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Attitude for Service
« on: January 05, 2018, 12:42:12 AM »
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Topic: Attitude for Service
T/R:Ron Hammar, Mt Shasta, CA, USA
Date: January 4th,  10am PST

"Is anyone here? Yes son this is your Thought Adjuster and I am always here to communicate with you share with you. I Was wondering weather you were going to come to me this morning as you lay in bed. It's good that you put yourself out to do this recording. It's important that you come out of your comfort zone, so you can be in that place that allows you to receive.

"Know son this is work that you need to honor, appreciate and respect. This is work that you need to know who it is you are dealing with to appreciate and value. It is important to give us the time to be able to receive. You do receive, you do great, you do it quite easily when you put yourself to it, and what you need to do is to put yourself out more often, this is so important as it is for the kingdom for the mission of Michael, Nebadonia, Heavenly Father and your other siblings on the planet.

"All are involved and they are grateful that you give us the time and we would like to see in you more gratitude, more intimacy with us, more heart feelings, though you have been through a lot, sometimes its hard for you to reveal your heart, open your heart, but that would change as you more and more do this. So son start off with little steps and then bigger and bigger ones. Start off having the confidence to see the bigger picture, see how you can be used in the future as well as now.

"To have a desire to serve others and you find a great deal of joy in it. So keep that desire and see the needs of service in your daily life helping others. Yes that is what The Father wishes. As so many are here to serve you likewise be that servant to others. I leave you with this thought to think about what we shared this morning. What should you call this message?  call it "attitude for service" Domtia."

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