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The Form of God on Paradise
« on: May 22, 2016, 07:09:57 PM »
[Ron here: I re-edited the Paper below at 1125PM York local time and changed a little sentence structure to make more clear than it was in places and corrected a number of typos I missed the first time. Thank you.  R]

York, PA
1740 - 1845 Local Time
May 22, 2016
Michael of Nebadon; The Universal Father; Ocilliaya(Master Spirit IV Voice of the Father-Son Union); Margul (The Trinity Teacher Son from the Isle of Paradise)
Subject: The Form of God on Paradise

Dear List,

I am beginning this post without transmitting anything.  The following is my own critique of this subject occasioned by the sense I get that the Universal Father has no visible form to an Ascender from time and space.  I want to review my view and thinking so when Michael of Nebadon does step in, you will know what I am addressing.

First, what do you think you will see as a pre-Finaliter when you are on your Deity adventure, and you stand in the Paradise Receiving Circle, as the Urantia Book describes you do, and the first trial is to find the Paradise Trinity and point out to your sponsoring Supernaphim where it is, and how to greet it.?   What do you think you might see?

My view is that you are feeling just a tad foolish with all that light around you and you have to strain to get in your eye any forms in that area to look at.  The Supernaphim that brought you there and got permission for you get inside the Receiving Circle where every one who goes before the Deities has to stand to await their appearance, now turns to you and says, well Patsy, the Trinity is now in reception.  Please point the Trinity out to me so I can grade your test.

From reading the Urantia Book, my guess would be that seeing is believing in this instance.  But seeing what?  Remember Patsy is a pre-Finaliter, and she has full spiritual vision.  She can see, for instance, the spiritual trail of a Seraphim leaving Urantia and the bright white trail of spirit energy such a flight entails as far as the spiritual eyesight in distance can follow.  We are equipped like Patsy to see spirit and well by the time we enter the Receiving Circle.

My bet is she sees a blur of white in front of her, and that the blur is tiered in height with the broader tier at the bottom, and the slimmest tier is somewhat clearing at the top.  Must I say it then” A little like a clear white fur Christmas tree clearing into nothing but clear space at the top with a translucent white bottom and marked by gradations clearing on the way to the top.

Patsy would be taken away from the Receiving Circle once she points to what she thought she saw of the Paradise Trinity.  Later that year, they would bring Patsy back and ask her to identify the Infinite Spirit where it is located in mind while she stands in the Receiving Circle again.  This time she had to have permission from the Trinity to enter the Receiving Circle, because the Infinite Spirit had to manifest himself a little stronger on the whitish shape before her.  Patsy, I think, has to do something like we do on earth: concentrate on what is going on in her spirit mind and discern perhaps a still small voice in her mind to look at a point on the object before her, and engage in a conversation with that point.  If she has herself well channeled in mind to the object before her, the point on the object will be found, and clarify how to inspect the form to have an even clearer conversation with it.  Yet it is a point of placement on the forum before her, and not the form to look at for her to find the Infinite Spirit.  As you may see, I am beginning to realize that finding the Eternal Son and the Infinite Father is going to be a real effort to understand where they are with less and less form to identify.  How might this be done?

Before I bring Michael of Nebadon into the picture who stands in the Receiving Circle every time he visits Paradise to have a conference with the Deities, one or all three.  I want to talk about what brought this whole matter to a head and Michael and I thinking we ought to post this for your edification.

First, and we leave Patsy alone for now. I contend that our Father is infinite all by himself, and the Urantia Book confirms this being the case and right on.  The Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit share that with him in the Trinity, but they specialize themselves to reduce participating in the Trinity every moment so they can in effect be themselves.  Form in the other two Deities is not their way of presenting themselves either, so Patsy has to focus on mind deliverance of where the Infinite Spirit is, and the Eternal Son, most likely uses the spiritual aspect of His personality to have Patsy find Him through the ability of Patsy to identify spirit presence as a pre-Finaliter.  To Patsy, she is not looking for a figure for the Eternal Son or the Infinite Spirit, but an object of systematic deliverance of identity of both of those Deities, and she has within her as she has developed in her ascension career, the pre-Finaliter senses to find both of them in their ways.

I have to indulge in a little philosophy and revelation now to figure out what Patsy has to do to find the Father.  In my view, Father exceeds Infinity.  I do not know what that means though.  However, what I do understand is that an inventor to invent a system that does something, like the universe does even on infinite terms, has to know more about the system than what we use of it.  I hope you follow this pretty well because if you don’t it will make the argument for what I am about to present very hard to understand.

