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House That Jack Built/Fusion Status/The Missions and more
« on: January 02, 2018, 01:17:58 PM »
Michael of Nebadon
Thought Adjuster (Ron’s)
Dr, William S. Sadler and Bill Jr.
Mantutia Melchizedek
Mother Spirit
The House That Jack Built/Fusion Status/The Missions and more
T/R: Ron Besser
York, PA noon local time
January 02, 2018

“This is Michael.  I am leaving a little room in this exposition to tell you that your civilizations are crumbled into extinction almost.  As I said that Ron got a mental picture sent by me to his brain receptors of the EU (European Union) being torn apart by internal forces he sees not.  I showed this in particular because the removal of Great Britain from its organization is fatal to the ideals of the EU, established way back after WWII and the later 1950's.  Eleanore Roosevelt was a key proponent of the United Nations, and strode to make the President aware of its importance both to the proposed United Nations and to the proposed EU itself.

“I am finalizing the proposal by Serara to change the United Nations to be located in eastern parts of the United States, and York is okay but not the best place for such a busy place, and I consider using Detroit or Philadelphia, but they are in the wrong place at the wrong time, and therefore, we must consider York after all.  I am not using this transmission to plunk for a new place for the United Nations to appear in, but the grand hall in that place in New York City is truly grand and it must be preserved much as it is today and we may move it lock stock and barrel in the years ahead to rebuild the service it represents to humanity.

“Ron needs a big fat rest and we will see to it shortly.  His short temper is not with me but with clergymen who fail on all counts to be far seeing and loving spirit enough to trust them.  Be also assured Ron has a crow to pick with Salvington which he resolves by letting things go until he is disturbed again by our use of aristocracy to prevent him from finishing the steps in his work completion of the day.  Finally I wish to introduce someone new to our discussions with Ron in particular.  It is his Thought Adjuster who now proposes to speak for Ron on important issues to all of you as well, as at least three of you are already on staff with the Magisterial Son, and while Lemuel and Larry will be Associates at first, we wait for Sue to join as a fourth fused aristocratic human to join spiritual forces with the Magisterial Mission very soon.  Her work is outstanding too and Ron reads her for clues on other subjects too.  I give you a Thought Adjuster (Ron’s).”

“I am that Thought Adjuster who betook this human in 1988 and made such a splash he wound up in the psych ward in Westchester, New York.  We now learn he had a very bad dream, a nightmare two nights before I appeared, and that contributed to great fear he would die by an arsonists hand.  They are everywhere folks and they will be removed with the other persons who have understandably wild personality disorders.

“In doing this work together, we often have to subsume our individual characteristics.  I as an Adjuster learn not to tamper with Ron when he attempting to complete work for the day with minor adjustments for this and that and now know he can furious when finishing something that is blocked from being completed, We did so last night and he is fully amazed at his capacity to shun spirit when he gets so angry he cannot be friendly to a friendly universe we say it is.  Nonetheless, we hold the following for all of you:

“Watch out for trials like this at your computers.  Watch out for trials that vex you so bad you throw or kick something and that is an understatement we get into when this transmitter gets stopped from printing or writing or both and the work just stands there to complete, hopefully another day.  There is a statement in the Urantia Book which Ron quotes to us quite well.  Mantutia almost wrote it as an afterthought because he never felt it had to be heard so well as Ron writes it back to us.  It says that the Deities and higher beings in the universe could harass all humans until they are insane (our words not Mantutia’s), but they never do that.  Well it Ron’s case they do and he wonders why he is so privileged to catch it so hard so often, The truth is Ron is one of a kind.  Soon we will have another one of a kind each in Sue and Lemuel and Larry G.  But be aware they are not catching it like Ron does and that is because Ron has never tempered his egotism over what he has learned is very important to relay as much as possible,

“This discussion forum is a result of that egotistical drive.  He uses it to spread the word and provide services and as an outlet for information we want known to the wider world called Urantia.  It has carried about thirty five to destiny status and it carries about sixteen more who are ready to join the membership once they fell safe in doing so.  I also reiterate that the discussion forum is a wealth of information to spirit because it places words out to be seen and for the most part they are extremely helpful words to us up here in higher places than you may ever know.

“As a result of all this activity between transmitting and moving heaven and earth to be heard, this transmitter has received accolade after accolade from Nebadon and even one or two different ones from Uversa and one from Paradise.  Yet he holds himself in penury because he feels the life of a human on Urantia has so cut him out he feeds nothing to his happiness, and for that reason he wonders what is next in reality for this spirit work he is so dedicated to.

