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Decisions 09/22/2017 from Michael about the Magisterial Mission Updates

Speaker: Michael of Nebadon
Urantia Foundation Changes;
Changes from Michael Himself As To How He Conducts Briefings;
Using 2709 Sunset Lane as a Classroom and a Meeting Place;
Serara Speaks no more about a Symposium soon;
Taken at York Pa at 1600 local time
September 22, 2017


“I am truly sorry for what has gone on in the background none of you know about between myself and Ron over an issue you have no input into because it is bother personal and universal at the same time.  I am issuing a mandate as I speak now and this includes all of you and all in the celestial realm below the level of Deity and excluding the Melchizedek Corp.

“First, while I hate making these pronouncements, I am almost shamed into doing so because I have misled so often to keep certain subjects from taking a life on their own, I cut them down to nubs on the ground and hope they do not grow until I have to take them on and settle them.  This morning Ocilliaya pointed out that Ron has taken a third and greatly harmful dose of energy he could not walk or think clearly and he made it pretty clear he did not appreciate being treated this way.  I apologized but the harm is done.  However, the Father interceded and told Ron to allow all of this chaos and hubbub to settle down, and he agree he should and gave me space to think.  I am now sure I missed the chance to end all of this a few weeks ago when Ron noticed I used levels of My Deity mind to characterize statements to the transmitters on this discussion forum.  He was not unhappy but pleading to get out from under the pain regime which has been incessant for several years now.  Lemuel produced an Ocilliaya transcript Ron in particular liked very much in which the Master Spirit said that he wanted peace and tranquility on Urantia first.  Ron found that soothing for a change and let it sit well with him.  Lo and behold, no sooner was that received and I sent a barrage of new energy to Ron to restrict his body’s deterioration any further for he would be in the morgue in less than a week unless I intervened.  That energy hit his nervous system so hard he could not balance to walk and slept 14 hours a day to recover some energy to even walk.  In any case this had serious repercussions on my ability to thin out these other things, and today I met the Father in form in my mind and he explained that Ron merely wished to serve and not to become the Grand Pumbah, of the Magisterial Mission.  He already is but that is beside the point now.  Therefore with all of this dust and debris in the air around me over this slight addition of energy to me but not to him. I rescind all I have said about the Magisterial Mission up to until now.  I relist what I want to happen and take it as you can:

1 - Make no plans to serve the Magisterial Mission until I discover just how materialized I want it to be;

2 - Avoid making pronouncements over who is what and what they might do for the Magisterial Mission from now on, and until you see, as Ron puts it, the whites of their eyes on Urantia;

3 - Be assured Ron is the leader of what, if any, human contingency may appear under the Magisterial Foundation;

4 - Allow me to have the final say regardless of what a transmission may have to say to you;

4A) No one except Ron is in the Staff mode for the Magisterial Missions to being with.  I dare not risk accidents from happening and so on;

4B) Avoid asking ron for facts as he is rescinding responses until what comes to him is reasonably stated.  You may ask him about transmissions and what is happening with you when you transmit and for corrections through high Spirit, such as from Ocilliaya;

4C) No more will I use Sentenact or Califax except with Ron who knows how this works and is happy to hear from them and to place them in the right perspective.  I am delighted I have a human who follows that easily regardless of how hard that is for some of you to assimilate.  I am not saying no to this forever but for now you all make mountains out of molehills and that must stop especially some of the high fives that keep happening over posts that say nothing more.  You are all truants to fight for something that has no value any more on the list or to the ones you are congratulating UNLESS you add your own thought about it and that is a whole different story and useful.

4D) No more useful tirades from me to all of you on the list for now.  Ron will do that well enough.

4E) Be assured when the Missions goes shortly,  I will be in charge whether that is through Jesus or Serara or myself  in some other guise you have not learned about yet.  I am useful beyond words but Ron sees to it that I am understood too and that is a great partnership.


“I now speaking for myself alone and this is not directed to any of you or the Paradise Deities, and that is the fact that Ocilliaya portrays the Father-Son unity as Ron prefers to call it as in Deity Unification; however, it is better to call it the progressive view of God to transform chaos into unity and provide love while the chaos ensures.

“I seek a better retaliation against Lucifer than I got, because he made it perfectly clear that I failed the Lanonandek Sons by refuting the complaints of Caligastia as mere disturbances of the mind over the slow pace humans on Urantia represented to him.   There will be a lot more revelation coming about the Lucifer rebellion soon beasue of my uneasy feeling this matter is not fully adjudicated a it must be for these Missions to make sense at all levels.

