Father on your behalf.  You study Ron well because he represents what can be done with ideal dedication to serving God all the time, and you seek me Master Spirit Four, Ocilliaya, to prefer you chances at eternal life quickly and safely.  God the Supreme now wishes to speak:”


“I am God the Supreme, and I note that Ron has worked on this transmission now for about 12 hours to first break it into pieces and then to make sure each piece makes sense on its own.  I think it does.  I also wish to point out to Ron and his take on Infinity is not premature and that is because Michael of Nebadon plans to instruct some of you, including Ron, on its true nature when you are all on the mansion worlds together for a little time of instructions and work for Michael in the morontial realms. 

“Leaving details aside Ron, the study of Infinity is a career long study under normal circumstances, and we agree you have a jumpy mind, but it last briefly for me and you control it well - -   in any case - - we see the need to upstep minds on Urantia so there are sufficient minds to understand and procreate children with minds who bend this way to spirit and God and his reality courses along the way.  Be assured Ron you set the standard and we enjoy working with you advices and all.  Your suggestion to the Life Carriers to break with traditions and provide the human body some pockets is a Supreme suggestion we rather enjoy.  I enjoy this session in spite of being horribly busy and you all have a great day too.  I am God the Supreme and wish you a good day.”

“Infinity Ron is totally unknown by me as well but I like to talk about since I am absolute in personality manifestation which you seem to remember very well.  It is important to remember that as you see that to understand creation you have to start with me and that is why so many in the morontial take courses on their Creator Sons, and how they manifest themselves.  I am in Infinity, but such a tiny part I cannot find it when I am allowed to page through it on my level of understanding.  Yes, Father allows that through the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit for me.

“Nonetheless, I know you have a great interest in the Absolutes amd especially the Unqualified Absolute as you wonder even through it is controlled by the Paradise Trinity, how it decides for itself to what extent to pervade space?  That is a final question for people like the Consummator of Universe Destiny, which you have a good explanation for and did not release to the list for fear they would just yawn at its proclivities.  Nonetheless, we see it excellent and you need to release it when you can.  Lastly, the study of Infinity is worth every means a human can afford to do it as it provides the mind the concept of unending life, and even when an Absolute Univers appera, lfe for former humans will continue, I kid you not.  Good day.”
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Re: 4 - The Infinity Conundrum Even on Paradise & Their Discussions
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May I take this time to thank you Ron for all of the effort you most assuredly put forth to produce such a well defined message that was a delicacy to read and assimilate.  I also wish to give forth thanks to Michael and all of the Celestial personalities that contributed by taking the time to work with you and give you enough understanding where you could then relate this information to the rest of us.  These four messages are going to be printed and put into  a special notebook for repeated study.   

Again thank you,
Your brother,
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