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Serara along with Pre'Mtor - The Social Living Experiment
« on: January 07, 2018, 08:12:01 PM »
Teacher: Serara along with Pre’Mtor
Subject: The Social Living Experiment or Paradigm
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: Various as follows January, 2018

[While the following is a commune of thoughts, it began as I was thinking about things like the age pension, retirement age and working life and so on. It occurred to me a subject to think about and I call it the social living experiment. I’m not sure it is an experiment or it is better to call it a paradigm of sorts to think about. It sprung to mind the following and then such comments followed over the days following, as it seems, certain things do come to concern me as I look ahead as to what is for me anyway another decade or so of working life and then head into retirement and live on a pension which I hope is still around by then after so many politicians floating the idea of phasing it out and let the superannuation fund such. The problem with that is that not many women can do that as their fund has not accumulated as much as the males have due to taking time out for child-bearing-and-rearing-time and hence have not contributed to this end result. This is when the UBI crept into my mind and hey-presto I think this could be a very good thing to get going with to ease these social pressures that will arise such as above along with the rise of automation and artificial intelligence that will cause a lot of job redundancies and so on. So here goes the following as a discussion paper as Serara seems to think it worthy to write up and get us all thinking what is the best way forward.]

The Social Living Experiment

1.The UBI - Universal Basic Income - can we introduce this? - there are some good working research papers that make this an attractive alternative to the existing welfare system - see the following link for an example -   
2.People require a get up and go incentive to work - what can be done here to create that motivational input?
3.The Urantia Model vs the Iarga Model - the wrongs of the models -
Iarga Model - no spontaneity to get up and have a go at something different, too uniform, constricted to mainstream conformity.
4.Urantia Model - far too varied, to sparse in inequalities, too harsh yet too much opportunism.
Hence, I ask Serara - What do we do? We can’t make Earth too opportunistic nor too uniform, so what then can we make of this?

7/1/18 9.34am(AEDT)

“Yes, Sue, since we see what you bring up and it is an interesting thought you bring up for us to consider.”

8/1/18 6.00am(AEDT)

“What we need is not so much exclusivism, but more inclusivism and have that namaste attitude effect of respect, that brotherhood mentality and true worship of God. There is lacking the real sense of proper duty of service to one another and to have that commonality of using resources respectfully, sustainably and equitably.

“The Iarga people has well and truly gone on that path to sustain itself and support its inhabitants both materially and spiritually. It may appear to you as too uniform and so on, only because of the stark reality you have that cast that light wherein your reality is far too varied and complex in comparison.

“You know the first thing to fix is the internal aspect of man to see outward in a different perspective and that is true of how important the teaching mission is to be. The revelatory work of the ‘Sixth Epochal Revelation to Earth’ is critical in this success in reshaping the mentality and perspective of man on Earth. Understanding its place in its history of planetary and cosmic relationships will be of most assistance in gaining the upper hand in realising the picture they are in at this point in time for the inhabitants of a sphere terribly caught up in a tragic occurrence that has affected so many beings.

“The second thing to have to work is management of resources that serve better the people who need it. This is where governments and business enterprise can improvise and come into its own to do better in service delivery and achieve humane outcomes.

“Automation in areas deemed too repetitive and labourous for humans to do can be a useful replacement of human labour and thereby relieving man of unnecessary wear and enable a time for more educative, training and meaningful pursuits that enhances the well-being of man.

“Man’s real existence is to have that qualitative experience wholeheartedly in all areas of service and in leisurely ventures that produces effective stimulation and vitality for personal growth and maturity.

“Yours (i.e reality now on earth) is truly becoming stagnant and tediously becoming cumbersome to the point of no real tangible outcomes of purpose.

“To view retirement age from your window is far different to looking out at it from the window of an Iargan. Theirs is very much taken care of largely because of the management they have in place to handle the working life and the collective contribution with all things to survive and sustain on a planet that shapes its behaviour in with what the planet can sustain. Theirs is a planetary requirement structured around the necessity to its peculiar restrictive nature of habitation.

