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Confident in the Future
« on: January 04, 2018, 01:14:42 AM »
Teacher TA Presoerba
Topic: Confident in the future
T/R:Ron Hammar, Mt Shasta, CA, USA
Date: Januar 3rd,  1:11am PST

Transcription of audio.

Do you have something for me this evening Persoerba? Yes Son, I do. I'm glad you're reading the papers about Adjuster fusion and understanding more of just what I am, as to my responsibilities and desires to fuse with you and how I've had a great deal of training so that we can have a success here.
 " This is very important and as you read, there are virgin, advanced and supreme Adjusters. As you've been told, all the adjusters on Urantia are experienced, we have been made perfect, as we come from the Father, we need experience and we received that from the other worlds. Now for you to know, be prepared each day doing things in a way that make you more acceptable more responsive to my influence, my guidance.
 "Be conscious of me, talk to me in conversation throughout the day as if I was right beside you as a friend. I am in you, I am a friend, I love you dearly. So
 son, think of those things and of course in that way, you will find yourself not being distressed by what you might see happening and you have the confidence of knowing that you are cared for, things  here are happening and you're being looked after so that empowers you and emboldens you, inspires you. 
 "So I ask you to consider these things throughout the day and be thinking of me, working to feel me, feel my presence in you in well being, as right now you feel me in your frontal lobe. To be conscious of the contact, to be conscious of how you feel when you're receiving and transmitting. It will be a wonderful time though it will be a challenging time too.
 "You have a wonderful opportunity in the future and do know your heart wish to serve does not go unnoticed. So be focused and make it a reality and make this ability to be yours. Domtia."

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Re: Confident in the Future
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2018, 10:56:09 AM »
Hello brother RonH,..., this is outstanding!!!!

Your Thought Adjuster is an "Eternal love" for you,..., our individual Thought Adjuster is an "Eternal love" for each of us!!!

We are blessed and love immensely by our Father in paradise. What your Thought Adjuster has passed on to you and at the same time reminding us all of the importance, the "Gift of God" of being inhabited by such a "Spirit", by the direct presence of the "Father" in us,..., is extraordinary and I feel that I am the richest man on Urantia!!!

Throughout the day, almost every minute, ..., I feel the presence of my Thought Adjuster and I speak to him as much as possible!!!

Thank you RonH and Presoerba for this wonderful transmission!!!  ;) :D
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