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Reach Out To Others
« on: January 02, 2018, 10:42:19 PM »
Speaker: Jack 0802AB B*
Subject: Reach Out To Others
Category: New Transmissions
T/R: Roger Lund
Location: Wichita, KS
2 Jan 2017, 12:00 PM, CST
       Jack 0802AB B*-
    Jack here starting the new year with hope that the fire within to do the Father's Business burns bright with a warmth inside to overcome the bone chilling weather over most of the USA. It is time to stay in reflect on the past year and the many things learned. Your new resolve to do better and implementing the Father's Business to family and friends. To reach out even by phone to say best wishes to those not communicated with for some time. It warms the heart of those thought forgotten over time and warms your heart as well.
      Another year, more challenges and tasks to be completed as it seems you have less time during the day to get anything done. Some days frustration reigns and nothing appears to have been accomplished. Seek solace from within, the One who is always near and dear, who knows you even every thought and joy. Seek Michael of Nebadon and Mother Spirit they are always near and love hearing from their children no matter the circumstances. Jesus is always listening to those who seek comfort and wisdom. You are never alone! Be forthright and be ever ready to call for us in matters small or large. Seek our peace and love as other seeks your. Later, Jack


With faith I go, as Love lights the way.