“Yours on this earth is vastly different in that your resources are plentiful, the land-mass far superior and greater in size than what is available on worlds such as the Iargans live upon. The land of plenty vs the world of water. Such are the nature of spheres, some are gaseous, others fluid and like yours are a bed of molten rock.

“How habitation occurs is to a greater extent how species thrive and survive under certain conditions and how they adapt and evolve over the long course of time to become as resilient as they are as it is in your present age.

“You have to remember, you hail from a specie that has evolved and survived a long history of development and that this specie has grown to what it is today. The land-man ratio must become more balanced with in relating to sustain both. How you as man on Earth do that is your challenge to come together to work progressively to achieve that balance is your greatest feat.

“The balance with each other and with the earth you walk on will be the epitome of man’s evolution. The one thing that will be eventually understood is that retirement will be looked upon in a different way as by the time of your maturation upon completion of your psychic circles, you then go on to the receiving circle to receive your Adjuster Fusion and be consumed in Spirit. Hence, death in the flesh will no longer be as more and more of you will take up the Spirit call to ascend in your universal ascension careers. Cremation and burials will no longer be a thing to be around. Instead, there is to be more temples placed for those of you to be received in when your time has come.

“The material footprint on the land will become less as you walk with God in your life’s experience and your living on Earth will have that retirement sentimentality as you so work and live with new meaning with each other in attitudes of service and adventure.

“In this way, poverty as you have it now, homelessness as you know it, will not be around as such will be so absorbed by the sheer realisation that all men are equal in the eyes of God. That namaste perspective will take on and catch on and have the effect of goodwill to all and in all.

“As you worship, you behold all that is dear knowing your brother lives in peace as you do too. There is no need for one to go without when there is enough to go around for all to benefit and live well and equitably. No man ought to be above any other as all men are one and the same, although each have such unique personalities we all share a common thread of humanity.

Hence, as it is with these new missions, you will have entered into germinating into a whole new way of living and doing under a well-nigh benign administration that intends to place justice and mercy before all else.

“This is Serara and I encourage this paper to be so placed to get a discussion going in how you are thinking on such an issue as this is as it lays the ground for what you see is a better way forward for future living in the years to come for most of you. Studying the Iargan story has helped you to see ways that can be changed in your Earth’s story too. You see that planetary management and sustainibility as a necessary introduction in steering the path forward to the goal of purposeful living objectives. While that is true, the only thing we have to deal with is the Lucerferian trait or virus that needs to be addressed and understood by most Urantians so that it can be placed in a better light for what it is and allow the humans on Earth that knowledge in order that they may set themselves free for knowing the truth that is in them to see for themselves.

“It is well said to you, ‘the truth will set you free’, and so allowing this knowledge (contained in the SER book) will do such to enable you to see the path you walk on better and makes straight the path for all those who wish to continue in it. That is a choice for all to take willingly and is freely granted.

“For those of you who take up that walk, it will be a journey of many things for most who travail the most difficult part of the years ahead of you upon this Earth in the new dispensation.

“It is not for the faint-hearted, it is for all those who can take the heat and the weather and all that comes to blow you to shreds before you wind up on your knees to realise your frame before your accusers. You can say much, or you can say very little and it will have the same effect; no one can mock God in your hour of need and it is in this moment all will know God.

“This is a paper on your social living aspects and it is worth looking at as it is something we are working on what it is the best way forward for humans to live it in the flesh. It is an evolving process through such phases of introduction, dissemination, management and on to teaching and education; the life to live will be made manifest in those processes and phases of these missions.

“It is really up to each one of you to understand what it is to CO-HABITATE and to CO-OPERATE in order to have a world of peace and harmony and in WORKING SUSTAINIBILITY WITH THE PLANETARY SUPREME. **

[** “These are big words CAPITALISED - it is do with the planet and the spiritual experience in evolution with living in the flesh upon the earth of your beginnings. You learn well as you walk. You know this to be true. Your life in the flesh is unique as you have it.”(Serara)

(Pre’Mtor - “There is an identity in here for you to realise in with the Planetary Supreme”) ]


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