For example if I Ron invented a match stick that when you strike it, the fire does not go off the match stick to the paper I want to burn, but instead when I strike my match stick invention, the paper comes to the match and kisses it and lights the fire very low and cool to start.  It is a true safety match.  To do that, I have to know three things the invention does not show you as a user:  1 - lighting a fire can burn you by getting too hot before it starts and burns me;   2 - the match still has to be of a soft material that does not burn rapidly and therefore does not transfer heat on my fingers and hand so fast;   3 - I have to figure out how to make paper jump to a flame and then leave the flame immediately and fall back down on the pile I wish to burn.  You as a user do not have to learn all that to use the invention, but I do to invent it, so I know a lot more to invent such a convenience that you the user does.

To me the Father has the same superior knowledge about universe creation.  What did he know to make the universe elliptical?  What did he know to move space levels in alternating motion around the elliptical Paradise structure?  What did he have to know how to make the growth of the Grand Universe to just stay using time to start it off outside of Paradise?  What does he know as an infinite Being which is that can finally work and then wrap it up  at the end like a big roast beef in his infinite newspaper to bring home to use as a final meal for creation?  Do you by any chance, hopefully, see what I mean by Father exceeding the invention of infinity to invent an infinite universe eventually?  I am repeating myself now, so I am going to bring the Creator Son into this in a few paragraphs.

Father must then dispense with form of any kind to anyone but who knows the inventor of the universe and those who know him as such have to be Absolute or infinite in some capacity themselves to see the Inventor.  We who partake of forms– human, morontial, spiritual, and some forms we do not know about yet– are little working parts in the invention machinery, and therefore we take forms like gears to keep it progressing and moving.  The Father above all is unchangeable because he is infinite and the inventor and as are the Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit are too.  What then do we have to identify the Father with in the Deity adventure as we doubtfully have no form to see as he is outside infinity in some respects to enter it and run it.  He is not the Eternal Son so we have no spirit marker we know of, and the Infinite Spirit avers that He the Infinite Spirit is so different from  the Father and the Son, you need special glasses to see him through mind working in the Receiving Circle.

You now have my thesis.  Now let us go to one who actually knows something about how this works.  I give you Michael of Nebadon and Ocilliaya, Master Spirit IV (Four) to help tell us what we are up against in the Deity Adventure, especially finding the Universal Father and his Quadrant on Paradise as the Controller of the Infinite Spirit’s work in the Master Universe.

Ocilliaya. Master Spirit IV
I congratulate Ron for finally going to an article I enjoy participating in with all of you.  Ron is not entirely right about his view of the Infinite Spirit, but close enough to make sense of what the Infinite Spirit uses with Patsy and her desire to find the Infinite Spirit in the Receiving Circle during he Deity Adventure to conclude her ascension career.  I make the following facts unaided by explanations:

1 - The Infinite Spirit is doubly difficult to find for me since I represent the Father-Son Purpose in the Grand Universe;

2 - The Infinite Spirit is hard for Ocilliaya to know because I know only the purposes of the Father-Son union, but I do know that the Infinite Spirit aides me in looking for ways to find him easily, since he is a parent to some of the Master Spirits I work with.

3 - I am unable to determine the Infinite Spirit from what He does, but I can tell when the Infinite Spirit moves around me and I wonder what He is doing.

4 - Finally, the Infinite Spirit makes Himself known to you Ron through the mind mechanism and I hear Him speak to you directly– that is so unusual we stop and pray you keep alive until we can approximate your mind as part of our mind for our own conditioning where I work.

I as Ocilliaya, am not master of all that moves around you on Urantia with your transmitters, but I do understand what is going on and enjoy Mother Spirit, a daughter of the Infinite Spirit, and that she shares with the Master Spirits all that she does for you humans and for the morontial beings developing to become spirit.  I wish to own up to the fact that Ron has been enjoying the presence of seven Supernaphim, and has been wondering why he is so honored with such a powerful presence around him.  It is because the Infinite Spirit has finally caught on the fact that Ron is some type of hybrid that has never been seen before on evolutionary worlds ever, and because of that he must be studied for what it could portend.  He is not a different kind of paint on a standard model of human, and we must get to the root of who he is to understand if we need such a new hybrid at all to populate Urantia.

In looking at the Infinite Spirit, we look at evolution on the existential area of universe development, Existential is defined as ultra Absolute to the point Infinity is all that it can be called, and all of the Paradise Deities are existential and so are their servants never revealed to you except that Ron may evince some of their appearance as an object of study.

