Author Topic: Audio Transmission/ Goodbye to an old friend.  (Read 179 times)

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Audio Transmission/ Goodbye to an old friend.
« on: December 23, 2017, 04:23:58 AM »
Speaker: Lemuel
Subject: Goodbye to an old friend.
Place: Tarragona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date: Time  23rd Dec.   09:30 Local  08:30 Z


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Re: Audio Transmission/ Goodbye to an old friend.
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2017, 08:58:10 AM »
Thanks Lemuel, for sharing this strange experience with us, but I am just wondering if you have been used as an instrument, from TA to TA, for a transfer of energies so as to alleviate the pain of your friend’s sister-in-law. If I am right in my reasoning, we are discovering a new way of helping people before their passing over to the mansion worlds. Domtia
Oh, Lord ! I am your servant, I am your liege, it is my will to have your will be done, I am yours for eternity.


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Re: Audio Transmission/ Goodbye to an old friend.
« Reply #2 on: December 23, 2017, 11:02:57 AM »
Dear Lemuel,

Thank you for sharing your experience with us.   I can hear in your voice how devastating the pains in your head were to you.   I cannot answer as to the cause of those pains.  But I can tell you, with assurance, that your kindness and compassion were felt by your friend.   Even though she appeared to be oblivious, on some level she was very aware.  

By your presence, you brought the Love and the Light of the Father to her.  And that is what we are asked to do.   He has no hands but our hands..........

"Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words."  - St. Francis of Assisi

Ron Besser

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Re: Audio Transmission/ Goodbye to an old friend.
« Reply #3 on: December 23, 2017, 02:08:07 PM »
Hello dear Lemuel for all of your heartless experiences this one takes the cake.  I asked around in Spirit for some explanation about what this event was about for you.  The Creator Son, Michael said he had little information but that Lemuel experience Maria's (do I have her name right?) death throttle.  I admit i do not quite know what that is or means except the final moment of life one earth perhaps.  But I am not visited by a Solitary Messenger to speak to both of us now:

"I seldom speak to any human this way and to you Lemuel, you lived a life of solitary confinement from the pain and suffering of most humans around you.  You do not mind that but you do mind finding nothing but pain when someone you really care for is gone and cannot be recovered by your emotions except to say they are gone and that is so sad for me too.

"Be assured the new way of dying on Urantia is so difficult these days, we stay away from the death bed until they are done and the soul is arriving from the body to standing beside the body to observe it finally as it was.  That picture is in the safe care of the Thought Adjuster, and your friend Ron has seen his picture himself as he dreams sometimes he sees his poor body in death too often, as he fears all of its work is just left to molder away until it is discovered by some poor varmint or person who wants to know where Ron is?  In looking at these death scenes on Urantia, look at yourself Lemuel.  It is time to sew the grave as Ron feels so often with you for himself too, yet you are left to stand in grief by a dying woman and Ron does not quite remember her name but close enough, and when she died shortly after YOU left, she cried out to you for your kindness and to heal her body just enough to take on the walk to her angels waiting for a future resurrection.  She cried then and she cries no more as her death is sealed no more as a loss but as a win for her to be resurrected at the time Michael decides for her.

"Ron knows much, but like you, he is so contemplating nature and heart he fairly hears nothing of the destruction of a life to the grave and with considerable pain and that happens to all of you at times without warning.  The shooting pain you felt beneath your ear is a result of a hemorrhage that broke open in your grief at the table, as you could not bear to see her die as so young and sweet in appearance.  But her life is won back as she felt your kindness and caring for her torn mind and reciprocated with her love for your touch in the heat of desperate pain.  Your life Lemuel is not as a healer or is Ron's life as a healer, but you both have such restorative powers in you that you take life poorly until you have a good use for who you are.  Ron cries with this transmission because I am a potent spirit of truth and goodness as you will Lemuel as I will visit with you when you can read what is said here.

"I cry in my own way too Lemuel, such is the power of loss to the soul and mind when you truly love more than you know.  Ron knows the death knell and feels desperately alone when he sounds in his ear even for himself some days.  I am a Solitary Messenger roving this part of the universe as it so happens and we saw Ron inquire of what was happening to you through you and he hit me square in the jaw with his ability to ask without pretending he deserves an answer.  His work is fraught with doubt too Lemuel, and you share moments of poignant disaster together no one else knows except you two.  Be assured he laughs too as he has a terrible time typing as I seldom make transmissions ever, but he pleaded and I answered.

"One more thing before I fling off into deep space again:  You and Ron share the love of the piano.  He loves Bach style work you love romantic work and never the twain shall meet, but he hears how well you play and wonders if you will bring your piano with you to York?  If not, his plan is to buy a grand and let you at it at your pleasure in his home when you visit and he himself never learned to play worth a darn. "  [The Solitary Messenger suddenly departs and Solonia appears in my ear.]

