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Good imagination
« on: December 04, 2017, 09:47:24 PM »
Speaker:Machiventa Melkizedeck
Subject:Good imagination
Madagascar 05-12-17 ,05h29

Thank you to listining and call US to day,m'y message to you to day concern the imagination and thinking good things when you do something or when you think something in your mind.
Dont forget your imagination or the picture that you see in your mind is really but you can't catch it,so as we learn you to day is thinking good things and imagine good things even the life is hard and the future is not good in your mind and the news will hapen is not good too.when you do imagine something in your mind it's a m├ęditation or it's prayers but in other form the picture and I 'm learning you to day try to imagine something good and imagine do this exercice every day and every time.
This message is very important to practise because that help you when you in face the difficulty.
Thank you and I wish you all a good day.