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Ocilliaya, Why things this way, 2 Jan 2018 Daniel, L V NV USA
« on: January 02, 2018, 05:37:09 PM »
[This reception from Ocilliaya to me is highly helpful because it lays to rest any room for vacillating doubts in the face of the facts about the way things really work. Also, it is a heartwarming example of the personableness of one of the Master Spirits we are so privileged to have here now. Thank you, Ron for perusing this before I am posting. D]

Teacher: Ocilliaya,
Subject:Why things are this way,
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
2 Jan. 2018, 17:45 Z

With enthusiasm Father, I come to receive. Thank you for the special relationship I see you have with those on the forum. I ask for that same closeness  Father.

" I am here, yes, Daniel, please begin writing. This is Ocilliaya with a message for all on the forum this second day of January. Primarily I want to say: 'Continuance is everything'. To be consistently on the job day after day, always positive and upbeat, coming, thinking the best, expecting the best, letting quandaries of doubtful issues lay.

"Know and have conifidence that not one item that troubles you, will in any way be unexplained any longer than it needs to be for your grounding in patience to have its full exercise. (That is the purpose for unknowns being presented to you.)

" Now, with almost everything being in question and up in the air again, can you see a pattern here? The pattern is, to often see changes in plans for the sake of good execution of mission actions, but the side benefit is your becoming inured to anything causing you to stumble, no matter how outrageously new, fresh and never thought of before.

" The old comfortable mindset allowing a secure feeling from the predictable march of events evolves to have you truly having just as secure a feeling in the middle of a maelstrom of whirling events making no sense at the moment perhaps but what you confidently embrace nonetheless.

" Now the threat of new war making on Urantia is upsetting the apple cart again, to the stress of all of us, a stress I think you can see now is simply more of the same to ensure forever your equanimity, no matter how unconscionably you are pulled this way and that.

" Most likely, your long suffering credibility is again subjected to being stretched to the limit, as you still don't understand so much you are being exposed to on Likely your most egregious test is: 'how can it be possible that there is so much seeming messiness in the hierarchy of the  Universe Administration regarding twists and turns of overlapping areas of responsibility and sudden introduction of new developments that constantly interject to require new investigation or hearing of past events before things can proceed.

" We have seen many such developments seemingly out of the blue, when surely the powers of God could have foreseen these developments and headed them off at the pass before causing these troubles.

" Well, the truth is that this is just the way things are and those of us that have any long service at all in the father's business are no longer non plussed by any of this. You all are on a fast course to the same place of high comfort and confidence in the middle of the chaotic battle field.

" So, to one and all I say: ' Today's lesson is another application of mortar to the indestructible wall of individual usefulness and mature utility being created in your characters.' Think on these things this day as another helpful uptick to your continuing education.

" I end this message wanting to express love and enthusiasm for each of you as we see you join we old timers in the business at hand, this is is Ocilliaya, good day.
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Daniel in Las Vegas, 970 618 1214, danielalderfer@hotmail.Com, While he was still a great way off his Father saw him and had compassion.

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Re: Ocilliaya, Why things this way, 2 Jan 2018 Daniel, L V NV USA
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2018, 10:52:04 PM »
Daniel this transmit is good work.  Thank you.

I seldom make comments of this nature though and not about you Daniel but about our Master Spirit Ocilliaya, as He must sign his work and he does very well when it is full explained.  However, today a little mouse tells me he had a problem getting through as he usually likes to get through.  You got I am sure 99.99 percent of his message but the Censor was busy too and deleted a little passage they tell me went like this:

"I, Ocilliaya. must rely on Michael to make my messages clear in the English language.  Yet Ocilliaya sometimes disagrees with the translation and the method to show that disagreement is cut by a Universal Censor at the request of Michael as it comes into his local universe of Nebadon where his rule is king and absolute.  The part Ocilliaya wanted to be heard is that Ocilliaya is dying to meet more who can transmit him for varied messages of trust and worth.  I am sure Sue can transmit Ocilliaya,  I know Lemuel can translate Ocilliaya and so can Larry Gossett, but so seldom does this happen I wonder where that Ocilliaya output is with these other folks.  I dare also say I think Dominick transmits Ocilliaya and I am sure others of you can too, so I ask for your cooperation to hear more from Ocilliaya.

"I stated the reason why we want to hear other transmitters to transmit Ocilliaya, and that is because each transmitter mind picks out what Ocilliaya can say on various subjects, and if there were anytime now it is now because of the imminent approach of God the Supreme to Urantia as well as the flowering of the Magisterial Mission on Urantia very soon.  sue I doubt you pick and choose who arrives for transmissions, and that is likely true for the rest of the transmitters we have here on this site, but when you sit down to transmit ask if you can speak to Ocilliaya for a quick review of whatever he wishes to talk about.  I think we will collectively all benefit from such a choice from all who can do it.  Thank you!    RON

Ron correctly transmits that message from Mother Spirit and himself as the above is a mix of the spirit and of Ron who wants all of you to hear better because it is vital you do as we start these missions almost surreptitiously and with a vigor none of you including Ron have never felt before.

I have placed on line now a very powerful public address system.  It will knock you off your feet if you are too close as it has a volume to it you are not used to hearing.  Mike Queen is seldom mentioned becuase he is in and out with work and that leaves him guessing where he stands in all of this.  Mike Queen is in good standing but needs to refresh himself so he is ready for a sea change in his life too as he can not continue to works as he has due to ice and the changes in the tectonic plates so soon to begin their upheavals.  (You Ron here the Supreme and that is why you get a pre echo of what I will say).  in any case Michael Queen learn to be standing tall when you have to as much will come your way if you play it cool and wait for changes to appear you must adopt.

Ocilliaya is happy with working in Nebadon, but must take a place now and then subordinate to our plans to parse information out bit by bit this time.  Ron can take it hard and fast and he will and Ocilliaya will be responsible for that work once it starts; however, be sure the rest of you will have to learn this way too.  Daniel missed nothing but Ocilliaya felt a translation change and wondered why and that is all I really have to say.  Thank you.


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