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Distinctions and Divisions
« on: January 10, 2018, 03:28:04 PM »
Speaker: Thought Adjuster
Subject: Distinctions and Divisions
Category: Threads for New Transmissions
T/R: Michael S. Queen, Kasaan, Alaska USA  
Wednesday, January 10, 2018  1650 UTC

Beloved one – what a raft of thoughts, questions, and concerns arrived with you this morning! Your faith encompasses ably the strategic outcomes of the Paradise Isle, but your mortal mind mires itself in tactical concerns as you look outward from your perspective upon the mortal doings of your world. Plainly said, you waste time and energy in these concerns that is better put to use learning more about the Paradise Father and becoming more like Him, not to mention the direct and hands-on service of Him in the service of your fellows. You have been admonished many times, 'let go and let God.' It is time this day that you did so.

This day, as you pass by on your errands, practice surrounding yourself with, and then extending to all you deal with, the all-encompassing, unconditional love of the Paradise Father. Truly, that same love unceasingly bestowed upon you is to be shared without restraint with each and every child of the Father. He is no respecter of persons – there are no divisions, separations, classifications, pigeonholes, politics, ethnicities, or genders – no 'others' in His infinite and sustaining love.

Your Master, Joshua ben Joseph, instructed you two millennia ago – by virtue of the Paradise Father's overarching love for each part and tag of His creation, by virtue of His commandment to you to be perfect even as He is perfect, you are to love, to include, and serve every part and tag of His creation. This has been, beloved one, a large part of your own spiritual growth and development recently. As you learn to love more and more, by practicing unconditional love for one more, at least, each day, you become more and more like Him, as He so desires that you do.

The more distinctions you imagine and create between yourself and your fellows – be they religious, political, ethnic, gender-centric, of privilege or not, well-scrubbed or not, the more judgmental separations you allow, you foster and perpetuate, the more you impede the tactical planning and execution of the Magisterial Missions and contravene the strategic will and commandments of Paradise. Caligastia perversely delighted in setting mortal against mortal, because he hated you all with such fervor. He was possessed of no Hegelian motivation, nor desire for improvement. As long as mortals bickered and butchered one another, Caligastia ruled as he pleased.

All your mortal institutions – religious, political, economic, cultural, et al. – are shot through, to one degree or another, with that same Caligastian nihilism. As you have been informed, your iniquitous Planetary Prince went so far as to tamper with your DNA to engender even the physical impossibilities of connection with the Paradise Father in his unparalleled hatred of the Paradise Father's Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon. What you see about you as you read your news, as you gather the personal stories of those you meet, amply demonstrate how pervasive Caligastia's iniquity remains in the daily affairs of all Urantia.

Dear one – your Urantia Book is clear on these matters. There is but one sovereignty – the sovereignty of the Paradise Father through His Creator Sons. Until the mortals of time and space, even the created sons and daughters of celestial, or divine status, acknowledge that sovereignty, all are subject to the inexorable consequences of their thoughts, words, and actions, and shall, perforce, endure rebellion, disunity, hatred of their fellows, and in no wise advance in the spiritual evolution of, in a planetary sense, Light and Life. In fact, persistence in such iniquitous thinking and behavior can lead only to mental disruption and spiritual suicide. It remains your free will choice.

In the Family of God, there are no such distinctions as you imagine here on Urantia – there are simply levels of growth and development. Until you, and your fellow mortals, dispense with such tribal, Caligastian 'othering,' you cannot hope for a stable, healthy planet, and population… one mature enough, Father-centered enough, to advance anywhere near to Light and Life.

Continue to examine the depths and breadth of your own heart, the avenues and alleys of your mortal mind. Bathed in the light of the Father's infinite love for you – discern and eliminate those artifacts of Caligastian iniquity, those remnants of spiritual inertia that yet cast darkness and shadow in the living of your days. Consecrate your efforts, your every breath, to learning more of the Paradise Father and becoming more like Him. I am in you and with you every step, forward or not, so long as it remains your free will choice that it be so. Serve Him by serving your fellows with the identical and unconditional loving the Father unceasingly pours out upon you. As He is no respecter of persons, neither shall you be.

Persevere, my beloved ward, persist in your progression. All mortals have their 'seasons for and against.' Continual, applied effort in growth and understanding will only add to the quality of your life as it is lived out among your fellows, as well as rise with you, vouchsafed by me, as you awaken in the Resurrection Halls.

You have errands to run and commitments to fulfill this day. It is time you get this posted and be about them. The light of Paradise is within you – allow it to so shine forth in your every thought, word and deed. I am with you always. Good day.
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