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Dear List

The four posts I sent you above are sticky noted to keep them together; that is all they are done for as such.

You may post to each normally if you wish to do so.  No restrictions other than I kept them together on the list here.

I am also indebted to a universe that worked with me for twelve hours straight to produce this series full of innuendo revelation if you can catch it and lost of direct new revelation very important to understand as some of you will be tapped for the Magisterial Mission and to work in my office.  I make no bones about asking all who do work with me to understand the basics of the Urantia Book.  Some people do not have to worry about that but those of you who are Magisterial Mission Transmitters have more responsibilities than any other people working for Serara and Monjoronson and Jesus - at least for now.

Finally, I know some of you pass out at the size of these transmissions, but until we have some variance in how transmissions are produced, I suggest you get use to learning and working on whatever length of transmissions eventually come our way.  I also know some of you do not have the stamina to catch a long transmission long enough to stay with and that has to be improved upon with consequences for you who have the problem at the moment.  These things are really coming your way and while I lament what I have to go through, I will be done, the promise, at noon on 20 September, 2017.  To me that im;lies something more too than my release from pain and suffering all these years.

I also received in this transmission and did not bother to post the reasons for my transition which is entirely new to me.  When I have a chance to work through the 18 page transmission, I will see if it is worth releasing for your own understanding what some of you are in for regardless of what you think you will be doing in the coming next century.

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