“In placing this narrative on the forum, I hope it brings some peace to some of you who feel the same as Ron does, that he can be cut instantly and he has no recourse but to find his way to the grave his way and then let the chips fall where they may for good.  I am an Adjuster who has promised the exist of this material life in chariots of fire and that is his goal too and not to leaver a charred body behind he affectionally calls his old flame to me.  I am fully conversant with the trial by fire transpondency, but the Father has proposed to me that like Van and Amadon, life was extended so long they hold the record for being enfleshed for so long.  However, Ron will never equal those records even thoug he could come close if all goes too well for Serara and wants another Ron sandwich and force an issue we all debate up here.  Ron is not a crude being– never was— but he complains that without being crude he gets nowhere in lots of things he covets.  That is not what he is to become though and the Father proposes that all be supplied in abundance until the psychic circle in the morontia, number forty-seven (47) is removed entirely and to let him find some recognized peace and quiet as he moves about our work doing whatever we eventually having him do.  This is true for Larry and Lemuel and probably Sue too, and so the proposal reads like a how-to book in that we allow these individuals and any who fuse during our stay on Urantia, to look upon Ron as a leader of fusion candidates and be done with all the hokum of administration of other things.  That is fine except Ron likes administration very much and seeks to have it too and that is granted, but his wholesale unit called Starbridge Group will become synonymous with the sixth epochal revelation (6th or SER), and that it contains the Urantia Book Foundation NOT but close,  as it is the work factory to make these revelations sizzle for humanity.  Be assured these things are almost set in stone but Ron reflects upon the work of Dr. Sadler and wonders if he can free enough to speak briefly:”


“I am pleased to be invivted by such an important group speaking now to all of you who are still in the flesh on Urantia.  You are all invited to Mansion World 4, as that is where revelation is now prepared for future years of work on Urantia, to turn that sphere into a working architectural world for teaching primarily Creator Sons and other high Sons of the Universe you do not know at all.  Good and this from the old Doctor: I watch every step this transmitter takes to practice and learn the do’s and dont’s of speaking to the clergy.  I was too soft.  Ron is as harsh as spray wash at the car wash if you had not car to walk through.  You all are exposing yourselves to infamy if you default in this mission so you better be prepared to take your licks before they get going in earnest, and that is truly the heat of this speech today.

“Please listen:

“You are all under the gun to lead people, other people, to glory.  Do not make the mistake Ron does and that is to take many into his confidence before they are ready to admit they are missing bits and pieces to help them thinking properly on what they like to know about.  Good for all his efforts but he has managed to get a clergyman so upset he finds the day a pain to get through without yelling at someone.  Be assured Ron could care less for he has said on many accessions that what you get angry about you remember for good.  In any case this should never be an issue as Ron finds the entire matter so childish he leaves it for better pastures anyhow and will find them in many cases even around the Methodist the clergyman happens to profess.”


“I am delighted my father got a hold of you before you fused beyond him.  He is of the opinion you would have been a favorite at 533 but you were far too young to open those book boxes with the first arrival of the Urantia Book in 1955.  We gloried in those days too and felt so supremely happy my father took to singing Irish Jigs for all of us.  One in particular went - ‘she holds her mouth like a bench in the storm, and finds her mouth a little too warm, and then flies to the eves of the house to end her life as a *****.’  I am Bill Sadler Junior or JR as I was called in Oklahoma when I conducted classes there in the early 1960's and died in 1963 a year before my father did in Chicago.  It was not a class reunion we had when I popped out of my skin, but father was distraught as all of you would be to lose a child before you went over, and I still remember my father crying, ‘you sot, why beer on ale and eggs?’  He determined I died of a thrombosis brought on by alcohol poisoning to my liver which was peckish all the time anyhow.  Nonetheless, I remember my instructions to go to the light and there was the angel waiting as though I was a little late for the appointment already.  Good day.”

“This is Michael of Nebadon, and I conclude this piece by indicating that we need transmitters and that all of you stepped up to the plate this morning and last night to fulfill our request to transmit then, You all did splendidly and Ron, reading what Dominick wrote, wondered if Dominick was getting a good read for a change to move him into a transmitting gate that will vastly improve his reception.  I am not finished for the moment but we have taken on a lot more than I knew was available for today.  I have much more for all of you today so stay tuned to the transmission desk you sit on and wait for me to speak more.  Good day.”

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania