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Once again we must revise the general idea about how the Magisterial Mission is funded for its various concerns around the globe.

I am Ron Besser and I am an official of the proposed Magisterial Bank, but I am admittedly a little vague about how hard cash money is brought down from the Salvington gold reserves to a bank in the United States.  I have attempted three different official and final statements about this process, and yet we keep getting more news that advises us of modifications on the entire idea of hard-cash funding for what has to be paid for soon enough.  These modifications and expectations to be have to be spoken to before anyone decides they know something about what has to be done.  Hence the need to repost information.  You do not have to disregard many technical aspects of what has been posted before, but be aware the entire mechanism talked about before has been modified to the extent we need this announcement.

SERARA - The Magisterial Son - Chief Banker and Person in Charge of the financial Institutions on Urantia dealing with the funding for the Magisterial Mission.  -  "I speak now officially and with quotes added to my narrative.

"In 2012 we had a new meeting of minds on Urantia and decided we had to establish a bank on Urantia that could handle our financial needs.  In 2014, the Father rescinded this possibility by stating that there was entirely too much money being proposed for the Missions and that we had to find another way of providing the currency to the world.  Further, the Father requested that all work done be denominated in the Unites States world-wide currency of the USD, the United States Dollar.  In about a month after that announcement, Michael of Nebadon, requested Paradise to review their requirement we reduce the appearance of a new bank and fund it lightly only to pay salaries and other immediate expenses.  Ron Besser was contacted and we established the Magisterial Foundation, and then asked the attorneys helping us to establish a cash-flow-type of funding corporation to feed the Magisterial Foundation the money it needed to operate.  The attorney flatly refused to do it.  Ron has been asked not to counter the opinion until we could announce what is to be done to fund the Magisterial Mission and the Jesus Mission until now.

"The following is to be delivered to attorney when we have funds appropriated to start the Magisterial Mission quickly within hours we believe of this announcement.

"The attorney in question is to be relieved as our chief Counsel and RH be placed in her stead.  After this we will move to portray our involvement with the law firm in question in York, Pennsylvania, USA.  I am placing Mantutia Melchizedek in charge of the operation until Ron is cleared of financial requirements he must meet for Starbridge Group, an ancillary company that still funds everything we do on Urantia.

"However, we now reject the idea of an open Magisterial Bank, and will run all financial obligations, payments, and receipts, through Starbridge Group.  Starbridge Group is an outstanding little charity that has to be rewritten to portray itself as the funding mechanism for the various Missions mentioned.  The Starbridge Group is now entirely composed of Ron Besser, and on other Board Member who has withdrawn his support, and therefore we must nominate new Directors.  I hereby request that a Board Meeting with SM be concluded as quickly as possible, and then accept his resignation if that is what he desires.  The Agenda for the Board Meeting is to include the following:

a) I Ronald L. Besser hereby resign my position as Chairman of the Board of Directors and appoint you, SM, to succeed me.

b) I Ronald L. Besser hereby accept the resignation of SM if he wishes no further involvement.

c) I hereby appoint the Magisterial Son, Serara, the Avonal Paradise Son, Incarnated, to succeed SM, and if that is rescinded by his acceptance of the Presidency of Starbridge Group, then we will advise the legal firm who represents us, to redraw the constitution of Starbridge Group immediately upon my appearance with the announcements explained elsewhere on this site.  They are to rewrite the Articles of Incorporation at once and make sure the IRS is in receipt of the following:

     * - No one will ever be assured of a position inside Starbridge Group except Serara/Monjoronson the Magisterial Son, or his Co-Directors.  No one shall have human contact with the Magisterial Son except Ronald L. Besser, who established the charity and its corporate name.  I Serara will advise all who work under me, as to what that means for salaried positions if I must declared myself invalid as the Chief of Magisterial Sons on Urantia.
     ** - No one under the age of fifty (50) will be welcomed on the Board of Directors of Starbridge Group.  I am Serara and I position the following for the discussion about the Magisterial Bank and Starbridge Group, as both are vital to the operation of the Magisterial Mission.

Nebadonia, the Legal Counsel to Starbridge Group - "I as the highest spirit in Nebadon, excepting Michael of Nebadon, and I decree that Ronald L. Besser, become Chairman of the Board, of Starbridge Group, and further, that this aforesaid individual, become Chairman of the Magisterial Foundation.  Further, the Urantia Foundation, which will be founded by the Urantia Board of Directors when the time comes and it becomes a seriously flawed corporation without Ron Besser chairing it for Serara and Monjoronson, and will obtain direction from Mantutia Melchizedek who will keep meetings brief and full of vigor to produce a proper dissemination of the new Urantia Book to be published in Six Volumes instead of the proposed Seven Volumes.  A YEAR BOOK will be added to the revelations six volumes every five years after the publication of the new Urantia Book in six volumes.