Michael Explains What He Does To Enter Paradise to Talk with Father Directly
Michael of Nebadon - We find Ron difficult of explanation, yet he avers he is not all that special and fails so much he thinks that proves it.  But that is not the case as I enjoy Ron so much I wonder if he is a budding Creator Son as an ascending Creator Son?  I know nothing as Schultz used to say in Hogan’s Heroes decades ago and which Ron still enjoys in play backs.  Our work today is to spell out what Patsy, as Ron calls her in her Deity adventure, has to do.  She has found the Infinite Spirit and the Eternal Son through her own sensory organs as spirit.  But spirit does not find the Father; so then what does she use to find the Father?  The answer lies in the personality circuit, and how the personality has developed before she got to the Receiving Circle.  Our work is now to find Father as the counterpart to the human personality that has been perfected enough to stand in the Receiving Circle.

When I go to see Father, I have my own door to knock on for entrance.  There is a special being called a Superaphic Supernaphim not revealed in the Urantia Book you have now. They are mentioned in the new Urantia Book however.  They are created by the Eternal Son and the Father together, and there is one Superaphic Supernaphim numbered each as we are in sequence of our creation.  I am Creator Son #611121,  Mother Spirit is Creative Spirit #611121; Immanuel the Trinity Ambassador to Salvington is a Days #611121, and many others who serve me directly have the same number.  On Paradise when I visit, the door I must enter into has a guard Seraphic Supernaphim #611121, and they know me inside out, and nobody else can enter by the portal.

After I enter I am scanned by the freest beings you ever met.  Ron they float all over you and as you once said in meeting the Planetary Supreme in 2004 and 2005, you felt you were in a glass of ginger ale as you felt kissed by bubbles and frothy good will.  They are checking my credentials and when they are done I enter the vestibule in which I must kneel and pray for a good meeting.  In that moment of prayer, the Father speaks well to me and I hold my question in voice to him, as he hears the voice well.  When I state my case, we enter into a more relaxed condition and I sit upon a small stool there and make my case before Him.  He will ask questions and listen to my reasoning and then tell me what he wants done.  I am not offended by his harsh tone at times just as Ron is not offended by my harsh tone or Mothe'rs strongly worded mandate to Ron at times.  Ron is so unusual we must protect him at all costs and those who join him are under house arrest until we make it done for them to go easily afterwards.  That is for his protection only and for no other reason.

When I visit the Father, I too must identify where he is as he enters the room I am in and he even sits so that I can find him easily.  But Ron is correct about infinity; Father did invent the reality, but He also uses it as an invention for Himself, but Ron has reasoned out something you should all try to do, and that is to discover that to invent something you have to know more than the invention is worth in its details.  In our case on Salvington, we have a direct line to Father, but it is so super secret we do not talk about it, but we are in immediate contact with Father if something should terribly wrong.

I aver that the Universal Father has no identifiable form.  He has presence.  That is the best we can hope for in the Deity adventure for Patsy.  Patsy, if she can say to the Supernaphim, He sits over there and he waves to me hi but is so busy I dare not even wave back, and the Supernaphim, with special sensors of his own, similarly identifies the same thing, you and Patsy have passed your Deity adventure very well.  Father is willing to bend over backwards to keep identification as simple as possible.

Now Ron wants to guild the cake a little and asks, “Is it possible the Father is in the Trinity and enables Trinity identification all the time, yet can separate Himself in another location by Himself for Father identification by another being who finds the Father for closure to their ascension career?  The answer is definitely yes.  Father is TRANSPERSONAL.   That means He can move from one state to another and let his personal presence linger or remain in other spots He has moved from.

Father - “I now hold Ron as a possible candidate for the Deity adventure very soon although it is not done on Paradise.  You find me all the time Ron, and you know my presence as you just shut up. [Ron: It has happened recently several times and I could not understand my sudden stillness.] This is an indication that pre-Finaliters must come to expect and you Ron are no where near such but you are so rapidly growing in mind that you are in danger of fusion again.  I do not wish that to happen but it will unless we lock you down hard and keep you out of the business of the Magisterial Mission until it is fully incarnated and then it will be okay again.

“In my debut with Ron in 1988, I thought I had lost him, as he was so angry with the intrusion he could not rest or think or sleep and he even considered taking an overdose of aspirin to quiet the racket in his head.  By chance a turtle was buried in a stream below the lake he lived on, and Ron worked on digging the turtle out all afternoon as it was a snapping turtle and they are to be feared if approached the wrong way.  What is to be said is the digging termed his anger way down and he allowed himself to go back inside, and he thought about what was happening, and suddenly felt quite calm and available for future development.  If this ever happens to any of you as your suddenly develop the ability to hear my Adjuster, then you will go through a period of distraction and being quite upset with what is happening, as each Adjuster must find synchrony with the mind they indwell in the material energies.  Ron’s energies were so high the Adjuster had to experiment over and over to find how to meet those energies without destroying his mentality.

