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Michael of Nebadon on Some Important Information
« on: September 25, 2017, 10:22:57 PM »
Speaker: Michael of Nebadon And Ocilliaya On Some Important Information
1.   Specialised Reflectivity Input
2.   Watch and Pray
3.   Natural Disasters and Responses Overwhelmed
4.   Nuclearism and the Pacific Plate Volatility
5.   Public Speaking and the Spirit of Truth
6.   Humans in the Missions in various locations
7.   Humans as Ambassadors in their own country

T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 26/09/2017 10.27am (AEST) 9.27pm(GMT)


“You are feeling pressure is an understatement. If you are not careful you will be in bed for days due to our intrusions in your mindal capacity of late. Some of you will experience some flooding sensations that make you weary, sleepy and pressured to sleep it off. I advise you do so. Ocilliaya speaks in my mind to you to inform as I give it to you to get as much rest as you can as these waves of spiritual infusion take over.

“Now, there is much to relay and I waste no time to tell Sue to get with me on this. In no uncertain terms do we go about this fashion as we have asked RonB to pull down the Forum site for a while to refresh it for proper human consumption. By that I mean it must be readable, digestible and relatable for humans on this planet to receive language they can readily absorb at this point in time.

“Natural disasters are ramping up around you, as Sue notices it too, and in various places and you are to be on your guard and wits to watch what unfolds for you. Trump’s border policy will not last as certain areas of the Americas will be massively affected and soon dimunitive amounts of States will be so small so as to make that great nation so small in comparison to what it was.

“Mother Spirit is working hard in you Sue to get this on paper for me and I am happy to see this is progressing nicely as I wish this to be as accurate as I state it here.

“I speak differently to what Sue has previously received in rather eloquent terms and that is because I use a frequency that differs in tone and urgency.

“I say urgency as to bring this to bear upon all of you to watch carefully what is occurring around you as things become rather turbulent both in financial matters, political haranguing and natural disaster emergency responses, to what is soon to overwhelm most government agencies when tectonicism starts to unravel and render already damaged places totally void and non-existent. Such is the scale of catastrophe that awaits very soon.

“Due to this concern, we will endeavour to present ourselves at the earliest convenience to relay such important announcements to avert what we see as a looming nuclear war disaster in the Pacific. The Pacific Plate, if pounded by such nuclear force, will inevitably cause such disturbances in an already precarious Plate that is pressured by all sides by the Ring of Fire to the point it will collapse into those other Plates that pressure it.

“Such a force will place upward pressure on the volumes of oceanic waters to be moved in large quantities over continental land masses. Many coastal areas will be inundated and Pacific Islands will experience some dramatic changes, if not, they may even be disappearing under these pressures.

“I make these known assumptions as best as we can determine from our models of likely earth movements and we do our best to curtail or minimise as much that can be best avoided. The Pacific Plate is in a very volatile situation and we are watching this very carefully.

“Sue has been experiencing some form of unusual depression due to the situation she finds herself in. It is an undesirable one and we are here to alleviate these impressions and force her to receive these higher psychical, mind inputs to get her jumpstarted back to a better way with receiving from me and those that can work in with this frequency she receives in her mind.

“This is not new to use, but has been an unusual experience for those of you to be so done in the world of Urantia that life becomes tenable at best, but useless when people around you become so backward, old school and totally not ready for what you and I can easily receive in gulps at a time.

“Such heart input is greatly beneficial to most of you when you are so keen to see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. The Missions are a go and we will get with it shortly and we waste no time to tell you this through Sue who is taking this as it comes with a steady head and a heart that can take a wallop more if she has to. That man is gone Sue and you are done with it. So be it. Good.

“Now let us relay some more info for your consumption as I wish it to be known. There will come a time when you will need to speak publicly and with confidence. This is necessary as things ramp up to such a state of affairs that some of you will soon be natural leaders charged with the Spirit of Truth that I place in each of you.

“Humans will be partaking in these Mission and will be well placed in where you are as each of you know best your own people, culture and mannerisms. We need you grounded, strong headed and totally committed to the Father’s way of doing things. I do not mince words Sue!! Write what I say and leave the thinking for me to deal with. I am Father and I speak to you plainly as a goat bleats his head off.

“While Sue bellows in laughter, I count that a blessing she can even do that. So let us place ourselves in prayerful mode and seek the best of the crop to come forth to till the land until it bears better fruit than what is already in the bushes.

“This has been a good start Sue, more is yet to come and I am pleased you take the pen to task to wear this with me well.


“Sue asks for details and that is because she senses all that I have up my sleeve is yet waiting to slide down on to her silky pen to write, but I hold it back just now as things need to be transpiring in real (Urantia) time on your planet for it to be better acquainted.

“This will do for now Sue, and we will talk again shortly. Get some refreshment and I’ll see you soon. Thank you.”

[Just as I was about to end this, another voice spoke in…]


“You are an Australian Ambassador in this work Sue, and you are placed in doing this for these people you know well for so long and we see the good sense to have you working some time later with your governmnents to deal with the coming changes along with Mantutia as your Supervisor. Stay well focussed with Michael and I as we relay such info to you that is necessary to know. Thank you.”

End. 11.20am