Author Topic: An important collective decision should never be an isolated decision  (Read 181 times)

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Subject: An important collective decision should never be an isolated decision

I'm starting to read the latest news from the Serara Forum.

I read about the intention of the president of the United States of America to launch one (or more) atomic bombs against North Korea until he killed the main ruler of this country.

From what I understand, if the President of the United States of America decides to launch the atomic bomb his generals must obey, because the President of the United States of America is the Chief of the Armed Forces.

Just for reflection, and before this event happens, I make an observation:

In my view, an important collective decision should never be an isolated, single-minded decision.

That is, in these cases, only a CONSENSUAL collective decision (or by a majority of its members) could determine that important decisions were made collectively.

Thus, it would not focus power exclusively on one person.

Remember the story? What happened, for example, when Hitler was given power in Germany?

It happened World War II and millions of deaths, affecting the whole world.

I hope the world learns from past mistakes to keep new mistakes from happening.


Assunto: Uma decisão coletiva importante nunca deveria ser uma decisão isolada

Eu estou começando a ler as últimas notícias do Fórum Serara.

Eu li a respeito da intenção do presidente dos Estados Unidos da América lançar uma (ou mais) bombas atômicas contra a Coreia do Norte até matar o principal governante deste país.

Pelo que eu entendi, se o Presidente dos Estados Unidos da América resolver lançar a bomba atômica seus generais deverão obedecer, pois o Presidente dos Estados Unidos da América é o Chefe das Forças Armadas.

Apenas para reflexão, e antes que este evento aconteça, eu faço uma observação:

Ao meu ver, uma decisão coletiva importante nunca deveria ser uma decisão isolada, de uma só personalidade.

Ou seja, nestes casos, somente uma decisão coletiva CONSENSUAL (ou por maioria de seus membros) poderia determinar que fosse feita decisões importantes a nível coletivo.

Assim, não se concentraria o poder exclusivamente a uma pessoa só.

Lembram da história? O que aconteceu por exemplo, quando foi dado o poder na Alemanha exclusivamente para Hitler?

Aconteceu a Segunda Guerra Mundial e milhões de mortes, afetando todo o mundo.

Eu espero que o mundo aprenda com os erros do passado, para evitar que novos erros aconteçam.
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Re: An important collective decision should never be an isolated decision
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2018, 05:27:34 PM »
I understand your point, Julio, but this subject is more complex than you realize. First, a needed military response to some outside threat is time sensitive. The more people who are involved with the decision and have voting power, the longer it will take to act, and many could die as a result. There is a reason the president has a lot of power over the military, and he does receive counsel from others in the military to make a wise decision. Second, while hedging against the tyranny of one individual might be necessary, we have to do the same against the majority. Otherwise, 51% of the people could vote to kill the other 49%, or steal their things, etc. Voting for something or gaining public approval for it doesn't make the action moral. You're also forgetting that Hitler's national socialist party was democratically elected and gained a majority of the power in the Reichstag, leading to Hitler being granted the position of chancellor. He received a lot of support from the people, and both Hindenburg (the president) and the Reichstag (parliament) helped him out. A collective decision granted Hitler immense legislative power because he was the leader of the biggest political party and took advantage of current events.

All that being said, I have yet to see Trump state he will actually nuke North Korea. What he has done was threaten retaliation against them while trolling Kim Jong Un's twitter account in the process. What you have to understand is that we've been using an appeasement strategy with North Korea for decades that has never worked. We have indirectly funded their nuclear efforts by sending them humanitarian aide multiple times. The more we try to take care of their people, the more they can focus on weapons development. I'm not sure a direct confrontation is the right answer, but our old foreign policy doesn't seem to have helped much either. The biggest issue is probably getting China and Russia to stop helping them.
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Re: An important collective decision should never be an isolated decision
« Reply #2 on: January 08, 2018, 10:15:32 PM »
Overmind,  I enjoy your thinking about war and what is happening is the news misleading what is really going on.  Trump has said that he will wait for congress to make a declaration of War only and not be a part of the UN wanting to have a police action. His Generals have said that they would not obey any orders that do not have constitutional power like starting a war with out Declaration of War. So he can talk about having a bigger button but nothing will happen if he tries to push it.
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