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Transmission Practice
« on: January 03, 2018, 01:19:31 AM »
General Discussion
Speaker: Ocilliaya
Subject: Transmission Practice
Category: General Discussion
T/R:   Licha
Location: Riverside, CA
2 Jan 2018, 9:11 Pacific, Z 5:11 am

Good evening Licha:

"This is Ocilliaya to transmit through you this evening.

"The work of you transmitters is very important to the forthcoming work with the Magisterial Mission. Each and every one of you can take our messages should you let go of hang ups about you not being worthy of being called. Everyone who accepts to do the Father’s Will can do it as long as you let go of your own feelings of unworthiness.

"What is desired is that you can begin dialogue with each other in this forum and discussing information received thus begin having flexibility to ‘think on your feet’. Just the same way that you trade communication with each other, so you can trade communication with us. The more you do it, even if at first there is a sense of no confidence in your own abilities, so you will improve. A way of thinking about this is that you were not born knowing how to walk, first you had to crawl, then to stand up, then to take a step and fall. After falling there might have been a slight hesitation to let go of your support, yet seeing others walk, deciding to try again to take a couple of steps and then falling down. Remember that walking means that you are off balance most of the time and have learned to move in an off balance way.  In similar way you can learn by doing the transmissions. As you do it familiarity settles in and you begin to gather speed and endurance achieving clarity through corrections as you go.

"Many of you despair at not ‘hearing’ a voice, some of you have a voice that resembles thoughts, others have images or narrations, whatever your style or combination work on that, we have flexibility to accommodate you. It is important to have faith and trust, letting go of your anxieties. Also, we utilize your style of language use, until you can have more flexibility to hear our language expression.  If in doubt go inside, as if talking to yourself and ask questions so that we may answer you how to correct the message.

"We have noticed all levels of expertise in transmissions, keep on keeping on. As you have learned, this is a completely new process that we are utilizing with humans as part of our membership. You are all needed to participate with your different skills and abilities that will be utilized especially at times of great disruptions. Many individuals will be terrified of the changes that will come. The new revelations may seem overwhelming and even threatening to the established beliefs and norms.  You, who will assist in the Magisterial Mission, will be able to talk to those individuals who are open to the forthcoming changes. Through your practice in receiving transmissions then you will be able to hear our guidance and information to be shared with others.

"Trust that every one of you is loved by us unconditionally and we want you to succeed. Again, pray, trust and have faith."

This is all for now. Domtia.