“Ron represents an intrusion into our scheme for presenting Missions.  He did not mean to do that but understands that Magisterial Missions, or most of them at least, carry no material counterpart and therefore no corporations needed to express our wishes legally.  However, in this case,  the Magisterial Son early on asked for volunteers and Ron always felt there would do  something to follow the present Urantia Book that would define the fifth epochal labors much better.  He chose this way of learning the revelation even better than he thought.


“The Urantia Book Foundation is Ron’s pride and he loves the idea of running it with Jesus as I have said time and again.  But Jesus avoids discussing much about it as he sees Ron as irretrievably angry over the mess the present Foundation has managed to place on the Magisterial Mission and the Second Return of Jesus without their participation.  He sees their truancy from the beginning but holds back from redacting their propaganda at my request and successfully, and the Trustees no longer worry about Ron and his new Foundation that will replace them.  What they do not know, and they remain quite sure of this fiction, is that they feel they are safely out of the woods for and safe from change.  They are not.  I entirely agree with Ron and half the Midwayers on Urantia who have followed the hollow views of the Trustees in the Chicago Foundation of ours for themselves for years and have kept quite on my say so.  They see Ron as the charger on a white horse to get rid of mistakes there.

“Consequently, war is ready to be made there and I am in the middle of it for the simple reason the entire revelation the Magisterial Mission represents is based on the revelations of both Urantia Books, the 1955 publication and the coming 2017-18 publication.  Before we finally state this case, I bring to your attention what George Zuberbuhler, once told Ron, that he was ready to send them anything that Michael of Nebadon or the Creative Spirit wished to send the Trustees.  Ron took him at his word and succeeded in transmitting from me exactly the reforms they needed to institute, and that is, if they wished to continue.  I now issue a new guidance to the Chicago URANTIA Foundations as follows:

1) Drop all pretenses as being spokespersons for anything regarding the epochal revelations in question; 

2) Prepare to dismantle your offices at 533 Diversey Parkway and to include in that dismantling the Declaration of Trust offertory presented to the mansion in 1959, while Dr. Sadler still commanded those offices as the Director of the Contact Commission, and as the main person who allied himself with the Archangel 5217 and with Archangel 5315 of my own staff to complete this work on Urantia so those who were still alive after World War II had some pittance of solace for what they had been through in a war that knew no bounds and stands as the worst world war in my universe of 5,713.432 inhabited planets as of this minute.

3) When preparing to move the old Urantia Foundation to York, PA., kindly remember you were warned years ago this would happen if you did not institute reform.  Instead you denigrated George Zuberbuhler and factiously disregard Ron’s very well written memorandum to you at that time.  He made two attempts to speak to you but they were rebuffed by none other than Mo Siegel and with the help of Gard Jamieson, got tossed into the furnace almost the next day.  No one else saw the Memorandum.

“Further, I would ask The URANTIA FOUNDATION to :

A) Avoid confusion of the 1955 publication of the URANTIA Book with the 2018 publication of The URANTIA Book and make it clear to readers there are some large differences;

B) Avoid publication of any reprisals against the keeper of these goods which has been Ron Besser all along, and my self as Michael of Nebadon as the Creator Son who helped set up the Contact Commission with Machiventa Melchizedek, who then help set it up with Mantutia Melchizedek, and so on.  Should you take legal reprisal you will be badly beaten by the application of our own resources which are bottomless.  We also warn that the Declaration of Trust offertory must accompany the removable of your offices from Chicago to York.  It is up to the Spirit of God to make amends in York from there on.

C) Be aware that your dislocation in Chicago is considered replete and to leave the premises of 533 Diversey Parkway as permanent, and that your offices will be sold to us for whatever else we may wish to use it for, The Trustees of the Chicago-based URANTIA Foundation have large sums of money in those coffers for the institution of drafts for other translations form English to other foreign languages and for many other reasons.  Ron views this as essentially collateral to buy these translations in accordance with your wishes.  We now state that all on-going translations now be abridged and stopped as they are essentially useless with the publication of the new URANTIA Book, and that those translations recently finished not be published.  This is final.  Money in those collateral accounts will be paid fairly to the efforts so far by translators and then the matter dropped.  Those translators may use the fruits of their work as they may please all the while understanding the text they translated is fully out of date and should not be read as THE epochal revelation of the day.