“Ron is now feeling the power and pitch of My Indwelling him directly.  It is very unpleasant to begin with, but I insist on being in his mind to overcome the black moods he gets in when things stall so badly he cannot operate at all.  That currently is the case and why this Paper is important for him and for all of you.  The time is coming that I will directly Indwell all Apostles and the includes Michel for sure, Sue we are fairly sure of.  The rest on that list have been misbehaving in a way that makes it hart to approach you with what has to be done to keep you as pure as we need for the work of Apostolic Office Ron likes to refer to it as.  Ron is made and ready to go; Michel is close, the rest have so much work to do we have to wait them out.

“I am leaving no one alone in that department including many of you on this discussion forum, and I will indwell Sue, Michel, Overmind, and Kurt.  Larry you are a candidate for my Indwelling a little later, and donna Lynn, we have to be so careful with your nervous system we will consider you later too.  END”

Ocilliaya - Ron has been working this material for months now and I have provided him some mind signatures to work with so he could get it into writing.  Never before have we published what it is like in the Deity adventure to prove you are worthy of becoming a Finaliter.  No Finaliter may address this Ron, but they work hard to keep it accurate.  I close this Paper with a Psalm I heard once from Urantia:  

“Father, forgive them they know not what they do;
Father, forgive them they know nothing of your splendor;
Father, allow them no time now to approve the new world order,
And ask Father, to give no more than a brush of his mercy as they go out the door.”

Margul, the Trinity Teacher Son - “I am a Father being for the most part.  We Trinity Teacher Sons evince the different Deity purposes depending where we are stationed.  In me is the Holy Ghost, as well as the Divine Minister, as is the Eternal son, but I am particularly able to hear Father when it is time to instruct mortals such as all of you are.  Ron is Father more than anyone I ever met on Urantia; Michel you are the Mother Son; and Kurt you personify is much like the Infinite Spirit very much.  You three are natural allies and Ron has already picked Michel as Apostle Number Two. Kurt only the fact you are so slow with transmissions do we keep you back from being Apostle Number Three.  It is imperative to learn transmissions very well and how to hold them in place for longer transmissions like these are from Ron who is very much Father-like and enjoys contemplation of the three Deities together.  He is a natural to lead this group and we hope he can stay well defined over the next few months as all the stops are pulled out to get these Missions going well and well attended by humans of all ranks.  Thank you all, and we support what has been done here at Michael’s request and even the Father thinks it is about time to work on what is ahead for almost all of you on the discussion forum.  Thank you. I am Margul, the Trinity Teacher Son from the Isle of Paradise.

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Re: The Form of God on Paradise
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2016, 11:17:23 PM »
It's possible that indwelling is what I felt all day today. I moved to my new place successfully and am still unpacking, but that has been coupled with terrible head pain. 
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Re: The Form of God on Paradise
« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2016, 11:29:23 PM »
That is exactly what you are experiencing Overmind.  When that happens and it gets very painful and you can take the time, lie down awake if you want, and rest for about 20 minutes and that which is indwelling can get done much faster.  Mother Spirit can really hurt as she is studying your principle head cortex - that which lies over your eyebrows and the top of your head as it contains your motivations and trade secrets about how to work with people and each other.  You have a few days more to be studied by the Infinite Spirit too which Mother Spirit facilitates for Him and you and Her.  Hope that helps.  Ron
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Re: The Form of God on Paradise
« Reply #3 on: May 23, 2016, 01:06:02 AM »
I am speechless with some drops of tears. It is already a blessing to have the chance to read such a report. Saying thank you is not enough. I have to read again, over and over again for better understanding. Meanwhile if I stick to the definition of the adjective "infinite" in French (my official language), Father being Infinite, we will never see Father on High, and Father will never be seen, seeing Father suggests that we can view a form, how can we view an infinite Being, infinite means "never a form" or "non existent form" and seeing a form is an expression of "Finite".

But we can feel His presence, and His presence is already within us via His Adjusters, which is already an indescribable blessing. One question then crosses my mind: "Is it necessary to see someone if the latter has already put at your disposal all your needs, necessary for you to go about your own business?", "Is there a sound reason for you to see him? For what?"

Let us reconfigure the scene for a while, let us consider the Circle of Infinity as a Super Bank, as on Urantia money resolves many problems, the Super Bank sends a representative on Urantia to assess our needs and later, the Bank sends emissaries of all kind to meet all our requests. Now, folks, tell me, is it necessary to meet the Super Bank Manager? As our thankyou note has already been sent to him through his emissaries. Super Bank Manager means Super Controler, Super Busy who really can make do with "thankyou notes in the distance".

Father, it will be difficult to spend a second without thinking about you, your presence is embedded in my mind and deeprooted in my soul as an infinite sceal of your love and friendship, and this alone is enough for me to keep going about your business at my humble and imperfect level.  

Father, You are like the mild wind that satisfies my respiration day after day, invisible wind whose absence is deadly for all living creatures on Urantia. O yes, I feel your presence, it is not necessary to see You as you're already blissing and blessing my whole heart.

Thank you Ron, Ocilliaya, Margul and Christ Michael for this Must Revelation.

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Re: The Form of God on Paradise
« Reply #4 on: May 23, 2016, 01:40:42 AM »
Thank you Ron for this most wonderful new Thread and paper to start it off. What a deep insight and thank you all in sharing some areas that helps us in our ascension career and then like "Patsy" to come to that final point of discernment between the Deities.  I agree with you Ron on your expanded view of the Inventor who knows so much more and so I'm reading Paper 1, section 5 on the Personality of the Universal Father (beautiful to read with this here).   It does help to read over Paper 1 TUB.  

I have come down with a common cold, a slight head pressure, some strange chest pain when I cough, anyhow I just took some paracetamol to calm this and am pondering on what is said of the bit on the Father "Indwelling", is this Fusion Ron or being Adjustered with the Thought Adjuster and the head pressure, aches and chatter is part of this process? 

Oh Father and my dear Thought Adjuster, Pre'Mtor, here I am, you know me and I know you let us continue in the work together and willingly in the journey you have for one such as me.  Forgive me for my mortal frame and mind but let not this get in the way as I am all yours in the furtherance of what is good and true and beautiful for us all as you would have it no other way, nor do I!

Much love,


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Re: The Form of God on Paradise
« Reply #5 on: May 23, 2016, 08:24:35 AM »
My, this  thread and subject is truly extraordinary and  having read this several times already, it becomes clearer and deeper each time  I delve into it.   Ron,  your  analogies and uses  are not only descriptive, but make this  entire subject easy to follow and  envision.  Patsy, the whole example of the invention of the match,  and  of course Michael's explanation of entering into the  vestibule, the insightful and loving words  from the Father, Ocilliaya and Margul add so much depth and insight to the entire  thread.
We,  who are material  beings, possessing and knowing only  a physical form, naturally  try and relate and relegate most  of life and existence, even on Spirit levels,  from our  material physical level even while knowing that it really isn't  that way at all, so  our approach can only be, until we reach and experience the real and true Spirit status, will probably be viewed from where we are.   These  descriptions shared  with  us in this marvelous  thread are so enlightening  and  are  very revelatory, and lead us, gently, into our ever expanding  view and understanding of the Universes of  time and space and into  deeper realms of  Spirit and our goal of finding,   knowing and  becoming more like the Father.
The information given by Michael concerning His indwelling of not only Ron (which of course is no surprise)   but the Apostles whoever  and however that eventually works out and others,  as well,  on the forum, is without a doubt very wonderful news to  many on our forum who have demonstrated and expressed their heart's truest desire to serve with Jesus and Serara in any capacity.
I ever marvel at the depth of the revelations that are shared with us, as I am sure all here do as well.   I am humbled to my very soul at what has been gifted to us......Thank you seems  empty by comparison  to the love  shone to us....LarryG    
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Re: The Form of God on Paradise
« Reply #6 on: May 23, 2016, 10:31:19 PM »
Hi All,

This is material that must be read over a couple of times in order to have the meaning sink in. To be able to see needs seeing with our 'spiritual eyes' on the pertinent level, is it not?
All things considered, we are always 'owing' to our Father, there is a good word used in french that describes this, it is 'redevant'.
I pray I can appreciate the quantity and quality of what is presented here!
Thanks RonB!
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Re: The Form of God on Paradise
« Reply #7 on: May 24, 2016, 12:46:10 AM »
Thank you Ron; Michael of Nebadon; The Universal Father; Ocilliaya and Margul for that most enlightening post which I am still trying to grasp. Since we are talking about infinity, would it be possible to ask a question, as I am rereading the Urantia Book again, on P 471:06  The Nebadon Melchizedeks long since have denominated the phenomenon of the transmutations of comic force into universe power as one of seven "infinities of divinity". Can you explain the other six ''infinities of divinity" and what they mean?
Thanks for any information that you gleam appropriate for us to see at this time.  Lundco 

With faith I go, as Love lights the way.