SERARA - You are not cleared for any of this until I sign the documents that make all of this possible.  The Board of Directors that already exists on Salvington laughs and cries for you over the mess the one attorney created for you and the ability for you to get free of the accountants named before.  Our head accountant for York will be your favorite, Nikki.

Mother Spirit - I must finish my points now:

     *** - The House that Jack built has closed many a school and started many a fire in places it took lives as well.  In our case on Salvington, the worst debacle was the Lucifer Rebellion, and it remains the worst scar in Nebadon if not in Orvonton.  Our work on Urantia is also scared and must be rewritten several times to get us out of the hole we are in today.  We just had a discussion with Ron that was not written down, and it was about the power he has been handed and how he does not really have a celebration about it because he feels the responsibilities and not the grants of ease it gives him sometimes.  I am Mother Spirit, and the Father spoke while we had the discussion and insists Ron is wasted on Urantia, but he avers that he is not, and that he needs to feel what it is to have this kind of security and helpfulness with Deity and the spirit Administrators all the way around.  In finality, Ron is an Adjustered human just as everyone is on Urantia, but he alone is fused to enjoy the gift of communications most of you only have once you are on Mansion World Three and above.  In any case, the Magisterial Foundation will be overseen by Serara for sure and Ron will play his part as a helper.  We now return to the funding operation for the Magisterial Foundation and Starbridge Group.


This is General Counsel.  You know me but I remain aloof for these statements:

1) The Magisterial Bank will have a physical appearance in York, and no where else in the world.  No branches.  Only Starbridge Group will have branches in the appropriate countries.

2) The Magisterial Bank is already indemnified for $4 Trillion USD, and its host country is the United States of America.

3) The Magisterial Bank has two Directors and one is Michael of Nebadon, and the other is Serara, the Magisterial Son, unless appointed otherwise.

4) The Chairman of the Board is the human, Ronald L. Besser, and as such he holds great power as he signs checks and provides funding through his own office in the Magisterial Foundation.

5) People will have to understand that the Magisterial Foundation is the host organization with all of the political and humanitarian power, and is without precedence on Urantia.  Notice we said FOUNDATION and not bank.

6) We gather certain aspects of the United States Federal Reserve to be our partner.  Currently Janet Yellin is totally unaware of her part in this practice.

7) No one except Ron Besser has human intervention into the underbelly of the Magisterial Foundation, and he must prove himself worthy to keep his position.  All others including Ron as an Apostle to Jesus and all those he may choose to work with Ron, have literally nothing to do with the Magisterial Foundation or Magisterial Bank.  Your work to all of you is to avoid scandal and repetition of other Apostolic wrongdoing such as happened with Judas and a few others unknown to you and which were straightened out quite well by Jesus at the time.  This time Jesus does not have the personal representation to undo a scandal except working with Father and his way of removing the stain of the scandal on Jesus and the Magisterial Mission.

8) The bear in all of this will be the Universal Father, who will not tolerate mistakes of the order that happened within the old teaching mission and the proposed use of legal power in the old Urantia Foundation.  No one will use legal means unless there is an egregious use of misplaced sentiment in the dissemination of the new Urantia Book.

9) Further: the work of the Magisterial Bank will be through the Starbridge Group.  It already exists as our funding mechanism, small as it is, and will be the main driver for paying salaries and other obligations to staff and the Apostles.  In our work with the Magisterial Foundation, Ron Besser is the sole individual who has our trust enough to know when we say do something he does it.  It has always proven satisfactory regardless of the immediate outcome.

10) Funding mechanisms are now secret and the Urantia Foundation to be established will wait until its full board can be assembled in the next few months.  Mantutia Melchizedek will be the head of the Foundation for good, and Ron will chair meetings if he has to, and will be the one who decides who is a good member and who is not.  Jesus will be there on the Board as well as ex officio chairman.

11) Preparing text announcements like this are hard on everyone, but Ron does see we are out of date on this Board and must update it before he finishes his clean up on the rest of the Board of the Serara discussion forum.  He is now removing other old posts that no longer are germain to the discussion board and that has our full approval to do so.  It must be kept updated and superfluous material removed.  That concludes our update for now.  Thank you.

Ron Besser here again - I did not expect such a full response from everyone today, but I think this brings everyone up to day as to what is going on.  I will have to remove all the old posts now from this Category because they now contain error I and they do not want repeated.  Thank you all for your patience.

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Re: The Financial Institutions of the Magisterial Mission 19 June 2016
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Amen. Thanks all both Celestials and Ron.
Thank you for the Classroom of the Spirit.