SOLONIA, The Voice of Good Cheer in the Capitals of Urantia Nation States -
"Ron has good reason to doubt that the United Nations appearance of Jesus can be accomplished so soon after his arrival on Urantia.  Jesus is here.  He rides the open gates of perdition to see how the world fell into evil so completely and well situated that no one learns by listening now, they have to have a certification of authority presented first before anyone will listen.  In place of that I saw Ron do something so unusual today I just had to sit down and watch it happen.  I did that because the old idea of authority to speak for God was through the ideals of Inspirational Decisiveness, and he said so to a group of old Testament Jews and they fell to the floor before him, and are sure he carries the Lord so well they listen to him.  I gathered this briefly before you to answer the call of God in your own lives as Darryl Knisley used to say of Ron:  God he's good!  Where do I get to hear him as he is?  You do not know Darryl but he worked for Ron as a junior civil engineer and got so caught up in the work Ron had to shoo him into another fantasy all together and they will never meet again for sure.

In any case Lemuel, you carry the brisket of the Jewish faith in your heart more than Christianity as Ron does and you are both brought up Christian.  The life of a Jew on Urantia is hell these days, but Jesus will rectify that as close as possible to end the trial of the Jews on Urantia and all become followers of Jesus again in the clear light of another day on Urantia being resurrected into a high position shortly but the gift of a Father on High.   But Ron laughs little over that issue these days as he sees Jesus has to battle the complacency of a population that has no really treasure to give back to Him or Michael or the Creative Spirit.  He does see Jesus making great inroads into the organization of Nation States, and that is where both you and Ron really shine.  I see Margul approaching and we let Him speak for sure!"


"We stand to salute Ron, truly!  He made a bunch of Jews cringe before him when he spoke the truth this morning over a post he made in a section of a Journal they all use to speak to what they think the Paradise Trinity really is.  Ron posted a simple summary about the Trinity as he knew it from the pages of the old Urantia Book.  Mantutia stood by to keep him from making any big gaffs and the day was one making a superlative effort to provide the basics about the Paradise Trinity.  What Ron does not know yet, is that his reasoning and lofty and patrician use of terms seldom seen today won him accolades from the site owner and that is all he needs to be welcomed on all other places on that site.  I see Ron is up to it as usual and I wait to get my breath.  I am a Trinity Teacher Son and I adore people who can land on their feet when accosted by such ignorance we see daily on lists including this one now and then.  I am seldom taken back but Solonia saw it being written and Ron feels positive that his Adjuster sent the message to use the idea of INSPIRATION and wrote it out beautifully and used the name Malachi and Luther to show how it works to say things no heard before again.

"I am MARGUL and he knows the meaning of the caps, and he knows when I use them I mean business.  Finally we have someone on Urantia who can think his way out of a situation.  Jesus was a master at this in Jerusalem, and he made it work until he could not escape the Sanhedrin any longer.  It is our estimation that Ron carries a toad in his pocket to scare people away who mistake him for what he is not but never finds the time to teach others who know not either.  I conclude with this:  while you sit and fret about what to do while waiting for the next event, make yourselves available in wise ways to the great unwashed as Ron calls them and make them your friends with generous good news.  Stay away from pronouncements as Ron now does, but he let slip something we all waited for and that is the Advent of Jesus is so close they may all wish to know the Master as He is now!  Good day."

"I am silently wishing we had a few good moments together Ron, but it is a miracle to you anyhow Jesus that I can visit at all at 2709 or wherever the meeting shall take place.  In any case, I spread the cheer thickly now as the Heart of God is upon Urantia these days, and I carry all I can to the font for its wishes to water the hair and eyes and minds of those who stop to refresh by it.   I am truly sorry all of this has transpired so roughly and Ron is partially to blame for all the advertising he does on my behalf and Michael's.   We apply not to the United Nations so soon, but soon enough when the dust settles down enough for me to get an invitation from Trump himself to go there and speak the truth as he is a religious man at heart but a buffoon in diplomacy.   I ask Ron now to shut off his mind just enough to hear this:


"Carry on high that which you know to be true and leave aside those things that are not longer of any matter on this world once I appear by your side in spirit, as all who abide in me hear me well now and all who bear the trial of thought to condemns the world in its evil ways, are hereby cancelled to stop and learn why we are waiting for the Father to pronounce all of us prepared for the battle of hearts and minds of those we come to save and must yet preach to in order to save them.

"I am Jesus, and the clinical attitude of this transmitter is mightily moved when I speak clearly and he knows the truth of whereof I stand in the Kingdom more than most of you, yet you consider yourselves the purveyor of turth without that knowledge and you surely are.  But listen and make sure you understand that Ron and I and two other you know as Paul and Peter are to be useful in the coming days beyond belief.  I am Jesus and I wish you a good day."

"I clear this transmission out for Lemuel and then for all of you as the Solitary Messenger as Ron spoke to him off the record is a rare and marvelous thing to behold in the conscious mind of a still human speaker of God as Ron finds himself in this morning or afternoon now.  The truth is that all men are speakers of God when they become God centered and are your neighbors or friends elsewhere.  Ron holds you all dear and we wait for the ascension of God on Urantia to clear all problmes in mind and body soon for all of you.  Good day.  Michael."

"I am ready to close this for Ron as his nose is running from crying but you must all remember that God plays no favorites except when somebody does what Ron figured out to do this morning to a bunch of theology students who do not have the sense to come out of the rain some days.  Nonetheless we proceed as we should and I wish you all a good day.  Mother Spirit."

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania