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General Discussion / Re: I Love and pray for Your Success
« Last post by amethyst on Today at 12:07:51 AM »
Like Rene, I had to read Larry's post twice.  Larry, I have always enjoyed reading your posts and feel disappointment about this, but we all need to decide for ourselves what we think is best.  I sincerely hope that I will again be reading your posts and am heartened by Michael's words that you can, "...get another chance to swat the ball.  We all need you..."  Be well and heal, and I truly look forward to having you back when the time is right for you.  You will indeed be missed!
"This is Mantutia Melchizedek.  We are still springing thought for the Sixth Epochal Revelation, and now that Ron is mentioned not in the book, we mention him once as the one in York who finds nothing to do except weave mystery over the entire matter of evolving epochal revelation so well the book takes a dip in rank to note his achievements. Ron laughs with us as we return again and again to a big edit for all of you to read much later now, as he Sixth Epochal Revelation is back to the binder with new pages to annotate and a few to remove as history is running so fast ahead of us.  I am truly surprised with Ron thinking ahead of me, as he does all the time and I find it hard to transmit when he does that.  But he apologizes as he did just now as remembers that when we started sending the book to the Chicago Contact Commission, Hitler was in his first full years as Chancellor of the Wiemar Republic, and the world would be soon in the most destructive war every fought on an evolutionary planet, at least in Nebadon.  AS he spoke he wondered what was setting up for a disaster as we prepared to write the rest of the Sixth Epochal Revelation?  In any case I tell you all this:

"We continue to debate how Ron will fair soon as he had a medical emergency again today and we had to call Deity as he calls it to stop the blood from a broken vein in his left leg and then reinsert a shin bone and that is extremely and powerfully harsh on the nervous systems and he showed it.  He is a mess at times but his book on the Ilok Four Micron coal powder fuels is done and bound and ready for whatever we want to distribute it for.  We also see Gitz gets a headache real bad amd he knows why now thanks to a long report to him from Ron as what to expect.

"Further the new Urantia Book is now out of commission again for a few more hours at least as we had to rewrite the section on the fusion status of several of you as the Father is questioning just how to handle someome who quits in spite of fusion status?   The answer is to let them quit and then figure out what that does to an Adjuster already use to personality status.  Be assured Ro is full adjudicated there but Lemuel and Wendy and Amethyst wait out the days to learn just how that fusion status will work for them in York.  Nonetheless, the new epochal revelation is prepared soon for distribution and Ron waits to take pictures of it to post here when that times comes. 

"The Sixth Epochal Revelation is now 1, 310 pages longer than the old one.  Just For Your Information.  Good day."


General Discussion / Re: I Love and pray for Your Success
« Last post by Ron Besser on August 15, 2018, 08:41:17 PM »
I see Larry has pulled the plug.
There has been a total of seven warnings posted to and from Larry Gossett over the past four years.  He is without a choice he feels, and cruel Ron is going to suggest that we let this lay for a good month or so.  He nees his own comfort and desires to be let alone if I know this individual.

Those of you who have fused, or about to fuse, recall that you are not invited to determine the nature or scope about who will participate as a team or as a group assigned in different places around the world.  Larry has been invited and encouraged to be with all of what is proposed, but Gossett is a natural worrier and should be left to his natural selves to work things out better than we can suggest to him.

Let me assure all of you that I have no intention, ever, of settling scores among human relationships in the offices I may inhabit or order or fund or whatever I am asked to do as a human relations administrator in these things.  I hate soap operas and Larry sees nothimg wrong with them, but I also know that I dare not waste my energy, or the team's energy over dicorces or entrapments or lost souls in the night apartments being burgled by a trusted one night stand,  I hope you get this nice and clearly.  These things happen, but not on my watch if I can help it.  That is why Mr. Gossett must be put back to sleep and work through this disastrous decision to leave in the night.

We are on the cusp of great things.  I leave it to each of you to stay the course and to let this incident work itself back out as I am convinced Larry Gosset is among our best support we could possible have and I admire his pluck to get this far, but there is a practice on the mansion worlds we need to practice here too:  If the resurrected being is so faulty we will lose him permanently, let the Morontial Supervisor request of Deity to place such a resurrected being back to sleep for an extended period and provide the spiritual correction needed to make the resurrected one whole again.  I leave it at that for now.


"I first thought Ron harsh, but I see he follows my practice on the mansion worlds by putting a newly resurrected being back to sleep after only a few months or years after they were brought awake and start their ascension careers.  I also see Ron lose patiene with hand wringing as Larry does all the time as he is so insecure he cannot find a good word to say about his position at work or at home with friends.  He is truly a belated person and must be allowed to wrestle this all out as he must alone and without counsel.  Ron has no time or inclination to help weepy friends of the Court find their place as he fully expects everyone of the fused individuals to pick up and do as they need to and not refer to Ron for problems he cannot fuse out of you either. I am asking Larry Gossett to stop playing the ingenue and step firmly back up to the plate to get another chance to swat at the ball.  We all need him, but not as lost soul at this present time.  I am satisfied this will be straightened out soon enough.  Good day. Michael."

"We lament the action taken by Larry, but there needs to be a clearing of the air and the attitudes of many here that this is a second rate exercise on more important things to be done.  Much of how Urantia will be redone depends on many of you who have taken the lead to take on the worst of the worst on Urantia and that is to be seen shortly.  I wish all a good day in contemplating the necessity for Larry to bow out and seek compensation elsewhere and then decide what he wants when the opportunity presents itself again.  Mother Spirit."

MidiChlorian,  you bring up one of the great confusions regarding the history of Dr. -Ing S. Rohrbach, and not Dr. -Ing A Rohrbach.  Dr. -Ing S Rohrbach was a Deputy Fuehrer from 1937 to his death, not in 1939, but in 1940.  There is some indication he really died in 1944 when the British raided Dusseldorf twice with devastating success and killed a lot of the Nazi brass, of which this gentleman was one of and was sincerely disliked by Hitler.  Hitler wanted to eliminate the Deputy Fuehrer because he recommended to Hitler that all males between the age of 17 and 31 be conscripted immediately, and then proceeded to protect a nephew or two when they were drafted into the military in 1942.   That strange fact supports he died after 1939, but I do not argue it because it is not important to my story.  I also point out to you MidiChlorian, that the S. Rohrbach was not  the same kind of engineer as the Hans A. Rohrbach I reported and used an A in his name which he rarely used, as it stood for Aloiusse which he left alone because he thought it was effeminate.

Now, because Dr. Ilok felt he owed his life to the Dr. -Ing Hans A. Rohrbach, which is the correct full name as used in his business practice to make airplanes and later to fuse hydrogen atoms for the making of plastics which we today call polymers, Dr. Ilok provided me a document not in the public record which outlined how Hans A. Rohrbach saved the lives of little Jewish children in 1939, the same year that other Rohrbach reportedly died in a bombing raid by the British.  I also have documentation elsewhere that describes Dr. Hans Rohrbach, as a savior of the American forces in Berlin, as a detachment was rushed to Czech.  ran out of ammunition defending the capital of Prague, Czechoslovakia, as a Communist Coup threatened the entire Polish nation at that time, as the Russians felt entitled to holding Poland as their own back yard playground and viciously killed any attempt to bring Democracy to that war torn nation.  Sounds almost like the Crimea crisis today I muse.

It may also interest you to know that the problem you cite me confused the heck out of me for months and I made a few blunders trying to the description right as to what happened and why and who did it.  The book is small which I completed, but it took me until the past few weeks to clear the history as genuine and that the real player in the design of the communition grinder that supplied four and other sized micron coal for industrial use was Dr. -Ing Hans A Rohrbach.  On his death bed in Poland Hans A Rohrbach declared Ilok as the heir to his promise to free man from petroleum and signed off on all rights for the inventions I speak of here.   


"Ron wracked his brain to come up with that refutation above to all I write this.  He has no memory cells in his brain and so it is painful to recall much.  I saw and watched Ron get tothe bottom of all of this by very clever use of the Internet and an intuition that is as sharp as a razor blade.  He is also silly enough to have gotten snagged ont he same problem you bring to his attention because there no less than six Rohrbachs working in the synfuel industry at that time and all carried the engineering title in their name.  I saw Ron take a dive in the first book be he corrected in this final draft of the history and a dscription we supplied in part to help him get it all right.  I am Michael and wish you a good day."

General Discussion / Re: I Love and pray for Your Success
« Last post by gitz on August 15, 2018, 07:56:14 PM »
Larry,  I'm just going to take the lead here and say:  WE DO NOT ACCEPT YOUR RESIGNATION ...period...end of conversation. 

Look, Larry, I'm not at all selfish. I mean that and I know that.  Hell, I can't even cook a meal without needing to share it.  I think that about you too.  It's a need you have and we know it buddy!  I betcha for sure Mark knows that too.  So, let me think just about my needs for a moment.  Put your left foot in the stirrup, swing your right leg up and over and sit back on the saddle because, Larry, I'm beginning to see that we're all in for quite a ride.

Ron, fascinating information but I'm curious about your mention of "Doctor Ing Rohrbach", where based on your narrative, was that not "Dr.-Ing Adolf Rohrbach"?  Where "Dr.-Ing" is a German title and abbreviation for a "Doctor of Engineering".  And, if Adolf Rohrback (1889-1939), I am very familiar with his work and curious to research further.  
General Discussion / Re: I Love and pray for Your Success
« Last post by roger krupa on August 15, 2018, 07:09:33 PM »
Dear Larry,
I know depression, feelings of inadequacy, feelings of despair.  My life is no picnic and I have been warned about things that are interfering with My spiritual progress.  I am rarely able to contribute very much to the forum, but I read it and listen to the audio files daily.  I have been familiar with the Urantia Book since the mid seventies but since joining this forum I have learned and come to understand so much more.  I have no idea what my fusion status is but I am enjoying a greater degree of faith.  That is what is needed from us: FAITH!!!  Please don't bail out.  We are few, too few.    Take a vacation if you need to.  Even Jesus took a break on Mount Hermon. 

Domtia, Roger K.
Hi Ron, this is marvelous. What about hydrogen? The Germans used this method in the huge airship they built during the war, and I wonder if this is also another alternative fuel source that can be developed. Although I notice that in today's alternative fuel research and development, there has been different approaches made. If the oil reserves are going to deplete and my country is ludicrously minimal, what about the good old horse, instead?! I'm sure when things look so dire the bicycle will be well sought after and then our walking feet.  This is very interesting to think what happens when our cars can no longer run and how to get around, but that is useless as the food delivery is ground to a halt and on it goes down the supply chain line. Scary picture for us to absorb. Thank you for this amazing prospect and could it be put into development to be in operation well before things go bad for us?

General Discussion / Re: I Love and pray for Your Success
« Last post by 7inOcean on August 15, 2018, 06:18:50 PM »
Dear Larry,
I am with Lemuel on this too. You have thought long and hard on doing this but you could have just said "GONE FISHING! Back later" and that would be quite understandable. However, I have gone down this route too about a year ago and I can assure you that what I got was to allow me to realise that too much water has gone down the river and there is way more for me to know with my Beloved. Like kids in the back seat of a car on a very long road trip who often says impatiently, "Are we there yet?" Well that can easily happen if we are not careful to bide the time with patience, endurance, faithfulness and above all, love. Remember three things remain, hope, faith and love. I love you Larry and hope to see you back refreshed and invigorated with your Beloved.

Your Sister,

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ Died of a broken heart.
« Last post by Lemuel on August 15, 2018, 04:35:01 PM »
Dear Sue, thanks for your message and question.
This is a subject that has so many ramifications and would take an enormous amount of time to do them all

The most important thing to take into account is that the Thought Adjusters of each person knows exactly the
condition of their wards at ALL times.  My parents were married for 57 years. Dad died first and then my mother
spent 9 lonely and difficult years before she too died.  Why didn´t she die of a broken heart?  Her Thought Adjuster
needed her to experience those lonely years for the soul´s growth. 

There are so many variations but all are supervised by the Thought Adjusters.

In a marriage, if the woman is more interested in things spiritual than her husband, sooner or later it leads to the
 parting of the ways. Especially is this the case if the wife takes the irrevocable decision to dedicate her life
to Father. The T/A of the husband already knows full-well the condition of His Ward and if he is a candidate
to die of a broken heart, so to speak, then his T/A will detach and the husband dies soon after. But please remember,
the T/A´s primary concern is the condition of the soul.

I would like to sum up by saying that those who die of a broken heart, no matter what the relationship has been,
they are allowed to die because it is in accord with their T/A´s.  If not, they will continue until the time comes
for their normal passing.

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