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Teacher: Combined Deity; Maneck
Subject: Chorus of Combined Deity
Category: New Transmissions
T/R: Dominick O
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Jan 4, 2018.  6:30pm UTC (18:30) (10:30am Pacific)


A Chorus of Combined Deity, sevenfold by your standards and revelation, yet upheld by the One.  The Father is the piano that holds the keys, the strings and combinations thereof for the varieties of keys and chords and orchestrations.

I am the supreme and everlasting model of eternal and at-this-moment conduct.  Like music, We are a Creative and Created variety struck from the same Source, and Our Supreme adventure in this Chapter, Our Chapter and your chapter, contains the mortal Ascension Scheme and soul/personality adventure with and in and of the journey to Paradise. Your destiny and birthright, but also our much, much, much needed purpose and fulfillment of experience in, with and of the Universes of Our Creation Co-Participation.
Yes, write this experience down for the benefit of the forum – the experience felt of spirit amplification and the trigger-reaction of thinking about stopping. Instead, pause and allow and commune, but do not end.  Remain still for now and see what if anything further may come.  Thank you.


Boy that was a doozie, eh?  This is Maneck, and we came without pause, but the lesson and training for now is to utilize this pause to familiarize with me and any other at the podium with you instead of rushing in with thoughts and such.


Thank you for coming to us this morning considering you had the time and opportunity and contemplated the temptations of old patterns of behavior. There is nothing wrong with such, but it takes a modicum of discipline to come with some intent from your side of things.

Yes, the amplification has toned down and we are left with our pedestrian selves for the proverbial moment.  We can relax from such worship and enjoy some fellowship.  We like your idea of medical technician work and encourage you to have the courage to try with them and enjoy any outcomes along the spectrum of success/failure within the goal of next employment. You have been brought low in some aspects so these avenues are appealing going forward.  Maybe take that walk [200 foot elevation] and tackle it after. That is all from us, have a good day.  Domtia.
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