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Nuclear War
« on: December 28, 2017, 01:11:17 PM »
Nuclear War
Salvington Government speaks
December 28, 2017
York 1130AM local time

Note from Ron Besser: Those who may be faint of heart should skip reading this and maintain your own sense of personal belief that nuclear war will not be allowed on Urantia.  Michael as the Chief ruler of the Salvington government finally got tired of me asking what the hold up was concerning the Second Return if He could explain it to us.  He reluctantly laid down the problem to see it as he considers Nuclear war a Trump desire too strong to hold back.  That view in turn mitigates against Jesus appearing tomorrow.  Take the comments below as at risk to a better solution if the Father intervenes at all.  Thank you.


“I am Michael and I and Andromadeus speak together on this short report.

“I sense that this list is full of angst over the proposal of the Jesus return not being apparent at this time.  I am also sure you do not know why.  Facing down a probable barrage  of questions, we say this:

“We have stated innumerable times that we will not allow nuclear war to take place on Urantia.  We have been forced down to state that when it comes to Donald Trump, he has ruined all possinilities of us controlling his hand on the trigger, and it appears to us he wants nuclear war and will pursue it with or without a world coalition to rid Urantia of Norther Korea.  I doubt this makes much sense for we possess the technical expertise from missiles being able to ignite to send bombs anywhere; however, I am sure that since the Untied States under Trump wants this and gets this, he will rue the day he let it loose.  So let me make the following statement:

“Nuclear war is probable is some degree on Urantia.  You know the situation well enough already to know the outline of who and what is involved in one degree or another, and China is unlikely to play any part in it whatsoever.  I am hesitant to say more than this.

“I also place another statement on the table for you to chew over in your own minds, and that is the American State Department has been eviscerated by the new Secretary of State at the behest of Donald Trump.  Nothing worse could have been done than to do this, but diplomacy is dead for all intents and purposes now.

“I also tell you this so you are understanding that Jesus will not and can not appear while a state of nuclear war is probable on Urantia and we do not assume to make that and absolute statement and that is because it could or could not happen by what Trump finally decides in the interest of the Untied States.  But if it happens there is no place for a peace maker the size of a Jesus Return, and we withhold any Return until we know the final decision and the way it will resolved itself. Good day.  Michael.”


“I am deeply embedded in this transmitter and he is appalled at this prospect as most of you are.  However, recognize that the time has come on Urantia to put away the nuclear option.  If this is the way to do it, we let it fly.  Trump is an animal and not a human son of God at all and we doubt he understands anything but finances and “deals” as he likes to put it.  Deals are one thing and nuclear options are another and we stand back to wait him out as far as the death scenarios is to play out on the Urantia situation.  North Korean has overplayed its hand in a ghastly way and no one should be foolish enough to have any sympathy left for them if this happens.  The regime will be desiccated by what happens and the allies will have to rebuild it without South Korea participating in it as they will need to rebuild as well and that includes creaming South Korea’s capital of Seoul if it comes to nuclear war.

“I know Ron has addressed these remarks above as not for the faint of heart or for belief if it comes down to it.  He reasons correctly that any such announcement as this is will curtail further belief in the entire matter of us being able to communicate so fully with the mind of man.  However we must instruct as we see it and right now Tillerson has made no move to open talks even though North Korea signaled they are ready.  Trump excoriated Tillerson for saying he was ready to talk any time without preconditions, and now stands down as a defeated Secretary of State at Trump’s behest.  I close my case with a simple statement: Those who live by the sword die by the sword and Trump has no idea what he has let loose.  Good day.”
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Re: Nuclear War
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2017, 01:40:59 PM »
This is a super transmission - NOT super wonderful, but super nonetheless (super significant, super weighty)!

If the situation should be deemed sufficiently dire to warrant evacuation to an off-world location (as was done in a prior time), count me in!

If indeed it is delusional for us to attempt to "maintain [y]our own sense of personal belief that nuclear war will not be allowed on Urantia", and if indeed the possibility of nuclear war does not warrant evacuation, then I am resolved to take on the attitude illustrated in Michael's own statement "To a God-knowing kingdom believer, what does it matter if all things earthly crash?" (TUB 100:2.7).

I shall now pause to reflect, meditate, and consider the importance of this transmission - and nearly especially the implications of the statement "He [Ron] reasons correctly that any such announcement as this is will curtail further belief in the entire matter of us being able to communicate so fully with the mind of man."

Somberly & Contemplatingly,
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Re: Nuclear War
« Reply #2 on: December 28, 2017, 05:30:08 PM »
I only ask one thing from this committee. Please do not judge all of mankind by one President's lack of spiritual insight. There are many out here that want the US to remain powerful but at the same time, not become a bully. Trump is answering this call like many people think we should, without thinking about the fact that he is now a world leader, not just one businessman with a business.
His actions require much more thought and prayer than he gives it. If he is not praying, he should start NOW! Bullys never win in the long run--they lose and unfortunately sometimes the people around them lose too! North Korea is a backward country controlled by a teenaged kinda guy. It is a measuring contest (if you know what I mean) and like all teenagers, they both want to win. This is very poor judgement on the part of the supposed leader of the free world. I am usually Republican, but ONLY if the President acts like an adult. On top of it all, this is totally unnecessary for the USA to play this schoolyard measuring game! It remains now to be seen what the world is going to do--play or pay? Nuclear war should have been abandoned long ago as a way to solve problems on this planet. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you SHOULD do that thing!
I say to the President, GROW UP! Act like what you are--the leader of the FREE WORLD!