D) We are also aware that Ron seeks dissolution of the UAI, the Urantia Association International.  The acronym is hard to remember for some reason and worse, it is a stitch organization of elitists who have no business running a competing organization for or against the Fellowship or the Foundation or as a purity test to world readers whom they contact now and then to let their views of them be known.  It is an abomination of a plant to be rid of the epochal revelation and replace it with one hundred minor priests who have no business interpreting epochal revelation as they do which is often not a little wrong but completely wrong.  In placing The URANTIA Foundation in default as the Father has so claimed, that which we call the UAI is hereby forever banned and no one will ever be allowed to use what assets it may have or its offi ces wh ic it pretends are genuine outreach offices for the fifth epochal revelation which is to be replaced by the sixth epochal revelation in the coming year (2018).

E) The URANTIA Book Fellowship, is also to be dissolved when the mansion at 533 Diversey Parkway is fully vacated.  You may not use those offices or any offices previously used by the Foundation or yourselves as they are totally banned from use by the Magisterial Mission for the foreseeable future.

F) Ron has asked us to revise the URANTIA Brotherhood and that is of consideration for a future time, but for now, it is not of consideration.  Good.  And now this:

5) No further dissertations will come from me on or about The URANTIA Foundation, and that is final if I can keep my head about me as all of this swirls by on Urantia when we start we believe in the second or third week of October now.”

“I have this furtherance of my statements above:”

A) No one is allowed access to the Discussion Forum shortly as we will have to take it down and remodel it as we want it to run which pretty much what you see now and so on.  Ron pretends no great interest in running it but he alone knows enough to keep ahead of the best transmitter on this site, He is saddled with it until we have a better way to monitor its productive uses.

B) The House at 2709 Sunset Lane is ours now.  It belongs to Serara and Monjoronson to do with it what they will and they will have a conversation with Ron abut it soon.  He belies it should be sold to us for a dollar but we will pay the full price we estimate to be $385,000.  Then he can move out of that school district and find solace with better accommodations elsewhere.  The house will be used for reception and classes when the time comes.

C) Not withstanding the house will be sold to us, Ron is to build offices in it and run the house as his own until we see the need for different arrangements and so on.

D) The York Protectorate -
It is vital it be instituted immediately and to do this we must work with the Governor of Pennsylvania.  Ron has started a long paper on the subject and I told him to quit because it involves national and international sanctioning as well as State provisions to make it legal.  Serara: “The York Protectorate as Ron named it.  is precious and will set the stage for our many embassies around the world although not nearly as large.  The York Protectorate comes in at a little less than 220 square miles to govern as the Magisterial Missions headquarters and embassy at large.” 

“I close this missive with one other group of concerns:”

1) I am rescinding all appointments to date and revise the one for Ron to lead Starbridge Group in its part for the Magisterial Mission;

2) To allow no further discussion about my view of the Urantia Book as it is fully stated above;

3) To allow no further discourse on who Sentenact is or Califax may be and is.

4) The Magisterial Mission will start this October or about mid October depending on what is on our plate at any given time;

5) There is no Symposium to be held for years, but Ron has asked permission to hold a conclave at York and will prepare for it with your help when the time comes.  It is important that you meet and exchange views and that Urantia Book readers from around the world will be asked to participate as is the Foundation and the Fellowship, and to set the tone off properly, he has asked the Melchizedek Mantutia to speak and any one else from the Missions who would like to look and audience of humans in the face and declare themselves solvent before them.

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania


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Re: Decisions 09/22/2017 from Michael about the Magisterial Mission Updates
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2017, 06:22:36 PM »
To all the members of the Discussion Forum and to our Guests:

I ask for prayers for Father Michael and Mother Nebadonia.    They are facing many challenges.    May we offer our strength and our support to our Celestial parents.  May they have wisdom and good judgment in their decisions.   Dear Father Michael and Mother, you are so dearly loved!..........................Allie
"Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words."  - St. Francis of Assisi


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Re: Decisions 09/22/2017 from Michael about the Magisterial Mission Updates
« Reply #2 on: September 22, 2017, 06:51:30 PM »
Dear Michael,  it could not have been easy for you to relate these things to us on the forum.  The
situation as was, obviously needed to be addressed and now your requirements and advice are well
taken and understood to be both necessary and just.
The Magisterial Mission still stands and we members here on the forum, who have been tried and tested
again and again are still here and will remain here to see this through.
I pray that the Father may give us all the necessary stamina and resolve to enable us to give you the 
loving support that is needed.
I remain, as always, your faithful servant.